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Roosevelt and!
ture the Cot
Iw Enormous
President Roosevelt Will Pro
\ Electoral College Agains
In Addition to Pre*
Hold Hon se Iv
Tho republican national tlckct has j
been elected by a vote In the electoral
colleco that will exceed that nf 2:?2
given Mr. McKlnley ia 1900. The result
of Tuesday's balloting was astounding
even to the most sanguine
of the republican managers. Conli
dent as they wore of success, they
wero not prepared for the astonishing
figures which followed the closing of
the polls, bringing, into the republican
column not only ad of those Mates
they had claimed as safe for their candidate,
but, with the possible exception
of Maryland, every statft olttMuod
as doubtful.
Democratic successes are confined i
to the solid south, in which Kentucky ;
is Included, and Mr. Parker lias not ,
carried a single state which did not i
Kivo its vote to Mr. Bryan four yeais I
ago. Otilcial returns tndicato that he !
r../W JkAt-.sort,,;. ?vJBe^..iicn tho Nehras-1
;1, ka candidate held for Ills party.
I B A? a dramatic climax to the aensa-1
LH|tloual majorities given him, came
I President Roosevelt's formal anL
'-4I/ nouncement tliat lie would not be a
candidate for re-election, tending the
(only exciting aspect to an eloctioa
night otherwise so one-sided that M
was impossible for even the victors
to attain that degree of enthusiasm
that usually marks the occasion.
The perfect weather conditions
which prevailed over practically the
entire country brought out a vote
which experienced politicians predicted
would be a record breaker, and in
Mi tu In/irnncn nf tin ll/itu tho rAnnliM. <
cans gained more than their share.
The period of suspense that followed
the closing of the polls was not prolonged.
In no election in recent years
has the result been definitely known
so soon. Hardly had the sun gone 1
down when results in New York began :
to appear. Hy 7 o'clock It was evident ;
that the great Empire State had i^ivon
tho ronuhliean candidates a maiorltv
? ?
beyond tho predictions of the party
Belmont Gave Up Early.
So convincing was the story of the
bulletins that at 7:30 August Belmont.!
at democratic headquarters, conceded j
Roosevelt's election by an overwhelm
ing majority, and half an hour later
tho democratic managers who had
managed the campaign freely admit
ted that the republicans had carried
every doubtful state. There was no
disposition to hope agannt hope. As
stat' ^ter state aont In Its republican
m' -y and the wires told tho tale
If, .e ballot*, bringing oven from
ye commonwealth* upon which they
nftd baaed their figures of democratic
success, reports of unprecedented republican
majorities, they frankly con
ceded their defeat and offered no explanation.
Soon after Mr. Relmont'B
ndinlssloM, Judge Parker acknowlodg
Democratic Chairman Congratulates
Republican Campaign Manager.
Democratic National Chairman Tap
gart aald at Indianapolis Tuesday
"I havo wired my congratulations o
Mr. Cortolyou, republican national
chairman. That Ih ali I car? to say
tonight. I will leave for Now York
tomorrow morning and will go direct
*n d?mocrat.Ic national headquarters."
N J Watson, Bryan and Hearst to Hold
Important Conferanca.
r Malvln O. Pnlllscr, manager of the
presidential campaign of Thomas H ,
Watson, makes tlio following state J
it mont:
>ft "Thomas E. Watson, William J.
le Hryan and William Randolph Hoarflt
a ' will have a conferonco In Now York
In about a woek's tlmo. and tho flrat
?n step? will then be made to form a now
tih uariy."
r ; . | f
i L \ : .'
F airbanks Cap
intry By an
^TATfQ rnMrrnn
bably Have 325 Votes in tl
t 151 for Judge Parker,
lidenoy Republicans
^ an Increased
ed the situation by telegraphing Pr<
iuuuc ituusovoii ma cougraiuiauoiu
Watson to Form Now Party.
I.ato In tho night camo an announc
ment from Melvln O. i'alliser, manag
of the campaign for Thomas E. Wi
son, the candidate for tho poop'.o's pi
ty, that as a result of the overwhol
ng defeat, steps would bo taken
orm a new party. To this end, f
ording to the announcement giv
out, Mr. Bryan, Mr. Watson and W
liam Randolph Hearst would hold
conference in New York in about
week's time.
