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mam .
3 tJm.k ?b many thoughts ns most,
An?l ot'jhoin nro really groat.
X do not >ry (lie thing to boast?
I only cmo the fart to utate.
Yrt ot.'.rt- men accumulate
'So mil 01 wealth with something pat
a. nave none, out lett too late.
"Well, then, I wish I'd thought of that.
J[ might. Jiavo known that stocks would
The indications were that way? i'k
It v.r,a t"11?i;j beyond surmise, r I
To buy ;l '-ot was hound to pay. \ 4,^
3 noticed, too. t!io bther day. yy They
ro.ic shy high, but I was flat I
Enough to niL<!< the chance -oh. say, V
I wish that i had thought ot that, i
TTbv can't. I think of things in time!
Mv failure lills me with disgust.
It aNva.v* Kccins to me that I'm
'.Behind and getting all the dust.
Had it not been for this, I must
Have been ioii? since a plutocrat;
ICach good t!> "u, missed. I tind. is hist
JJccausc 1 iliil isol think of that.
?Chicago Xcws.
,34.0.2V VKUAKET II i; N C K 11i*
l'UHI) stood umlor tlu>
mTa ?l t....! . .. ~..n
V i?/q y ; iMVIVMV UL ?l ^il lll'i y III rM
Matthew's Church and
"WOVC watched llio n.an to "\vbom
slio hail been engaged six
.months before como down the aisle
ivitli the woman who had superseded
- Jher upon his arm.
-A year ago she had joyously invested
tlib* man with qualities whose noble,uean
existed only in the intensity of
Jior own Ideals. He had rewarded her
l>y losing his head under the llatlory of
-'.ii jrair of sdialiow blue eyes.
Margaret had stood aloof, almost as 1
mi outsider, and watched the thing
from its very beginning?watched it
Him (i Mdiv ucaui wjiiun nerscii
which was as tlie hard departure of
Never by the lifting of a hand did
kke seek to slay what she saw. Then
<-?nn? the day when Darrel asked to
luV release'.
Sue reaiize 1 with a quick glance
Into the future that hero was an ex,'porienee
which tiuie might not gloss
over. It left her a woman of clear ,
vision, with no vestige of the incouseQuent
glamour of girlhood.
Yes, i.s sii? walked from the church,
when the bridal party had dispersed, a
deep thankfulness tilled her heart.
Tier life was yet her own. The bittcr1ICSS
silo It -1 fl>U IV'IIC
Tnd<; tearing away of the sheltering
visions of girlhood than for any deeper
"Now," paid, and threw haek her
RJrong f>houiders while she descended
the cltui'i'li fit ' "' its though she would
lints throw < Ijirever this phase of .
Lor life, "new work."
And work it was for three years, as (
*?.iy hy day, in iter nurse's ?Ii?-ss, site ^
1r<l the war.'. < ;' a Hospital. It was ,
v,h:.t the pruning of a careful
is to a vine.
ruder it Margaret's somewhat angular
litfuve grow into a graoiousness of
lwoni.'.< uliood sehlom seen. Then she
met I'aul Gerhard!. and life blossomed
ifor her with a resplendence of joy
iv.'iioii nt tin!1 s h-M her ?1 mult.
Kile stood < Ti" cvi'innK by the 1)P(1 in
sr private roori i i iking down upon the
ivo'-. : n v.*J: ? I,iy there. The pationt
liiul jii.si heeii brought from the operating
room and given into Margaret's
?i re.
Oil (he whiteness of tl??> pillow tlio
fair, (lamp st.imls of hair showed
fttrangely familial' in s j?i i?? <>i t lu*
wasted features beneath. .Margaret
fVSlitfkfl Willi 1n/*lriiil 1?o ?i j 1 a r, K?. !?.,
Iiouvy eyelids to lift themselves. Tlion
sli>.? looked i j? suddenly and saw Darn I
in the doorx ;y, and know.
His anxiety tor his wife, if swh it
ronId lie call <!. was swallowed up in
Ins nnia/.einont ;it Margaret. That the
former was p- ri'am-tory the nurse saw
At a jrlaneo.
And in ;i < y of Dleanor Darrol?
,-iviifn nn? I ;i i i ! uh' e;ner D id pass'Ml
?there li'.irv.cvl a fearful eagerness,
favoii iiie s-.n,. ; * of finding lierself in
1)10 care of the woman she believed
Klie liad wro:n,*e I w: s immersed in it.
.Margaret mnv tlint "what little
rtrensrth her p: :ient had was dlssll?at?d
in the effort to dray one word of
real coneern from her husband, and
followed I).:it<1 from Ihe room.
DjiitcI's eyes narrowed to pin points
fis lie watched her. Suddenly he
aught n fold of lier apron, erushing
its tine whiteness in his hand.
