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SeveraJ Vessels Wrccked and a
'^Jumber of Lives Lost.
lfffamt and Contiguous Towns Along
Coast in Path of Storm and Suffer
More or Less Damage.
?VV After blowing a cnlo Friday, Satur
' dtly and Sunday, tlio storm predicted
fey south Florida broke over Miami
Sunday about nightfall. In a few hours
Miami and most of tho towns on the
east coast Of Florida were cut off from
communication with the outside world.
Telegraph wires were blown down and
tho railroad tracks were obstructed,
and not until Wednesday was com,
munlcaction restored.
Tho wind attained a maximum velocity
of 75 miles per hour.
The schooner Melrose, with ji erow
of eight and four passengers, was
wrecked Saturday. Just before sun,set
a great wavo swept over the vessel,
capsizing it and throwing the pas'
Mongers and crew into the sea.
Mrs. Hallen, one ol' the passengers,
y was lost, but tho crew managed to
cling to the sides of the /easel, and
Mr. and ^rs. Weller, two other passongerB,
found themselves in the water
within reach of the yard arm of
the foremast when the ship rlghtud
herself, the two still clinging to hor
rigging. The mast, however, fell and
crushed Mrs. Weller. Hor lifeless
body was washed overboard, while Mr.
Weller had both bones of his right
arm broken. The schooner drifted until
Monday when all were washed
overboard. Mr. Weller grasped a
hatch and floated ashora, landing near
Palm Beach, as did the captain, mate
and two colored seasen.
ine rour-maRtod schooner, .lames
Judge, of Philadelphia, is- aground four
mllos south of Palm Beach, having
goiKUashore Monday in :i terri!ic rjIo,
in which the win! blew from 60 to
90 mile3 per hour. The crew are all
/ safe. The vessel is badly damaged. It
carried no cargo.
The tliree-maste-1 bark '/Aon. own ad
by A. Hcmmcs, of Emden, (!? rnmny,
loaded with 1,000,000 fuct of lumber,
from l'ensacola for London, stranded
live miles north of the House of Refuge
near Fort Lauderdale, about 8 o'clock
m Tuesday, and Captain Homines and
crc%r of fourteen men, after several
hours of struggling, saved themselves
oo^ (jle a|(j 0f pi(?cos of lumber and
Improvised rafts.
In the surrounding country lhe fruit
. and vegetable crops were damaged to
^ a considerable extent.
I ^ MA?
Scuritv ? ,-^itctl Jo ,Colored Population
I ffockimj to 1 owns and Cities.
I A great scarcity fit labor exist.: in
/ Louisiana ami the effect is being folt
/ not only on the plantations, but on
the extmsivn luvee work that is in
f progress Fortj-nino slate and district
contracts, outside <f the work being
f done by the federal government, .are
f- - 1 under way. They cover ninny nines
of new levee and repair work. Most
of these contracts are required to be
finished' January J, but the contractors
are unable to o -tain >aooi, as tho
nogroes have been (locking to tho
towns and cities.
Gates are Opi-ned at Macon With Attend
ance Larger Than Expectcd.
When tlio gates of Central City
park at Macon swung open Wednesday
morning at 10 o'clock the Georgia
stato fair started off with it rush as
fair ns one could wish, fairer than
was expected. Macon was crowded (o
it3 limits! it KPr>m<* that r.ra-%..!^ - ~
on hand from everywhere to see the
heat show In tne history of the Central
\ City.
,v British Soldiers May Remain ia Tibet longer
Than Contemplated.
A London dispatch says: Tho demand
of Great Britain of nn indemnity
of $3,750,000 from tho Tibetanx np
pears likely to lend to prolonged Hritiah
nnnnnnllAw ?' * u ~ r" * *
vvvu|>?iiuu in i in; V'liumoi vauey.
Tlio Tibetans declare their Inability tr
pay the Indemnity within the three
years first stipulated and Grout Britain
has now proposed that the payment .
he made at the rate of $.">0,000 yearly
and that until the whole sum Is paid
the British remain In possession oi
this valley, which Is the key to Tibet.
frenchman Fnils to Make Success of Business
end Jumps to His Death.
Despondent because ho had failed tc
make n success of his business :dnce
coming to this country a few month
?'f ' i n r? ~ J -
?B./, ? (tm uuunru, a ironcii expert ii
, precious Btonos, Tuesday jumped fronone
of tho approaches of the new
Williamsburg bridge at Now York an I
was dashed to death on the stone pavement,
125 foot below.
