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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, October 26, 1904, Image 4

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Picks Sdiacl-JomaL
jL,? - *
The Sontincl-Journal Company.
Thompson iVr Hiciiky, L'xtovs.
J. L. O. THOMPSON, Kuitou.
Subscription SI.00 IVr Annuiu.
Advertising liitim Reasonable- '
Knturmt at Pickens I'nstGtttce hh Second Ulnss !
Mail Matter j;
I'll'kk.>>, rs. t. :
Wednesday, October *20, 1JK)I.
There has been much said ami
written about the lloyt llaves eu.se,
and likely Governor Ileyward has
been through one of the most trying
ordeals in connection with this ease
that a governor of South Carolina
has ever hail to contend with. It
was a case of "damned if you do, and
damned if you don't."
Governor Hey ward submitted the i
note that was a vital point in tin
case to one of the most eminent i s
ports in thin country, David (Juvvul.
bo, who states positively that Mis
Hayes wrote the note herself. Thiin
ti very large measure exonerates
Hoyt Haj es.
Governor I ley ward's disposition ol
the cftso leaves a dual verdict - Haye>
is not guilty, yet Havt s is guilty. II
the governor proposed to rest the
case on the fact as to who wrote the j
note, then Hayes ought to bo a free i
111 an.
It is a very dangerous precedent j
that has been set by the governor
the matter of overturning tho courts!
of tlio State on tiie judgmout of an
expert of handwriting.
It is not uncommon in the North 1
we are told, for the testimony of
these nauie experts to he knocked in-;
to a cocked hat.
>vo believe that Governor Hoy ward i
employed the most competent expert
on handwriting to he found in tlusi
country, and that his testimony was
calculated to inilnence the (Jovernor.
Many very harsh things have hern
said of Governor Hey wind on account
of his actions in thin ca.c!; his nj"tiv<s
have been im ponged and ali soils oi
political reasons influencing his action
have been assigned. In our
opinion, Governor Iteyward i>- nothing
if he is not honest, and we be1:
Ai i i .... a i '
IIfc)VU ill UL UCf HClt 1.1 C- V 11)
the mutter all the way through.
The corn?'.ifitono laving of iho now
Hehool building iH beintj sncc<s.sfullv
carried out am! will 1,<: l'ully npurted i
next week.
A convention of I he funnci u of thej
State has been called to meet in Col-;
umbia to-.laj Oct. 20, during Ihu.State'
Fair. The imiin business for consideration
will 1)0 the devising of sianc
plan to market the cotton crop in order
to get a just profit ft r jrudiicing
it. We sincerely hope I'ickens will
}\n ??4 41.1- .. ......
wouii tcu ill. till?*' fJUVlTIJUUIJ
There can be no doubt but Hint the
funnern by cooperation can, in a large
measure, regulate the price < t cotton,
and the producer, and not the speculator,
should havo Homo voice in the
compensation ho shall leceivo tor l is
Work on the Wade ilaiupton i
monument will soon begin. Welling
ton Kuckntuhl, the celebrated Amen
ennlnJ. H I ?? I
WI.M 1?MV? n lijni'l, lllltt l?t ? IJ
employed to do thiH exacting work, j
It will cost about $!i(),UlU) when completed,
and will bo ono of the handsomest
monuments in tin; South. It
will take the sculptor about year
to complete tho work*.
Attorney General Guiiter has ^i\en
out the opinion that then* will have
to bo seven boxes at every voting I
precinct in tho various counties it'
4 the JStute to prevent ''plumbing,' r
stuffing of I ho ballot box. I hero hi 1
hate to bo a soporate I ux l >?* each
fcnHtitutional amendment. This
mean a that PickenH County will h'.ye
to have 1 (?1 boxes for the t/'iu ial
election. Somebody will hav to <401
busy on the box tuipply. 1
Let every Democratic voter in the 1
county turn out and voto in the general
election on Noviiinlu-r a 11 i"
very important that every voter cast
bin ballot, for it is certain that there
will bo contents by iho 1 tcjxi 1>Iicniih ;'
in many of the districts in (ho State!
this year. In case of a rente.st it will !
be very much in favor of u Democratic !
nominee to be able to show that lie
polled a very heavy vote. And, tool
tbore nre Homo tlireata in Ilepublicun
quarters of cutting down Southern ,
representation on account of the *
L practical dfcfranchfscuxnt of the
|;N tlOgfO. While such is not likely, it ia
Well to be on tbo safe aide. Don't 1
( rgct to yote?November H.
