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fc'V.1 ' . _-. .
" Fiiks Ssntinel-Journal.j
, ?Zby?
The Sentinol-Journal Company, 1
Thompson & Rich by, Props.
J. Ii. O. THOMPSON, Kditou.
Subscription $1.00 Per Auuum.
Advertising Kates Keasonable.
Kutere<l at PlclcenH PostoiUce as Second Class
Mail Matter
Wednesday, November 2,1904.
We Iihvo engaged tlio services of
Mr. C. V. Finvles, of Biugluuuptou,
N. Y., ft splendid newspaper man,
who will huve charge of tbo circulation
a i c rni. o a ' ~ 1 l i
uwpmuneut 01 xue oeiiunei-?jouruaj.
He comes highly recommended an a
high-toned gentleman ami an honest
and capable business man. lie will
look after the circulation - especially
the pay. This will be his job. If
you see him drive up to your place,
you can just get your money out, for
ho will not leave until you do settle
Ho will also do some writing, gtv-!
ing country life as ho sees it during '
his travels throughout tho county, i
and will show to the world what a |
fine place to livo in iu Pickens coun- j
ty. Ho will put on several new features
on tho paper and next year sho
will bo a sheet you cannot do without.
With thcso few remarks, by way of
what you can expect, and us an introduction
of what we aim to do, and as
a "knocking down" to you of Mr.
Fowlee, we leave tho matter for you
and linn to settle as best you can, I
but we cannot stop without saying to '
bo at home and on tho lookout for
him, for Lie may drive up at any moment.
Tho ugliest, onerest looking
casiomer yau uver saw, is him. ile |
is as homely as sin and Liis tongue is
hung in tho middle, and goes like a
bell-clapper all the time. If a person
of this description calls on you, you
may know it is Mr. Fowles?if it ain't
? lightning rod or sowing machine
agent. So watch out. Don't bo fooled
in your man.
Let every voter in the county turn
out to vote November tho 8tli. The
polling strength of Southern States
ia always judged by tho voto polled
in tho general elections. When the
blatant Northern politician gets
ready to jump on the South and
attack iib for practically disfranchising
tho negro, about the lirst thing he
nointa tn with ?n inn ia lln. ii .
I" MV.H.U?MVV4WU *" 1,1
signiticent vote polled in the general
election. In tho first primary this
year South Carolina polled a little
over 105,000 votes. With this number
of votes polled in tho general (
election, prorated in the various
Congressional districts, our Congress- (
men would go to Washington with a ,
feeling of strength and independence.
Troubles over contests would arise
less frequently, and numerous ad
vantages would accrue from tho pootllfi
fmsnrtinir t.hnir al I'mmlli nt J tw> 1 w-Ulu
i ? r> *- -??"bvu
Let every citizen of I'ickens county
go to the polls on Nov. 8 unci vote ?
and vote right.
Farmers Must Control Pricc of Cotton
Independent of the Influence I
of Speculation.
Columbia, Oct., [29.?The committee
appointed at the recent meeting
of cotton farrnei'H has issued the fol
lowing address to tne farmers i f tiie
State, and it in hoped that it will bo
very generally read and circulated:
To the Cotton Growers of Sjuth
Carolina: At a meetiug of cotton
growers held in the city of Columhi i
on the 2Gth day of October, 1904, nc,
the undesigned, were appointed h
committee to prepare an address to
the cotton growers of South Carol in v.. !
We desire to state most emphatically
that this is a business organization
pure and simple, that I hero is noth- 1
)ng secret or hidden in reference to J
ifo I\timn<kan< i 4 o u< .!/? o?>/l - I
is to secnro for cotton growers such ]
uniform prices as will proporly com-1,
pens ate them for th? labor and cap. j
tal invested. Realizing that cotton
ia the currency of the {South, and that
her industrial welfare in dependent 1
upon the price of it, we therefore in- (
vite the aid of every cotton producer, ,
and all business and professional men
in tho Htate. \Ve further recognize <
the fact that the cotton manufactories '
are desirous of maintaining a staple 1
price for cotton, and we believe thut 1
this organization will promote the in- ,
terest of tho cotton manufacturers of |
the Rnilfch. Thin in #ti iikh n( cnnil.i.
