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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, October 26, 1904, Image 5

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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V-Sv '
Pickens Sentinel-Journal.
awnings ol a Local and Personal Nature.
?JLSoy you n wiro wluol niltlic.r
tire buggy fioui 11. C. Carter, Liberty.
K 1^,1 !# 1i1 ill ytr find ( l(>n liii^uftll of
utives in I'ic.kenw. V
? W. 1>. Anthony, of (ire. nville,
ngcnt for "'I'ho Trawlers," w in
Pickous tlio (irst of I ho weok.
? B. A. Morgan, of Gie< nviile, :m<l
S, ill. luce, )f Anilerson, were in at
tendnnee upon court tliia week.
? Miss Josio 1'jiirlo is uttcodin^
the State Fair in Columbia this week
ns in also Mrs \V. II Johnson, < f
?Mnj. .1. J. Lewis, 1 S Commissioner,
has been in attemlnn upon
tho Ht'ssioiiH of llit) 1'. ?S. cinirt in
? AUUTieu nt the r?'8i(l hoc n! Ilio
bl'ide'R ftUlior, M. 1) Ciuitn- I. on
Oct. 15ll), .Mr. Ijowi.i fjiisk !<> Mi.-,s
Cumn (Juntrell. A. J. Manlv nfli'iut
, tel.
? FOli SALE- House m.il It t it
OalhoUn, olio hnlf mi'.o from d po. !
Well loented. Apply to Dr. .1. 11
Burgbss, Seneon, }S. C. It
? J ho Irani loan ot I icu. ns poo |
pie who Htti-mlt.d tin* ontft l:?:>
i>y tho n Slurs'' ut Kuslry lust 1
Thursday evening hihi deli bled ;
with the evening's ontertahinn-iit. I
?llov. It. A. Ohfyl will proa M ;it i
j tho Methodist ebutch in xt Sunday j
U \ ?U.\ fjVfcuii'5.'. Oli Mos.da* "
/' v i.Umfa'iW .<>\\* ~ll circuit will
/ xi.i.i.r
? Jauifcs l\, iircv, A*ihi|., lias hern j
appointed Bptcial jmI?_;<* to hold cuuit ;
in Abbevillo virs smcui. The Abbe '
Andersen county, wero iu town Satinday.
? l'oatmnster A. M. I\ioy4is .^|> lit
a cl ay in Oicenvillo 11 to yuU of t'.ir
?T. N. Huutor is now occupying i
the l?arlo culture vacated l>v \\ ill !
?Guy McL<\il!, W. [1 s')M,
and J. T. liicliny visited c;n vil le
last week.
? You can jjet barb win* ut .'ic jkm I
lb. nrnl nails at 50 | 1<( jj baso at
Carter's, Liberty.
- Clton MiuiMiuJ l- ^ A , has n|
ten tlaya furli?u??l? aiAl j* vi.sitin^ rel i
?J. C. Garrett, of-Nums, was in
PickoDH Mondoy.
??T. C. Jonnin^s made u briefltfp
to Greenville Friday.
- Head K. C. Carter'a now u<l uud
tfet pouted on i-rioes.
Jessie TI?oiunlytfisited the
if i^ .i . . ct i ... w
, iuiMbfb rui^er ouiutvy.
? Johu T. Lungstou and bo:j, nV111
1 ter, visited Oconto last wnck.
-?Mrs. Flora Luthoih,y<5f (J rem
v ville, spout Saturday inU'ickrns.
vil!e bar pvi sciitc( a strong |><-t 111 >o |
for the nppoiii'.nn-iit wf Mr. ( -in-y, I
knowing his knowK-iIf*?' of thu law.
? FOli SALE- Ton Slums of
stock in tho l'ickons l>unk., l>oloii<?iiii*
to w?tiiln of -I. T. Y<nii)?fl>i<>0(|, will i
!)< sold l?v the ( xocnti r. to lie liii/li I
cut biddftr, at ]?i-iv.itc- miIo. A|) )l,v to
W. YV. Yotin^blooil, Exii'iitnr. t'J
- Twelve npplicftnts, ten of wlmm
wero white, piOHented tlieinx I vtor
^ examination bt'forr tlm County I J- >n r. I
of Education luM Friday. Tin- tjurs
liniiu nri ii .nil in leil l,i [III' ii I >! t! i-ii n I s
w'ww" - ( J-ftt
ill Ik examination tire said ( > have
t been unusually easy.
