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Entered April 23, 1903 ut Piekeun, S. C., ns second class mftttcr, umler net of Cougroes of Mnroh 3, 1879.
' - _ *
The Boss Spinner and The
Superintendent Hunt
Maim Uinlrin
non noma,
?. ' i
Major Billingslcy a Royal Eutertainer?
"Tap" Hester a Great Eater.
over from last week. ]
/V A 1 - - - 1
v/uieuuiii'u is minus two ot ncr
best mill men this wiok?the Superintendent
and the boss spinner.
Oapt. \V. Wood had superintendod
the Norris Cotton Mill for a lit'
Ho over three yours, and during
that tune the unll continued to
prosper, so to spunk. under his
charge. Whilu C:i}?t. Wood had
some disadvantages to contend
with while superintending this
mill, he nearly a I way h overcame
those obstacles and made a bu'-^oss
in whatever he undertook. It was
uider his superintending that a
well constructed dam was built
aooui one uniu below tiio Norris
mill, u (lynunu) placed there, Mail
tlio liioat of Iho machinery of that
mill is now beiutf whirled hy electricity,
It whh also under liib
charge that an extension of h'Vhiitv-two
fflHt \V)IS mldl'll 111 lliiu mil1
and beveral hundred more spindles
aro now whirling therein. We aro
unable to say whether Cai>t. Wood
ever attended a textile school or
not, but sullice it to my that ho
understands his businem in a eotton
null. Wo ihost respeotlnlly
leoommeud him to the good poo^fof>le
of Moultrie, Gsi, where he has
gone to superintend tho Moultrie
mill at that plnVe.
Next tho good pe pie <>f Ibis little
town are calt'fd on to mourn
^88 of Mr. y . F. Henderson
U", yV, CHHIIJUL?r -Xillllliy. IVjr.
I 111 Jrokfycum ip the csi^K'ity of
boss spinner in the mill at this
place for very near four years, and
(luring that time lie gave entire
satisfaction so far as tlio writer
know*. Mr. Henderson iw gone to
Anderson, S. C., where lie will superintend
the Tovvnsend mill. We
predict success in that/ mill under
JMr. IlHiulerson'fi charge. Mr. liondcrson
in well versed in mill tactics
?nd will mako a good supcrintendnnt.
lie lias an estimable
iamih (hiHwifo is an excoptionn.l)ln
Lfoni! wnnimi i unM ( nloo, lion'u
Josh is Anderson's g>in.
The writer had the nleiiNuro of
the association at Kail
Crook lust, week. Kail Creek church
is ahoiii four milos north oast of
S<?leui in (X'Oni'o county anil i? situati
<1 in u prosperous section. It"
n inaii will jiihl go up thoro and
:o.< tho corn crops ho will c me
away convinced that there will he
plenty of cornbrcad next year.
'I'lwi Wrilill' IV ? u !lujiin./wl a
home; that of Major liillinKtdey.
\V?! fail to lind words in the English
vocabulary suflieiont to ex]?r.-Hf<
our niucero thanks for the
. hospitality shown us there. Mr.
liillingsley uud his estiinublo loin,
ily certainly know how to tnako a
stranger fctd tit liomn. When it
camo meal time at tliat worthy
homo it certainly wub a Mossing to
a hungry rnnn to 1>.? permitted to
fa on the dining room. The writer
' looked to Ijhvo t > Htund in water
nilui lio left thorn id order to keep
his linger nails and ton nails. Wo
hud only ono consolation, namely,
that il wo lost our nailK we would
httve company in tho person of M.
K. ilefctor. Wo got uiK HHy about
'v.- " Tup." ilifl condition wan moie
wuiouH than oure, ub ho took on
hi* big mouln on tliechufch ground,
^/ie certainly ttoul-Htirring to vinit
) home of Mr. IJillii?gh!i,y and
hear iuh tnroe children, whose
/ agos range from hovhu to eleven,
rnuko music. Those three children
can ait down with a noto book and
make oh good music a? any choir
we ever listened to May tho Lord
bless those goo<! poople around Full
; Creek ohnroh is our prayer. B.
