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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, November 02, 1904, Image 1

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ft A"'" 1008 ? ?t.M matter. ?m.? ?ct ?r Oongro of M.re? 8 ft . ^
NO. 22
it w?>
Of Pickens Graded School?
^""7,/Part of Exercises Held
in Court House.
An Able Address by Prof. John G. |
Clinkscales?W. T. McFall
j- An event of unusual importance
in the history of the town of Pickoith
\vftn Ihn lsiviiif <>( t.liA nm-npr.
stone *of tho new graded school
building Wednesday.
Tlio teachurn and pupils had holiday,
and tho mv]>n oi' the town
and tho surrounding community
t'or miles around attended tho intoreating
Court, which was 111 aasfdon, adjourned
until I) o'clock in ihe at
began in tho court honsn at JO
o'clock in the following order:
Music by tho Pickens hand.
Invocation by tho lvov. O M.
History of the school by Prof.
W. E. Dendv.
"America" by the school child
(Address by Prut'. John (}. Clinic scales.
Music }>y tho bund.
lienedictiol) by I to v. 0. L. McCain.
An interesting fact rovcalnd m
tho history of the Hchool shoWf.d
that about five years i?g<>, when
tho special levy of a fonr mill tax
for tho support of the school was
votod there was not a dissenting
vote. Prof. Clinksoi'.les made oi?c
of the ablest addresses heard in
; : Pickens m nmn w day.
lie difteoursolKat length upon
{ what nmny people; t??rrn "old
X'/'xogyism.1' Ho avowed his lov. for
the olH. blue Jmuk .spelling book
I'fo-aiulfrrJ'?V; ftuiv.
ila uB*kl thu question : "What
on earth in the matter with tho
spelling of thu American people?"
I Ho answered it by saying that it
was clue in a largo measuro to tho
discarding of "old blua back." lfe
said that one of the dangerous ten.
.dencies of tho times in school work
is the desire ol many teachers to
make irequent changes in U-xt |
liouke, whofio merits have not been |
1.'V tested. Teachers, aa well an par- j
\ V, eut?, introduco every new fancied j
\ \text that eomeH along and imagine
I\ \liey fti'f progressive. Mr. ClinUA
Mules Haid the "old fcgv'' mtlio< 1
i of exacting obedience from child
roil in the homo anil tit Kohool
}played out 40 years ago. When a
boy got a thrashing at school, i it
was found out at homo, he gjut nu,
other. Latter day methods are very
different; tho boy comcB homo and
relate* his tale of woo to e g r car-?,
011/I l lir* i'u rii'M'd SI.IIIMIIH iiRRnrA HIM
I boy that they are going to g?'i u gun
and go alter the teacher The;
speaker declared with great earn
e<tn03H that the reign of the lawJeaanosH
now abroad in the Stale
* ' t l
<lu?? jn a largo measure to just
h< 10ii methods of' control. The
State ih degraded daily with crimes
of everv description. and theBo are
Ii.n11v indication ol slack methods
ol control in the homo and in tho
The most important Iobboii a
child can Joarn is the lesson of
. obedionce. Any branch of ntudy
i wn)l lui in m nlrn'otw^i
I -WW. ... p- Viviv ?V V
t<> neglecting the leason oi' obedience.
At the conclusion of the exorcittes
in the court house a procession
wad foririwu to go to the graded
HPhool building. ,Tho i>roou?Jz
Was>.l^ar'ed by,the Pickens
' i /i, lollowe<l by tho Mm
..oTfv. of P., the school child
I ten ufid civilians.
W. T. MoFall, W. M., of Keoved
lodge, presided oyer tho interesting
ceremonies of tho cornerstone
. laying, Hccoriling to the old
and time honored rites of tho masonic
fraternity. Theio were u
nur-ijbor of visitiug craftsman presout
from neighboring towns.
R llqp> Martin ft. Ansel of GreenB
viliu wan Jnor^hal of the day, an J
' wa? of great aaaiBiauoa in earring
SaB, J g? . \ \^jmk CT
* The 1
4, ' od clowi
// Milline
2) the Stai
\ Imsines
A biggest,
/J oi va.lui
'Vi have in;
a Millinery Opening i
\A Miss Hughes will aga
U incut, and it will far excel ;
jf/ just returned from the; nortl
\\ 'a large stock of all the cor
If they will be priced as low
^ material will permit.
