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ipA>7: :;V> v
' -> \. 9
JL Convention)* and AeHoclntlon*.
MPi I^INIO Interesting feature of
educational work is thu
|j holding of conventions in
?V-/ connection with the build01m
PHI I??pf of object lesson roads.
Wliile the work is in
progress, a convention Is called and
the people come from far and near to
witness the work of roail building and
listen to instructive addresses. Such a
^ convention seldom adjourns without
forming a permanent organization. I
Mainly in tins way good roads asso- i
i'iatlons have been formed in all sec- <j
ttons, and by them the work of edu- t
cation and agitation has been carried
on. (
,?At a great National convention for ]
consideration of the road improvement t
rjueBtiou, held in Chicago, in Noveui- 1
ber, 1000, the National Oood 1 toads As- \
sociation was organized, and it has {
since grown until, with its affiliated i
State, district and local associations, I
it is without doubt the greatest or- t
ganizatlon of the kind in existence. | i
But it is not the only National organ- t
ization of this kind. The American
Hoadniakers. of which tlie Hon. James ?.
II. Maedonald, of Connecticut, is I'resI- >
it (Hit. is ni'fniilv.ml ill nnnrlv v.io. i
(Ion of tho United Stales, and its recent
annual convention at Hartford, \
Conn., wtis attended by several (
dred delegates. t
In 1001. nn international eonuress of
persons interested in road improve- t
inent was held at Buffalo, in oonnec- <
tion with the Pan-American Exposi- s
tlon. All sections of t!ie United States ,
and several foreign countries were rep- i
resented. <
It won 111 bo impossible in this brief (
review of the good roads movement >
to even mention tin? many important | i
conventions w hich have Vieen hold j ,
Hi nee the great Chicago meeting of
1802. Hut no history of the movement |
would he complete without sonic ae- ;
count of the National convention ln-id \
at St. Louis at 111f time th<> Louisiana |
Purchase Exposition was dedicated. ;
In the number of leading public men
who attended and participated, this ,
gathering far exceeded any of its ! \
predecessors. Address- s were deliv- ,
ercd by. President ltoosevclt. Hon. A.
C. Latimer, Colonel William J. Hrynn, |
(Jeuernl Miles and by several Col)-}
gressincn and Governors of States, sis i (
wen as many otner men or National |
National Aid Movement Launched.- i
Tho most significant feature t?f the !
St. Louis meeting was the lauuchim: ;
of tiie National aid plan. Colonel W. '
P. r.vnwnlow, of Tennessee. hn<l given
tjiis plan prominence before the country
hy introducing a bill in the Fifty- ,
seventh Congress providing that the
i Government should co-operate with 1 li?>
Jh Sltdtn# In tl.ii /.f tl..? '
T .... .1. W? till- I??im.--, I
and pay one-half of the expense. j
From llu> fir si iliis proposition at- j !
tyaefoil jnuch favorable attention, 00- |
f pecially among the rural population. 1
Hut the idea was fairly launched on
its National career by the convention i
at St. Louis. It was, in fact, tin* principal
theme of discussion and the sen- ,
Itment for it was well-nigh unani- j
tiood JJoads in Congress. '1 lie St. j
I.ouis convention created :< committee
representing ail sretions of the country
"fn l/A tit W . 1 ?i "Ti m low if<_
before Coiuvn -s, ;ni<l argue in favor
of the* Nation's help in the work <>i '
improving tli?* loads. Last January the '
<'nminittue en Agriculture in both the
Senate and Ilonsf granted public hearings
to thiv committee; and tlio. Kenate
has since issued a report of the
hearing for disirnhulioa to the people. <
On the whole it must he i-aid that the . .
advocates of National aid made out a j
strong case, and the report contain- i
a large amount of valuable informatlon.
'Pile MmniltlAA lino >!"?' i
ehlotl by :i vote? < !' six to one to lii:ike i
a fiivornMo report on the Ijatinicr bib. I
wit )i sonic amendments, an<l this re- j
port will K<> before the Senate for j '
action at tli!? next session.
That public sentiment is Kcnondly
favorable to the National aid un.no t j
tion is shown by the fact that it lias |
been endorse 1 by Uie Legislatures < :'
kIx Htatos, by ilie National Umnye. t!.> J '
TranR-Missls-dppi <.'ommcrci.il i'oii- ;
grcss, ;ii?> Am -riean Mining Conpre? ?. .
and by Sti'.te and local conventions and j
.if n?m'
. . n ... uiuii; niuiiil 111 ?.IIi
parts of tin* country.