Aoid J;on Mineral has magic power
to quirkly heal cuts, wounds, burns
and f id soroa. Htopa blood flow inFor
man or beaut, bold by
<i ugg t
The Big Store
% ed down with F;
(? Millinery, Cloth
g the State. The <
\ business has bee
! biggest fall busii
of values in all (
have put on. exti
Millinery Opening October 7t
\\ Miss Hughes will again have charge
JJ ment, and it will far excel any former sea
// just returned from the northern markets wl
M a large stock of all the correct things in
K ?.i :11 i. i i
uiicy win i)is priceu as low as correct st
material will permit.
(k Dress Goods and Trimn
Si ins Department will be larger th
will find a large assortment of the proper
season and trimmings to match.
We have arranged to have a spec
and lace sale on our opening days. One
Tin . J i
a vv near, sowing uiue w
? rows, Tarn Plows, Etc.
j Heat!
.1 C Garrett, ltd I*
Of Claims Filed From January 1st to T. " * '
? . . . . I) ' Griffith, eon\
October 1st, 1904. ,, ... ,
Good Rds Mi'h 0<
T It Edens, bridge, 2 2.~> ?i ?? ?t
.J W ICllispn, suppliftfl, 1 05 W C Gaines, roac
W A Edenu, road wk, 2(> 25 I) ,| Grillin, eouv
W A Kdens, road wk, 2 00 j \v Gilstrap, bill
() Entrwkm, road wk, 10 40 J T Grillin, damn
l'/iislpv fldw fin Hinwdipa. '>!? (II \\r v /- ? ?
?? 1*111111, nui'i
Easlov U<1 w Co, supplies, - T.r> T H Gassaway, e
15 l' Ellenburg, road wk. - ~>0 I) A U'lstrop, roi
B 1* Ellonburg, bridge, I) J <?riflith, coir
I) G Evans, road wk, " > >r>0 John Gilstrop, v?>
H W Eppaf bridge, 00 W I Gravelcy, hi
\V E Evntt, rork, '* To J K Gillfispie, hd
W E Evatt, bridge, ;5 - "> I) .1 Grillitli, com
\y T T Edenn. bridge, s 00 Good Roads Mch
B \V Eppe, bridge, ISJfH) Aiien Gillani, r<
ET Edciis, road wk, S 10 (Jood Itourlu Muh
L Ivosh Eaton, tools, ? 150 Waaley (iiillin, <
Kahley 11 <1 w Co, tooln et*, 20 85 I) J Grillin, oi;v
A '1' Fortner, road wk., 17 50 Good lloada Mch 1
W II Field, road wk, *1 50 I, (} Gilstrep, roa
W II Field, road wk, 7 10 ,J K <*ii(lin, bridj
II \V Farr, jv aud wit tka 712 X:~) I) .) GrilVitli. eon
11 \V Farr, Halary etc, 21 S!> l)r It .1 Gillilaiid,
Fin pa Freeman, 8upi?li?8, 10 51 I, G Gilatiop, roa
II W Farr, salary etc, 21 UK It F GriHin, road
II W Farr, jy and wit tk?, 17 85 L <i Giictrup, ron
J P Farr. rnnd wk. I "(i hr n i ri;11;i.?.i
Isaac Ferguson, bridge, 12 <>0 I) .) Griffith, Con
J ones Fuller, corn, l.'I7 GO W C Gaine?, mai
II \V Karr, Halary etc, 24 11 .IN (Itintt, road 1
.1 '1' Fenneil road t?x ref'd I 00 I, N Gorr, brick,
O I' Field, lid eq, "2 ."?() John Gilhtrap, ro
II W Fai r, salary etc. 2H l<? W C Gaines, brid
.1 T Fenneil, ltd e<|, 10 00 II I) Garvin, brid
II W Karr, road tax ref'd ()0 J K GrilVin, brid;
li F Farmer, corn and foddei, 8 10 I) .1 GriHith, con
