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Mover KWllctilc Children.
Never tantalize or ridiculo children;
never scold or punish them for sin accident;
never laugh at their mistakes
or misfortunes; never distroy a cherished
pet. Such treatment exasperates
and alienates, and tends to make them
secretive and untruthful.
Origin of "Doily."
The word "doily" is taken from the
name of a man, the man who made the
lirst doily. His name was Doily or
Doyley, n respectable warehouse man,
wlioso family" liad resided in a great
old house next to Ilodsoll's, the haulier's,
since tlie time of Queen Anne.
Itaby'.H MoHqiilto Net.
A good idea for baby lies in a cover
for the coach parasol. This was
formed of boblnette in circular shape
with a lace edged rullle. The novelty
is in (lie size. Being cut much larger
than the parasol it covers the whole
conch, falling well or or the sides, ami
thus forming :i mosquito or fly net.
"Tho llriilo Ci\n't Cook.'1
Surgeon Ucnernl Kvatl, of (he British
lirniv. s?niil in " in?/> <lw? nduo.
day that when a clergyman engaged
in marrying :i couple asks whether anyone
present knows of any reason why
the parties before him should not he
joined In matrimony, the objection.
"The bride can't cook,"' ouvht to he
enough to at hast postpone the wed
<'sirt- of tho Null".
The cutting of '.he linger and toe i
nails re?ptires some attention. They j
suouiu i>e trimmed. carefully, not clown
to (lie quick or loo nu.cli at the corners.
They should he kept cleaned with a
soft nail-brush and all hi! tig-nails
should bo out off close to the skin.
The toe nails should be cut straight
it cross and the corners never rounded
off; this prevents ingrown nails.?
American (Jucvu.
A Motor Toil...,
Along Willi tl<c to*' kits, and emergency
things \\iih which all tin? big
touring carfare supplied, there is now
n rocognitWi of madam's needs in the
shape of a toilet ease, containing all
lite little necessities the mere man
who thought of this innovation deemed
essential. The list is pretty good, too.
Including mirror, brush, comb, cold
lo wu^^B^^fcce, and yards of
1?? * jj/vhvf<Vs" I' Fit lit.
Another, pretty green and blue
KhepheriVs plaid walking gown hail a
fonv-gored skirt, with the fullness .supplied
by Hinull pleats stitched for
about three inelies below the belt.
Each of tho gores ended at tin; knee in
a pointed tab, under which l'ell a |
tucked tlonnce. The waist was a sort |
of an Eton, and was Drovidod with I
three pointed tabs, overlaying each
other in fronI. Those arc seamed in
the middle. The wide bell sleeves
have the tab frimtniiiK near tiie bottom,
and are finished with lace underKleeves.
Nownt Collars.
The very newest turnover collar
shows the tendency of all things in
dress to be dainty and feminine this
season. In placo of a linen turn-over
the bowltching summer ?irl wears a
turnover collar of aecordion-plentcd
while mull e;l;<,'d with a narrow band
of butler colored iace. Narrow accordion-pleated
cuffs of tiie same material
give the finishing soft touch to
the sleeves of the frock, says the Woni
jiii s nonif companion. The frill turns
hack over tho sleeve, not falling over
the hand.
Aminc'lK 1'Iowrr*.
The voss-1 in which you put your
Rowers has much tJ do with the'r
effect, f.onic stemmed ones of slatei."
habit, like the lily, will he spoiled ii'
low vases nru used. Flowers wil'i
short stems arc niwnjs unsatis'."aclory
in niifihlniv htiL l-.vtt.l.-.
... .?I. j I * ? *??s l/IIP MM? IMM1 1.^ I* I fi.UIIM W
vessels, says the Chicago News. Color
must always be taken into considc at
A blue chlno howl inn./ be ; leas:
when tilled with yellow roses, but r'> I
pink roses i ito it and you get discord.
As a general thing a ciystnl vase or
cut glass bowl '.fill Lo found i uro satisfactory
tha i any colored vessel,
because when theso nro lined there
can bo no clash of eclar?jjj Ktrivli.g
I'o/ predo;ulna:ico i 1 hr.o cr tone 1
tween tha Uowc.j r.id llioir vcccj taclc.
A SncTiot Covfcrlii*.
rreno Pancr lis a rnvf-ri i" fr\r ei.
. hot.) is o:n cf 'Iio latest wrinkles.
811k, ehl.'.'cn, pirbrohlered linen and
k Hie ot'icr shccl and delicate 1 laterlals
^ac'iots arc usually cov^vsell
quickly." The lovely Japanese
papers lmlrc an excellent substitute,
ko some bright Klrl bns discovered.
