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Picksas ktiisWournai.
HaDueninas of a Local aiid Personal Nature.
t * .
?It in about timo to l>oc?iii to
stall-feed the Thiuiksinvini/ turUMv.
--Read It. C. Carter's now ad and
getjoosted ou prices.
-^Misa Josio Bog^s, Easley, ih
Son a visit to the family of Dr. J. N.
?Miss Lila Folder, of Central,
^ visited relatives in Pickens the iaet of
^ tbo week.
?Mr. ami Mrs. J. MoD. JJrueo
made n brief tt'ip to Atlanta tbo last
^ of tbo woek. 4
? , ?!' Euone Ali xan^M^an^TSrufcHl
Folger attended a H a I lo\ve)<o a r ty at
Eosley Monday niybt. \
?You cau got barb wiio at 3c per
lb. and nails at $2 50 per keg bant ?
Carter's, Liberty.
- Tbo President bas appointed tbe j
widow of Gen. James Lougsl.reet to
be postmaster ufc Gainesville. On.
?Soo now ad of J, D. Mnoro.
steak 8 c<?iits n pound; sausage 10c u j
pound; roast 0 to 8 c<-nts a pound at
?Loo Roper and sister, M iss CIo\ ie,
of the May nurd section, eutoivd the
1'iekens Graded School Monday
? From n >\v on N. D. T.iylor \vi!! ,
coino to l'ickeiiH reguiariy ivt.'ty Wed- I
neuday. Come on those days and j
have soiue liuo work done.
? Wo invito cor rospnu deuce on
live topics of the day, and important
local happenings. All such will be
appreciated and published
?See the new ad of Crane &
Haines, the up to date butchers, j
They are serving all kinds of meats
in season, carved to the queen's taste.
? John (Jlenn, colored, warns everybody
from Liritlg or harboring
his 11-year-old son, .John Lawrence
n\ --.i. i r. ? ?
vjriuuil, WHO ICIl I11M liOlUC Oil tUC. "S( til
?Cadets A. Brandon Taylor, 1' Il'hi
Morris, I'Vauk McFnll, <jr'?g^ Muiil-|
din, Jim Carey and John Fieldn, of
Clemson College, t>punt Sunday at
? See the new ad of Craig 35ro?
in this it-sue. Thc-so eiilerpi ising
young men are daily increasing their
largo C'ihIi trade by their low juices
and lair treatment (if customers.
? Married 011 the 20th iust. at th?
homo of Mr. and Mra. Frank Farmer J
parents of thn bride, Mr. Wdl .Ioimh'
of the Loopor's (jin section, to Mist*'
Dora Farmer, llov. 13 E, CJrandy of ]
liciatii g. j
Levi Sunders haB boon raising
^ pome lino bcetn this year. Ho bought
the seed from tho Pick en 8 Drug Co.,
5 .1 i - 1 '
imu uiey now nave soido or Ins lieelH
on Exhibition in tlx-ir allow window
^ tha? weigh 9.^ pounds.
V. V --Don't fail to see tlio ad of Ij.
Cope!, in thin issuo. lie 1ms 11 lurge
and varied stock of clothing and
gent'w fuminhitigs, ami haa put tlio
price down ao that verybody can
?<uy. Don't fail to read it and to call
ou him. ^Io will treat you right.
?~?f 1*j. M ill- 11 rrn/nl ??il ir/i;?
Bucccesful furinot* of tl.o D.unuvi'.'e I
&id<>, was in town Wednesday at the
corner&tono layir.g. Ho says ho lms
a lot of hirdti on his Im.d ami litis it
all posted aud no ono will he allowed
to hunt on his Innd ivillima
?All day lit Six Mdo
church next f'linday, Nov. 5th. This
is a convention of tlio "old folks,"
und all old folks are asked to attend
Everybody is invited to attend and
to biin</ their hoii^ books and well
tilled haskots, and have a dav of < n
joyublo fringing.