"MnrRsirel" i Is voice was husky
"I see now -what :i mistake "
Slip looked at liiin dully, with knlt1lng
brows. Ii was liard at a bound
1o being h. r mind to this. Then, as
she "would have avoided unnecessary
t'onJnj.d ri, she drew her apron from
Jus grasp.
"Mistake!" It r eyes pierced tlx- shifting
ones and held them. "M -take!
You did but one wise thing in all your
weak, vacillating life, as far as I
know, mid it was when von married
I Kleanor!"
\ His oyes writhed under liers, bill -die
"Would not release them.
"Why," sbe went on, "she loves you
3n spite of tho fact that she knows
yon as you are. To me it seems incvedihle,
it is incredible. She must
l>p nearer the divine than Ave are."
Her look went beyond him to the
*V>or of tho sick room, and he breathed
more freely. Now It came back.
*WJiat I knew what Ho had saved
IAa <1" * * ? 1 -
.... .Kim ,>V?I| nii|i|)U?r I I 11IIIIK
IFlm now, when I know what IIo 1ms
snvort me for? Within a month [ am
to ho tho wifp of Paul Gerhnrdt."
Th* jcreat oculist's naino was familJar
rnouKli for Darrol. It was a pity
timi CSorliardt himself, bending at tlvift
moment. ovor a pair of sightless oyos,
roam not Un?t lifted his hond and
Jnofltrd into those of tho woman ho
' |
Tlio man who did look Into them
wondorod if, aftor all. nnd In spite of
aiarjMret'H heauty, he had not had n
Tinrrow oneape. Strenuousnt'ss was
tlje our* thinj? In life to he avoided.
Tiift tbought k turned to h1? wife with
m tfiiNc of relief.
Henry!" The nurse conauered her
aversion enough to toucb his arm.
"Ever since the operation your wife
has yearned?hungered for stune sign
that you really eared."
Ills weak under Hp protruded itself
sullenly. It was the look which his
wife knew best on his face. To Margaret
it was revoallngly new.<
"(?'o in now," slio said quietly, "and
give her what she has been craving
for." I
lie shifted from one font to the
other in hesitating uncertainty. Then,
as it was always easier for him to (
yield than to resist, he moved slowly
back along the corridor.
His wife's eyes went Quickly from
one fiice to the other as they re-entered
the room. Darrcl took a chair beside
"You must hurry up and get well,"
lie said awkwardly, patting the white
hand which lay on the counterpane.
She scarcely seemed to breathe while
she waited, her eyes lixod on his face. '
Still he hesitated, feeling Margaret's 1
compelling eyes upon him.
"The bouse?does not seem?like 1
home without you?little girl."
. ,1 i.i UIU'iiiiim' ui mi? wunis
moved him, for Dnrrol was easily
moved emotionally.
Slowly, in faint waves, the color rose
to Kleanor Darrel's temples, seeming
to force the moisture into her oyes as
it came. Margaret thought Involuntarily
of parched ground when a healing
rain has fallen upon it.
The wife's lingers were clinging like
u'Miuii.N aiounu nor nusnanus.
Parr 1 looked around for Margaret,
but sin' had loft the room, fooling hor
wa.V Mindly out. Then ho stooped,
lnying his face against the white one
near his own.
Margaret's face ns she ran down the
hospital steps that evening to the n: in
who stood waiting for her at h.-s
horses' heads was a benediction. Cerhardt
turned to it afresh as he gatherod
up the reins in his strong hand.
"T don't know that 1 like you to look
like that." he said, smiling, "when I
am not the cause. It makes me jealous."
The eyes which raised themselves to
his wero glowing -with the wonder of
faith which has become certainly.?
St. Louis Star.
Aii Kskiino Pnlui??n-Tri?ii.
The Eskimos along 111 <? Yukon Ttivor
have nn odd method of catching salmon,
which is described by Mr. Jeremiah
Lynch in "Throe Years in tho I
The Eskimos lake boards a fool wide
ancl an inch (hick, and nail them together
lengthwise in a triangular spoilt,
a little wider than a good-sized salmon.
This is submerged in live feet of water
a foot from the surface and twenty
yards from tho shore.
The salmon, swimminr; along the
side of tho shore against the strong ]
current, sro stralirbi in(/? thic
trap ami <-:iim??t pot hack, ami those in
the rear press on those in front.
