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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, November 09, 1904, Image 4

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TbQ ^ontinol-Journal Company.
1 1"" 11
J. L. O. THOMPSON, Kuitoh.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising R<ites Reasonable.
Kutored at I'ickctiR I'oBtofflce i\9 Second Class
Mail Matter
/ PICKENS, S. V. :
Wednesday, November J), 1904.
In u statement publishod by the
NewfTund Courior u few tlnya a^o, it
was shown that 011 the 1st day of last
July tboro was wore than $J(.),OUO,000
un deposit in the 13(5 banks incorporated
in South Carolina. Q lib
is a striking exhibit of tho resources
ami tiuaucial condition of the State.
Tho State also gathers some very i
interesting data from the baukers ot !
tho state showing thu condition ol
finanCea on Nov. 1. Tho following
letter appeared in tho State from
"Pickous, Nov. 1.
vienticiuen; in reply to yours oi1
I9tb, am glad to say tliut this scctiuu
of tho county is in a prosperous condition?farmers
making good crops,
cotton, corn and bay. Cotton i? j
turning out ?\ell, and id being rapidly
gathered and sold and debts liquidated.
Cotton samples above the average,
and corn was never butter.
Finest crops of bay ever produced in
this section (peaviue and grass).
irrices suusiueiory on a:i iarui products.
Some complaints (if "low
water.'' \ Some wells have failed that
never failed before. "Dry and dusty"
is the cry. liesuectfully,
W. T. McFall,
Pres. Bank ot Pickens.
Try and look pleasant, even if you
did lose.
The President of the United Stales
has set nsiclo Thursday, November
24th, fin a day for general Thankagivjog
lor Americans at home and
There are always election exports
that can tell you just how every candidate
will run uud how every Statu
will go. They always manage to wait
until complete election returns are in
and then with a sarcastic wmile say,
''I told you so."
One of Hoyfc Hayes' leudiu^ attorneys
in Oconee says that Hayes will
oat bis Thanksgiving dinner at home.
Judging from tho talk of some of the
Oconeo people, Hayes may have to
^ oat his Thanksgiving turkey ou the
run and without dressing.
The most successful effort at aerial
navigation yet mado came off in St.
Louis one day the pust week. The
air ship wont to a height of 4000 fee!
and turned and came back and set.
tied within 100 foet of the starting
point. But for an eight mile wind
that was blowing, it is claimed that
tho air ship would have settled
on tho very platform from which it
lhp South Carolina btato Association
of Itural Carriers was organized,
about nix mouth3 ag > and Ims been
acceptcd as a member of the National
Association. The next State meet
ing will bo hold in Columbia on No
vembor 24 Every rural carrier in
the State is urged to bo present at
this meeting. Every ell'urt will be
mode ut the next session of Congress
to havo the pay of carriers increased.
For <tr\cticulai'H, address J>.vniel C.
Hayden, State President, Orangeburg,
S. C.
Ex-Mayor McCuc, of Charlotlusvillo,
Vft , who was charged with the
killing of It in wife, hn? boon convictcd
and sentenced to ho hanged. About
I the next important (juostion tlmt
ariaes in connection with the case in
the disposition of $83,000 life insurance
of tho murderer. If u portion
of this insurance could only bo collected
And placed in tho hands of a
bovy of smart lawyers thero should
bo no occasion for McCue's having
in hnmn."
Thf) directors of tho StJito Fair will
likoly ask tho str.to legislature at its
next Bession for 000. Tho claim
will bo based npon tlio fact that the
State Fair is intended to benefit the
farming olass of tho pto|>lo of the
State, and as there whs a surplus of
$40 ,000 left over at CleniHon from tlx
fertilizer tax last year, that the direc
tors should ho allowed to draw upon
that fund. If tho .State Fair i? run
in tho intoront of tho farmers, then
tho $30,000 should be allowed from
the fertilizer tax that now goea to I
dem son, for the farmors of the State!
MitattaJU I
7 Presidential Election. I
PickonH hud xo**M??iit election mcwr j
Horviuo liiht ni^'M C ituicction was . j
nindu with The CJruuisvilU* Nmv?ll
oQice, through tho Postal rolegrnph
Co., and dispatches euuie every 1" or
15 minutes.