arar 1 w " _l "j ... . .l.lj- i
J 4.vJ.v 1 i- - ' tiVHI
vine iinu \ oumy uiiiecrs,
and lor A iihniUhkmiIs to ;
1 ho ^ousUtiitioii
3tnU> of South Ciii'oliun, >
L'outity of l?i?jki?iis. \
Xotieo is lu ti'Wy t?ivon Hint nn elootiou
will lm ):? '.41 nt tlin sovoriil piooiuots ok
tnlilislied l>v ln\v in PicUcnv i-oinitv. <111 '
Tuesday, NovMinbi'i" ?S, A. 1>. lltui, for'
llio following otVh'i-is, t-> wil:
(.lovornoi, l.iiMitniiuut (lovornor, Sim'-i
rotary of Si:.to, Attoiuoy-Oi'iioriil, Slain :
Tieasunr, (/oni| >lri?ll? r C:il. Superiiuciulout
of I' iiii'ttlioii, Ailjut -nt-ainl
Inspector (iciH : .1, Olio Ilu'routl Com
missionrr, 'oui.tv SuporintiMnliMit of j
lvluention, l'r. asuror, Slu'iilV, Oliak of
Court, C?iio!i* r, Solicitor, Amlitor, ami
(w > Kopros. iilui i v( s.
I'ursua.t t i 'i;i ('on '-lit ill ion of Soiitti
Carolina an rlrct .' i will l.o In ltl u' tlio
suii)t> til)i!> aii'l piav''- f<i" ai:.i,iuliiiO|it^ I ?
tin <%>i sii;fioii <>l Soiilli Carolo n, |>ur
:su;mu I > lin it'iins "i .1 mi I i(>.SI>llUI?11K
Nos. Jis:;, '!s! in i ."is.", (Arts of South
Carolina, pi 7 I, i>7">, a <1 as follows
V .H)i IIKSOLI TION Proposing to
-.urn mom 1). of Ailii1!. Ill, ot ll>?"
Slati i luliou, sr I . |>in\i<]t> for
ISieUiiial Sc.-siolis of tl <n>ral Assi
Section 1. Hi' it Res ''veil l>y tin
(iot cnil Assembly of the Slate of Sont!
'lltolilltl, 11,:lt tho following amend
.eiit to tlin Constitution of tho St ito of
South (*ail'olitiit bo suhmittoil to tho
i]Uiilitic?l t |o(!t<>rs of tlio S! to ul tho m xt
gi noral i h ft ion for llopresontativos, ami
it'll majority of tho oloctorK qualified to
vote for mombeis 'it tho (iouoial Assembly,
voting thereon, shall vote in favor of
such amendment uinl a majority of t aeh
britue'i of tho (ioueral Assembly, shall
n ft or snob ' lootion, ami b? fore anotlu r,
r.itity tho sattio mm ndm'ent by yeas ami
nays, Sootr n t>. of Artiolo III, of tho
(constitution, loating to the Le,;i litiv.
Department ho ameulfil by U'l iiiiK iftoi
tin- word "plane' in liiu lull o| siiil otion,
tlai? words "until Hie cud of the
S'ssioii tHvnniii,*j in HHKt, :ifter which
tins .said sessions shall I ? hold at the
sumo time and place bienni 11 _v: * * ho thai
<aid sevtiou as amende I shall read as
The am.ual w ksiuii i ; the (ioneiul Assembly
heretofore elected, lixed I>y tho
Const itnt ion dt the year eighteen liundied
ami sixty ci^ht, to (> UYOlie on the
fourth 'I'm -day ol Novi-mber, intheyear
of ighteou hundred and ninety-live, is
hereby postponed, and the same shall be
c >nvoni d ami held in the city ol" < 'oluinbia
on the r-,?*t ??n?I Tuesday of January in
the villi* ciidilt en hundred ami ninotv
Tin' lirsl session of tii?' ( it-iii i (i \"!ul>lv
I'liitlcil uinliT tins (' i, ti'\t: i
shall coiiveu?: ;n ('i .liiii.lii.i mi t In- i :. !
Tin-day in .laiiinuy, in the \ ;<i . i;_
toon lniiivti'i'il in.(I niin'tv f , ai :
thereafter iinnually at the sunn i
pliuio until the end hi tin' sc.-.-.. ;i in ,t
ring in I'.MHi, after which the said s< i >..
shall be lit-.vl at tin- saimi linn and |>i ;
Sln>uld tin! casualties of war ur c -;it
gicilis diseases ii inler it unsafe to nie< t
at tin' scat nf ;*i?v?'nii!ici)l, tin n tin' (i \
einor 111:i\. I >.y i>i cl iiia'. ici'i. aiiooint a
more nci:i; < i . -onv -nitut place ?>t
meeting. .* '? iiii>i - > ' Hie (J( iioial A
SOUlltly i !l !<ot ivcei\ :i V compel,
tiou tor more than folly ? ! any onsession:
L'i -vide I, That tin* limitation
shall nut all.iit the lii'M l ? .? sessions < :
tlio (it ir'ial Assciiil>l,y niitl'-r this
See. "2. Tlmt lliii <|U' t on .?i adopt
iiig the !lin< raiment pii fai!' it in tint ton
goiug Section >liall In' Miliinltt il to tin1
electors as follows: Those in favor u!
tin; .unci nment shall <! posit a I tail !