We saw eighteen larpe salmon taken
from one of these spouts in a few minutes.
and the Indians said tliev caupht
scores every day while the runs eon- ;
At an ohl Russian settlement wo
observed how the natives live and prepare
for tlie winter. The lish wen?
running plentifully, and every Indian, j
even to the little children, was hnsy
bringing tlieni up from tiie hank, open- J
ing thcin and hanging tlieni on tho
trees, or temporary scaffolds, or tops
of huts and ealdus, in every eonceiv- ;
nlilo wIim'o >
I - , t .< .^.IlilKMl n Ml |I I |)L'
put Id dry nut of reach ol' the dogs. j
The run !;ists alinut six weeks, and
In that interval the natives must provide
food for their families and dogs
until next season. Very few wild animals
exist on 1his lower Yukon, and
with the addition of geese and ducks,
salmon is Hie only food that the conntry
provides for its inhabitants. Xo
grain is cultivated. The Indians hoy
(lour and light supplies from the traders.
paying in dogs and furs, for tlicy
imp ail through the !<?ng winter*
Tflloplioiir (ilrln iif Kiiro|J!??
A London correspondent who has n
I.ondon-Paris-Mllan wire in his room
writes that in his opinion the telephone
girl is not quite an angel. ITo finds
fiie Loudon telephone girls slow and
indifferent th>> i-Vi-rw-ii
. . V ..x .. I.(I'll- ? I I I\ 1
iHi].. : tiii.-nt. When the Whltlaker
Wright trial wax proceeding lie found
himself !a(f with some news nud
rushed to the telephone. Absolute silence
followed liis frantic ringing, until
he almost pulled the telephone from tho
wall. After twenty minutes or so a
sweet voi o said: "Xumln'r, please?"
-nut." he protest -d. "1 have heen ringing
for half an hour!" "Oh. really! 1
nin so sorry. 1 was driuklug my tea!"
In I'aris the girls aro absent-minded
and usually make the connection badly.
l.ui luiv?- Invariably n 11 excuse and
will not hoar remonstrances.
The Italian telephone girl by the side
of her London si lid Paris sisters shines |
indeed. Sh" is obliged to repent the j
number wanted, and so seldom makes* i
it wrong connection, she is prompt, and
not except:anally pert, but she is lazy,
and will often tell you that the person ,
you want does not roply when she has j
made no effort to ring him up. Itnn.e !
Sccolo. ,
Tim I'lucnril Niiir.ftnrp,
Speaking of the placard nuisance in I
New York, which is daily growing
more and more obnoxious, the Herald
in a recent editorial says:
"Wo iiood a crusader against the
placard nuisance in Manhattan. Si|
are in evidence everywhere recoin- I
mending soups and soaps, teas and
tobaccos. Particularly offensive arc
tlio huge advortisinontn painted along
tho fonco surrounding tlio now library
site at Bryant Park?disfiguring our
finest though faro.
"Nome one recommends that tho public
shall refuse to buy wares thai
are thrust upon their gaze In an offensive
manner. If this wore done it
would va?tly improve tho city's ap*
Surely it is high time that sorno
united action be taken to put an end
to this abuse. The metropolitan newspapers
could speedily bring about a
reform, and by doing so they would
gain the lasting gratitude of a long?
suffering community.
An Orenn N??w?pf?por,
rnw A > n
iiiit j\1111 ii aieairiRmp uonipnny linn
made arrangements for an ocean newspaper
on its ships. The news is to be
telegraphed from Helle Isle, off the
NefvfouDdlaud const. . .
Charge of Cruelty to Animals.
Scleral railroad contractors, whj
u>u Biiiuulh U1V I1C? lllio IU VUIIIieil
with the Seaboard Air Lino#were ar- ^
rested a few days ago at Unioa,
chained with crnolty to animals and f
working mules on which the harilcsr,
had made terrible bleeding sores. Thu '
men are out o.i $200 bond cach.
* *
Mortgage Filed by Seaboard.
A $75,00^0,000 mortgage, given by
Lho Seaboard Air Line railway to tne (
Continental Trust* Company, of DaLl- i
hiore, has been recorded by the cle-'ic j
nf court at I'nlon. The mortgage runs j
for fifty years at four per cent inter- |
est. payable iu Koltf. and is recorded n i
every county the road passes through !
It required several days to record it, j
as it filled about thirty pages of the i
clerk's big book.
? *
To Transfer Quarantine Plant.
A mooting of the Charleston board
of health has just been held to receive i
thfi rpnnrt nf nnofnnllnn if- I
t< o on the appraisement of the property
on James Island, a) the entrance
to the harbor, with a view of the transfer
of the station to the United States
marine hospital service by the state
board of liealli. At a recent meeting
of the state board, preliminary steps !
wore taken to transfer the quarantine '
plants at Charleston, Beaufort, George?- j
town and Fort Hoyal to the federal 1
Farmers to Fix Cotton Price.