One-Time Queen of Decadent Spain Die*
in Child-flirth at Mrtdrid.
1 A dispatch from Madrid, Swain, srtys:
^Thft Tnfonlo ',rt T ? ** '
v ?u&tvtiiu iiiai ui UU IjUH iMCrdOdOii,
.^princess of the Austrian, sister of King
Alfonso and wlfo of Prince Charles,
of Bourdon, gave birth to a daughter
Sunday and died Monday,
i, Th? princess of the Aunt rIns was
I ] ^ queen of, SyaJn vtiwll the birth of hoi
W) brother, the present King.
Every Small Advantage Gained by
Kuropatkin Seized Upon to Buoy
Up Hope.
According to Tuesday's dispatches,
St. Petersburg has been cheered by
tho report that General Kuropatkln
! has resumed the offensive and by the
news of the destruction of the Japanese
command under General Yamadn,
and the capture of Lone Tree hill,
which is represented to bo the key to
tha position oa tho southwest fronts
of tho contending armies.
Tliero scorns no immediate prospect
w?. u. cusBunun 01 uie lignung mat nnJ
baen in progress for tue past ten days,
although there are signs that 011 both
skies the supply of ammunition is falling
short and that the limit of endurance
of the troops must have been
nearly reached.
Advices from Mukden state that tho
army is so near that, the environs of
tho city have been depopulated. All
Mukden are filled with refugee native
fic. Tho roads south and southwest of
Mukden are fllledw ith refugee nutiv-3
families, trailing homeless toward the
sorry streets ol Mukden.
The fighting of October 17 was confined
to the Russian center at Slianto
river, and was mostly artillery fire,
the Japanese using big guns and lush
explosive shells. During nine days of
the fighting the losses were never less
than 2,000 per day. The hospitals are
hardly able to handle I ho wounded
Nevertheless they performed wonders. |
The Chinese have deserted all the villages
and the troops are using the
wood \york of their houses for fuel.
too country south Is desolated. Tho
Japanese still seem to lie exert ins
themselves to force the Russians out
of Mukden. A battle is assured in the
positions surrounding the town.
It becomes more and more evident
lhat the resources of the country cannot
support a larf.;e army.
General Kuropatkin remains with
j the troop.having abandoned his head
| quarters at Mukden.
i White Army Surgeon Will Be Dismissed-Mattcr
Up to President
A Washington dispatch says: The
surgeon general of the army lias eonI
curred In the recommendation of GenI
oral Grant thai John J. Smith. a mem- ;
) ber of the United states lin-iniinl i
I corps, stationed at Fort Mot;, N. J.. ;
! who is sai.l to .have married " nesress, '
| "be discharged from the army for "the !
i good of tiio service."
This recommendation has heen for- !
I warded,to the secretary of war for his :
action. Smith wrote to the war "do- !
i p.irtiiK'iy inquiring if there was any
| reason why ho should not. bo permitted
! to marry a colored woman, setting j
I forth that her character was good and j
j that lie could establish good character '
j fur himself by his record.
Anoter dispatch says: President
{ Roosevelt is face to face with the no*
i gro problem in one of its ugliest
i phases. Private John Smith, II. S. A.,
hospital corps, stationed at Fort Mott,
New Jersey, has married a negro wo- j
11 is commanding officer. Surgeon
Shallenbcr. has rocoimv?<?niln#i i?ia <n_.
missal. The commanding officer of thn
fort refused to indorse thin recommendation.
It was approved, however, by
tho surgeon general.
Smith's plea is that if the constl; \
tional commander in chief thinks a negro
good enough to eat with, he .hou'nl
not object to a private in the urmv
; marrying a negress. Smith Is a white
i mail.
Outlaw Oyomo e:id fifty of His follower*
Sl??in by Cflnstabulory.
A Manila spooinl of Tuesday says:
A force under hleuienant l'ogc;c, constabulary,
has defeated a largo mini
ber or Pulanjana in the mountains of
eastern Samar, killing tho notorious
outlaw, Oyomo and fifty of his fol
, lowers.
Violent Attack of Diarrhoea Cured by
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and Perhaps a
Life Saved.