? J. I). Moure Ihih Djicin .! up a
first ulrtsH restaurant in tin- Anthony
bu lding, un 1(!1* the Sentinel-.Jo m il
oftico. Ho will hoi lisli mii 1 o\ >lt is
ill Honson. ]\rooiv. will 1><> the <incf >t
for that liun^iw frfolinjj ; fill ?>n him
1 oml l<?f him i ill I /new life lilt' Noll
1 - V /
with tho Buccyilont oyster. W'lic.
U COUH'H to selling Ixicf, "M ) <l i -H* ! I>
it, till tho hine, 1110 oilier follows sell
[ it/omo times.''
?Tread m'tr Fx it says thnt In In
$10,1(51) mole t six this till I to rolled
than was collertetl lust, year. There
Hi'O uIko nhout 200 cxtru polls to col
loot, This is u healthy indicat i>n ,f
the finaiis'.ial prosperity of Pickens
county. It iK hut n natural eonse
quence that as the fanning lamln are
brought to a higher Htato of cultiva
lion, ixud improvements a!o:>^ all in
dustrial lines mo made, flint th< tax
uhlo values shoo hi show a c >r:esp unl
in# increase.
-?II. II. Crano, an exponent! <1
butcher, has opened up a now moat
market in tlio store pkMu bet w on
Dock Pace's ami (he Store."
(Mr. Crauo will aor\e ?!l Uinds i.f fusli
meats in Benson, aud \lill cut i> I
suit you. lie tati u 111041 umrket in
1'ickens (i few ;?< !? 1? niuJ to the ei (1 rtR:iti?fnction
of his num/rous pulivmp,
and will be pleased to net* Ins old
iim , Ins 4t>?v ctMtoinm'P, ami
prepared than over to serve
jCliarlio Ij. Cnrcton left Silui lnv
jtlio Stole Fair. He cm ri?'<l tdon^'
IM bii>> two exhibit* lint will u ? up
[for a liberal abam of.' attention in
/o viBitcrrt. TiiO cxliiLlifs (Mimist of
yrt'very lino Hertford hull nnd a ]>>rl<
I" 'elure boar. TliW bull/was purobaHed
by J)r Neeom, u\ Cltmson College,
ill Indiflnopolia, \.mf , and weigh*
about 1.700 l) )Undf?w7 Thia I reed oi
entile is'eHpecinlly Hih< tor 1001, an
thoy grow to l>? of iinmcnHH ?izo
I within a very short, lime. Tho Bevk
< shire boar was mined in Teuoeaaee
nearly 700 pounds. Tbese fine breeds
' i mid Uogfc afw gradually heing
Hraupr Mated thiuii^ln ut tliu cosint.v,
/dm ii. vast in;|)i<i\<nuoiit to I'.h*
. fldilstry M>e up country.
1 1 II - I il.ll. !-l L
The Columbia Statu ban suggested
tl.ut tbe representatives? from nil over
tbe State each bring ono oc wore pet
(squirrels to the meeting of tbo Statu
Legislature and donate them as pets
on tbo State House grounds. Uep
resentulives Mauidiu ami Muuldin
may foi thwith ^ol busy chasing
squirrels. .
Martin L<\ Ansel in an interview
with a reporter of the Anderson Daily
Mail has announcd himself for (?ov
ornor. "lJro. Craflord" evidently hi.
lieves in that little story about. tin
e trlv bird. Mr. Ansel would tnnlco aj
(vipilal governor. "liro. CralV <rd" is I
nil rijjlit it' hib wind will hold out till
tiio finish.
?S >li<Mlor Henry, w 11'> recently undel
took to investigate the Morrison
Ivix'liin ? in Kershaw, sins he found
when he ^ot, oil the KCClie that the
people seemed to think it wiih n "rcftl
pious lynchi in other words they
nad relieved the eourts ?>f :i very un
oleMHiinl little task, and the State 18
really under obligations to theiu.
I)i\ l\ II. Moll, president. of (Mom
> , May:; ho has hud to turn away 74
\ men win> appln il for admission
!o the oolle^o this session, and suggests
that it will he ntves?nry hi on
lur;. o I lie d inilit'>rie.s an I lub imtorioH.
