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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, November 09, 1904, Image 5

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Ficksns Mud-Journal.
JL. ?
lliinnantnflrn nf n I ???! ?nA n I
iidUfGiuugd vi a mudi auu ruauiidi Mime.
?"I toUl you bo."
p ?Thanksgiving Thursday, Nov. 24.
t ?Will Glonn, of Slabtown, was in
"Hown Suuday.
i?-Mr. and ^Irs. Jones Fuller were
in PiokBMH Sunday.
v -II. Lang Clayton, of Central, wns
in Pickens Mouday.
. ^ ?Mr. and Mrs. 13. C. Baker spent
^ guesday in Greeuvillo.
\ n i i> /i ,* j i i ?
?iu;im iv. kj manors now ?<i and
get powtoil on prices.
?M. A. Boggs, of Liberty, wan
in Pickens the hint of tbo week.
?Miss Stollu Newbery, returned
from Greenville Saturday evening.
?Miss Alma Smith, of Andwr.son,
is on a visit to Miss Stella Newberr?
. ?Miss Lido Folger, <?f Eunl v,
apent Sunday in Piekens with relatives.
*?W. Y. Li. Marshall, of the Ea-?*
ley Hardware Co., was in town Sat
? Miss Jessie Thomas, of Greenville,
Hpcul Suuday with the Misses
? Key. O. M. Abney pnuebed ton
Jargo tttul interested congregation
Sunday evening,
? J. E. Jiiidgef", our fo'ini r genial
Umnsinan. now of (JmiLnd. was n visi
tor (o I'ickens Mond iy.
You can get liailt wiie ul He per
lb, null tiaila ut $2.50 pe1. keg base at
Carter'p, Liberty.
' *'' - Enyenu Lewis uud wife, of Bre
yaid, N. (.' , are on a visit to tho family
of hi8 father, A. Fielding Lewis.
I-Rid. .1. L O. Thompson and i
children, Alice and Tooiner, are in
Charleston visiting Mrs. It. K. Good
?Rev. \V. T. I.iimI will preueh ?!
Pleasant Hill on tlu? tliit*?i ftuiutny in
November. Everybody invitod to
come and hear him.
? See nnw ad of J, D. Mm.re. fhef
steak 8 cents a pound; bausnge I"c: it
pound; roast G to S c?-nts a pound fit
? From now on N. IX Taylor will
i coino to (.'tokens reguiariy every Wedi,
nesday. Come on those days and
I have Boino fine work done.
1 ?Miss Loif/Newton^-^n oliarmii.g
young lady of/punny' disposition, i.-'
now with Mih' K/Lj. Cureton, where I
bIio will bo delighted to sre her mini |
I eroup friends.
1 Iv. S. Com ad, representing the!
J Kimball Piano Co.. has 1 >? ? >. nliif.iiu' I
. i r>
bumo very Imndsonie piunou in town
\ __ilio punt few diM'H. ''There will bo
y . jj1(,8jc. iu-4Jl? 11'l\"
? Mm lied at tho/lioine of the
bride's pareiitf-; neiip Prater's Creek'
elmrcli, Sunday, ./Nov. (>, Miss Eveline
Jones, io/for. Taylor iiowlin.
The cerein )\y^ was performed by A.
B. Ii|ggiii8, N. i\
?jV)uis Copel liaa a Ini'gn stock of
clothing find furnishing goods which)
he is helling cheap for cash. J5rin< 1
the boya to him and lit them op for
wintei; he has a l>i_: stock of Youth's
and clnldien'rt clothing.
? llev. D. W. lliott has returned
??A from a delightful visit to his former
home in Colleton county. lie eon
ducted a mooting 'mid the kcimiss of
his boyhood days, which proved a
prescioiis season of ruvivul.
For Kent?Corn and grift mill,
saw mill and cott ?n gin, all in good
li\ ai d run by water power. Will be
rented f?>r year 1905 to rt sponsible
party. Call on or write to W. P.
Stewart, Uvntrul, .S. C , It l'\ D. No. 2
? Uov. .1. 10. I'Vister filled his u.?util
appointiiiunt at Scooiia Sunday
ir oniine;, preaching an excellent hitliion.
Wo doubt il there is a church
in llio comity that lias a Wetter average
attendnnco in membership than
? -K. U. Wilson, an expert accountant
from Comptroller Jones' oflico,
was 11 ere Saturday ami Monday,
checking up tlio hooks of county officers.
