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*' V'&h'W W-'zy.
" V"'' |
\ Eutorrd April 28, 1903 nt Piekona, S. <3., ft* Becoud olaes matter, tin tier act of Congress of Maroh 3, 1879. B8G
/,,,, m 1,,, fl ,, 1 i ' ' - ~1 1
Late Locals Lisped to
Lively Listeners.
After a lapse of soaio few weeks
ill 1 ? /
we win again peu you a low items,
though very little has transpired
that is of interest
The health of tho Community i
fairly good, with the exception of
moasloB in the family of J. C. Gar
I Cadet Thos. Garrett, of Clemson,
\/ returned to his studios last Saturday,
after recovering from nuasles.
The tanners are quite busy finishing
picking cctton and sowing
r,. U,.r>+ I ll.J- > ?' >
iiuan, iinu mis 18 iiiuji lavaiitoic
Crops have "turned out" hotter
than the majority of th.? farmers
anticipated. However, in npiie ot
a goodly yield, we nan hear of a
limited number of ''chronic grumblers"
saying that tney are somewhat
dis9apointed ; "Crops ain't as
good as you heard they \vu/. " We
have lived through the age of so
callwd hard time?, and are now delighted
to see a great effort on the
part of the ''chronic grumbler" to
get the "twist out of his moutli.'1
Indeed it. require an effort 011 th<?
part of some people to admit that
times are better and that farming
does pay. Your tcri' o is not very
eldorly, but he reuinn.bers quite
,, well twenty years ago when the
saying among the fanning class
wuo ijuuo uumaion, sucn a* "L toll
you times are going to be hard, and
. I don't know what we aie all go-.
iilg to do;" <4I don't know what's
going to become of us, times arc 80
hard." Oh, what a change has
come about. IIow thankful we
should feol, and as Thanksgiving
Day draws near, lot tho masses It-el
truly there is ne<?d of giving thanks
^ r. Tr exchanges mail
with us again and we hope to got
I The Sontinol-Journal rPimlnrlv nil
- - O J
W Thursday heroafter- We undor*
atand our papers aro sent from
PickonB ou the afternoon train and
should reach us on tho eaine at'iernoon,
but as no exchange of mails
on No. 11 heretofore we were deprived
of our papers (ill next day.
People enjoy news fresh lrom the
press, and much complaint is heard
among' subscribers when they fail
10 get their paper.* on time.
Mr .Tifl A VVIiilin io fin an uv.
? ? - - ? II ? VI W IQ VII ??? O*
tended business and pleasure trip
to A tlanta.
AgentR1 NV. Alexander and lami
ily visited fiiunds in Ayersville,
Gu., Jast Sunday. Ayersvillo ia
tho station whore our lornier ngent,
F. il. Barker, i?s located, and wo
were worry to learn of tho aerious
illness of Ins little eon.
Mrs. E. W. Tate is visiting her
i Mit-s Texie Jiowon, tlie efficient
'* boo I: keeper of II. i{. Jiowen, is on
a visit to the World's Fair.
Mrs. J. P. Dondy returned last
xhe&k. from Anderson where she
had hfcun visiting her parents, both
of whom are quite siclc.
Miss May Robinson of I'lckens
visited her father,'T. C. Robinson,
this week. Bhe is considered a live
Pickens teacher and will likely accept
the Hix Mile school to which
she has been elected.
Miss Mary Hughes of Highland
passed through today on her way
to {Jateechee, whwro sho willreamne
hoc work in the school room next
Monday, Sho is accompanied by
Misa Verner, who vrill HSHiat in the
Hchool at that place, and who ha*
also secured h large music claBH
thore. Ml?9 Verner has attended
school in Columbia the past two
years. Huccobh await* hor and a
welcome in hereby extended her.
The fall and winter term of the
^ Norris Grammar School t.penfi
W. Monday t|ie 14th. A largo attend
\) Hticc ih expected, and we hope for
another BucooHsful term. Heat
wishes. K i'luribun unum.
To Cure n Cough.
The eoughs bo prevdloot tlieso day*
usually d?v?lop before yon realize wlmj
has happened. Now tho bout thing k
j, . , do. in to tnko tho most roliuble aougli
cMiro you can get. Hon a bettor than
.Murray's Horehound Mullion and Tnr,
It is made of tho purest ingrodiunta mid
Khjff.A'|*? givAn' to ilifnntu as well as grown
tM-0 pooplo. Abovi? aN 01 so IT OURKS. Yov
will find it at nil druggists. U5o a bottlir
large boWa.
