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Scores Georgia Troops in His
OfficiaJ Report,
? Crltloism
Riles Anderson, Obea*,
' Grayson and Others Who Declaro
Georgians are Done Gravo
"Tho Georgia regiment was not
- ?t> to the standard of tlie others. Although
it did no more marching or
work than other eglments of the brigade,
it failed to turn out to the review.
Tho sanitation of its camp wai
disgraceful and showed iqarkcd inattention
cn the part of all concerned,
especially Its officers. It is a provis
lonai regiment?all tlie officers and
men were never together before ami
never expected to be again. It has
neither permanency, tradition nor history
connected with it, and such organizations
should never be sent to
the maneuvers."
This statement from the official report
to the war department of General
Thomas G. II. Barry, of Atlanta,
commanding the Department of the
?ll1P Mil. - *i.~ >.-<? -
unu v.uiiiiiiauuL>i i in* U1 I^UIIU lit
Thoroughfare, Va., in which tho Second
Provisional Georgia was assigned,
has tilled up the Atlanta officers
and men who were with the regiment
. and Col. Clifford Anderson, Col. W. (?.
Obear and Major R. E. Pomeroy ore
back at the general in no uncertain
i uu uiuccth arc iiur in an pioasou
vHl0 report of General Harry,
/ i wns made to the war depart/
' and Colonel Anderson lias made
\rm reply to the statements of tin;
al, in which lie intimates pretty
Kly that General Harry not. mad
use the Second Georgia did not
"cipate in the review. Inspector
j}ral \V. G. OI;< ar. of the Georgia
/[j troops, also takes issue with
/eral Harry. Raying that, ihe Geor!
/ tjol(lir>rs nrn nil i-lirlit nr?n??i?nl Tin...
| / Jo the contrary, notwithstanding.
1 / ieutonant Colonel \V. i*. Grayson,
1 ' | commanded the Savannah troops
[/ the camp, gpes so far as to say
1/ ; the conduct of General Barry
j t not above criticism, and that the
pral was continually cursing in
|p with the slightest apparent
i nm /Hunof/'tUnL' f CJ ??i ? . 1. -?
mo i i Villi CV> C^AiJldil I !Iited
that, it was thought in mili
circlos that Colonel Grayson, by
criticism cf Gonoral Barry lias laid
Aself iial)le to court martial, .13
Ooral Barry way, Colonel Grayson's
sprlor olllcer at Manassas. DeveJ?/ten^nlong
this line will be watch?<Jjrith
| General Barry'r. Report.
Ifte report of General Harry was
M/ited in The Army and Navy Jour ?r*pa.rU.rivj;\.
AH K?lli)W8:
T "Tho work of tho volunteer .troops
of this brigade in these maneuvers2
lmve exceeded all expectations. They
entered Into the work and prosecuted
it with a willingness and spirit Very
inspiring. They made forced inarches
night and day, wading streams in
marching in attnek without hesitation
and enduring all hardships and privations
without complaint. II is to
bo regieiiod Unit, a few days could
not be devoted to preliminary instrucM/\n
Oiwl I* O A
vivu (in14 nun LIIVJ iiiniu im in >vnu
rushed to completion from beginning
to end without any time for rest,
nmklng them very strenuous and exacting,
even for the thoroughly trained
troops. I cannot speak in too
high terms of the work of all the
troops In the brigade in the niancivers
proper and the cordial relations
that,existed between the regulars and
national guard. The third battalion.
Ninth United {States Infantry, com
mandcd by Major Frank B. Jones,
were models of soldierly efficiency In
all respects and did much to eomplv
fully with all orders and instructions.
The Georgia regiments were well disciplined,
and made every endeavor to
comply fully with all orders and instructions.
The Georgia regiment was
not up to the standard of the others.
Then follows tho above quotation.
Nearly Four Hundred Millions Necea
arv In Struggle Witli Russia.
A Tpklo dispatch says: Prellmlnary
estimates of tho budget covering
January, February and March, 1905,
and the fiscal year commencing In
April next have been completed and
iwlll be submitted to the diet at Us
meeting November 25. The war ex|
pennon are estimated at $385,000,000
1 and the ordinary expenses at $60,000,
It is proponed to provide more funds
by Increasing the taxation by $45.000,(5)0
by retrenchment In tho administrative
I '
'f&cid Dyspepsia a Very Common DIs.
