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^ ' ' N(X26^ I
The Cateechee Man
Waked Up.
Some Good Stuff Dished up For
The Readers.
A Melange of Happenings.
A ? l _ 1 r ...... i ... _ i
Aiior n Hiionuu or several weens,
your pencil pusher from Oatoecheo
will endeavor to lot the many read'
5^ * eis of The Sentinol-Jourmil hen/
from this side again. /
It is business before pleas/'o
now willi everybody, consequently
news items are tciiKw, /
Farmers aro nbout th/ngh
gathering their crops, and a/wing
a 11. > _..i .. c *i. . i-i
wuuiib IH tiif) iuu?ji 4)i tiiij u;y.
Judging from the amount. of
fwrtilizorH being hauled, here is
going to bo plenty of wlyat a">\vn
this full. The advancV in (lour
has got everybody sciirJi, and it in
well thoy aro. I
The writer well remembers when
Hour was tvvelvo doling a barrel,
and hie brother woulfhaul bark
all day in a wheelbarriy on Saturday
to got our inotherto bako an
old fashioned oven ofjood brown |
biscuits on Sunday n>rning. Oh
my, how I did enjoy te swootoned
eofl'eo and brown l>is<tits after iny
brother had workedall day tho
Saturday beforn to ^y for them.
Well, it was a caj of "me and
]*otsy killed the bef."
Hold on to yoi eotton, boyn,
don't got seared, is bound to
go highor. She >11 sou the 15
cent mark befomhe wind blows
lifteen days in coming ,\h
the writer is signed every day
now where there a cut ton market,
it is amusinAO see \vhnt \\'o
sen. Lot tbo vrd go out tli.it
in gjpitfft >wfi, ufici yon can
8tr<? 8ee 1110 poor
folio/(faruiev coming in u trot
witl/'?m t'vfo three baled on I
oiio/l^b wocf'i <ixlo wagon |
hin/a tnulo lioreo that looks
Jik/i pair ol iltinjr frames. Jiless
ye*' sou 1, tl^ rim tho poor thing
H(/i?i'cl dow/'ll to g'it t.j maikot
tj>v givo p'y swoonoy. Well,
tJey are etfuble in tfio cotton
1 T ,,
Tiyor 8 HigiM"? ? iw^ivuh 11i uou h
ji\rht, for t' know any betier.
/ Tliero bfeOn Hovcral mar/
riages ar1^ tht-y nay, I>ut tlio
writer ha oven smelt ol a picco
of <,tater,8tnr('. spying nothing
about th!''<:'?"8 taste of cako.
Pork ms to ^'k'ging l bono
dayH ;r0 '8 a poumlor ly1
iug in-ertain man's corn field,
near t place with a bullet holo
in its'- owner r?funes to
touchan(l tlio man that owns,
()I. rr cultivated field, won't
toned consequently Magistrate
lio\v* of Coi.tral, has count in
j0,. third man, and <'ongtublo
l)tl.or the fourth, and J guepH
j|,e?le shooting match will vuit
Pl,8 C, II. I elorn tin' tiling ia
I, let the good work go on
ff'. will goon bti in talking <Hh^
with Old Kiddle and Whito
\ and an Cony i? not in l'ickjounty
to toll on uh, what u
; wo will have. For a liitlo
ink" ami through the kindness
vlr. C. \V. Garrett, Dr. Justioo
<1 about three othorn, we cun
w Htand at Oatoecheo and talk
ith Six Milo. Tho line i? com.otcd
from Six Mlie to Cateeeheo
u<l in ready for line. It i? kooii to
jh extondcd on from Catoechoe to
Norrid. ?
Wo understand Unit Robt. ilolcombe
ban a line iron his at
the Riloy HondriekH place, to Six
Mile, hence when tlio I tun in extended
on to Norris it will give a
disUnce of ul>out seven miles. All
of llii* we niuet say was accomj
pliahed tl.rough the untiring efforts
of (J. W. Garrett. I'lenty wanted
the line and talked of it
freely, but none would act until
Mr. Garrett put hiH shoulder to
fl>n tt?Knnl Oiwl ulorl ,./! * 1*" ??">- "
viiv nu^wi ohm t?:U tilt*
to rolling, then hi) had gevonil
oITotb for passengers. ThiH 'phone
line will bo of untold value to the
people of Bix Mile, and we congratu
)l incuts but the experion
(( i^H Studebs
\ W _ . fend
fSSSiR^ warrants us in putting
J9 nothing satisfies so wc
ff (V you that they are honest go
vw ;ijj chase you }jo home satisfied :
)) m customers we need in tho hui
jj utf handle tho Studebaker line.
gj jj) Do vnn nnnrf onm?H%l?
^ 1 Heath-Bruce-Wla
9 lu s- fitmlrhnlcpr* *r?> not afrnld to hrnr
11 Bjl immcplau on your Job Is your best mini
kii_ "
Into them on their enterprise. i
Woll, wo may have Homething to
say about "Unr.le Zeko" later on, i
but we nro scared to meet him lor
foar li?) will have morn to Hay than|i
wo ?an answer. In the meantime
we oiij<>y leading lus writing.
Some Facts That Will Interest the
General Reader.