bination and organization; other agricultural
organizations liavo bom
able to ilx and maintain a utiiple
prico for their commodities to the
mutual benefit of prodncor and con- <
Bumor, and lmve Huccenafnllv elimi (
nated tlio demoralizing iniluence of i
the violent fluctuationa consequent >
upon reckless.speculation, which linn '
proved a.s diaaatroiiH to the munufac '
turer as it is, to the producer. W? ,
declare it to be a necessity lot thojj
l . i * '
welfare of (he cotton growers of tho
South to or; *ni2e 'or Mie purpose of
protecting tlix raw material. \Ve
wish to nup?VM;, upoi. t.hb cotton
groweia tin* fum. (hut. lliey t,nl upon
tho market within ninoty days the
hulk of their crop, and dcsiro the
commercial world to take it at its full
value; to take tljo risk of storing, tho
expense of insuring, the loss of interest
for mno months without compensation
to the purchaser; wlioroas common
soi 80 would teach them that in
order to realize t? ?*. highest price they
must curry these risks themselves ami
place upon tho niarktt their cotton
as the trade requires it; in other
words instead of nulling their not tun
from September to Decombor, we pro
test that it is common senso and busi
ness to pvi tv ot a plan by which we
in ay sell it from September to September.
To this unfortumuo custom
of jumping our cotton on the market
iu bo short a time, regardless of demand
or price i'i largely due the turnmunerative
prices to tho producer.
What is the n mcd)! Millions of
dollars are wail'ng profitable invest
meut in good securities. The world
knows and c onotb'ts that there is no
k..i ?... ? t i. ? it
ucitoi MtuM'v tiiaii nniun. J1UUU?
u plan by which tin- cotton can bo retained
in the ha uls of the producer
?ud used as a c 'llatend upon which
lie can sccum money at ft reasonable
ruto of interest to moot pressing
debts, enabling him thereby to place
bis cotton upon the market at such
time and in such quantity as the
price just ill -s, is more desirable. To
this end \%e ask the not ton liioilnnci s
iii every county of South Carolina to]
meet at once, ami oiganiv.o for tho|
purpose of funding delegates to a
meeting in Columbia for tin- purpose
of formulating a specific plan to carry
out tho ideas above suggested, and I
to perfect 1111 organization which will
tuaiutain c< ttou at such a price as
will prop? rly compensate tho grower.
Wo congratulate tliw cotton growers
of this Stale) that other cotton pro
illU'imr ! i)' 11 f iri'sm ivi n <y fi\i* tliiw
M ' WW ?
purpose, and iho future is bright,
with promise for a national organization
to maintain a staple auil remuner
ative price f<?r cotton. With this cud
io view, we (suggest that in each
county the cotton growers assemble
ami semi two delegates to Columbia
on Thursday, Noyeinbor 10, U)0i
We request all county papers to copy
this address.
By request of cotton growers, a
meeting of eveiy man growing as
much as one bale of cotton is reepiested
to meet in thn court house at
Pickens, Monday, Gth November, for
inn j.iui jiokc oi organising n uoiton
Growers Union, and electing two delegates
to .State meeting, Nov. 10th,
Appreciating the liberal Hippott
iind heftrty cooperation of our sub- ;
scribers, wo wish to present e w:h and
uvery oik* with a good knife. >>n}
there is a string attached to tin: gift.
To all who will pay np to 1st of
January, 1005, and one your in advance
Ci'oni that date, wo will givo tlx*
knife. To all now .subscribers who
pay to that date and one voar in ad- j
vanee, wo f?ivc a knife; and to all sul>- i
Bcribers wlio have already paid into ,
1905, who will pay one year in ad :
vanee, wn uivo a knife. These knives ,
f?ro made and warranted l.y Miller i
nf I 1 - - I - - - - - i
viwo , wxiv) v'l tu?' utjni* Kill IU HlHii 111 <* ;
linns in tho United States. Tho j
knife in a good ono, no cheap, shoddy i
piece of metal. and at retail, would
uo.st you Hue to 10c. Some of our
subscribers who were presented with
knives la.st fall sold theirs for 50c a
IWrn tbn ^int' ,>'0U "a,e A'An*S
Slate 2iii<l ('on 111y Ofltcors,
and for Anieiidmollis to
the Constitution
itato of Foiitli Carolina, /
Conn?,y of I'icikoiiH. \
Notice i.y Ik ivliy given fiat nil flection
a ill I'ti liifltl sit tlio sj'Voral pruHncts ? ?
