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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, November 02, 1904, Image 2

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???tui? wwmifuu
in park,
^Ecdvin^ Xin- i: i-t and heat nnd noise of
tiic ci y,
^Vwarderin.: turoi-di narrow byway*,
Eudden n\\ sv.i^c s tlniilcd to an odor afar
(An o:?<>: in t wafted, delicate, subtle,
rDrealh r.i i';>< Southland fanning the brow
' of t'.v- North.
D?\vn tin.' i. ;. >w path..
The i ..i.c tiv.iiing, expanding, ever inEngulii
n/ l ie now with billow on billow
of i"ir.grar''e.
Uncertain 1 wandered. T thought I
enielled the sweet-brier,
The wild suckle, but no, 'twas the
locust! the locust!
Beau! shaking its niiilionfold sweets
j t'> {l?c wi'id,
tV. t'??>. i
v % ?u\ uav v *' i i ;if v. uuui;
lYour blo.-sT s of honeyed snow full of
trcinuki.. - motion!
^Vcro you frhvldcncd to see mc there in the
i i. si) M ; v 'oorninp,
That y.m h-aiu'i! to mc so r.nd beckoned
witli joyous insistence?
Luminotit-. delhata plumes, I believe that
you knew me.
'And were ioyed to the heart to greet an
o'.d lover and friend.
Down 011 tho soft, cool earth,
Down Ml ?lw. i ?1. .1-- 1 ? '
* ..... ....... iicuin uif uinigllH Ol
the white honey-locust,
Pensive there in the sunlight and shade
ever, changing.
Mused I. div.ming again the dreams of my
Musing and dreaming so lay I until the
white lor est
2Iuah ed its low murmur and curtained
itself for the night.
?Lillian C\ II. McAllister, in Lippin- i
Xlli nil.
?>. V*. "Sk. -<c*.
* >?
I VL' k TUDC ?A - .r- -
- a . i n< L< ittu L.iu auu
*?? ri'IM.ING BROOKS. Mlj
5tti Tnrr~r i
PyZ&T* A \" 12 you got a shovel
'^ ^1 linmly':" askccl Margaret
-J ? Leslie; dropping down on
the hard ground. "I'd like
to l?rush up my spinal
cord: it's been so thriled to
tunitlunNv.is, j haven't any backbone
loft. Von know, Conny, they drill 011
Van Ness avenue, l-ijxlit in front of
our house. Will power can keep you
from th.*' window, but they've been giving
tlu ir on. ts l?y bugle, and the very
wound si., piy makes me want to 1
"1 know," chimed in Constance Brice,
waving a gold-headed cane, to which
liad been fastened a very spick and
epan si'.;. Ilntr; "there's a squad down
near us. too."
"The otlu r <lay." wont on Margaret.
"I lnul snv'n an experience. As I
was coming home the soldiers were
lying tint in iIto middle of Van Ness
avenue, firing at the enemy over an
embaiil.it was perfectly stupendous-:
<>. f)V.:sc. there wasn't really
nnj ii>?iiig, or c.nl'ankment, or enemy,
but 80s 11:;r 11 : i gave nip the war
fever, I <:i'i ! '! you! Oh, if I were
only a in:".! I wouldn't lie sitting liore,
or standing with my hands In my
]torks, either'* (a withering glance
?t t!:> !: thus employed escort). "I'd?
KOO.V.i: . 'i . :;i . ?it. look at that thing
right down there in front of us. I am
going to run this minute." |
w inn s n .' usKfd Constanec.
*'A groat, hit:, horrid old cannon
"Oil. hurry. Madge! Of courso they'll
fire a s;:iv. . ].'>! s go homo and watch
the tran:s from our hack porch."
"Haven't yu It? an object lesson in
cnnno-.i . ' >i kindergarten yet?"
nski '!' >.ver.e!y: then, turning to
Marfan l: "Hahy's little dog of war is
muzzier'.: doggie can't bark m the little
durls," and he reassuringly pointed
out to the c:ip upon it.
"To '. !ir.n,.:e t'le subject," said .Margaret,
with :: '.;!e cough, "did you ever
?ee such an c.niiiter'.'^tiiig looking inor
.? 4i.-? t :. i woaian siuniK oy herself
over iheiv. I lor face is absolutely <>xpres.Monlcy
I'd just Uko to stick a
pin in licr to - if she'd take interest
cuoukIi ti> squeal.
"Your hat pi:i with its army button
?ml," sntr^'i'slci! Constance. 'I don't
believe she ha- any patriotism, for she
liaen't a ^h*i>t of a had^e or button." j
"I don't - what she came for. If |
*be wir * to read magazines such n
day as ih . - !. 't bettor stay at home."
^i n il over i>reuy rast.