A T Fortner, road wk, V'O J \V GiUtrap, ron
a T Fortncr, i?r 1?i> !> (:0 rtiv??ly, ror
II vV Farr, salary etc, 2.'I 88 D .1 Griflilh, coir
T K Farr, rood wk, II 25 li-R-M Co, suppl
.1 O Field, Tobacco, 2;5 70 H U M Co, jury
II W Farr, salary etc, 11J 85 Geo JIngood, cl t
W K Field, tobacco, 2 00 It T Ilailuiu, ???1:
Dr T W Folger, post mortem 10 00 M M Holder, bri<
II W Farr, salary etc, 23 05 F W Ilogued, bd
I) F Fuller, road vrk, 3 75 VV I) Hondricks,
M D Farmer, road wk, I 85 F W Ilogsed, bri
I (J Fow, joad wk, (5 00 T A Hendrickw, i
A T Fort' or, road wk, 8 45 It T Hallura, Main
II W Frtvr Balai y etc, 1'.) 45 Goo Hngood, cl \
Fol#er & 'L'hornloy, corn, 9 00 J K Harper, bri
II W Fftrr, H?l<\ry olc, 20 16 N 1) Hendricks, '
It G Guinea, supplies, 10 151 U I< Herd, bridg
Thos GilleBpie, feuppliee, 2 GO John Ilendrickn,
R T Griffin, bridge, 1 00111 T Halluoa, sal
j F Glial?ap, fc^er, 0 60 ,J J H^rd, bridge
ur k n ?. " "
It* iv uiuuv, uii'igi.', j. <?? j r narris, megi
R T Oriflii), bridge, 76 T N Hunter. Vd <
tiSH.hfa Y
t * ' . ' II .
h- . i & . ,r v:-% . s
! Big Ston
is already putting on a
all Goods: You will no
mg, Mats, iSiioes and all
it h day of October mai
n increasing every year
ness in our history, and
iepavtmerits, so you ha<
ca iorce so yon will not
h and 8th. 2,000 Yards
of thic rlnnnrt. Pllt lit) six vartU In flio i
" - ? W | J VW v.. ^ J
son. She has less than 7^c and the n
Hire she bought at 5C P^r Yard or 3oc pc
Millinery, and One lot, 2,000 yards
yle and good Will go at only 5c. per ;
One lot Valenciennes
less than 8 /?<:, and some
mnffs. :?1 -
o~- m*? tiiiy iit 5c. 1111s saic
an ever. You until it is all gone. Don't
weaves for this ^ ? u
Our stock ot Hi
ia1 embroidery A solid car of Star 1
lot you want to buy a stove
ill soon be here, and we
(The Le?M
_ . .
:'o. macli K!0 08;Mrs M J linn-is, home rent
V), 7 00; 1? W Jlogped, l>?l e?j,
r't hiiv, li? 00 11 T Ilallum, sulnry etc,
\ (an i*t \ rm\ oa nn ! T N Ifnnt till Oft
.v,r, v., !
inachiiiR 057 02 I W F Hendiick^, brul^o,
I wk r? 50 J A Iluiuiientt, "
iot hire, 51 00 W I) Hendricks, Idk smith
idge, ?lo00jW N Hughe*, su >pliou,
i?o, J',0 00 , It T ITa 11 nin, salary ?to,
i> ( ()() ! F IliiwkinH, road wk,
mi), .15 00 .1 F 11'iwkINK, liridy,
i(5 work. 2 75 Win 11 utilies. rrad wk
y't. hire, f>0 00 K W Housed, supplier,
ii<l ak 11 JO ! C T Hu^h'-M, io:ic| \vl:
'idtf??, 1 00 ! If J, Hallum, Hillary, ote,
ec|, 2 501 T J limit, rM acrapo hanil,
/'t lure, 59 00 Mrs M .] Harris, rent,
Co repairs, 100 00 .J 1' Hyde, magistrate, *'
>ud wk, 2 00,1']' W Hill, hauling,
Co repairs, 21 00 I' J limit, scrape hand,
litchitiu', 1 40 HT HmIIiud, ealnry,
L hm, .>5) 00 J A Holder, road wk,
Co repairs. 101 :"?(> M lit iidricka, road wk,
d wk, 0 r?0 ; A B Howell, bridge.