If Maryland has gone republican,
unofficial returns indicate, the repi
innn vnto in tho ol?otf?r:il onllpiro '.v
be the unprecedented one of :*2.r> f
Roosevelt and Fairbanks to 151 t
Parker and Davis. Not only in tl
far in excess of Mr. McKinlev's v<
(202) in 1900, hut Judge Parker's v<
is four less than that giv^n Mr. Pry
four years ago. It is practically c<
tain that the republican national ti<
et has carried every si ate in ihe uni
outside of the so-called solid south,
may take the official count to deci
Maryland. The republican rnajori
in the next house of representativ
XI.Ill 1 nc.1, tlw.n r.ft.f
How New Congress Stands.
President Roosevelt is assured
the co-operation of a republican cr
gress. The present republican maji
Ity in (hat body is 34. and there ne
he no surprise if this figure is ulnu
doubled, and it Is reasonably certs
to reach a mojority of at least >0.
practically all districts the reput
cans have held their own, while
some significant Instances the denr
crats have lost. Probably the mc
marked of these eases are the four
and fifth districts of California (S
Francisco), now represented by R(
resentatlves I.lvernash ana \% yr
democrats, which reports Indica
have been sained by republicans,
the twelfth Ohio district Taylor,
publican, is reported to have defeat
Radger, the sitting democratic memti
who was a candidate for re-electit
The most surprising of all the repor
however, come from tho fifth and
iveuin MistHUiin uiNinvin, mnu nuwi
ly democratic, and tho former rep
aented by Mr. Cowherd, chairman
tho democratic congressional ca
palgn committee. The republica
claim to have carried both dlstrlc
In the light of these reports, a ropi
lican majority of ">0 In the houro
considered a conservative estimate.
Returns from the southern Btat
show that they have returned the i
ual democratic majorities. The stat
of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida,
gla, Mlsslslppl, North Carolina, Sou
/-< 11 a ? _ 11 on
v ni uuua 4111u I uAnn an ovuu <?v
democratic, delegations, while {" '
from Kentucky and Virginia i>rol
hly each will have only one repul
can representative,
Democratic Watcher Interfered a
Fatally Shot Deputy Sheriff.
At Midway, Colorado, during t
election, Ed Doyle, a deputy slier
assaulted Mrs. Kennedy, a democr
lc judge, and In a struggle that <
sued tore her dress and slapped h
Kd O'Leary, a democratic watcher,
terfercd and shot Doyle, fatally wout
lng him. O'Leary was arrested.
Telegrams Exchanged Between t
Two National Chairmen.
The following telegrams wore <
changed between the two chalrm
of tho national committees:
"Indianapolis, Ind., November 8.
The Hon. CJeorfie li. Cortelyou, N<
York: Accept congratulations.
"Now York, November 8. To Hr
Thomas C. TagRarf, Indlanapolls.nppreolate
your congratulations.
I , '
I Well Known Short Man n?mn.
a | cratlc Governor of Massachusetts
By an Overwhelming Majority.
A Boston special says: The defeat
of Governbr John L. Bales for a third
term by William L. Douglas, the democratic
candidate, and the tremendous
vote caat throughout the state, were
the noteworthy features of llie election
in Massachusetts. Mr. Douglas will
be the first democratic governor electj
ed since 18D2.
With one small town missing, the
]voto for president was as follows:
Roosevelt 237,108
I'arker 108,4 17
itoosovolt's plurality 89.051
The vote for governor with the name
10 place misalr.fr was as follows :
Douglas 235,157
Hates 103,798
lX>uglaa' plurality 30,059
i .
I Hoosiera Ro'l Uo Bio Maioritv for R?.
J8_ | publican Ticket.
I. j Indiana has boon carried by the republicans
by from 45,000 to 5o,000.