Tlio president'a sugg' st i< in should I>y
all iueun? ho can id! out. They
already iiavo thv teaching f >101, and
very little additioual cost. along th d
Iuh would ho ineiirred. The step
would mean nrieh for many ambit ohm
voung men of the Statu.
S'inuo eoltoii has fallen l>el>*v ten |
eonts the K-oi-ipJs have fallen < lY ma I
t'l ially. Orgiiniz are 1j<-i?i
p rl'ctcil ail over tlu'South li>r 111(s
purpose id- in:iintiiiiiLfi^ a just priutfor
tin- product ion yf cot ton. l^iaulilies
of :l arc l?>i/<^ stored in warts
houses. 1 i l'ickfMis county unicii "f
it is being dumpi-d ill tin; yards ol
?lw. ... ' .1 i >
? iu> iu? ?>i niuum in (riii)iiiiu
ini?s. I'i. loss it is insured, this is
not !i very wise plan.
Dauber dl" a Conirli.
I'ikmimonia, cold, bronchitis and i
nearly every oilier dangerous sieicness of
III'.-. Ui'itl is usually the development of j
a slight eou^h- Too many peo} 1<' are 1
laid up ami too lnai.y die from di-it ases |
where tln'y could so easily knock that I
tir<t cough in the head. Murray's More j
I...mi.I \i. i 'i1 . i .. I
.........ii .-.in 1111 i iii's niius. II |
just drops tin? i> 110111 out <>f ? coii^Ii. ,
I'.very ilriifj'.1 i?t has it for !!.-,( n bottle.
U?!im mher ".Murray's" ami tuki; n ) other.
Kc^itl.ir ."i0?: size.
Death of W. M. Ferguson.
\V. M. Ferguson, who was n for
nit i' l'iekotis county eitiz n, died on
Sep!end.el* 21, l'.MII, at his home]
jiicar Lebanon, Missouri .Mr. I'Yt
ruson was born and raised on what j
i? now km vvn in the 11 diler farm.
il<; loaves a widow and e <i oi^hiei, ,
Mrs 1'flip IV* wis, and sevi-ra! yrand |
(-1111?11?>ii iii AiisKOiiii .Mr-. 1'iwicis |
!\ ii ksey of Pickens cimr\. i* u suiter
of 1 lio deceased; >1 urn 1' r Mi.s 'u, a
I)!'<)! Ill; 1*, lives iti J'e.\ is
Alls. l'\i "^JIIHOII nil .!| i!l?l "Nil's
.lames Lewis curried the remains
buck to their former hoiim in Iv-uisas,
svh'Te they were iidei red.
Mi". 1**"nson 1111<I a ;;ital many
lnciils in the scenes ol I is childhood
in Pickens county, who will 1>. s id
deiied to he ir of his death.
To Cure a Cornell.
Till' e.OlljdlH SO lll'm'.tlcilt t.liesi> il::vs
tiHudly develop !? *!<?r?* _vou mill/.1 what
lius happened. X(>\\ tl?i* he4 thing to
do is to t-iho tint nio t reliable o >uxh
mire y<m (Mi: get. Noli.-) I> ttur than
Murray's Ilor'houml .Mullieii ami far.
Il is made of till' purest ing:? ?11 i t ami
c.iii ho given infants as wi ll as^n.v.n
people. \i> iVi all clsi? I 1' ('t'lJI'.S. Von
will tllid it at nil druggist ?. 2fx: a Imlt e
-cMVii large hot tip.
We Guess This is Picking 'em Some.
I. li. IJowlin, J. T. iuhI l>. 1". |{i^
Imvo I ? . fi picking an hhk'Ii as
11)27 pounds <>i cuiioii iii a -lay lor A
W. lii'.r^lOS oil III- I'uclvl: .Mill! 1.1 III
A W lil^^ills an?j lli^ -SIN 1*1111 < 11Til,
!*t?11iIIi:i a^c li'unlsix 111 ci^'liIi-m.
vi-ais, ii.iv. ivt'tMiIi_\ )1 as lii}.;li as
UHN(>4 pounds ni i 1111y. J"11 < iic ii't j
is oiioii^'ii t<> 1 In- in i!i i tine that >
nc.niltly ^.it a (i itoni mi it c >tI<>u
picking iimcliiiic
Fortner Items.