\\i:!i tin- following word-, plainly writ
ten ol' pi i: 11 ?'< 1 llier? on . "(. 'onsl it lit >1 al
amendment lo Sectio.i >!' Aitide Ml ut
the State Constitution, adding aftei t! .
word "pla. e" in hue ten ol' said S<< .ioi
the words Minti III c lid of til > s.s,.;>j
oe.cni'i'im* in I'.MIiJ n l?i.a. n....... i
HOsftioiiH Hindi Ito held : t (lio mi mo tinir
uuil jiliioc ttuui;.ii.lly.
I li'M' "I I)<>-(!<l to S ii l 1)'
hall rust .1 I'.'liot wit I: t'.i following
words 111.1.lily ]>l ii:t< (I oi w111 (en tin-i t
"CollSllt lit i' i:; I : III < * 11 < I I to S.r ion |
o| \r'ii*l>- III 111 11." St.iti* ('oust >t ution,
...I, 11..., it. I I
ii. i ?" "Will 11 lil II ' 1"
i.l .said < tin- wolds 'until 1!.:: ri.d
of (lio Mission crinTing in 1i?h>, :111 t
which tli it id -isiuDSSIi.il l.?i held nl
(In1 suinc time - I j)!smo liriml il\
A |?J>l'OV(ii till* lltll dlV 'it I .'In l'V,
A. 1>. I.Mil.
A JOIN I kksoli TION i > amend 111<*
Constitution so iis to IVnnil th<! (1( iiCiul
Asc.clJilii \ t'l I'lliUtt fi'iml : lid
|m <-i.<I l. iws uii IhcSnl ji t <il I .a;. ing
Out, Op 11i Altering, and work
IP" It i Is silid II if-'hVs, hi I :i lo
I III' A ' lit w ! i i? 11 Ciliz<i;s S i; 11 l>"
Subji t' to lund or (Mln i l'iil> c hnlv,
Si 11 >1 I. Ho it II'm i; vi-. I I > v I In(kniral
Ah<oiii|'I,V " lli<fHl;d >! IS li it
( :ii < >lin.i, I'lmt Hit' foil i: i* :ii.i< lj< 111:a*i. t
to tin- Constitution In- 'I < . ii'<l
Hi it I'lf In > 11iirstloll< 111\i>1 v I in it'
IIIHMH III' III iic Hill Oil 11 It'll HI |)nril|i'l\
! 'i tii'\! in nil (ill i'tio>( to tin ? Ji'< t. : ?
I > 111litul to \ol<' I'i i tin-nil> i , ol tlii*
11 oil i ! 11-'] ii " i lit I i v?'\ l ! . t I' ' ! i
Iml I i' dill- I to tin' (.on titut i..|i | Infollow
aililitioii.il \ilii '?', to 1)0 iinin
bored |>ropi il\ in llic const triuivr okI.t
of its li lojit lull, lo lie ill" : iiitl I a AI
licll' 1)1 All! lldlllCllt.S t" I'll' I oil
^titillioi), ' which kIih I lead r- follow. .
.vrinJH' oi \nicinliH'!;.lH I
tlio ('oiiHlif iitiou."
Section I. 'I lie < iciicral Assembly of
this Stat"1 mny nuimt lornl "i ( pc. ml
lu\v.< coiici-niiu^ t' ' ln_yiti}( mil, opi ninj;,
i!t(Miii" or workntff r<> <i-> or liij/hswiVM.
11nl ('.oiicri'ii 11111- |?r??vn!iii lor tin;
i '? lit wllitril I- ti.'clis s|i :il 1)1 111,;, el | ,
I' )il(l illlt.V, : 1 ol.crl'llill ' ,i':i In .
Sit, '.! 1 ' i! Si11 ilivi io' I I < <1 S ;l?
Iivision I \ u! I > k.ii I, of A i III,
>1 tlir I oik tit lit i'II , III- I I ir'. V i 11 lot I.
A ppl ovnl I 11 * iKlll (lay Of I I I >: 11 .1 \ ,
\ I ) 1I!) I
v .ioi\ r uksom i ion iv po u.-1<>
Amend Section 7, Art:? !?? VIII. of Iho
Coiistitnlion, Knlfttmg t<> ,Mui<i?>>|>:?I
I londed I ml -I?!?>i111 ?.*ss.