State Aid.?Xo history of this mov<- ;
mont would be complete without nomo ! ]
reference lo the State aid plan. Ii>|
fact th<f greatr-nt actual accomplish- j
incut of tlie movement is that it has |
eenred the adoption of this pinr: In j
ten Stales. The essential features <>f \
this plan are the creation of a Slate 1
Highway Commission, and the eo-oper*
ation of the State with the coimtie.* <
and towns in the work of road im- 1
jfr, provonlent, caeh hearing a fixed portion 1
L of the expense, though, no two States ;
hare adopted exactly the name plan, i
All tllrt nnWh?<i.l,>.n t
Mf " 11 " aiuiil "I'HI" i
to Pennsylvania and Maryland have )
adopted State aid, and the results ?e- t
cured arc ro satisfactory that the popn- i
larlty of the plan incrensca every year. ]
In New .Terse? tho Htsfto pay* one- <
illird of the rout of ro.nl Improvement, \
and die I,ep;islature now appropriate? \
*2r?0,(XK) annually. In Connecticut the i
State pays two-thirds of the expense* ;
and the annual appropriations arc ;
$226,000. Massachusetts upends nearly
half a million a year, the State paying
throe-fourths of the cost. Iu Nov
ioi? me Kinic pnys one-lmlf the cost. '
Yind the Inst Legislature made nn nf- 1
Aroprlntlon of $('.00,000 for tills pm-- '
pose. Pennsylvania's last Legislature '
appropriated ffl.ROO.OOO as n State fund, '
to be expended during six years, the 1
Ntnto paying two-third* of the coi?t (
of the roads built. All the other Stairs '
in thin part of the country have adopt' c
od thin plan in some form. In these '
States the sentiment for National aid *
Ih strong, it being argued that the only t
ideally perfect and Just system of co- t
operation in road building is one Jn i
which the Federal Government enters i
as an active factor. s
'A High Aim.-Xbe good ro*da move >
ucnt has been steadily gaining in force
or n dozen years, and during the past ^
wo years it bas gained at a greatly r
ccelerated. rate. The aim of its \
riends and promoters is to make an ?
ml of the unscientific piece-meal methds
of road work now in vogue in
tenriy an parts or the country, and lo ^
ubstitute therefor scientific methods, j
ntelligent supervision, and co-operaion
of Nation, State and local com- ^
nnnity in a united and co-ordinate j
lYort for the improvement of the roads
hrougliout the whole country. This is
i high aim, and the undertaking is a
lupendous one. Hut who will say that j
t is too great for the American people
o accomplish?
'line l'iece Mailn For KIiir CIihiIph 1*1
Still l<uniiln^.
There is in the possession of Wilfred
Vnvcll. who renrcsonls Hip Uriti<.i. ? ??.
?lre at this port, a timepiece that told C.
?fC the hours for England's royal null- v
After his victory over ChnrSes II.
>liver Cromwell wrote exult ally to
England's Parliament, telling how the
iieuiy was ben ten from hedge to
ledge till he was finally driven into
iVoreester. There were 7000 prisoners
among the spoils of that tight. The
oyal carriage in which the king I.ad
)een carried was there, too, and in "
hat handsome carriage was the royal ''
arriage watch, which also fell into <v
iie hands of the victorious Cromwell.
This timepiece of royalty, which ''
dill ticks after a career ??f years, I
vas made in Kilo for King Charles I. j 8'
?.? 11?i" iu.mii \\ a i<*u niiiKrr <?i inai Ulllt?. "
Kinjc Charles 1. was beheaded two
tars lit?fore his son Charles II. was
lefeaied on and escaped from tin* liold
?f Worcester. 1'
It is of the oldest watchmaking pat- a
cni, beinji made entirely by hand, j S1
in I costing hi iis day a good round j
i'.im of money. The ease is of solid sil- ; ri
rer. ornamented in beautiful pierced j
ili.uvc!' work, and ihere is an outer
ase of copper with a handsome lealli- |
*r cover. silver studded. The royal ; j?
ivateh runs thirty-six hours with one j l<i
>v hiding. Only one hand is used ill li
!"signating the time. T
There is a silver 51 enelosed within ! n
he silver case, on which the hours ! ii
Iff* Vlj'll.'i.* 'I'lntl'K !< -111 *1 I ! 1*11 I >lt. ! T
aehineiit. The \\ ;?t? li is four and one- is
.all' iinhi'.s in diameter, and one and n
i hall' indies thick. j N
Cromwell kept it as a personal pos- hi
session for years. Hut after the res- : p
oration it fell into the hands of Jos- | si
ph Kipling, Esq.. of Overstone House, | p
North Hants, Knirlainl. an ancestor of j p
Itudyard Kipling. Joseph Kipling was | n
i!so an ancestor of the present owner ! ii
tlit* Wiit' h. I'hiladelpliia TelegrupU, w
Vim cannot use virtue for a vannsn. <M
Whatever sails the sunt must 1 sin. .
A song will outlive all sermons in j,
Ike memory.- II. <!iles. ! .,
.lest, not with tlif two-edged sword j
;>f <Jod's word.? Fuller.