I f..?l very ?111 husi,.M u* nvcr t!;*
progress of i ito Si-nt ihc.-.1-iti run I,
>\M(l )m?|>0 file ti?nc is ii"t lir ?!iht:v111
when il, shall bo wide tined in
OVory h line of our county. Yph, I
am proud t<< lxr liimilnT. il atnon^
its cotTospondcn i s, and thiol; it ih
il groat ihcontivo to \oung and
am itour \s fit? is.
Tin? as^i-cial ion which filially
I ,i . ( I ! I....I w'
' iv/<? i/ i i' 'in.u i umi, OUII"
tiny, w?M said by many t<? bo the
I'<;nt they had over attended, and
we n-j.-ico to know that- everybody
did enjoy thcniNt'ivi's. <>l c<>ursi)
wo would liko to uxpifi-s our appreciation
to thosu wlio purticilllt../l
-.till m)s i to t Iwiun II I > > . 1111..
*?, ??. v ~ , ..wow l,V/ ?.....
i?> iiiiiko <lavii^hl luiglitor, >> 111 <>?u
minute will t??: 1 iho btory later.
A giMitU'inan i>t Nurih Ourolnui
was lulling ni" u low <Uys Minct'
how piohtiliil >|Wirrel8 wi-im in th (iioiintaiiiH,
and in ronolusi 11 lie
siaid that In* whs iiiiinlm.v! ai)k,n^
ton i i hat k 11 l'j(l iii tie I y (' . in one
day. tSo", Pmi.sy, if wo n ul l<> lur
nish salt lor that man s game we
would linvo to enlarge our gourd.
11 omo.
C~J Ni>tl<n>t<> l>?bi?ri ?n I Cr?<lll Kt.
All person* having olninn ujriuiiHt tlie
nat Alu i >f \ mll'ii IV 1 till 1**1* joil iuiI I
present tlu? Hum\ duty nttnued, for
:?;iy in'iit by the 1st <lay o! I) ?\ next.
ThoHo iii.lebted io sni?I estntn will mnki
payment to J. |i Butler,
O, 1'. Bu ler,
Oct, 27, 1001. Admiimtr itora.
i , ;
We A re Re a
! TM IE Largest ami most magi
upper South Carolina can
bought these goods lor CASi I ,
prices on them. Below \v<> gi\
of our goods.
100?3.50 live
125?0.00 IUmIS, six
50?S.00 roll 11. <> I100?10.00
Oak Drcssi
150?0.00 Oak S)n?ssn
125?3.50 Waslisf aihls
A HKAl'TlFI'li S
The best No. "i Slov e on v
A large No. s Stove, pi
In tact we have nearly every:
Melts & J a
Pnnrf PrAfftn/linfi?
v/w.i i % i i vv/v wimvj^.
(\>nrt (vhivt'ii'tl M<?niluv in nnin^,
special ,1'iil^ji I i") Y i !!?? :?' I? 1,
Nf-.wl* ri'V, |>i (-?. lui;;'. S ici'm .J i f 1
111* ft. BitJ/J^S llll 1 St I'lli < .'!':? J lil I V.
('. nun1 in their I'Cii>l iii <1
JillKri'S il'ul SuOII tip; I'ljlll I in'^lli )<
u iuli' iiit<i I Ik < li icUi-! .
I lit; ill' t!ii> S!?!r v . M. ii
Mooiv iiulicti il l" ?i tin- hp.nl r
Walker M. Mitiililin wis mil |'i .-sit .
The, State vs. !\>llii-i t i?? vii111 i t m |
for assault ss?nI loiter of ii l.i-jli nu>) j
ij^'4m\iiti d nntn.iv. (inillv us to To'.;
oort, .Jam s ai>(l Mart 1'ivant.,
Tim Stuff v/. I S. H'?.\ 'I'll, ilisp isiii}.;'of
property iiuilcr lien, vluilty, [
:i(i?>?I $2".
The Sliito vs. .John Wrslev I'. lt uI
l.i,I'I,... i ...
'O!icro* 1 to tvv.i yoiiis in JSt?il? pnuilmi
iury or on county chniu i?ri?_r.
'I'll*; < ?urt u<l j Hinn:il iiM111 i! o !"( k I
\\ c<li:cs(l'i\ afternoon.