\ i|t Is Indicated by sour stomach,
lVrtburn,\ttonKuo coated and flabby,
<^d bowels sometlmos
'^metlraes constipated. Persona
Vom Acid Dvsnonsla aro us
and bloodless. Somotlmea
. |r 1b floshy, but ttio flesh is
unhealthy. A Radloal our?
jea?o can be effected In a
by taking one or two Ryich
Tablets affccr oach meal
iver the stomach is out of
bv are harmless and can bo
ny time and as often as U
to relievo tho stomach.
J5c. Family size, 50c. tf
|>thlng bettor for livor doand
constipation than
l^Uerlfcln's Stomach a*>d Liver
Hyff' F. Andrew*, Dos Mo(no?,
B jWo by PioU??i8 Drug Oo.
Cashior Killed After Putting Up a
Game Fight?"Buffalo Bill" Goes
"on Trcil of Bandits.
Pour heavily aroaed outlaws from
tho Hole in the Wall country hold up
and robbed tho First National bank of
Cody, Wyoming, Tuesday, and after
shooting and killing Cashlor Frank
Middaugh, of the bank, had a running
tight with cowboys and hunters and
escaped into the Rattlesnake mountains
pursued by half a dozon different
*I~1~ I ? *t. ?
i?u num in 1110 w iiii gang arc noiea
as tho most desperate outlaws iu tho
west, and the Cody posses are determined
to wipe the bandits out of existence.
"Buffalo Hill" himself started at
onco from Omaha, Neb., in a special
! tar, having with him a party of titled
j Englishmen and two of his Sioux
I In,lion >- - > ?
A?v?iun ovv/uto, UKU LClCglai^llUU UiUUiO
lo Cody lor horses to bo waiting for
his party at the depot, llo will take
tho trail in person.
Just before the close of the bank
Tuesday afternoon a party of four
J roughly dressed uieu rode up to the
| First National bam;, wliihch is inlineI
diately across the street from the i|r!
ma "Buffalo Bill's" hotel. Three men
| dismounted and entered tho building,
I the fourth remaining outside to guard
tho horses.
I As soon as the outlaws entered tho
| bank, one of thorn covered Cashier
I Middaugh, who was tne only occu
I pant of the room, ami demanded tho
j cash from tho vault.
Instead of complying AJiddaugh
| grabbed a revolver and mado a game
I light for life aiul money, firing sever\
al shots even before the outlaw leader
could fire at the banker, but Middaugh
I was excited and his bullets went wild,
i while the single shot sent from the
1 outlaw's gun passed through the
! banker's brain and ho dioil instnntlv.
Attempted to Cut Connection of Arc
Light and Fell Coad.
The dead body of James llendrick,
; a prominent young man of the city,
j was found on a shod adjacent to the
| American National Innk, in MontgomI
ery, Ala., Tuesday morning, lie had
| on a uniform of the Montgomery
i Greys. A stick of dynamite, a revolv
or and other tools wore found on him.
A kit of new tools were found also.
All indications are that it was the intention
to blow open the safes of the
He was evidently killod in attemptj
ing to cut the wires leading to a series
| of arc lights containing about -<,000
Second Flight of Airship Even More
?ucccssfu| Than th? First.
A second successful flight of the
! Baldwin airship was mado at the
j world's fair in St. I.ouis Tuesday unj
dor the guidance of A. B. Knabens;
hue, of Toledo, who maneuvered the
"California Arrow" at will high above
i the western portion of the exposition
grounds and descended in the stadium
amid lire cheering of thousands after
a (light of thirty-six minutes. Knabenshuo
went up io an altitude of
about 1,(500 feet, and after directing
the course of his aerial vessel at wi.r,
/lo^nr>n/lnr1 t\rt t li i nvnoI m ??/?n
which ho had decided to land.
$215,500,000 in Incorporations.
New incorporations during October
in the eastern slates reached a grand
total of $21 ">,500,000 for companies cap
ltalized at $1,000,000 or more. Of this
st*in thoiiow tobacco consolidation furnished
Must Go Back to China.
United States Commissioner Bab
bltt has decided that Yang Su Tang, a
Chlnoso servant, employed by Dr.
Hugo Hardy, of Berlin, one of the
German world's fair commissioners,
8haii be deported to h!r, native country.
Populist Candidate Says He is Fully
Able to Pay All Expenses.
Hon. Thomas K. Watson spoke In
Macon, Ua., Thursday. Referring to
the accusations that he was in the pay
of the republican party, Mr. Watson
"How do i meet the expense of my
campaign? flecau.sc I am rich enough
to do it, and you all know it. 1 made
it in the court house and with my
pen. I have in the ware houses of Augusta
250 bales of cotton, with more
to come. The battle will not end on
November 8."