I "A short time ago I was taken with
a violent attack of diarrhoea and l>r<
lleve I would have tiled if I had not
gitten relief,' says John J. Patton, a j
loading citizen of Patton, Ala. "A
friend recommended Chamberlain's
I Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. ;
I bought a twenty-five cent hottlo and
after taking three dosos of it was on1
tiroly cured. I consider It the best j
; remedy In the world for bowel comJ
plaints. For sale by Pickens Drug
Store, Karlc's Drug Store, T. N. Huni
tor. Llbertv.
teeth, bad breath. Rydale's Liver '
Tablet!) will relieve any of tlieso symp- \
tonrm In a few hours and spoedlly cor- '
rect the trouble. They act upon the
liver, bile, bladder and duct, intostines 1
and bowels as a stimulant and, tonic.
Those who uso theso tablots And their
action perfopt and results satisfactory.
Fifty chocolato coated -tablets in each .
box. Trlco, 25 cents. tf '
Icnnpntcfi City Appeals Her Cr.*? to the
Interstate Commerce Commission.
The Interstate commerce coin mis
slon at Washington. Thursday, heard
prgumonts In the dlsputo boiwoon thi>
| Memphis freight bureau and the fit.
I Louts Southwestern railroad as to a j
rate from Memphis* to points In Ar- !
kansas and cott< .? rates from Arkansas
point# to Momphis.
Symptoms of Liver Disease.
Sick headache, constipation, bilious*
noss, melancholia, dizzlnoss, dullness
and drowsiness, coated toncuo sllmv
Enormous Sum Needed for Special
Postmaster General Wynne Makes
Known What Expanses Will Be
During Next Fiscal Year.
A Washington special says: A good
part of tho time of the cabinet meeting
Tuesday was consumed in hearing
a report from Secretary Metcalfo,
indicating what progress ho had mado
towards carrying out tho president's
instruction^ rosnoctinir ihe officials in
volved in the General Slocum disaster.
Secretary Tatf. also presented to tho
attention of the president and tiia
cabinet the subject of legislation for
the canal zone. lie also told of what
had been accomplished toward smoothlng'down
tho dillleultiog that had ariaen
between the canal zone authorities
and tho Panama government, and it is
expected that a formal statement will
be soon issued defining the policy
wtlinh tlli? irnvoi'iiinnnt ic In Iiflfiiit tn.
ward tho zone.
I'oslmn!-;tor General Wynne took up
with the president th?> estimates of
appropriation for the postolllce department,
submitting to the president the
final figures of t lie estimates.
Increaso of Twelve Millions.
Tho total amount estimated for th?
needs of the department is $183,718,
495, as against an appropriation tor
t ho current fiscal year of $170,815,990,
tho Increase in the estimates for the
ensuing year over the appropriation
for the current year being $512,902,496.
For the service in general, which
cans the service outside the city of
Washington, the figures for the post
tuuuLvi ui ;> WIIII;U a11UW IK) 111"
crease over tho current year. On
tho contrary, there is a reduction of
$ ">,000. Fn the office of the first assistant,
whore tho salaries of postmasters
and renewals aro allowed, the increase
is .?2,!t:i7,:i0i>, which is In exact
proportion to the growth of business
based on previous experience. The increase
in the bureau of the second assistant
for the transportation of mails
m $ >".'> 771 TIIIJ ;,wlI.il,?
pected growth in tho volume of mail
matter to bo handled 'during tl?o next
flsr al year. The total estimated for
this ofllco is $70,928,500. The increase
in tl.o appropriation for the office of
third assistant, who has charge of thft
printing of stamps and stumped envelopes
and for the account of the department,
is $130,000, tlio total being
$ I ,s5ri(5U(*.
The increase (?.;tiiuated for the office
of the fourth assistant, included
$100,550 for postofllro inspectors, $1,151,575
for free delivery service and
$0,003,1100 for rural worvlce, a total increase
of $7.2.?7,425.
Nearly the total deficiency which
congress will bo asked to provide for
the department for the current ye.ir
is included in the amount asked for in
tho rural free delivery.
The total postal revenue for tho
year ended .luno 30. 1901, wns $143,o."2,(>21.
Tho estimated revenue for
1905 on tho basis of <) per cent In.
crca.se is 50,;of,o. Tho appropriation
for 1905 is $17(?,S-',5.{I9S. leaving a
deficit. for 1905 of $1 1.310.93S.
Tho estimated revenue for 1906 is
$170,590,515, estimated exp< nditures,
$ls3,7 IS,195, estimated ('elicit $13.157,95
0. The current appropriation by
congress for t lie free delivery service
ffir'tho current year is $20,81 1,000, and
the estimate of tho appropriation
needed for the snnie purpose durin*
the next fiscal year is $20,S22,'J?JO.
