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I Post Election 1 rouble in West
Virginia Grows- Acute,
Governor, However, Suggests First the
Forming of a Large Posse?Sheriff
is Unable to Control
A special from Charleston, \V. Va.,
ays: As the result of the killing of
Constable Walter Jae.Bon in Montgomery
by Policeman Killott on Wednesday,
and the subsequent capture of
th? town b> the four brothers of Jack
?uo ui toe neao ot about forty of their
friemls, a reign of terror exists there.
The mayor, being helpless, appealed
lo Sheruf Daniels. When Sheriff
l>aj?iei? vlid John Kolf were killed by
Kd Jackson, the saloons were at once
oIosmI an 1 Governor White was asked
to send troops. The governor replied
t"hat he would hold troops in readiness,
l>ut advised forming a large posso.
If the nos.ic shmila m??? ?>i?k
rlous resistance, troops will be sent to
thoir relief. The Jackson followers
escaped to mountain strotifchoudB with
which they are familiar. Ernest and
Bob .Jackson were arrested and Jailed
in Charleston.
A po.-;sc headed by Marshal Harrison
B. Ash, of Thurmond, is scouring the
mountains near Montgomery, Two
bloodhounds arrived from Dayton, O.
They were placed 0:1 the trail Friday
morn In;.;.
inc oiiieiaiH in Montgomery fear further
trouble, as sentiment against the
k ?layer of Daniels is very strong. Before
the murder of Daniels the sentiHr
ment was with the Jacksous against
Policeman Elliott. The latter is in
the orstody of Chief Hundley.
A relative of Jai l son appeared at
the hotel sMi,I "ttompte.l to reach the
room of the policeman. He was pre venu-i!
b> the attache*.
itepor c from th? posse are :hat Ed
Ja/ckon wn<? chase;! into a cave Friday
night when it was decided to wait for
daylight for his oapt.ire. Although the
place was mrro-iin.led during the night.
Jacl jon ?^enped.
V* Mtime th" friends of Jack.son are
^ repor^^'to ^4^' openly organizing
- ' rjj^^?TjnontsoiOt'i >' and swearing
Vengeance if JacWtiua is lynched or
killed without hein^r giv^-IT a . t iMaK
' ' The excitement for miles around
Montgomery is Intense becaiif^e of the
trouble. Deputies are being sworn in
from adjai ent counties rapidly and
hastened fi the jm-c to prevent lynch>
Ins; or any vio!orn o if Jackson is; taPfcen
aiivp s?ud also ti> prevent any attempt
of lackson's friends to rescue
the prison er.
Those u ho terrorized the hamlet of
Montri)me-v wPh the Jackson brothers
are be;::;; feared again. while many
citizens ari> iwsv with the posse. A
reward of Sin.OOo has been offered
?wi jmnM/11 .cicaci Ol' ailVO.
<Onc of Alleqed Atlanta Counterfeiters
Released from Jail.
Willi:)!)) \j Wynn. who has boon bold
In the Atlnnla jail for xovora) weoks.
rl.nrnc l with ooimtorfHUn!; and con?plra(.v
against tbo govcrnm-Mit in
rnmnpfli:m with tbp Ik oountorfoit Ing
ohonic rofpn'lv ulnar: hod in Atlanta,
was Friday tniimin:! nlenxod from
crosmuv on a j! (it'O Itontl signed by
A1 o n /1? p' r h n n i s i > n.
When first nrreste 1 ,n Si. Louis by
the I'niic! Stoics authorities. tin bond
of Wvnn wm :>*? *>nt >3.0(10. I'pon
4h(? r'Tpirsf rf hi attorne s. I'nited
Slate.- At'ornoj F. v \tigier acroe.1
to the reduction of (lie bond to $1,000.
The r; of \\'\'i>n at iliitime
ronsMtui -s aii interesting development
In the pror ( ciiini-s against the alleged
rotinl< rfeln rs. .o^peeiallv when it is
remember,}-?- 1h?it l^rro w ill likely be
? tjo more f fiin:f'n' prV',eedings during
term oi court and luKcase cannot
up for a bearing \intil next
pring. \
Several Car, Leave Track And are
Overturned?Passengers Escape.
Train No. 14 on the Southern railway
which left Atlanta Thursday night
t 11 : f?t> for Brunswick and Jacksonville,
was ditched three miles below
Cochran, (la. at t 3<> o'Mock Friday
tDornlnR He* *mi coaches were overturned.
but imbods was seriously in
The wreck was caused by a mis
placed rail, the spikes of which were
either broken or whw h had b< < n re
Planters Get Together at Lynchburg
for Purpose c' Controlling Prices.