He found everything satiufactory
and went Ins way i t jo eiug
Monday afternoon.
I ?Local uportHmen say there aro
~^N more partri'lufH than usual this sea
hou, consequently there has been a
good cV.ul ol limiting wince the seabon
op-iifd. Many go and cannonado
away, who can't hit llio bide of a
mountain, but never (ait to ot least
kill soiuethiug time.
? Miss Lilliafi Herd, \A>(' 1(> yiur
old daughter off I). A. LKud, ol l'iedmont,
died at the hoptfe of her grandinother,
Mih./M. ytT Robins in the
Mile Creek nocii/ii on the 29th ult.
The remains were interred at Gap
Hill ou the ipurning of the 3l?t, Kev.
C. L. McCain conducting the funeral
'yjkL'-^ ? Vickenu' efficient and "np-ton.ow"
barter bau a card in this paper,
soliciting your patronage. Call on
liitii wijon yon need u shave or It.iir
cut. Vou will find him polite and
attuntivo, and at all times ready to
Horvo j on. Every tiling is elenn and
nice. Upstairn, over thu Pickens
ll J JDrng Oo'a store,
\ * ?Pickona has a valnablo addition |
to her eitiz uiRhip in the person ol
nS Mr. .lot)i) T. Funuell and family, of
Calhoun, who buve moved to town
Hud ore oooupyingthe Hoilingaworth
property on the corner of Main street
and Pondleton Ave. Mr. Funnel!
will uugage in the mercantile buai*
ne?8. lockout) extendi* a cordial welcome
to bim nod family.
fHBBffhw i? ? A'? X EL*-' ..II 'irIrak
" J ? I
-iow that a ouutiful th bat>
fftHi, it would i wiso forK'tuors
to i?iu to prtue for wRt nud
.sowiih enrly p Bible. IfJirtnorR
toowiujtbiu^ In the?pninpu tlio
proiiulion for vjeut that loy <!?.?
f-... .It 1 11 I.-: I .
?-'i <nwu, i uov ^uiti reap I on iitator
BuriiH. A.bot tliM only quiaito
for ^taining aljloa?t a r sotiablo
liavut of when in propHi reparation
itb sotno sd of fortil ?' The
mosjndepondeiifartiurs i 1'icUoun
couij today areboho wiio avo sufficiei
whefxt in tboir iers for
?n t lie day re t() t<8H Misn\
EuBU.Gillospie, fldeat di j'uter of
Mr, nd J. M. 3ni?:Hpit>Jis to bo
niarid to Mr. tticbard pyaih. at
tlio mm of tb bride/ parents. I
MisHiillospii) inn charting young
WOIIIS poSHCSSUI of )l , lllippV
dispdion, and !r. IKnl is to bo
congtulatid 01 winniU such tin
xoeUt young Minan f J 11 lifo long
compion Mv.hyuraU h man of
tcrlii charactt nnd/>no of Lho
nost oyperonH irmer/iii Ilia colli)rv.
li?? S? nti)l .Joi/nul joins a
ngp role of finds iI wishing tin
H'ppysouplo a ng )?o <>f joy and
A Lett From Une Zcle Hardstream.
NVii-o dim C.\ l'Y?vlos an ip >l<>
<?y forcing ho ngh/on liiio - it all
"was jit* out ohvln/lo cloth " Wo
snitl wit wo dido <jraw the uttoulion
olur roade, who arc now full
ing uhvor cae'otner to piy ua, t< >
keep liii n>f?otij him. II) is ?vi
nfiiihloian of | asing uddro-;s :i id
will crtain }ori>?ht r ?yallv when
lie mm you. sad his salutatory
holow.kd trout in) Hqti'it'u wliou ho
fulls o ot) mid on will never rogrot
I. LiJ.iin "j n" you, if ho will,
and tiijil in {^(xl grace. Ho ina)
irot thijke on yu, but if you watoh
you cnxutoh hn "nn^pinjj." We
u.'jw iiuluce .) you "Uuclo Zuko
Hiinlh'.nu," wo will aihlress you
in his o iuiiuiahlu way.