?- The legisalture will bo republican by
or nearly 50, probably inore.
it- All tlio nine republican congressir
men aro reelected by increased main
Jorlties and the republicans claim also
to tho eleventh and twelfth districts repic
resented oy Representatives Miers and
on 'Robinson, both democrats. They are
il- in doubt. The legislature, which will
a I meet In January, will elect two Unita
] od States senators, one to succeed
j Vice President-elect Charles \V. Fairas
; banks, Senator Heveridge will be reih.
! elected
ill The republicans have almost, if not
? quite, doubled the McKinlcy plurality
| in the state of 20.407 four years
In scarcely a county of the state
have tho republicans failod to make
largo gains. Democratic State Chairman
O'Brien early conceded the state
to the republicans by over 30,000 ami
sent his congratulations to Republi
i can aiaio unairman uoodrlcn, Demoi
cratlc National Chairman Tagggrt
1 gave tip the bttale at 10 o'clock Tuesj
day night and wired his congratnla|
tlona to Republican National Chair
I man Cortolyou.
Vice President elect Charles \V. Fairj
banks roceived the returns at his res
idence in Indianapolis from private
wires which connected his home with
tho white house at Washington. He
and President Roosevelt early ox
changed congratulations.
National Chairman TaRgart declined !
to express n opinion as to causes.
)to McKlnley's Plurality Overtopped In
.(t0 tho Buckeye State.
.111 The returns from different ritler. and
?r counties In Ohio show that tho repuh k
licans have broken all their records in
o'j the state. Their highest plurality was
It 137.000 in 180-1 on a small vote, while
do j that of Tuesday was on a largo vote,
ty I greatly exceeding one million,
ps | Tho largest plurality Ohio over gave j
! any president was f.0,o:'o for McKinloy
I four years ago, and the republican
of committee estimates that the plurality
>n- for Roosevelt and Fairbanks will be
r>r- double the highest plurality ever giv
ed en McKinley, either for governor or
)st president.
iln It Is estimated at from 110,000 to
In I 150.000. The republicans claim a net
>11- Rain of at least one congressman, Tayin
, lor, in the twelfth district.
ftn Cook County Goes Into Republican
Column by Nearly 100,000
,n> Everything is republican in Illinois.
f? Cook county, which the demorrits
In hoped to carry, has gone republican
ro by probably 100,000.
e<l Every ward and every precinct in
'?r Chicago has shown a very heavy re>n
publican vote, and It is more than
Is. likely that the total Roosevelt man?
. .. .
in- joruy in Illinois will run over 150,- I
>g- 000
of Peck Losen in Wisconsin.
m While tho election returns In Wis
n* clnsln Arc far from being complete, os I
timates give Roosevelt and Fairbanks |
over 76,000 plurality In tho state. Doin- |
ocratlc candidate for governor, George
W. Peck, concedes his defeat. The
01 legislature will be largoly republican,
though It looks like a deadlock on
^ United States senator.
r\T. I
^ j Delaware Safely Republican.
| Roosevelt has carried Delaware by '
about 6,000. and tbe republicans elect I
I! governor and congressmen. Tbe log
islature will be overwhelmingly republican.
nd '
World's Fair Attendance Has Reached
he Enormous Figures,
1IT' A St. Louis dispatch says: Tho atal"
tendanco statement issued Sunday, No?n*
vember 6, by the division of adrnlo
, ' Bion of tho Louisiana Purchase Expo
1(j, ! Bttlon Company, shows total admin ,
slons for the week of <134.442. and the
grand total sine? the exponitioa open
ed 1C,6G7.7:<7.
he |
Democratic Figures In Alabama.
3X- ' H. S. D. Mallorjr, chairman of tho
on j democratic Rtato committee, states
f ]iO I A 1 O )\n m O nouJ f 1 n ? *"?
yenrn. The majority of the Parker
nv electors will probably be 75,000. In
the Bovon?h district, In which the onlv
real flghf against the democratic can
>n* dldate. was made, Congressman Hurnett,
democrat. In reelected over Pow
ell, fusion, by 2,0o0. All the nine congressmen
are democrats.
Formulates Open Letter to
Democrats of Country,
Defeated Candidate Declares Party
Has a Great Mission to Perform
fo. the Welfare of the
At lvsopus, N. Y., Wednesday night.