With delegate- in attendance from
many of tlx- southern tobacco belts.
< tobac < o plo .jicrp ni* ; In Lynchburg,
Va., l-'riday and organized what will
be knou n ok the American Tobacco
Orowera' Association.
The organization is for the purpose
of endeavoring to control the price of
Ihp loose tobacco.
fittfllsr in Brigade Immortalized By
Tennyson Passe* Away.
Alexander Sutherland, aaKl to have
been th? lant survivor of the famous
BsJaklava "Six Hundred." is dead nt
his homo in Denver. C<?1., where he has
) resided for forty years.
He was the trumpeter who sounded
bugle oh 11 for the memorable
?harge, lmnr.ortulixe<l in verae by Ten
mf*tm Mr. Sutherland *a? 94 year^
| President Roosevelt 'Deluged With
I Telegrams from All Sections FellcW
tating Him on Election.
President Roosevelt was overwhelmed
with congratulations Wednesday.
They were presented by many people
I {n " < * *
I ... dun tiiin wore received oy mail
j and by telegraph from every state and
i from almost every city in the country,
j Thousands of telegrams have been
I received and they are coming in in
undiminished flood. Four operators are
kept busy receiving the messages
over the wires at the white
house telegraph bureau.
Before noon one telegraph operator
alone had taken 300 telegrams. Tho
: others were equally busy. It will bo
I physically impossible for the presiI
dent and Secretary I-oeb to acknowl:
edge each message received in accord!
ance with the usual cuatom at the
| white houso, but President Roosevelt
desires it to hp nr>flf>rnf-r?r?H Hint on.
predates to the full the expressions of
his friends and would lie glad If It
were possible for hi in personally to
greet and thank every one of them.
Ofllcial business was nearly impossible
of transaction by the president
Wedresday. Scores of people called on
him to extend their felicitations upon
the result of the election While he
| related good feeling President Roosej
velt was perfectly calm am undein
I ???' "*<
Returns From One Hundred and Thirteen
Counties Consolidated.
According: to the consolidated re|
turns received Wednesday night from
one hundred and thirteen of the one
! hundred and thirty-seven counties of
Georgia. Parker's plurality is !>l,40t
I over Roosevelt, who camo second. Watson
fell behind Roosovelt about 1,200
votes in the counties listed.
The total returns from these 113
counties give Parker 70,341, Roosevelt
i 18.987 and Watson 17,597. It is probable
that the completed returns will
send Parker'6 plurality up to GO,000.
Parker carried a lt.rge majority of
. the counties of the state, but half
] dozen ko into (he Watson column and
ten or twelve show majorities for
The Ineomplete official returns shows
! small majorities for Watson In the following
counties: Douglass. Johnson,
McDuffie, Oconee Paulding and Warren.
In his home county of
Mr. "iffetpon reje.Lved Wk-'votes, at
* ag^nst lf*C for Parker and 4 for noose
I velt. ' ,
The democratic nominees for conpress
were overwhelmingly elected In
every district. The closest race that
in the ninth, between T. M Hell dem?
< T H . _v_ 1 > ' '
mini, nun .1. ?l. rtMIIIf.v. repillMlPTUl r<'
suited In (he flection of Mr. Flell Iw
a majority of 7.11C votes. Crises. In
the second; Lewis, in the fnird, 'and
Bartlctt. In the Kixth hnd no opposition
and the opposition in the other
i conpresnional districts, outside of the
ninth, was purely nominal. j
Rome of Georgia's Inhor leaders admit
that they did what thev could I
to contribute to the decent of the democratic
ticket in the doubtful states,
partleularlv in Indiana and thev did
what thrv could in thi? direction, thcv
say. because of the trea'ment which
they received at the hands of the recont
democratic *f*t<> convention and
on account of the failure of the legislature
to enact any of the labor legislation
which has been demanded.
Solid for Parker ar.d State Ticket
Without Opposition.
Parker has earr!rd South Carolin*
by not less than 40.000 plurality. /
The democratic state ticket has b^en (
elected without opposition. The f^tata
legislature is unanimously democratic.
The following democratic eongress- i
men have bees elected:
First district. George Si i^eptaro.
Second .'.Vstrict, .T. O. Patterson.
Third dlstrift. Wyatt Aiken
Fourt' district. Joseph Johnson.
Fi.'.'fc district. David K. Finley.
Sixth distrlet. J. B. nilerbe.
Seventh district, Aslnirv P. Lover.