Ah ] 11 u iiui ueeiuei) t last. week
the puli is fiwjtrt! that [ have ae
eepted ! >silii(n oil tlii> "Sentinel
Iourun 1 ih "Ilustier," or general
iiioclv-a t
As 1 a stranger to the fjfood
pe pie Piekons, Mr. Thompson
fell it i 11)lx*r.t on hiuisolf to introduce
! lo tlU! lOmU'lV of his
paper, 1 ofcirin^ to my personal
up pear a an lining "homely us sin,
tl.e nj*li( menest looking customer
you (ivcrv." It would h:ird!y l?<?
beconiiti in mo to denv t!k-sc
cilnir^t'H, 1 us I never have l?t?en
accused being a handsome man
there nit >o some foundation for
his l'uui i, e^pccirtliv as Messrs.
Miner & -esn, Kditors of the "Sy;
van \ ill News' (''.if paper un
which I It* heen ? npn-ved th?* past
year), aft "endin}{ Mr. I s remnilts
stated Ih Mr 't ;loinp-' n was tin
most trutjil o?Iii ?? iliov ever rem
after. I3h.it as it may, it is a mat
It;r over \^h 1 hud no control, am
I see no iv>n for people criticising
thu worlcsi Nature, or rather Na
tine's mines.
Ho w>.-v< between Mr. Thompsoi
ami in>nept reminds me of a slur;
told of Alfiincolo.
Every <i knuws that Ohl Ahe wn
<i very platuuu, what is known as :
very hoim man. One day, uhi
walking llli^h the woods, lie met
!on^', lean,uk specimen of hnmaii
ily, curryiia j/nn. As Im caino ii|
to Jjiiic'olno leveled lii.s fjun uik
shouted: "ild on tliar, stranger,
am fclioot you."
" Why," fd C )1< I AI ? , * * vv 11 a L do \ o:
want to Ki^te foi ' "
"Wall, Hinder I always said if
over ou t i?;ij?li?*r niarr than 1 am
would lull in."
Lincoln ood and survvyiMt liii
from lit ad foot, mid coolly lejdied
"My Iricmjl Kim-s you hud l?elte
tire away, I' if I am any uylior tlia
you ai?', I Mit to die."
There is me a< I vantages in ' ? in
an u*,dy ma; when a man is workin
the |uil)!lc \'0|)!<j will n I caTi' t
detain lnm >js, but i nm d \s
with tlmir <lluis in order to / I ri
of liiin.
But niv'ppaaratmo will Inr?U
maku any (llri'tic.o t > tho politic, i
[ tin lint <4??"<'t to i ravel in yoi
county us :i sto nhow for I ho Soutiie
looriml, h itiiii 'lv in tho ?nt?T<?.st.
biioiiifHH, an in h i duin^ I hopo
meet many jiom I can iijimI
my fi ii m!h.
NowspapciMiBtlinfif is no now <
perieuco willuu:-, and I ioal/? tli
in my now lid overvihin^ wi'l r.
provo aa my an the uuimliuti
might imagi-.
There arc linerpinlilieationa u in
ijid.St pOHSertKO OL'tiOlllt ft Sllt'Cl'H.il'
rustler, ami II alter myself th??? *>.i
of these art) <|mbine?l in iny genei
First, a in,i iiiijrtt I>45 ii worthy <1
ciple of AiMiiilttH, and i?h 1 have t
utmost reHpei for an accomplish
liar, mid as I in somewhat, of n I
myself, I feel kat on this one pu
I may bo able ? make gooil.
A man stioul also In; a jutlgn
human iiaturi'laiiil herein whet
om deficient. /or while I have i
io?t faith in 'viikiml, I have, in
? .\ | HI ir (IIU1 lieiiL'ITUil nw ill'
time* tbiit. it'mier shaken nn ? ?>
deuce. For ihtai uft? ? iiriv
tunny mile* to>eo u nroxpective c
turner or to coiect mi account, o
to be turned 'n?wn lit. the end of
journey, nmkej inc shaky an to
A rustler is fttbposo 1 lo bo ft tr<v
ing encyclopedic,or neighborhood f
Hip. lie must kiow nil I lint is go
or., and what htilou't know be hiuj
profe-h to know, and beie in wli
biK kinship to jA.nauitis comes
plav. I
801110 rustlerMdoolnre that to I
allocate in tlio limiiMHi a man 11
1 bo somewhat ov a diplomat, ae 1
iii I
V - I '
We A re Re a*
The Largest and most inaprn
rt ~ _ ' o
upper South Carolina can b
bought these goods lor CASi I a
prices on them. Below we givt
o( our goods.