Birthplace of Noosevclt leased.
Tlie house at So. 28 Ha si Twelfth
street, New York city, in \vli li President
Roosevelt was l:o;n, lias been
leased by a republican campaign club.
The latter was organized only recently.
but has a membership of moro
than 160.
lit 1.1 N Kill \R DAY >.T I AIK.
World's Imposition Officials Honor lllind.
Deaf and Dumb Young V\ oni.in.
Helen Keller clay, named in honor
of Miss Helen A lama Keller, r>f Alabama,
who, born deaf, dumb and blind,
lias acquired national fame througn
her educational success, and J ho only
person in whoso honor tho Louisiana
Purchase Exposition Company has do
tdgnated a special day, was celebrated
at. tho world's fair ground Tuesday
with cxerclses participated In l>y prominent
educators of th<? doaf. dumb ant!
blind from all parts of the United
Building nnri Tour Hundred Botes Reduced
to Ashes in Porr\, Tui
R. I<. Marchman's iron ware' on. o at
Perry. G?., was burned Sunday afternoon
about 3 o'clock. Origin of tiro
<u nnlfn.m.. fnt
,a uiinukitii. i iicrt: whs in" naii'h nr
cotton burned, with nliout $15,000 insurance
on cotton. Tlio loss on the
building Is $1,800. Mr. Marchnuui was
doing busi' v ;; on Mio .same lot when
his warehouse and .'500 bales of cotton
were burned Janurary 15, 1003.
IXtCUTt All Til/ 1)1 (>t M R VTf S.
Novel Proposition Discussed at Meeting o'
Notionrl Prison Congress.
At Wodnosday'a iionaioii <;f the X :
tloual Prison congress, at Qiilncy. Hi.
an animated discussion was m.j!"
when I)r. Henry Ha'cli, of Quiney, i
vooated tho 1/iflletlng of 'ho death i
alty on degenerates a a m< mi -- o.
preventing tho spread of degeneracy.
i i
: 1
Six White Men in South Carolina Arrested
and Jailed on Charge of
Murdering Negro.
A Columbia, S. C., dispatch nays:
| Four months ago Kitl Bookurd, a no
gro, was lynched at Eutawville, IJcrke
!y county. The man was so brutally
butchered in cold blood and without
provocation that Governor 1 Icy ward j
recognized it as a case in which a test)
of the law could best bo made. When
the local authorities failed to discover
the perpetrators, tho governor employed
two Pinkerton men and these,
j under tho direction of an oflicer of the
, agency, have been engaged for throe
I months with tho result that on Mon,
day J. II. Palmer, S. A. Eadon. Pink
Martin, It. Martin and A. Puuler were
arrested and placed in tho peniten;
tiary at Columbia for safe keeping,
tho 13erkely jail being insecuro.
Three days ago a young man implicated
in tbe killing, witness for the
Male, was brought in aud is also con
t fined. Warrants were at once issued
for six men, all who participated in
. the lynching of Bookavd.
Tuesday night the solicitor telegraphed
the governor he could not sol
1 loeal autlioritiesKTAOIN ETAOIriiw
local deputies to undertake to serve
tno warrants. The governor had four
men sent from Charleston and stout!
ready to send a company of soldiers
if there was resistance.
Five of the six men were taken Wed
nesday and the others will probably
j he captured. Iiookard was taken from
the guard house in Eutawville, lied
hand and i'cet, stabbed to death, his
I body mutilated and then sunk in t;ie
river. The town marshal is one <i
those implicated.
j Southern Rood Mokes tniphatic Answer to
Atlanta freight Bureau.
The ultimatum, of tho railroads ic
| tho city o? Atluntu and the Atlantu
I Freight bureau was presented Wednes
(lay afternoon by J. S. H. Thompson
i general agent of the Southern railway,
during the session <;f the special com|
mil too in the following declaration:
"The Southeru ralhvay does not in
i teiut going in'o a discussion of 1 lio
j freight rate question with either this
| or any other committee of the general
council. So far as Nelson si roi l is
concerned we were trying merely to
I move our freight depot a quarter or a
| mile nearer the cltv. If council pro
! poses to put into the i;rant any such
! conditions ns is proposed by the A'. Ilanla
freight bureau, I toll you right
' now that the Southern railway will
not move an inch and will remain
| where it is now."
| The ultimatum of the railroads did
not disturb the equanimity of the mem
bora of thf> committee and it served
( only to increase the zeal of tne luis-.j
ness men and strengthen their state,
. xii%j iiiv vtciiib v, a.> (innuii'u liy i ir
business men ami manufacturers of
for the purpose of showing the mem
hers of the committee the discrimiua
' Hons against Atlanta in favor of other
; cities.