Judge Parker gave the press an open
letter addressed "To the Democracy
of the Nation," in which he thanked
those in charge of his campaign work,
and declared that the people will Boon
realize that "the tariff-fed trusts are
absorbing the wealth of the nation."
The letter follows:
?U-v ix -
iu uiv wi'iimcracy or uie i\auon:
Our thanks are duo to tlm members '
of the national committee and to the '
executive coinmitteo iu charge of the j
campaign lor most unselfish, capable* |
ami brilliant party service. All that it j
was possible for men to do they did,
but our dilliculty was beyond the reach
of party managers.
I am most grateful to them and j
wish, in tills general way, to extend
my thanks to the workers, as well as
the rank and file, all over the country.
I know how hard they struggled
against overwhelming odds, and I only
wish I could take each one by the
hand and thank him.
Deeply as 1 regretted leaving the
bench at the time of it, I do no lament
it. I thought it was my duty, in the
light of my present information I am
now even mere confident that I did
rii-'ht. i shall never seek a nomination
for public office, but I shall, to the
best of my ability, serve the pary that
has honored me. and. through the party,
serve my country.
Party Has Great Mission.
Tho party has in the near future a
great mission. Before long the people
will realize the tariff-fed trusts and illegal
combinations are absorbing the
wealth of the nation.
Then they will wish to throw off
these, hut the republican party will
not aid them to do it. for its leaders
| appreciate too well the uses to which
the moneys of the trusts can be put
to in political campaign.
When that time comes, and come it
will, the people will turn to the democratic
party for elief.
We entered this canvass with every
northern, western and eastern state.
save one, in republican control. This
gave to that parly a large army of
office holders reaching Into every
hamlet, many of whom gladly followed
the examples set for (hem by the
members of the president's cabinet in
devoting their time and services to
the party.
Must Forget Divisions.
To accomplish much in this direction.
however, we must forget the dif|
ferences of the past. If any one suspects
his neighbor of treachery, let
him not hint of his suspicion. If he
knows ho has deserted us, let him not
tell it. Our forces have been weakened
by divisions.'
I Wo must bring homo to tho people
fit other Ihan election times the fact
that moneys contributed to tho republican
party by the trusts is not only
dishonest money, but it is given that
the trusts may without hindrance take
a much larger sum from tho people.
In the presence of a defeat that
would tako away all personal ambition
i were it true that otherwise it posj
sessed mo, I do not hesitate to say
that In my opinion 'he greatest moral
| question which now confronts us Is:
Rhnll the trusts and corporations be
prevented from contributing to control.
or aid In controlling, elections?
Such services as I can render In that
nr any other direction will bo gladly
And I beg tho cooperation as n fol
low-worker of every democrat In tho
country. ALTON B. PARKER.
Suicide Pi evented.
The startling announcement that a
'preventive of suicide had been dlsoovored
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down system, 01 deapondoncy Invariably
precede auiclde and something has
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the first thought of self deatruction,
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uey regulator. Only 50c. Satinfacion
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Both Sides Claiming Victory In State
of the "Grafters."
A dispatch from St. Louts nay.s:
Twenty-four hours after tho polln had
closed in Missouri found the result*
of tho election still undetermlnd
throughout th<> state, although It was
practically concoded that Mlsourl hat!
( succumbed to the Roosevelt landslide,
but that one democrat rmaiucd stand
I in??, lie being Joseph W. Folk for gov
| 'inor.
Took Exception to One of Their Rac(
Making Democratic Speech.
Negroes in New York attacked t
truck from whU.li .Jam.os R. Spur
| gcon, a former minister to X-il>orisi.
! was haranguing the crowd In nurr^rl
democratic congressional nom
t'he crown, incensed nt some reI
mark, pelted the speaker with variou*
j m:i 1 unci finally f?'t (Ire to the
U niting with which tho hack was dec
l "!led.
The following taijlo shows the e!e
toral voto:
Rooeevelt and Fairbanks.
California 1
Ll! itiois
Indiana 1
low a 1
Kansas J
Mas-sat luiaotts 1
Michigan 1
Minnesota 1
Missouri 1
Now Jersey '
New Hampshire .