2je, )) 95 jT N Ilayos, road \vk,
vict hiiv, 59 00 j W I) Hendricks, road wk,
post mOit, L'(ftjjX) ?J K Harris, magistrate,
id wk 4 00 B L Holder, road wk.
wk, 50 T N Ilayos, road wk,
d wk, 1 <>1 W D Hcndriuk*, road wk,
, post mort, ;> tm); .1 i? Harris, magistrate,
v't hire, 50 00 15 L Holder, roa<l wk,
1 wk, ' 7 05 B I< Holder, road wk,
tvk, 006 ' II Hudson, n iid wk,
'Jo 15 W 1) Hendricks, roud wk
ad wk, K "0 T A Hendricks, road wk,
10 00 I'l T Holcoinbe, road wk,
Ige, 1? >>0 A B Howell, road wk,
jh, 5 00 T .1 Hunt, scrape hand,
viet hire, 59 00 W K Hayes, bridge,
wi wk, 8 00 R T Ilullum, salary, ete,
id wk, 1 50 Leigh Hunt, road wk,
k ict hire, 50 00 Holder Bros, roud wk,
Iii-h, H7J) 21 R F Herd, bridgua,
tickets, '[2 H5 J F Hendrickp, rood wk,
veil, 2 50 .1 T 11 ii>k 1m, road wk,
nry etc, 48 OB R ?T Hullum, siilary, etc,
ilge, ? 1 50 [ l'? l>? continued next w<?<!
r<j, 5 20 J'-uttl y Progress plunno copy.
r/iai/l ? >Ir in r.n , ?? i ? i
I vmii r\ rv , jv/ Uv
dgo, 1 (X) Ap:d lion Mineral euros n
. , , rn Base* involving iuilaniation, l>
^ 1 ^ ' : fying tho blood and directly I
l,'y> ^7 the irritated parts. Try it on
veil, 2 75 ternal sore and watch its inugi
dge, 1 50 ing. It ncis in exactly Ilio Hnn
j . ' . ,w. on all interuai inflamationt s
road v\iC 1 00 % * ? . ?
clyHp^|)8iH, indigestion, rhoun
?? 80 kidney disease, stomach nnd
llimKaP 7 A ti*/inliLiu If *1 *0 n A nmiftl fi
uiiiuvi f i v J-v ? *r? ?i?/ \\|'irat i>
nry etc, 48 27 <?nHt-'8 peculiar lo womoo. Toi
'if" ,,() the entire Trade (
4' J ' niMik on evtjjy buttle. SulJ b>
istrale, 25 (H) |T|Htf*a Acid It on Mineral Ct
t?q, 4 80 umb??, 8. C,
' . ; ,t; ' ' * . ; ,
f mk
i Getting
fal 1-li Ice appearance,
t find a larger and betl
l_l - ./? -v r i
Junius oi viNouons un
*ks our fourth annive
since we opened, and
to that end we are gc
1 Imf f m ' t ? > i ^ .. ^ 1
\ >KJ UlAy L IV KJ\J | J ill IAJ U U J
have to wait.
\ of Embroidery ;i r<
jiece. Nothing in the lot worth
lost of it ioc to 15c. All to go
r piece. Nothing cut. an
T~ 1 T ' /--I
luicnuu i^ace. ^neap at ioc. l,M
yard. ... 1
Lace. Nothing in the lot worth
of it much more, will go on open;
wilt begin at 10 o'clock and last you
forget the date October 7 and ?S. ?ra
_ I f_Ul
ardware is Complete. h"v,
Leader Stoves ami Ranges. It cos,
that will give you satisfaction at it a*
have a full line of Ife
airs truly,
orrow C
iers in Low Prices.)
ft (\i\ i * ^ ?
