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SLLU1J1. ..I ...L. _U
xiifi i>:mt limit.
f)on't 'neglect the dust bath even In
the fall time. In the summer time
when everything dry tlio fowls av 111
iliml i\ tlust bntli for themselves, .but
In fall time when showers arc frequent,
w dust out doors may bo scarce. Have
^ fsotno corner in the lien house where
(lust may always be found, and see
to it that It he frequently renewed.
If a little lime (not too much), or ashes,
wood or con I, be added to the dust
bath, it Will he nil the better.
Clean IJ|?.
Keep tho poullry house clean now;
the enti.ro season's success may depend
Upon It. ('loan out the dropping*,
whitewash the walls and perches, and
^ sprinkle lime over the (loot*. This
should he done several times during
the season, and as the sultr.v nights
come, look well to the ventilation. Kill
tho mites, clean tho house, give good
ventilation, and permit the fowls to
live at home in comfort and health,
both winter and summer. That is the
better plan.
! Turnip* For l'outlry.
Tl:e turnip is not rich in (he elements
necessary for tile purpose of supplying
the bens, but il promotes thrift am!
pj,T production by affording a chanye
from the dry food. A mess r?r cooked
tuVnips, to which ground grain is
added, will prove more benc'icial tlmn
either turnips or grain alone. I''or tins
reason the turnip can be used profit
nbly for all classes of poultry, and the
crop will save grain and increase the
profits. All who make a specialty ol'
keeping a large number of fowls should
grow turnips. IJeese and thicks will
I eat tliem raw ii' t'.u-y are chopped line.
I.ii inc vniM l or rigs,
A 1102 u'l'invcr who is a great believer
!n alfalfa fur pigs says that it i* an excel
Ion t feed, tint it will not supply all
the mineral matte* necessary for good
l)one development. They should have
all the charcoal ami corncob ashes
nnd coal they will cat in addition to
alfalfa. Experiments show that p!g>
J"ed on charcoal in addition to alfalfa
made nineh more rapid gains than
those without charcoal. Ir is not nec
111 urn anything <*lso besides
alfalfa to most other young growing
uninfnls. lint pi .us require more iuineral
in Uuir food than do ealves or
Clover aftcnriith Is the 1?^>t pnsture
for la talis Hint have boon weaned.
The sheep of whatever breed, whether
wf. will it or aot, is a general innpose
Xo one brood o! *heep will snooped in
nil soils and nil situations.
Of all methods of improving the soil
and destroying weeds sheep are the
.Mutton of good qualify usually sells
\ . .
i?i it uglier iirii'i1 111:111 heof. nn?l yet it
is produced :it considerably less cos!,
tt Only 1 ln? very best animals which
' . nro true to ilicir spocille varietii of
broods ami full t.f promise should lie
poloetod for hrepdln?* purposes.
If there are any unthrifty sheep In
the Hook, separate thiiu from the
othoiV, s*iro thofW a little extra oaro,
and if possible ft.Uen aiul market.?
Indian:) Farmer.
'I'Iip Com') mid Dlsenso.
IIy watching th?* appearance of the
romb ill*.1 Iicallh of the fowl may ho
easily ivotic-.d v,l -mi the comb looks
white, pab\ up black something is
wrong. < ileal thlv-t is another sign,
nnd :i nervous, restless disposition also
gives warning. Sometimes a lien will
go moping about v itli droopi ng wings
Init wftli l'o oilier siu'ns of sickness.
When a comlt. how ?ver, does not show
n bright searl-t in color, and the fowls
lire not lively. the> should he at once
examined. There i t no parllcnlar color
for any diseas . (hat !s indicated hy ilie
eomh. The pale or black depends upon
the stage of the d sea sc. Very often
the ttnnib will he pale and then turn
black, but the ponl ryinnii may depend
upon his fowls be.ng in gool health
when the coirhs are a bright scarlet,
^specially dra .irr t!ie laying season. :
the first ^i:;>? a p.,!Set gives of In winning
io lay Is the scarlet color of tl.
< "ovn is the ".re: 'est <>| nil I ;ii? tiT1.r;
feeds for livt* t>?? k, hut. a? i< well
. known, ii will i.nil.r .1 badly balanced
ration, bring ?!? il- inJ in portriu, and
<*oi;so(|iionll.v not >uit? 1 i ;is a *-.?! ? radon
for growing aui'ual;'.
II lins long Ij'I'll known that different
saninlcs of c rn var.v mis-b in
chemical cnrtipo-idon, the softer and
more starchy li:iving a !nwi r protein
content than tin* tllnty varieties, as it
is tin* germ and In rny-appeai ing porI
lions anil bran that contain the prolei
n. Sei fji t i li plant-breeders have
1..? ?
iiu>,v mi- several years Willi :tttompts
to develop broods or < nrn mat
will oonie noaU'or ^ ieldintr a fv'oll-bab
aiicoil food. A) it !s wo must balnnT
the ciirn ration with some food ha\ inir
11 much hivhor |>r->(?>1ii contcnt. and
containing h'ss of carbohydrates and
fat. These efforlt hnvo measurably
, succeeded . but not perfectly. The e.\pcrin
"lit stations it re working on ibis
problem with every prospect of ulti
mat" success.