Kulors always lialo :ii:< 1 suspect tlie A
ivext in succession Tacitus. j
The wonderful thing about a man is j
liis power to bivotno.'-K. 1. Rosworth. i
? ' ' r
Kvil never tempted a mail whom lie 1
ound judiciously employed. -Spurgeon. u
Thou art poor indeed if thou art not
Wronger than thy poverty. James :
All..!,. "
\Vl!on the st-evice of the Lord seem# ',[
liard, it is because we are but imper- !
loelly performing it. 1'. Mover. |
A mail who does not know how to ;
learn from his mistakes, takes the best t!
tchoolm;:s:"r oat of bis life. Reecher. s:
When one sad or ou*. of sorts for
my cause what ever, there is no rem;<iy
so infaliilde as trying to mak? j 1
wimmiii,) I'lM' 11.11?f _> . .1. ?? . i.linu'}-,
Whore there is no mother there can
Ik iio child. Tlu ' duties are reeipro*
!; niiil if they ;.re badly fulfilled on
.vide, they will be neglec'.od on tlio
ucr. Koussonu.
fortune* in ISi'iilicu
T!ie waste from glass furnaces is
now mad<- useful. Into a lire resisting
mold are plae t fragments of glass of
1 "ions cohrs. which are thou raised
io a high temperature. The coherent
ir.ass thus produced can be dressed
md cvu into beautiful mettled bio.-Us
.i'il slab.", forming ;tn nrtifiela! marble
T decor;!live surfac**. Designs in re
Ml lalil ill* Ol/lilillt'll l#> |?n ^111 f Wlllll* 11
l.e i:.M' J is ntill plaMie. From 1
r.< ken lt;i s a "stained glass" win- 'I
Sow ci.'i ho mad by tiring, without t
in- (iniiii'ny vlov process of "lead- <?
;i? ." A pvos.ti'" s;k!:i water bottle in k
, ti1 fir!ii 1:11fiii of lis d^siir.y may 1
Ki/'/l.' tho t'.vos as bri'.liant "dia- f
j.oinih" or of Iier "pro ions sior.es." v
IT.rs (iocs ii.o waste romp to resemble >
he nu>Ht precious eoinincilify it' prop*
: iy liitUillec! :.iu! utilized. -New YorU
Tho (imil AtiU'rt Kgi;.
Tlio ^ven! nuk's ? kk whirl: war put 11
Lip for unh' in London recently if s.iid ;1
:<? ho one of (he linrst of tho seu'lit.v or v
"O of (licff t'KKR which are klinWIl to 1
\ist. The van was discovered in (lie s
Lor.doq residence of the Honorable A
l^iiMiieHue ('iinninj; l>y Mr. J. 10. Hurl- *
... ... ... ....... . ... . . .... I!
i in1 v?ni Known or mi nuioxisi, aim
i is inUTostinjf that nnoilicr famous '
tooIoglMt- I'rofcfldor Newton, of Cam- 1
ridjre- was iii:<!iun)<MitaI in 'r>rHig!n;; "
;o Jiv'I)f tl splendid set of l?'ii mistnk- 0
niy labelled "/"'UKiiius' ?>K?s" Hi tln?
Royal College ? ? Stiwon< nome thirty ?
?: more year'* uxo. From tin* modest
?rice <if .<1 in is:jo the market figure of
lip egg of tli.- great'auk hits mounted
ip ti> no less tiiiin S i5<K), a similar
iiuount lining given ml long ngo for
: stuffed spei'iinen of this extinet bird.
l\UB#riiie'? Cioilcliildrpn. "
111 requesting all )?ix "valiant troop*
iml seamen in the Km* Kast" to regard
lu'inselvos lis sponsors for the infant
'zareviteli the Czar is directly invert- n
.... . . .. ? .. . i
UK iMipoMon in. k ct'iemauou 01 uio
>irth of lils only ?on and heir. lie an- 11
lounced (hat he and that ICinpres" lOu* *
jenie would stand nod father and goduothcr
to all children horn in Prance
>n (ho same day as th? L'rlnce Impcrnl.
Their Majesties thus becainc spon- B
ors to J1600 children, and made n chilsenliiR
present to oach. To this day
he ex-Empress m/tintalncd a personal v
merest in the contemporaries of her ^
ll-fated son, and in Jier will she has ^
:et aside a sum of inone*, for her surJvlug
godchildren. . ' *
$ SCIENCE 1 ^ (p3
A new wrinkle In three cars just (levered
to the Lake Shore Electric
.nllway, of Cleveland, by the Stepheu?n
Company, is a speaking tube ex- j
'tiding from the motorman's eab to i
le rear platform, so that the motor- j
urn and coiiuiicior can he in constant
>nununieat ion. The idea was origintod
by Warren Bicknell, President of
jo Lake Shore Company.
Radium inflames the skin and d<>troys
various kinds of life, hut its
laec in medicine is yet to he deterlincd.
When it slyill liave been found
soful. Dr. E. S. London, a Russian
hysician, proposes to make its energy
Ueapiy available. Experimenting with
arlous substances, he has shown thai
ool absorbs a large quantity of the
\dium emanations, and that the "ema- I
,?- l ? -' ?' I 1
i.uui IHUUUV't'n ]lll,V!MlllUKH'ill t"l- j
rets similar to those of milium itself, j
'lie wool, moreover, can he applied to (
ny part of the body.
The gliding boat ot Count de ham- '
eri, which has given such surprising |
psuts an the Seine, is serviceable only >
i the absence of wave motion. it .
imslsts of two skiffs, each about cigii- j
?en feet lon^r. \vl>i<*li I
- -........ >. .I
y side, niul which have llat bottoms. |
rith a series of live transverse pianos j
[anting downward from fore to aft at j
n allele of about thirty decrees. As '
le propeller?which is between tb>?
tvo sterns?drives the boat forward,
>e inclined planes raise the boat to j
u> surface, over which it glides. With
motor of fourteen horse power, a j
l>eed of seventeen and one-half to i
ivent.v miles an hour was readied. a j
(to that ordinarily requires two or
tree times as much power.