?> 1:1) 1
l.', ^ | Newsy Notes Furnished "by our
i jo1 Interesting Correspondent.
51 36 Tho election lor mayor ol Lihl
r,0 crty passed oil' quietly as <lnl aim11
15; ilar elections in Atlanta. No bcI12
' ri<>us dnmonstrations, not even by
7 551 dcf? a ltd candidates. Tim old
1 DO "?ob1? and Sy anecdote'' was < n
Do joyed. II. Parkins will l>< tii?? J
4s mayor ol" our city for ?lie coining
1 Do two ,\'.'Kis and nil hands ai'o do 15
17 j lighted. Our council is coih]>oh(1
U5 fid of some of our true mid tried
<; oo' citizens who will ndvnnco our inI
.s |H ten stuns rapidly u8 can consistent*
2 50 j ly On expected. Our burnt) luu d
la 10! Huiny cnim uns i?c-en reiiiHtullcU and |
|:> 17! will n(i\t*r Otii^e to ]>1111 nil, who'
1> oOlRot in hi) 100 ripu to iu? le: I on the!
4 ()()I vine (or street*). Our smuu (Uerk,
I co Mr. VV. S. I'iirnoiiM, w i?s unani8
('.() mousli elected.
5 SO H v n t'( Iks want to hco the laru-1
j " | |
2f? ()0 e9 lllllll) <>( I)'ll(S St.nliP. rtt/nr l?rftni?li ?
10 oo to thin section or perhaps thin Couu8
07 1 ty, call at Parkins' drug store and
5 i-:() sco it. It only weighs 285 pounds
25 00 ?and fresh as can l>e. Come ear-1
10 50 ly and avoid the rush.
17 .10 Col. T. H. Parsons and ^vifc are
?) ><?(? urunwli ixr ? -
^ _ \i\r m. n;n uujrn tuinnij^ liiuil
10 30 friends in Klborton, Ga., thin v/eek.
<; ()0 J. M. Ganttsmd family returned
2 .">() Inst week from Cherokee, Ala.,j'
|}j .jo whore he Ims been working for the
l> 00 government since last May.
l'2 Alias Annie Knotts, ol Norili, S.
|:t 77 C, stopped oil' to spend awhile
IT) 80 with her friends here last, wetk
110 OOl^he ia just from St. Louis, and re
20 .">0 porta ii very pleasant trip.
'A 50 Mr. ami Mis. Arthur L.
IB (W) rolnri.HtJ Inst \v<*ok from Cherokee, I
4!{ ii 1 Aln., where lie haw l>?en aN-in(iiig
U ] j .Jim Gantt in his work. Tli^y ull |
i looked very much under the weuth* i
nr troni orullft th??y wuro liuvi.ig
1! rlis- thoro.
foaling Mr8, A< F' McCord loft, lust Satnn
c\ for Norway, b. C., to iittond
o herd a Bw>'ll wedding.
no wnv Mr^. \V. O. O'D -ll visited lior
mUsm* parents, Mr. and Mia. VV.T. Howon
bowel hist week.
ur di?- Mi?? JoBflic May ParBOiiB is quite
rx>H up ?iCk with soro throat this wBek.
A;I M)! Dr. H. T D.m-ih. Of (Jrtmnvllln I
r<rnig-| "
>., Co!' paid ua a hn?jiio, i visit last wnek.
j Blunton.
in Trim
m L^<
Every depart men
ber selection ot l)rc
der one roof in th
3rsary at Pickens,
we intend to make
\ing to give some
l with the Big St
.iasonable price you had better e:
A full line of STUDKBAKK"
,L BUGGIES We have sold ca
the demand increases. "A littl<
cheapest in the long run.