ihlisliiiil by law in I'irkdrj county, on
I'uosiliiy, Nfivomli'T H, A. I). l'.ioi f>?r
) 10 following oIlioi-iH, l>) wit:
Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Seeetarv
of State, Attorin v-( lenernl, State
Treasurer, Oomptroller-fleneial, Super i
iiteri'lent of Iviueat ion, Adjul int-unl
Inspector < ienoral, One K llroail ComniHhionei,
'.'otlT'f.y Superintendent ol
[''duration, treasurer, S .eiilt, Clerk of1
3oui*t, Coroner, Ho'ieilor, Auditor, ami
wo lUipiWLutntiveH.
Pursuant to tlio Constitution of SoiiMi
Carolina an election will lie held at I lie ,
<iiino time ami place for nii.emlinentfl t<> (
lio CoiiHtitution of South Carolina, pnr j
llllint fo tile fel'lllM of Joint KeMOlntlops !
S'oh. "?Ml ami !!H."?(.\els of Mouth 1 ,
Jaroliua, pp. 074, <>7o, a d c.7C?;, hk folows:
\ JOINT IIKSOIjI 'TfON Prnnoainer tu !
i'm t; ml Hoc.tion of Artio'o III. of the <
Hnit- Constitution, sons to provide for
liicnninl Hcasioua of tins (leuerul As- ,
Hcmhly. i
Section 1. Bo it Resolved l>y the
[ieuernl Assembly of tlio Hlrto of South ,
Carolina, Thot the following amend
nent to the Constitution of the Sen to of
South Carol inn be submitted to the i
liialitied elector* of the Stido ut the next |
general election for iiepresentativeH, and (
if a mnjo-iLy of the electors qualified to i
yoto for membera of the Oonernl A.ssem- ]
?ly, voting MiCreon, ahull vote in favor of |
[1 What are your friends saying |
4 iiuuui your i nat your gray |
| hair makes you look oki ? jj
SAnd yet, you arc not forty I
Postpone this looking oki.
B1MP ? j,
iHair Vigor
( Use Ayer's Hair Vigor and
8 restore to your gray hair all
| the deep, dark, rich color of
a early life. Then be satisfied.
V " Ayov's H:ilr Vigor restored tlia natural
J color to if.y gray hair, und 1 am Kf?at|y
K lilonsed. It Is nil you claim for it."
H MUS.K. J Vamiuoah, Mcclianlcsvlllo, N. Y.
8 .?1 00 n Imtllo. .T. C. AYKH CO.. I
All <lniKK'l-t<. ? l.owi-ll. Mas*.
rj i !!iwim IOr im? >??< nmm?m?iM
to ark Hair |
such amendment. and a majority of each
branc'i of the General Assembly, shall
after such eleetiou, and before another,
I'lltifv < 11r? mmn ftiiipiiiimoiit. l->ir vnoo .....1
IV.." ...... 1
nays, Section !), of Article 111, of tho
Constitution, 10'uting to tho Legislative
Departuionfc ho amended by adding after
the word "plaoo" in lino tou of Maid Seotion,
tho words "until tho otul of the
session occurring in 11)00, after which
tho said sessions shall be hold at tho
sanio time and plaoo biennially;" so that
laid section as amended shall read as
Tli aunual session of the General Assi
mV)!y heretofore elected, fixed by tho
Constitution of the year eighteen hun:v
I and sixty eight, to oonvono on the
f t Tnoday of November, in the year
"1 . ightee i hundred and ninety-live, is
hereby postponed, and the same shall bo
convened and hold in tho city of Colli nv
bill on tlit second Tuesday of January in
the year eighteen hundred anil ninetysix.
The lii-.1 session of the General Assembly
elected under this Constitution
shall oonvene in Columbia oil the second
Tuesday 111 January, iu the yeav eighteen
liun'red nud ninety-seven, aud
thereaiter annually at the same tinio and
place until tho e id of the sopsion occur- |
l ing in 100(5, after which the said sessions
shall be held at the same time anil place
Should tho casualties of war or coutngious
diseases render it unsafe to meet
at the seat of government, then the Gov* I
ernor may, l?y proclamation, appoint a
more secure and convenient placo of
meeting. Members of the General Assembly
shall not receive any compensation
for more than forty days of any ono
session: 1'iovided, That this limitation
shall not affect tlio first four sessions of
the General Assembly under this Con- I
utitutiou* |
See. '2. That the qucHtiou of adopt- '
ing the amendment prefaced in the foregoing
Section shall be submitted to tho
electors a:* follows: Those in favor of 1
tho amendment shall deposit a ballot
with the following words plainly writ
t<n or printed then on: "Constitutional
;inu?ndnie;it to Section It of Artielo 11 I of 1
the Statu Constitution, adding alter the I
word "place" 111 lini) ton of said Section
tho words 'until the cud of tlus session ;
iii 15)00, after which tho said '
se.-i ."ii sliall le hold at the sauiu tiim* I
and place biennially.'?Yes."