Get? Four Years for Wreck on tho
Mexican Central Railroad.
Timothy I. J^eo, the American locomotive
engineer who was held responsible
for I lie railroad wreck on the
Central railroad, near Zacafecas, Mexico,
about nine months a?o. which resulted
In Iho loss of about twenty
lives, has been sentenced to four years
imnrlmnmi'iit n? Hop/1 i?
??? ? Hi I II U
mines in the state of Coahull?.
Resignation of Secretary of State,
Arias, Calms Political Waters.
Tho resignation of Thomas Arias,
soerotary of Stato of tho republic of
Panama, apparently ends tho division
of political parties on tho Isthmus.
Pablo Aroscmena, leader of tho oppo
flltlon, said to the Associated Press:
"Opposition to President Amador's
government Is impossible now.
Another Hub-Bub Raised by
I Admiral of Baltic Fleet,
Sailing of Rojestvensky's Fleet from
Vigo, Spain, Caused Alarmist
Rumors?Was no Broach
of Agreement.
A London special says: Nesoi.intions
between Great Hritain and Russia,
looking to a settlement of the
North sea affair, are progressing favorably,
and there is not the siiylitest
danger of any friction arising between
tile two governments. The constitution
of the international commission
under The Hague convention is on tiio
verge of settlement.
in spite of these pacific conditions,
Great Britain Tuesday experienced a
war panic that only can be compared
to llie panic created on Sunday, October
when the news of the sinking
tll.Y I ;%? V a. - - -
ui \j uu<>ik;iA in cm.' *^UIUI ht'il was
received. Not for years have su many
alarmist reports tin.I flaming extras
I! joileil London.
The most < xi rnordir.ary feature of
this : , are, which wtvs serious enough,
while it lasted, is tint there was not
one singly circumstance to justify it.
The excitement started early iu the
day, when the newspapers announced
'.he deparlure of the ltus-im Haitic
squadron from VIko.
Wild Reports ff om Gibraltar.
On top of this came the wild report
of tremendous activity at Gibraltar.
Hour by hour the news from Gibraltar
became more serious until at last
the climax Was !'i ar Iii> 1 vvilti tlir> nt?
nomucineiu that ih( British tlcot had
cleared for acti ui. Konie ovon said
that, the liect ha ! sailed to moot Rojostvensliy's
squadron. In huge typo
tho papers made the parallel statements,
"The r.riti " Kl> ot Has Cleared
for Action,?The llm ;ian Fleet Has
Tin* news from Mbrnltar became
more and more alarming, and finally
the foreign ofliee wis overrun by reporters,
some of whom brought the
rumor thru Admiral Beresford bad already
xi!nk the remnant of Admiral
Itojestvensky's (l< el. Ambassador
lien'.tender tY, at that moment was
quietly discussing wit!? Foreign Minister
I.an.sdowne the per; tnuel of tbo
international commission, but it was
popularly rumored that he was receiving
an ultimatum.
Premier Palfour, Admiral Sir .lolin
Fisher, commander* In child" at Portsmouth;
Lord Selbourne, llrst lord-of
the admiralty, and Prince Louis of
Hattcnburg, director of naval intelligence,
were all in conference, and It
was openly hinted that they were
planning the ftiv.t stroke of war. As
a matter of fact, like Lord T.ansdowne.
they wore engaged in consid
* Mift 11 < 1111 < is lllitl II?I(I IHH'Il XllRKPSKMl
for the international commission.
When all London was in iliis state
of mind atwl while anybodv who
might be supposed to know anything
was constantly being asked, "lias war
been declared?" the foreign office decided
to adopt a conrso most, unusual
for it, and in order to allay public
excitement gave out to the press a
statement covering the arrangements
to detach the Russian officers to remain
for the court of inquiry and all
other stuns taken
Captain Hitch's Company Decides to
Remain in State'3 Service.
Tho Oglethorpe Light Infantry,
Company I, of tho First Georgia regiment,
will not he disrupted heeauso of
the dismissal of their captain, Robert
M. Hitch, from the state service bocause
of the Stateshoro nflair.
This was determined at a meeting
of the. command in Savannah Tuesday
night. Though Captain Hitch Is sustained
and indorsed by resolutions
adopted some time ago by tho com
Violent Attack of Diarrhoea Cured by
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and Perhaps a
Life Saved.
"A short time ago I was taken with
a violent attack of diarrhoea and hellovo
I would have died if I had not
gitten relief,' says John J. Patton, a
leading citizen of Patton, Ala. "A
friend recommended Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
I bought a twent.y-five cent bottlo and
after taking three doses of it was entirely
cured. J consider it the best
jemedy in the world for bowel complaints.