Now a Word to the Co
We want your trade. We are
r I obacco. Siifar. Mom- ( .
and anything- in the groci
ber, and in many instances can :
:: recently bought a large qnantit
and will sell you as cheap as an
; you need it.
Jk thTs v
^,-j ^ i ^ /
ibiu/AMs, urain \)
Will Vnn F
? m - m x-r A_
When the first Co
0i{ will you tind it neeofeHary
to hustln urounfl ? hit or
mush?and h-.iy your cool
weather snit after every one
el.-e has picked out tho choio
?' *? vt*i II- .
Don't make U'i-j mistake. ^
SmIpci KnlI .('lotion early. v
Your common k-m.so toll.s y"ii
it is i!h> wi>er plnn. Yon gat
the ln'Hl \onr money wi'I buy.
nnd yi>11 trot iIn- tillI 1 mit of
koiisoh'h wi-nr i<m' no j. resiter
cost, Hcpid.'s tl,i-, von fortify
yourself Hidden r
I'liiliU!!"! in wen t In r i!?n: < . ?mo
in (lie )'\i 11 \Vr s 11 t he
I! a n d-T h i I o r c i! C I o 1 h i n {,'
riuilc l?y Schloss liro*. ?Sc Co., Baltimore
nothing I. ? I l e r?
tin iv's nothing sis good.
When :i iii ill |)!i(H Oi il Schloss j
Suit In- I', el- ,i11r| known l hat
cvn v floiiiil 1.1 tin- r'ui, inula* f
slnd li'ii-h in correct.
ftrx $12- GS&flB
'I'lii' piettiro >hows u |mrll<ulnrl\ Myltsli
( linlil tailor" wonlil cli iIuo l lor n Mill of Ilk
cni) lil you lit'iitM, willi more sivakkit, snti|i
Kruilch look (>(|iuilly u>> well
Dry Good
A.,,1 ...1 - -
J nivi ^viujii yun cuiik",
K. Park
Wli have the largest sto<
ever shown. These go
RIG III and will be soli
want big profits. We ha
want in fine or cheap 1 )r
wool or cotton, Cassimeri
and Capes, Blankets, 1
Island, Men's, Women's a
wear from 25c a garmen
. Men's and Hoy's shires, dr
Don't forget that we carry a hi
What wo sell you must be as wc
K. I'AIIK, . V*
it is load- ^
jss Goods, |
is part of <T
and our U
3 this the ^
un hoard V\
ore. Wo //
xamine the Star Leader. V
r alter car of these vehicles, Jj
^ lliuher in Price, But " //
untry Merchant. ^
in a position to sell you
flee, Chee.se, Soap, Candy, jj
:rv lint; as chcnn n>; rtn\/ //
save: you the freight. Wo V\
y of R. J. Reynolds Tobac- n
iy Jobber, and you can c;et
_? (
rills, I )isc*l liar- \\
ie Ready
Id Snap Conies? j
I .
cr*v?'rtirtD rc* I P r. j ' "
f 111 OSS BROS & OWa U J.;j .';vv Fine
ClolliK M*h?r.?) V* 51 N/i '/ -- V.'-fe
IMlMOn^; ?I?V{J j I
suit for 111 -l< -?1111<* voiiin? men. A hut- 1
t* ijiitility. i lmiiuMi'r ami arnin-t- We
ipier i'lo'tlii1' ill Tf'i'i Wo nlsii Iiiivc lower rIV!<>
m ckkhnviI/M:, K. C.
s i Shoes i
Ik; sure to conic to
l's Store.
:k of goods wc h&vo
ods wore BOUGI IT
I right. We do not "1
vc anything you will
ess Goods, Flannels, E
s and Jeans, Cloaks 1
Quilts, Sheeting, Sea
ncl Children's Undert
to $\.50 a garment.
awers, collars, cravats. ;Jj^|
g nnci gooci stock ot Allocs.
tell you, or your money back.
^OMt IOnd, <^jf?onviilo 4jj|

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