Sl:c just j tabes candy t>oxcs and other
pretty pasteboard boxoB that come
to her, li'ies them with wadding over
\vhlcll Kllpllftt iinivd.ir 1?no hont.
then covers that with n pretty crope
paper. Mucilage, nicely applied,
serves to fasten all this ilowt. at the
comers and edges. Of courso, th?>
whole needs to he done exactly?no
bungling, or the dainty prettlness Is
spoiled. 8uch sachet boxes cost but'
a few cents, and i?re not ouly graceful
adjuncts to a fastidious toilet, but do
nueuiy userui.
Worn mt ? Garden Party.
A pnrtlculnrly pretty afternoon gown
eon the other day \vl?g of the palest
I fitra w*colored batiste, embellished with
M broderlc Anglaisc carried out in light
Hl^tolue, Fold* of light taffct* were
W"">. *r\ *?, w tr '? ->
c-t^jJi I
arranged beneath llio fronts of the
blouse, and the sauie material formed
the girdle, which was threaded
through a dull gold buckle in front.
The Leghorn hat matched the toilette?
precisely in tint, and was trimmed
with iinrlnil.i'nlni'nil rnuns mm.I ...il.v
a/.ure strings.
Another sinai't toilette was all of
black point d'esprit with an exquisite
Venetian lace collar and a point d'esprit
hat, plumed with green and white
ostrich feathers.
A rose-pink nionsseline liiul a charming
little cheinisetle <>f fichu colored
lace, caught together by a trellis of
black velvet, connected by little bows.
Full sleeves, all of rnllles, were worn
as far as tlie elbows, and there long
suede gloves met them. A picturesque
hat of black crinoline, with a bunch
of huge roses ami black feathers rons- |
p'eted a very clnumiug whole.
The prevalent colors were palesl
pink ami blue, a fresh green ami r.
delicate mauve. All the uncommon
and aesthetic color:;, such as ashes of
roses, puce, and onion, are less appro
priate at a sylvan fete.
I'.irclmiont AV1<Mr.
Parchment white, as well as oyster
white, is particularly becoming. In
tiic former there is a slightly brownish i
cream tinge, while in the latter a j
grayish-green is seen. i
Itoiulolr Clint.
Tho woiiiiin who constantly sen its tho
minor lor wrinkles will bo certain to J
discover thoin soon.
A few women worry so much about '
old :ithat they never yet a chance ;
to enjoy youth.
On the shady side of thirty-live a 1
woman can do lots of things that she j
wouldn't dare to do before.
<1 woiiiiiu who fan mako moil 1
tremble is tyrannized over by :i little '
piece of {,'lass with quicksilver beliiiul |
Think of the rolieC of no hmjjor hav- !
in.? to move heaven anil cart, to look !
younx and captivating.
l'p to a ccriain axe soft prays an I ,
pale irauves make a woman look older
ilian she is; alter that they make her ;
look younger.
The best face wash is a smile, and |
a cheerful heart will longest defer the I
traces uf old a.u'c.
It' you have grown old in spinster- |
hood, consider the rascal you n.y
have escaped marrying.
Ago is not wrinkles nn.l gray hair; j
it is a shriveled heart, dead hopes ai.d ;
withered atTections whleii not Time but i
our own folly brings -.is.
There is always some one who can !
recall an unpleasant incident in which
you cut a tigure.
lOskimo women wear utiderclothng
made of the skins of birds. These I
skins before being sewed are chewed
well by the worsen, in order to make
them soft. About a hundred skins are
required to make a shirt.
Women delight in being informed
that they have good eyes for color.
Every woman regards it as an affront
to be told 11.at she dresses onlv
to please men.
When a woman 1 as gain oil .'ier point
in an argument, she wants to argue it j
;ilI over agai i.
Women fall i i love partly through a
desire to nake some tinn more ion*
tented with life.
Styles 'i iu\t ill IIo.
Knpclo ]>!r iio:; or <;i ills r.iul l>ri:;hl colored
r nil.at.: I v' i 1 I if iniplost
line';! s and their ilk mo i ? lal-.o a
ivst, Lilt 1 :i :i'?o: ;a pi iro ti ol j i i;iii j
over a noec ;.sity.
i iu |i i , io ?*:*ncor.'ir.ues, i i:? of
the Most oxcln.sl (> ia.Vola cvcations
cxploiti: ;: Oat ^olor.
A ?1o:i parasol i.i a jjooil choice
\v'i i-.' vry ens sunshade can be purfl;
. o.I f >r i!i > season.