I'illinqr t lit. Silo.
A si'.o may lie lillo.l quickly or slowly,
ns eironnistuticcv permit, witb equally
good results. It may ho tilled in one
day and be nil r it'll I. In that enfip. the
Hllatfc will settle a .great deal in a few
t' day#, and if (In* silo Is to he anywhere
-jL,, .jiear full, more must be put in, filling
II to the very top.
If the siin is lllicd slowly, taking sev
} oral days to complete tlir Jolt, it will
not tip as the work progresses and he
all right, provided lhat there Is not a
stop in the tilling of more than 0110 or
two day* at a time. If there is, tlio
silage will begin to mould on the top,
and that liijures it. The stage of maturity
at which It Is host to put It in
the silo is when the earn contains the
most feeding valu^ taking the whole
plant?stalks, Reaves and ear*. At
that time the corn Is beginning to
glaze, If It Is Flint corn, or dent, If
It Ih Dent corn; the lower leaven are
beginning to turn yellow or white, and
ou some of the very earliest ears the
ilA >ii . -
I linotfc* .*? ? bi.Miliwr re 'i>? ??
..i? iximiit, ii imc. ii iu<: cum
is more immature than this, tlie silage i
will be quite sour, will lack the nutii* ,
mcnt it will have at a later stage, ancl ]
not be us val>ihle feed. IE tho corn ^
is too ripe ami dry. it will lieat up very
hot, will* mould and bo damaged.
In rase the filling cannot be done un- t
til the corn is too ripe and dry, this j
can be remedied to a great extent by t
having it so arranced that the water
can bo sprayed on to it us it goes up j
the carrier when filling the silo, enough
to supply the needed moisture.
Various ways have been tried of eov- ^
oring the silage after the silo was filled 5
to prevent the spoiling of the silage on j
| top, <hut it has heen found that nothing j
j i> better or less expensive than to put ,
j on water enough to thoroughly wet the
j top of the silage and have enough so
111?11 it w 111 run uuv\ n ni'n\ itu uiu rsii- <
apv and the sides of the silo.
Many avoid all loss from damage on v
lop by beginning to feed immediately j j
after (tiling, thus giving it 110 time to | j
I carnage. The feeding should always j j
j he done from the top. taking ahotit two
j ineiies from the entire top each day.
! If the feeding is done too slowly and
| nart of the surface is left exposed to ,
ti?e air for two or three or more days,
then the stock will have partially dam- ! j
aged silage all the time.
. in- i > i iniij., 111 riiiii^*' i t'l'.i hi;; scria ny i >
reduces the cost of producing dairy >|
products, because fewer acivs of In ml ,
are required to keep n given number ^
of eows. less work and expense itro .
neuled to prepare eows for feeding, 1 (
and last, but by no means least, rows ' j
can be made to produce much more j
during the year by having them fresh ^
in the fall and feeding silage in the '
winter. ('. IV (Jooill'icll. ill tlif \nur.
I ' ** "" . (
lean Cultivator. , j j
T?io AVUmtr A1 (
A gond (lcssci l apple usually finds a .
ivady sale in any section where a largo !
city market o:u\ In- readily reached. j
Th" Wisiner apple, or. as it i< better , '
known. Wisniei's Dessert, is pro- 1
nouiieed by experts one of the best, if
not tlio best, dessert ai>t>le irrown. ()ni> '
I pleasing feature of the variety Is that ;i
the tree is absolutely hardy. being v
classed among the irou-clad varieties. '
It makes a strong, vigorous growth I
ami. as yet. has not been seriously '
troubled with disease or insvet etieiu* 1
ies. It is quite regular in hearing, t
comes early into fruit and is quite pro- j
iluct ive.
The fruit is medium !o largo in i-i/.o, 1 _
and most attractive in appearance. being
smooth skinned ::ml most hriiliant- j
' l.v colored. It is juicy, rich in flavor (
and free from tlher. In season it he- , ^
longs to the winter class. As it is a ^
splendid shipper with its other good ^
onalities it seems to l>e all that is
t inii ior u niKi wen worm irtnt in j
any apple section.?Indi;:napo!is News, i .
Ilnnw Mixing of l'"( rtllljprn.