K Dress Goods
)) This Department \vi
of will liiul n large assortmen
^ season and trimmings to
^ We have arranged t
fj and lace sale on our openi
| Isici I
f Wheal, so win <
rows, 'J urn Plo
out tho exercises.
Tlio following is a list of thu doposits
made in tho cornerstont;:
A list of the county oHicers, a
list of town ollieors, a list of school
ollieors, the names of the teachers
?i\<l 11 roll of tlif? ?7inil>: in ?t tend
anon this session, a <'<>py *<1 lh?
Nowg and Courior, a copy of tho
Stat", Ji copy <>1 tlw; ir?'?nvil!e
Nows, u copy of The Picker.8 Shu
inici-.journui, a < ?>|?v 01 him ivi-my
Progress, a liat of the daughters of
'.ho ('oiilWlerney, a $20 Confederato
bill by M. K. Ilister.
Tins ovent marks a now op oh
in tho educational history of tho
pro^rossivo town of Pickens.
Hi.* Annual Statement Sent to State
Supt. of Education Martin ?
A Good Showing.
CountySuperintendent <?I Kdin'n.
lion, Itichard T. Hallnin, has f> iwarded
Ihh annual r*?|??>?*t li> the
State Superintendent. It is an miusually
1'avornblo report of the
school*, and idiows that tho outlook
in promising. There arc now
filly-four districts in tho comity.
In iho white schools during tho
? vrt ? < nftA i? ill,, nnr.ill nutiil tv <? u I ! i v \ - o
JUint Y?^? I v 1' VIII Wl I UI1.II V " '?r ,
1 ?S.r).">; girls, L'1 17; total. 1002.
in tiio colorod schools thorn woro
enrolled; Boys, 05'J; girls, 02."?; total,
Total receipt# of llio schools;
$26,749.01; t'x pond it u rue, $1,730 50.
Thore are now twelve districts
in the county that mako
levies lor tnc maintenance (it tin ir
schools. This i* one of the best
indications of real interest in poj>ukir
Acid Iron Mineral cures nil ?iin?
easi'H involving iidlaniation, by pmi
fying tbo bb.od and lliiectly holding
the lrritatod parts. Try it on an e*
temal sore and walcli iIh magic heal
tn/v I i n Al O in rtv ii /itl (f ( li/i I'limn niAd
xi nvin in u.\dvyvij iiit; niiiiiu '* l%j?
on nil internal iulluinationa such uu
dyspepsia, inclig. stu?n, lheitinntum,
kidney disouBo, stomach and bowel
troubles. It Iihb no tqivd for diseases
peculiar to women. Touos up
tho entire syatem. Trade (.V IM)
mark on evory bottle. Bold by drag
1 gists. Acid Iron Mineral Co., Col
; urobia, 8. 0/
ir^* JT>^ ri
ru h
Vig Store is alroad
l with Fall Goods
ly, Cloth ing, 11 at?
:e. l Jio i t h day a
s lias been i noreae
fall business in 01
os in all departme
it on extra 1oree si
October 7th and 8th.
in have charge of this depart my
former season. She has
tern markets where she bought
rect things iit Millinery, and
' as correct style and good
i T *
aim ft i
11 be larger than ever. You
t of the proper weaves for this
;o have a special embroidery
nqr days, t)ne lot
/ \ ^ s ? > c ^ ?
A ) I V J r C") i
% tin 10 will soon b
i\vs, Fj\c.
Of Claims Filed From January Is', lo
Octol)G i* 1st. 1904.
T A .Julian, road wk, i>
]> 0 Johnson. I)'d <>q, (i 80
1! II .1 tMi11inps, sink'^ t'nd, 00
R II Jennings, insurance, 1!'.' IfC
W .loii' H, constable, !'J 0.">
S M Jamison, linij^isU Hte, !.'i 7-"{.'