Section I. Knit rOHolvcl h\ I lie (it'll
1*111 Assembly of the State of South
nrolina, 'I ital the following amendment
o Spc.tion 7, Aitii lo \'II I, of Ibo Con
ititntion, l)o ngi-ed to: Add as the end
thereof tlm following words: Provided,
[urthor, That tho 1 j mitutionx inmo-tnd
>y Huh Btction ?n?l by fSootioij .r>, Artioloj
it of thin Couatilulion, .' hall not nj>[?ly i
r ' ' ' -Jl JLU. IL'L'
- .? ^<>.11
IL.ma.'.wua i urn miniiiiii imr?
jj Take cold easily? Throat
| tender? Lungs weak? Any
K relatives have consumption?
| i ncn a cougu means a great I
|| Cherry J
? Pectoral I
fl deal to you. follow your |
doctor's at!vice and take 1
M Aver':, Cherry Pectoral. It 5
jj heals, strengthens, prevents, |
f) Km Ji vi'.irt I Imvo <icppinleil on Aver'* X
j <M* rii I ? I oi iiI I or I'on^liS mi<l i*ntils. i R
j, uiium it i mi.itly stroiiKllieiiH weiik Iiiiik*." 9
iMns. 1*. A. Uoiiinson. S.lllut!. Mirli. I
' j . Sl>.-.. S'.lt I. .1. c. AVKIt CO.. 9
| All hu. -t -H. r I.mvi'll. M..SJ. *
| Weak Lungs j
'. wnwrur*;-!
Aycr's V Ms increase th*> activity of
vs~> ii>>-; siivl t'njcj r*i<l r?<"
to bon It'll indebtedness ineurroil by the
e.ily of ( io"?viil.', but hiiid city of OreonviHe
mm increase its bonded indcbtcdiii
ss in tl ;> nmnnci' provided in said Soo
tion of si d Article to ui? amount not exreeding
fifteen per e.en*. of tho vnlno of
11n> liixnU n property therein, where the
proceeds- >f said bonds are ti)>p!i< d solely
to the p:,vrn! nt of p ist indebteue.ss, to
\p> iihc's mid liabdities incurred or to be
illlMllVt il i) Mm i l?-k .ii'/H'i.iuonl /?f oV..,w.K
and siutiv ilUs, ami for providing wwor;
ago fur f- i it I oily, or any part tliureof,
for purchasing, establishing, owning or I
i < i. iii[_ wat?>r works or electric light
' "t:l- . j
.Sec. 'J. Hut tho <]ucsti()u of adopting
111i:-> aiix'nlinonr shall ho submitted at
tin* lioxl Konoral election tu tho electors
is follows: Those in favor of tlioamoml|
meat 11;; 1 <1,-posit n hallot with tho following
w nls plainly printoil i?r written I
thoroon : "Const it lit ion >1 amendment of I
, : r ? ... : ..i . . : ? . .1
i.j. . 11 ii -? ? .:n, < ii .\ 11 n'ic hi i lie
Coiistitnli' l), rclatr-fj Municipal corporate
ns stiul poluv i-c^nfati<ms. Yos,"
j Those (>| posed to suiil amendment s'n ill
cast is bailot Willi the follmviutf Mortln
plainh i ?i"i iitt'il 01 \v lit t ?>u tliorcoh:
"( 'tiusli tl li;.l iUIK'IHIIlllMlt of Section
j f: mm:, .\i 10I oi '.l t, of tin- Constitution.
i lvla' i to id 11 ii km | <ial corporations ami
police icjjulati 'lis. No."
Appv veil the istli day of IVhiiiurv,
A. I>. I'M)I,
Poll ?.t cacti voting p'acc will bo
ill SCVl'll II OIOI'K ;i . Ill tll.il olnstul
sit lour oV'lock )>. in.
'J'ln> following ii iint'tl poisons imv?
i In i n ii|)j? il Mai g'rs U> i-oiuluet
mii.l ..I. ?.. ? ;i
. .< t II'* 1 Kill i f .Willi
X- i i i. by tliu i'li ciion c>l it
llll.l I'll! k Ma) In' II' 11 IIC'I I if III'I'IIK
:n ;. I man i'li I'li il is empower
' i! t'< : i i. 11! :11 us In tin- other man
UK'-i -i in . .i :
1 S I i!l\ I! 11 III |MlWl ir tl) till
ii< 1 it mini! ul llii- .M:11j.i
lit i. ll: 1 r:l i/.mis trail >i|i|>oilit
\|;i I '.il :i 111 till' >|tl:. llii'il Vo
It- > i i:J i In n.';.; sworn, call run
line' tli" < i rtion.
At l.t i-l >m! of tin' i lection llir Maim
mi ! jMix i'ril pulilii'ly to oprii tin'
Will >t i' \i!h ami count the t>allots tlien
j: i. Hi' * >ii! ill mi* without adjournment
. ! tin' Hi- i ; i'iiiii|)li'l -il. anil make a
I.ill " ill tile Pi's ill tlioivnf ami nijjn
till- SI I ii? .
\\ tlui |:l> .** I lirlVilHi'l-, till?
' lit! in :i ! Ilii' I'm.iril, i r MDiiii! "in.!