.T. M. lCdwards, of Spartanburg j
county, attended a recent meeting of
the farmers of the state, held in C > |
lnmbia, to discuss tlie plan so gener- I
ally agitated throughout the south of j
fixing a stated price on cotton to hold !
during the season and prevent wild
fluctuations, as well as to secure o
good price for the staple.
The meeting was formally organ!
e<i and officers elected and committees
appointed to assist in carrying !
<.;11 tho ivmusurps swl vnmtnrl n? 111.?
mooting* The hody was thorough'./ }
representative, there being present)
planters from every county in che .
* *
Daughters of Isabella Organized.
Charleston Inflows Atlanta in the!
organization of a local court of the j
Daughters of Isabella. Efforts have
been in progress in the city for some ,
time to induce the organization of the
order, but until recently no well directed
steps were taken.
The movement for the organization
were crystallized by lite efforts of
Mrs. Bat toy. cf Augusta. Oa., who i= !
ihp territorial deputy of Georg'ii, as |
\\? 11 as the Brand regent of Augusta |
court, and a recent address hv her '
awakened considerable enthusiasm
and interest in the organization.
Charged Willi Fi.-inf] Tobacco Houses.
Sheriff Birch, of Florence count'*, I
was in Oharh-ton recently invest it; i'* <
ing the character of Hrown, the iilieg- j
ed incendiary, who was arrested i
about Sen day; ago in New York city i
and aiter much legal delay brought tri
Florence to s.and trial for tiie firing
of tobacco warehouses.
The evidence seemed strong against
Brown, when he was first arrested, but j
there now seems to be some questi. nj
as to whether he is really the guilty |
party, and Sheriff I'.irch lias assayo.l (
fllf* melt i\f i n vncl i?>f? t iiwr i ..? ?% ? r? *-r?.. ;
.... w. . 11 ? v.. i. ,i?'iuh i uu iiiavii'i , j
Ilrown form* rly \vt>rl\<*?l at a laundry :
estabii.shnieni in Charlesion and the!
Florence sheriff had a long interview
with Brown s former employers.
Sheriff Birch is not yet prepared t j .
e . 'ss an opinion mi the ease, hut ha 1
makes it clear that hr ha? some doub.s ,
on the matter of Brown's guilt.
# *
Piorff- Carolinian Dead.
.lames Mc.Mahin. w!.i was one of the
pioneer citizens of Spartanburg county
died at his heme in that city a few
days ago, at the adxanced age of ST
years. The cruise of death was infirmities
incident, to old During thu
eany y< ar.s or i^pnnaniiiirir's history i
Mr. McV:ikin embarked in (ho morcan- J
tile business. and through frugality j
run! keen judgment amassed consider- !
able prop rty. owning several build-j
inps in (he ! iiK'ni'ss section of the'
town, ili' retired a number of years
ago from active work and for months
before his death r> stained at his homo,
rarely being frcii on iho streets. 11 o |
served during tin- memorable years of *
'OI-'CS in tlio cause of il'.e Confcder- j
acy, proving him elf a brave soldier 1
in tho > tniggle.
Tlio deceased i.< survived by six J
children, as follows: John and Thom- j
nn iii .uiiiMii iiiid .Misses i nrrio, i,ny i
and Annie McMnkin, of Spartanburg,
and Mrs. AIl><-rt fJi!! *" i-1, who lives
near Abbeville.
A Tribute to a Negro Bishop.
The Charleston News and Courier
^ays: We have Keen nothing in any
of our negro'Ioving northern eonteml?oraries
to match the very remnrkablo
inrirlA^t rhrif or^'in?p/?/i ?*? i .
S. (!, When the court runvoncd (hero
yesterday morning R. K. Allison, the
oldest v r i ?e j,inef*t<>r Im.',
annotnu' i the <ii :it'?> of lih-ihop Isotn
C, Clint mi. <! ;m African Methodist
church, and moved that the rourt adjourn
in res|jc-c; so his memory until
Monday next. Tlie motion was seconded
hy Major Wylie, of the Lancaster
har. and by Solicitor llentv.
The speakers all paid proper tribute
to the Innunted dead. .Judge SVatfH
granted the motion and ordered tho
adjournment of tho r-niArf nviiPfl?oin?
hl? appreciation of the character .an-J
nervlces of the blKhop to his people
and to the cause of religion.
Bishop Clinton was a negro, ard ha 1 |
)een exercising the office of the niin- i
stry for more than fifty fear.s. He
vas a slave in his early life and lived
it peace with his white neighbors ull
lis life.