Those opposed to Hnid amendiueut '
shall oust a bidlot with tho following
words plainly printed or written thereon:
"(. institutional am<ndinent to Section'J (
of Article III of tL<- Stato Constitution, ;
adding niter the word 'place' in line ten
of said Section the words 'until the end |
Of the .session ;<cei;rriiig in l'JOG, after ,
wliinli LIim mM
-? nil ill l u nriu .11
tlto same time and place bicunr lly.'? {
Approved tlio lllli day ?>t February,
A JOINT iiKSOLl"TION t ? amend the
Constitution m> as lo ! .imittho Gi ? *
urul Assembly i<> enact Local unci
Special Laws on the Subject of Laying
Out, < )p< ning, Altering, ami work- J
ing Ko (Is ami Highways, an I as to
tIk* Aue at which Cit,y.u;s Shall lie *
Siibjoc: to road or Other Public Duty.
Section 1. l'o it Kt solved by the '
General Assembly of the Sti.te of Sou'h
Carolina. That t lie following n>?..n.i.^
to tiio Const.tntiou l>o agructl to, find
that tin- two questions involved in such
iimniitiimnt 1.. submit ted wpaiuti'ly ?t ;
the no.xt /** !)' *ul fl? ction to tlio ? l(K-to:'K
(pinliliud to voto for tin mix r* of tho
House o| Hfprosont .tiv?s, viz: t! at tlioro '
^luili 11<I? t to tho Constitution the '
following in It 1 it ionn I Aituiio, to lio iniin
bend }>i -]>??!ly in the const cntivo oid r '
ot its ii'ioptHiii, to bo designated as Articlo
of Amendment* to the Con
Htitutioi which shall road as follows: 1
"Ail V i- of Amendments to
the ( "lis itution."
Si i tioi I. rim (leneral Assembly of
this St.it>- may enact local or special '
laws com fining tho laying out, opening,
idlcring <-r working romls or higliwavs, '
..... ' : 1: * 1 1
,i iii(; i||t; jl.MHllll^ MM" I 110
age ..I \s iu:!i o.ti/.oiiH slmil l>o subjoot to
r< !id 'In); , Mill oonoeruiii<? ilm>nu<*p.
S' o. M. 'I 1 Subdivision Il.uulS'il) ,
tliviHion i \ of Sontion !M, of Arliolo 111,
ill flio i i il'iiitioii, aro In roi.y ropualod.
A? o?| tliu 1 <St11 day of February,
A. L>. I'.M.
A J< >f V i KlvSObl' I'fOM Proposing to
Amend So'lion 7, Artiolo VIII, of llio f.
Coir I luiiot), J!o uliiiK lo Municipal <
P>on<li<l Tud'-blodnosH. n
Snotioi I I'm* it x solved by tlio (ion- i
ril Assembly of 111? Statn of South ti
i arolmn, Tl .d tlio following amoiulmoul
lo Sootio i ri, Art1 In \ III, of tlio Coil- n
litntion, lie n; reed to; Add jih tlio end -T
thereof t ie fw'iowiiu' words: Provided. 1
furtl'or, Ti nt tlio TjimitntionK impoRod i
iv tlii? Section and l>.v Section r>, Article
K, of tliis Constitution, slinll not apply
to l?f>!i?lo<l indebtedwsn inonrred hy tlio ;
city of < 1 nviilc, 1 > i t mi id city of Orocn- '
s i1'! iiinv increase, ith t>otid<'d indebted 1
ii( - i: tlio man nor provided in unid Hoe
lion of Kind Arliclo to ;m amonnt. not ox- *
ivedinpc tif'een per eenf. of tlio valno of 1
llie t ixdde property therein, wlioio tlio
of said bonds are applied solely (
to the payment of print indebtonoBH, to I(
[ xpeiisoa and liabditiea incurred or to lio t
inenrr' d in tlio improvement* of Htreots I
find nidow ilkn, and for | rovidinpf aower- 1
iwi rt-tim < or Huy |)liri INOrOOf, '
for pnrohnaing, OHtabliHhing, owning or
Dporftfing wator worka or oloctric light 11
plants, H
Hco'. 2. lint tlio quontion of adopting
tliin amendment shall l?o submitted at '
tho n? xt gfn?>ral oleotiou to the oloatora t
iih follows: 'i'hoHo in faror of llie amendment.