Mixitnr fertilizers at Inline is not pron- I '
eraIIv practiced 1 v farmers, although 1 ^
quite a savins; in cost can often lie li:ia<le
by dolnt,' so, says a writer in New !
hnidaud ilonustead. I lie advantages
of factory mixed goods appeal strongly j 1
to the average farmer. Sueli fertilizers !l
are carried in stock liy local dealers , 1
and can lie obtained without delay, j *
They are generally s<?ld on crop time 1
credit, tiie grade i- as guaranteed, and j "
they are ready to use at once. I 1
In mixing fertilizers at home these i ^
.nI\ itMages arc reversed. Chemieals i "
are rarely kept l?y local dealers, and j 11
hi buy to tlio best 31 dvsi 11 t:ijjft* the fill'- !
iniT must deal direct with tlic maun- ^
! 1
liicturer, xviiicli rctjuir.'s a trip to the | '
I city, in1 correspondence. *l"ln? terms ; ;\re
cash with the order, buyer paying 1
freight. Then, too. many cheifticals '
are so caked in the bags that it is Jin- "
possible to mix litem until much hand '
!:iI:or has been expended in pulverise- 1
i'ttr. Few farmers have faeilities for
weighing, and unless exact <iuautilies (
::re used 111< grade Is uncertain j 1
Iii some cases a silicic chemical. I'i'cp | "
| nitrate of s Kin, eau l>" used to :i<lv:int- '
' n^e and no mixing i* required. This !l
method of reinforcing siahle manure !l
with n single chemical has much to '
commend it. s
The II list 1 task of compound in? n f*?r- ^
tilizer of a dciinitc grade is very sim*
I'lc. To make a trucking fertilizer
containing I |Vr cent. auunonia, s
ni r c-'in. available pho>plioric acid and
; S per cent, potash, it is necessary to (
I supply, in every lilHM) pounds, SO
j pounds ammonia, It?(t pounds available
l . . ... . . >
l>iio.-|>iiwri(' (li'lll <111(1 ('MP |)(>ll IK IS poiasll. (
The potusli is easily calculated, ns the
muriate (the salt trenerally used) contains
r?o per relit, potash, and to supply .
!<?<> pounds of potash requires .'{'JO
pounds or muriate. Add phosphato
(dissolved ro< U phosphate) contains 11
per cent, available phosphoric acid,
and to provide ItSO pounds of the hit*
K i' abort 11l."? nounils acid and phosphate
is ueedi <1.
/ The ainnionii supply is the d'dicato
feature, for the various compounds
in i wnn (iiiumviii uegrees or rapidity. .
For :i trucking fertilizer like tlio example
above, a large quantity of .
I soluble salts (nitrate of soda anil Mil- .
pintle of ammonia) may he used to ail* ,
vantage. Fertilizers tliat contain much
ammonia or potash arc always oxpen!
sivc. and when a high percentage of
both ammonia and potash is given, the f
cost Increases correspondingly. i
The low grade fertilizers, containing <
'2 per cent, ammonia. S per cent, avail- >
able phosphoric add and '2 per cent. (
potash, are very cheaply made. They
are easier to mix at lionio and make
the greatest Having in eost. Every
farmer must deoide for himself If it
is expedient to attempt home mixing.
The important considerations are the
quantity to he tuied, and whether It Is
more convenient to pay cash or buy on'
Oroutid Ivy and mustard can be destroyed
through sprinkling with a solutlou
of cop per rs (sulphate of iron).
A 1 '
* . v V.
The botanical papers report that I)e
^rles, the great Dutch experimental
'volutionist, has bv lonir continued so- !
cctiou produced a variety of clover j
viiich lias normally four leaves.
Within half an hour of the death of
>no of a pair of twin hoys at l,ciccser,
England, the otlier one died,
hrough, the doctor said, a certain
urious sympathy which exists beween
Tho South McAlester (Indian 'l'crriory)
News relates that a negro eriianal
in the Choctaw Nation was so
welly scared liy being arrested thai lie j
las turned an ashen gray, aiul has 1
lover recovered lii.s proper color.
An IhiglMi .\val<-hinak( r has jus! !
inished making a tiny watch in the
orni of a shirt stud. Its dial is two- j
dxtecnths of an incii in diameter, and
t Is to he worn with two other studs. ;
t.v turning the upper stud the wateh
s wound, while by turning the lower
>ne the hands are adjusted.
Professor Kit-oil ol' tlie University <>l ,
Molilalia gives a strikiim description
>f the treasure that his State possesses ;
11 sapphires. 'I lie onl.v systematic mill- '
ttK lor these precious stones in the
'nited States is done in .Montana.
rite annual output amounts to loO.nu'.t
>r ."00,01 M) caret v. including the stones
hat are stiilahle for rutting as gems
ind those that arc only useful fur 1110hanical
purpose*. It is said that the i
aphlarics in i I< ' na do liner work than I >
s done on the stones that are sent to !
.ondon to he cut. Perhaps somebody j
viII suggest that Montana should he I
.tiled the "Cein State." in view of the j
act that her output of prec-ior.s stones
'\ecods the production in that line of !