The action of the court in Lancaster ?,
,vas a notable tribute to the dead bish,ti
Tha ...? ?l? *>
? >iv uinjcl uu \r HU1U iUWIUJI! lilt!
sourt adjourned, and the lawyers who
seconded the motion and the judge
ivho granted the motion, are all na- [
:ivo South Carolinians and thoroughgoing
Did anybody ever hear of a court (
idjourning in any northern state in
respect to the memory of a negro
preacher, bishop or otherwise? Wo
tmve always thought that we understood
the negro question better in the
south than our politically solicitous
neighbors on the nflior of tin
:dd line. 5
i* ,1
Forecaster Goes to Arizona. I
Forecaster L. N. Jesunofsky, at ]
Charleston, has received orders, as- i
signing him to the climatic and crop
department, with headquarters at I'he- {
nix, Arizona, and ho will leave shortly
for his new field of duty. The remov- ,
al of Forecaster Jesunofsky takes
from Charleston one of the best men
in the service and one whose presence
on the south Atlantic coast was espe
fumy uesirame on account of his |
knowledge of tropical storms which
endanger the coast at certain periods
of the year. He holds certificates
of award from leading meteorological
institutions 111 Europe for special treatises
on the weather. Mr. .lesunofsky
has heen in charge of the Charleston
bureau for thirteen years. He was ordered
away from the city several
years ago, but on the petition of a
number of business men, the order
was rescinded. He is prominent in
Masonic circles, and his departure will
be generally regretted.
* *
Will Not Preach Yet Awhile.
A recent. Augusta, Ga., dispatch was
as follows: Colonel James 11. Tillman
will ma enter tho ministry, right away
anyhow. And if ho did not take such
a stop ho has his u>xt picked for h:s
first sermon. In speaking of the report
that lie intended to enter the
Methodist ministry, the colonel said:
"I am amazed that so serious a
matter, for tho sole purpose of a newspaper
sensation, has been telegraphed
all over tho country. Surely 1 might
he permitted to attend to my own affairs.
Since my return to Kdgefleld 1
have diligently applied myself to the
practice of my profession nml tno '
court calendars will show that it .s '
now larger than ever.
"The utter falsity of this dispatch j
is. shown by the letter that 1 hnvn ro. i
ceived from Mr. Curry. Here is what j
Mr. Curry has to say on the matter"Colonel
.Mm Tillman, Edgefield, S.
C.?Dear Sir: II seems the press s
doing some tall lying about a let t o - |
they claim I have received from yo.i
with reference to your decision to
preach. Also as to our relation.
"I was shocked this morning to see
the account in The Atlanta Constitution
about the letter that never cair.e
to nie. Your past experience with
newspaper reports of things will he p
you i<> solve *iiis one. At least I piv.v ,
so. The part of the report that s ahsolutely
false is that 'I received a b\- 1
tor from you.' Second, (hat I am .1
relation of yours.'
"I would consider it an honor ? ?
bear some kiyship to you and your
now sainted father, whom I loved.
This report was started in South Ca"ilina
and (lie news reached me he ?
through a friend that you had hern
converted and was coinu to nreach. i
mentioned the ropor to a friend here
and you see what it has gathered.
"J trust and pray the report, is true.
I have watehed with much interest
your care< r and in your hours of trial
my sympathies and prayers have bee.i
with you. I am a native South Carolina
hoy and you know how 1 feel towards
those our state have loved an! j
honored. 1 write you this that I may j
place the ldame where it belongs, th>
press. Will you kindly write me if I
th?' report is true. I feel greatly inte'
ested in you. and would rejoice m ?*
heart to hear such triad news fro?i
you. Praying Cod's blessings upon
you. 1 beg to remain yours very sin 1
corely, C. P. cnillV
"Koanoke, Va."
CMPN r\rr Dt'rfrn r- i /-* i -v
um l/ vr rji i i en r iu n I ,
"Two physicians had a long and |
stubborn fight with an abscess on my '
right liiiig," writes J. F. Hughes, of
I)nPont, Ga., "and gave mo up. Ev- I
erybody thought my time had come.
As a last resort 1 tried Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption. The hen- l
efit I received was striking and 1 was
oji my feet in a few days. Now I've '
entirely regained my health." It confillers
all Coughs, Colds and Throat
and Dung troubles. Guaranteed by
Pickens Drug Co. Price, fine and $1.00.
Trial bottles free. tf
v? aa o ?mui nti( JU(\ tStSUUU lYIAiN.
Erroneona Publication that Created!
Seneaton ir. Corrected.
A Danville, Va., sperial published
Monday was an Instance of mistaken
No such person as : ?. H. Biuhanni
is known in Jonfsboro, Oa.. the town's
only banker is the Hon. A. ('. Hlalock j
state senator-elect and well known!
an a eiretimspeet baehelor.
Tho banker whose misfortune "n
Danville is chr< nielerl resides In
Jonesboro, Nortii Carolina.
Suicide Prevented.