^ riii . t
! -1.11(3 _L
ed dowi
the Stat
bu sines;
of valu<
have pu
Millinery Opening <
Miss Hughes will aga
ment, and it will far excel ?
just returned from the north
a large stock of all the cor
!tney will be priced as low
material will permit.
Dress Goods
This Department wil
will find a large assortment
season and trimmings to i
We have arranged t(
and lace sale on our openii
" BIG I~
Wheat sowing
rows, Turn Plo
The Dangerous Class I
The following from The Rural New t
Yorker is till true. It is very un- I
fortunate that it is sound wo hope 1
that it does not apply to tho fam- |
ilies of any of our readers:
Wo have been asked to name I
what we consider the "most dun- i
gerouB class" ofeitizen to he found i
in this country. Without hesitation
we answer, the increasing until- '
her of vouug people who think that
manual lahor?work with your
hands which produce food ur useful
things?is degrading. These
young people aro often the children
of p >or parents who have denied
themselves in th>? hope that .John
or Mary may avoid the haidt-.hioK
and life tragndieH which they hav?>
encountered. The trouble U tlial
John and Mary have be?Mi given
the wrong view ot Ijl'e. Thoy
should have been taught the <li^nity
of labor, and the fact that a
white Huul and a hopeful heart'can
make the labor of the. hands an inspiration.
Instead of that thoy
toluiim Home where that it iH vulgar I
a ti . it i .1 ii..i .1 : i
gwouis III tuo MOIU, lllil I It IM upgrading
to do hard labor in the mud,
or u badge of ell a mo to curry tbo
markH of a hoo or plow handle on
the palm. To npe tho rich or the
idle becomoH the life ohjuctof such
people. To our mind this is more
dangerous than oponly to proclaim,
violence to the Republic, for thope
who do the latter can be punished,
or put where thoy can do no harm,.
The poor fooI? who despised honiHl |
lauor, ana who win oat tne ureau
earned by others before they will
soil thoir hands, propagate as >cial
disease which will eat the heart
out of free goverment. Centuries
ago productive labor was lelt to*
tho slave. To feed and clothe aud
i house tho world was a degrading
thing. To oat the food and woar
the clothes which tho ?lavo produced
was the evidence of nobility
?tho mark of tho gqntleman)
Too whole struggle for human
, rights was fought ovt.r the princi- '
pie that the hand which producos
| is made noble by producing. This
i country fought -Us self free and
I rose among the nation* of the
i Carth because of the idea
^I that JihiuI work jbnot oi neooa*
j eifcj tho portlou of thculave became
I ., *. Is)
5ig Store is alreac
i with Fall Goods
rv. O1 nt.Ti i n cr 1 I n.1.
- J 7 - & v,
;e. The 4th day (
s has been increai
fall business in o
3S in all depai'tiTK
t on extra Jorce s
3ctober 7th and 8th.
in lmvp rli
... I U1UO VP |7tu Lmy
former season. She has
iern markets where she bought
rect things in Millinery, and
as correct style and good
and Trimmings.
1 be larger than ever. You
: of the%proper weaves for this
3 have a special embroidery
ig days. One lot
<; time will soon b
vvs, Etc.
Lhe first pi inci|>I?? of American
mcinty. Thousands of the rich
lave despised labor Iwcauso they
know that they hnvo wrung their
wealth out of thoso who work
rhoro i-< little danger in that, but
the nml (lunger e un-j? vheii children
of tho-.o wh > lose t lie 1> -si part
>f their heritage, and refuse to noil
tlioir hands with hoiicht work.
The old idea and ineth >ds of education
are in large part responsible
ft;r thia dang'-rona tendency of the
young. There in h jp.} in the in w
ngrieulturai education which tea*
L-lioy, or ou^ht t ? teach, the honor
ill usclul lahwr.
Central Happenir s.
Central, S, C, Nov. 8.? The
King's Miction has hoen called ilie
1 dark ^corner'' of I'iokens county
and perhaps justly so, hut we- hope
that hoiiib day the Minheains ol
knowledge will shino into our
darkcno 1 tnin l? ami li t in step in
lino with some of tlid moro progrert
iv.) bectioiH (jl the county.
Mr. Arthur Arnold delivers our
mail daily on Central K. K. 1). 2.
which is afloat improvement over
tho old twice a week system.
Several neat new dwellings are
In'irw? erected and others repaired
and enlarged in this Heotion.