Closely sheared zlbeline, not tlio
long-hniref. ki :<] first introduced, is
((! ' i.icuish .stuff for t!*i? coming sea- I
55U'rIs of c.aborate, ciapanors stuff
f.?r su liner ostui ics arc embellished
wil l f.o.al cf ocls coi r ow' of lia.row
ri jbon.
The bonnet makes rniall showiutr.
r nines anil turbnns have it nil llioir
way I i small millinery except for elderly
wj] ion.
IJerl'ms of fancy lace may bo foniul
i i tlie s!iops at greatly reduced prices.
They are very useful in reshening up
a sumi ler gown.
A good deal is to be done with beads
of jet, pecrl and brown glass. a;>pliqucil
in dots or rows, or strung
rovnd the crowns.
l'.llpklnu of flirt tomA *? -
-...v.... v. IMU ouiiii; niiill'imi I 111"
ceintt.rc are very stylish, or hut ton
molds covered in the fabric used, haviiif?
a tiny pleating surrounding it.
show a qu'tint appearance.
Aigrettes will be somewhat worn, but
the natural feeling of women who re- j
volt at the cruelty necessary to procuring
aigrettes results in their being
frowned upon by many good dress
**i r .
Ono of the 'atost novelties is a huge
circular cloak of linen in creamy tone,
similar to those worn by the Arabs.
It is draped at the bark to form a
nood. The hoed and front are
trimmed with a white linen galloon. It
makes an admirable wrap for summer.
Velvet, ehenlllo braid, taffeta and
moire silk, and in n few model* satin,
are all to tlfrure in iho construction of
the winter hats. Nothing, however,
will supersede felt, and it lookH very
much or if the match color Idea of the
summer Is to be cqrr'.ed out In soft,
silky felU.
r'^vy " "* 11 n<
IISS? <^>
Zp>yj > ^
// SI 7/ /i r* / **x ' ? ? x-? ?. v. ? ? 1
l uj i jyj b i/ucv.yyjj j
t ?= i
\Vearwig monocles, the Intf si fashion i
for ladies, a craze rceontiy sailed in j
Paris by ladies of tin* Servian colony, j
is extending to London.
Chinese llrcnien seem to !? immune i
to (hi! lierce heat of the lire room on |
oeean steamers, and stand ii|> (o tein
i>ii.mm; mai wiiimi pro.sirait! Wllilt' !
General Jouberl's chair. made of eh- |
on,\, boiv liorns and lii(h*s. and rap- '
t tired from liis iaa?--'it I?u>ob >11, near
Lydenbtirg, is now treasured by l.iou* j
tenant-Colonel Urin-ton, at GSeniuroveil,
?oi:nd of Mull.
That meteors contain ir-d?l li:>? ixw.n
demonstrated before the Koyal
(y of New South Wales. This mil;- {
fjesls that the thousands <M' tuns of I
meteoric dust which fails up in the I
earth each year deposits j;"hi every- ' ,
where. !
In liOndon we i;;;il iiiere are si\ty- 1 ,
live libraries, which contain reading
rooms, and on the bookshelves are 1
'jCO.OOO vohnnes, which have -l.ono.o hi
reaoers. iieiion tonus ? i ia i i J y per '
cent. of (lii1 reading matter. The !
parks nmler the eoniiol <>f 11.< < onii<*i 1 '
( over Its:::; acres, ami co.st over tlOO,* j
000 a year to maintain.
The Mexican 1'os.tal 1 >eparinem! lias |
taken a new and novel means of informing
the puhiie of (lie weather I ml- (
letfiis given <r?it iiy the Weather Hureatt.
Every letter which passts i
through tlie o!lico is ..\,w sinnu:
' I
with tli<< indications for tin* n< \1 twrnl.v-four
liours. This slanipiii.ir is doiio
;it the; Siinir lime (li.u tii |.?>si;ijjt? i
stnnips oil tin; letters jir camvlwl and
Hi*.* r'.'veivir.g stamp afoMsl.
"Tlio I-l:tii(l of lt!:wk Cats" i< ;i nanio i
oftoii ; pplied to Chatham Island. f?tn*
<>f tin* <lalapiit-os. 1! is In tin- l'ai- iu*
Occati, about 7.'50 miI >s \v< s( of tin;
f'lVKl ?if I'Vll ! I'jV?* ll - mi \\ : ?!
black cats; iiUi"o<.l, cats of no oiii'.ir
color arc .see:; there. Tlianimals
livo in tin' crevices ??i" the liivn fonntlation
near the coast, anl subsist by ,
caieiiii:,^ li.-ii ami crabs, if lead el* rats
:i;><I mice. animal-; I'ouml on liie
islar. ' arc hor. la'.i'e. do;.;*, ir^a's
ami eiii.-Uer.s, ail of will li are perl'
ly wilil.