/ 100?#.50 IUmIs, live I
/ 125?0.00 15(m1s, six
50?S.00 roll ft. C> M
100?10.00 Oak Drosso
K)(f?!MM) Oak Dresser*
125?3.50 Washsla iids
The best No. ? Stove oil cm
A large No. S Stove, 'is pii
hi fact we have nearly everyt
Metis & Ja
$ p n m
// In If, UU
/J nmniM^n********
)) Combs, llair 1'
j h .Miavmt> ur
\) Brushes,
\\ Our Way.
y 'em to move. /
I ii ?> ?
\\ uiu
/! uWe Strive
exported to lulU l)iisiin>s with the
men, swap neighborhood fo-'sip wil.li
tho ladies, lluMi'V tiio yonn^f peophand
kisH tlii) babies, and I am not
I sure of 111 y Ix urines al<Hi}? thin line.)
I can lil! tilt* bid a1* far as the babies]
' >ii'ti concerned, providing they havt-j
not lately bum hi the "hisses' can. !
' Wci meet. all classes of people, ami,
j tfi'luTillly apeaUinjr, i liii-l I hi! human
race pretty j^uod soit of I .Iks, ami
, marly all of tlieni friends to newspapeiM.
Wo i rati a <(reat deal of tho
' hardships tliat 11 it* editor 1 .i to encounter
on account, of <i<-Siimj111-:11 sir.)
K-iilxi's, bul my observations pn-ve
' that tins i.iiilt often lit s \\ i 11 the
k editor liiMint It. There are very lew
men who are not willing to pay for
s the pap-r they read, but as the
1 I H I I . ? i . i I il ..I
' tlin country ?-?.i11 >is arc < ami* in
11 tlmir -utioiis, arc) .1111! ol t 1 wSat i!i
known as "eonst'.Sutioniiiiy t imd,' and
1 tilings <jet mixed and l;i'l 111 kI liainl,
ami for this urn wo rustlei*.
1 <lo not I?<?liov?i in telling a 111 mi
Iio should HU|)|>or. Ins county paina1
liecause '.t is Ins duty. A :nan <uleis
I | tlie j iiirnullHl i(J iield llto Hatiiv a* nnv
lotlit-r hll-.inec.n lor w li it tin to 1-1 in
A man ( ti^'ijjfos in tlio mniynntiln
' I Imisiiic.^s 111 your to .vn and i u vii < s > 00
, to oxainino In- >' '! i ? and prices !:
satisfaotoiy von o r >1110 a jsL >iu ;r,
' i otliorw i.ho you Id tlioui >ii ?in'1'liu
Siinio, 1:1 111 v est i ma 11 mi, '10 l.U
\ (> I lli I 1(1 ll(- Vrt j? i|>([ i> n.nr^,
| I u "hs vuur county ?ij?> r i-. worth
(ll i:i(/HcV, li'iiVii it iiloiic i it ill
j I IDC Ithk \Oll il It IS Hot II mi.'Illy |) .III
j pupi l* in which Mm ciinuoi ti .1 tlx
' vhIu.! of twit emits per copy, i r oik
\ dollar a yenr.
llcHt ?!Ct.fully \ > ?u i
I XCf.i: '/1 K I I i AliU vi i;I.AM
' /
/ Cotton Growers Convention.
k Vj 'ut'SllHUt to till' Cllll pll bl l.-> h ed llM
Jnvcclv in tiiiH |>up. r, a )V|.ro.s< nluiiv*
,ii | body of I'ioUoijh county fin'in s incl
o! | in I lie court house Vouduy aixl or
Uli j t?lllli/.C?l tllelUSelvcH Illto the I'iclieill
i County C'ntlou Growers < 'otivcntioi
in by electing I lev. John T. Lews pr?*:
ul idont, Elisha Oilstrap vico }>ico<li nt
iic W. Jj. .Morgan Mi'K tary and Ih .imii
ul of, and Ifausac.U'd routine business
after which the following resolutioni
in we fj adopted:
i? i i 'IM. i : i i.. 11. a . ? ,
lit* hl'MIIVl II, j 11j11 ll in iii?j i | > 111 ( ' 11 i
(I lilt; l'lukeim (Jaunts Cotton <!ro?\rr
iar Convontion :
Hit That tho in )st praetietil way t
innrkft oiii coitxi is to iiviM'I ihe<li
of ah'ioiiH iiihIi ii}><>ii tliti intirk< t tlnrin
t- I tuirvoBt titling I?y delivering tho uoit
in<L din ct from llio yins to tlm wan
iiiv lltlllS' s, WIlUl'u tilo.su wlio ium tl It) ?l
iii> ho, limy liavtt sucli atb.inetM nimh', ?