Is Consumption Curable?
i if. ii uyuhie s i^iixir is used In
time; before too much of the lung j
1 issues is involved. This modern
scientific m<dielne removes nil morbid j
irritation and inflammation from the
lungs to the surface and expels them
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cough. Its action is just the opposite
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the germs that cause chronic throat
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size 25 cents. Large sire 50 cent#
The large holds 2 12 times CM
rial size. tf
Cholera Infantum.
This disease haj? lout its terrora
since Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy came Into general
lino. The uniform success which at
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I'ickens Drug Store, Karle's Drug
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Faat Tral.i Records Brokon.
| AM records on (he 1'euns.ylvania
railroad for long distance runs wore
broken Friday by a special train from
1 Crestline to Fort Wayne, Ind. Tho
distance of 131 mile^ was covered In
| 11.1 minutes.
Gives Caah to Atlanta College.
In the will of fh?v !/???> Mrs Juin<*?
SUhulcr. of Intervals] N'. H.. Juni
for proba'e. AtlantA Oa.. nutyprf.i v
rev?iv?*?l a (,'k^
a gigantic" slump"
* i
Further Figures of Election
Intensifies "Land Slide." !
NFAR THF 9 000 000 MARK
... . . . ? c,vvv,vw IVI n 111 \
McKinley'a Hlflhost Vote Over Dryan
is More Than Doubled?Solid
South Seems to Bo Finally
With the election returns still Incomplete
Thursday morning the plu- |
rallty of President Roosevelt In the ;
nation according to all Indications, will 1
excood 1,500,000?the greatest plurality
ever given an American candidate. |
The nearest approach to this vote waa
In 1896, when McKlnley received a plu- <
rainy approximating 860,000, and In
1872, when Grant received 762,991 plu- |
The Interest centers In Missouri and ;
Maryland, bate returns indicate that i
the former &late Is in the republican
columu, so far as presidential electors
are concerned, but that Joseph W. I
Folk, the democratic candidate, has
been elected governor.
In Maryland the presidential vote
will probably be cast for President
Roosevelt. Late returns indicate that ,
Thomas A. Smith, democrat, has been !
I eiected to congress In the Ilr&t district
J by 450 plurality. Congressman Jack- !
I son, of this district, however, nuts for.
! ward a claim of trick bnllots and fraud t
| and says ho will contest the election,
j In the other states it Is simply a
question of pluralities.
Solid South Broke".
"The solid soutJi" was broken by
tho probable defection of Missouri?
i this section of the country usually hav- |
ing thirteen status in tlie democratic
: column. Tho figures show but twelve
| states with 133 voles for Judge Par!
President Roosevelt carried all the
northern states?swept them In fuct? j
and he had 343 electoral votoa.
! Thn honnxif -* ?
ia ruuiisyivania.
j Twenty-four hours after thy polls
| closed the returns from this/state Indicated
that Koosevelt'8 plurality !
would reach 486,000./' Next came 1111I
nois, where the president polled ap- j
1 proximately 225,000 more votes than
I did Judge Parker. Ohio gave Moose- '
j velt 200,000 and New York 174,000. |
; The Now York city returns are still
1 incomplete, but the amazement over I
' the result has not subsided. Judge
Parker carried Greater New York by 1
! only 41,000 votea.
In general the situation Is chiefly
interesting because of the tickets In
many of the states were cut. Presi|
dent Roosevelt ran ahead of his tick
... uuui; iwL-uiiiies. noiaojy in Masi
gachusetts, where lit- secured a plural- I
' Ity of 86,000 votes, while the republi* j
i can candidate for governor was de*
! feated for governor by 35.000. In that
state the legislature is republloan and
J the entirft republican ticket, with the
j exception <>f governor, was elected. In
j Missouri circumstancs are similar,
j In Nebraska the definite announcement
that the legislature Is republican
disposes of the statement that \V. .T.
j Bryan had aspirations for a United
' States senatorshlp. In that state, too,
i ..
| tho governorship is In doubt, and it
| will require official returns to deteri
mine who is ejected. Both sl.ios claim
a victory.
There Is a curious situation in Minnesota,
where Roosevelt secured 125,- j
000 plurality, hut where a democratic
l governor and a republican lieutenant
governor u ore elected. The election
of a democratic governor is the second
in the history of the sta'e.
Chairman Habconk, of the republican
congressional commit!ee. probably
retimed to congress from Wisconsin,
but Chairman Cowherd, of the democratic
congressional committee, was
defeated in Missouri,
The situation in Colorado presented
an interesting pha-so. Roosevelt has
cnrrle/1 tho v-" ^ - v'
? - - - "*??? < |fi(Min(ii\r I ,? iilIU,
hut the fff>rornorBhlp Ik mill in doubt,
both nldoa claiming a victory
Roosevelt's Plurality in His Native
State More Than Claimed.