W Joiioh, constable, i In
Juhn .Jones, r< ad wk, I I 7l'
15 C Johnson, Ixl <m|, -*()
10 I/ .1 ones, supnl n s, ! .*>()
J? C .J oill|9ll|lf Ixl C<|, l' (>
I! fi Jftiwiiiin*, 1'i*11, v 77
.11 ?hti .I a mi's, l?rM^nt !"? .'?(
.1 H Jamt-fi, liri.ltfo, ! 1H)
.1 M .1 c'i'ii.miii, iiifi^islriito, !'? ?"i
(' \V .Ion's, oontitalii'', lv .'."i
.) 11 jc-iihdon, r >;i(i w k, i > :><
(,' \Y Joiit\?, constable, I! On
John JamcH, I?;*i?!-'1', ?> "u
T M Joins, ]'<)?(' 1 wk, 1 <m>
i ! ] Jew el I, r< nil u k, > i<)
S .li'wcll, brul^p, P> 00
\V il Johnston, road wk, ;! '.)(?
J M Jftiri'ipon, t^x|).-'iisnH. 1 I >."?
Kin;{ Bros, bridge, OOOOO
K K Koil h, salary, 18 7 "i
.J N King, '54 aO
10 I<\ Keith, salary, IS 75
K 1*' Ki'iih, salary, otir, i'.'
10 K Keith, Hillary, He, 1II
.1 C Kilby, road work I i >
.1 C Kilbv, briil^e 1 oO
I.* I/, '.?K ...I.. l . l n ? ?
Vj r i\t:iui? wutiry i'ic, i #' ' >
Iluivcv Koiler, r? ad wk 1" >'">
10 K Krtllli, Hulary, etc, L'O 10
i (j W K.illoy, lumber, 17
! ] K Koitli, Halnry, Jtt its
Tani"8 Lnl'oon, pifcja, S 00
11 I1' biipplii'9,
\V U Lynch, bd t*<i< "> I"
IC K Loop .r, rond work, 10 (to
.) T Loop^r, 2 ->">
W II Ij'?op? i', constable, i I 70
.1 !? Looper, road wk, (> f,0
,J )i FiOopf>r, bridge, 10 .v0
VV II Lawrence, turnips, etc, 1 <>0
)l 0 lii^on, corn and 1'oddr, 187'??0
John Lewis, fodder, 1 00
J >ro hooper, cleaning stream, 5 00
i> n t i :~ / or
i) x^. i /iiwruiiut', ui IUUU, i) o.i
J K Lntlicm, l>d eq, Ji ?*)(!
i II K Lewim, road wk, 50
J J L Looper, lumber, I <>C
j W R Lynoli, bd.?q, 3 1<J
1 I>r W M Long, poat mortem, 5 0C
I J T Langs ton, rond wk, G 7(
M ( ) l .iifwxir r<mr1 u/ir lit fwl
j K 8 Lowis, fodder, 11 OC
. .. , ' ' " *
? * ? 11. -
I Store
i a Dir.
^ L>IU
y putti ng on a i:V
Voii will not 1
>, Shoos and all 1>:(:
Octobor mark
iing* every year s
li' hiwfnv\r ?i -?-? rl f r
\ l J I l n V V 1 y y CVJL1VL IV
ills, so you had
o you will not lu
2,000 Yards o
Put up six yards to the piec
less than 7jjc and the mosl
at 50 per yard or 30c per pi
One. lot, 2,000 yards l<
Will <;o al only 5c. per yan
One lot \ aleneiennes L:
j less than 8 1 c, and some, oi
| iiiL-- day at 5c. This salt; \vi
i until it is all t;one. Don't for
Gu?~ stock of Han
A solid car of Star 1 ea
! you want to buy a stove tha
e < ] i ^ ^ A/ I S
1VLL.fi..*- V / ^ 'JL. JL. V
o here, and wo li
V on
(T^rt < ,3^
.1 I, liUOI)<!!', o.'H .11.(I tO(l(li?r, .
W II I/'wis, r.iiul \vU, 7
.i i> i OHil \vk, 1
N M I.o r< ;?(! wk, 7
1 i K Lewi )<? ul u !<, '
.S 11 l.oupcr, r?| tax iv-lund <!, 1
.1 P> I,<pliicinu liiin*;', i I
11 M I.r.sk, hriiiuo,
I X 1 1 I ?
i ?'m:k j< -w :s, nrniiv'. 1
M II Lewis, rowl \\k, -s
T K !,<!.-!.>y, lojlil w. ik, f?