A -SI r;oM coir. Iielonfiim. to In.
< *lia!'le > .1. I i: -: i.-: <>:i . '1 i:?*!'?n>. ;tt
1 in* (icnnania Nation.'.! Kan!;. ii M i i wauk<H\
Tin* pic of pil.l is tiiii:~i<- * (
t}::i 11 a !>"i c.iin. Iin, nf tin* -:: ih ili; nii'i<
i'. (1 i'i?;ii:;,vs <>n the ol?v< rs;> .-i.ie
1no "Lil rly head" without :i c.i|> and
the Ihirf;*;'!! sla.s, interspersed with
"(U ,','5.S7C7 ;:i a:n " < >:i i !:? r -v< rM>
>!<:(' is a ISVi-pointi .1 star with t i. i in riptinn:
"()! >t"iia ! <> cents." "K
plnriims unnin. I >:?o t-t ttioria." and
<>n <!>!> riii!. "t" :iicd Stale- of An: ri-a,
I I)ol." Tin* < in is v:i!i i <1 at
llntr to Gain (Ito l)r-iir(l <if
Sntl Air.
ci nil ,.r < i < i... ...... 11. ...
aimed :it. "S"<hi tro ;ln re "to do yourself
.trunk" in the phrase of iju> v.Maries ??L"
Thetis tho in v isolator. .liwi llio house,
to luv.'t (lie wants of its inhabitants, is
simply an adjunct to batiiii'sr, i11ii:tr
> i ;hr beach. sun and air baliis. <-ailiii.tr
mih! inhaling o::'uie. Oi." ? !' tin- latest
theories about o/.otic is that, to tret tin*
n >': ^ 1 of it possible disc "noxious
yineils'' of tiie early citrhlc uth centnryl,
i! is host t > lie almost on a level
with t!i" sc.:, where all kinds of balsamic
odor.-; ar<' driven off by the coittact
of the air with (lie curling cre-ds
of the waves, and thai the acme of
health to lie derived from sea air alone
is to breathe it as you wall: alon^ the
wet sand by I bo breakers' e 1 , . ii
<Iviite clear, in any ease, thai by pla>injr
a house on the top of a cliff, tii >ir.;h
,vt>u enjoy plenty of wind, y?uj d > not
fjot sea air in anything like th - iiiiai.
tity nml quality inIi:t! il by living lower
down. In fact, tin* more nearly tin*
houxi* is on a level witli tin? waves the
more of this special virtue is obtain
able. There is a natural instinct to descend
to the edtfo of the water. It is
common to children and adults, and it
is as old as tlu> si ';;e of Troy. Where
i !>e did a (Jreeian hero rather "down
on his luck" ever n? than to the breakinici>!ace
of the waves? lie did not
climb up onto a clitV, "bill went to walk
alongside of the margin of the sea."
Almost (lie ideal seaside house is a
i... ,, ...... i,...i,.,i i......i..... .... <i... i.....
"" f,, * i ' * i i" "i 1111 i-.S.l ??? ?? WII till"
ridge of earth or sandhill (if the latter
he not blown sand) jnst before the lirst
ridge of the pebbles is reached. Tliero
should he a "cord road" of Hat planks,
laid crossways, to run boats down, or
a spring-board on wheels, down to the
edge of the water, and it should ho
possible to chaug" into bathiiu; clothes
indoors and wall; straight down to the
sea. -.Spectator.
KhIhi' liiililm.
Michnel IMnier, a well known French
lapidiary, has at last discovered a
method to detect a falsi- rubv a thintr
Iluil lias puzzled all experts in precious
stones for many years. A lot of sham !
;-i 'ties was brought to J'aris some
months ago through an agency in
Switzerland. ami then u.is sold lo some
>f the hest I'aris jewelers, l'inicr discovered
that the experts had a!! heeu
S'.vlmllcd. lit* says a false ruhy invariahiy
has a soft tinge of color that |
vergi s on yellow, while in a genuine i
ruhy these eharaeterscticx are never |
present, lie says, too, that the false i
ruhy is formed by spherical bubbles, !
while in a true ruby these bubbles aro >
. are and never symmetrical
Foilfl?t Kvei\> whore,
Iq f ntllv ai>inv '* (ItA
London Telegraph, "which hus, with
tlio occasional assistance of Iho marines,
fought in all the live continents ,
from the Ithlno to the Crimea, from
Syrn to Pekin, from Hudson Bay to
PntnpfOK.a, from Kgypt to the Cape,
and in the Australian seas from New
Guinea to New Zealand. But the ascent
of the liimilayas and the march
to Lhassft mirpass, in purely picturesque
fascination, everything in Brit*
Uh military annuls."
sit . .X ,
wmmmmammmm?mm?Tm * mam?mamm?m m?ammmmem
VTImn tin* Hack Ari on ?n<l tlxdder
Trouble* Hvl In. On at tlio Oh lino.