She's prol 1 ' n!y looking at the pie1
urcv (l ui't i lire f<?r reading, you
know. II )\v long liavo we boon here
now V"
"One hour and forty minutes,"
nnswered To:n: then added oneouragInjsly:
"It's my opinion the transports
wim't go till night, then steal out
They went on ''hatting of trivialities.
1 hen, townrdi f? o'eioek -they had
ro.-ne tf? III" i'uint at 2?they lio^an
telling stori
"I heard > :i i a rminntir nno vf^nr.
day," sni<! .Matynrot. "There was a
Xirl of Spanish (irscent called Anita?
Anita -oh, I < ::n't remember her last
"Jones,"' 5?njr?r<:<(ed Tom.
"Her parents both came to this
*y>untry \vh mi tliey were mere babies.
They ha v?> never been back. They
tiavo made all ilieir money here. The
father, naturalized, lias voted ri^ht
nJonj?. And tlieir children have been
CMlncatcd in our public Hehools, Itut.
When this war brok'- out, the one
touch of Spu:ii8h blood In their veins
fllltflf. Obl." 41.-!- ---
iu im-ir uiiKnown
brothers in their unknown fatherland.
Anita, a belle <?f Santa Clara County,
waj engaged to h promising young
*Tho parental nmjle had all the
f>l(;8s-you-ni.\ ( liildren serenity until
the young man onlisted: then he was
forbidden the house and < II Intercourse
v/ith the granddaughter of Spain.
Well, as you can easily guess, Cupid
managed a private correspondence, hut
one ?ad day telltale feather dropped
from his wing, and the Spanish temper
fell At hadn't been naturalized when paT\s*
mi A /MI # hlii nAtvA?? 'i '-** -
?...? ..10 |m|M-|A, new IIllO n DlgC
that bade Anita choose once and fors??
hei wof-n home tics and heart ties.
It didn't take long. With only enough
money to last a mon'h, she pluekily
cmuie to San Francisco to earn her
own llviug. As soon ns Jier son of
Mnrs hoard It he insisted upon an 1m*
tnedlute marriage. The wedding took
Claee exactly a week ago, and to-day
goes to Manila."
poor little tblug!" exclaimed I
>**#?' i
Constance. "I expect slio is just crying
her eyes out now."
"I-isten!" cried Mrrgaret.
There was a fur away whistle; a
hell; a spontaneors burst of many
whistles; the deep tone applause of
a cannon. The transports had started.
The patriotic city of San Francisco
WHR ol vfno? Ift! r?)\r\r\r* fh/v ,lAr?n
" D* ' A" P> V.AJCV.4. IU IUC UC^/Ul llll^,
vessels. Then, amid the universal
thrill of brave, hopeful excitement,
came the intruding possibility of
death and disaster, and the siren
moaned its low. irreprcssiblo sob.
The crowd at lllock Point eagerly
pressed forward to catch the tlrst
glimpse of the (Iqot.
Finally, around nn obtruding point
of land, came the Peking, majestic,
beautiful, awful. Hugging her tide,
in parting embrace, ste.\?ed the TJkluli,
chartered to accompany the ships to
the Heads for tlie benefit of the lied
Cross Society. At a short interval
followed the largo llagshlp, the City j
of Australia; then, at a greater dis- i
lance, and more slowly, glided tho |
sinnller City of Sydney?and around
about thorn all, the group of friends
to see them oiT\ all sorts and condition!!
of craft, from tlie 'rivolous small fry
of a tug to the dignified old Ktoruwheeler.
Suddenly there was n lurid flaeb, a
terrible blast, a tottering of the ground
11II *1 or < hnir ft ?? '??? 1
....uv> ...v.. ?vn?a I.UU11UII, llllSCk'U uy
the girls, directly around the corner
from then), had wished the Peking godspeed.
As each of the transports passed the
Point, tho cannon saluted, while the
I military island of Ai?atra7; bestowed
j her blessing in one long series of thirteen
guns Slowly, but too surely, our
dear lirst licet, with its priceless cargo
of precious souls, passed from us out
of the Golden Gate. I'nt long after
our poor earthly tatters of waving flags
| were lost to their view there rested
.mum im-ui uie r.'unanc glory or a
glowing sun, etheral clouds of soft
fog, the deep, intense azure of the sky? j
the heavens had unfurled their red, j
white nnd blue.
The tears fell unchecked down Constance's
face. Margaret shivered with
a nervous chill.
"Now is your hat pin chance," whispered
the sacrilegious Tom, pointing
to a solitary ligure right in front of
It was the "uninteresting mortal."
She stood motionless, looking out at
Tlinn n tnnnw?T\f * -1
, ..V-, .. KlIVI, sue Hll'UVU |
hor expressionless face upon their agi- |
tated ones.