They Rave the members of the com
mi!tee 10ft or more specific cas<.s oi
| discrimination on various kinds oi
good a.
Rliir.lliu crttc t 11 pr nmi mmi
tinivni > i\vj ui ?/ ? ^ r?iv%jr i?
Prominent (ieorqia Merchant and Farmer
Meets With financial finbarrassment.
('hailcs Br'ghnm, a merchant. an*l
planter *?f BurU county. CI .v., lias file 1
with the clerk of the United Hiate.v
court, at AuRiista petition in o.rnl.
ntptcy and the nchedulc show.-; thai
' it fill,. l\f til/, liiooi.1 /?... . ll>~. 1...
over boon in the loenl oo::rts. The total
liabilities are Riven as 77, HO."*,
j and the total assets as $. >.2 5 7.07. Of
' the liabilities $ 1 ;<.081 are securd1, an<i
the remainder, $2f,,.11.1.?">!?. an- i'rpo
enred. The petitioner com hi< fed <oii!
try stores at CMrard and Stanley. both
viuufcus in nun;' . Til'! Mi- ran . xtensivc
farms in both Hurke ami Screven
counties. On tin* list of creditors,
firms and merchants of uvcry city in
1 Mm vicinity and ninny northern citicj
ar'o represented.
Suicide Prevented.
j The startling announcement that a
preventive of suicide had been discovered
will interest many. A run
' down system, 01 despondency invariably
precede suicide and something has
be< 11 found that will prevent that condition
which makes suicide likely. At
me nrsi mougiit or self destruction,
take Electric Hitters. It being a ureal
l tonic and nervine, will strengthen the
nerves and build up the system. It's
also a great Stomach, Liver and Kidney
regulator. Only GOc. Satisfaction
guaranteed by Pickenv Drug Co.
Jemison Habeas Corpus Affair nt Macon to
Bo Passed Lpou,
At a meeting of I lie city council of
Macon, fJa., a report was roa<i from
| City Attorney Wlmberley statins that
. tiie famous Henry Jcmison case woul.i
be-carried directly to tho .supreme
court, coming as it does under the provision
for linlmna mrmu ...KJ-u
permits the in tn Lo carried to the ?upremo
court without casing'Through
the court of appeals.
Ritllot* Ca?t by Georgians for C hief executive
Were 67,703 in NumberGovernor
Terrell, of Georgia, recoived
07.70"". voles in the reeent stnto
election. These are known to bo the
iigures, airno\iKii no oflieirl consolidation
of the governor's votj was nmdo
public along with the ?ote of other
stnte house officials. Tiiu reason for
II.to lo ll.nl ..~ii ? - *?
v...o .o mm, i in > un- mi me governor
is sent under separate t?ealnd cover a<luros?ctl
lo the president of the sonato.
? <
% *
Schedule an Attack cn Panama.
On Seceisnn Anniversary, 1
Another Battalion of Marine Will Re
will be commended by l.'viitonaut Col- ,
onel Thomas N. Wood. The exact .
number of men in this n -w battalion .
has not boon decided on, lmt 11 proba- bly
will be of about the saui" .-;ize as j
tho battalion now on ?ne is! unl. whkth |
is to be brought home ami dispersed ,
unions the marine birr: '
wv c
Sent to Isthmus to ReiLVw One t
Nov/ Stationed The C? I fl
A Washington special s iv.j: Amerlv
can marines will bo retained on tlie t
I isthmus of Panama for ihe present,
prepared to meet any emergency r
which may arise us ihr wmhIi ?f c
disgruntled eh nr ts in the now re- 1
public. This delusion was reached ! |
Thursday and orders have been issued <
for a new battalion of mr.rines to t?o 1
to the island, about November 15,
to relieve the battalion whleh has been
there for a year. The ? w battalion i
northern pari of the I r.it? states. i
That the situation on she isthmus i? ]
| still not nil that could bo desired ia ,
I the news which came to Washington ; ,
I Thursday in a personal letter from an j
oflicial now in Panama. While the Pan- 1 ,
ama government is entirely loyal, it
seems that there are certain disgruntled
elements on the isthmus, and in
view of th<> ease with which revoln- I
Hons are started in Central and South
America, it is the official opinion in. I
| Washington tlir* tne marines should
j remain there for tli?? present.