? Married on Sunday, the 23d of
Oct., 15)0.1, at tlio ivMih nce of J). J)
Garvin, Mr. Walter Dobson, of Pickoi)H
county, to Miss Teiiny ObiHpit,
of AudeiBon county. Th* buppy
couple luivo tho c mgratiilatioUH of
runny friend t. i>. I). Garvin, N. P
performed 111 > <wrom my.
I ?Rev. J. JO Foster has a biwv mill
s. i located on 11 in farm neat1 IVturM
\ n 1, ..i 1 1 :
- vicun uimicn, IIIIU IK CU'llUg POnit'
mighty lino lumber, both pun: and
oak. Ho ci?n till your hill for ??uy \
thing yon want ami will noil pin?
lumLer nt 8(1 cuts per hundred lit
tho mill. (Jail on him to till your
next bill.
.?See ad change of I'ickobH Drug
Co. in unot'nor column, 'i'hoy curry
h h.rge Htock of family anil patent
medicines. IVcscriptiona cnrofully
compounded from purest dings hv a
licenced plinrmaeiat. Full line of
toilet ami fancy article** of ovory doBoriptiou.
Christmas floods in yroat
profusion beginning to arrive.
? Married at the n-Hidonea of her
father, Mr. Jiunea (Ireen, on Sunday,
v 1 Oct., 30th, 10^4, .MisK Mat tin Green
^ to Mr. Jilufnrti J'Vrim.r in !??
- - - ? " I" '
?aco of ft boat of relatives and fri? ml*.
After tlio marriage coromony limy
were 1??<J to the dining room where
tho tftblo w.irt laden with many
rfY"~ things to eat, whiuli Mr?. Griv.u
Mi known how lo prepare. Ji I). (l?rvin,
N. P., performed tho coremouy*
-tJ. Mut L'ocley, a very wealthy
^ ^ o.itizon of And or sou bounty, died at
j.i Williamaton on tho morJiin# of tho
2<>lh olt., from a com plication of
troubles. Air. (Jool.-v wan urnll
to many of our readera, and for nevAral
years ho roado Eisley his hcadqti
air tars. Ho was never tnurriod, and
lit* lar^o estate, amounting to hoiiiotbii>K
liko H'JB.UOO, was left to liiu
nephew, V&nue Coo ley of Anderson,
and to his niooe, MUs Ii>la Cool' y of
?Jaiuoa Medlin, aged about twouty-two
jours, died at his borne at
Piedmont ou the 17th ult., after an
illucHK of about six wreks duration,
from typhoid-pneumonia. He wan
t>Dl-ied the day following bis death at
New Hope ohureb, in Oconee countv.
Ho loaves a wife and one child, bosidta
bin futhor and fivo brothers aud
fivo sisteiB. Ho was a brother of V.
Sloan Medlin, of thin county.
?Elbert Hestor, wlio ut olo tiiuo
bad charge of the inechuuiciil department
of The Sentinel, but who for the
past eit;ht yearn has been in Texas
and the West, was in Pickens the
tirst of the week, shaking bands witb
bis old friends. He looks as natural
us bo did years at^o. He came to
Kaeley at out a month ngo to bo with
bis hister, Miss Sallio Heater, who
died on the 15t.h nit. Elbert has
prospered, and was fortunate enough
io diaw a farm in tlio Indian Territory
? few years ago, which, by dint
of hard work and good management,
! Iih lias wonderfully improved, and
j now it i? quite a valuable piece
I | i. perty. Ho left Friday for his far[
ah) home, carrying the beat
<> nil of his frieii'lH that much good
luck, happiness and prosperity may
attend his every effort.
A Surprise Birthday Celebration at
O.. V.I?w. 'Hill. -1_- r ' > -
wil i]UU"nl) lUU ..MILI1 <>I WOIO*
Wer, your humble scribe attended u
most enjoyable surprise birthday
celebratiou ut the home of Mr. William
It. Garrett in the Six Mile seetion.