!-1' ii i > tiin b(Mtrtl,iiiil.st (loiivur tn
i..' < uirt ii ci'il o/ Kt.iii' Kloctioll till) i
j ; ii.' In . <i hi' .liii iiij{ llu! I il
hi it i i. i! sliili':i i'iiIm I dm result
"?l ! ii i mi
(in- in iiuinii^i'i h nl cadi i>l tlic I
.iliiivc I tn? 1 iM' CMifls mi' litTfliy in
. t 111 i (ii iili at t li<-( i mi it ii<111sd<<11
S 1 1 l.i I 1! 11 ' 1! N1 ivftmli"i- ni> vt. for 1
If xr> . u i ucIk;H.s; tick(!lami rt'^islr.i
I i '11 III t! !>s.
\V II lollllSIIII ,
W I I ill lllOIIH,
.1 'liit I Vrf;uw >u,
('iiiii;iiiHHi<iui'iH State I.lection,
\o'i h i: or s:i.i;( i ion
I on
K< lu esutal i \ i- |ii Conm'i'ss ami KleHors
nl I'rrsiilcnl ami .
hT \TI . OF .SOI Til ("AllOLINA I
Comity ol J'ickiuin. s
|Notic? is linroby ftivGli tlmt an olro
thin will b Im-M at tlio HOVOVftl products
n^tubli?lji'il l?y law in Pickonn county,on
Tllrsd .V \ iVi-iiilii r H V I1l>i 1
JV/tvnhcr i){ (-'iin^r >h from Third Cod- j
groH4iouiil Di?triot ?iid for I'roHidentin] I
| Still Ore
| That is E
/) "J"] IIS STORK has docid
est tor goods of equal
m do reiten upon as to ([uality,
// system of exchanging or ch<
/? profits. "Right here is the
f Men's Fall and
j) OUR Stock of Untlerwen
U lo any we've ever shown, c
^ most dependable ijoods at |
m oi 1 5 to 25 per cent. Tlics
W what- VMll tivnr PVIW1/-I ill fliit
j) In brown and orcy. 1 lei
// that is non-irritating. Shirts
\l 69c: quality, priced here, .|8c
ft T() M A'I
\ W'e ('any a 1 ->i<>
f 1-4
| 1 1UI
I'.lcctors, piii'siiiuit I > tin* C'oustitutit>11
! tlm inws ot Hit; Slntii of S ?11:11 (:,r t
!iiu. !"
roll? at mull vtitit'K )>1 ?* will l?f !
: opriHil nt st vi'ii o'clock a . in ant! ookmI '
it four o't: I'ulc ji. in . t
TIlU fl .'.I'lW i III' 1.11 llinil 141.1'ii 1....... 1
bwii appointed to <-o:uliKt i
i suiil ? It ?!iinn , t<i wit: I
lv.tsli-y ? B. II. Williams, T. I. IShuimi i
ami K, l?. Ii-.itlu ni. I
i flit nil P>. .hilinson, II. C. Law i
Hlll(!l' 111 It I N. II. Mnnlr,
liitiiM'tv?Mult Hunt, I'.. I>. Uictianl t
Oil nliil \V. M, < iillltt.
l'ii:U<us Court Ilo.'.sn- .1. '1. l. Miprr, I
\V. M. .M in pliM'o iii.il it. II. I (ni; t r. t
iJmtiisvilit! tat I .hoi.'s <iin i II. ! f i
Ni.unions, .lolin I. Williams ;>ml .loi'ii <
I ii inn.
i i i i o ; in) I , \\ l? 'f^S. .
(i.ip llill ? \V. I'.. AIcmim In , I . i
( r.n^ hijiI \V. I>. .M11>11<Ii11.
M W. Il< Vi-r'.s Hloro i ui i'l i viiin-; j
I II. l'lnl|n)L, lieu Mi'l>,uiii:l iiml M.ii'l
| 11 u nt.
('i''>s\vcll School Ilouse -(1. N. Ciix.
y i 'iinipuiiituwn?.1. I) M. koitli,.!. \v . <
Fnildli) ami I'. 15. Martin.
- iilllHlatm' W. W. Ailuvt, ,\1, W. (!antu
lll ami I)aincl Wim-nosier.
Cvom IMams (ut Williams ami 1'i?
rtitili's stoiv> \Y. I". L'mv, ! , K. 11 ilii-ni t
and (). T. .luiu'r.
<li*i n ?> ( wittiii) Itv?? linn i)<> i \av
I tin Company's I;, l;. CI;.id. 1
I. N. IJouk uii'l J. K. (inHiii.
1 Vt? f's ('reel; tat IVtm s ("n-. !. Vr <!
niiy) J. S. Williams, .1 II. ! ' is'.i r ami
W. Nf. 1
Milt! < "ruck tat Mil?* ('ri-i l; r .. i * 1
r-i7. I',. l'ui m>iim, Sum 1?. On 11' > I i Hint \Y . 1
H. Curtis.
L'i;it? r's ( ! I'rain's Cue). <-Iiiih;Iii
i *ll 11 |? ltotifl'ts >11, I {ill 15- il ii a -I
, \|. (ill OSJMO.