Appreciating th<; liieral support
ami hearty coop? l alion of our mi!i
set ihct's, we wish to pivseii! c:iirli iiiul
vcrv ono with ii lmhhI knife. !>u!
there is 11 >tiin^ a11iic.hc<I I') tin1
To nil who will [my up I" 1-' of
Jaiiiiiuv, 1 and one Year in advance
from thftt. datr, we \\ ill ^i\v t i??
Unite To all new subscribers who
|>:iv tu thai d ite an.I one v.-ar in a<l
; i i . ..11
? 11 I . I * , *? * I ? ' .1 IV II I 4 t Ml. I ' ' ' '? I . . * t 1 "
SCI i I mi's win) lia\ - iiil'i-:i<ls 11 11 1 ili'O
10(15, who will }?nv uiii: yoai" in i !vhiu'c,
wo uivo a knifi1. I !: li11iv?
i.i'n diikIo mini wiire.int< <I ly Miller
lJruH , ono of Ih-! host, knii'o 111:11?i11<{
(inns in the I n He. I St tt . '!' ?
knill! ih ii <^ooil one, t><> eiicMsin>>l<lv
For Infants and Children.
The Kind Yen Have Always Bough!
8ignaiuru of
Pickens Railroad Ccwyi
mm i: i \ ki.i mi i
Sllpcrx.'ilrs lime I'nI>! ,\n
Kll'reiive \iu'. !' I 'M
jjCml lli?wii Hi 1*1 | |
\n r: so 10 stations \i? i i:
Mixril Mi\c?l M i \i- I v'
i I in |i|ii I" lnuutlv I'i'-kfii.. hi *i| i i
I r. pin 1" l.'i >1 in I i-i i: ii- i I i i
i . pill I" il I'.i ( " : i '
"? in pin i I:ii I ii ii) \ ru . ' , i i
?:! pi! II n'liini 'MiiuMiii | . ;>.
I . pin II ill 11r ti?..!? > l\ >p in j
I 111 Still II l!l s
Ml 11iii - 'i lily i-vi'iil siiihIhv
Ni>. In r im. i - w ;l Ii sun llicrii lit. \vny Ni>
Sit i ill !i I - \V II Ii Soil I lnTII I; ;w \ ' I p."
N.. I','('(iiiiici'H UllliSfiulli^rii I!iiII\mi,v st. ii
\> il rn iif'ix i!Ii sunUmtii liiii;\\ jy Ni> III
; t"' I rn iiny ii ' hi il i"ti iii |>1 \ to
.1 i I \ V l,i ilf, (Jim vl nil i r
ftYDAI.?i& TONSt
A New J?_'iriili| Ic Discover;
(or I hi:
KB mm and NfigVtS.
ll purities tin? Iiloocl '>y <-!iirinatin>; !'i>
waste in.iil< r and other i:n}>111 iIi? s anil l>\
destroying the ginns <>\ imi r??1 ? tli.it
infest the blood. )l 1 >11iI tin 1
l>y ro iMistriK ting :?:ul int;'ii|>;. in: the i- !
( orpuwlm.living 111"- 1 !?j<? ' i i' !i .i i?l rc<l
It restores and stimulates {In- u< v?
-i lull frlliivi- i.l iii In:.
throughout the Ciitir nerve ll
speedily i iin's uns!ru;i^ uei v< nnvotis
nt'ss, nervous prostration ami all oil. i
diseases of the nervous sytem.
KYDA1.KS I ONIC is bold under a posi.
live guarantee.
Trial sl/c SO cents. I?mily ?l/c $I.Ow
Tbv Radical! Remedy Company,
HfCKvi*v\ N. C.
. xi* \ ... L
jm.'CH < >1 llH" :ll. ilH'l it I ?.:! :i 11. \v l .1
i' ?st \( u ' I > -Mkv S it11? I (i n
subsciilxiH who woiv picsi-i, 11 < 1 will.
!<11i\oft lust lull moM llwiis i >t c ,i,
\it oiii i iIII? i;?'iIIcii>.
Murray V 11 iri>lio:i til Mulli-iu and Tar
lias in it 111'1 piii'i-M ! Iru;;*, iill of
whii'li wi iv usi il 11y oiir pan ills ii.kI
K'UI'l ii i-. ;i c, .mi >. n.i \ n t-| mi
put to 'filler tlmt it eiiuvs ,i < u .-li i
oil". N : 11i11:-J lI ett> i for liihios. It ,s
n mott i Ii 11ilo riirc for si'I r.isc- of
ooilfjli\s? vom tlrn^sist f"i i'. Tliey
all li;i\'f it reiiilv. f'o.sts unlv Uo a hotft*
\lr.i I ii f f hot t lo - l e|Jlil;u m/'1
Keiiieinhir to jif-U lor ".Wiim i\'.i :i il
t:i!.e no litlier.