Pickens Drug Co. was hendquurtors,
and quite u crowd assembled to
to hoar the news. The first messnge
caiuo about. 7:30 u'id rend, "Baltimore,
Parker, 4,9G4, lioosovolt, 4,410"
Ton minutes Inter a bulletin camo
from Greater New Vorlc, "Parker,!
78,000; Roosevelt, 71,000." It look-!
ed as if theee wero merely straws,):
fallowing which way tho wind was'
blowing, and tho crowd begun to j
liven up, uud quite n number felt;
satisfied that Parker was "it" all tlio
time, and ho expressed themselves. I
Of course the eyes of all were!
turned to New York. Soon a mes-jj
sage came, reading soni'thing like|
this: "Roosevelt leads hy 228,000; |
the election of Higgins, Republican, j
Immediately interest in the Prosi- j*
dential el< clioti began to wane, ami
the crowd hc-gun to clamor for "Walker-Speegle"
news from Greenville,
which was never received, though
numerous efforts were nmde to obtain
"Parker carries solid Sooth. 1f>
ulectornl votes; -Roosevelt roc . ts
254 electoral votes."
It jvist takes 239 votes to fleet, so
this last message sent the crowd
home to "Iioosv'" dreams, but they
didn't dream nliout "niggors."
Of coui'BO it is posbiblo that com
plote returns may change Home of
the states, but it seems to be a settle!
fact that Roosevelt is elected.
Quo dollar for The $entinel->lonruul
for one vonr is ti good invest motif.!
A. JL. ? JL JL_ I .JL JSL A.
The Famous At
iJiioct ti'Otn tlifi homo olliee ot this (
practical Opticians and will remain
His Engagement is tor Jnia.v
This will yivc the citizens ot' Lit or
of having their
I>v ono <>f tho most renowned ami hi
ians in tho 1 . S. Mr: Ilawkoa has
,wi in.,i ,.r t,> ti
(J. S. who onjoyg the confidence ol
His name is a familiar word throng
by over twenty-fivo millions ot' peo|
justed glasses to tho oyoq of more p?
fame than any othor optician living
is ofton tho cauao of headache, diz
vision. Thin c:ui be <uir??<i in man'
Orystiilizod lenses t<> tlx* eye. ^)al
days, as In; has other engag< 111 nts f<
CM "J'/OX.? I would caul ion (he pi
peddlers going from house t<> house
ihg thorn to !>? llawkes' or sidling I
spectacles arc NKVKK peddled. ,\
Hood the country are positively inju
From I0x-Pi <isi<lcnf
i < I I I D
* ' m \ < i<ill' i, a i \ f1 <
A K. IIawkks, Khi>?I ?o;ir Sir:
well suiI? ? 1 (<> mv eyes for lir-soeiiii
shooting trips. Voiira very tni
Tiio (xronf \Vnrri<
Mn. A. K. 11a \v k i '.rf?Dear Sir:
I wear vour I'initiscopi.; < 'ryt-talli? <
and clcariiOHH of vision, they art- <
used. Respect fully,
i \ . / ? k 4 <
W M <' Ol Ulll' <<p !"<'
Mil. A. K. II ass w i;x ? Dear Sir:
nished mo some t nuo. pincn havo j?i
tosted thorn l?y uho, ami must ?av
and f>riIlinncy l>y any that, i huvu <
A. K. Hawkes Re*.
For Superior IjOiib flriruliiij.' nn I I
speetael-s and ey< ?gla?flOS. Hold in
CAUTION-?These Famous Gl
Walt For Hawkos 1 <>'? .>' ft
?yos, but womo a pair of bin ('i jstallizei
lou^.os iu rxistoDoe.
A. K. H
Inventor and Solo Propriotor (
*St=? He Will Positively f
\ >
! 1 1 ' ' ' * ' ' ' i i ' ?
inrj r tumw m i ?mr. :->-.'wc*ucy
.1 Give nature three helos. and 1
nearly every case of con- g
sumption will recover. Fresh |'
i air, most important of all. j
Cherry j
Nourishing food comes next. 9
Then, a medicine to control B
!! the cough and heal the lungs. Lj
Ask any good doctor.