New York *
North Dakota
Ohio '
Pennsylvania '<
uhode w.-.
Sou' , .ill !
Utf ] ?,? "I ' '
UUfrom WOOlo 00 ?y
V??... imd -.1 v It*. I > I w, i
\Y< n? over hIsmwii in 1
| Wi, | , om *1.00 *r,-()U- . AU 1
I w sir r--, labiics hi/? ?
w . "?JT
Total electoral vote 3
Parker and Cavis.
NoHh Carolina
south Carolina
Total electoral voto 1
Pluralities by State-j.
Tho following tabl esbows the a
proximate pluralities in tbe vario
Siatoa? Parker. Itoosove
Alalmnia r~
...? . . , . ? ,\J\JW ....
Arkansas .... 30,uuo ....
California 100,0
Colorado 15,0
Connecticut 3S,o
Delaware 4,0
Florida .... 20,000
Georgia 05,000 ....
Idaho 25,0
Illinois 225, u
Indiana 75,0
Kansas innfi
Iowa 130,0
Kentucky .... 1 1.000 ....
Louisiana 35,000 ....
Maine 35,0
Maryland ....
Massachusetts 80, o
Michigan 150,0
Minnesota 125,0
Mississippi .... 50,000 ....
Missouri 10,0
Montana 10,0
Nebraska 75,0
Nevada 2,0
N?'W Hampshire 20.ft
I Now Jersey 7?>.<
New York 174,0
North Carolina . . SO,000 ....
North Dakota 20,n
Ohio 20.0
Oregon 40,0
Pennsylvania 485,0
Rhode Island 10.0
South Carolina . . . &0,00t) ....
South Dakota 40,0
Tennessee .... 20.000 ....
Texas 100,000 ....
"t nh 12.0
I Vermont 30.0
: Virginia .... 25.000
j Washington 30,0
West Virginia 2o.O
; \\ isoonsln co.o
j Wyoming 5 0
Totals 534.000 2.427.0
Roosevelt's plurality. 1 ,fi93,000.
The Result In Connecticut.
Revised returns from every city n
town in Connecticut give Roosevelt
plurality of 38,197. IJeutennnt Oov<
nor Roberts, th#? republican Candida
for governor, led Judge Robertson, 1
opponent, by 25,971. The four rfi olo
ed republican congressmen each h
pluralities which the most confldu
i never expected to see.
CImiimam fpAm QAIith h:lL Ci( ,
Chairmnn Martin, of the democrat
state central committee, Issued a sta
i ment in which he concedes that Roof
, velt polled GO.OOfl votes In South F
kota. Parker 30,000 and Watson 1
| 000.
8tate Goes for Roosevelt, But Derr
crats Get Governor.
A special from Whoellng, \V. V
bay.i: n is uumuiau ui uumui:i<ti
| headquarters that Roosevelt hna c?
: rled West Virginia by h majority
I upwards of 10,00ft, hut It is claim'
j that Corn well, democrat, has defeat'
! Dawson, republican, for governor, ai
that possibly the entire democrat
ticket maj k? into ofilce on the an
; Dawson wave,
W?pmnnl Wom^.n Whn Prnn^H
Denied th? Right to Vote,
j After ft spirited debate the Vermo
houflo of ropre?entatlvo8, at Monti
! llcr, by a close vote of 99 to 97 has
fused a third reading of the bill gra
i lug munle.lpp' women w
nro taxpayer .iry comni
j teo had ro| dy ' on t
; measuro.
t 1 ' :
7 K?01
A . . .,
o ' \in loads ot New 1
^Cr^KNrri'ui-:, wvc.ou^
i ! *""*** Ve can safely say, vvitlT
sl?c^ ?i .^c
// \A\ r^- '- -?
..7 Wjf' laoiii
\J v j\ is our ma
iir J) j^yxy'mv,.
11 j/V' I *n
u; 4- / \t ! in'.
v. / 1 ! $ (lot
! / ! \ I i -v-^
; t^C -W I j
| ^ > ',n
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qq ! Trial bottlos fr?e. tf
Report that Queen Alexandra is Workingfor
Peace in the Orient.