Don't make the mistake of believing
umi\ ai'iii; miu uiuuuer wis ir oo local
ailments. Get ut the cnuso and cure
*'10 kl('iipy8- ^Ise
Pills which have
^ ^ cured Uiousandn.
w.vlil' ' avenue,
F says:
"It was thre* years ago thnt I used
Doan's IvlcUiey Pills for an attack of
kidney trouble that was mostly back
acbe, and they tlxed me up tine. There
is no mistake about that, and if I
should ever be troubled again I would
got them lirst thins, as I know what
they are."
For sale by all dealers. I'rioe fiO
cents. Foster-MilburuCo., Buffalo, N. Y.
Objections to Costume3 Worn Where
Men and Women Take Dips.
Mrs. Grundy, descending upon Bexhill,
has enlisted tho services of the
corporation in a crusade against tho
U3e of "improper" bathing costumes,
says London Mall.
Mixed bathing has always been tho
custom at tills popular watering
place, which is more continental than
most English seaside places. This
wtek, however, there liav? been complaints
from a colonel as to mixed
bathing and a protest from tho principal
of a ladies' school regarding tho
UUHI1U& cwsiumcs worn, i nc appearance
among tno school pupils of a
,jian wearing bathing "slips" cr ordinary
bathing drawers, generally used
by gentlemen at the seaside seems
lo havo caused alarm, at any rate to
1 he principal, and a request has gone
firth to the bathing machine proprietors
and the owners of beach
cabins that university costume, extending
from the neck nearly to the
knees, be used. N*:o regulations havo
yet been made by seaside authorities
as to the color cr material of
which the costumes worn by lady
bathers are maue, although at Heme
Bay, it la said, white ccatumea are
objected to. A few fair bathers have
uppuuruu ai. Aiiorecamoe tnra summer
In whtto ponge eilk, which, although
perhaps an unusual ccotume, 16 evidently
much more comfortablo than
thick, heavy dark blue serge. At
Clauton some time ago a pretest was
made and allowed against a fur costume
Cor which the material seemed
to have run short. A mcrning or two
ago. about 10 o'clock, some young
ladies undressed on the beach, and
caused a mild sensation. The police
Interferred after they had dressed,
iind told them that in England ladies
were only allowed to bathe from machines.
They seemed surprised.
Gold in the Transvaal.
During the lirst four months of 1001
the Transvaal mined 1,192,Jil l ounces
of gold, worth $2-1,051,143. During a
corresponding period in 190'.; the output
was 8111,128 ounces, worth $17,387.532.
Tho total product of gold
iu i-juo was worm $i>i v. 11 tne
rate of production of the first four
months of 1904 is maintained, tlio
Transvaal will yield in 11)01 at l 'ast
$77,S(>-1,000 worth r.f the yellow metal
?In other words, as much as in tlio
years just preceding the IJoor War.
The Introduction of Chinese labor is
expected to put the oniony in a position
to maintain the production figures
of previous years. ISnglish enthusiasts
are looking for a future output
in the Transvaal of $l'J0,OCU,t>OO to
51 "O.OOO.OOO a year.
What such a production must mean
to the world's worksh> ps is hard to
realize. It will moan a vast increase
in South Africa's purchases of dynamite,
explosives'steel, quicksilver, cyanide,
v.itic, electric and other pumps,
steel hammers, stone-boring machines,
pipus, etc. Puds will be wanted in
vast quantities, it will take a year
or two to g<! the increasing ratio 011
a reasonable basis. What the cffect.
is to be on i!i<> slock of the South
African companies can hardly be arrived
at by means of the information
at hand, and 110 very ^reat optimism
ought to be indulged in. The stable
concerns are now high above par, and
.he others may never reach par, even
vlth Increased production.
A Good Doctor.
One day in Shanghai, says a writer
in the Chicago Record-Herald, when
I was feeling sick, I called a Chinaman
to me and said, "John, do you
xiII.\ u Ktjuu lujuiurs in *. iiuni;
"Good doctors!" ho exclaimed,
"China have best doctors in wo'ld."
"Eudon, over there," I said, pointing
to a hou:;o covcrrd v/lth a doctor's
signs, "do you call him a good doctor?"
"Eudon great doctor!" hvs exclaimed.
"He groat! He best doctor
in China. He save my life once!"
"You don't say so!" 1 said. "How
was It?"
"Me velly sick," ho said, conlldrntlally.