.) A ! s!. \, rond u i;,
It K Lewi?, ron?l ?i; '?
M () ho <|n r , iv:wl w k 1 I
.J 1? I'<> )>t i\ road wl?,
1)r \Y .M L<?ng, |>o?-1 niort.cm, 1<>
.i i i..ini' i;, r< ;i?i v. k i
W 1) I.. s! -y, ro.id w k, 1
11 K Lathi'in, Iniilj; , 'J I
10 \V Loopor, n>rul w!<, 1 I
i\ M I,i>o|ior, io;i 1 winU -1
J'I' I Infli-y, lirnl^i', 'J
; T .1 Li^oii, IbiMiir, >
; A A M i ore, woo>I, '
.! lie Mr Din i ii> I. ?al'y, l>. <. ",()
\\ 1, Matlu.'iiy, slaiioniiry,
1,1 11 (i M< Diiuivi, sal, Jsr.j,
.111 G McD.iincl, <li.t iicci, s
1 \V I-J Me.Coilum, roml \vl:,
! X N Mclliitix, l)it>
; V, N Mulliiiix, 1): 1 1
I \V A Milkers, rond wk,
0 II McD' i a'I, budge I
K l> Mm J tjiv , lab on pr I'm >
| .1 li (J M'.*Dmiii'l, <!ii?t ucoi 12
.1 il (i Mr I s.iliil V, .">0
A lion Miuddin, road wW, 2
.1 1, MurpliiCo, I odder, ('?
.1 .1 IW<;Cuinl s, road work,
S A^MoAlihti r, bridge, 20
L K Moorp, hndgf, 1
'/, N Mauldin, lumber, 7
il ?l (>rt Moselev. tn'iis. 1 i
10 (' McWliorWr, I?ri<I1
A A Mood, wood, JO
A M M i v11 <I i 11, roiik work, .
.1 10 Mi'ima, ri>ad \v..i k, .*>
,) II U McDuijk'I, Hillary, .*>0
.1 11 U Moliaou:!, dit;l siucl, I.1*"
(} VV McCltiDuh in, uontuahlo 2
' Kirk Mauldin, road wink, ! 1
S A McAlidtfjr, oolHnf, 1 |.
fc> A McAUHt^r, briduo, 2<>
1?A I> Murphreo, oxp poor fin H
?j .1 II O MoDaniol, salary, 60
ij J 11 (J Mcl)am<l, diet ucot, '2
>j V 15 Mtil'plmC, M ?vuird, ltt
ii i n s( ir . . i - ??
' <i I iUUJVIlllU JI . ??J ?'?|. O
> P P MoD-uiiol, 7
> T J Moody, work ]4
> A J Manlov, 0( iiv pauper, 1
? J L Ai^r^LrCv., load work, XI
' . ,< 'V.,'a: 'v . t
i ( . >V .!
ill-]ike appearance.
411(1 a larger and he
cinds of Notions u
s our fourth an21 i:
i nee we opened, am
> that end we are <
! ,r>1 1 Oi1 l/nnr\ 1 4-r^.n
/ v> i uv i i\ vjv^ yj 111 L W V.
ivo to wait.
>f Embroidery j 1
:c.. Nothing in the lot worth
t of it ioc to 15c. All to go i
iecc. Nothing cut. j n
>rchon Lacc. Cheap at ioc. J
1 f
ice. Nothing in the lot worth I
it much more, will <*o on open- [
11 beinn at 10 o'clock and last I y
i;et the date October 7 and X. ^
iware is Complete.
der Stoves and Ranges. If a
t will ijive you satisfaction at it
:) \rPi n. ('11 11 1 i > 1 ^ #vf* i-i
? v ? W * V 'ill i 1. i i w J. .U
l\s truly.
s in Low Priccs.)