00 The Associated Pross at Ixnidon
oo 1 learns that Queen Alexandra has been
00 i'i fons'lant. communication with the
<!n dowarrer emnress of Rnssin nnH r.-m.
OQ pcror Nicholas himself during tho last
few days. This is Interpreted as
a hopeful si;'ii and as possibly likely
00 to load, though not in tho immediate
future, to tho establisnmont of ?om?
00 modus vlvendi, whereby stops looking
00 arbitration may bo initialed with
00 out offense to Russia.
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AO Sick headaeho, constipation, bilious/>A
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Small Boy Falls from Second-Story
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At Atlanta a four-year-old boy fell
from the Recoil Istory window of a
building on the Whitehall strict via
duct, and, as n result, si'stained minor
That the .'it11?? boy was not Killed
by the fall was due to the fact that
his body struck tho shoulder of in
known man who ehance.i to pissj
in;; at the time of tho accident The
toroe of the tall was thus broken, and
nil tin* life of the child saved.
a '
it<> The Death Penalty.
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91110 .UikIIhoii Nqtiare, iam^ 4*-.*A? 1*4.
I M.ciitlon Ihl; r^HHI
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v.!5S Mrv-r Fnlla to Rfitoro Orny
-(J.*? Hair to its Youthful Color.
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| KILLtmc cough I
I T Dr. King's j
8rnn /CONSUMPTION "piicc" i
Prlin B OUGHGand nOc. J.GOa
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SSurost and ti.uieJs.cc u 'Jnve Jfo.v nil g I '
| THE OAT and LUKO ji'I-.GL' B- jg1
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I'litrinos, II14 ton c;<n.
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I | The
For f'I^HrI years m y wife wu
troubled Jrth what physicians callod
J aick henJnche of a very st vero character.
doctored with several emluent
physicians and at a groat, expense,
only to grow worse until sh?
was nnaoie to do any kind of worn
About a year ago she Ixgan taking
(Thamberlaia's Stomach and l.iver
TAKInf a an/! (mUr oral tvh a m/*rA Ko?
she evor did before and is real well,"
says Mr. George K. Wright, of New
London, New York. For sale by Piclfr
ens I)rug Co. tf
V "'-M
f, < nt U tM?- Ut .?.!> "> ?>' : n,,xj"'Tn.s,
ini!. bu d t > said . tau-XVI I inaki.
?"!Ipavinnil I" '' V," !U1 0
' * < > l\ Bui mt,
.!.()) . . ,
i Oct, *J7, 1001. AtlminiHiraiort*.
h | Notice to Creditors.
f. il
All pcivoiiH imviufr chimin ngiuiiHt tlio
estate dl' Aiiuinda I'.. Kenijcniorc, ili ooiihctl,
n.ust till) (hi! Mini' with the undorounly
sij_riicil on <). i i 'uic Itii' 1st ilav of l)c?
Kimt ccmbe), l!'0l, mid 1 li<>m?* indebted to ftftid
H \\ < statl! II.list Hl'ttlc tin Mil II.I' on or by Mint
' (into. <J. M. Stewart,
Ttli Nov. Ilttll :>t Executor.
I acciMoi N SiiIc.
n^r On. H\ virtue ol ail order of J. 1$. Nowt.iiriiii"
' 'l'robalt! .liul^c for PickcnHcounty,
---ii -'. il ,it Mi,, into icsiiloiiec of Mrn.
11 i N. 1'-. MiUf-'iui, <liiwinHi'il, on Mia-2fiili
! ilny ?'f Nov., ltK)4 Mm porfonnl proper
piy for {y (ii said rsUit*', conflicting' of Iioiscp,
liL, I'ORR, oup.lo ,o;uri:igr, biugy, funning
1> ( implomoiitH, mcdica I book*, nnrgpon'H
instruments, nml homohold and kitchen
> iVocts. Teinwcrtfth, J. Iv. f,ntliem,
wagon i>. A. Morgan,
v. Nov. 10, 1004 Ul Adininintrntora.^

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