"Me callee Doctor Han Kou.
Giv\>? mo some medicine. Get velly,
velly sick! Me call Doctor Sam Sing.
Givee more medicine. Mo grow
wdtho. Going to die! HI line by call
Doctor Eudon. Ho no got time, no
como. He savoe my life!"
"Funny tbgt I didn't hear you nuking
aonvebody to klM ttao umpire today."
"Wnim't It? How wera his deoUlone?"
"Th? worst e-rpr. Didn't you notice
tho unfairness?"
"How could I with a big; hat turn*
with laca eurtatna directly In front
of n?? T"?Cl*T*land Plain Dealer.
To cure, or m
Arthur?How did you enjoy yourself
at Harry's?
Theodoro ? Splendidly! Harry's
such a lino conversationalist, don't
you know. IIo nover onoe through
tho Trho'o evening Indulged In frivolities
fcr an instant?auch things as
tho industrial question, tbe law of
supply and demand. and thing's of that
kind?but confined himself wholly to
such 'mproving 'topics as styles in
hosiery, tli-e manner of wealing neckties
and creasing of trousers.?Boston
"Oh!" exclaimed the first boarder.
"What's the matter?" askod. tlio
dyspeptic-looking boarder next to
"Oh, I got a piece t>f eggshell In
that last mouthful of omelet."
"Strange! You must havo got the
portion Intended for me. It's always
my luck to get those things at home;
never knew it t& fall."?Pliilndflphla
FITSpermancntly cured. No fit*ornervousness
after first (lay's uso of Dr. Kline'A (ireat
NervaRestorer.S'itrlal bottleand treatiso froo
Dr. It. II. KLISB.Ltd., Arch St., Phils., Pa.
Daring so-\ voyages all docs lose their
"game nose."
I amsurePlso'sCura forOornumptton saved
myllfothreo years ago.?Miss. Thomas liontiNS,
Map'.e St., Norwich, N.V., l''eh. 17, l'J03
Tlie United States leads the warld in the
production of Bait.
"I see that San Francisco han Just
graduated the flr&t Chinese doctor In
her history." ^
"I wonder If he wlU be a specialist?"
"I don't know. Do the Chinese have
any special Ills?"
"Never heard so. But If the new
doctor 13 clover he can eoon invent
"Just tblnk of a doctor ranking out
his bills with a paint brush."
i "Say, It must ho embarrassing to
i have to put. the totals upside down."
"Nofhlng of thai sort evor embar;
rassod a doctor."?Cleveland Plain
Dealer. i
A N>\t Mnemonic.
t iviuir. av.iv.iri* Mild UCCII HH illl'U 1<J
nl<i persons r> itli short memories. A
card Is issued, upon which tho purchase*
writes tho date oL' an engagement
and posts to the society's ofHce. I'.y
the i1rst post on the day of ills engagement
the card 1* received by tha
State op Ohio, City or Toledo, >
Lucas County. ( ' '
| Frank (hlxkv :nak? o.itli t'.iat h*
pfuior parlimr of tuo ! r n <>f 1\ J. Chi:m..- Jc
; Co., doinij biisini'.- i iii t:.; City of 'J'oii.ilo,
I Couniy iiud Stuto ti!or<MuUl, ami tliul r*aid
| llrin wilt pay tiiosuui ot osk munuruu uoi.
I i-aki tor o;. >n ami vory ea.-jo of catakkh
i thill cannot l>o cured L?y tin; uso cf Hai.i.'s
catariiu (Jul;;:. l'hank j. ('husky.
bv.ori) to uoforu in*' and BU'j.siiribrU in iay
. ? *? jn-cioncc, this Ovli day ol U?jeia'
skai.. | Oer, a. l)., 1-sso. a.w. ?.li.casox.
' ?r? ' Xotar;/ Public.
llalls Catarrh Our<> ii ta';ou iiilunially, ami
lets directly on tho blood ami mucous surfaccB
of lhf> sy.uo:n. SoDii for losl in\o::ial3,
Ircf.. P. ?f. Ciip.se* .V Co., Toledo, O.
Hoi I by all )>i-titji.-i. 75. .
'iako ilall's Family IYiU for constipation,
Kulicr Adopt* LUIiIkIi Motto,
The tiorinan Emperor ordered
irom a Herlin firm a quantity of private
Jiotepaper stai!ii)f'l with the imperial
eagle surrounded by tlio ribbon
of the Order of tlir* lia.ier (of wli.cti
j lie is a Kui;;lit>, wivli its motto, "Ltoni
j soil qui inal y pen?e."
wtbii riN?