"You have friends on board?" she I
asked, in a sweet, sympathetic voire.
"No," sniffed hack Constance. "Ilave
"One," fell the soft answer?"my
"Your husband?" repeated Margaret,
for, now that she saw her close, the
woman was remarkably young and |
girlish in appearance.
The weary, motionless face awoke into
lis natural beauty. An exquisite
flush vivified the dull, olive cheeks.
The heavy brown eyes flashed with
pride and j?y and love. "Yes, my
husband," she repeated rapturously;
"wo have been married just a -week j
to-day."?Now York News.
Vive I'opoK.
There are five Popes on the face of
the globe. They are the Pope of tlio
I.atm tj mi roll, liie schissmut'n , or ortko
d<?x. Pope; the Father of the Faithful,
ruling in Constantinople; the Pope of
Tibet, who lias .ri<KU)<>0,000 subjects,
and tlie schismatic Pope of the Mohammedan
world, who reigns at Mor- j
occo. aji live lire threatened with i
hard times: 1!KV1 ha* boon unpropiti- :
lions to them, lie of Morocco takes his |
situation with the lightest heart, and
goes on amusing himself with seicn- |
title toys. He is an amiable being, and
the son of an English mother, who bar- i
gained in her marriage articles to be
buried in British soil at CJibraltar or
elsewhere. Since the signing of the
Anglo-French accord German agents
have given him no pence. He is glad
ft mis 11 opens to nun a prospect of <
the Kmperor William following; toward i
France. civilly but firmly, a dog in the !
manner policy. Tho finest pastures In
Africa are in Morocco, and tho Germans
hunger for Ihom. Of the five .
I'opcs, I'ius X. is tho most venerable,
Nicholas tho inovt fonred, the Kultan
the most terror haunted and terrorist,
and Dalai I>nina the most mysterious,
J and the head of tlie Muslim nchismat|
ies the host fellow. We may see n
few of them hero some day taking the ,
I nlneoa i?--s? ?
vw f/iiwwci r* VII I'j All. ? ,
Paris Correspondent I^ondon Truth.
Kent Hrr "Veil" by Cable,
It cost Hoke Simpson, of Santa Ma- i
ria, Ilieos Province, Philippine Islands,
formerly of Kansas, $10 for an normative
reply to bis proposal of marriage
to .Miss Minnie Scbuntfel, of Helolt, lint
no doubt, remarks the Topekn State
Journal, he thinks he jcot his money's
Simpson, who used to live at Lawrenee,
Kansas. and Is a graduate of
tlie University of Kansas, is u teacher
in tlie Government sehools in tiie Philippines.
Miss Sehungei is a Beloit
girl, who has been teaching for n few
yoars In the public schools of IIocxl :
Uiver, Ore. Simpson has known Miss i
Sehungei for several years. Recently !
he wrote proposing marriage and ask- i
ing her to send her answer, if favor- .
able, "by eablo, rolleft."
Miss Sellungel wirinl "Yes."
Soldier*1 .SnperMltioiifi.
Anions the* numerous superstition*
of the Cossacks there is none stronger
than tho belief tliat they will enter
heaven in a better state if they are ?
personally clean nt the time they are
killed. Consequently, before an expected
battle they perform their toilets
with scrupulous care, dress themselves
in clean garments and put on the best
they have. This superstition is not
confined to the Cossacks aloue, but Is
widely prevalent, It is said, in all
nrniiciie.s or uu> mission Army.
Ilovr Very SlrnnKol
"I notiec\" barked The Scion, "that
when the treow begin to leave, although
thoy have their trunks with tlieia, they
remain right where they are.'
"Ar<tf I'll be switched," ehlpprd in
the tiOap Year "if that should
prevent us from branching jir,.'
"Although that might be construed
an a phndy proceeding," rejoined Tho
Heion, "I think the trees should not
take ufoibrage at what promises a (law
uuobraKeou* effect."
Two Littlo Childron Cremated.
Dewey Smith and Viola Weathers,
each throe years old, were accidentally
bumod to death a few days ago in
the mill village of Lancaster.
Poisoned by Unknown Parties.
"Poisoning administered by unknown
parties." That is the verdict
of the coroner's jury at Union in the
case of Mrs. Bert Gregory, the bride
of four weeks, who died in East Union
on Sunday, October 9th, and whoso
husband was arrested charged with
the crime of poisoning her.
>> *
Cotton and Farm House Burnod.
The cotton and farm houso of Mrs.
C. E. Dickson, at Westminster, ha?
been destroyed by lire Seven or eight
bales of cotton and farm implements
were consumed. The loss is estimated
at $1,000, with no insurance. Tho
origin of the fire is unknown.