II the res I of tin.' United Stales. J '
Professor An.trclo rieilprin's opinion
>!' the nature of 11?o extraordinary
ower (lull rose out of lit?* cralcr of ^
.1 <>111 IViee in Martinii|Ui> a veal' ml'o, ^
0 a height of loot. lias undergone ^
1 chanue. At lirst lie thoiijrht, like
> 11< " jreolojlis) that the lo\V?T rollistoil
of extremely vixcious lava. which
oliililied immediately on its Intrusion,
iinl tlius rose? vertically under tlio i
;tress of the volcanic forces beneath. j
?i?t a later critical examination, lie . \
io\v says, forces strongly upon him j
he impression that ihi> jrreal pinnacle j
vas the ancient corc of the volcano, ;
nnsened from its nio:?rinv--'. anil lifted !
iinlilv outward. This lifting of "jjiaut j
ocU n?;ss"s or mountain cores" i
Iii?muli tin- orator axis of a volcano
ims not been heretofore an entirely |
mknown phenomenon, although | '
'cloo's tower is the grandest cxliiljl*
ion of the kind on record.
l?'ii Mat 31 mil More Ylinii Women ami 1
Ari' <'!ii?rn?'<I ore. ( 1
III : 1 s' 111:1 i 1 W'l'Vl S'lii' ! <'-. l l lll'l III lll!lt ! '
ilttTS t J persons nil riMlldliiy belli ! (
ho !ji!i ut' fare i-; lieailril 1?v this no- i *
See: " ! '
"(tegular dinner -Men. twonty-five '
:ents; women, tii'teen routs."
"How is tliis':" asked a ehiinee cus- '
Oilier belonging I<> 111 > sex most lioav- '
!,v taxed. "Von eharge us follows ten
cuts more tiian you do tlies woimn.
Vliat have \vc done that we should
10 so (liscrinilnatt'd againstV"
"You cat more," was tin; plain rcoiiiilcl'.
"It doesn't eost. nearly so j
iilicll to feed women as men, hut we j
ire the Ur>t ?oneern in this part of ; ^
own li*:ti lias been brave enough to '
ay so in plain print. .Many foreign ' '
cstauratii' have recognized that fact 1 !
iiid have regulated their charges ac- '
ordingly. Hoarding houses, tot), are I '
veil iieou:i inii ii willi llie iiiasenlhio
ppctlto, mid satisfy iH loiiKiiinS at
i premium. j (
"However. if llit" male honler is suh- j
oct to rxfossivo eharyes, lie always f
las the satlsiartion <>i knowing lie
;ets liis money's worth. Waiters in
ustitutions of lliat kind atv required
o report in the kitchen whether ail
inlcr is for a *hul.v' or tfeiitleman,' ami
I... ,IUI...w ....
he capacity of flu- diner.
"Sniue ebonp restaurants have adopt- j
d the plan of serving "ladyliko' por- :
ions at rock bottom priors, thereby on
liliiiK tin* man with an appetite to
lotildc np on Ins order ami preserve j
i fair ratio between tin* cost of men's
irot women's moais, Hut we like our i
> 1 a 11 better. It vrivos everybody a fair |
how and presents confusion."?Xvw I
lork I1! ess.
IViilc I h l.t I-'or W?*?kll0M.
The day of the weekly literary home I
ind farm paper lias just hexiui. and in >
ny opinion there never was a better I
lay for the rk'bt kir.il of weekly papers t
ban today. In -ayiiu; ibis I wish I
till Ml I IIIHIIIIUI (II.(I 11 I I | I 1 |*'i
hat comes to the family tilled with
ililc editorials and feature articles, llcion
and poetry, and lias departments
'or the women, for the fanner, for the
Mechanic, and especially for the little
?nes a paper that is clean and leans
oward a higher ideal in journalism
han dors the present sensational daily
is the one 1 refer to. . . . These
tapers will always 1m? factors in'our
lational growth. N'o matter how many
mprovemenls are made in the mail
service, they occupy a place not lilicd
>y the average daily, and the hotter '
he weekly is made along the lines set i
Or ill the more certain it is to main- !
a I ti m lllpli .plin'f VV. T. Moore of the
ndiaini]) ?)is Sentinel.
Hungry Ddkk.
"Alaska dojM are getting the worst
'are tlie.v haw had since the cany
lays in that country." said Koheii 1V..?hall,
who recently returned fi\>:n Dawon.
"They ar;? eating anything and
virytldiiK they can tlnd now, when
i few niontiis a>ro they were Mvinj; on
he best of (Iok hacon, an inferior prodict
that was shinned north iust for
Ion feeding.
"You see. this packers' strike was
lejjinnintf to ho felt ? v?'ii l?y the dogs,
rho <1ok hacon that was formerly
(hipped to Alaska for feeding the pups ,
s now in general use, and the do?*
inve to take the best they can get. 4
tucBs those do8? up there are glad It 1^
the end of the strike." Seattle I'osM
Latelllgv'uccr ^
Hero Are a Few Regions In Which
Life Is Not a Joy.