- . 1 .1^ J 1 I 1 1 ...L.. . .
dy For You!
. i . i . '
linccMii slock oi rurniiure in
1 xj IouihI on our lloors aiul we
ind have; put K N O C K-() I T
c the (jiialily and pricc ol soim:
IVcl for s;5.(IO.
I. < o.
i IVot ! iixlu lor
I'rs, lara;c iilass, s.r>0.
s, iiMMliuni ivlass.; .<10.
lor - - ? il'IT
I OK Si4.50.
arlli lor 810.50. pieces.
ecik<, Si
ihiiu;' that j^ocs into the house.
' Greenville,
So. Car.
Sii i
Shylock was tho man who
wanted a pom.;I of human
C. h. Th<r arc m a n v
S!iy!ocis.> now, 1! 1 convalcsrcn',
the c< n-umptiw, tho
:<t 'J.y < IiiM, {''\ j '.1 y<uing
woman, all \v>. t ir man fl -sh
arid they can l/1 it ?take
Scott'.-; Emulsion.
S oil's I "'null.-ion is flesh
:i;: 1 !/:?. ' 1, b< >. 10 uul i i i>cle.
1' t.vrh th nor,i .sir ho is
f v. <1: ,<_ ' ivo ( ; , ins an 1 they
f? i. 1 i . w'nol h< <ly.
1 ; nearly thirty years
S i .1111j' - < r> has boon lho
< ;r( t . . r < ' hum a h h.
Wo v.: I . ! y ti 1 ? cn:;;!e of
oir... 1. .
SCOTT A. RO"P;^, Chomlsts,
400- i l > I i I N- w York.
yj-. ii! *1 - is..
. I
y ~7. .J
- >*? 4 S
i*J ~ . ?
V ? r
(MM "Z ?
POK-VJ - . ,
? --- .'! A 5- ~~
* ! - * (. ^ ^
. l"' '. _. -t '^'
^ ^ S > i r;
' r ?
i'J ' '- V MUM ; ^ *"
" IV * "- ?? s
w - ^ ? k.,
J f 'vj
" r t- "
??? , , ? -> 'w 5 _ N
L- j~
* / -t ^ - ?
n ?. ? *- / , s
' H. ^ "5 ' ~
~ ._. -*-?
' ' ..j " j.
Ay / /.' /.// / / y'/ y y SS S,.'
h. snTder,
...AND ..
Special Attention Giver, to Watch and
.In.wp.lru Itannirintf
<)M Poslofficc Building,
I I.uulK s a lull line '>! \\ al< i?-s. j
Clocks ami Jewelry. l^rpair
\v<)i*k Khcivos prompt alien-,
tion. \ v.
Columbia, S. C.
V M ^
Ml - - I '1 - I - I I I" 'i i
m.w i
iXjtenerci 1 iVl <
For the; past six weeks we have been re<
ing of 1 >RY GOODS, CL<) I I !L\'G. 1I ATS, S
j GROCERIES, and HARDWARE ol every cl<
aimn, mai wc nave uy Kir UK; largest, most co
have ever placed be tore 111<: trading public.
This department i* <:on?pM(! in ?
every <ictsii! . All In lai?< i tiling ***\
m waist in<>.s and skirlii wild \ Vv
Im< s aiiil trimmings to m.itrli. j \ I
i ">r, i i 111 i'i m' < our i n<> < i vviiiic j \\ /|
mil; French Kini?i ?-? 1 s I >r V V
wnists. (Jnsf imi.'rt'S, WoisIimIs, i
Kliiniit'ls, Onlin^H, Kfis<?\s, W'iitci- 4
I ru,.tins;, .1 en us, lilniikctr, 1-&': Wvi !
< >ur line "I Jackets in
prii'M liv.m >>- <)() to s7 00. Kwry
? *?in i \.11?I color and sty I''. Hm* J
ti<vt Iiii ever shown m Pirkt iis.