Roosevelt'} plurality in Now Vork.
his unlive slntr, is suond only lo MrKlnley's
in IS'.tfi. It oxccrils MrKin
ley's in 1000 l>y about 4i..">00 The late
returns show ihrat lliero werp east f?>r
him in New Vork stine about lS.'i.OOO.
votes more llinn for Pnrkc i Not only
was his voir heavy in the rountry 'In
i irieis. wnere ir.? rrpni nran mronirtioiu
are bin in Greater New York. traditionally
democratic. In* ran much do*. ,
er to .luclfit- Parker than had bf-in e\ !
peeted. even by h.s own campaign
managers. j
Halloway Elected Superintendent of
Public Instruction in Florida.
A Jacksonville, Fla., spec, a I says
The entire deniorratle ticket in Florida,
Including \Y. M. Molloway, running |
for superintendent of public inntruc 1
tion, who lias a majority over all his }
opponents, is elecWd Wolfe put. up '
by the democratic executive committerIn
opposition io Holloway. was nominated
In the demcxratle primaries,
running behind O'Neal, republican.
rviout liUNUtMNED TO DIE.
Forr??er Mayor of Charlottesville. Va., '
la Given Death Sentence.
After overruling Ave motion* for a
new ?rial, J?u!g? Owirgt Watt* Morris,
of the Charlot:esvlilc, Va., corporation
court, Wednesday nenierv< ??J J.
Samuel Mi ( ne foinirr mayor of the
rit V fnr ihrfi fftvmo * ?
| the Mck aoi!J he 4??on ihv iKMli
rf J?Dii?ry ikm i
*rvjiNjrvjrv>rvjrvjfN?t>J''j 1
Williams Given a Respite.
Governor Hey ward has respited the 1
sentence of Aaron Williams, a negro y
who was to have been hanged Fri- J,
unjr ut v;uiiiuvii, 10 uecemuer zs. Williams
was convicted of having cornmltted
an assault upon a white wo- ?
man. The respite was granted on tlio p
ground that new evidence had been
discovered and a petition saying that y
the negro did not deserve the punish- ,
ment Imposed upon him. a
* c
Capitalists Visit Lancaster. r
Lancaster had som4Pt>stinguishcd ^
viators a fnw <I#vb ??? <? ? ^t i
" ?'?* * "* n
Northern capitalists, who hart been
spending several days In the South
in charge of Colonel M. V. Hieharrts,
of the Southern Railway land and industrial
Colonel Leroy Springs, president of
the I>ancaster Cotton Mills, met the } ^
party at the depot, from whence they 1
were driven in carriages to the mills. ,
A thorough Inspection was made of j
1 n
both mills and the visitors express- I
ert themselves as being delighted with i 1
the properties, especially with the i
new mill, which is conceded to be one ' ^
of the largest, handsomest and best
equipped industrial plants in the |
South. | '
I -
Homicide in Spartanburg,
At Spartanburg J. L. R. Jones, deal- j j
er In bicycles and proprietor of a re- |
pair shop, shot and killed J. M. 1'.
Young in .1. Ft. Fant's fruit store on ,
Magnolia street. The ball entered I
Young's left side just above the heart, !
severing the large artery. i
.Tones was arrested immediately af- i
ter thn killing and committed to jail. j
Jones claims >hat he acted in self-de- ; (
fense, claiming that about an hour
prior to the tragedy Young entered ^
his place of business and made an at- I
tack upon him >
Later, while Jones was In Fant's
fruit store. Young entered and the '
... n
uiuirunv whs renewed. reuniting in
Jones klllinK Young.
It seems the men have not been on j"
the best of terms of late, and though '
they both live over their places of j
business, which are close together, |
they have quarreled frequently. '
Young was unarmed, but carried a ^
large walking stick when the fatal w
affair occurred. Both men are mar- w
rled and well known in Spartanburg.
* it]
Columbia Place Selected. ai
The Conference of Education of the a
South will be held in Columbia next la
year. The announcement is made in K
a letter from I>r. Kdirar Gardner Mur- hi
phy, the secretary to Sta'e Superin- w
tendcnt of Kdueation Mart / This tl
means that 1.000 or mere of the most ds
intelligent and progress! vc men of ly
the country will spend a week there d<
next spring as tin* city's guests. The j
date for the meeting has not been ^
definitely fixed, but it will he the last o
week in April most probable. j.