If we juttt had a new church and
school house wo think we cuuld
hold up our hoad? hotter.
Misses Wunnio, Linnie and Adt.
Morgan of Oconee visited th ir
aum aim tuiniiy i neauay night,
syilarvoy Kennomnr and Bi*ier
MisnCoru and H> rta and
May Joneu attended the Boroughs
Boggs wedding at I'rat-r'H )a?l
Wed nesday.
sj Married at I lie residence of tho
officiating minister, H.O. Alkina.n
Sunday afternoon, Mias Minim
Durham and Mr. Gilstrn:) and
Miss Cora 101 rod to L .wrcuce
Merck. Qucos ?ome coins were
made to jingle in the paiHon'B
Ilnrvoy Itennomur attendod tUe
Wmld'n li'siir KOmn t.ima uini'P
Lou via.
A.cid Iron Mineral i? working wondelb
among tho afflicted. It incuring
your iieisfM>or;; wh?'not you. Prl.-Q
only CO ota. Try it. Hold by druggists.
Stfs*- i-,,
g. Store
ly putting on a fal"
2 V TTT7-T 1 1 *-> /-v4- -(* 1
L W CL Will 11U L III
s, Shoes and all lei
A October marks
sing every year sin
ur history, and to t
jnts, so you had be
o you will not ha\
2,000 Yards of
Put up six yards to the piece.
less than y]Ac and the most of
_ 1
tii y: per yarn or 30c per piece
One lot, 2,000 yarcls Torch
Will go at only 5c. per yard.
One lot Valenciennes Lace,
less than 8*^c, and some of it in
ing day at 5c. This sale will b
until it is all gone. Don't forget
Our stock of Hardw
iA solid car of Star Leader
you want to buy a stove that w
0 here, and we ha\
Y ours
c,;g JW
(The Leaders i
^~'/?j:?v'-?A>?> \
\ ^srtrny-^nca
1 ^-n
Dots From Hock.
Dcir Kditor: Nciwh is fcoarcf4, but
I will try to give yon 11 few dots',
ltialth ia very good io tl>in boot
? 1
(Vtton picking is about ovor with |
ami gathering corn in thuorder of Iho ,
day. I hav.? hoard of a few corii j
shucking* around.
It has boon raining nil day today,:
j and wo were needing if, too. St*v?ja! |
spring and well* in this couvnunity
have heon drv and others were almost
dry. We think tho rain will
help everything if it doesn't rain too
I much.
Every one warned to onjov thouhoIvch
at tlit) uHHooiation at Pleasant
Grove, and it \v??b a fine time for it.
Your scribe bad llio ploasuro of attending
two days.
The. cabba^j ami appln haulcra
havo had (inn weul.flor to lniil ami I
(jiii'n.i iiiih i inii win iiitiko iiu.'in Kit i |
sick", and ouproinlly if thoy Imvo y;ot
on a load.
Wind, lia? liffinmo ?>f all tho correppondnnUt
Ol'l lliddla lias <)iiit and
H?'V<iral oll>or??. 1 hiw wlxiyn Hump
had c>?m?) liaok 'mjaitr. ? hopo tho 1
Jrott wjll cotuyuick,
i M ' Mountain Girl, ,
-a- 7Mim
L-like appearan c
, ,1 ~ "I " "
ill a larger and r
nds of Notions
our fourth ann
ce we opened, ai
:liat end we are
)tter keep m toi
re to wait.
Nothing in the lot worth
it ioc to 15c. All to go
Nothing cut.
on Lace. Cheap at ioc.
Nothing in the lot worth
uch more, will go on opencgin
at 10 o'clock and last
the date October 7 and 8.
are is Complete.
Stovo^ and Ranges. If
ill give y<>u /faction at
re a full line of
rrow (
n Low Prices.)
r Ur ^
^ I
Have you ft little baby boy
A fow months more than two yearn
With h >ft Itrown oy?H that brim wii Ii
And uilken ringlets bathed in goMl
Who, toddling, follows yon ar >?nd
And play a beside you near the hear
Whose prattle ia the sweetest Hound
To you of all glad notes on earth?
Have you a littlo baby boy
Who, when tho voice of slumber ci
Itcl ictant leave? each tattered toy
And in your strong arms weary fa
Who. yawning, looks with sleepy e\e
Into your own and faintly smib s;
Pb?Mi shuts his lids and quiet lien,
And drifts away to Dreamland's isl
Have you a little one like this,
Who put# all troubling thoughts
When climbing up, he plantn a kinn
Of love upon your lip* at nighl?