On Sunday morning at nine o'clock
| it WiiH agreed among the children,
| k'rnndehi:dr?n, and a few m ar rela
j liven I hut all moot j,it a certain point
in the Pickens road, form a procs
sion and iniireh to the home of Mr
and Mrs. Garrett to celebrate the
00 111 birthday of tho foriuer. All had
prepared well filled baskets on Satur
I <uiy ueiorc, nun me secret wis not
disclosed to INIr. Gurrett until the
hour for dinner lmd arrived and an
extraordinary long, large table was
leaded down with every imaginable
good thing to eat, yea even groaned
under it* great burden. The father,
now fseilted at the head of the table,
willi an expression of thanks cxlendj
ed to tlie P? inntifiil Giver of till good
| things and observed the even dozen
children <>f his own mid tlx: grandI
cliiidii'i), besides ii few nephews and
is?ices, it win an easy task to lead his
thon hts for his heart wits tilled with
gratitude mid joy unspeakable, while
tho frequent lemarks of the inollu r
iuidcd even more to the pleneuro r.nd
delight. of ail present,. It, was truly
n happy occasion and a time long to
be remembered by tliotio present.
Aftev dinner all assembled in the
: Inryo pn?lor where an organ was
brought into service and all joined in
singing funiiliur, good old smil stir
ling Hongs -making itn l.i lv in the
heart, and us the huh "as bonding
low and the time h d :ir?-i\ .1 to say
good-nyo all j lined i'i i hmg the
father, the mother, and
grandmother many more birthdays.
i'he following uio the nanus of tiio
Hons: James, Edward, Wi'liam,
Manion, Klzie, Waddy, Nel.--.on, Yar
die and Benjamin, all of whom have
families except the last three named |
| l'lio daughters aro Airs. IjoIii llico, 1
Mrs. Dora Abercrombio ami V rs
i Nora Dillinrd.
Your scribe would add tliat ( nolo
William is in good henllii, halo aud
! hearty, and reminds the writer of his
brother who is the* father of vonr
scribe and lies buried on a certain
battlefield in Virginia.
\\ e would n.>t elose without speakingot
Uncle William aa a veteran
and a pioneer settler in the Six Midsection
who drove br.ck the deer and .
frightened awiiy the wild turkey
Now )ou can observe the prosperous
| Linns owned l>y lit) eliil.lron of this
I pioneer, while ho slill li dtls posse*
sion of the "houio place," ninl now
this second generation can only iimg
ino whnt this section around Six
Mile Mt. once was. Of course th?*v (
can't realize v. hat it onco wan?all in
In (rival forcfit \sill< no heautifii'
I homes.
Whnt a chui)?<> in Hfly veins ; yea,
whiit 11 I'liiiiii'i: in t 11 iir lii'fonn vicn'< I
! iuhi whilt will tins ni xt two in vii
ti 'iis hoc ? The questio.i i.s merely
1 umiumi, not no attempted uimwor oven
| ulVcl Oll.
liortt wisheh to all .J (J. (i.
, Mrs. Sarah Ann Russell Dead.
v. /At tlui homo of hur <hui;:htor, mm.
V II. lJulonlmo, iiour Central, on Oot.
<t./i o..t \i .... i?.. ? ii i i
iiiu njnj ;i. v;? .?|in. I V * * r*r??'' Ul'IMl
Ilic prison barn of ilt*Hh and 1\ft the
frail tenement of day uiul winded iIh
lli?jht to the I'fiilma of blisK in <? nvciii.
Mrs. llussell whs born and brought
up in Anderson county. When sdic
married, she moved to Central, where
.she lniH lived 60 vears. She was in
her 84nd year. She lo<ives two ehiidrun,
Mrs. >1. II. lialeidiue, of ('initial,
and Mr. (}. W. Ilus&oll, of Oconee
county, and a hopt of relativus an I j
iiioniia u? mourn tiicir loan.