An places of re si dene o noit'tor tlio ; ,
Hahrion Islands, In tho Porelan Gulf, i
nor tllG Cv'v of VnWnoV (!?....? I
much to offer in th^o way of climate,
Bays the Washington Post.
In Bahrien you cook and in Yaktusk
you freeze. Bahrien Is said to be the
hottest place in the world. The thermometer
often registers between 110
and 120 degress, night and day, for I
months at a time, This rather hearts j
Pont Yuma, Ariz., which is consider- |
od the hottest place iu the United j
Yaktusk is callnd the coldest city j
In the world, Vekhoyansk, in north- I
cxroV rn Siberia, claims to be th? cold- J
o.st inhabited place on the globe, the |
thermometer registering 90 degrees j
below zero in January.
It also claims to b? the placo pos- |
?r<--.sing the most variable climate, for j
whil.i it ( = on 1^1? ? ,
------ .v ./V VI. V>W WvlVW 111 .JU.I1" I
nary, i,t. is SG above In tho shado In |
August, during the day, -with a <1_op
down to freezing every midsummer !
Tho wettest, place in the world Is i
Grey town, Nicaragua, where the an- j
una! rainfall is 2f>0 inches.
The driest place in tho world is
probably the rainless ocaat of nortlv |
era Chile. Tiray have a shower tJjerp <
;i!:out. once in ovcry ten years. Noth- j
lug grown on this desolate strip ol I
barren coast, and the dreary towns j 1
fnc'in which the nitrates and the min- ! j
?r:ils mined in that region are shipped j
iepend for their subsistence upon food !
brought to them in the ships from the
Trrtilo srrips to the north and south
>f the desert.
Northern Russia and the shores oi '
he Krencli Congo taid -to bo the
^lou'lient places in the world and for
rog there is no region lilce 'the Grand
[>anks, the southern roast of New'
>v.T"'1and, and the waters of Novla
3oc'ia. |
This rogion is one of fog for a largt3
l>ant c.f the year, and the very home !
:>f i.he fog is th Island of Grand Ma- !
nan. at the entrance of th'3 Bay ol I
[ 'irmly, whc-re, the sailors declare, :he i
latives manufacture fos. When a
mi.k t>f specially (hick fop; is srven ap- l
!>rnachir.g oj'er the watiers, the r.xarnet's
turn to each other and say "The \
jrand Mananers nre at work." I
FITS permanently ourod. No i\U ortjervo'.isDOiiSafter
first day's use of Dr. Kline's Great
ScrveUestorer,i'jtrinlbottl?and treatise freo t
Dr l;. 11. Ki.iN/.,Lt<l., ti:n Arch St.. I'hila., I'a ^
Tl'.ere i-< S3vi.'WI.MO worth- of Knglish s
money invested in .submarine cables. j j
I iso's Cure ).- the best medleine we overused 1
ior Sill alVoetions o( li;! o;it nml Innire ?tt'\r
U. J.NDsi.KV. \ .vi Mircii, Intl., Feb. 10, l'JOO, <
Texas ha* :t.Vj. 1 ?x> separate farms, more <
than any oiiici .Stale. t
Rolics of Gold-Hunters.
While pl-ru^htng in his flold near
Sufauia rocerotly .Mr. Charles Gibson
uicovi-! <'. ;i large n:n(ilior of <\v<r?i- 1
>ons, some of which \v?re rifles of an !
id style, some blnmk rbases, a few
t'.d-time pistc.ls and a ccuplo of : I
words. All tl?e.->o weai ;mv art; in a
air ?;.aS: of preservation and are ap>ap'iil.ly
of Span:?h make.
According to Cirock tradition, a pary
of r.dvnnt niv-iis S'.p-aniards, number- I '
iiK fifty-four, in the year 1CC4, loft
s'( w Orleans on burros and went to ;
he territory iti .search r.f sold. They !
secured all tluo preciour-s metal they ,
onld carry, and on t.he-'r way back ,
hoy wore be-r??t hy a hard cf Shnwu
cs iK*ar Standing Hock, oiirlvt miles (
axt of I2iifau!a, ami a gr.at battlo j
ollt>wi -d.
Tho Spaniards, with the exception
t two v.:h> c*<ape:l on a raft, were
inn iih 11 at e<l.
It is supposed t;>at t.hr weapons
itou/rhed up on Mr. Oih?on's placo
IP" 'ho T)r.i"^ tiir.t u \1 by tho
Spaniards mentioned above.?Kansas
'ity Journal.
She?Artlmr. 1 showed papa that ]
norm you wroto about inf.
He?And wa^ I ( pleaMtl?
She?Yes. lli? says t'lat ho is satisfied
now that at least yon are not <
a poet.?Fliegcnde Hiaetter.
"Yale has addi d a course In insurance."
"And if the husky hall' back should
later on set up as a solicitor, what
n lot of unpleasant trouble it might
bo to Khuko i.im off." -Cleveland
Plain D< aler.