?k .*fcn
"? The bet moteri^X JdilW worlJticr\ </*J
/O^Sh, Jhty-jexn >tivs npentiy./; huK (nvte
4|b TOWtU'S 3lidm Gvits arxJ Hciti
JBw fcjr^w tv. wcrfd atr TK? art nM? in
_~jrr* black or jrellavfor all kirvb d w*. f/orX.
TOWEHj andcwyporMtf be&rnoth? SIGN Of
1 *THE r(3M i>OMfnrtcetto a,ve ?l
AjOff l>fectienAllr?lifcM?<^#!<r>xll tf> jv
[j All PIBtD | twnt.ajwiw (oa,^tqk)iiro. can j
1,000 Tien and Women to Try $6.00
Worth of Sample* Free,
8enrt no money. Only a*n<1 your tmnu to
W. C, HUGHEN, Atlanta, Ga.
i(V t Will pull iV(?ot itum|i without
Ifafgl help. Ou?rAtti<-?d to?i*nd ? ?t'?tn
*fl>k dr of *0.000 11 ?. C*??1opii# *i\(1 dt? CKHH
royats addr*M MONAHCU
mQm ORDDBKU CO., !.?>? Tr.., lit.
Thompson's Fy? Witar
loney refunded by your m
M '* * * * - C'.;
? **v. ?*-v
Mrs. Haskell, Worthy
pendent Order Good
Lake, Mass., tells of hi
Lydia E* Pinkham's \
" Dkak Mrs. Pinkha.ii : Four years i
matiou and ulceration. I endured daily \
to me. I had used medicines and wash
made up my mind that there was no relit
friend, I noticed a bottle of L<ydi?. K. Pi:
My frieuu endorsed ii highly and L decid<
help ir.e. It t.^olc pat.icnoo and oerscverci
used Liyrtia I" Pinkham'H Vegctabk
before 1 was cured, but what a chan^c
misery to the delightful exhilarating fee
not change back for a thousand dollars,
grand medicine.
" I wish overr sick woman vro.ild ti
HASuntx, Silver Lalie, Mass. Worthy \
Good Templars.
Whoa a medicina lias been sue
cases, Ih it justice to yourself to sa
believe it would help me"?
SiiVfiV vnn I'nimnt xototi m
coi*rn??e(l, exhausted with raeh <
derangement oi' (ho feminino <
Vegetable Compound will help y;n
Hrs. Tiliie Hart, of La
inff ai'ythin,
?' J1'':!
' I" * ?.nt tvonia?i
V\V$i '.vc, and J :
kx \V'.,^ib-~~~,hi? g your Vr'.-ot\V^tw>* %' '"" ]
Sinneroly yo
\wwi>'4^-7 ?- tf
\ W^&?^n 4 / Who ?ro !:
\ W??1W table Con
Vy t.A;X:.,i)--..s; ,:\ " f / silO?l? tit l:
Mass "will
^ncf ?? 1 I lo^rnnc r*/1/1t?/iLi'4^l t/k !> nn f\?
just the knowledge thut Llc1;j
costs uoCiin^.
All you have to do in to tell us what v u
will mall Ion at oiici-. 'Iwolvo years of |
j what you order or, if you prefer, se'.i! yuur
to invest, and If wo don't send you wiiai yen
we will refund the. inom y.
Meji'x KuitM.SK, 6.7.30, yio, fci5
VJ.BO, P3, #4 an.I sr.. Coy-' Knee
#.'? xud fttl,.*>(). live, ytliinf; i
89 V* III I Kit A 1.1. M
U(> y? ir>, (if mi
mr ni!R spphiaity i
| Write - t !
Murictta ami L'<?isvi
f ('y,) CttlCHTOH'S /W
? L*rc oAsuiuva* a cncnron v-?^
Rhorlhund I)#pt., R. O. Orlchton. I?oolk?ep!ng
Dept.,r>. K. Mhuronkcr. OaUlofne froeB.
O. OrlobtOD, Prop., Kl?*r lildfr., Atldut*, On.
i iDwwrv^^^c^rxw I
VA*\JV\\VXA\NU^\A)OUA\)\^ *
? tiuMinwrt. MnuriiiitiKi an.i i v jie j
writing College, Louisville, KT.,open the wool*
ye?r. Htudontfi c*n enter any time. Cfct&lotf free.
' I
Malsby & Co.
4| South Forsyth Si., Atlanta, Ga. | ^
Fortablo and fiiatlonmry
Engines, Boilers,
Saw Mills
OomvUl* lint oarriti in ttock f?r
IU Mini A TK I MpmtnL
ltd MMhtntrj, Lovtit Prlcn and BmI T?rmi
Writ* us for catalogue, prices,
etc.. before huv""
eronant^ so wlf not try it?