11 or fuooral ncrviccg wens conduct
< <1 Monday morning, Out, 2, at t!j?*
family burying ground ouo milo
norlli of Centra), lit 11 o'clock, I v
Hcv. (!. C. Frieks. ttlie nl?. p-< quirt* ,
iy by Iwr hunhand, who proceeded :
licr to glory mmc lluiu 1'.) yearn ago \
Her merry voice in Ktrnngdy liufllnd,
A fid tftlnviasl t lw? 11?ii. *\\?iw*
-> O
Her genlle, lovinuf, tender heart,
in hole tun slum bo t lien.
Danger of a Coit^li.
Pneumonia, grip, oold, bronchitis and
nearly every other dangerous sickness of
I his kind is usually tbo duvolopmont of
II alight aougb. Tqo many people are
laid up and too nyicy tlie from dinunsofl
U/hAVn fliAV AA1l1<1 OA nooilii lr?..w.lr ll??i
-MVJ MV/U ?V. "V n?i"Vii\ I (lilt
flwtoough in the lirad. Murray's Hornhound
Mulloin anil Tar cu:o< colds. It
iiiHt drops tlio bottom out <?f u cough.
Every druggiftt haw it for 2">c a hottlo.
ltomembor "MuimyV aud tiki no other.
ltogular DOo mze.
We Are Re a
TM II-T i ?1
? 1U unijjtai rtliv.1 1111L UlUglJ
upper South Carolina can 1
bought these goods for CASH ;i
prices on them. Below we giv<
of our goods.
100?3.50 Beds, live
125?<>.00 Beds, six
50?8.00 roll ft. <> 1-:
100?10.00 Oak l)ress<
-i K Ikik/w/v *
?;mmf \tjik uresser
125?3.50 Waslistii nds
The best No. 7 Stove on e
A large No. S Stove, 2S pi
I ii fact \vc have nearly every!
IVIetts & Ja
| P. D. C0!
^ jKaaia?BTinn?nvMtwwTi-n
)) Combs II:iir \\
M Shaving ar
\\ Our Way.
\S 'cm to move. ^
\ Pickens Dru;
fl "We Strive
XI.~ ? f> 1
I 11U VVUIIIcUl I Hill s uuuu.
Uo, rod tinmen! Liift vonr fjiasM-- np, |
Kur.li t/.illfuit, each swain ami lover?
\ hiss to the l??--ds thai hrim in tho ?*n|>
A IiiiirIi lor I'm* !' am spilt. <>v?>r-?
For tin.' :<onl is a lilt ami tho heart bents
Ami euro 1ms unloosrnt'il its I. tii? r;
'Now ilriuk," s iiil the sage, "tor tomoi*
row wo ilif,"
So lot's linve a toast together:
Swing tho goblet aloft; to tin- lipH 1ft it
Then Ix'iul yon tin/ knee to address her
And drink, gentlo airs, to tin- queen ot .
11 * ( m nil?
To tlni wnnmu Hint's good?God blu?s ;
0 youth is a niadenp inid time is a churl;
Pleasure palls and remorse follows at- (
*?? ; j
The world hustles on in its pitiless whirl, j <
\\ ith its kisM1..!, its tours an I its laugh - ; (
tor. ,
1 hit there's one gentle heart in its bosom
of white, I
The maul with the tender eyes gteamh*g?