Our Social I >Iht 1 itrt ion*
"Hut," said the foreigner, "you hnvi
nothing here to exhibit your social distinctions.
You all herd trwther everywhere.
Your upper . nil lower classes
fire em the name footing."
"You're mistaken. We have p.mltariums
and lunatic aByluins."?Chicago
How'* Till*?
We offer On? Hundred Dbllars Reward for
any caso of Cutarni unit cannot lie curod l>y
Hall's Cutarrh Cure.
[ '. .1. i iiKNr.Y & Co., Toledo, O.
We, tho undereiKned, liavo known F.J, \
Cheney for tho last 16years, nn<\ believe him i
I r.iouny lUMioriu'in mini num nc.is Transactions
and financially ablo to carry out uny [
obligations made by Heir firm.
Webt ?V 'J'uuax, WUolc.iido Druggists, Toledo,
Wai.dino, Kinnan A Maiivim, Wholesale
Druggists, Toledo, ().
Hall's (,'utarrli Cure is taken internally,a it*
ingdirectly upon tlio blood and mucoussur* [
faces of the sy.Htom. Testimonials sent fr<>o. I
Price, 75c. per bottle. Hold by all Druggists. j
Take Hall's Family 1*1 lis for constipation. ,
Her Opinion.
"I have been very much interested
in these experiments with tetrnhedrnl
kites," said the uia.i?with the gold
"Yes," answered Mrs. Cumror, complacently,
"but I have about concluded
that the surest way to yet rid of all
MICII lIllll^H IS UJ Llllll IIIU utlllltlllfc
water."?Wr*'iIhcrton Star.'
To cure, or moi
Admiral Scl
mmmmm ^
I >
/ ; :V ' ? ; $ffjp i :?
ONI'* of the greatest n.iV.'il hat tics in
l-'isrht Oil Santiago. Never since the
more op- f M i I,
inp victory in the onward ni.rch of ci\ili
notable event of .!ulv 1S0K. in which I
miral Soli ley, tool; a hading part.
It was a [?reat naval battle. Without r
it began. Quick decision, uiulauntcd com
plinc. resolute sclfc.ir.fidencc- these con l
Schley to produce t hat da.sli and daring
the American Soldier.
A man must tliink ?jni--Uly in these dayfor
slow action. >ve\v enterprises arise in
pass awav in a motnent.
A multitude of great themes clamor f<
must take sides for or against hy intuition,
One day this fighting admiral, Schley,
com pan v nf
era who J ADMIRAL'S OPINION 01- PH-1
o>i.s topics of popular iuton-st. The sulij<
Color mor* iror.il*. hrlw)it?r nml InMer color? Iliai. an
lulls. A^k dPult r or \v?* will po>t | Mil nt li. :t i ?
'sreuasion That Brought Ccr.fsr.sicn. j
"Did I understand you to say 11:a
his boy voluntarily con ft sod hi\ihar<?
in tho mischicf done to the
:rhoo!house?" ashed the inatrivtra: ,
LddrcsslnR tho i< term Inert looking fe- 1
nale parent of a small and dirty boy.
Y. oif )w, ,11/1
?x..t oil , ?* v; \iivi, i IIV i v
:poii(|i'i|. "I just had to t.' him
i little, and then ho told me the who'.o
him; vulu :t:u ily."
"How did y. u p rsuade ;>iin?" queried
Ills worship. i
"Well. I first pavo him a p/ od
''.ref.liin:?." said the firm parent, "and
ih. n I put him to I" <1 without any
stipp' r ati lu U his clothe?; away and
toh! him h '<! v'ay in l . d til! !<.->'<| coil- I
f<>>-sed whn' dene, if 'twas the
rest of h: - day- ami I -i: ;hl tbre.-.h
1:1m a train in t.ie mo/uirr. And n
! :! av: an In ur i < told m-.i> tr.
wlrok; : tj;ry vo'uniari'.y." Kr m C;.-ssell's
Saturday Journal.
To Escape Jury Duty.
The Brilisi: Courts; v. < < iilly p??v= o<]
a ruse by which hondi ncrs wore escaping'
fr- ir. jury duty 1-y registering
lh?:ir wivo. as tenants a; iheir r?.siilencjs
ins: ni! f.t' the in?elves.
Physicians insist tV.at conppr is a
/] ;.f VAvnr o r,V.v. 1 ~
' ' ' i , ti . ?.? ? / ii m I I'lJi Inl^^UJJ
ii<c.avcs that the speculative germ
f;:>. lens on a copper diet, says the
Washington Post.
Grave u r Pocahontas.
In comm moration of the Indian
Princess Pocahontas, who died at
(iravescnd, England, when about t/>
-sail homo to Virginia with her husband
in IG1G, St. Georgo's Church, in
Wapping, is to have a pulpit made
from wood brought from Virgin a,
Pocahontas is buried in the chancel
r>f St. George.
ffwATCH '
A New Reveh
Wo offer something different, better tlmi
in this city.