.2fljk m.
Vice Templar, IncieTemplars,
of Silver
3i* cure by the use of
regetab!e Compound*
igo I was nearly dead with infl.nnjutold
agony, and life was a burden
i.-l> luiEnimir mm oxvrraaiiv un'u i
:f for mc. (.ailing at the home a
nlcham's Vegetable C'sikv,?ok;- 1.
?d U> give it a trial to see ii it u<;;..d
hoc for I was in bad condition, apti I
S Compound for nearly f. ip mo ' .s
s, from despair to happiness, iron,
ling health always bring:-. i v\vi',;;t
and your Vegetable Compound i- ?
y it and be convinced."?Mi:s. Ida.
'ice Templar, Independent <>; '?: nf
cessfu! in more than n milli >1
y, without trying it, 4 A do not
uain wealc, and sick and <]>
uays woru. i on i?n \
iiism. and Lydia K. I-iiikhav..'s
i just a - surely as it J.us oilier.'.
rimore, N. D., says :
Mso. riMKUASi: I might h'VC m
y months of suffering :?nc'; }>;.in ' 1
of tin: oft^e.vey of I.ydia K. i-Mnkfeiable
Compound a uk.iv > ?
l iri^u nr.: I'.y remedies w,u.oi:.
pr wliioh helped aie before i *-. .?>. f,'ompo
jiid. 1 dreaded t.b< ' ?
istrual period evtry moat t:. '
i and pain. &05 . s
s very scanty and others i: v. i j . .'t.-r
I had used the Oon.jKnuL : .' r
1 become ropul.ir and nist nral, a.* ;i
until I fell perfectly Twll, !
strengthened tc? perforin ihe v. <. rlc
stanoe r.v:d j-.usn. 1 am like a il l't ruow,
rvhr.re before I did not ? to
i**i pleased to te: tify I's t<"> t'n
ible Compound In- d^'iie "
ure, Mrs. Tiij.ik II.\:rr. J-.ar'r.jnro... P.
orci\>ro? bolk veil l>y :11 v. ii.-irri
that; t.yuiu 11. IMnb!.;i ,s?'s Vc'-'iipot.
id is ilic luccliv-iiiii C.'H'
<*. iit lias stood t!:c ti'si o" ti . -,
litsi:t!rp<ls ol" tUotisr. r?i?? . ? v.s
i t . r*/?r . . > r v ?1
rzse nm ot5 ' r ru'dii'iiv.'.
whose svi().rca > ?' ?/; rm?
iiMswor olieer'.'nlly ivitlV.f.it
siek women. E^erhaps M?e 3)?s
your fa.se? try lier (o-Ouy ? it
want. y i virsK f-i/.-s and j;r{' .' ?? find f
ruction !mii tai;(^:it u? how t< bciuI y> .
or<;er. cn-lo.-" llio :iuiri::.t you ?'.?t ir?*
w.v.i, so ml a I a- a at our ?-x: oijhi- a:
iinrS ff'JO. Mon'* l*ntlts. 1 .??>(l,
i'ittils Suil-?, .% I ..VI, >.?'!, ss:?. S? *.
ii IIiiI.a iintl L*urnls!ii.'i;,.s.
ATI A XT A . ?. A .
*ini pnu'ucp is a prru>
't yon think?
Peculiar to M*
>n itikI RxnminiilIon Free.
orrf>spon<1?nce trontfid confli' nM.il.
h Stu.. A f l ilt tit, < j<t.
on re
H H Hiso Warn
"i hare tnfform) with pile* for thirty h!i yp?r?.
)n? year ?ro lant Aprtl I boffin taking Cucur t
or constipation. lji the courie of aweeL 1 not" ' A
ho piles began to dUapp?ar and nt the i I of >\i
v>'?k? tlioy did not trouble mo at all. ru*?\ }
tare done wonderi for me. I am entirely cut ?0 n d
eel like a new man." Oaorge Krydet. NapoU 'ii. O.
The Dowels
Pleaiftnt. Palatable. Potent, Tatto Good. T>o *Vo4,
fever Sicken, Wfiaken or Orlp*. 10c. *3c.60?*. Neve*
old In bulk. The voiinlne tablet ?tamptti OOO.
)uft**Rtiteed to cure op your money back..
Stirling Remedy Cp., Chicago or N.Y ?r^
r Removes ell swelling in
j*" / days; efieels a jit-ntiaiirnt rum
/V in 3otr> <0 tliivs. TrinllifMini't'l
* Write t'r. H. H. dreto'v f.on*.
~l < tl**A. '<?? R ftf'P1"' ?p.
In time. tViid by drvntsu. ff

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