Tho. star; linpc announcement that a
preventive of suicide had been dis
wfviv.u mil unci ust ilililj. i\. I llli
down .system 01 despondency invariably
precede sulcldrt and something ban
been found thnt. will prevent that condition
which maker. "ui.ido likely. At
the flrfct thought of self destruction,
take Electric Hitters. It being a great
ionic and nervine, will strengthen the
nerves and build up the system. It's
also a great Htomach, Liver and Kidney
regulator. Only BOc. Satisfaclon
guaranteed by Plckei^ Drug Co. i
stronghold of Russians is at
Mercy of Japs,
iricis Reached Through Success of
Mikado's Indomitable Forces
Gaining Vulnerable Shelling
Port Arthur is doomed. The correspondent
of the Associated Press at
'he Foo has received information, ih?
K/tllnUtlli ? ... 1. i ...
i i;n<iuiiiLj u; ? men IJU^UIIU quuttiiuu,
that the Japanese are now occupying
positions which place the cast side of
the town at their mercy.
The lust assault lias gained important
positions which insure their ability
to enter the main east forts whenever
they arc ready.
"The Japanese calculate that if the
Russians do not surrender now, they
will bo capable of prolonging the iightiug
by making then flnal stand ai'
Liati promontory and Tiger's Tail for
a month longer with the mere hope of
continuing t!ic struggle.
'"Long before the- second Pacific
squadron arrives in the Pacific the
Japanese Hag, it is now believed, will
wave over the wrecked citadel."
This will end Viceroy Alexieff's
dream of an unconquerable city.
The Japanese have not occupied the
main fails and highest points r>i cast
hills, but they occupied in overwhelming
numbers positions which will enable
them to drive the Russians back
whenever they desire.
When the Japanese occupy the east
port ridge they will completely dominate
tlie other Russian forts wflli their
Relief in St. Petersburg.
A St. Petersburg special of Thursday
says: There is a scarcely veiled feelin<r
i\f t'nHnf t'l? ? /%?* ??K O# 1 ? .* ,...,.1 ?
...f-, wi iiv l i inv/d^iiwiu 01. r riiM hiJiiift
that the day lias passed without bringing
news of the fall of Port Arthur.
There had been considerable fear that
the Japane.se might push home the
linal attack. It is now felt that
there may come4 another period of respite.
The authorities state they are
without direct news from Fort Arthur,
and everyone is depending upon foreign
service for tidings of the devoted
garrison. Nothing of importance lias
developed ;tt the region of Mukden.
Detailed reports of the operations
against Port Arthur indicate that the
prolonged attack is nearing its end
and that the .Japanese are now enter
itig upon the Inst stage of the memorable
siege. l'"or ilit' first time tho
Associated Pro s correspondent with
General Xogi's army has been permitted
to send dispatches direct from
Port Arthur, and these show that practically
all the outlying defenses are in
the hands of the Japanese, who are
sanguine of immediate victory. The
armies of Oyama and Kuropatkin still
confront each other along the Shnkhe
river, inactive, except for skirmishes
and artillery < x( auges.
Brother of Alleged Counterfeiter
Plae??H llnrfcf RfinW := A I
At Atlanta. Ga., Thursday, Kugene
Mansion was placed under a $r?00 bond
hy the fedc ral court to appear and answer
lo the charge of intimidating a
I'nited Slates witness. Mr. Manston
had a difficulty with Will Howell, a
witness who testified against Charles
A. Manston. his brother, in the famous
counterfeiting case.
A true bill ?as found against birn,
and he was arrested and required to
furnish bond. According to the federal
statute, tlie penalty is a fine ol
$r?00 or three months' ^rnprisonmenf,
or both.
Franco-American Treaty Discussed.
raris newspapers devote leading articles
to the Franco-American arbitration
treaty, the former pointing out
that this is the first Agreement of its
kind t hat the United H t at * has made
with a European nation.
Symptoms of Liver Disease.
Sick headache, constipation, biliousness,
melancholia, dizziness, dullness
and drowsiness, coated tonK'ie, slimy
teeth, bad breath. Iiydale's Liver
Tablets will relieve any of these symptom?
in a few hours and speedily correct
the trouble. They act upon the
liver. bile, bladder and duel, intestines
and bowels as a stimulant and tonic.
Those who use those tablets llxid their
action porfeet and rooulta satisfactory.
Fifty chocolate coated tablets in eac.ft
lmx. I'rlce, 25 cents. cf
Onc of Memphis Gamblers Charged
With 1? r>.. - r-?
- to nwii uuwr?.
Mllce llaggerty, one of the quintet
of gamblers charged with ihe murder
of two deputy sheriffs, killed while
raiding a gambling house in Memphis
last Fiimmer, was apprehended Thur\
day on a 'Frisco train near Tupelo,
llaggerty had been released op bond,
but tlio action of the court in granting
bail was; overruled by the supreme
court of the state. Papers were lamied
for his re-ar cut.