A negro tenant house belonging 10
Mrs. George Smitlison and occupied
by John Calhoun, a negro, was also
South Carolina Boys Honored.
A New York dispatch says: The
American Athletic Association has
elected the following officers for the
ensuing year: President, Silas D.
Webb, of New York; vice presidents,
John B. Cleveland, of Spartanburg, S.
C.; Ellison A. Smythe, of Pelzer, S.
?." . ; treasurer. John R. Patterson, of
New York; secretary, John Ford, of
New York.
? ? *
Jury Out Seventeen Hours.
At Newberry the jury In the case of
the atato against Simon Miller, Russell
McConiack and Joseph Miller,
white, charged with the murder of
Lon Trucsdale, a negro, in Saluda
county, brought in a verdict of guilty
of manslaughter as to McComack and
Simon Miller, and guilty of carrying
an unlawful .veapon as to Joseph Miller.
Tho Jury was out for 17 hours.
The defendants put forward a pl-.*?
of self-defense.
* *
Well Known Negro Bishop Dead.
Bishop Isom C. Clinton, of the Af- i
rlcan Methodist Episcopal church, died i
ul uuuvitsiur "> low nays ago, aged / I |
years. lie had been over 50 years In '
tho ministry, having preached \vh??n j
a slave before the civil war. His ju- !
risdiction extended over Tennessee,, |
Florida and Western North Carolina. |
Court of sessions at Lancaster ad- |
journed in respect to the memory t f j
the bishop. The motion was made by |
the oldest member of the Lancaster j
bar. and tributes were paid by other I
members and by Judge Watts preaid- ;
Beats Wife and Suicides.
At Sumter. Dr. Van Delberb Hoff !
man, a prominent physician ami surKean
of the Atlantic Coast Line, after
brutally beating his wife, took a double
barrel phot kum and blew his own
brnitm out, taking the whole top ?>f
his head off.
Hoffman was a Catholic and she a j
Methodist, and he forbade her attend
lug her church. Slit- wont to church,
notwithstanding, ami the tragedy fol
' lowed.
Tho dead woman was Miss Nora
Russell, of Newberry, a niece of State
Treasurer Jennings. Hoffman was a
native of Holland.
To Connect With the Seaboard.
A news item from l uion says: Robert
Russell Co.'a hi# force for grading
(Union's new railroad to connect with
iuc ocHiiuiini mr i,iiic moved us cam>)
to Crawford's hill, near the standpipe
last week. There they have 15 new
tontB, and on the work? are 75 men, j
108 mules and 50 wheelers (^erapers). \
The road it-, now bo'ng /{railed from
North Church street. east towards
Monarch mills. and to connect with
the prosent rond to Buffalo, a tunnel
will be constructed under the Southern's
traeks near the Presbyterian
cometery. Mr. I,. \V. Armstrong is
coromiaaury Tor Hi? ciimp, and Mr. ,
\V. II Goorinon civil engineer.
? *
Synod Votes for Removal.
Afior protracted debate lasting two
days, the syn< d of South Carolina, in
ge&sion al Clinton, l>y a vote of 9G to
62, adopted tho majority report of
the educational conference, favoring
the removal of Columbia seminary and
consolidation al Atlanta with the
Southwestern I'resbyterian university. j
l>r. O. A. nineUhurn and I)r S. M. '
Smith, hoi fa of Columbia, made powerful
appeals against removal, but en
J- - -
luuaiuoiu mi me jire?,i movement swept
all ohatnolo* away.
A further highly important resolution
wan offeree making as a condi- j
tion of removal the* requirements that
the seminary nhall he adequately nou?ed
from the funds furnished by At
lantn. The resolution was docketed.
Rich Gift to Orphan House.
A cltixrti of Charleston how made h
Klft of $100,000 to the Charleston or
phan house, one <>f the aMimi *mi
best known orphan asylums in the
country. The Hfi w;u< made ay n me '
morial (o ihe late* NS". JclYor.son Ronnett.
of Charleston, and l be donor pr?- '
fnrs fhnt hl? Identity should not be
made known. Ir is behoved, however,
that the prlft wax made by A. B. Murray,
president of the Bennett rice
millB, who was reared at iho orphan
TtouiKj and was adopted into the fumilj
of Mr. Bennett when n youth. Goner- j
f\l .foiin Krcmoilt thn "nol kfl.wl,,. "
first, candidate of the republican party
for president, whs an inmate of ihe
orphan house for several years of his
Governor Hcyvvard * Good Work. 1
'ihw Atlanta Constitution, in a recout
Issue, contained "tho following editorial:
Governor Heyward deserves tho
commendation not of South Carolinians
alone, but of all southerners, for
tho prompt and effective methods Jie
has employed to bring to trial (he men
charged with bding implicated in the
recent lynching in Berkeley county.