Who has nil the wealth of my homage
Where she lies in her innocent dream- i
A.lill a watch o'er her over my .spirit (
The woman that's good (rod hlnss
\hl I'oficmia's honey was suflet to Ihe
Ami the song ami tlie ilauee were alluring
The mischievous maid, with the inuti- t
nous lip, I
Had a charm that was very ensuring): ,
I? r. il... I... * ?i i
imii v?m i i iiiii i*iii r?m? M\<.- ? HJUIlfi J'.I.Ml ,i
iniixin nml hu!o : }
Of that world of tlif tawdi'.y olovi?r, | l
l'lifi-0 ll >ats 11.?? I'uv .poll <?f the pmv 0
llltli! filOO. 1 |
That eli-isml away f ?11y fnwer. v
Ami I drain my last toust nv I go t?? my
(Oil, fol'tllll:!to Oill'tll t'> pOKSOHS llOV? )
To thu (loir, toixlor heart in t!i little
white brofist
Of 111?> woman that's good (Jo I hi -s |
h. rJ 1 ,
Notice to the Public.
On and after November (>lli, I'.Mi-l,
passengers will not lie lmndlfl on
freight Imins on thft Chariot to D vi-1
lion, No. '!!{ iind No. (51, bet v ecn
(Mmrlotte niul (iroenvilht mil N . l'>7
trii! Nn tiS hnlwmin flwonvilln nn I
Toecort >iik1 No. (>5 nnd No. (?l! I o?1
twron T.ktob and Atlantn.
Hro tUrt Morgan,
Asst (Jt-n. Push. Agt.
Southern llwy. ('??.
Ai,-d Iron Mim i'il liaa limbic p w r,
t.i quickly hfftl fills wound-*, I u s '
xlxl old Stops hloiul ll i\v ii
stuntly. h'or timnor beast.. Sol I i-y [
j (
All poi'Mons having c|tiiin? nf;\mik! t!?? 1
estate of J. \V. Price, deceased, will j>f !
nont tho name, properly attested, to A.
T. Moggs, Executor, on or l>y tlio 1h(
lay <?f Doc., 15)01, and all pei>ons uwinu
said oatato Mill mako payment to A. .1.
Hoggs, Executor, on <>r l>y the altorp
dale. A. ?T. Bogga, Exacutor
n-'2-3t of the osUto of J. W. Price,
Notion to Debtor* mi.l ('r)illlort.
i\ll puraona hnyi \'A claims against the
mfiif.n i?f Andrrw Hut lor di. i/iouA.I .. :n
i ros jn'. tho e in \ duly nttoatnd, for
1 aymmt hv the Ut <lay of next.
Those indol>led fco taid cHtntc will miiko
payment to J. B. Hut lor,
O. p. Builer,
ZjQ it, 27, 1901. Administrators.
dy For You!
ificent stock of Furniture in
)e found on our floors and we
iiid have put K K O C K-O U T
e the quality and price of some
feel liigli, for $3.00. N
" " " 1.75.
I feet liiiiili, for 5.75.
irs, lari?(4 i;iass, 8.50.
s, medium glass, 7.00.
for - - - - 2.75.
U1T Vim SI 1.50.
artli for SI0.50. 2S pie<*es..
uccs, 815.00.
;hing that j^ocs into the house.
irr*-?*=*<c, Greenville,
IHll?r??9 So. Car.
wmmi tj
riifUAfi I MI.I K \\.
I unilt^, JLUUlll, )) i
id Clothes (k
arc m ((
We Want L
l' 1 r ! n ' I v/\ i i f i 4- fM
LC51V UD ClUUUl 11. |
? Company, !!
to Please." ^
acres of land known ;is tho
11. M. l<\?*t<?r p';iri\ on Sj ihIm
ri\rr, adjoining hinds of .J. S. Williams,
(5.T. 11 -ii?l i ick.i and ot Ium*?.
About 1 b> a>ie> in culI ivat ion. 55.r>
ncros line river Imtloni, hnhmce in
fine ??ri??inul ion si, well t.tinIx rod,
watered. good Iiousch and pasture
uid con veil in i) I to church and
school. Price cheap ami t> rms
to sii;t purchaser. Titles ^ood.