For salo by Pickens Drug
Store, Earle's Drug Store, T. N. Hunter,
Raeio r\t n-?a# n^S*loU
oian Affair Agreed Upon.
A St. Petersburg special of Wednesday
says: Tho Associated Press can
authoritatively announce that the basis
for the British-Russian agreement
to submit the North sea Incident to a
commission insures an amicable settie
ent without a sequel. Tho under*
st:.i:j:ng is complete.
Mamie DeCrla, "Diamond Queen,"
VA/lll n ? Unlit inarJ M I O <
?? 111 wo nviunovu iiuvomucr c. I?
Mamio DoCrlH, hotter known as the
diamond queon. who has boon serving
a thrco-year sentenco in tho GeorRic
mate penitentiary, and who caused a
stato sensation two years ago because
of her being whipped by Warden Aliagood,
will bo reloaded on November
Cist, her time expiring then.
President Laurier and His Cohorts As- I
sured of Another Term of Office j
In Dominion. , ^
A special from Ottawa, Ont., says: j
The Dominion parliamentary elections
were held Thursday. The returns at ^
iaiui(ih*H ^unii iu mu rueiecuon oi ft ; ^
Laurter government with a majority j
between GO and 70 in the house of! ?
commons, which is composed of 2*1 j
members. This is a liberal gain of
about 15.
The conservative leader, R. I?. Borden,
was defeated in his own count I-j
tueney in Nova Scotia.
a i
The province of Quebec, Lnuricr's
I r
home, sustained the premier bv rc
; ci
turning a large liberal majority.
rpi . , , j)
i 111- mis unci uiui r
markably free from political rancor,
the principle issue being thu con- ^
structiun of I lice (jranu Trunk Pari- a,
lie railroad with government aid. :i p:
project favored by the liberal go\ c<
ernment. | t!
; a
| Interstate Commcrc? Co.nmicoion Lays t(
Them Aside for a Wiiilc.
A Washington dispatch says: The '1
I iincT.st.uiu c<>niuk i cj < ointnis.-ion li.i. j s(
; postponed, until nirili. r noticc-, hs j
j hearings in the following cases: i {l|
larrar Lumber Company, against \
! the Southern railway, involving ali.y,- |
| yd unreasonable lumber rates It on; i js
i Lalton, CI.-.., 10 Cin< uuiati, and (lis- j |>,
, criminating rak.i 1.0111 Dalton to Vii J i;i
j ginia points, originally scheduled to Ik |
held at Atlanta November 1".
l'tillcr Ii. Callaway, against tno |l(
I Louisville and Nashville railroad and ; ]f
I others, involving a!leg? d tinreasonabr- ' i.
! ireight tatos Horn Louisville, Ky., to j]
! La(.iran;;o. Ua., .scheduled for At'ar.i
i November II; i,nC.range board oft
| trade against the Clyde Steamship ^ n
Company ; o'hers, involving <!is- ai
! ( rlmimii i\e l it' .;, schema!' <1 for Allan- ti
' la. November II. ' li
(irifiin Grocery Company, againx' d<
the SoiiIIm rn rai:\vay, involving ;: 1 *4 J"
ed unreasonable rates from Chi.-a^o. p
| St. I.otii.s and N v. t?? : ??is. to Giif'ln. ui
j (ia.. s-'c:lul< d 11:i' Atlanta, Novim'n'r I"
; 11. w
; .J. :nu s. i'hpm n :u:i-t Hit Mo
| bile am! Ohio, invo ving ill tin j ni
j reasonable rales 0:1 Hour I'rom .Mis , IV
i souri, Indiana and Illinois to (l'i;\!o.
| scheduled for Bimiiinfnain. November
| 15, and aljo the cases of tlu* Havi nport I
j Brothers <S- Com jinny, of 11: !? m.?i , fin..! T
: and John Compton, of ('haun< c y, (la., | w
i against the Southern railway, involv- | t<
inn alleged infraction of the inters!at ; i".
; commerce law. | a
Favorable Testimony is Given in Ba
half of Engraver.