As told in The Constitution's dispatches
from Columbia, the governor,
not being satisfied with the efforts of
the local officials to run down The alleged
lynchers, sent detectives into
the county with the result that five
men must now face trial.
The governor has taken steps to insure
not only the arrest, but the trial.
free from intimidation, of the men
who, according to the testimony adduced,
aro under suspicion of having
committed the crimc in question. In
liis efforts he has had the hearty support
of the leading newspapers of
South Carolina, who have been most
earnest in their protest against mob
In that state, as in every other
state of tiit* south, the Sentiment is
overwhelmingly against lynching, and
if the authorities are all as determined
as Governor Heyward In their efforts
to Irad and bring to punishment the
men charged with this crime against
state authority, the days of lynching
lawlessness will be numbered.
It will not require many such evidences
of determination to punish
lynching, such aR Governor Heywa/d
has given, to let the mob understand
there is no place for it in th? southern
states. Once the lawless elements understand
this, there will be no more
outbreaks to bring damage and danger
and disgrace upon this section.
It, is ininossiblo to nvnrpstlmoto Hin
value to the entire south of such an
act as that of Governor Heyward.
That act shows, more clearly than any
words cau, where the good people of
South Carolina stand, and not only
that state, but all others, are benefited.
And the benefit, can he made doubly
valuable by all officials demonstrating
the same spirit In dealing with
this great question.
Violent Attack of Diarrhoea Cured by
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and I
uiarrhoea Remedy and Perhaps a !
Life Saved.
"A short time ago I was taken with
a violent attack of diarrhoea and believe
1 would have died if I had not
gitten relief,' says John J. Patton, a
leading citizen of Patton, Ala. "A
friend recommended Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
I bought a twenty-five cent bottlo and ;
after taking three doses of it was en- j
tirely cured. I consider it the best j
remedy in the world for bowel com- I
plaints. For sale by Pickens Drug '
Store, Earle's l)i ug Store, T. N. Hunter.
Republican Candidate for Governor of |
New York Addreoccn Negro Club.
Republican Candidate for Governor |
of New York State Hiftgins spoke i.i !
New York city Wednesday night at a i
mass meeting held in Cooper Union '
under the auspices of the Colored He <
publienn Club of tho city of New Yore. |
The lerge auditorium was filled wit'i I
an audience comported almost entirely ,
of oulored people, a Iurjjr proportion j
of them boh-K women. Mr. Hi^'Kins i
Eaid in part:
"Since Abrnha'n T.lneoln 1< ? t?n>nf i
emancipator, frt < <1 the dnvo and tn?
republican parly placed the ballot in
his hands and made him a citizen, ihe
democratic party in the t.outh. Jirxt
by torror and violence, then by fraud
and strategem, and finally by forms i
of law. has sought to reduce the ni- j
gro to political sor/doir..
"President Rooeevelt is hated sou.!)
of the Mason and Dixon line becauo 1 '
he Judge* a man by the qualities o[ : i
heart and brain. which g:> to make up i ;
real manhood, and refuses to do; a the i
door of hope u> him because of iho !
color of th" fkin.
"In Ibe eonsrref r.lonfil ?l<v?tl<?n nf
3S)02 In the Mate i>f Mississippi, Mn.
total vote cast m th?? district that st-nt
John Sharp Wlllian.s the demoern ,
leader, to the house- of n.-^resent atlve< i i
was , i
"Ir. the .same ?lection in the ninth i
congressional d!:?tric; in the city >f <
New York nearly 4M,0<;0 votes wOiO !
cast for representative 111 congress. I /
"The democratic party counts the
nej>ro representation, but denies h:n>
the right to partici) ate in the choice 1
of his representatives. White suffra *e i
la being established throughout iho I
solid south, F(i (hat the whites now ev f
mrclso greater political power than r- ' i
slavery da.vn. when otiW*
of the master's chattels wore counted if
for representation. <
"This i? unjust. not only to tho nt-ji
Kro who loaea hin voto in the soul, <
but also to tr.c votor in the nort.'.i,
whoHo vote is relatlvoly reducod 1.1 i ,
weight." I ,
Symptoms of Liver Disease. <
Sick headache, constipation, billouano?K,
melancholia, dixziness, dullness
and drowsiness, coafed tongue, slimy j
teeth, bad broath. Kydalo's Liver
Tablets will relieve any of these symp
toma in a few hours and speedily correct
the trouble. They act upon tho !
liver, bile, bladder and duct, inteatlnes i
and bowels as a stimulant and tonic, i
Those who use those tablets find their
irtion perfect and results satisfactory,
h'ifty chocolate coated tablets in earn 1
txix. Price, 25 cents. tf
Get Your Money's Worth.