Tin; latest system of transmitting
ictnres lty wire?that ol' Professor
[orn, of Munich -claims a vacmunt'lit
receiver as an important advance. ]
wo hollow cylinders, one at the translittinK
station ami one at the receivij;
station, are rotated synehrononsly.
lie lilm carrying the picture to he sent
? placed on the first cylinder and a (
ty of light coneentrated from a 1
lernst lamp is passed through it to a '
rdeninm cell in the interior. The tine '
eneil of light describes a spiral of I
liort nitch. llu* lir>m .n il .1...
leture causing (lie selenium cell t<> '
rodnee > a rial ions in an electric cur ,
[ lit passing to the receiver. The cyl
nler at the receiving end is covered j
*itli a photographic lilin, and a pencil
f light from a vacuum lamp?lluctuatig
with the variations of the electric
nrrcnt -describes a spiral registering
ie li^rlit and shade of the original pieire.
A photograph is transmitted in |
alf an hour, 500 words of writing iu i
bout an hour.
Youthful liuKbaiitl'K AVil> Iteeomr* Ilin
<i iwirdiitn.
Albert <Srayhiiul, <>r Sharon. Minn.. ;
riis only twenty years oM c.ml Myrtle 1
liyino, his swoot heart, was oi;'h Hon !
*l)on thoy sought a lieonso in wott. I
"You'ro not of aj?o," said tli<> e.erk. I
You must have* tin- consent of your !
uronts or a guardian."'
"Hut I liavo no parents and no guarian,"
replied Albert Orayland.
"(Jot a guardian, then.'' suggested
II* lll'iu.
A queer litfht sliniii1 in I ho eyes of |
if yirl. "I'm eighteen ycisrs old." she
ititl, "and of legal age. Why cait'i ! j
o your guardian?"
They wont to tlio probate judge. !
Hushingly tin- girl tolil the judge the
ior.v and asked t?> bo appointed 'ho
uardiau of Alfrod (irayland. inl'ani. ;
'ho judge had hooti young himself j
1100, and probably in love u good many \
inios. So ho signed the pajv-rv and J
i,>nn: i ii.viik* 1001; po.-^ess'on <>l i'.er
rani. Alb'.M't (Siayland. and ail Ids '
roperty?ho is well off. She mamcd
:in right asva.v, lml under llit- law s of j
liimcuota. she has to report to lit
robato judjio every rent spent by h. r
ushaml. All his oisjar money ??. > j
nio the report. When he spends it?":y ;
ents to stv a ball ?*ame the amount ;
as to be inserted in a I ill of purlieu- i
irs and tiled with the court.
The young; bride oven was compelled
r> pay the Si! fee for the license and
he S.-: fee to the instien of tIn. )
e.\pt mlitnres slic had t?? report .
i> the <onrt as "injirriii^'c expenses"
f hi'!1 ward. Furthermore, she must
pop ;ron<l eye io lis <-o!idll t. for in !
his St;;io irusir?ijahs arc r.,sji>ni-j:i.S'?
or the moral as well as ttio linn-' il 1
welfare of tlu-ir ynanlinnv N. ?v * < !: J
Clilii?<o Uurinl ('iiHoiiif,
When :\ rich ami tmp.?ri?iii< f'hiua- !
ian <1 his funeral is conducted with j
inch pomp ami splendor. 11 is frlci
nd relatives, instead of sending ]
rreaths. send iiinumeruhie lemur's. '
'hose arc made of white silk, with in
eriptions beautifully worked in bla<k
elvet. and express the s"j?le.-x" n.>o !
visiles U) the deeensed, 1*<:i:>c!! <>: to
ueinbers of hi< fainlly for many ye:.- j
rations. On lite day of the funeral
hose banner* are carried by hired
ten, who are all dressed alike for the '
iceasion. After th?> funeral, w .ieh
jsts several hours at the eenu i'-'A. -.s
ver the banners are all brought l ii'-k. '
nd eventually ?r?ee the room' .
;?te Chinaman's house.
II ml IIiil ( hp Rxttprirmv,
The I wo hypochondriacs were * \
hanging eonfldei cos.
Were ,vou over bedridden?" j?.?*. . i
in*. j
Yes." replied the other.
"Three years ago. during .1 \ i< :
ut In Kansas. The wind blew n.s
?i'd, with me on i(. a distance of <vvt :
dlos before it let up:"- New Orleans j
Worth KrrpliiR.
'"lie asked the linn for a raise in his
"Did he get it?"
"Yes. They consider liitn the mort
nlunblo man tliej have. You see.
phen he petitioned for more money he
Id bo on the grounds that lie hnd just
llBCOvered that the firm could get
lonjt without hiiu."?Cleveland lender.