J li
Attain I ho court room of the north j,
ern district of Georgia :it Atlanta sj
was tilled with interested spectator. u,
Thursday when the ease of ihe I'nite! I(
States against Charles A. Mansion,
charged with making counterfeit t(
plates for the printing of $10 hills, .j
was brought up. ,r
The government had rested its
and the defense began sending its
, witnesses to tho stand, there was an
questioning the fact that things a
pan to look much brighter 'or I ho ac
cnscd man. When Dually court ad
I journod at 1 : 1"> o'clock. I hero had r<
been many witnesses called, who i<>s- (j
j t ified to the good character of the ac s,
i ciiscd, and the tesiinionv of two of 0
i Mr. Mansion's sisters was to the effect tI
that they had seen him at home ahent
twenty minutes I > 12 o'clock on tlr w
j night of May 21, win n it is alleg; d ^
I that the plates were engraved in tin
rooms of the Southern Fn-riu'in.r < '<? ?
until 0 or 7 o'clock I he follow in*:
j morning. i,
Higdon to Oppose Lester. w
David B. Higdon. post .Master at 0;
Statesboro, Ha., has . .uiounced his ear. {<
dldacy In (opposition to Congressman tr
Lester, of the First district. He is one M
of the few white republicans in the T
county. \v
Virginia and Southwestern Railway ^
Company Heavily- Backed. ]w
Thn VMrcrlnio .< 1 o t n oAfnorolin., 1 ""
mission lias granted a charter to tho H
Virginia and the Southwestern Kailway
Company. The capital stock is
placed at from $1,000,000 to $10,000,000.
The main oflice of the company la
is at Bristol, Tenn. R
The promoters of tlie enterprise are ''
said to he interested with .John D. ^
Rockefeller and other coal, iron and (|.
oil men, and have unlimited capital. j
Hoisting Engineers Strike and 50,000 f
Diggers are Idle.
Specials it) the St. Louis Post-IJlspatch
from Illinois points indicate that
ie?s than loo of the 300 coal mines in
that state are hoisting coal its a result
of the strike of engineer.* which went 'r
into effect at midnight Monday night.
The total number <?i operators wfTo
deserted their posts of duty, is about 1 ^
800, and nearly 50,000 miners aro r(
thrown out of work as a result.
Parties From 8everal Southern States
Will Develop This Business.
A party of Georgia, Alabama and C(
Kentucky capitalists organized th<>
Union Asphalt llcflnlng Co*vp?ny, cl
Oklahoma, with ,a capital stock of
$250,OdO In Hirtningham Thursday
morning. Tha company starts out rp
with $140,000 paid up stock. p
activity Resumed Both at!
Port Arthur and Mukden.
encrril Assault i?s nn-in- ^
Fortress and BJovvs arc Being
Struck at Forces of General
Kurcpatkin. p
According to Russian reports the ci
my of Field Marshal Oyama conouting
the Russian lorccs in tho vl- S(
nlty of the Shakiie riv? r lias been reiforced
by from 'JO.'KiO to 00,000 men
om Port Arthur and Japan. Karlicr ai
ports have Indicated that General c
uropatkin lias receiv il nearly equal f<
cessions, although Monday's dia- a
itches from Mukden intimate the ij,
mtrarv ntwl nnnvnv ilu>
tat (ho present, moment finds tno ti
ussians not fully pr< f>ared to moot a
apancse advance t):at may begin at g,
tiy hour. A Ilu;s!au advance seems
> b" regarded as questionable, owirg ]i
> I lie tact that the period since the
os.e (?t' the battle cf Shakhe river has l(
cen devoted by the Japanese to a |
I' liuous prosecution of ;lie work of i j.
' trenching. Tho contending armies ! tj
iv within close toiKh, .and any out-j
) i, brush < r 1 oconnabsance ir.sty | C(
ring on a general en gas -inent. Thero I
much cnnnonnd!!!'. of positions on i
oili sides, I'outiloff ti.ono Tree) hill :
inng a marked :<t urn coaler. j J
A Mukden special says: From an I a
irlv hour Monday mcrning there has I ,,
i.-en%a heavy lH>mlmrdinont of Pouti- jj
>ff (l.onc Tree hill) by tlie Japanese. : j,,
iii'.w masses of Japanese were mov- i jj
eastward during October 29 and | ?
. 1
; ii
The Japane. " have occupied a | j
x'ky promontory scuth of Sindianpu
nd also the hills southeast of Kou- v
ritze. The i ositions along their
no are strongly fortified with re- ^
rtubts, win? < nlangloinent.s, ditohe.i
in ]!Mi;uis, ami mines in some
laces. Tlj i-? fori'.Heat Ions nro arranR-I 11
1 in double tieis. The positions, CT- ! "
H-inlly on the plain, arc exceedingly a
<'!1 masked. On i>nuir<lay, through w
h'scopes, the Russians observed a!
lovernent of the Japanese eastward, e
ud, judging by the Uu:;t, it must havo ; (l
cen a heavy force. ''
At Port Arthur.