There in no patchwork about our trcatr
We do not tr?nt all disonsoa; but w# ouri- tl
nur* cure in all eaflen aeoopted for tr?.?ttmont
Write if you cannot call and donorib'' voi
of oharge, our diagnosis blank. Conflulthti*
Doctors Lentlie i
Hours 8 a. ra. to 8 p. m. Pnr I*..
8undfty? 10 *. jan. I? I ? JB- bUli (ltd;
ney refunded by your m<
Pe-ru-naW Jg
lolumhus, Ohio.
in clieerrnlly state that j ^
ken Peruna and I be- f"'' %$>
x _ ,.f>'::
Sk fe,. i?P3?
liaye, Where Admiral Seiiley Made I
tli<> world was the I rnisrd i(-= |k>|iii!: rily
I diaucraon of the I tnnci*.
i Armada Our .uskcd hi- m .i<
I.E. t been a paid: "I can choenu 'v
......... ocli mak- and I be!iev< with
/.itiori than iu tiie Like tlic li.itt >
he gaut htro, Ad- hint without any w.ii'i
vim and <I ision as (
l moment's warning i 15-! :?? <! Vi-c.iy.i.
a;;e. t .\ci\icnt d!?=ei ill.- words < >ncer?i:
lined in Admiral to be repeated i\v ;i tin
so characteristic of thorn.
I.ike tlie news of lii
i. There is no time c ern i nn i?
an Iniiir. Old ones will be ! ADMIHAL
by t ii e "
r?r notice. A man and passed from mont!
rather than logical neat .
Kxi-ept for an in bo
happened to he in fr<" spicch, these wor
I with oth- ollii cr in -in h a iii?'.:l
w e r o K.w pi tor a world
on vari- TYriina enjoys, no rin
ct of I'ciiina was spoken public eudoi i
F A f> E L E :
y otlitr ?l* i? Or.i? Hv | ai l ; ? !<m - ^11k. i?,-! < ?.t t?
cknv'u Writi'l?>r fr? ? n?'i.Kh i . Hi?\v :? !>>? . ])!> ;u li ami
Dodged the Constables.
Jr?rsoy patrj" wardens and ro:i- ! !
Ft:.!?les are k?eiiim? a sharp watch for i
I>f*r-c:?who at: nij>* to tr.l*o i'amo
'tit of tV. S; a! :> cv.irr.ry to t!io ::;une
law . Tin v 11f o:. r:; from llr> Pennsy!va
. sale of the Delaware are ;
in 'iir trious in cvatiinc; tlmir ,
vi Han"". Oiri f. inner was snort-sf
ii y;r.'ay in lir!n,*r!n.c h;<- ptam"
1 net*. .>. a, II.?
i two constables on the lockout f?.?r m
their shares of the fines.
The siio< : r walked vmtr> tho ferry- 1 j
earrv'iiK lii: gun an.'. 1 .".diiirr a !
( ( f r< Tiovrrs. Tho con:--tables
I eyed hi;n sharply; thoy crowded
rim:ivst. him as he pav?ed down tl>.o i
vniiKway, but could r.ot tic* ct any. 1
thing to jus!ifv a scareh. llo >;ook a i
r at in t.li*.* meh^ cabin un'il tl.? boat '
wan well out In \l.e strain. Then \
i. walked over inft>. ih<> women's
I cabin, and seating himsfcif .. rise sido j
of ii stylishly dressed woman, who j
ha ' a large cln s-suit ea"?; at. ln.r fc^t, |
Well, they didn't pet us this t.imo.
Have you the birds ali riKht?" ji
"Sure," was the reply, "and they I
11} 1 the ea: pretty full. I could j
, hardly g t them all in.
i, stu'; an jus the runner's wife : >< ! had :
met him by appointment on *1. I'umdon
side to bring the pamo home and
fool the warden.". Philadelphia 1'rc-cs.
ii wAs.N j' TIIK bhisad.
"Sick at your stomach, rh?" said
the boy's mother. "What made you
that way?"
"I guess," said the hoy reproachfully,
"it was thai bread you made
me eat at luiu'li time.''
"Indeed? Where have you been all
nf'f>rno< n?"
"Over in Old Man Priori' apph*
orchard -Philadelphia Pr< ss.
ation for Nleri.
i liny other specialists or medical tnr>t11\i tlon i
nent. Tho cure If/\> rfect and permanent
1 one we trent. A prompt, permanent and '
. Nothing but euratdu casea aocupled.
ur trovibloB and receive by return niui!,, lre?
>11 free.
riiian & Bentley,
ielta and foisyth Sis., ATLANTA, GA,
erchant, so why not try It!
* P " ^iSiil
V?tory >': ^ - 'V' ' 1 ^
.if a catarrh remedy, it - national iinpor"M.