Tribe Has 25,000 People, and Most of
Them arc Polygamists. strc
1 ori
Navajo blanket weaving was
studied at close range by P. ]). Tull I
on his roeent six months' tour to I
Arizona for "his health, says the
Spokane Spokesman-Review. Mr. : m
lull, who is much improved in ??
health, in buck to Spokane with
some fine specimens of blankots
which he personally picked up whilo j
in the soutU. He said:
"These Navajos are one of tho 3E
largeot tribes in t'u* country, numbering
over 25,000 Indians. Their
reservation is equally large, and is
ai i uni.ru in uuidintrsivrii i\uw jvil'X"
ico and northeastern Arizona. Out- nlk
side of the reservation proper the
government has grant* d I hem an ad- l?ro
dltional ;;trlp of forty miles wide, pai
known as 'grazing strip.' The tribe kid
Is self-supporting, and while they D
know little of agriculture, tfiey own all
immf tlBP hoi'll-l of OntHo linroi nnil Mil
aheep. II is from the latter that the
women spin the wool and wean* thr1
blankets and rugs.
"The Navajos are a roving tribe? ,
when they settle- for any time at one ''j"
place they live in a doim-shaped (,'B<
building called a *hogan.' This i? a I)r"
form of adobe construction, made j "sil
with poles and stick* and covered I
with mud. When on the move they j <liu
live id tlie regulation tepees. Their
nearest nelght^ora are the Apaches, ^ian
with w'nom, in the oi<1 days, tliey e^?
were often engaged in war. The
Nnvajos are po'ygami8t4, sometimes ; a,?
having four or five wives. These j "ai
they huy, or trade, as they would ' ^tn
nny other piece of property. The I m"
squaws do mo.-t of the work. They | (/>r
wash. spin and dye the wool, and 1 l|
weave i! on primitive looms Into .
qurj'nt audi artistic designs* They I ' i
never u.-<< figures of people, animals. j l>'
or hlrds, as do t'ne basket weavers,
hut their designs are largely geomet- : ' 1,11
rical. Red. black, orange, white and ! vvti"
gray are the predominating colors.
"While some squaws may use and
repeat some eharactf ristie design, it ' ^
is a noteworthy fact that no two rugs I r
are ever alike. This is almost in- j Hnj'
credible, when wo consider Cap hun- ! 'K 1
dreds of rue? that have been made ?
? .9 or i
by them.
"To say nothing of the time it
takes to wash, dye and spin their
wool, it requires about a month of I
steady work to weave a rug four by (
six feet. These nr eeasily recognlztd j
by the smaller patterns and smooth, | ^
close weave. While f.io Navajo?
i roa
have never been Chrietlanizc-d, it is j ,[q
a fact of interest that the cfesign of i .. 1
i tfllfc'
the cross is seen in much of their | T
work. As typac they are fino look- ,
ing Indians?strong, tall and well
fr?ntlirr?il lorcrnlv /l*?,rv *
?mv io uit'ir J11c* ill j .
tho saddle." j Tl0J
A Profitable Investment. j K&j
Since (ho purchase, Alaska has rarr.
fielded $1R0,000,000 worth or gold. ' Wj\
furs and fish, and the territory lias. | IT '
purchased from the United Sti?te>s . ,
I *.y
in the ni^antmiH merchandise valued t >
at 1100 000,000. The value of the I
Alaska fish sold in the sin?!e year ,
1903 was $8,000,000. or moro than t1>e I V
purchase money paid for the conn- !
try. In that year we received from I
Alanka J10.22S.0t>4 in merchandise
nnd 54,719,579 in gold.--Miiiadel- '
pbia Ledger
"TVhnf . ? l > i-o.i .s
....... J?..i 111111. Ill utinuK. | yji
asked he. thinking of the free concerts
af tho park.
"Brass bands are bf-tter than none." emu
replied stie. contemplatively gaging at |jfr
the third' finger of hfr left hand, "but
what's the matipr with a golii band?" N
?Fort Worth Heeord. ^
FlTSpprmanentlvnro:!. No fits or nnrvotis- ^
A-jl ...... ..t i >- t.-I '< ? -
11 urn hi.-'i 'in ? i r?* *?r i/i . j\ till*: h U n?lli | ^mMEI
NervoHojitfirer.ifr'itrlalhottlflftiiil treatinnfroo j Ri
l)r. It. H. K link, Ltd., D81 A roll St.. I'lilla., I'u. I by
Tlir railway \i)> Mont lUam is to be- .*om- j
pltt?d within six vears. ?
! IT
IMhoVonrefor Consumption is an infallible | jtfi
medt'ilno for (.-ou^'lis anil colds, \V. i
Saiiu!:i<, O.-ean Grow, N. .f., FhIi. 17, !
The lirsf London horougn t" supply < >c I
trieitj was St. I'mm-a*. m(At
44 04)
On the Traft " I followed the ]
- trail from Texas
TDtfh a Fist) Rrml ?o Montana with
iv'.m a risn oran i ?kish b?and
r-> 1 r-f i Slicker, useo ior
trommel OltCkCr an overcoat when (
~~"???- cold, u wind ci*t I
when windy, a rnin coat when It rained,
and for a cover ut night if we got to bed,
ami I will any that I have gotten more
comfort out of your allcker than any other j ff
ono article that I over owned." 1
| Th* Iklnt Md Add 7?'4 ot tha
?rtt?r of Ifcli uniollelUd Ut- I yV-"
t*T i?ay l>4 hud on *ppUc?Uoa.| ' UL
Wet Weather Oarrr.enta for Riding, ! >
Walking, Working, or i ?.