1 d
A Che Foo dispatch is as follows: i
In.' general assault on Port Arthur,
liich began in a pri-liininarv wav oe
)')cr "Jl. developed into a fiercely raK:g
battle Sunday wlun. according to ^
hitherto infallible authority, the .lap- *
neso flung heavy fort os against .he 1
mress in their third attempt to so- 11
lire a commanding posilh 11.
The Japanese have been preparing
>r tills assault for a month. It is be- t(
eved that the Japanese did not ex a
(jot to capture the town on this occa- 'l
on. but to accomplish another for- !
ard step. This plnn was adopted w
dlowing the first assault, when thouinds
of lives were sacrificed in an at
unpt to swarm over the fortifica- 1 P
ons, by a mere force of numbers, re- h
iinin;ni) ?ji loss. H
rchbishop of Cincinnati Dead at Ago tl
of Eighty-Six Years. p
Rov. Honry I31der, archbishop (if s
iucinnati, in his eighty-sixth year t<
ied In that city .Moiuiay night after r
uttering four days from a severo
ase of grip, complicated with ex- ,
cine weakness.
The scene at the bedside, when i'. i S
'*1". nnnnrAhl tlmf tl* ? -
...v.. ...... u?; ? im n <ih in'ttr,
as most affecting.
reight Train Backed Into Kitchon. ii
While Mrs. Henry fJerken \va? conk- ?
ig breakfast in h"r witchen, at Sa- e
tvnnah, an Atlantic Coast Lino train
as hacked into tli<- room. The kit.ih- n
11 stood near tlio oinl of tin; track, a
nd the engineer misjudged his dis- 1 ti
nice. The experience so unnerved c
Trs. Oerken that she is seriously ill. fi
he stove and other kitchen utens'ls c
ere demolished.
Taken With Cramps.
Win. Kirmse, a member of the a
ridge Rang working near Littleport t*
as tnken suddenly ill Thursday night ith
cramps and a kind of cholera H
is case wan so severe that ! e had 1'
i have the members of the -:re\v wait a
l>on him, and Mr. Clifford was called
id consulted. He told them he had 1'
medicine in the form of Chamher,ill's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
omedy that he thought would help
1m out, and accordingly several doses Y
ere administered with the result that
io iciiow was noie 10 ?e around next
*y. The incident speaks quite high- j C(
r of Mr. Gifford's medicines.?Elka- : y
L>r, Iowa, Argus. I _
This remedy never fails. Keep it t)
i your home, it may save life. For
lie by Pickens Drug Store, Earie's ai
rug Store, T. N. Hunter, Liberty, tf ti
iduotrials Report Great Decrease it f(
November Dividends.
A Now York dl&patch says: Th,e
ovembor dividend decclaratlon alia.ly
reported by industrial corporaons
show a falling off, according P
> figures compiled by tho Journal of
ommerce. The total number standa
13,154,377 against $17,160,771 In No- a
amber of last year. The doeroase n
i accounted for by tho passing of p
imraon stock dividend# by thrco con- n
orns. w
Several Hurt In Hotel Fire. ft
A firo Thursday night destroyed the h
entral holol and a number of stores u
[{joining the hotel at. Tastwcll, Va. fl
otnl loss about $1.">,0>0. Several poo- p
le were hurt. q
irst of Sextette of Alleged Counterfeiters
at Atlanta Is Convicted
on Two Counts of Indictment.
rrh/? 4\- ?
a ?j? ?iiai, ui inu tscxuotio 01 micgea
junterfeiiors, P. S. Coffee, of Upson
junty, was placed upon trial in tho
nited States court at Atlanta Monday
loruing and after a hard legal battle
i which the best of Atlanta's legal
ilent was engaged was found guilty
a two counts of the indictment.
Tho jury by its verdict asserts that
. S. Coffee has been guilty of causing
? og made couulerefiUng plates anil
lusing to bo issued therefrom spuous
ten-dollar notes of tho Buffalo
jries. It. was Coffee's testimony, or
atement, that was the principle feaire
of the day's session.
The witnesses for both government
id prisoner had boon completed when
offee was called to the stand. Beno
ho was introduced to the court
nd the gathering the jury bad
i;cn secured and a number of wit
qsscs nad been presented and exhaus- i
vely examined.
Facing the jury with composure his i
tory in part was as follows:
"I never saw Wynne in my life,"
e said as Attorney Iiucker made
lain what lie wanted the defendant
) say as a witness, "until I was con onted
with him in the Fulton county
lil. No, I never had any conversaon
of any kind with him relative to
ounterfeiting plates or the making of
aunterfeit money."