It is hoped that the mission of Secrotary
Taft will have a far-reaching of|
feet in bringing ail elements on the
| isthmus Into harmonious ncmrrl with
Ill is government's policy.
Colombian?! Concentrating.
There is a rumor current in Colon
that a largo hotly of armed Colombians
has boon con.'or>,rato 1 near Culcbra
with the intention of making an at- j
tuck there on November A. the first anI
| nlversary of the kaccssiun of Panama
j from Colombia. Tl<r < nral zone au
i '
; v
I *
; .
drill in fro:il -.f t' ?> jiranil wu.rt, folIiUVimI
with 1* "? : \
' an xiut'isi;
It is tho inif.uiosi o, t!??* North (ioor-i.i
Fair \ks'vi:u i:m l<> hold a f.ilr fin
N'i;illy at Ohickainau^a.
Thursday's Disp.itch.'s from Scat of \V?ir
Only lolri ol Quietude.
Thursday's dispatches from the Fai
East state tint with the eonairy on
volopod in Illicit fog and the roads tn
wrotehed condition, activity is. for th?'
tim^ being. Impossible for the Japan ,
cso or Russian army south of Mukden '
Thorn have been several brisk sklrm j
ishfK .in;! some surpriseft of a minor !
character, hut tlit* lifting of the fog
must proiodo any notable conflict of i
the histilo forces. No official repo'n
from ihe commander at I'or; Arthur'
later than October 10 has reached SI
I ,
Slayer of f>on/rtle?> Makes Applic ?tion l?
Join the Metlir>dist f.onlerence.
.lamoB H. Tillman, the former iic.i j|
tenant governor of So th Carolina
who, while i'l office, killed Kdlwr N. t
(}. Gonzales, in Columbia, lias decided '
to enter the Methodist ministry, nti.' |
haa written a prominent divine in
| Roanoke, Va., tol!in^r <1 im thnt lie li.ij
applied to the Methodist oonforeiici
I for admission.
1 idword's Representative at Jacksonville
i Aids His Shipwrecked Countryman.
TiritIsh Vice Consul budlow loft
| lachsonvillo, Fin., Thursday for Hobe j
sound to arrange transportation and
rollof for remaining members of tho
crow of tho Hrillsh aehooner Melrose,
which went to tlu bottom with four of
tho crew and two passengers during
j tho recent storm.
J ,
aps and Russians T king Temporary
Rest From Go y W irk Owing to
the Elements.
A St. Petersburg special says: For
lie moment heavy rains and washed
oads have compelled a suspension of j
perations In Manchuria. Thero was i
ittle lighting Wednesday and none j
vhatever Wednesday uight.
The flash of enthusiasm over tho j
apture of Jjono Tree hill and Shakhe, '
ho repulse of the atiacha of the Jap |
ineso left and the hard drubbing given |
lencral Yamada, with the capture ol' 1
ourteen additional guns has given
vay to a calmer and sober appratsenent
of the partial successes.
Tho heavy rains and consequent bad
oads have made military operations !
m either sldn extromclv difficult if
jot Impossible. The interruption, ac- j
:ording to latest advices, ir, being util- j
zod by botli Russian and Japanese
.omman.iers in making now dispo.si- ;
ions of forces, and now objective i
joints are likely to develop when ac- i
iVrt i
.? ? v v>tM luiii/iin aiu 1UOUUICU.
Tho enforced cessaion of operations
jy tho bad woather, if the Japanese
jft'onslvo had really exhausted itself, ,
jives both armies a ehanee to breathe
md pull themselves together and
would seem to insure as much bene- ,
fit to one sido as to the other for practical
purposes. When operations re- ;
commence they will assume an entire- i
ly now phase, with now dispositions
*nd objectives. Last week's battlo i
lias ended, and it goes Into history as i
i Russian defeat. Win n operations |
sire resumed a new battle will begin.
A Tokio dispatch states tbat. tlie
Japaneso government will seek to
make representations to St. Petersburg
through the American einbaw>y ;
against the alleged use of Chinese uniforms
by Russian troops, iu violation i
of the usages of war.