'J'J S 0 M d I in. ioaf! work, 7 i!(
i<? .1 II (i McDanic], saly, tliot, .~>li 7i
001 S r. Mann, bridge, 1") 0(
JO i H F Mnrpliree, road wk 1 l<
i 1 1
00 K X Mc.iunkii), road wk i Ol
no .I II O MrT'oiiiol, conv Inn, ~'l 0!
f)0' -T li (I McDntiiol, salary, .">0 Ui
(id:.I II (i Mcl)aiiiel, <liet, S> ft
.-() ! I I M i < I ? ' ?- "
. <>,.? .1 ?M UV^WIII U.?, 11)11(1 W K , ~ W<
-.* | \V I, Mul heny, stationary, 10 01
'i M,mill ii A- l'rollitt, I>1 k Kmtl> 1 8<
I" .1 II G .M< Darnel, onptr ]?ii^r 7 0'
00 \\ 11 Mauldin, binigo, I ;">(
.lolui Mopcr, bridge, I Hi
.1 li (.i Mi:l>ailinl, (!X]ll'l)M'S -V.t 7l
1 (). W W McWliorier, roatl wU, 7 Si
.1 li M I)anit?!, <imt, 10 0
." () .1 !I < i Mr Daniel, salary, 50 01
lM) l> K Mniili'.itt, rnsid work, S 7
10 Miiuldiit A- I'lollilf, l.lk Miith, 7 H.
s:) John iMo?(!i', ro:iil wk II 2
2o i Dr \. () Matiiltlni, mod sor, 12
u J T M< |\iiiiH-y, road \vk, 1(5 1
o:> .1 .i Mc()oimI?3, snppli*'?, II (.)
0(? J T McKiiiiiov, bridgo, 0 8
i" .1 >. road wk. i>v: k
()'.) L I'1 M<n?r.>, n ufl work, 7 I1
S (! Mni'tin, road \vk JI
(id K V, Murpliivi-, cxp pr farm 'Jii o
00 F l? Miirplmv, road \vk, <i .*><
:>0 T J Mu'MIv, lnidiiM, Li 0
.">0 Ahner Mimtf-rn, road wk, I .*?
U() l> 1' Manlilri. ro.ul wk, 1 "> -I
V.'> D 1 Maultlin, road wk, I li
00 John Mos r ro.ul work, 1 in
on A A Moon, bridge, 20 0
00 Mrnldin & 1'ioflit, l)lk Hinith I 8(
10 P 1'. Morlin, bridge, I 8
00 .las M:m>in^ tlo, road work, 51$ 7'
20 .) II (i Mclhiiucl, diet, Hi 1
:,() .) II (! Mcl>unicl, nulnry, >">0 01
. > T> I/ 1.1....? : " ?
'.? j? i' i' i ail in in, <> J)'
?*><) Y I) h, road work 1U 7
50 Y D Meadow*, bridgo, It Hi
."?o W 11 MftfNingalo, road work, 2
."?() ; Jas Massinptalo, road wk, 118 I1
?i.">1 T \V Monro, road wk, 0 (N
00 1 N M dier, bridgo, 2 5
in r II Mo'vVhorlor, bridgo, 1(> I
."?o J 10 Mull mix, road wk, n f)
10 Allon Mnuldin, bridge, 8 IM
00 i ? ?' MoCo: >Ih, supplies, 1) (>
IS K II Murphroo, poor farm, (> 0
00 V Mauldin, lumber, '* 1
fun K* 11 Miirnhi'i> nr? ir farm > n
70 /, N Mullinix, road work, 2 6
_P .1 II (i McDaniol, coiiv Inn, 25 4
J L Murphrow, rond wk, 5 I
j ii G McDHfiiel, dint, 30 8
25 .1 II G Mcl><uiiol, ?a)ary 50 0'
50 J T MoKinney, constable, 10 2
00 [To bo fontinned next. week. ]
40 1 atiUy i'rogrose please copy.
: v. Mfc
? rjg% ?
in irim
\ r/^Txr t ] / ? ^ ?
uvuiy uu[jariij 1 U3
)ttov selection ol l)r
nder one roof i n 1:1
^ersary at Pickens
:i we intend to inak
^oirig to give some
ill with the Big* S
reasonable price you had better
A full line of STUDKBAKJ
1ILL BUGGIES We have sold c
iul the demand increases. "A lit
le cheapest in the loni; run.