He told of his arrest, and continued: ,
"Wo c a mo to Atlanta and I was (
ikon to Captain Wright's office in ,
lis building, whore I was questioned j
bout this counterfeiting. 1 knew j]
otliiug of it, and so toid them. Thou (
ebb McMlchael and Little were ,,
rought in. They were handcuffed, j
ebb and McMlchael were chained toother.
Little had a pair of cuffs to
imself. I was questioned again la
10 presence of these mo?"
v\ no did mc questioning?" asl<?d
ttorney Itueker.
"All of 'cm. Who wore there? Why, j
tere was Captain Wright, Mr. Camp, !,
tr. Covington and the others I have j.
a mod. I was asked every question !,
tat. could have been framed iu such j
form that the anticipated answer j
ould have been the same as a con- ]
'sfiion. When I attempted to ask I
Ither Itobb, MeMichacl or Little a ;
uestion I was requested to keep quiet, !
w; officers assorting that they would i
o the questioning. No, at no time !
id I in any way admit having had any |
art in the work in any way what- 1
"I have known Little for a long
me, and while 1 was in business in
tlanta," Coffee went on, "1 had him
ir a customer. We had many busiess
transactions, and I always found I
im straight."
Reference wa:; ma.le to Mr. Covingill's
testimony and the witness was ;
sited about what had passed between j
im and Mr. Covington.
"Why," lie replied, "Covington and I
ere raised in the same section. We
ad known each other for years. Ho
K?k me aside and said he tinted to
roseeuto because of that old childood
association. lie then advised me j
> confess, to make a clean breast of
, saying that it. would go niueu easier
ith me. In his eyes there were tears
nd lie hogged mo to confess, saying j
lat lie woidd do everything in his
ower to help me out; that he would
ee that it was made light for me. I
)!<l him then, as I tell him now. that
had nothing t<> confess."
.tatement of Directors Indicates that
Money Was Made on Venture.
At a nicotinic of the directors of the
lacon, Oa.. Fair Association Monday
iKiit the financial success of tno
f:iir inst r?ln<r>fl fullv rlli.
Though no clear-cut report was
lade of the exact status of the fair
ssociation's exchequer, from the tie
niled reporifi rendered of certain reelpts
and disbursements, the state
Eiir was a great success from a finan- i
ial standpoint.
Puts an End to it All.
A grievous wail ofti.res comes
riicnh nf nnliDOral.ln nain frnn.
ixort organs. Dizziness, backache,
ivcr Complaint and Constipation,
ut thanks to Dr. King's New Life ,
ills, they put an end to it all. They
r<> gentle, but thorough. Try them,
nly 25c. Guaranteed by Pickens
rug Co. tf
oung Texa? White Man Called Down
for Scaring Negroes.
Albert Bettis, a yonug man, was |
>nvlcted In Judge Scotts court, at j
t'aco, Texas. Monday, of whltecap !
Ing. and aonteneed lo two yeara In '
10 penitentiary.
.Witnesses testified that the defendnt
postod illustrated anonymous nores
threatening violence ag?Inst noroes
unless they quit farms on which
icy were employed as laborers.
The notices bore ghastly pictures oJ
:>fiins and negroes dangling from tne
ougha of troes. /
opuliot Candidate Spoke to Larg?
Crowd and Was Cheered.
Thomas E. Watson spoke iu Thornsvllle,
(la., Tuesday morning an hour
n<l a half In a tlrado against both oil?
artles. He had an audience of GOO,1
lany of them democrats, and wpb
rildly cheered.
His arguments were thoso hereto:>re
used by him against clftss lcgls
uion, renerai taxation, national banks
nder republican administrations,
aid democrats did not differ from r?ublicans.
Ho, touched on tho negro
ueation, and declared it not an Is8n?.
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the riind. discourage:;
and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor,
^,, ?- , j. and chcerfulncca ruont
tr'ti} disappear \/hen the ktdfrneys
arc out of orcie*
Kidney trouble ha*.
' bccome so prevalent.
~SV )) that it is not uncommon.
rlt-~J/ *or a chiid to be bora.,
/vA V afflictcd with weak hid*v
? V^'V:~ neys. If the chil l urizv?
ates too often, if theurine
scalds the flesh or if, when the child.
reaches an age when it should be abla to- ^
control the passage, it is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cau^e of
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the firs*
s'.ep should be towards the treatment of
these important organs. This unnle.-. ont
trouble is due to a diseased condition cf tbnrv
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit aa_
most people suppose.