The attendance will include the
governor? of several states, the state j
superintendents of education, college !
presidents, professors, city and county i
superintendents and people from all G
portion'.: ::f south, besides the two ,
dozen or more northern men who us- 1
ually attend the meeting. The presi- f<
dent. Mr. Robert ('. Ogden. a New V
Yjrk millionaire, generally conies in
n private train with several personal
friend* as his guests.
* * * h
Chec6e Industry Profitable. q
A Columbia news item says The }
commercial development of agriculture
ought to be the first thought now
of every one interested in the material
development of the State. There !
is no reason in the world why this .
development snouui not tic material l)(
in South Carolina The commercial
side of agricull lire is what has made |
ehe great Western Slates to imm< nse j
ly wealthy. It is one of the chief pur i
poses of the work of Commissioner u
Watson. i '?
There is one apparently small line ''
that is nhowing fast and substantial U
development the dairy and cheese, i 1*
making industry. Within the past ai
few years six or eight cheese-making O
establishments have heen started. I>
They are all suid to be making money
and the Industry is growing There
is a great future for the work in this
sta'e and especially so in the section p
of the state below Hranchville, where
cattle can thrive and where then* are
nno pospinilin ts ror eat tie raising.
Fire in Orphans' Home. c
One night 'he past week. the heav- p,
iest blow that has ever befallen the ?
Thornwell Orphanage a( Clinton foil
suddenly. One of the matrons \va?
awakened by a light in Hie kitchen.
It wap soon discovered that in some
way the handsome memorial hall used ^
as dining lml! and cook room was on
Hie. As quickly as po?fdh!c help wa;
With the inadequate fire proticSon e
that the town affords it wua found
impossible to stay the flarues and after
a few hour* the building was in (
Now omy ilu vrci. stone whIIh of
ihe building remain. There was absolutely
no in.?urnnee on it The wall?
were not completely devtroye.1. ^
Two hundred and twenty-five chil- ?
dren and officers arc taking their 4
meal? from the stood people of the >
town. Help is needed immediately to
rebuild. The work of reluiildlriK he
^ins ai once. t;ror*.Mn owns and loves
i tho Thnrnwell OrnhnnaK'1 AImmii 17.
j 000 worth (>f property was doMtroycd.
* * ?
Thou Ph?lt Not Kill."
T> < N'("v! rnfl Courier prints in i'<!
Monday morning* ifl*n*. outlines of
aeruion < prparbed Hurulay in alt pHrt?
of Hoiith CaJollna having for the1*
qer.^ro-'. ?bv ?r'.me of murder U
\ ? \
H\e Sunday News preceding reports
irere printed giving briefly the facts
bout the homicides committed in this
tate in ten months of the current
ear. These reports merely assemled
for the sake of convenience facts
ouui ? vuiiiuiion wnicn wus already
eceiving the attention of all God-feariiB
and country-loving people. They
harply defined and acentuated the
xtent of the homicide evil aa it afects
South Carolina. They were not
rinted with the design of providing
ensational news, and The News and
lourier hoped that an increased awaitning
of the moral sense of the people
ml a step forward towards a remedy
.'ould follow their publication. With
his hope and aim in view, The News
nd frMirlrvr cimaAutn.i 1
oue6voiru IU ? II II III I It' r
if ministers it would be glad to preent
to its readers sermons that they
night care to preach on the 6th ? f
November on thin theme. A number of
ainlsters responded.
* *
A Story of Stolen Jewelry.
(From Atlanta Journal.
The arrest of Frank Johnson, 15
ears old. a negro, who was brought
o Atlanta Thursday night from Coumbia,
S. C., by detectives of tlurt
ity, lias unearthed a gigantic diauond
robbery conspiracy which radited
from Columbia all through this
tate and South Carolina.
The affair was tlrst brought to light
uiu n-iuvny 01 n (lliiilionci ring |
Dst by a traveling man said to have J
ailed from Atlanta, in Wright's hoal,
in Columbia. The police suspect- j
d the Johnson boy, and he was ar- !
ested. He made a confession which
m plicated the port or in the hotel. He '
eclared that the porter took jewelry !
roni guests in the hotels and mr.de !
im take is to other cities for dlspos- I
1. thus throwing the detectives off j
he track.
Johnson stated that he had disposed
f this jewelry in various places. I
mong them Atlanta. He was brought
ere to locate some of the missing aricles,
and with Detectives Simpson ,
nd Campbell went to various places i
ere in the city.