You Ret your money's worth when
you buy Elliott's Emulsified Oil J*inl- j
ment. A full half pint bottle costs but J
25 cents, and' you Ret your money back |
If not satisfied with results. Use It
in your family and on your stock. |
/ou'll not ho disappointed. tf
1 And nothing hotter for liver dornngement
mid constipation than
Chamberlain's Stomach rr?d Ijivor
Tablet*.?r F. Andrawn, ]>?? Mo4noa,
Iowa. For sale by Piefcenti Dpdg Co.
Rojeetvensky'e Report Changes Complexion
of Negotiations.
Vice Admiral Uojestvensky's explanation
of tho attaCk of his squadron on
Uritish trawlers, wtiile it is received
with Incredulity by the people .f
Croat Uritn.in linn iirn?>n)Jv nrr>r><l
the current of diplomatic negotiations
into a new channel.
The British foreign ofllce is, In courtesy,
obliged to accord an investigation
into the corcumstances narrate!
by the Russian admiral, reinforced, as
it is, by'the testimony of subordinate
officers of tho squadron, and by the report
of the Danish minister of marir.-'j,
communicated to the Russian government
that vessels were known to have
been chartered at Hull, and in Sweden,
by the Japanese government for
mo purpose of attacking the Baltic
squadron during its passage of the
North sea and English channel.
There are. on the one side, stories
of Russian ships firing upon vesbels
of several neutral nations, and on the
other, of incidents tending to establish
Admiral RojesivensUy's report That
there were armed hostile vessels m
tho vicinity of at least the Hull fishing
Pending development in diplomatic
exchanges the British admiralty is
showing the utmost activity in bringing
fleets within the course of the Uu<sion
They Allege Act Creating Georgia Railroad
Commission is Illegal.
The application for injunction
against the Georgia railroad commission's
enforcement of orders in circulars
301 and 302 of that body were nui
beard at Atlanta Thursday morning
by .ludgo W. T. Newman, of the United
States court, but were set for <1
Iiv-Cii 11.1K f I'lUOjr morning at 1U O ClOCiv.
All bills formerly filed in the cases
were withdrawn and new bills were
substituted by the attorneys for tne
roads. New bills from roads that
have not before asked for injunctions
were nlso filed.
The attorneys for the state therefore
Mked that the case be continued for a
day in order that they might have
nn opportunity to learn the contents
of tho new bills before proceeding to
a hearing. Judge Newman agreed to
tho postponement.
Tho features of the new bills is ap
purfuuy nn atiacK upon the constitutionality
of the act creating the Georgia
railroad commission. The charge
is made that the body of the act creating
the railroad commission contains
provisions that are different from ifio
caption of the act.
New Yorkers Rejoice at Consummati
of "Rapid Transit" Project.
"City hall to Harlem in fifteen minutes"
became a reality at New York
T>l ll? n'li? it" ?
oiimi in'- Miitiii uncry oi
Manhattan's great subway syste-a
was opened to the public.
The formal opening exercises held
in the city hall in the afternoon we.e
attended by invited guests. Mayor
McClelland presided.
Following the exercises a specif.l
train left the city hail for the One
hundred and forty-ttfth street terminus,
carrying invited guests. The mayor
turned on the current, and tlw frin
was made without event.
The actual opening of the subway
to the traveling public took place at
Long Drdught Continues and Mercury
Drops Away Down.
The long drought in North Carolina
mountains continues, the weather
there heing remarkably cold. Wednesday
the temperature was It degrees
above zero, a record-breaker. Snow
fell in Mitchell county, where no rail
liats fallen hlnce August 1.
French Deny Reoort.
A categorical denial was given ai
Paris. Thursday afternoon to the report
from London that France had a >
flfled Grout Britain and Russia that
she would not become Involved In tlu
present difficulty if it assumed an ex
trein* aspoct.
^cid Dyspepsia a Very Common Disease.
It is indicated by sour stomach,
teartburn, tongue coated and flabby,
rtomach tender and bowels sometimes
nose, sometimes constipated. Persons
suffering from Acid Dyspepsia are uhtally
thin ami bloodless. Sometime?
he sufferer is fleshy, but the flesh is
labby and unhealthy. A Radical cur?
f this disease can be effected in a
ihort time by taking one or two Rylalo
Stomach Tablets after each mea!
ind whenever the stomach is out of
->r<ler. They arc harmless and can he
taken at any time ami aa often aB iw
nocewaary to relieve the stomach
Prlal size 2f?<\ Family bize, 50c. if
After Beating Wife, Hoffman Dscides
t0 Kill Himself.