" 1 first nred Aror's Clierry IWIornI M yo*r* G
nun 1 <i!?vo siumi terrible i'umm nf luiii* lila- fl
Oitsi'n riuyil liy it. 1 urn nnvor wtllinut it.' H
A!. i.titr U. iiamit/roN, Muriuttu Ohio. H
;.v\..vv>? ?i.oo. .i. e. avi*.it ro.. n
All ill 'H' -its. f ? _ l.iiwHI. Mikh. H
.wftMnvuc . nil IOI >BWW?IMOTIMH<MJ
t r.A*n smrrmt inn I
[C vtT Vb IV Ail. M
BMtsrTatraia 1 i' i i) i 111 ii i' 'I * ii 111 mi 1?1 hmJ>
Health c omands daily action of tho
bowels. Aid nature with Ayer's Pills.
To the Time Lover.
rhore is u mnn in Knsley town,
And SNYDER is liis name:
His work is bringing liitn renown,
His goods have, brought hiin fame.
He takes a watch that's out of sight,
So far behind tho time.
And nets tin) tiling to iiinning right,
Au.l ticking with a chime.
So l?t*iu?* your wntches, new <r old,
Your watcher, fast or lazv,
Your watches mudo ot' hiass or gold,
Your watches worn or crazy.
He'll make tho cra/.y watch run true.
The brass wi'ch khuiu a tjold 0110,
The old watch j'ist as ^ood as new,
Of t Ise this "ad" h;is told one.
H. Snyder, Jeweler.
Bonrs tho /? 1 h0 Kind Vcu Have Always Bought
E IM ^ 1
g a
I:)ntn (
3rcvit < >| t (*!il llouso, or ono of li?^
at t-lio ,-ioro of his Audits
j Ml v tall D l J VI VI
sonly, beginning Xov.21str
ty and vicinity a raro opportunity
loct Sf.fiil its well ?s roliabtn Opticall
tin- modern apnlianeon for tint
ip eye. Tin;re is no Optician in tho
the jii.-opin more than Mr. Ilawkcv.
hout r. i 'Ct ion of country in ha hi ted
?li'. Mr. 11 a wkOH has probably ml,'oplc
of national and intornalioi al
. This inn was established in 1S70nn
a w i*
1 n'AUM
/111 SS, Kil'VllSllfiSH Stllil ?1 i l)l|)f.'PH of
v casoH oy the correct lilting of ln?
I c irly, ) < i?o>itivi)|y remains I>111>
>r later ilat<-8. ^
il.lic .ig'iiiHt buying spcr.tai-leH from
with ;i l?.t (.1 KpfCtiiclHH reprfsontli<>
s.iiu grade ' I goods. fIiiwI<?*H
lanv of' ttc inferior glasses that
l ions t< tho cvt',
of ( . S., Cm rover
ill i vc i>i ansion.
I find your Orystiilli/.-M! Lnnnes
[(. Ami I shall <'nj iy them on my
ly, OltOYKIt Cl.KVKI.AM> .
>r ami Statesman.
W'lion I rotjniro tliO usft of trl!is*oh
I l.riiscs. In ivfpcot to lirilliiincy
uiperio. to any j,'!iihm's I liuvo over
(*oij^111 (it'ii'l to Cuba.
sites! Statesmen.
Th" !*-?s11! < j i ' y|:>KSi'H yf>u f'nrven
y\('i>llcnt nsit ion. I liav??
ihcy nr nnsiirpiisscd in cluiiriiMt*v
vcr Worn
(Jin. . I *? i i n 15. (iowi><>\,
x (/ov. ol (In nnd I'.S. Seimtor.
reived Gold Medal
Oxcftllcnoy i" 1 Ik* siuiifho(iir*? /<l
uvor '!'> IIM'H ill III 11>W lio II) I . o.
ed 1870,
asses are never peddled.