Also to r> nt ' in* }^o< d two-story
1 Willing, storo hoii->o, (me stand tor
30111.try st<>r.', out (mi Idin^p, pasture
and twenty-live acres yuod
and. For terms and further ]>.iiLiculars
apply t->
C. 10 JIOBIXSON, Ally .
I'lckciis, S. ('.
W.inti (I liii.lv or gentleman i>f
air i <1 iii*ut i.>n t-> travel for n firm of j
j-2:")0,000 c ]>itill. Sidiu v $1 ,t'72 per I
* car ai.tl espouses; paid weekly. Ad
iirc.-s, M. IVrcival, Pickens, S I'.
To Cure n Cou^li.
Tlu> i< " -.<> pro^,il(?nt taoso liv< 1
ih:i >lly <1 v.-.)]> l><-foi'n voi; roaliz what .
ut- Ij i]>|>ii.< ?I Niiw the l?i>>t thiim to '
lo is to t K? llic iiiir | ioliiil>l(! < iu;li
mv you cai! Noil." I> Per than ;
dunviy's i loiolioiiml Mnllion ami I ar.
t i-i ma l > of Hit- pniost ii yrodii'iilH ami
ail !'< given In in! nit?, -is woll ;m ctj? >vu
<??:>\11 aii else cr < n i; i',s. v iii
vill timl it at all druggist <. 2 Be a l>ottlc
?1'\' ra large liotl lo.
An ol<l TiiiMf Kcntcdy.
Murray'* II rnlioipul Mulloiii nml Tar
ia<< in it tlio purest of drug**, all of
vim-:. \?iT" used by our parents and
It" iml pali iiU. Il is ft iMiiiluiiation ho
>nt to.(f(ii't that it oiiic'h a cMimh ri?,'!it !
>11'. NoMi n<; is i t-Hi r for lubics. It in
i m<>U i ll ItWi iMU'o fur nil eases of
!ous?liH. .\s'< your ilniggist fur it, Tlioy i
ill h ive it 1 .nly. Costs only 'J.V ;i l?ot,'t!
?I'Xlr.i I 11 I> ?lt li's -iepjulnr ">(ki *i'/.o
tiomeuiboj' to nsk for ' .Miura.vV ami
iiko no other. ?
For Infants and Children.
Ths Kind You Have Always Bcughl
1 :1'
ricks&s Railroad fapy <
Timr. r.\ui,i: no i <
Su|icrHc<ies Pluto Tniilc No ;t
I.it . < ( i\ i A iik. 10 I;<u
Itc.ul Down ]{f . i*ci(
No ie N.I 10 siWfioNs No It ' o t'l
MiXOd Jllxo.1 Mix,.,I llxcl
14:10 pm 10: |o Mtn Iv I'irkons nr 2:.V>iina ?t:3o inii
t: pin Hi: 15 mil Imtkiinoii l.'ijun (l .'.'i pin
t'MVpin lll:*i."> tim I'msim's '!.;*l|'in fi: 15 j>ni
5:<X) pin 11 :(?l .mi \rlnllv 'Jv.'lipm 11:10 |?in
5:10 pni 11 :(>.*> nin Mniil.lln ?!:'jnpin tf.M {iin
,V. 15 pin II:Ir. iiiii tir Kniioy ly in pi.i J
*KliiU SlnUntu
AM Irtilus <Ully except .Huniiny
So, inconnects with snotiu'in Htillwny No 3.i
No 0 conned* with hoiiiIictii Uiillwity So li
No. 12 counoctM with southern Hallway No II
No II connect* with Southern Railway So ld
|ST*Kor Any Information apply to
J '1 TAYLOR,til Manager ,
C x e n,<? r 1 \I t
For the past six weeks we have been rec
GROCERIES, and 1IARI)WARK of every de
ation, that we have by lar the largest, most con
have ever placed betore the trading public.