shall drpomt a ballot with tho following
words plainly printed or written
Ihoroon: ''Constitutional &raon<lment of
That is S
*j^THIS STORE has decid
est for goods of equa
be relied upon as to quality
system of exchanging or ch
profits. "Right here is the
Men's Fall and
iwuK ^tock ol Uiulerwe;
to any we've ever shown, t
most dependable goods at ]
of 15 to 25 per cent. The*
what you may expect in thi:
J) In brown and grey. 1 le;
// that is non-irritating. Shirts
\j 69c quality, priced here, 481
M _ rl'() M.A'l
(L We Carry a I > i i>
( Hoi
Section seven, of Article i ?I I, of tlnn
Constitution, relating to m.micipal cor- j
porations and police regulations, W.s."i
Those opposed to sni'l amendment sh <11 I
uast n* ballot with the follow inf.* words!
plainly printed or written thereon:!
"Constitutional amendment of Setionj
*eveu, Article eight, of the f'onstitntio .
relating to mnnioipial corporations ami!
police regulations, No."
Approved the 18th day of February, |
\. D. 1001. * L
Polls i.t each voting place will be j
pened at seven o'clock a.m., and closed j
it four o'clock p. in. jo
The following u a mod persons have I
jeon appointed Managers to conduct I
said election, to wit:
Eimlev?C T Martin, .1 P. Ellison !
uui Wm Ellis.
f!?nl rnl?P. Bmii I. i I' < i ?
~ .. .vuiiiii, ?f 14 ami
I N lytorgiin. | (
Liborty? David A ('bambini, .M '1' |
Smith ami (! T Ilntehips.
I'iokous Court Houhc \V H Allgooti, ; .
J L1 Lmgstitn ami M M Huhh-r.
DiiC'Usvillti (ut Looper'n gin) -.)no !\!
Williams, T W Hill ami .Joseph 1j
Loopor. | v
Pumpkintown?A I; Kdous, Kohcitt
Jones. Thomas Keith.
Eawatoe? Jno W Thomas, A '1' Win hester,
Philip Cliapmnn. |
('ror>.s Plains (ut Williams Si Ft>cnmn- I
(tore)?-1 P .Finilloy, Forest Poml- r, i
: inuly Williams.
I iitofolion (within .r>00 y.iriln of Co.
hole) .J Craig Howard, .1 Aionzw iSruwu
I'lios Wood.
Peter's Cie? k (ut Peter's Creek Aend
>niv)?(i W (iiillin, J H Singleton, S F i v
IkOlllllHDI). ,1
Mil Ore. k (ut Milo Cre.-k oliurelij- :
l> T Alex iitdor, .1 S 11 Prie , It i Mem. 1 1
Prater's (ut Prater's Creek ehniviu ? >
I I-! Gillespie, (* C Ijuwih, Wultor tSm I
lorn. *?
Six Mile (ut Six Milo ehuivi T 11 "
Merok, M A 1'hviu, P M Dm hum.
(lillOIHl? \V A UoggS, Hen I' I1IM, "
h o I lendrix. ( ''
Holly Springs (ut Holly Spring** I
* 11111 < ! i) .1 J Chustiim, 1? C ijigon, .)ii>|"
II (inivley.
(hip Hill?Wm K Joins, ! I? .Maul-j
Sin, .) 1' Alexander. , ,f
M W Hestur's Store (ut olil stop*) - I
A'ni llexter, 1 1* .Jones, ! ' W ii >j< ?'<| i
Croswoll S liool House?W IMi.mi I
imij, V I) MoikIowk, Klliot Will. luii.
l'limsi i.l < irnvo (in I'liinkiiil ii town-;
liij'J Win 1) Cox, .1 It ''ii, Al.?i)/.'> i
b'ortner. j
()u tlio tiny n( tlm election * I ? Muni
{ ra i o ii At organixo by tlio el oliou <>! u
liairman; a elork may lie mmied if m-cr.s
ary. The chnirmiui elected is empower I
(1 to adminiHtci' oatliH to tin.' oiler luun 2
igoiB ami clerk.