Trains Will Be Run Into Birmingham
A?1/>n?s C.r-mt
TU?i last tnnnr-l on the Seaboard Air
Lino railway ban been driven througTT,
and the track completed from Atlanta
to Hlrmingham except a stretch of
five miles at this tunnel.
Trains will run into HirmiriKbam December
1. The construction has cost
$7,425,000, approximately $48,000 per
' ! ! ! I
I f^EILBSl | ^
AVtgctablePfcparalLonforAs- !
s Imitating IheFoodandReguIa- 1$, _
ting tiic Stomachs ancl Bowels of ?
J_ J tV-4~^l! fl P..I I
B iwiiuuva L?igcouuu,viiLVi iiir s
f\ess and Rest .Contains nei liter fig
Opium,Morphine nor Mineral, (ffl
Kot "NAlfcC OTIC.
, Fimpe afOttl fir SAMUEL PiTCIlEft ||
f\vr/J(ut SeetZ' ? [wl
dix.Sttuut ? | Skj
j /{ofAtllf Snffit - a
jinis; Sertt * 1 ?' ! A
'jlfKSZt&r,* I
l)Cff{tSr4H/ - 1 JSH %
Ctrmficd Sugar 1 TSfiH A
WTntriyrvrn flavor. / ,'..,1 #
i Apcrfecl Remedy forConstipnlion,
Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea m I
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish v %
ness and Loss of Sleep. 3' \
Facsimile Sitfrmlurc of
NEW YORK. __ fj
i SMiaHi.
United States Commissioner's Report '
Shows Decrease in Pupils.
The report of the commissioner of '
education lor the liscal year ending j
June MO, 1004, made public at Washin;;!
on Sunday by the secretary of j
the enterior, shows 10,009,1501 pupds
or 20 per cent of the entire- population
of tlio country attended the public
schools during the year.
As compared v itli the previous Fix
year... this percentage shews a slight
decrease in the number of pupils* as !
compared with the total population.
The total cost of the public school
system is given at $251,-157,025. This
is an inc ease of ?10,000,000 over tho
I,reviews vtxir. It jimouiits to t'A IK iw?i*
capita ?>( total population and $22.75
per oapi'.a per pupil.
Since 1870 the proportion of male ,
teachers I as decreased from 39 po;* |
ccnt of the entire number to 2l> per
cent of tk" entire number ilie past
year. The average compensation for
male teachers la^t year was $49.'.'S,
and $40.51 fur females. This is a
slight increase over the previous year.
The enrollment in the private
schools for the year is given as 1,
013,870. IJy the addition of pupils in
elementary schools, academies, institu'ions
for higher education, evening
c.-hools, business schools, private
tehools, private- kindergartens. Indian
/jchoola, state schocl* and schools for
orphans, the grand total of 18,187,918
pupils is reported. The report estimates
that the average schooling giv
?n to each pupil in 1870 was 07.2
days, and 1903, 103.4 days.
The report shows that last year
1,578,632 colored children were enroll|
ed in the common schools for that
I race in the former sixteen slave slates
and the District of Columbia. The en
i ,.,.n i- <i? .
! luiuiniii mi Km, iin? ursi year sta|
tistlcs were taken of the colored
schools, was 571.506. Since 18TG it lt?
' estimated that $230,000,0ti0 has be?n
expended In the education of the col
ored children in the former slave
states, and nearly $000,000,000 for the
same purpose for the while children
of the same section.
Ninety-six reform schools are rei
corded, with "1 -1 r?8 inmates, 21.C03 cJ
: whom are learning useful trades.
#Get Your Money's Worth.
Yost Ret your money's worth when |
you buy JOlliott's Kmulsifled Oil Lial*
ment. A full half pint bottle costs but i
25 cents, and you get your money back
i f not satisfied with results. Uso It i
; in your family and on your stock, i
You'll not be disappointed. tf
Aiieged Boodler Gce3 Hence.
John A. Sheridan, former mcmb#? 1
! of (he house of delegated, who mr,
indicted on a bribery charge, ronv vi 1
i rd and sentenced to the penitcntiar? 1
i for Ave years, ifi (iead at the Joffersob
' hospital, in St. I/onis, of tuberculoid* j'
Want your moustache or beard |
I a beautiful brown or ricb black? Use
I ..A to uj loiWf of Ihifly days tnA nam*
I rj ! Nan?1*?m*|y enzrjved. The <-?* ? trr made of 14
Clock Allalr, tn>t lmlc.a<l will <o'?piir with any 00 wal<l>. 1
I wl*lh*r you daairr Ihf di?l paool Of I or (.ruts' Hunting
IHtWrta Cbal*. Om UUfUo CM>m. Om Pilr Uxr tlmi Hal
H (Virt 0*<k Mlir HuU?M Om Tft I)I?im4 Jiai). [til ttx b
H Tm((?n. All Ih* abova ?rl Pr? wovld?J yea allow oi to mi
|H t*<A W? ti* wilHrvj toahlp If* r?lif? oulfc at dtKiibad C.O.