Si\ Mi < ml S!\ Mill- ' Inii'-lii S M.
)V-i-ry. N. II. K<" i, iii-Hf mul \V. il.
J cii r.vti. '
Holy Spunks (at Holly Sinn
juhnvlii \V. Ii. Iiytmli, 11. 1. Lmxis
j :.11>i .1. I > I'M us.
Ciiltimi !. T VYi noil, 15. iI I. w
i I'. A. Williams ami ('. A I >.iv. ..
t . . . !"
IMtn-uit (irovc (in I *11 in | >1: i ii S >w 11
I i.i > w 11 s 1111 > i I). I j. IJ.irkor, I Sim .Mas! urs
I Hint I run K I Inward.
(/.i t<u* day of tin' clccti'Ui till* Mum.
;:< ! ?. mint ol'giini/.u l>y tli>" cl? rlion ?>| a
rl'aii in.:: ; a clrik may ><<: munod :t i < >'. <
?.- ry. I'lii'.'hail man el olcd is mpowt i j
I I'M III :i( 1111111IMI < 1' O.lllJS to til' ollici Mill.- I
inn! < '< rli. (
1'iici .Miiiiiikhih luivii tl;?> |> iwcr to lil| ^
toy viitniiKsy, ami it' noun ot Die man;:- j
u I'm iittcini, tlin oti'/mH cm .iproiut s
Maiiiim'iH finm itni >ii^ tlin <|id 11ll'c I vo
t? rM, who, after Imuuh hwhiii , run c?n
diiut tlio nU'ction
At ttiO C.lnM! ?>t tlie (llf'ctioii tin- J
is n.iiMt procucil publicly to inH'li Hi
ballot Iwijcti ami count tlio l> 1
i , i u.I continue uitliout adjournment >>
until t!to name is completed, <ud iin!<e u
-hitciiient of tin* utsiill tli< icof iiimI i 11
i ito Kuine. \\
itlnu llilee tluj'H tlnivaflir, I lie
Chairman of the Im-uiiI, or niu.ii 01
de.s punted hy the hoard, mu*t d liv?-r t > ,
t'i ('oiuilii^ion im iif I'edeid MIcciiohm
I !< null li?? i i.
, ? * ifw.\c:i r.'ill . 11 ji ; 11 f ^ i ,
n 111? ?!- ?, tii it I Milled ft iltMiifiltH of | liit re
s t of flw olcrliou .
Oii(> lit' tlx* inana^ors of tin: election itt j
ixn-li of tin) aljuvtt i uiiK;<l "rcciiiClH ni'i
h?MOl>y iiiHtriU'.tiul to c?i|l lit I'icUc.ns (1
ii., HiiliHtliiy mi Nowmher next, tlio 7tli
ilay, for Imxos, instructioiik, ticlu-t* a:<l
Llm registration i.ookh, i i
\V. 'J'. lk>\v?>?, I
I, I". Fontor,
('. I'". IliiliiiiNMii
CoiiiniiHHionrrH I'cdtMul Kloction.
Ronr* th? A KM VOU II3W AlV.ayS BOUghl
Signature , V/Vrf +SL
f p
^ ^ ^ 7 ^ t , ,
rater v inu
3rand New ar
c.dly increased its business from
quality, but also because the c<
, liuiKt; ana service. Uns;
eerfully refunding the money \)
secret of our growth."
\Y inter Uncier3a
ir this season is lar superior |
onsistin<>- of the newest and '
mces that average a saying :
e few items give an idea ot !
; department: !j
ivy quality, with llccw hack j
and drawers to match. The <
^ J
Y FLU U< ' !'j i;.\(
'Oil, SI>1001 A L l>
; Stock of i a{( \ ios'
I I ore's 1 ho I'
IU ^ f J - ? -*
JMIWl I coo.
Busy Be
l-ix<,<,i!tor1s SiiIc.
il ! ' < I St rill < 'iii <>li: ;i, i
Mt:U lis ('onut \. \
l'.v vn i in- c| nutliority ?;on i? :r.d wIm-p
lt>' Mvi c.itor <ii tin- l.,st will :i:111 ti-^t i j
ni'iiti.t \.1.uiii<lit I-.. K?d.! iMiiitn , 'li'itri i'i|'
! will m !l tn tin' lii^liosl liuiili i at .