Or. Van Tellsurn Hoffman, Burgeon
of the Atlnntic f'oaat Line railway at
Sumter, S. 0., heat hia wife Monday
and then blew off the top of bin head
with a ahotffun. He was very proml
nont profoHBtotinlly and social'7 in hln
Kwtion of the f.tnio. and tie act ho?
wuised a uToat sensation.
f? SCOTT'S EMULSION serves as it
ffl <io cwry H\c weakened ajvi
fM strr cd ryjtfm along ur.til it can find
jfl f;rin support In ordinary food.
M Sew) for (ret ur.iplc
r.COTT Si HOW N K, C\m>~tn,
jU 4<v^4i; ivarl Street, New York.
5<x. and #i.ca; all ctruggliU.
TIio Kind You Have Always Boi
in use for over 30 years, ha
- and lias
All Counterfeits, Imitations an
Experiments that trifle with a
Infants and Children?Bxperie
What is CP
Castorla is a harmless suhstit
goric, Drops ami Soothing' Sy
contains neither* Opium, Mori
substance. Its ago is its guar*
and allays Feverishncss. It c
Colic. It relieves Teething Tr
ami Flatulency. It assimilate
Stomach ami BowcIk, giving 1
Tho Children's Panacea?Tho ]
^ Barvr the Si
! The Kind You Havi
In Use For Ove
oimamumlua miihimmiimi w?i*j?mi?rnnini
Georgians Ratify Amendment Providing
Local Taxes for Schools.
Georgia ratified the amendment to ,
the constitution providing a method ,
of securing local taxation for public !
schools, by a majority of more than
i 10,000 votes.
This is tho official result as finally ,
arrived at by Secretary of State Phil ,
Cook, after the consolidation of t tie !
vote from 130 couutlos. an<l which re- I
quired two days' hard work. Secretary |
Cook completed first the consolidation i
j of the vote on the constitutional 1
; amendments because he knew that j
j was the matter of greatest interest |
I and tne people of the stato wore nnx
i Iour to know the result.
Of course, the three other amendi
mente to the constitution, one limit
I ing the tax rate to 5 mills, another
providing; for eight additional counties
and the third providing for eight more
representatives in order to give one I
to each of the r.ew counties created
were paesed by good majorities.
I "Two physician* had a long and
j stubborn fight with an abscess on my
right lung," writes J. F. Ilughos, of
j^ui-uiu, un,, ana gave me up. Everybody
thought my tinio had come.
J Ak a last resort I tried Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption. The hen- |
elit I received was striking and I was
on my feet in a few days. Now I've
'entirely regained my health." It conquers
all Coughs, Colds and Throat
and Lung troubles. Guaranteed by
J'ickens Drag Co. Price, 50c and $1.00.
Trial bottles free. tf
! *
Race Trouble in Virginia Town as the
Result of a Lynching.
Berkelej', Va., is now uudcr martial
law, the trouble growing out of the i
lynching of George W. Blount, a noj;ro.
who struck T. 1). Holloway. a
Berkeley policcmRn with a lighter]
i lamp, burning him.
Itlount was arrested Saturday, placed
in Jail, and waa taken therefrom
and beaten u> death with Home h'jntl
I inurnment.
Suicide Prevented.
The startling announcement that a
preventive of suicide had been dis- t
\ covered will interest many. A run h
down Hystein, o) despondency invaria- t
l>ly precede suieide and something has r
he< n found that will prevent that con- i
dition which makes suicide likely. At v
the f!r;t thought of self destruction, /
take Electric Hitters. It being a great C
tonic and nervine, will strengthen the 1
' nerves and build up the system. It'n s
alno a groat Stomach, Liver and Kid- s
| ney regulator. Only ?>0c. Satinfac- I
ion guaranteed by Fickonv Drug Co. e
I A splendid tonicforthehair. make
I Always restores color to p.ray hair,
I Stops falling hnir, also. Sold for fil
fcumnm inm mmDKammmmnmmmtMmamnmmmmaamm
Cct (M? o*it and return lo u\ ln?ldf of thirty d/\y* and naroe
nd Vi Watch hand?cm?!v The jre made ca 14I
fjaranif-. and will Wfir * lifMMI#. The movement I', or* of the I
lotk Affair, but instead will compare with any $i% co waMi. T
whellKf y<?u desire fhc du\t proof of I adkt* or (ienta* Hunting
Okkena Chala, Ot? Intafllo Charm. Otw Pair l ever Meat-* flut
Prarl Back C?H?r Ruitcni On# TafMi (Vlemeaul .Mud. (all the be
TMf^ooi. All the above acrt Vrm provided yoj allow jt lo un
#4 <js W# t,e lo ahlp (he #Atlf?>out*t a? deocobed C.O.I
ka not the blfgett bargain you ever received front any Ttfp^the g<x
cent. If you will remit f 4 9< with order we wilt forward aIJ th? f
Present c omitting of 9aa HofWw On?a4 fUtra Flaao U s4) Kim
o offer to !ntrod<K? their Cfcara, and icchiuxi If you ere ml [**
l^orfa'itN Coital, $15,00aoa UOK4UOki
#> ^
' ' ' ' :w '
ught, and which has been,
s borne the signature of
been made under his per?
pcrvision since its infancy*
> ono to deceive you in this,
d " Just-as-good" arp but
nd endanger the health of
mce against Experiment
uto for Castor Oil, Parerups.