This department is complete in ^
overv detail. All tt; late I tliiny ,n- \
in wiusim^rf and KlcirtingH with ^\\\ ^
lac-a und trimmings to match.! \ \V
Don't I'aii to fc t our I.no of white /
goods and French Klunnols f ?r ^nIt1! '
wjiistp. CaRfimeres, Worsteds, i'
KlannelrJ, Out ing?, Ki-rsovH, Water ^
proofing, Jeans, lilanketB, Kites' jfj*
and Art Squares. >
Our line of .Jackets ranj>c in
price from 00 to *7.00. 10v?ry
conceivable color and style. 1 ii?r- ^ Jl
t>e.M. line ever hi.own m Pickens.' rfyjr^,
bkiilH from ^ 1.00 $0.00. All the,
nopular colors, fabrics and si/.i-s. i '
J \~0 VERC.
I ()vcrcoats and M;
an | ikx,v> vv",,avu a",
_5 i Km' ( terns and colors. T1
I 1 |t|H 4 :'!.' | style, finish, and doll
i i i\'* - I '\ ^ chase, is what YOU
' iT / i*\i ? j ov:ri:(),lt Of ws. An;
'I p?y?from $!{.,")(> to
blivillf VOlir ovcrrnn
jj they arc pickctl over.
X^'OT^V^ jj} ' 1
"Rat tin AxoM shoos are the kind that wvar longer
thsin any ot her make. Ttmo has pr->von I his. ]
Our Pile- on II?111?' A x kIio.^ ;1i ? t hrno l i inns what a
wo over o.xp< cted them I<? l<o. Wear out; pair and
you will always want the I'att'c Axe. Wo also jj
cai r\r ll<?yal Hluo shot; al <1 ;">() !'.?r iii-mi, and jj
mo oieiH.Mi oiioo at ih one ot tuo nobui-'st ?
moil's dri'ps shoo rn tin* market.
Just i'hci.ivi <I :i -< 1 i<I cur of l'*uruitiir** besides tvi<? J
shipments of Clnirs, I.ouni; s, Null Uneks, Side
Hoards, Folding I?eds, I you don't be ievo
wu can sell you Furniture at ?ho ri^ht pric * just
ui\.< our line a 1. <>k hdloi'H you buy. ft >ii?I Oak
Bt?d Uiioin Suites i'mni $I;">.U(.) to .<}(??> 00. (>>tk !
15 vis from ><:2.o0 to ()o. Dn-Msora I'roiu $/> tu j
Yours l
rOLGER & 1
Shoes, 1 Iats and Gents' Furnishing Goods
Strauss <S: Bro.'s Clothing, Stetson Shoe
...The Store For BARGAINS,
*ri .. u. t ; . . . .1" I.. t- i. .1-. v,.ii .
}J pricLS now "ii ih.'M' uoods tli.it lms i \<t 1> c
S latida ril H ft I s (ivi- c? i.ts ji i \ aid
5 i
jj with evrry cash curehasf ><l dry ^oodh, > tn
I t I ~.wl I w I v. lk, ? I. .V O - V. I \ . .. U. I 1.1 ...I
rj U'Mhii-h Oiinifj w "MM |U|' |M1( w i .? m i vi . m
IciitH |>f*r ll>. Nmils at $'J 50 |> r keg I>ah<
I( 'OOK 1 N<! STOYKS ?<> f>0 sru! upwards, wit;
Mint iiuiki'8 cooking a pleasure.