\\ i I iiont n morion;'s i>? - i i :? : i: r- h<>
sav 'liil Mrs. S hl' \ In:.-, t;i IVruna ,
. i . IV.. i." i
suitia ?, tlio tboujrht was sprung upon l
ii'!. and lie disposed >!' |t wiili tin- samo
"!nj with I In* Spanish III** I It! by the
i<I I'eriinn have gone out ir.to t':e world
ii.- iimI ion;;i:(&. he ni.-.c in- It.is said
.? victory over (Yrvera, liis w<ud? con
?* -? ~r ]>,. ? ,, fl
V.MII)CARItV WIIGHT.J eaiiu'st up
(i to mouth, at us- oceans and coniirn
manly independence. in a country of
Ii novrr would Irive been li.tere.l by an.
>!e position a; Ilia; of Admiral Schley.
wide notoriety ;r -i ponu.at i; v. .-wh as
icdy could ever have received such out*
'inent by such a mail.
;ui.ll\ wrll unci u'uuj r<. roMix
* uloy-s MONHOi: I>I:: i r<riiionvlllc, Mo.
fej -POA W>;?R tH/?5 "^4^JL^i^wi'fM^?^; / a
3?ftt* f.qqgSaLsJ&Aft ?;%$$i? / A
i J
I ajtw*(o.??w?r*??u p-' ~ - " ;*?i-?
I n/.iw+is;jK':'i> '< ^.:r-. JH
fi. ?et?vcftur:: u.MntH*. ;
Malsbv & Co V
41 Soulli IVrsyfl: Si'., Alhula, Ga. . H
????? ?. ilf'r itt! ! Si r.ilt-.-avy
S~~* \ r c
L^nginv^.s, t*oiiMSc ^
Saw Mills
CotiipWc litif ,7: , ! i). for
ISfMKhl.i m sh\)>v\<'nt.
Call Mni'iill.Dr)', l,cw(>?; ! I.ts mul lit'*! T erm*
Write ms for c:i'??!ogue, prices,
bi'fmt* Ijlivm;:
w vai:.y es i& \:mm <5*^
"! write to l*t y>n r.tv I .?t?)y>rf?? of.#* your
CurctiTftr- I rornn.'M. t?. -.i.<: t in l*st No%rml><
it nl look tw<? . ' I' 'X** a.i i it s u a
v.-. -m !i ft lour I V?m 1 f..;r.i "I.** ' ! tAUliij? llifin
ikvr .ir. aim) \V ?4 > Aj r i . 5 Another
lA'n- worm I'?* ft . *u* nrui < i a tfioun tiio tonftll ' **- /
n un. I'n-vi ?\.s \>. i. . 1 :i ::?? J dMu'fc
ktiov.- | i?act a inpo-w't ri*i ( niv aya liA?1 a mhaU
i it? ."
!* Hr ?wii. ;m F;. :jMin : t.. Brooklyn. N. Y.
/ ^13 ,P?R'For
fe5*-' %?>?* if' "
-. . A77<3^
P'.^h^fint. Pftlnt??'.?11%. P. Tn;'.^i t'oGAod,
*?>vor Slokon. SV<>ok?*n <? < ; . !' - .'-0.?. Nc-tat
f >U1 in bulk Tne tf???:nin' :?. ! !>.< ,n> . C 1 O.
OunrAntofd to cnro ??r y .?;r i . ? y hnou.
Sterling Remedy Co., C/.icafio cr N.V. 594
?. <^<1 $ fi a a' t ! r.% W a? ck
uL " ^ $ Relief.
Y I-""'.WPS ill vc|iiti'4 >ti Mor.i
,V j?^ A i . . .1.1 v? ' I rni 11 rfi. i incut
I' 4"' '''' '""i*> ' - 1,1 ' * ''tircf
,V.U'ii3jM^fV FA1 V. tr> f -. I' H. C.rOO" CoilS.
*i"'' *' ' Sni'd lis'.s. Ho* (l Ati.v
SborMmnd T^tpl, ii. O. Orlrtbia. ltooklMeptnir
I'ejit , I> K. HI u hk*t. Ootftloirac frr6. /
I". O. Crlcbtou. 1 r?.p.. K:*rr Diuk-. Allintu, Oa, t
Oww rvx^f^s\ rx\i
V\\XAW U^Ai\XXX?o \>i
u.i.-il.r- ?.! i.n...l fl.i., . ) |jfin
litlhtf Cmlrpf. l.'?uHvi)>, Ky..oj>Pil the Whole
i ffti Stmlent*rim em?r any tiuin Ottliv (r?e,
l\ S?kTha:n,:san'3 Eye V?aler
1? iJUBCS VVIiElltAll USk I AILS. 1*3
kwj Ileal (X>ugli Syrup. Tngti's Uood. CmH
Dr 1 In ilme. Hold bj (ImickIM*. * W

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