It is Pleasant. It
ibino nor other Narcotio
mtcc. It destroys Worms
ures Diarrhoea and Wind
imbles, cures -Constipation
s the Food, regulates the
icaltliy and natural sleep*
Mother's Friend.
gnature of _
T/2?a. .
3 Always Bought
>r 30 Years.
\y tmikt, nkw von* city.
v- f? "*
S.-t-'p. Altvrva rWlablo. a<k UrijRirut foi
(iikiikstjhs k!vu1.ini( id kfd um
fjoltl iiK'titllto lx>\<vi, M>alwl wfili blue ribbou.
I .iNo no olli?*r. Hi fuki- riniiKcroim nab?tt<
iii(i??nsi?n<l iiultnlioiiii. Buy of your Druggist,
in- -? ml l<*. in sl?ni|ti f?r l"i\i-lleiilnn?, Tnll
riKMiinlv ami "Hcllof for !!>??!?? ," <>? Irtter,
liv < < <11111 Unit. 10,000 Testimonial!1. bold by
all I riiRirlstii.
V/ivu Jtaitliiun Niinarf, Pllll.*^ PA,
Mention til: jdiu?i\
^/trS Clf?iuct and hciulll.cn tlie h*lr.
>1 ! '**8a8 Vromctti a lu?i:tiat>l growth.
? ylia^Jov^* Vnilii to lUctore Cirfty
V ivAV -Twiwl Htlf to ito youthful Color.
Av'sftVM .jTlKil Cum ? ?<"?lp diw??u A h?ir lulling,
**'' >J frW.rn.l ?) '? > ?1 Iini|^l.?U ^
f^L?foucTT |
I Wl7" Sir, Ispg'f f
I wm BJBSSDWB!nn~l
? ___ /CONSUMPTION rrlec L g
? i-Qli K OUGHCand 50a & $1.00 g
[ ^OLDS recfl Trial. 3
j SuroBt and Ciuit-jcewt Our<J fo? nU f
0 1/ES, or MONEY .IACK, k
K5Lmu.v -i. .
13 A J l lilr?t!M nnd f:?r nil Pcrpr
j/ Wlrcw in tl*<? h'lo.for
fij ftHiST Ml! I R !
1opip?f MAfutMcnv rro, K
Itlliun ninui .?.?? < i | L;j-, >')
W.E ?. Gibbes&Ccs, %
8 The Clbbc". Portot?l?- Sltiimir MucSlltiv.
Sick Headache.
"For several years my wife w?u?
roubled with what physicians called
ick headache of n vorv -? -
. J nv?uiu cuai tlK"
or. She doctored with Hoveral emiicnt
physicians and at a groat ?*
ioiibo, only to prow worso until sink-as
nnahlo to do any kind of work,
ibout a yenr ago she began taking
Jh&mbcrialn'u Stomach and Liver
"ablets and today weiglin more than
lie evor did before and is real well."
ays Mr. Georgo B. Wright, of Now
.ondon, New York. For Halo by Plekns
Drug Co. tf
Hair Renewer
:s the hair grow long and heavy.
all the dark, rich color of youtn. I
fty years." w?
youf e*pre*? and % will kaJ yoo I r?e w Sum Wind I
s. Gold on Hie oatik1e and in*1de KfornfartM by a to vc?f I
)?l 7 Ji-*eled Qnkk I'fftin I ivrrftmatftin America. Il iao Hfl
he Gent'i Own r are wrew <avi and dust pf<wf. Mite EH
The other o Free adUlet are vfi; Oa# H<llr4 Q<*4 ftattd }
IMI, O.m Mil Top Collar MmIim. On* Necktie HiLUr f?o
ll i?K OoU I'li'rdJ Al>jOr? .'ft o< *1 rl(>U ?tlvf r fflf
J you III u? f?<t??f, (o tilth CwV I or C.lj?r? vilurd ?r H|
L?. lo any rjrfi^i rfv# nijollo* full Mim'ivulon. If um
>df (<n rrluiMrf il our riprriar andy?u will n?l bceul on*
t?)i mtMlonfJ in Ihn A*. and put In Fn? a Guild fcilra
Cot t tog No tilwi Aim In IM mil i?? wl? i^Iik ''
n*<>, we tuivd r?*Jy to rtfuad you/ mh][ v

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