Tlio Muting- rn liuvo tlm power t > Mil E
ii,y viieaney, sunt it none of tlm Mmm |
?rn uUotxI. ll?e citi/oilM can npp >int H
ilnnager.H oin among the (pni!liie>i \<i Jf
CIM, Wli , H1UT I ??5111^" H WOI'I I , Call ((III |g
I not th? election.
At 'tin o!<?>-n of the ( lection t*i.? Maim [j
'it iniiMt pioeeeil publicly to open IIih |
aliot bo\?s and counr, i ho l> dints Iher<
: , ami continue \\iiiiouf, ndjoiir:in.< : M
il I the h 0110 is coinplcl-'d, amt inane .1 1.
luteiiienf of the result thereof anil hi^h at!
lie Millie. i Cg
W11Inn three days thereafter, the B
Jhiinnan of the Board, or some one jti
leHignut'-il by the l>o?r<l, must deliver to
ho UoniininHionoiH of H.tute Election the
> '11 lint, the boxes containing the b 11 _
ots; ami ni^ood statements of the result L
>f the election. a
One of the managers at each of the
ibovo named precincts are hereby in '
trnctod to cnll at tliu Court Howko on |
ialoetluy thoVtli of November noxt, lor ..
k?xoh; iiiHlrnctioiiH; tioketa and rog:?tr.t- j
ion books*.
W II Jolinnon,
\V Ii JcnkiUH,
John I'VrffiiHon,
(JoiuniiwsionnrH HtnU; Kloction, i 1>
: : V W"
ju?a 1?! 1 _
:ater Valu<
E&rand New an
ledly increased its business from i
1 quality, but also because the cot
, style, make and service. Unsai
eerfully refunding the money pa
secret of our growth."
Winter Underear.
\r this season is far superior
insisting of the newest and
prices that average a saying
>e few items give an idea of j
5 department: | ^
\vy quality, with lleece back \ 1
and drawers to match. The j !
Y F.I j 111 liX'1 [ ] i '.A ( :
; Stock o1' Ladies' I
lloi-o'c <1i? I >1;
Busy Bet
I | ,?\ iv g i i?^ ??
M. 5 IN I UhK, |
...AND... 1
/X/N/X/V/V / W WX/V/
VATCHES. JEWKl.RV. r.rti.n anh sh.vi.'.?
pecial Attention Given to Watch and
Jewelry Repaying.
t r
give me: a call. ! |
Postofficc Busldinj* j
EASLEY, S. C. i i'
larulles :i lull line, ol Watches, j
'locks and Jewelry. Repair t
k'ork receives prompt atten- {
ion.*. *. j
(o?- iIn: \
BLOOD <3n<5 KEfcVEa.
It purifies 1ln-l>loo(l I'v <-l:i: i!ialin^ {!ii
matt?*r and otlii r iinptni> an<l 1>v
ifslroyiiijj tlio jjiTins or im oic. that
nfeal t!i? Itlond. li lui'Ms ti;> tlx hlowl
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oipusi'lcs, making 11?? K mil tic hai:<! r< ..
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a?:an?( :i lull ii*<!0 i:<>A <>! ihtvi? {?>iv<
III <uiL;!iout 111 ?-i? I i ? sysw-in It , 1
|?i'i (lily nin . unstrsri _ 1 1 v<- . in , hhis- 1
> s, n< r\ oils |>r<>si 1. ',, ami all ollui | ""
i-riiM-a ui i n<* in i v ill' y I?'hi.
KYDAI.KS 'I v >IS"I? . Mild iiiulcr a j<osi.
v<- guai'iiiit (. .
"I rl?l r?l/c ,';0 cciils. .irilly .si/c $l.0o
MA N't' T A1 II' I'.l) J?Y
K- Radical Remedy Compauv, i __
|M??iCTwrawv5i?.'., ' ^'Kfi?i8RKs*?.ai| ro.
? ftitf A iOW L;:af rr.** r<?