Tb? Riga of tk? T1?S? ; R#
Tnu/PD rimni??j ?
6a ;um?ud
70*0WTO, CANADA *13H fl
liOalHTlllo aimI N(%hIiv11I<* Railroad.
If you an; going to tb<i World's Fair you | j
want the btut route. Th? L. A N. U tho pr{
hortest, quickest and b*?t line. Three clr
trains dally. Through I'liUmtn Hleoplng > 8t?
Cars and Dining Car*. Low Hate Ticket* Mi
old daily. Uet rates from your local agent J
and a*W for tlckotn via I,. A N. Rto*ovk? i
All kinds of information furnUhad on ap- i
plication to J. O. HOLLENBEOK. ^
Di?t. Faff Agent, Atlanta, ft*. j -ud
"Did tlmt young do Smith <a'l ot :
yrtni- s-l-ior last night?" Ho
"What tiiu?? dirt ho leave?" ?
"lie srnrted ?' " j ?
"Never mind what lime he started,
I axkrd yon what time lie left."?* n
Chicago Journal.
To cure* or mon
cv. Jacob D. Van Doren. of 57 Sixth
>et, Fond Du Lac, Wis., I*renfoyan
clergyman, says: "I had at11.
? tacks of kidney disov?
the house for days ;tt a
t'me? unable to do ani'thing.
What I suffered
can hardly bo told.
""rffiKySBrv Complications sot in,
I tlio particulars of
which 1 will bo pleased
t? K've In a personal
interview to any one
who requires informar^TJwL'.TV
tJou. This I can conscientiously
say, Dokii's
Kidney Pills caused a
funeral improvement
in my health. They
light great relief by lessening the
n and correcting the action of llie
ney secretions."
onn's Kidney l'ills are fur suit' by
dealers. Price, .">(? cents. Fosterburn
Co.. Buffalo, N. V.
A New Preparation.
l new method of employing ra
m in medicine lias recently !)< n
covered by a Russian physician,
E. S. ]v:ndon, and consists of
rig cotton wool which 1ms bPen
mi.t.ed to the action of the rani
emanation. Dr. I-.ondon. as the
nit of tho series of experiments,
reached the conclusion that the
cts <cf the radium emanation and
the direct acticn of >ihe radium
the tame, consisting of an in11
mat Ion on the skin and the denet
ion of life. He subjected u
nber of substances, including
k. paraffin, paper and cotton wool,
radium emnnartkn, and found that
y would produce Inliammatory
>et? on the skin. The wool, owing
its spongy nature, seemed to abb
the largest quantity of thra
m cmanuiion, and consequently
> the most radioactive. Acc-ordly,
Dr. London carried on further
leriments with \vck>1 so treaUd,
ich he found was nu-st convenient
easy distribution over tho body
ready application ur any desired
at. The "emanated" wool, when
ked in hermetically s-:ealod jars
r.t Imr /.-.nlainl..., 1 I -
ioactivity very slowly, and can be
t to any distance desired.?'liar's
"lie Maid?When two people are
11 y fn lovo they are each anxious
nalce some great Kacriflce to prove
i r wvyuoD.
'he Bachelor?That explains it.
lie Maid?Explains what?
'he Bachelor?The origin of marjo.?Chicago
very & Company
succkssok8 to
avkry & McMillan,
fvO South Fornytli St., AtlantA, dm
-all kinds ok?
table Frlck Engine*. Bolter*, all
Sizes. Wheat Separator*.
.arge Engines and Boilers supplied
>mptly. Shingle Mills. Corn Mills,
-cular 8?ws,8aw Teeth,Patent Dogs,
sam Governors. Full line Engines A
II supplies, scnrt for free Catalogue
Dropsy II
f Rrmovra r.ll r.wrlliiiff In 8 to oo
P?" / <!*? ; effect" a j>'rn,n,,f cnrr
fs^r* A liijoto 60 <l?y?. Trial treatment
fc / ^p>\ givettfree. Kothingcao be fairer
Wr ic Of. H. H. Green's S?n?.
- ' ' - or??>c? iiisis, ( oi is Ainnii, dv~
t Xyfw Harrj Co., Iowa City. I*., h* ? a >ur? cur*
m In time. Bold by tlmggli't*. M-"i
ey refunded by your m
Darnel Webfler'a Atfvlc^.
Once when Daniel Web??er was
riding along a Now England rcaxl in
i n stage coach, he v.-a v. anii^yed by
i the jolting and poked his head out
! of the window to yell at th? driver,
1 says the Detroit News.
"Hey, can't you drive a little slowi
' "No," responded the coachman,
"the horses are running away, sir."
"Run 'cm intc a fence corner." ad'
vised Daniel.
i "Can't, vir," said lh<> driver. re
i luctantly and despairingly. "They've
' got the bits between their teeth, sir.'
| "Well, run them into debt, then.'
| thundered Daniel. "That'll stop any
| thing!"
Kruger's View of Australians.
A story told in spirting circles 01
I the lale President Kruger during th<
i early days of the South African wai
! shwws the simplicity of the old Boei
I loader, according to the New Haver
j Palladium. When the first Austra
I lian contingent arrived at ('ape Towr
Mr. Kvuger in said to have ask'.ri
I uenerai jounort ir lie knew any
1 Oing about these Australians.
"I only knew that 11 of them onct
beat All England."