Women as v/ell as men arc mad-; mis?<
erable with kidney and bladder trouble.,
and both need the same ?rcat rcmudy..
The mild and the immediate cffact otSwamp-Root
is soon realized. U is r.aki
cines. You may have
sampie bottle bv mail ?'iniliWaSJX
free, also pamphlet loll- * noma of svauuvKooh
ng all about it, including many of the;
.'nousands of testimonial letters received
rom sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
3c Co., Bingharnton, N. Y., be iurc aadL.
mention this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remember?*
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer'at
Swamp-Root, and the address, BinghamtonK,
N. Y., on cverv bottle.
la Consumption Curable?
Yes! If Itydale's Elixir is used ire
lime; before too much ot" the lung:
tissues is involved. This modern,
scientific medicine removes nil morbid
irritation nml inflsiinmnf Jmi frnm ?>.<?
lungs to the surface and expels theart
from the system. It aids oxpectorar
tion, heals the ulcerated surfaces. r<v
ioves tho cough and makes breath ton
fasy. Rydale's Elixir does not <lry
the mucous surface and thus stop fhs?
cough. Its action is just the opposite*
?it stimulates and soothes. It kills
the germs that cause chronic throat
:ind lung disease and thus aids nature
to restore these organs to health. Trlni
size 25 cents. Large pizo 50 cents
The largo size liolds 2 1-2 times trh?
trial size. tf
Report of Directors of Company Show)
a Falling Off in Business.
A Xew York dispatch says: Tho <ll<
rectors of tlie American Cotton OiF
(Company, at iheir annual meeting
Tuesday, declared dividends of l p?n
cent on the common stock and per
cent on i!i(> preferred stock. l>aat:
year the animal dividend on preferred,
stock was C> per coin, and that on th?
common was 4 per cent.
Cholera infantum.
This disease has lost its terrors
since Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy came into genersJ
use. The uniform success which attends
the use of this remedy iu all
utiocs *-/i uwvwt uuiupiaiinh 111 t;iiIHir*w.
has made it a favorite wherever &?
value lias become known. For sala by
Pickens Drug Store, Earie's Drug
Store, T N. Hunter, Liberty. tf
Ten Men in Illinois M.r.t ?!"?;>/. Long*
est Terms Pesu u:.
Tho Illinois stnlo ;v;- : . : foa.s
decided that, ten ri iH r^ . .u v?. -n
teneed to thi.- peniun ;r. t'.ir lyttohiiit?
a negro in isixteen.
months ago. must serve ilie longest*
-cn'once permissible u:: . i the lavr,
which is five years. Ii v..' the attaints
ol' those men mi the I)an>! j:tii that
Hh< riff Whitloek iepiii-<<l ;i oil
1 !n> mob ;ui(i wotllldina; > vcimI
The Death Penalty.
A little thiiiK sometimes results fa?
death. .Thus .. more scratch, insijjnfc
lieanl cuts or puny hoils have paid th<*.
death p lty. It is wise to hava
UucUlen rnica Salve ev. handy.
lt.'s tlio he Salve ?.?n ear will
prevent fatality, when r >re%
Ulcers and Piles threaten > 25?t
at Pickens Drug Co. t.f
Erratic Venezuelian Preridcnt
on Stirring up Trouble.
Mr. Snyder, the American ch&rgce
at Bogota, ran led the sat" depart**
ment tnat Preside:!' Castro. ( r Venezuela,
lias issued an order a "lin floating
to navigation :li" rivr Zomtau.
This stream afford.-; aeo"ss to the in*
terior of Columbia an! its closing iju-?
fore by the I'resid* : Castro altnoifc. I
involved Columbia and Venezuela, in
war. Trouble is loo' e.) foi.
Negro Takrr. from Cellar of MompfMai
Bank Building.
Only one life, that of Winters Paw*
ker, a negro saloon porter, \va? lo?<*
}?V t w rrw^lr1 r* cr t\f * ^
wJ ?..? ............ ..iu IWIII
building In Memphis, Tenn. The bi'djff
of the negro was found crushed in flUB
celiar. First reports Kent out. KtntatS
that twenty people had been killed.
! support!
Vkff B1 B)
SCOTT'S EMULSION serves aa a, J
<ffl bridge to carry the weakeiwd mm?. t
W starved system along until it c?n Siw*i {
5?< lirm support in ordinary food.
I?] Send for free camplo.
j3j SCOTT & HOW NIC, Chainlet#,
f)? ///>4is Vcnt\ Street, New Vcii.. L

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