The detectives found two diamond j
nigs, valued together at about $400. j
iiv- uu? t'uiiiiiiTiiit'd oilier unifies <nsosed
of in other cities and towns j
hich may aggregate sevt-al thou- |
and dollars. Johnson was taken back
a South Carolina Thursday night.
Taken With Cramps.
Win. Kirmse, a member of the
ridge gang working near Littleporl !
as taken suddenly ill Thursday night
1th cramps and a kind of cholera
ju case was so severe that ! e had j
i have the members of the orew wait I
l)on him, and Mr. Gifford was ^nlied
id consulted. lie told them he had .
medicine in the form of Chamber- !
in's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
emedy that he thought would help
im out, and accordingly several doses
ere administered with the result that j
k> luiiow was aDie to tie around next,
\y. The incident speaks quite highof
Mr. Clifford's medicines.? Elkai-r,
Iowa, Argus.
This remedy never fails. Ke< p it
i your home, it may save life. For
ile by PickenH Drug Store, Earle's
rug Store, T. N. Hunter, Liberty, tf
erman Ruler Sends Congratulation#
to President Roosevelt.
i i rniwcm uuwortrn iltl? ififlvtMj llltl
illowing cablegram from Rmperor
, "Nones Palace November ft.
President Roosevelt. rt A., Washington
"Sincerest congratulations. May
I'HVfn give you prosperity. Ttium
liiort Bonum Felix Faustunique Sit '
opulo Americano.
A free translation <>t the Latin in
i above cablegram is rm follows:
Mny your good administration he hap
y and prospermia to the American
Puts an End to it All.
A grievous wall oftimes comes a?
result of unbearable pain from overixed
organs. Dizziness, backache,
iver Complaint and (Constipation. !
ut thanks to l>r. King's New Life
ills, they put an end to it all. They
re gentle, but thorough. Try them
nly 2fic. Guaranteed by Pickens
I"K ' u. tf
lepubllcam Gains All Over the State
Was the Rult.
New Jeraey was carried t?y th? re i
ublicans by a bigger majority than
ven the moKt sanguine of the rt-publan
predictlonH claimed. The HtatD
ave In the neighborhood of fiflflflO f ;?
tooBOvelt, exceeding McKlnlev ? m >
urlty four years ago by 3,000 or tnor-i
riikado's Soldiers Take Three Vi'
lages, But Fail to Hold Positions. j
A Mukden nperlal say*: Tlic la pan
iFf Thursday. assumed the uffensive
>n I ho left bnnk of tnv Hun river and
>roup!ed three villapoc.
The Kumianfc. however, attacked
Irove thein out ami afialn ostabllnhod j
heir otIk<<imI lines of defense
] SCOTTS EMULSION icrvti m a
J l*M^* to carry (he wu^tntd and
i ilmuJ ? -t ? - ??? ii ? '
/ vmi iytv.ni wmf 'i II c^lli lino
| mp^iurt ilk ordinary food.
) Sou) tor trtr ram}.',i
fv flfT A IIOW^L, Ciw?;'*v
1 4*-j 4'? JV?i ><rv> YuiV
v? 4?x> *. ; ail lirmpm.
'V' "V;* \ 1
?? i i
Status of Maryland Cannot Be Determined
Until Passed Upon By
Board of Canvassers.
A Baltimore special of Friday says:
That an official count of the ballots t
cast for the presidential electors In '
Maryland will be required before definite
knowledge of the result can be
assured, has been demonstrated by the
semi-official count in Baltimore city, c
and in twenty of the twenty-three d
counties of the state. The returns re
ceiveti tnus mr mncate mat seven dern o
ocratlc and one republican elector ^
were chosen. The congressional situa b
tlon remains unchanged?three demo- 0
iratic and three republican congressmen
having been elected. v
The state board of canvassers, con- ^
slstlng of the stale comptroller, the ^
secretary of state, the clerk of the c
court of appeals and the attorney gen- r
eral, will make the official announce- ^
ment of the vole. Thi? board must
meet and complete its labors within
thirty days after thp day of election. v
It Is explained by the election super- a
visors and the political leaders that r
the mistaking of ballots caused the (lis- ?
crepancy between the vote for t'.te na- ^
lional and congressional candidate*;. In t!
this connection charges of fraud are
made by the leaders of either party "
and it win be necessary to await the I ~
official count to decide upon the ultimate
President Roosevelt Makes Positive h
Statement to that Effect. 6
A Washington dispatcli says: i'res- 1 (
Ident Roosevelt made the announce jB
ment that John Hay would continue , ^
as secretary of state during the four!