J %!
ii UK
"W'."* I! ins
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nice* Sja ?k ' ' * mittco S '
ON i\^r]L< ' * Prompt- y _
* s \i
"" YUV*"* n fig
(Nr>iN(K. fioiirn' i.HMM fMftuN l'" | Lfl
t IIV, I? A W Mill Aflf) WOOD j\ bB
MAC MINT liY, COHN MltiS, f*
cnv. K HOfltD liNfO [J
Cotu^,j. s. f. ? Yf!
teir?L?aEJKar>r '^#auWj
Mckens Shaving Parlors
E. T. HUNTER. Proprietor.
..Tivisuvtiii.\(i First Class,.., (),?
(Over Pickens I Store. hIn
0 i v?> iii ) u mi!!, I will lie sure tf>
leaey you. 6
..JLJ ii JL! -1!'. ".'I.1 . 1
e in Merch
d Strictly Up=i
season to season, not only because
istant offerings of seasonable it
:isfactory purchases are always mi
id.. We're selling reliable, we;
\ f < ? "
Men's jyieclrum-W'
In blue, pink and llesh color. 5
match. Sizes, shirts, 34 to 44
Special 49 cents.
WWirUT'L' I I I.* AT Tl T T
v v j v i v 111/ o i ujuivi n L
Our stock of WRIGHT'S UP
plete; thai is enough to say, as e1
Wright's are. Everybody keeps
lage in buying them from us is y<
lor $1.75; the $1.50 grade for $1.
51.15; the $1.00 grade for 89 cen
or bJ, 2o ( 1<JNTS b.
' n lerwea.r, i J: You.'
jrson Co'
: Hive.
^ tfG*45
V f I nays to take care of the
& chickens, eggs, bees wax
V to trj\o avoid making debts,
way than to look alter tlici !i
a specialty ol handling cou
\pj able, by our long experience I
such things.
We want all the tnrL-ci
A, [ tlucks, geese, bees wax, 1
can get. Our store is
goods, and our prices wi
A \Y<! have, but oiu: prict
j*! pleasure n! knowing that you
L{ right, and as cheaj) as any
/ J your trade and will always
money's worth. Respoctfi;
c i
A. , E "V* -urn It -- ?
- , A. .ill ? \timsn*
Pickens Bee
The Pu kcins I -1 M arket has
om Ik t\wn tin- store" and
me our customers. We handle
ider.il intl how to butcher beef a
ats to stiii you. W<*. pay highes
aiul porlc and sheep. We will
( onv: to see us Yours for
yk <a.iio i
llinniofnn I'nnioin riftjiA/i- i
.uiuiuoivU IGllIUlO j PI
will open in iti< new htijMin^ft nt
Qroerswood, s. C., n
'J'naHiln.v, Sept. '27, 1901.
i- wcll-knovii advantage* with viriiaiidditionf.
Moml foi* ml.r.logno to
Rev. Jolin 0. Wilson,
sepw6 WillinniHtoD, a. C. 1 ? ?
?? ' ' ?
andise I
to-date. <? ?
e its prices are the low- fir
icrchandise can always
ade right by our liberal a)
ithery goods at short
____________ f *
;i ght. Ribbed S
aar ff
Shirts and drawers to 7)
; drawers, 30 to 40. \)
sIDERWEAR is com- \
yery one knows what ?
them; the only advan- \l
)ii get the $2.00 grade //
34; the $1.25 grade for ^
LAC 11. I
re Interested C
So I
1 ???"1 ' win. *
5 little things, such as " r*m
?_? ?.? LVV> 1 ) V_CV>., It ptiy ?"^jj
, and there is no better y
tile things. We make ^
ntry produce, and are JL
to pay a good price for ?
VS/v A/SA * V^WWW, A )/
/s, chickens, eggs, %
Hitter, etc., that we J\
lull of nice new
11 do to rely upon.
so you can have the w\j
arc buying your goods
body. We. appreciate *j
try to give you your \
illy, J
rt STORE. *-^9 5
J> -' J* J -&W)
if Market!
just opened up in the store
I )ock Pases, where we welnothing
l)iit the; best. We
.11 el do it nicely, and can cut
,t market price for beet cat*
also buy you hides and talbusiness,
auldin 4 Proffitt, \
I'lcltcitN, S. o.
Inckflmithing and Woodwork,
Kepninted nod striped namO
uH now.
All Work Guaranteed.

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