If kj. J-Uun humbly bend ^our knew
And lift .your heart in thankful prt;
For yon art- richer far than ho
Who, ohilillcM', in a millionaire!
A3>cl Iron Mineral quickly. rolitM
poriimnently euro's lnd ices lion n
nil atufti'ach tvi>ul)lt'H. *' Has'no *qi
'.J;.' "KC'Of . *
for (1 wmaoa peouluir to women, rri
i>i>ly GOo Try it. Sold by druggil
L > ^
\ K-l> V )
[in Trim
e. Every depart,mf
Qo] nr* i 1 rv n rv- (- I ^
^ ^ w ^ uwavvvj uxun vj JL JLy.
under one roof in t
iversary at "I Mclcem
ad we intend to ma]
going to give som
ich witli the Big ?
a reasonable price you had better
A full line of STUDKBAK
HILL BUGGIES We have sold
and the demand increases. "A lii
the cheapest in the long run.
Now a Word to the C
We want your trade. We ar
your Tobacco, Sugar, Hour, Salt, (
Crackers, and anything in the gro
Jobber, and in many instances cai
have recently bought a large quant
cos, and will sell you as cheap as ;
it as you need it.
Fertilizers, Grain I
I ! Ende!,
Outfitter to Particular People.
: Young Mens Clothing
is n ilmlinctivu ftuuure with ns
Wo mil tl.o
Hand tmlovRit by
7 ScniiOHs Iiuos. & Co., Hiill.inK.vo
. , Young roon of dipcrimimi~!
tivo inH e iiio fmtnliiii- with thin
| imikc.
i iH-y Kiiowroat llifBi* famous
clolhex have all tl>u 'ntisfl touch
? ? tl>111 trark tlin Wfil groomed
>oeon Mfmi'ii.
t . tho \\ v not tlio parr in proper
' npp:?iol. ? |
Tlioy have completely revo.
lutiouized tlu> salo of leady to
Wi ar rlotliing nhd the man who
lias "the mi rohmit t iilor habit"
doesn't know what hv is missing
in op to data h yh>, e..<iui
ai'o \v<>i kiiiniiHhip, Hnporior
.( iiu j <.'i iimiminiH, muitlcn:*
ill, pinnlictil ecomuoy, if he has
never investigated Sriiijosn
(lolliex. ?
The suit shown in Mio piol
with young iuuii who deiivn tmtiafi
Li Hueli a suit would tv st probal
Ixi as good. We have your exact
I )n>n in anil l<
th? ' ?-?
alls I n l*V n AAf
jl J UWl
'J"' And when you comc
A. K. Pari
WiChave the largest st
to ever shown. these ?
RIGH T and will be sc
want big profits. We li
want in fine or cheap 1
per wooj or cotton. Cassime
apt? Capes, Blankets,
Jsland, Men's, Women's
" wear from 250 a garme
od jMen's^ncl Boy's shirts, <
mi Doiy't .forget,,that we <wy a I
Ice ...... - V ' -
I ?n?i I "? ??" you must OaO w
' A.. ,(v. I'AIUv ,v >
ress Goods, V
e unheard |
- ) 1
examine the Star Lender. fif ?H9
car after car of these vehicles,
ttle Higher in Price, But?^
ountry Merchant. \
e in a position to sell you it
offee, Cheese, Soap, Candy, )) H|
eery line as cheap as any /I
1 save you the freight, We V\
:ity of R. J. Reynolds Tobac- 1
any Jobber, and you can get ^
?i??? I i i ( \
?VEKK. \ m
)vills, Disc liar- K jH
I J J^'btSIGND BY \ ^ I
i Fine Clothe* McJvers
;nr. n prtrlicularly popular f.ivorito
lotion ."roni ewnggnr apparel. 'M
>ly #50 at a merchant tfttloi'b and i.ot
lit hero at ,
$15 UP. ' m
et us tnlk it ovor. ft IS
lttO H. MAIN ST., .
Is i Shoes I
r. bo sure tn mine
k's Store.
ock of goods wo have
roods were BOUGHT
)ld right. We do not
lave anything you will i
)ress Goods, Flannels, !
ires and Jeans, Cloaks '
wums, oneeting, wfi ; $ ?3
and Children's Un<4.er~. * # sv s^l
nt to $1.50 a garment. J
lrawcrs. collars, cravats. .m
big and good ? tock of SK fflB
6 tell you, or your mr .Ji
* >

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