I'irUt'lis, <'. II., S. .1 ..III"- t||c li";,'[
lu ll's I 't uii s.t'i"? ..i y Hi \(i V' inlii'i,
Itlill, tii< following (Irnr-nlH:.I 11 .
ii vi I :
All I i < '! l.iin 1m! iit l.ii:<I in 111(> r ii
v mi l J- *:t i nf.'i' Siiiil, ..ml mi tin- ; hvii
t 1 'itsl i" I' ill. it I'. ' i < > t < Viiiil"
I :i1 11 t .itlll'll < i-t! ' I 11 < 1 < '>!) I
all'.illj; il-'. |)l'l tl ?{ -', 'l ,1 t 1 ) !!< ! ,
IIOI'O I>r I (MM, lllill III) wilicil ; lit it .
IvvcHiit^ li< ii .
'IWiiim-- (",nh; -T ; > |ii> I'ur
>\cciil)M^ tiili\ .1. M. Sti w.ivl,
'.I I n: i ! Itii I'.HM. i'\c -sit T
* Mill ion No? ice.
>r.\ i r.?11 si >i i n CM;* >u.\.\./
( 'l 11 !I V lit I .. \
.1. I.. N? v. Ii.vrv I", | iii'", 1'io'utr
i, J
W.. 1 1 '
?? iis.iii. v >, i\. 1 jii111 in uti.l !;. A.
\i r ;ih I i <li* -:u ! > um I<> ii'l lln-iii
j? :i > 1 A<linimst:.ili n <>ti?? i.i .( I
>1 .mil (>1Viu".s (?f Mrs, N. ' !. Morttuu. tic- '
rn>. ?!.
I'm.- I "!' ?!:iii i to '-iti! iiikI ml
III! II I II.I <1 f III."lull III' .Hilt - I Mill 1 j
I'-illi )rs i)! tim:;ihl "N1 i N. I.. !
I'Tr . <,I (1 -it (liny jli'i iilni:i|)j>n) i" t J
in-, hi ?In- i \?iiri ui I'? it.. Ii> ic iiflil ;
I r S ' .11 : I. . s < ...
l.i it.iv i.f \*?V.. .iii r t;?11ii ilimi ^
iiTI i't, ni 11 11 ?Mi fi. iii ; In 1.ir. 111*1 in,,IV? t
lirv\ I'iin-f, i? 11 \ tui'v li-t>i>; ,ny tin
a 'I Ai..itiiirat id . mi! 1 11 >C !" '.jr.iiit- 1
< n\ l-.N II i|i*l tllV . 11 I ill?i ' . i', t IH '
8 ii >1 IV 'if (Vt.i I1 i. ill I':i ,\?<lir |
il nil 11111? | ii ii.|i i.i'c. ,1, I;. sinvlii-iA,
.1. I'. I'. I
SlK'i'iif s Suh?.
v l' \ I'!.' r.i w- i *'i i > -
? <iiinl > <i| ! 'it .
CjiH'.y l'i Ui-iin, i t ill, |'! iii,l,!V. 1
A! i? Siiilli, hi !' ni ,t.
) I' l!S I ' A NT I :i 11 Oil li In I' .II | U> |
ItltOVf s|:ii"il < i 4:i III I . 1 ! Ill I I
i\ ntrli. in ? ??! I in"* . ; . t 'n j::. I j
lilK-. I. |tt()I. I will Itf.1 . il... J
. . , ill IW-I I
lit It I* rt nt J'icUimm ! ., ii -n i - !:!> i < '
i'iivriiilii'1, I'.Mi I. | Im !i>|Jo\* in 11"- ; ihi 11 I
Pi:! i sfsili-, to w11;
All tiiilt J n t ? 'v pmvol <ii )> <-t I run 1 I
i l'i"ki,n-> i-oiiiitv, < n <;i -r?. . < <'i< i.,
111 lining IniI?1M ?'l ( ill? ' |in'. \
Inliiu, .1. I'.. IJi'mvii. mil "tin- < :i
lining tl?ii-ty (,'{'1 n'l'i . mi- i .
' I In ('iv-li. >1. II 1 Me I )iiM i I,
lUlll O0&. 100). ' IHV.iV . *i *Ix??U: ?
For Infants and ChiUlro.i.
Flie Kind You Have Always Bought j
Hears tho //tf'tT '
Signature ol l-ti'&StzAt j
- i
'tokens Shaving Parlors
F.. T. HUNTER. Proprietor.
,.1'A ! 'I\ I'l 11\<? 1;IUSI C I .AS ..., (
(< ncr IVkcns 1 >ru^ Store. 1
(iivo in a <*:? II, I mil J?< (sit in . l<>
l?.*uso you. ^ (
" I
.'">>> jL'- !L M 1 Jid*.
m M /\ 1
V 141 iTICI
id Strictly Up
season to season, not only bee;
>nstant offerings of seasonable
atisfactory purchases arc always
aid. We're selling reliable, '
Men's M odium- V
U ndei"
In blue, pink and llesh color,
niatcli. Si/.cs, whirls, 3.) to
Special 49 cents.