VOftPR lioclnnlnir A ?w.vi
"You may postively state," wore bis j?
words, "that Mr. Hay will continue as i*
secretary of state up to the 4th of !
March 1909." ;a
The president was asked regarding ! ^
father possible cabinet changes, but in- !
dicated that there was nothing to Ik* ^
said at present. His announcement re J
Kardinp Secretary Hay was made to a |
number of newspaper correspondents. | ^
Mr. Hav> retention of the state do
[Hitment portfolio fixes the most im '
portant place in the new cabinet, ami
is the first and only step so far take-i
in that direction.
| 1
j 1
Federal stock and Grain Company ! 1
Forced to the Wall. .
The Federal Stock and Grain Coin ,
pany, a brokerage concern of Hosier.,
Mass., having sixty offices in various f
cities of the country, has assigned for j
the benefit of its creditors.
The company is one of the largest |
concerns not connected with any stock j
exchange doing business in the east. [
its capital was $200.000. I i
Treaaurer D. 15. Murray states thai j
tin; concern hay lost $1,000,0(10 In the j
last six month*. and ud?.s that the r
claims against it do not exceed $ 1 fiO.000.
Colony Advance Guard Arrives at San
Francisco. I
The passenger department of the I
Atlantic Coast Line railway, at Kavan- !
nah, (?a., haw been advised that an ad- '
vauc<> guard from a colony of forty or j
fifty Japanese families have arrived at !
San Francisco on the sterner Mam hu- j
rla. i '
The delegation is on its way to Dado I
City, Kia.. where thu Japanese will begin
preparations for the sett lenient of
their families and those of their
friends soon to come.
I; is the intent of the Japanese to
iiimtoit- ix.uimi mri's or land ?y rais- '
ing silk, cotton, tobacco and pineappics
as an experiment with the Florida
climate and the Japanese labor.
Snow Fall6 in Kansas nd Oklhoma. | 1
There \v;ts- a light fall of snow in ; .
southern Kansas and northern Ok'.a 1
hoina Friday. Growing wheat wa? bad- '
ly in need of moisture.
? . I
i (
Chicago Central Body is Ousted by
President Gompers.
IOi mal notice that the charter of the 1 1
1 ,
Chicago Federation of Ijibor had been '
revoked, and thai thu organization wa? '
expelled from the American Federation '
of Labor, wan given Friday by Seere , 1
tar.v K. N. N'ockels by telegram.
i n<> icn'gram was signed by I'resi j '
dent Samuel (lompcrs, of the Amerl- '
fan I'VdoratIon of f,abor, and wai ' '
dated at Denver, where tho member* L
of the executive council of the Amen !
can Federal ion made a atop on their |
way to the San Francisco convention, i
Reed Smoot Investigation Not Taken '
Up as Scheduled. |*
A hitch has occurred In the lined
Stnooi Mormon invoH'.i(;ation. which '
whs to have been resumed h.v the sp.v ^
ciai m! commit t oe of the com mitt eo on i'
privileges and elecUonfi of tho United n
St.ins senate immediately afu-r the; *
election. The member* of the Hihcom- *
1111it(?c- wi re to have met in rhloiiijo thy j J,
past wM'k and pr<H???d to Utah, but *
!h<- trip wiik <|y<lari j off |'
Elective Peud Breaks Out Again in ! '
W??st Vb jinla.
flhorlff Daniel*. of Payotte county,? j
was shot Thursday at MontKomcrv, . \
W?*Bt Vlrirtnln ?n<l 1<IIr <t hv IA/1 JmIi. I 1
eon. brother ?>f OonHtftble W. A. Jiwrfc '
son. who wav Killed Wednesday
John Elliott.. The trouble Rrew (nit oI
the killing of Cooetalile .1 r?cXvi>c
Thousands Have Kidney \rxoubleand
Don't Know it.
How To Flud out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with your
y&ter and let It stand twenty-four hours; a
n sediment or sctJ.'KjyjJ
ry~-i tling indicate an
^ unhealthy condiXvi
VH i l'on *'ie ^idJ^A
\/ vX^-nf \1 V neys* 11 sla,ns
y?ur "nen lt 's
ALf'yh^j fiJ evidence of kidJ
mAI / lr neir lrou^c! t0?
v\\jv?Jy pj> frequent desire to
\Jxv pas3 it or pain in
????the back 13 also ^
onvinclng proof that the kidneys and blad- .
er arc out of order. \
What to Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
ften expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamploot,
the great kidney remedy fulfills eveiy
/k;h In curing rheumatism, pain In the
ack, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part
f the uriirary passage. It corrects Inability
o hold water and scalding pain In passing
or bad effects following use of liquor,.