"Hood Heavens!" cricd th" Presi
dent, "we are lest! Thirteen thou
; wand of ;h"m have just Innrted."
The man of substance w.i? proud t
be mentioned in connection with s
bigli an otlice, but lie would not lie
I "'riils rock." be exclaimed, pointin
j to a great granite bowlder, "shall ll
i from its fir in base as soon as mine
Here the committee of notilicntlo
[ withdrew, perceiving that their mi?
| slon was hopeless. -Puck.
I of r? *-? " 'r'*
I Contain Mercury,
bs mercury will surely destroy the o
I smell and completely derange the whole sys
| tem when interim; It through the inueoti
; surfaces. Such artlelesshould never b<> nst>
! except on proscriptions from reputable phv
j slcians, as the damaice they will do is ton fo";<
to the good you can possibly de Ive fron
) them. Hull's Catarrh Cure, manufacture
| by 1\ J. Cheney A Co.. Toledo, O., contain
I no mercury, and la taken Internally, actlai
directly upon the blooJ and mucousVurfaco
ofthesyjta.n. In buying llnll's Catarrh Cur
be sure you }<ct the gemtfae. It 1? t ilcen i:i
j tern ally, and iniU-j i:i Toled >, 0r,*i*?. t?y 1'
j J. Ohcuoy ,V Co. Testl nonials free.
Hold by iJruvfulsts; price, 75c. per botile.
'i'ake Hall's Family I'ills for eonFtioatlou
I,ul?ot--.Snvirig; llnnd Or^ana.
1 I,nbor-sa vlug devices Jiave got t
! the bainl organs at last, says the No\
I York Sun. In one of the latest, ii
| stead of the organ man turning tli
i crank, ho presses a luittun. The imisi
plays on till be release? bis linger. Tli
j music is sweeter than that of other oi
i gaus and it can lie heard blocks awa;
H <!I K SI'NUAV DOI.I, ia a big twain?. ?!u
Si b-.vii.e head curly hair, pearly laelh. juioti
Lj irig eye?. dronaf d In silk 01 *a!i:i and Uco
H sliom mid slorhii?k ir<lrli a ixrrfic"
U (M il KVBRY DAY DOI.I. ii ? Ur<
I teaiJ fUwinj liair ?a ret', nio every t1.?" <1i
KXTItA I?Ui:St:\TS A J.ii
U : tid half a da/on drill handkerchiefs.
Mltl.M. ve iiiir 5<v.i I>. fittir.' <ii>U outfit
thirty-two of mir fine q?Ui?? ' ..i. i?(irh:?fs i
SK,Sl> NO MONKV. Wl'l TltrST
19 I'm-: IIAMlKl.ltl Mil. r I'M SKIJ
! R ?P1I(1 "* thf mon?.r. Itri.l > .I rr.11 rrrflie M
H plrtr rlp**nt doll outfit. W10 1* W A I.
0 CM \ll<:rc.S. r., . md v1rlic<s
} B Wool Hi-hoal t'rrhivlliii.* Ro'.'er S!
H Vn? M?i Ir.iM H?> ftr
E Le Hoyne lianclkercfi
1 2'l-nsi I -<th St., N -w V*
f ?^ W. L. Douafau maknm am
11 ?hiMrs than mny oihor m
The ronton W. L. PonKlfui rIiooh i?re ih
lent Ntv'.e. :ihv tUtlnif Him ri<?r w ?>arliiK ?n
thofH made In my fur tor/ fin?1 of,oilier n
Hi;?ia?i why \V. !.. I>< uffluH lliOC^ rout 11101
l<?nner, and are of frre.itcr tntrfinOr \ ;# I no than
wilt'H for th* year rmllnt: .Inly 1. I'OI. were f}(V?
W.I.. I ?h Mu:ir.\ tif ??* b t h??lr value hy f<t?
take im? substitute. Sold hy shoe dealer? e??-n
/ Imcf iroi r< It'. A. fH.V
mfu/ncf">n. l/lhd fftetn tupmo' ?
* /# f" r.co."- h - Mfcnc* j><
I XV. ?.. flntlfirlflN IIKCK f'uroiiii Cnlthkiii ii
be* the 1\vii'ht I*i?tc?nt inndc. Ii
W. L.
I GUARANTIED CURE for *11 bowel tro
I blood, wind on the r.tomach, bloated how<
I pains after eatlr.jj, liver trouble, sallow ?kl
I rejularly you are aick. Conttipation kills
i Q ?' ?rta chronic allmenta and lonn yearr. of ?
.ADkAKKis today, lor yo\i will never gc
I right Take our advice, atart with Cmci
I money refunded. The fenulne tablet sta
booklet free. Addrena Sterling Remedy C
erchant, so why not try
' if- - ^^Mj^WWgVFiTVI'fllr Tll I i In'
! Mrs. Hayes* First Letter Apnea! - 1
iiiR to Mrs. Pinklium 1 Or llelji t 1
r " Dkak Mits. Finkham : ? I have been 1
? under Iloston doctors' treatment for &
lon^ time without nnv re'ief. They J
tell rnc 1 have a fibroid tumor. I can
t>iv <iown v.'nnoni gre."L pain, and
1 | the soreness extends up ny r.pine. I
br.vc bearing-down pains both buck
i ! and front. My abdomen if; swollen,
I 1 and. J have liud flowing npells for three
years. My appetite 5k not good. loannot
walk or Ic on my feet for any
length of time.