()ur stock nl \\ RIG 11 I'S
]?!< i* ; tliiiu is enough to say, a
\\ ri ght's arc. Kvcrybody kct:
ta^c in buying them from us i
lor $1.75; the $1.50 grade tor
Si. 1 5; the $i .00 i;racle for 89
UL< MO, 25 ( Mi NTS
I' iH'uM'woiU', i I: V o
iaoo to !j()()k.
erson C<:
;e Hive.
N '**- ,?-*V "*?. -t>>
Fall Anno
ill merchants have l>egi
toil yon dI th<- new oods whi
we \vi.,h t< ti l! yon in a plain, s
ol l.i 1 i and winter goods, and
to visi ?!. r tore and let u:
others, thai we sell (i()()l)
mi Ji-i i -
'A"% $ )^:=rzr^--j \ #
X \fft
v?\ // , My/'-'. \\Wsa
' 'v'\ /j -^/'"' -H:?M:
, _* /r te ; P*
v:f*;vw '*?'
'^ \V ' : Ms s:
v 4'W $|
: $1
V 1 * VT
Lndiew j n c I
\W hii\c !i<u f(| i 1im hIoio
mi .1 ii i'*" 'in" I 'it-m :i I tin' rij^l
t i.i-iii. I * 11 * v v 11 \ in pric-- 11 ('in
} iov's Clots
V, ? ha\ a !1 r<l n in w I i11< ol
We w i i 11 (> t II III I r' 'I |< <? to mention
(lc I III C.i! I II I'll - I'M' V oil Is'11 Vi'S I
X. y - /
\\ i J 1( low
A I :: 111 .till linn i >I \\"i11111>\
Thu I;. i !.? .? ; i t< . :i <*? tmvcU, <i i I t -< .
< .?J l.'ir Iiai <>!' i "if c <. I). in l t
IC n < i n i e 1 \v< i
,tiw-i >111,1111111;: in IMI;Inii'lw
st.i'l Uli\iOll< l??r cllic.l<"ii^, i '/i;-,
\V.? *<?!! |Ip> <:o|? l>rnU<l J titer
Williamsloii Female Collego
Wiii i pen in it ' new at
Greenwood, s. C.,
Tu tsdav, Sfpt. '.!7, I'M)I.
)ur well-known n<'.Vitiln#<!S with va'ua
?li% addition*. H< iul for ontalognr- to
Rev. John 0. Wilson,
(iBopwO WUliumfiton, H. O.
\ i"
handisef |
A 4* 2
V \7 MCitV, trZ*' M
uise its priccs are the low- /r
merchandise can always Vv >- *
made right by our liberal //
weathery goods at short M
height Ilibbed \
Shirts and drawers to //
44; drawers, 30 to 40. \\
UNDERWEAR is com- Tk
s every one knows what m
ps tliein; the only advan- Y]
, you get the $2.00 grade (j
1.34; the $1.25 grade for \\
cents. "
I) l)l!.\WEUS \
i<:.\( 11. I
u'ro Interested (I
BK8SL (f
>'s. f
m to lire ilu ir fall cannon'^ncl *
ch thoy arc rccoiyin^nd \
iinplc way of our nicc new line \
extend lo all a cordial \vt lcome A
s prove to you, as wo have tc \
j Slioe?.
> < )ur lino 'it sli().<n is the largest
we c\cr cairiod, and wo want tv2
? i vhotly t<> ?"t; them. \W are dojin^
overvlliing in our ]K>\ver to
| t_ v iiiir lino each your. If you
| want :i nioi' i-honi* ln#lino
-hoi' f?M A'i .(JO, we have it, or il
vmm want .t bi'ttor shoe we have it.
Wi? want yi?11 t<> our "May
l< lowci slioo 111r ladii'H, $2.50.
Patriot. Shoi'H for nutn, $.'J.50.
A full lint! of infant'ri tJiocg, in
black, tan, junk, cl<\
with I ,il(l U'rt' Jll('koif), I >111 ]>1it
it 111i 'i'S and nro anM<>uH for you to
7'j .">( i to if i r?o.
i S11 L>\
liny > 11 i.t lili ^ t mm $ I .(Ml to $ 1 :'?().
oni vaiiniiH kiiiils of Di'vrm Goods,
>h:\t \M> I):tvcs llu'iu inco and f<heap.
11 c 1 c 1 es.
v sli;i(l"H from 'in fonts to 50 ofnls.
hhI (nine olotliH. Wtj havo an oxaiS
t?? Call for Ihon. ,
iim? ( l <li[l. r??nt qualities. We arn
Iii'i'HWhx, ^rnl) root, alar grass and
na*.iooaI hlock food. Coino to boo us.
g Bros,
=Price Cash Store. I
Mauldin ? Proffitt, I
ri< hciiM, s. c.
lhiickeiriithin^' nnd Woodwork, 'J
Bnptfi s Itcpnintml nnd Htripod game
as now. I
All Work (jtyarnntded. fi

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