;otpclnfc; s m il ntilicinlly adjnntod to your
il I ho most brilliant upootnole
)i all tho IIAWKES PATEKT3.
lemain But Three Days.
% The Best values
?) busy store. Fr
({. kept, busy waiti
jr in Dry Goods, C
\ prices, \vl lich
would call youi
// in this store is
Vk TTT-i 1 1 rriirn <~i
11 lyO-JLV^ y VV J.J.1 ^ i V KJ
f sent them to 1
J in quality. Th
(\ your shopping <
t Hot shots from our I
10 pieces Broadcloth ii
? anteed spotless, wcll-shn
ment of this number in tl:
1] 5 pieces 52-iuch Ladie
// finish, in black, brown, 1)1
7 pieces English Chevi
? skirts, in brown, navy bit
ular 69 cents value,
M 5 pieces Rain Proof CI
Yl son. The correct thing
ft blue, garnet and brown 11
W 36-inch Black Taffeta, 1
f A Bargain in Bleachii
^ got them and will still them
[F Something Special i
$1-25 kind, 89 cents. 1 o<
S Hoi
Six Mile Musings.
Cotton picking i* about over, and
tlio farmers nro haul-jig nn tlieir corn, j
Tbo bonuiifnl rail* lias fallen ami
will do tbe land nmch good.
Wheat m>wing time is here and Llie j
famines are getting a move on flniin.'
j Mi.ss ^Nlary Trotter, a popular j
young lady of Ijilierfy Wuh on a pl< as- j
unt visit to tins <;ommnuuy i;in;,
nrdny and Sunday.
: W. JS. NimTIk 1ms sold his farm to
1\Ir. S< aluook At U dhoii. .Mr. Nn.i si
will movn to Amlertton. Wo j ic. iiu-;
immd him to tl.o peoplo of Anderson
as a k'ood neighbor nnd citizen.
j Isaac Durham has |>11L I In* I'minlini<,'
touuhuH to hm Ijcu'itiful re .-id 'ncv
Mrs. Kli/.a Trol>rr i f vw v ill .-.i this '
Health i.s very fjood in th.s eo.'tio . ,
Mrs. If. If. "Holcombo vi-?i? < 1 nl i
the homo of her father, W. li. Mad ;
din of Stewart, last Sim lay.
W hut is tan matter with th" < r
roupondents thnt they aro no", \n ?t,
In the- paper' Hare in nothing I
enjoy more limn to pick np ilwi impel [
mill reii'l tlin nnws Ironi nU <1 tlie*
Kectioiis, no lor ii ? nil t a iiiovu on
oursel vuh.
f l'lelclur Kvaim has tieii/ed himself
I') a liint 1 op Ijiij^v.
I Tiittlo Annie Willimoii llie four j
im ii im'11111ri oM chili I of Mr i?ii 1 I
Mi". (1. I>. W'llliiiion, <lro\? In r {/mini |
lather's liorsu from thn lield In I??
hotiK" i?v nersclt with a lnjid ol corn
j I he wi lt or wim Uiero wiiru tlto child i
I drove np.
Mw. Uutli Willimon >nnde a. brief ;
Ii*i)> to Silicon one tlnv In I wccl..
Jack Mfi ii k's little ? .I.i 1?fr who hn?i
I ten iil with to' er lot* Home tinte, i? j
sonm hotter at this "writing.
Mrs. S. L. Ilich.irdsnn, of Host
I'nioii, visited it tl.e home of Irs.]
l\ \V. NV'iiliiiiCin our ?luy i.isl w>oi j
Ti ttle IMihv WilJimnn is hick j
nt this wi'itio
The In.ieriil of Miss 1ji)(i?n 11<?I? |
bins, which took d!iic<< a* Mill
hint Monday, whh n'tet.d m t?y stvrail
from hero.
i'?. Muoklin, of <JaIIk iiii, is h|> U>
stay awhile. lie oan'l ^iv? \i|? rid
IVu Kidj/e.
i IN v. I i. (1. t'hy ton, i f ''oidvfllii
I'MHuhed ?t Alt.. Olivo Insi i*atn*da^ '
M. Mauldin made u 'irii f trip io|
St'HOCii olio day )a?t \vo<'U.
li'ev. Hwuuum o iseil his m? otin,'*1
?t Mt. Olive last. 4t11 fSun?lay n..{.?111. J
Mix. W. A llondrix. ??l" Ut'Ooifj,
Suited rMalivcu and fneo< s hi on*
( (/(nnniriity Sunday mat M? u(lt<y.