Skirts i'kmii *1.00 sfi.on. All tin
1 . .. \ .. i 1 : 1
viopiilill I'liiiiK, i;nM li'S ;tl)ii Sl/.'S. j * i i ...
? [! OVERi
v A f
*?% at ( )vci'(oats ami M
^ I W <- have all
W'i j1 < Vyj ] , , .,
?. \ 1 / ! ; tiTiis am I C(?ors. 1
< \ hKn^ V - . ,
/ \ "'h " ' ' sty W\ I inish, and clot
I ( iv * j .Ai \ j <-hasr, is what VOL
if#-' f 1 overcoat of us. An
| 1>a^'?l~rom 88.50 to
j! "U>IIIK y?l,r ?vcrc?a
>/ tj ili<j\ .in* nitrkcd over.
- - ;1
"Haiti" Axe" shoes ure the kind that wear lonji- jj
< r ll an ai v other make. Time has proven thn. i|
( >11 r mi I > illlo A \ e slio.-s am llirno lim-u u li . i I
wo <- \ i r o \ j>< i |I'd llicin t ii lie. Wi'Sir one pair hihI j!
ymi will i!w:i\s wnnt th? liutt'o Axc\ Wr? also ?l
airy S?>l/. l! \ul I>)no shoe at r for in.mi, ami ||
I hi; ISti I * in Sim at *.'>.()() is nut' ol Iho nohbi *st [j
men's 'ir -;-- h!i<>.? < n tli" market. |
Iii^t r. ci iv. d .1 - li i cur ol Furniture bcsi<l*'s big
i>ni.?nt> i.' Chirr*, l.Diinjj s, llall Rucks, Side
Ito.irds. Voiding I! -<ls, etc. I i' you don't believe
wm can sell you Furniture at ihu i-ikHL pries- jiHt
li'ive i>nr line a lielore you buy. S >lid Oak
P,i A |,V mni S\ 11 t i '< fi*i??*\ 4; I "? I u \ *? vi: ? i n \ i \ . 1
. , . ii i i|>? v,w\; |w m|.| \m? . * /'1 l\
l'? m!s Ii<>iii s^.OO to iin, J)r? ss'.ts |i'oin$~>to $! ">.
X; ?Shoes, 1 I.Us and (ienls' Furnishing GooiL
Strauss iv Bro.'s Clothing, Stetson Shex
????????????? i
\\ i
...The Store For BARGAINS
11:?? lino ol Dry < << < *Ih, Noti
| I rifts iiov\ on then1 <i<K?(l.s that lms \ cr I ?
Stnmlnn! < h live cci.l.- j" r 5 sird
' with cvi rv rash juih Iiiism < t <liv j_???<>?!.>-. n> !
j | L'>ii<li ?! sin lis - h \ s f r 7 m*. ((in- > .1 hI (
ici-nls |?t-r l!>. Nails al ")<? i>-r kc.u I>'is<
A(ililci 1/n iiA L I M I'l.KM KNT.S- Trv ?
j (!0< >K IN< I ST()\ KS *< jr (1 upwards w i
| 1 ha I imikcH cuokiim ;i p!r sun*.
j- C& IS R" Tin> l'?ro\\ us MIC il., I,
(j V fii'-J yHlo market. Try a pair and y<>
We are Closing out all
i i>
Wui's toi linr^a uh ai <l 1?
R. C. CAR1
.MuliH ! .MnllcM ! >11111< 1 ! TUa
:ii il all kinds of I'ivsIi ami Salt NVuti-r
lisli and oys i i> If you art' ?It* din^c in
Kn-sli I '--li ?>r intend to deal in llu'iii ? I I \ i*
v\ i 'r lor |ii'icc.s ami send voitr or.lt n to I LI IB ill
TKUW Y I'ISII < 'O . ( luirl- slon. S. i . m
('i)l I MIMA I'ISII 1< I', < (>,. ('oliiin
I i.i. S We h!> |> only fr-?sli ( :mi.:Iii I Imve just re
li:.!l Mil'' OIII- |>:*u:? s ;?! ? low Jim ill. \
Wriii' us Try im and In- c Hivinced. tioitir. ?, 5ti
1si>. I d
tliHii evor I info? n.
i . ,oi\ I will poll tlimii
i i.i i
yi?li IHH U \ NO ?O0(IH
DR. J. II. BURQE55, prii'o to ln> 1 i^lit. 1
, mul ovcry salo. <
MTIQT 1 you oau Hftvo youi
. LJ Li I * 1 1U 1 ? f^ocxls mr.Rt bo floM
Sl'INTC V S O riiwli tliom oir.