11 ll - low rates ot mtorcst, lis their linin
inj? tliiitti nt cosHiin H umy i'?'<|<111 o
im That thin cotton bo sold by 01
lily a^entfl, jn largo blocks, 11 iieit! to tl
tin; manufactories, thus avoiding tlm tl
Ins moralizing intlunnce and heavy lo
to both producer and manufactur
/ol. of cotton by the largo army of no
(oh producers culled cotton handlers ar
mifr operators who aro an unnecessary
in id our business. untlnr tliu warehoti
lore I plan, as I ho pHi'AHilo in upon tho ba
into of a living animttl.
That our dolomites to tho Sti
>o a. meeting Imi instructed to take up ti
aunt j important matter of warohoufto bui
10 is >Dg at once with tho (State tnocti
I w#*
* 1 f
iy For You! "
ticent stock of Furniture in!
im liiiiml r?il f>in' lljwire iinl \ci> I
V,.,. >.X, |
iuI have put KNOC K-C) UTj
; the quality aucl price of some I
[Vet liis^li. for $3.00. (
" " 4.75. :
! foot liigli, for 5.< 5.
rs, largo miass, S.r>0.
modiuiii i;iass, 1.00. j
for - - - - 2.75.
[JIT SOI? Nil .50. |'
ii'ils I'm' Ss 10 '>S. ltiiwMW i
uccs, $15.00. i
him* that i^ocs into the house.
ITieS, So. Car.
?u WAB. |
rushes, Tooth, ))
id Clothes (k
arc m K I
We Want {(
isk us about it. //
y; Compan>, !) j
to Please," ? I
nixl <ic\ 1 if II SVHl tMIl 1 > V \V il it* > Smith
('noliuii can unite will) u'.l I'm- other
cot ton-}.'rowing Stnlfis in cm cc i t of
action with the one ohjec' i f iniuUoti
II*.' <>ur I'nMiiii to tli I < ? t :idviii
W. 'J'. O 1 >' ] 1 Mint (J . I (, (1 iiicti n
| wore elected ?l<'lc?'!itcs to the Stnte
nioetiii;; AI' < i" l In* r>-t ti rn <>l ?I I ? '
'^ilt"S !' >111 t !l<* S';de llieett! ; lllld
j their report ,?.?ivcn the count v con ?'on*
ti ?*i, i'. will In* ninth* u | i*iiii:iim I or
j ^iini/. ilii?n.
Adjournal snl j'cl to tin* call of
| tiie. pro.sitlei.t
Uanifcr ol a < ??n:rsi
j l'tmumo'iii , c.rin, e >M, In meliilis and
1 near!v fiviiry oilier iliuigerou- .'i> Kness of
I this hind is usually I lie development of
| m slight coiu;li. ')'(>(? many people am
l iiil up : 11 1 loo mary <llc I'i-mii disi-ases
\v!;rrn <"oiil(l mi easily knock that
liis' eon: li in tin* Ileal. Murray's I lorelioutnl
Alnliein ; nI Tar enn <? >1 ?lw. Il
1 just, .irops tlie l? itlom out of a cough.
I'.very drnjf.'is? has it f,,r a bottle.
; Item' tulier "Mnrr-ivV ami t *k? no othj
ef. Heguliir t.- .-.i/e.
To Cure a (omrli.
Tli" e ihj'Iih so prn.'aluiit Mies > days
1 usually develop ii f ife \oi; rouliz what
I lias happciieiI. \o\v tie l>" t tin i'f t<
, .lo !rl to I Ke fie 11111-} relia'lli fillivli
! din' yiri ear t. Ndii - i> t'er 11 : 11
Murray'*- Iiun'1; hmI Mullieti anil ! nr.
!i ;- ? ill:* 111 i I 'li plllest 111V? < 11 -11 . :l I I
' nhn lio ;;ivi n l<> infant 8 as well jijt prt <* i
, I I'Ojl'e, Ml 'V It i OlSfl I I' C<\' Ul'lH. ?l!
| will liixl it :iI all tlriigfjists. 2."?<: a liottli
i ? extra iar</<' liultlc.