While lliti writer wns in the <inp
llill Ruction Inst. Sunday.. Vu- now*
camo that Minh Taicy Mnu Idin, one <>l
our corre&pondehtH, woa very hi 3k.
Her many friends hopu for her ;i
rapid recovery.
With host wihIiom t> you all, I 1 o*
main, "Wini fcr Pink.
_ I
Beaj-i the s) lh> Kiail You Hav>i Always Bought
the; e
5 we have ever <zi\
o111 early morniii
ng on the ens torn <
Nothing and Shoe
mean :('oi' you no
l* attention, but th
our guarantee th;
;ood service, and t
is, connected wit
)ry Gooods section. The:
i all the: popular colors, guar,1:1k.
This is our fourth ship10
last 30 pays. ??S(*.
s' Cloth, all wool, broadcloth
[iic? and castor, 'I Sc. j
ots, nice weight for walking '
ic, garnet, grey aiul tan, reg.\\h'.
oth, a reel hot seller this seafor
shire waist suits. Navy
II vfiit4/?o i (Wi
I I ALU I V.O. f ? I
ill silk, 7?Sc- |
II g?Four cases to sell this wet
at live cents a yard.
n Petticoats?ion black mi
3 same as above in heavier wei
i?ll l\>i- (Jhinu (.voupor
Busy B(
-*** Pf.i'i'lNi:
Special Attention Given to Watch and
Jewelry Repairing.
Old Postoffice Building,
1 Iai <iles a lull lin<; o| Watches,
Clocks ;nul jewelry. Repair
"work receives prompt' atten1
ion.*.* \\v.*.
% g
o m A /T'sun v
av*. a:* a 'f a
lj COM! !I ii WttfSiS A 5PICIALTY. Sj
| '% ....
' ?OOUIl4 #/*(. > -.-If.. ,'$V MATCS 1
it *mi> /j ?? 8ub*
if : \(V5F( MITTCO
(3 -AT.OM ly
MACHIfJfflY r.HlfJ'.ir A ft D LATH
I RV. K^oma I.INC9
\cw ij jiciiil'Ic u. .covcry
J or ll:?
lftii.4 and NOSVF.S.
It ?.! . ' tin* ! >> . < 'i i ,.i;i; i!if
Viisio i I.I i< r .1 ill < : i:n|Hn .iii mill li\
(k'.Hlniyitl) I III! ;;i 1 ' hi in: rol>((s III.lllll'l
(' 1?1? ??> I. I ?11 I r. I > III. Ill',11
Iiv ri > ,sl ii' iii ' 1 m1, i !' in-.; I!> r< i
< o; I u.-/ i i..,ilv i ,i' ' > . i i . i 11 i , ,1 rc<l
it i' -ii>r 'S rtml ;i.? norvcH
o:iv!-in. a (*111 fri >:< <it i;< i (on i
I lil'dll'J tin* ? !?? I Ii i.i. I
spcctlil'. iii s nil-!rui1..; r"rn ii<-;vous
iu-ss. ii, rvoi s ]>r<? !r,il;i . <:ii| ,|i oili<
it p ' iwrvoii . icin
K\ liAI.I S TON'IC i *< !<l iiiicWt .1 posi
" '''''' ' 4
lri&\ >\r 0 cnS / C ariily &i/c $I.Oi>
ma. ' a- i; i.i' p : v
Th:; R. dical Remedy Companv
nir.l IOR'7, M. CPickens
Shaving Parlors
E. T. HUNVER. Proprietor.
....Fvkuythint; Fikst Class...
(Over Pickens Drug Store.
Givo mo ft call, twill be Hiiro t<
plo 1 h ) you.