Piwcln io .1.
inoiuuiiiK nit- urgaiuzaiion
of the second Mauchurian army, and
General Grippenherg, who will supplant
General Kuropatkiti, is actively
at work organizing the forces which j
ho will take to tin; Far IOast. He does j
not underestimate h.s task. On the
contrary, he says that Russia will re !
quire 000,000 fresh troops in Manchu- ]
rla in order to make headway against I
the Japanese.
In his letter appointing Grippenherg, |
tne czar wrote:
"The intense energy with which Japan
is? conducting the war. and the
stubbornness and high warlike qualities
displayed by the Japanese, impei
me to make considerable additions to
the strength of my forces at the front
in order to attain a decisive success *
within the shortest possible time." '
nnni . m...... ?-- -
Ilcn Brumby Arrested in St. Louis for Attempting
to Pass I orged (.hecks.
Benjamin H. Brumby, of Marietta,
Ga., pool ehami)ion of tho soutn, and a ;
contestant in the tournament being
held in St. Louis for the world's chain- pionship,
was arrested Wednesday
night charged with having attempted
to MISS a forcfijl rhr?r lr fnr
the National Hank of Commerce, Tues- ;
day afternoon.
When searched at polico headquarters
private checks ot the DoKorost
Wireless Telegraph Company, lined
out to aggregate $3,000, and purport
ing to ho signed by Abraham White, 1
president, were found in nis pocket.
Ho admitted having stolen the blank
cheeks with llie inuniion of passing!
them on the Commonwealth Company.
Urumby prosonted the check for
f."i20 to I'aying Teller .MetJirk at tin
jank Tuesday, and when Met) irk
ioubted the signature of T. S. llonderon
& Co., brokers on the chock,
!niml)V rrontofi pnnalilnMi>iA
I *.*A? IH"
. lent by making a clash through the
doors o? i ho bank and escaping.
When his room was searched later
skeleton keys and a bull's eye lantern
wero found. Brumby admitted having
served two years in the Jefferson City
penitentiary for a hotel sneak job at j
the l.aclede hotel, in 1 SOS, and later
serving n term in San Francisco.
Brumby stated that ho owned his
downfall to gambling.
Cholera Infantum.
This disease has lost its torrors
since Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
l)inrrhoea Remedy came into ir^neral ;
use. Tho uniform success whir at
tends tho use of this remody in ill
cases of bowel complaints in children
has mado il a favorite wherever Ita ;
value has become known. For sal? by j
Pickens Drug Store, Karlo's Drug
Store, T N. Hunter, Liberty. tf j
\cgro WaH Smtiqqicd Into Slipper Room
By Party From Connecticut.
The visit of Governor Chamberlain,
>f Connecticut, with his staff and his
sscort, tho Governor's Foot Guard, has
created a sensation because at Greensboro,
N. C., it became known to th>
residents that some of the men In tho
,>aity had, without tho knowledge or
ionsent of the hotel proprietors, taken
i negro with them to supper. Up to |
ho time of this discovery there had |
seen preftt e.hoering for the visitors.
Holocaust in Brooklyn tenement Supposed
Work of I ire-Buns.
Six lives weer lost, nearly a score of
persons wero injured and the loss ot
more than a hundred thousand dollars
were endangered in an early morning
tenement hoimo fire in the Williamsburg
section in Brooklyn, N. Y., Mon
With one exception all the dead
are children, and of eight who were |
bo badly hurt that they wore removed
to a hospital, tho oldest is a fourteenyear-old
girl. Incendiaries are thought
been responsible for tho fatal lire.
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths*
rhere Is a disease prevailing fn Ihfe:,
country most dangerous because so deeep??
I j 111 II Esj|prX\\ l've* Many suddciv
rVvl iy,-l deaths aie caused by
it ? heart disease,
tv/mI .^7^)z^-s Dncumonia. hoar*
V\y"J H' T\ failure or apoplexy
' uyjl vT^^l r are ?"en l^c itesote
'/v\^Vri kidt,cy dirveaso. '*
1 I vl rh' kidney trouble is zV^"~ir?>
i \ \S i" 1 lowed to advance th?
Fv*-?: VI "^?\ Itl 1r-'i ~ kidrcy -poisoned
ji ~ ~~* blood will attack the
?J?S^ vital organs or the
kidney ; themselves break down and waste,
av/ay coll by ccll.
tsmuuer troubles most always result from'
a derangement of the kidneys and a cure ij
obtained cj-iicki^t by a proper treatment of
the kidneys. If you are feeling badly you
can make 110 mistake by taking Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp?Root, the great kidney, iivtr ard
bladder remedy.