II ri,? :,,rmvns f'J* 'U'O th<> I OS
I * Bfl yJ O niarkot. Try a pair and you
' j
Wo arc Closing out ail <
Youis loi Hnrgains nud Ik-ki
Mflllul! Mullet! Mullet !i I flfti
mil nil l<in<l> of Fr? hIi and Silt W nt i | I IB
I tli mill ovs'fi.t If you arc drilling o, ' R
"'n ?li I''t i <>r intend t?i dri.l in tl.cm: kjJm W
\ riic lor prit'tw anil s -i I your or<l< i - to, WmJ
I'kwiiy 1 I SI I <'()., t limrlf h!om. S. i , <i|
f)i,i;.Miu.\ Kisii iSc k k t o.. coi.mi Aflfl fl??B8KH]9
-l'|. ii . i.ulii H JQ JJ
bR. J. H. BURQE55, j i did n<
..DENTIST.. H'oinn ^ 1
SHNKCA, - a. C. lor ?lll tulG
Office ovor Nimmonn Stoie, Doyle IjCV tIT0 Ol
hrnrn 0 a. ni. to 1 p. na. ~ 2 p. m. to
0 p.m.
HnngnK '' ^;:,v i!^?.98||^|
eiving train loads of New Fall Gootffife^ireHk^B
scription. We can safely say, without ]M| ^
lplete and best bought stock ol goods tha< V
This is our main lino and our
| prido. Buying, as wo do, from
W /\ ' i six of tliu largest clothing manuBl.
I \ *
Pi i lactam's in tho world enables us
to qive you lit, stylo, and quality
! that is unsurpassed. Suits for
men from $.'>00 to $18.00. Can
(it any size, stout, regular, or slim.
From $10.00 to $1?S 00, we handlo
: !j|]M J St,rouse liro's. lli^h Art 01ot.li\
V, [ iiiexclusively, tho best, fitting
V! ' clothing made. Wo are handling
\ Mrs. ,i ii i u) Hopkins' make ol cloth,
V iiifi for children and youths. Chilli
Hjij' (Iran's suits from $1.00 to SjiG'OO.
Youths Iroin $2 o0 to sf'S.fiO. When
you buy clothiny always buy the
best. (Quality is what, you are after.
nckintoshes for every- rt
t1l<? * 11 ' " A
lie very best j^rade of jj
i, thai money can pur- ,1 ^
y price you want to |
817.00. Don't delay | || '
c. Lome now before, j!
From $3.50 to $\ 7.00. j
1!ig stock <>1 Buggies Wagons : 11:< 1 Surreys. Every
0110 knows what tin; Mitch'?!! wagon ip and
c\"iy oiin should have the host wngou. The lightest
rum i:ig and most endurable. A little higher
1.1 juic.i, | or haps, 1 >u' ever s> mwe.n better in wear.
Buggi s md Surreys in any stylo and at any
I'i < '! v n v i ii.
])on\ i' Mo sre our lan;v and >voUsolrcli'd
U\ux of IJiiirs. Art Squares,
IMHmvs aiul l.'asels.
Call -Hi ns when you <: >mo to Pickens.
Wo aiyrr>eialo your truilt mid will d<> all in our
power t<> plea si' you.
Remember we unarm) too every trade wo make.
a specialty. Sole agents lor Batllc-Axe Shoes,
, Mitchell W agon. :::::::::
tKTsraTfmuv<fv< tKiwTwniiim.JvTi
Where Values Are BEST...
"~"v" - ??* "~Y|
IIS, f1 )l' (S, JiK luMS, Skills, i 11(1 11)1! lowest j!
li i II,Ml <1 t' i 11'i of 1' t I\?mip county . )
('< si's 11 ) ji'l i ools |'or ( ( itth.
us m (I ; ' ( ' s to t In- ;iui' lint of >'!
r l( iid i f bai li w ii e tjiid nails. \\ i ! jt
1 ,yiieiil'in'u ('liil led plow: I hey nr,' I ho ?
It lull liui! ,icc \o9flcls. We have the kind J
t )ill round S'no'-'fl on I he P" P !
will I ill y iio other uiilko. v bo ll* v |
3iher GVIakes at Cosf. |j
t VillllUft.
" EE! f"^! I'lltCHTV, S. <\
1 ^ ^ -- \
>1, ( omo here and I am Kt>t
.eave here. I pay you '6ash
sse things, and you reruemJ
id meat market. ' v.?
_ J. D. Moore. i

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