/ineorbeer, and overcomes that unpleasant
lecessity of being compelled to go often.
luring the day, and to get up many times J
luring the night. The mild and the extraordinary
effect of Swamp-Root is soon
ealizcd. It stands the highest for its wonlerful
cures of the most distressing cases..
f vnu rs -i * * * -
-j? .. ...^uivuic /uu snouiu nave ins
iest. Sold by druggists in50c. and$l. sizes.
You may have a sample bottle of this
ind a book that tells
nore about it. both sentPjfcreffilH jfcllfjjjjj.
bsolutely free by mail.
Address Dr. Kilmer & Homo of Rwnmp-Root.
*o., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing menIon
reading this generous offer in this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
he name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
>wamp-Root, and the address. Binghamton,
J. Y.. on every bottle.
icid Dyspepsia a Very Common Dinease.
It iB indicated by sour stomach,
eartburn, tongue coated and flabby,
tomach tender and bowelB sometimes
K>se, sometimes constipated. Persona
uffering from Acid Dyspepsia are up
ally thin and bloodless. SomcWmea
lie sufferer is fleshy, but the flesh is
abby and unhealthy. A Radical cuf?
f this disease can be effected In a
hort time by taking one or two Ryale
Stomach Tablets after each meal
nd whenever the stomach is out of
rder. Thev are harmless and can be
nken at any time and as often as in
ecessary to relieve tt^e stomach,
'rial size 25c. Family size, 50c. tf
Report Show* Deficit for 1904 of Ov?r
tigni ana a nair Minions.
A Washington dlBpatch Bays: The
innual report of the auditor for the
K>Btoffl<e deportment show* that the
Iscal business transacted through th?
postal and money order branches of
he department during the last year
ivere: Revenues of the'postal service*
(143,582,624; expenditures for the poaal
service, $162,032,1 16.
Total amount of money orders issued:
Domestic, $383,452,373; foreign,
Tota lamount of mone yorders paid:
Jomestic, $385,100,020; foreign, $6,7<14,>46.
The deficit in the postal revenue,
therefore, is 18.57ft 4fly >m J"'
_____ WMg
I find nothing better for liver de~H
angement and constipation th&e,^R
'hamberlain's Stomach a?d Liver |
^ablets.?L. F. Andrews, L>os Moiue&. ^
ova. For sale by Pickens Drug Co.
Investigation Made at Instance of Congre&s
Has Been Completed.
A Washington special says: 'Dip ic
vestigation <>f the beef trust instituted
by i lie tun can of corporations at the
Instance of (onvrcis has been pracr.
rally completed The ri-purt will be
presented i?> (he president, and it ?
quite likely it will he submitted t"
congress shortly after the opening <?f
the short session in December.
Get Your Monoy'a Worth.
You pet your money's worth when
-ou buy * Elliott's Emulsified Oil I,ininent.
A full half pint bottle costs but
!f> rents, and you get your money back
f not satisfied with results. Use It
n your family and on your stock(on'll
not be disappointed. tf
>n!y Small Democratic Gain I* Shown
by Return*.
The tore in Kcnturkv i- "r
In (>!?. clol. Oo-W- ' ?
from 12,000 to 14, /iw. iu?f .<?
if the democratic and republican mu
ixerg ehow but little variance from
[tits result.
Kentucky In 1900 gave Dryan 8.09*
plurality. The returns from 6*3 prt
'lnct# show a plurality of 16,026 for
Molent Attack of Diarrhoea Cured by
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and Perhaps a
Life Saved.
"A short time ago I was taken with**-' * ,
violent attack of dlarrhooa and beleve
I would have dl6d If I had not
rltton relief,' nays John J. Patton, a
ending citizen of Patton, Ala. "A
rlend rocommended Chamborlaln's
Jolic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
bought a twenty-five cent bottle and
ifter taking three doBen of It Arm* ?n
ir*ly cured. I connlder It the best
emedy In the world for bowel comilalntn.
For Bale by Plckenn Drug
Itore, Karle'a Drug Store, T. N. Hun- /
er. Liberty.
^ebraskan 8?y? Proposed New Party
Is Not For Him.
William J. Bryan denied the pubIsbed
atatement that hp wmlrf mm.t
IVIIHam Randolph tlearnf and Thomfl*
Watnon In New York for the purpose
>f taking ateps toward the organten
Jon ot a nesr party. I
Mr. Bryan had t*om? reorganisation f
)lana, hut he intend* to M?nd apon- L
tor tor fhem b<?*?^f
r f I
r ^ fit*/

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