Office over NimniotiH Store, DoaIo I OI 11 O f
Building LiUUlO L
~2 lo Between (lie
\ ' i MajMudKttl
1%, p1
E K S IN- \
irchanrlise.^> \
^ " ' \
ce.iving train loads of New 1 "all Goods, consist.1
ascription. We can safely say, without exager- I
niplete and !>ost bought stock ol goods that we I
? ?j ni nrinun m
j ! uLuinmui ULUinmu.
! i This is our main lino aud our
2 pride. Buying, as w? do, from
yP ; H?x of tlie largest clothing inanu"
^ S ti ! l^turt'rs in the world enables us
|? (V vy to give you lit, style, and quality
i . ? It8 jj j iliat is unsurpassed. Suits for
'p | tuon from $.'><)<? to $1S.(M). Can
j | lit, imv *i /.<?, stout, regular, or slim.
j Kroiu $Ki.ll() to $18 00, we' handle
y ; I Strouse A: lire's. High Art Cloth*
' I inn exclusivt-ly, the best fitting
I j \ j I clothing made. We are handlinw
I \ J .Mrs. .Iiwin Hopkins' make of clothI
/ , 3 i''M 1?'' Hiildrmi and youths. CliilLj
u I (Iran's units from $1.00 to $0'00.
J Youths iroin $2 ?>0 to $K.50. Wheii
| you 1'Uy clothing always buy tho
?? li?;st. (Jnality is what you aro nfter.
3QATS. >
hi'. u::i, jJtlllv
that iiimKty can pur
Uig s11 f't WagonH and Surreya. Kvety
?>in' .ci)o\\s what the Mitchell wagon ib and
I'Vi'iy onr hi viM have the hest wagon. The light*
?-vt i n111.ino :\nd most <>ndurable. A httle higher
j i.. juifi', rl.ups, but over s> niucu better in wear, >
l!ii!."4 s and Surreys in any stvlo and at any
pric - v > >ii u Mi.
Dosfi r 1 to sec our I arise and wellsiil(M**<m5
lino <>r Huiss. Art Squares,
ridi?its and Rase Is.
( :i!l Mil ns v lien you ?,omo t?> Pickonn.
?? approci ito your trade and will d<> all in our
power t<> pie of you.
1 her vc ifinirnnt.pH i-vorv \v?? mnltH
> >i specialty. Sole agents for Battle-Axe Shoes,
\ Mitchell Wagon. :::::::::
, Where Vaues Are BEST...
ns, : !i . s, .lackots, SI: , unci thi* lowoet I
ell < lii H'l to till) ?1 < Pii'kuDH count v l|
Ci :i> it rt?i<l s-ix sjoo!h 'or -.*> ? <.-111?.
i<>11s and 1> ) the rtniount <>f lj> 11M10. |
sii" :< :??1 of *' ii \\ :re an?l nails. W'iro at !
i 1 - v n ? h I mi ilj Chilled plow, thny arc tin* 1 >??hI . I
tli lull lim* nice m-ss la. \W have tin' kind
si nl! r.iinul Slm.M on tin* QUflETC
ii will l>uy u?> otln-r make. vllU kU
Other Makes at Cosf.
St. Villut'M .
"" ET 13 LiitKit'rv. s. v,
i Ibh f
ixie Clothing House.
New Seasonable Goods!
tnriM'il from market with a Inrgm* mul bettor nolontol stook of
it's fuititkgi Msrvtcu, Hits, Sines. Iraki, Etc,,
My room is too Km ill let liohl Ilium, and ft' 'hey niunt We paid
at i ml below oofct. Thin ought to onuso you to buy whothm*
or not. Thoso goi/da were bought light, nnd I guarantee the
i'oiir money btok it yon are not Hotidtied, for I gutir.iuU?e etch
otne to 1h l)ixio llrtrgiin House before you go nlxcwherfi and
dollars, Remember i\ dolhir 8 ived in ft dollar made. Theno
by 1st of January, and 1 have out the prioo way down ho hh to
Yours for a tnuJo,
Tost! Oilier and INckciis Ihrug < SioiT.

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