\ii i.I.I 1'iiii" IJeincilv.
Murray'-- Ii i< i><*11 it Mu'l<*iii ami I'u
I lias in il the | m? -} ?i|" ilnlsfj, all ol
| whi.'li woe u-e.l liy our parents - i?<
' <;r.ii!il parent- It i-i a riimhnation si
put tni.'etljer I' it it a ennull i 5 ?'i'
j oil'. Notllilr.' ! i cll -r Ii liieu. It i'
il V||ir*| I II I . " ? III' ID' MM r;'M| (I
: <*.< 11!c'i-s. \s - vuiii' ill i(jai--l fur it, 'l lu'i
n'l Inivi' il ii . I v. f'l-sts on!*' 'Jo* :i lint
t r - ( Mr.i l ii;;i-Woffles tomilnr .*?()< ?-iz?
i llcmomlxt- to lor "Murray's" am
tiiko no other.
'J All pern ns li:ivin^ cliiiuiH nganst tlx
1 cstiil'1 i f .1. \\\ |*i iff?, ilccouscd. u ill |ii-?>
: wont llio Hiinti', proporly nt'PHliiiI, to \
i J. I5o I'vivut?n , on or li.y the I -i
, tin v of I > ? ., I'.'ii 1. ml ill pl>i'M>i)H fiwim
. s.inl c.-tlnfi' v ill nisi!;?> payment to A >1
llo^s, Kxpcntor, oil or |iy tln? >!mv
' ilutc. A .1. I'oprfjs, Executor
ii vj ;n <.I ;i>< rstiiio oi . i'mil
' i
H | N iilrrf ? > I?i>I? ?r? til l Oridlll >r<.
All j) TjJoih h:ivi!i-.r cluim i ji'/aiusi Hi
,f <?f Aii'lrew J'.til lor. ileeeiiMNi, \vi
pICKI'lll Hie - MM ". "Illly MtN'SlO'l, In
h ;?nyn!?'nt l?y tin- 'lay of !),'< . iirx
Those indi'litcl to y.iiii I'stjiti- will u all
o pnvmi-ut to .1. I?. Fintlr>r.
j. i ' (). |?. ltuiler,
' Oot, 5?7. 1001. Atlministrntorrt.
Not ire to Cmliloi'N.
A'l |ii'i-.<(ii,M Ii iviiijr rluiini nguimt tl
O^'ntii of \mmh 11 I! Iv'imomorn. ?l< n i
'' < I, - it 11 ->( Ii1" He "in- Willi I ho 111.11
" HlglM'll Oil ol' lii loli' till* I <! illlV (if n
1 oi'in'fir, 1001. ntul ilif'Hi1 indebted to mi
ir [ nslalo in net Hollle t'if h imo on <>r by 111
u, i <hit<>. ,J. M. H'ownvt.
() Tilt Nov. 1001 :U FiXi-entor.
Kx<'Ciilor's Snlo.
i,- ?y virtno of an order of .T. B. No
. bory, Probnto .1 ndgo for Piokona eount
1 wo will Hell nt tin' Into rosidnnofl of Mi
1,1 X. K. Movpf-ni. (l<'?!OiiRtHl, i>n 1lir '2"
se dny of Nov., 100 1 tlio piwoind projx
i..' ..r . .?.\i . ,
I \\ by ??I ? llill t. JM IK', oiiiininiui^ in iiui'v
h >;<?. o.-itiU? oirrittgo, huj/gy, fnrmi
ilo iinpI'Mi'tn'H. inoilicil boi>Us, rurgeo
inntrumontH, niul 1iouho1m>I<1 and kitcli
'V effect*. 'IVirasawb. J. K. I^thcm
f'* II. A. Morgan
t! Nov. 10, lUOitd Arimiuifttmtc
l.f,- \ ' ; * ; ' . \ 'Jjf y ' ' . < ' J
<. ,
^jGenera 1
For the past six weeks we have
ition, that we have by lar tlv. largest,
lave ever placed betore the trailing pi
t .