Now a Word to the Ci
We want your trade. We ar<
our I obacco, Sugar, Hour, Salt, C.
trackers, and anything in the gro<
obber, and in many instances can
ave recently bought a lar^e quant
[>s, and will sell you as cheap as r
as you need it.
'ertilizors, Grain \l
Will You i
,!r jWhen the firstCc
l>1 0:; will you liinl ii le^'ssiry
; to hmfclo around ? lut or
inis^?and buy your cool
\\ t ;u her suit after every one
else hits ]w!<i-d out tint clioic
est patterns?
I)on't id nice 111 i ^ mi>tiil\e.
[) Select Knll Cloilu-s (mi i v.
I) I Your common 8?hm' I'll- you
0; it is ihc wiht*r pluu. 11u uot
^ the your money wi I \ My,
nnd you tret tin* lull limit of
s-o.isom'm wear for no greater
" cihi. i?c-i'l.?8 tliis, v< ?i for5
til'y yoursi'lf atuiilist stnhlen
chunk's in \vi?;ititer Iluil < >uie
j in (ho l'\i 11 We s.-l I i he
. il a it d-T a i I o c (I Clothing
"tilde l?y Schlo.s.s 111 os. & Co.. tlall more
There's 11 .i!> i 11^ li o t t e r?
> tluiv'a notlijnir a* j?o?(l.
? \V h *11 n inn ii |>ii t.? on a Sell loss
i Suit lie I el- .mil knows that
evory detail <>l (11 > cut, muke ,
and li ii i - Ii i-j cort'wi'l.
ftrs $12. HS2K
I) The picture slum's ? |?irliPUltir!.v stj!i>
< 1111111 ttlilor" wou III I'llHTKO f'i" !. ) I Ml i( nl' 1
#) rim in vein Im-iii r. \\ 1111 inn r. s;n
j Kriiilcs look i*4|iin11 > usufll
M- -
: Dry Good
[) And when you conic
''A. K. Rari
i? WK have the lartrcst st<
21 ever snown. 1 hese tj;
oj RIGH I ami will be so
^ want bi^ profits. We h
0 want in line or cheap L
0 wool or cotton, Cassimc
2 and Capes, Blankets,
0 "Island, Men's, Women's
0 wear from 25c a gar me
fl A/f ' 1 i> \ ? i
men s anu i>oy s snirts, (
0 Do, 't forget that we carry a 1
0 What v.) sell you must be w
K, PARK, - ) >
t ' ft 1
nt is load- u
GSS GrOOds, g
lis part of (f
?, and our u
~ A 11 ^ i c: i li o m.
l w HX4. .1D I .1 L V.V ^
5 unheard y\
tore. AYe //
examine the Star Leader.
:ar alter car of these vehicles, j)
tie Higher in Price, But?" IS
ountry Merchant. V
i in a position to sell you fli
"offee, Cheese, Soap, Candy, Jj
:ery line as cheap as any //
save you the freight. We \\
ity of R. J. Reynolds Tobac- M.
my Jobber, and you can get m
V ICE K. ft
)rills, Disc I l ar- K
/, I
8e Ready
)ld Snap Comes? ;
snii.bss br^sVc^I'M j
Fine CIoiK?j M>
ii suit lor tip IimIiiIc toiiiik iiioii. A "nierike
< 111 ii 111 > i'liiirai'tcr niul nit|>t.*ii rn nee* We
tIH?!? r rUiilios ill $'! > N e Hlso have lower
1 ' 1VSO S. MAIN ST..
7) (iUKKWIIXK, !-4. C.
liLfi TO BUY YOUlt
Is i Shoes
, be sure to come to
<'s Store.
:>ck ol goods we have
oods were HOUGI IT
?lcl right. We do not
;\ve anything you will
)ress Goods, Flannels,
res and Jeans, Cloaks
Quilts, Sheeting, Sea
and Children's Undernt
to $1.50 a garment.
lrawers, collars, cravats.
jig and good stock of Shoes.
e tell you, or your money back. %
Vest l?ncl? Greenville

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