$USY j
-i I\/f
BJLw "? 1
ren are now being c
g till late at night
3rs who come in to fi
is. It is not only
teworthy savings,'
A fnvH airri'fT-*
. vy u uxxtlU VV 1. UJ.1t U V '
it the goods are dc]
hat they are j ust w
on our counters tin
h our low prices, o
se values won't stay here k
36-inch Mohair, in l)ro\vn am
waist suits,
44-inch Storm scroti. Our c
they can't get this number mat
j than 75c; we don't know. In
j navy blue, black and reel,
4.j.indi Melrose Cloth. This
i lar seller, and must be a 1400c
\ brown,
10 |.?iec? sTwo Tone Tail eta,
[. teruay's express. The heavy <[?
| facti m. In all shades at
:k, Tho mills ask six cents for th
rccni/.ed, nicely trimmed heavy ll
idit, worth $1.50, at $1.19.
I* ?1 ii<I (*<M Cliinn Fi'<>o!
erson Co
ze nave.
' I&W ^''^"^'W^?>W
if 3 a lUluU ^ L_
5\f 1 I pays to take cnre of t
c hickens, ejj<?'s, bees w
IV* t<? try to avoid making deb
%\ay than to lo >k after the
a specialty ol handling cr
jy? a')le. by our lonjj experienc
,A9. o.i. K
I g .-jyi iv ii c 11111 ^ r>
WV want all the turlI
A ducks, l;('<'sc, bees \va.\
can Our store;
| i^oocls, and our prices
j/w j \V?. have but one pr
| pleasure of knowing that y<
14)' :mc' as (;ls an
\?>i r trade and will alwa
money's worth. Resjicc
/?\ rati xi^aroaHMSBBWDOTiJEa
! "J1
riu- Pickens Heel Market hn
rooiv. between the " 1 >i^ store" ;u
come our customers. We Ikiik
| understand how to butcher lice
'meats to suit you. We pay hijjl
j /
i tie and pork and sheep. Wo \v
low. Come to see lis. Yours i
Williamston Female Collego'!
wih opun in its now bujldings nt
1 Greenwood, s. C.,
'i'uiiHila.y, Sept. Ii7, 1904.
Our woll-knovu nrtv-mtflgou with vn!ua
bio udditioup. Worn! for cnt:.iof<ue t<>
Rev. John 0. Wilson,
Onopwfl WilliamHtoD, 8. C. '
?- i..J-1. 1 '.i. -J.?L?i.v.we
qive j
china " m''
coupons. /?
>ffered in this 1
mi T? fr* io M
v^t. 1- JLUX W AU ?
11 their wants $
our popular ?
to which we h .
3iy sale made 1 .ys
>endable, that C
hat we repre- ^
it is not .rigm, m
aight to make //
)ngat these prices: \(
d navy blue, for shirt ^
50c. IV
ustomers tell us that ))
:ched in town for less If
brown, tan, royal and \\.
s?c. C
has been a very .popu- J
1 value. In black and #7
49c. \v
just received by yes- ^ . j % ,
mnty that gives satis- M | Tv.
75C U /
<; same goods, hut we've ^ ' X,
annell skirts, the regular ' j j
wantedTI ; h
* - - . * v* - - ^ r 1 .,..
lie little things, such as ^
ax, butter, etc., It pays ^
ts, and there is no better y
little tilings. We make
nmtry produce, and are A
e to pay a good price for !
;eys, chickens, eggs,
butter, etc., that we j\
is full of nice new ^
will do to rely upon. j\
ice, so you can have ihe
on arc Inlying your goods
y body. We appreciate "j
ys try to give you your \
tfully, J
(T Rfl 8 1 M
e? market!
s just opened up in the store
id i )oc:k Pases, where we wellle
nothing but the best. We
f and do it nicely, and can cut
licst market price, for beef cat*
ill also lniy you hides and talor
hEMMH rfrirm
Mauldin ^ Proffitt,
m r
IiinckpmiLliing mid Woodwoik,
Bogglo i Kepnint^d ?nd Htiipod ?amo
nR now. , "**
All Work Gufirnnteed.
ids m is m ror!e....^Ly

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