It corrects inability to hold urine and scalding
pain in passing it, and overcomes that
unpleasant necessity of being compelled t<> ,
go often during the day, and to get up many
times during the night. The nild and th?
extraordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
reali"id. It stands the highest fcr its won?
clcrfI cures of th-i inost distressing eases.
Sv/ainp-Root is pleasant to take and sold,
by a!i druggists in fifty-cent and one-dollar
tolls all about it, both Homo?rswiTmp-nost.
sent free by mail. Address Dr. Kilrr.cr & O..
n;~~v M v
M.i.fMju.wu, m. i. y/nsn v/rmng mention
reading this generous offer i:i litis paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name. Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
N. Y., on every bottie.
iilick Employes o> No >,son's Circus Mix
Wiili ( iilarnit Cilui'nt nt P.r..n.u,.ri
A regular riot raged In Brunswtclt
Monday night at the Robinson circus
grounds between negroes connected
with the circus and local negroes.
Fifteen or twenty shots were fired
and it is believed that several wer?
ii iiM M.I
The circus negroes fought with
spike hammers, and it is stated that
several local negroes were knocft(
d to the ground. Police officers soon
arrived ami wore compelled to ftre
several shots before thoy could entirely
quiet the trouble.
Two or three of the participants have
been captured and placed in jail. Bad
blood had existed between the ctrcas
and local negroes since the arrival
of the circus Sunday morning, when
in a fight the circus chief of police
was almost killed by a Brunswick negro.
1 ? *4
Get Your Money's Worth.
You Ret your money's worth whom
you buy Elliott's Emulsified Oil Liiniment.
A full half pint bottle costs but
25 cents, and you get your money back
if not satisfied with results. Use It
in your family and on your stock,
fou'll not bo disappointed. tf
Injunction to Prevent Athinto Securing
I oc.ition o) Institution.
Atlanta's chances of securing tlx*
li i tc Presbyterian University havo
boon end ing<-rod by an injunction to
prevent the removal of the Southwest
v.-i n r I '-*si>y ion;!n i niversuy from
Clarksvillc to Atlanta granted by
Chancellor Stout.
If those fighting the movement tn
consolidate the two branches in Atlanta,
are able to delay the removal for
a year or so by keeping tho matter in
the courts, then the chances are that
the university will never be secured
by Atlanta.
Puts an End to it All.
A grievous wail nfHmiw a
u result, of unbearable pain from overtaxed
organs. Dizziness, backache.
Diver Complaint, and Constipation.
Hut thanks to Dr. King's New Dlfe
Hills, they put an end to it all. They
arc jjcntle, but thorough. Try them.
Only 25c. Guaranteed by Piekena
Drug Co. tf
Bishop Clinton, ol the A. M. F. (bi.?-ch.
Dies Alter Fifty Years ol Service.
J 4u)p Isoni C. Clinton, of tho Afrtc:i)
'thodlst Kpiscopnl church, die!
Wmh lay at Lain a: 8. C., agoi
74 yoar.i. He had 1 r SO year*
in the ministry, hav; hed when
a slave before tho civil .v., . Hl? ju
riSfllCtion ? xtoililn.l nv?
Florida and Western North Carolina.
I And nothing better for liver
rangement and constipation thsui
Chamberlain's Stomach a?d IMver
Tablets.?L. F. Andrews, Pes Moines,
jowa. For sain by Pickens X>rug Co.
A $!>0,000 Bla/e in PadMcak.
The harness and saddle manufacturing
establishment of E. Rohko;>ff A*
Co., at Padueah, Ky., was burned Wed>
ncsday morning. The loan is $&Q,0<X\
partly eovcred by insurance. Tk*
Arc is thought to be of incendiary
Jra Harris Named to Succeed ttadie.
President Houset'elt has appointed
Ira Harris ns supervising inspector of
the steamboat Inspection aervico of
tho second district of New York, la
piaco of Ilobort S. Itodle, removed.
? ?i, jg
Si nm. n n r [m mi*. nrr-n I
'/ t > car:y the w?jakentd aw3
^ < i . i system along until It can fincS ?
4 firm siiiip ?Mn ordinary food. ( /4
m 1 !->r five rArnplo. ? Jfl
: ' '/ HOW NIC, Chcmlsti. /$&
"<V' ' ^ ' ^ 'fly1

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