Thin department in comjm l? in1
Bvery detnil . All le 1:?t t iliinu
111 wnisun^s unci kkii IMI^s WHII; i
Inc.-8 and trimmings to match J
Don't lull to hC) our I n? of SvlHMi |
i'ooiIh uikI Froncli Kl?ni"'ls t >r \
? f
waists. Cawi nit'ivs, Wi?isi?mIs, j
Flannels, (>itt Ki'i'HftMJ, Wd I t?r j /
proofing, .loans, lilunkets, Kiitfs j
aii'l Art H(|iian s. j| ^
< >ur line "I .lacki'ts 1 :iin |
prion IV11m 00 tu >>7 00. JOvi'i'y i j .
c:?>no?'ivul>lo color and st\U*. Biy-j f
gC.at lino ever Bliown iii Piekons. J I C?
Skirts from ^ 1.00 $(5.00. All (.ho, j *
popular colors, fabii<s and s- /.< ?. J "
5 !j~o\7
\ 'I ( ^'crcoa
pip | w
,4$ j Irrns aii;|
i Y/ li ?
^^ jU 11 j.
j| buying yo
'- ^' i?! they arc pi
"llutth; Axe" shoes an; I lie kind (lint w<
cr t h:in anv other make. Tune Iihh pr >v
Our Hiih's nil llaltle A.v sho.<s urn thren til
we over expected them to be. \\*???ir one
you will always want the Haiti* Axe.
carry Selz Royal l!ln > shoe at >'? -"<(1 i'or i
tilt) stetson Sho ; al h oik; nt iho
inon'6 shoo on tli" market.
j .lust. r.-(,( ivi>d :i s<^M rnr <> 1 Fiiriiituro In
| shipments of ('It ?ii l.>un<j?s, Hall Rn
I><'itr<ls, Folding I5(ds, ?><< It you dou'
j \ui can sell you Furniture at'.ho ri^lit |
jjjivo our lino n lo??k I ?? 1 or-? you huy ^
I lind Room Suited from Jf I :">.(>() to ,v(>5
Hulls Iroin $2.00 to ss 00. Drossors I ruin ,
P ' ^.r*Shoi;s, 1 lats and (ienis' luirnis
Strauss <S: Bro.'s Clothing, ?
\ A 7 L? A X>
V V 5 V jfTL L">
con pl
mmho a Emi iTimmnvn - < ttaukmTWin ;rtjk
... The Store For BARI
Tim I>i j_'n? -I I i i?** <?I" I) i y
j'j pi iO(-s now <Mi (.(.ells 111. <
I i | S laiulll l il I'l t'i ! s I; vo ci
j! with every cash | irchnsc <>l (i
f i Loa<h-(l isIk-IIh 'J l> v. s for 7.>c.
? i rents |" r ll>. Nails ul $'J .">() ji
i i AGIUCl' 1/niRAI, IM PI.KM
)I (M\ iN( sro\ i,s ?('? /> i !im<
Mint uiiiki's c lokii ^ a jiltMintirn
: shoes:-;?;
{ We are Closii
i Jj
>. Vi urs for I ?n
F* r* r* A
i. Vc w.r\
'< ! ?
Mullet! .Mullet! Mullet !i
I an<l all kinds of Fr< sh ami Salt Water
lirtlt iiml nyH'eis. If yon arc <lcaljn<: in _
Kri sh Fish or intend to deal in iImmii is
n> w rue for pricoa and s'-nd vonr or l? rs to
h- TKMtY FISH CO , ( harhsion. K < , oi
kiLI'MBIA FISH & irli t (),. < '. linn ftJjjS
( l in, S. Wo tdiip only fissh canuhl EB
j(| lis'i inn our prici H tire its low as they HH
uj . can Its sold nL. 91
Write us. Try uh and he convinced. M
? ..DENTIST.. \f
,H? HKNKCA, - 8. C.
"5 V
ns Ollite oyer Nimmona Htoro, Do vie I )(
1011 ..
h< ur? 9 a. m. to 1 p. m. ? 2 p. m? to
0 p.m.