" The symptoms of Fibroid Tumor
given in your little book accurately
describe my 'asc. so I write to you for
advice."? (.Signed Miss. H. 1\ Hayks,
251! Dudley St.(ltoxbury), Boston. Mass.
Mrs.. Hayes* K?*ron<l hotter:
" Duar Mus. Pinkham :?Some time
O ago I wrote to you describing' my svmpo
toms and asked your advice. You re.,
plied, and 1 followed all your directions
carefully, and to-day i am a well
The use of T>y<lfn I'. Pinkhnm's
v Vegetable Compound entirely ex
j polled the tumor and btrenjythenecl my
:i 1 tvHole svstcm. 1 can walk miles now.
.. I " Lydia E. Piiikliam's Vegetable
Compound is worth five dollars
a drop. 1 advise all women who
are afflicted with tumors or fcmr.le
trouble of any kind to give It a faithful
trial."?-(Signed) Mi?b. 10. F. Ha vice,
. I 2r>!i Dudley St.(ttoxbury). Hoston. Mass.
< 1 ? $fi000 f.:rlrl( If original if above letters prooing
j genuineness cannot Ou produced
x I 1,000 flen and VVomc:: to Try $6.oo
Worth of Sample* Free,
- I ^end no mon?y. Only ?ctid your name to
\M n UIIPUCM A a I a _ r> _
VV, O. llUUnLIM, Mliaill'd, ua.
U CaiCHTON'S /^P] /?/?
0 ;
^ lMi oftsuu/yAJt a cmcuron v -^
V I 8horthm>d Dept., E. C. Crlchton. I?ookk??ptn?
Dept. ,1> ji. Sho!nak?tr. Oat.ilognp fron.
I E. O. Crlchton, Prop., KUer Bide., Atlanta. Ga.
C -
, I . hiONAKCH STI'MI' IT I.I.Kit.
Will pull i; fin)i ^111 in|> without
( tUM . :>H;> ? ?? /MiU'Pil |r>sT,i:nl a strain ?
vWpt. C? ofjMi.ir.m ll ?-. Cnlnliii'iif) mi'i iH?^kftiQSPv
.vtniH i,.lilv.-s MONAIUH
(.HI r.l'.l IC CO.. !.<> :<- Tri v. la.
'F T? Rff&d
- WO^TH $3.00 / /& J |
3?^ wOBi'itinK cl a ruir i 1 / -ijjf |
|gr In toreollfgitte (ooibl I) *? ,
\JT pantf, sleMclttl Juket
flue qiialitv wjmtnl t 1: ard hiMidvm.t I
r.\ry pjUr of atockinit'? * 6pif r."lid rutIt {.
you frte fhU Hftndaomo Pr.ntt'all Ouifl! for AcUiti? I
our fin* qnnlity hnv.clkfcrcbSff.i al IK', each
rsrs nAvpKKUi'H!i:i?- ofiru k.xsy
Id ??-rid ii* the niorey and <on will rcoeitf it ~ .
ipIHt fxithall rnlft' V'.t KW W K I'ltr
KXPHKSS Cll AlKiKS Send vw
n\n.? and *ddrcm ji on.Le
Woynp Hand
'a i, ^ ^
~f sol/a mora inen'a S3.fi
anutaoturor In tho world. '
?? frro.'itPHt roller* 1n the \u rl<l If- r>f ttmlr excelrulltto.*.
If 1 cituhi nliow \? 11 tli* *1:ff? :? moo ,\ the
akoanw! tho l?W:li loaf horn mo?l. you would umpi re
t<? ii aKo. nli> *.!?(> hi V their hSi ipr. tit botfor, tvr ir
i?ny othot fr,.(?o ttlioo on tlio inavkcl iuuuy, uiul \\ by the
i ft:i,040.00.
his name ami price on (lie lx>ol; for It'boMFQRT
1 ihtrt/or Vn hut tirrfi r i//<irr ?r?'A il'iofutt*
i ftt. rcm/>') t imt itrar l> I h* 1 A from
pi. fW/., .v. /nl. Rett nut. Ihc/.tnonJ, fa.
1 Ills *hoo*. Coronn < o!t Ik eonmh'd fo
n?t Color lwli'l* umiI lusiwly.
DOUOLAS, OrooMon, M??sso/iuse?fcJ
ubl^i^^^^^dHr^hMkmar^fte^^iKrbrreU^hedMj J
I*, foul mouth, headache, indirection, pimples, I
In and dizzineiu). Wlim your bowels don't ino*? I /
rooro people than nil ot'.iei diaeaiiec together. It I /. i
lufTering. No msttcr whrl ailc you, start trking I / I
t well and ctay weli until you get your bowel* I M
tmpttd C C C. Never sold in bulk. Sample? aod I
ompiin^Ojj^j^^Rew York. 501 Jj
mill 1
it? Price 50c.

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