WW to not iti? Mural bar fain y au aval ra<*tv?d linn My AijLIk* r*
??nt II yo? wUI ifmlt With mliti wt will (nrw?r4 all tha |
fmiM (miMIiii I>l omtoib* (liaaM IliHa Fta U M Kaan
anaflfi tolnlio*K# Ibali <%aii. tad imastai H -vi an fj.
I InAfV**** Of>Ui, UlXKNOa Jf 'WM
_._1L gj L--" - "J
iii nil in mi
'or Infants and Children,
ie Kind Yoo Have*
Always Bought
tears the / ?
lignature ?,M
\ yr 'n
I f 0S8
IT KTfii6
<* R us uvu:
? s
Thirty Years
- ' v ^ ^
feknyroyal fills
G?J ^ $> *8.
*.-.A-. Ahvrtjrs ri'lltiblo. I.:j<>I?'s. nsk Drufxlst foi
iiii-lulllc boxes, Hcaletl wlih blue ribbon.
Ti.t'O no olln-r. Eb'fuiir i(tui|(oroiift mibalK
'ill tmitatloiiM. lliiyut yourlinlgjlHt,
i f-'-in! ?? . ill M-'inps fur M'nL'McnlurM, T?Mt>K
tirotiinlH uivl " Ctrllrr for I,ml!?.?*," iii letttr, f
i I'Hiiru null. lo.UOG TestlntonTAtH. Hold by
ail l;r?BKlsta. jr
vi<111 "n*.1 ? ?
Mention thlr ;wtn
tttSfc PARKE^fe 1
JvMf- Imiiki ami bc??tiflc? the hair. /
I'roni'itci a luxuriant gro*th. I v I
I .VSSKV . ilsannvov rails to llcstoro Orny
A/'l, ~c,'iJ'Sl nail- to it.i Youthful Color. !
I KiLLjh'e''?"ou oh'\ I
WH Or. Kings
New DiscowrrH
HrOn fl OUGHGnnd E0c&$1.00
S WOLDS Free Trial.
I Surest and Q,aic1k?st" Curo tor all
3 Tu/r^trrio TR *
!i.'X ? X
Mudo by Liddoll
Not only up with the
times, but many yoitri
ahcndi if other Byst?ms
K are modern.
- -and-m
Get Particulars from
| G-I-B-B-E.-S
'ft Please mention this paper. ,
^Nmiiiwi ??^
Sick Headachc.
"For several years my wife wad ^
troubled with what physicians called
dek headache of a very severe character.
She doctored with several eminent
physicians and at a great expense,
only to grow worse until she
was unable to do any kind of work.
About a year ago she began taking
Chamberlain's Stomach and Llvor
Tablets and today woighs moro than
die ever did before and is real well,"
says Mr. George E. Wright, of New
London. New York. Fur sjilr< >w pifir.
ens Drug Co. (f
Wake up your liver. Cure
Syour constipation. Get rid
of your biliousness. Sold
for 00 years.
rirri cw. or Dsuooimofc ft. p. hall ft co.( if aibpI, M. b.
your ' fu> md wr will Mr.tl you Fru otv?St?m 9
. (itW on U? tnd Iryild* *?oaif<?l\lr4 by 1 10 > ?' |H
bftl ? (juVli Tr?Ni Lover?mj<J? in Amtikt. U"4 ?
F>m GtotV Opto F?f ?r? ><r*w ?)???d dm! rtftof. flat*
Th? oth*r o I m? aitkUt ar* vli: On* HolM 0?M PliM
IIMW. Oin BaH Tor C*?Ur Bhiiok.Om N?kll?
Mt UKGeU PU!?J) Alw? Or* 5*1 of Trlpfe Stlvor M??*4 ?
id you Ij mm lo H(j|h Olid* IM Opn vi W It
.U .rry r?(??? om<? ?na !!?<? (nil nimlnrMon. If MM
Mfirtjk iriotMj at Ml t*f*ns4 <) you wli not M out ??? IH
imhJj nr?fHton#d I* lht? All. iivV'I t? Prt* Graiwl <?1r?
CMitnf Bwr N* othw 4>m u> iu wM i>n mtM hk*%. I
' Mi, ? ?tao4 Itdy to Mfund row iNMy ^ H
ton cowahy, n.o.

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