) ,
' . ! \
\ I
\I erchan
been receiving train loads <
every description. We can
most complete and best boi
iillf ; a
y- I ?St1
J Ji:
ts and Mackintoshes tor ? \
c have all the latest styles,
colors. The very best s^rad
i, ami cloth, that money can
>hat YOU <ret it yOU buy
I us. Any price yon wan
i to Don't (1
ur overcoat. Come now be
ckeil over, From 50 to >1 ;
! >ir' stm-U 0! 1 i 11
JI erv knows v
'iiV ]oii^-~ IS ,
h;, 1 }iis. ' "V.-ry ..no 8ln.nl-!
lies what JJ Mil 1 iiiii(i ;in?l
pair ainl ?} 1,1 pi ] "hap-,
Wt\ ill-,, I 1. I v-.
i >' ^ ; i w ?~ y
iiion. mill ?
iidliii st, j ^M , y ?j^L
I lt:>ii9t f 1 t<
iTOVES. 5 soi(k<*i Ml line
I'si.icM t.iu I I'iHhits and
1 . I r:i!l -Ml IS whoi
?r?c.j l list a ..
..lid Oak 1 "i-i'l'P'
1)0. ( ).ik \ powOy t. > j i! im g(; y
$.") to $!;?. | UiMncml.K'f we i
Yours truly,
jo. ~r l.j r\ e
UC. 13 1 a
hin?* Goods a specialty. Sol
ttetson Shoe, Mitchell W aj^
ftp m
atMBAimzimsmii?Z&Tii]rzii-:\<trxraaaa icitisa
SAINS, Where V;
( !<ii (Is, N ?>li< i;v, In i s, .1 :i 1<c;>
I linc i \ or l?-? n ' I!, i< <1 to I ho |'
i.ip r \ ;ii <1 C1 n's (I)n ji'1 s-i
IV U?, I" t I'M S III >1 S (I 11
( Mil* ho' nl v;ir load .if In !> w i:
r ko^ I Hi hi- .
KXTS-Try n l.ynHilmrg ('iiillot
1 aids, xsilii lull linn nic vo
r>' mo i In1 lio-d n!l round Shoes
\ pair and y<ui will Imiv no otluM
rig out alS Other ft/lakes
rutins ;n <1 l>?*8t valuos.
I did not come I
jinej to leave liei
a1 all these t lii ncr
ar tho old meat i
J. s
_ f
v t*\kr 1 ^ 'ill f w^rwlo rnnc Ief-_
i safely say, without exageright
stock ol ^oods that wc
I'll is is our main lino and our
do. Buying, ns we do, from
of tin- lnrgrsl clothing inanutnrcrs
in tlm world enables us
&ive you lit, stylo, and quality
it is un>urpassi'd. Suits for
ii ii\>m if.iuo to ^ls.(h). ?jan
niiv siz<\ stout, regular, or slim.
>111 $1O.Oi> to $1N 00, we handle
on-'- & Uro's. 1 i i11 Ai t ('lothcxi:!u^iv
ly, 111" best lit ling
'tiling ui:i?lc. Wh arc handling
.i a I'M 1 lopkiiis' make <>1 clotht,
for c'lildr.Mi and yutl.s. Chil n'>
suii- from $1.00 lo $0 00.
niMis from $*J 50 iii $N.."?0 When
n 1 uy cl< t.liimj always buy the
-I. (Quality is h:ii you are a ft or.
" -:p
.r^ios Wii^'tn^ Mnil Snrrpyw. Kv.
imt t i cr M ili-'u' ll Wii;_ron i-? sin<l
iiave tin? best \\ :ij; n. The ii?;litin
.st .mdurabh.'. A little higher
but. ?.'ve:' h i iniicii better in wonr.
irreys in any style and at any
i> s(mj our isirjjo and welloT
Hans. Art Squares,
i) you come to 1'ickena. ^
your t ra 1c and will do all in our
ruarantoo every trade we makn.
c ascitis for Hattlc-Axc Shoes,
on. :::::::::
- A1)Y
. I'JkttJU'j.M'i* .\v. xr i\ m. ujti&kL .\-s.r?rdn n
alues Are BEST... ,
11y, mill ill'1 ' -I 11
op]i Tl'it k'ti-i 11 , I
\ f i i s IV.r 'J.* rt
SUGAR FOR $1.2a t\
c niiioiint of siu(pii.
;vim 1 11!iiIs. \Vi;.> at ?
I plow; t hoy :> i tIn* I?<>st. \
>s( 1 h. \\'v have t < kind j
5 at Cosf.
? t
9 _
7Bsafe tsPim 'Vi
Tyour hide-. '
your Ix'i'B wnx. i
your rhickt us,
your i g;:v.
t<i ho!I > on your henf,
t > buy and s,dl to you.
Iiore and I am not
c. ! pay yon cash
s, and vou remem- . s
bL Mopre. ,g

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