The other day I went into the of- j
tlco feeling ft tilth* tired, t r what
Home foll{H would cull In// , ivid HQnlin^'
rnjHelf in tho editor's eftHy chair, with
my feet on tho desk, had jus-t lilled
uiiii ii^iit< <i tnv |>1 {)? , mill uinl. r the
iDNKtic illllllCIK'tt I'f I li?- 111 lgi W'.M'll,
was growing sui tor mellow, win n Mr
Thompson sc/.'-: koz.h hi-: "/. lie, ll.c
boys are out <?f ci?|?v
Down cuiik! my nil' castle*, ami 1
siit in}' <'I<1 thinking lmtohor\ runnu ;;
to incubato all idea il wuh orio of ;
those times when i vht n> w^iapor
scribbler foe is limt lie i.s n i|i*nwii
fniiiire, iiml ho beget a what might
well bo lakin as ti.i oll'ipi in^'i f a
disordered Lr:iin.
Nearly every one inni^ii.os ihey
could edit ? noWHpaper if they luul
tlit; chance, and if they \v? m only in
the editor'H place Lin y would dihh ii|>
u dclcctable atew lliut wouid wdinfy
their readers and net Ibu world at
my fiiendn, pciluif.R you c in, i
but < \cn.so int; I liuvu tin d it, and l|
am about mh little account in the lOd
itv>i'h chair an an extra caudal a|>|ion
dago on a brindlo pup.
1 wonid no aoouor coiicoivo an idea
than tin misty cobwebs of forge'.ful
new won'd cloud 111o brain, and writ
ing would become the most tiresome
drudgeries, and L noon at rived ?i the
conclusion that I was better ntb.ptiil
for cutting wood, and by tbo way,
I hero aro two tliint^u to which I am
tetotaliy oj poHod; one i? cutlin wood,
and the othoi ih work.
Hut llm i 11 is 11 fascination about a
print hIk>|> (hut i? liuuJ to icmbI, and
a limn inieiy breaks auav from it.
Imt boo11(.'i' or Inter ho drift# hack to
his old love. lint, thin is not my only
reason for becoming a lliibtlor. There
are tiuics when ho enjoys lifo He
hart such a splendid opportunity to
loaf without the bosB catching on.
Out by some country roadside, under
the spreading brauches of a grand
old oak. flat on his back, he simozcn
t ho hours iiway. The yontlo bree/.oa
fcoftly tluou^h
in music to hi* Hon). Wtiiio from
over the meadow the- "Boh White"
of tho quail hoihIh (jrootiuga to Red
Breast tiH hn uitw on tho tail. Tho
Uurtllur ia lit potico with all tho world
The S
ly Drive Home
iat everybody takes off his hat to if j ou
We are not given to extravagant statetee
we have had selling
iker Vehicles
I Harness
it strong. That experience proves that
II as Studebakers. We don't need to tell
ods. When you have made your pur
and stay tintisfied. That's the kind of
lding of our b'lbiness. That's why we
>0? Lot us figure on it with you.
rrow Co-, PickeiBSy S,
hI their product with the rmmn Rtudf baker. :m I * r' t
mnuo that ymi havo a vuhlclo of truo viluo i.mt
II WWII 'hi I HI! 'lit ii II I i i
ind his siilury is goin# on. h
And uf^niii ho moots will) ho many I
j^ood folks, and lives well. And I utn
liero to tell you, 1 would ruth'ir .slick, t
my lo^s under tho tables of Liu: t?'>od I I
Did farmers of the country, than to 1
tuck u doiley beLiud my collar button I
ut ii hanquent of tho Lords.
\\>. often hear people say thnt their
county paper is not worth the m >t.ey,
that, there is so<much that, does not
unit them, lie a little considerate, \
my friend, it is well to remember j1
that, in the parlance of the stree t,
"We are not the only shirts in the
laundry," and what does not unit ns,
may pleaso others. The man, who,
back on the mountain, tills tho te?il,
rears his fnnily, adds his mite to the
support of his State. his yoverument, I
and liiri county pa pur, his his iiicIhto
til! in tliih world, and s entitled 'o1
the s.uno consideration aa the bunker,
tlf politician <> the nitichant.
The other day in c >nVersation with
a (rcntlfMUf u on the train, he said that
the country conespoudents were a
druubiclc to a country paper, and no
one cared to read after them. Hold
on, neighbor The correspondents
fiom lhe rural district** have a warm
corner in my heart, and in the hearts
of many others.
Go into one of our lar^e cities and
j. .. it 1 ? '
?:tiici im: dusiik hs oiiicett nl Hut moo(>V
kinga. J 'I in nmii of nower <i M<l in
lliicuce, keen #?>?11 and hard visa;,? ? 1,
js hciiI ci I nt his desk, deoply einJfo.ssed
in tlio t: 11 itirs of luisiuotH. The nuts
senior cntei'H utnl phmcH tlio until on
tins desk, to which olil in nicy huyH
quickly turiiH. When hmoyo fulls on
u Hinuil pucka^e in it modest, wrapper,
"It is tlio little country paper from
tlio old homo town " Kindness in
forgotton as lie tears the wrapper,
and turning to tlio "Jiiiitown Items,"
lie reads tliut. "Aunt I'oll.v Smith hi?t
Saturday visited with In-r i iece, Miss
Mary Brown " Ho hoods not the
i fiii. i . .
mini in tin* Dii?y worm around bi n
J liuru m 11 suspicious moisture on liis
^Iuhmch, ami in fancy In; sooh a^ain
the l.ttlo hrow.: lioiiue in tho grovo
on tlio liillhi>i?i. ID ins mind's <>vu lin
Moon tlio ^roy-Hnii'cd motliM', ah she
pic.Its lie-L' w.iv cull-fullv over llm little
triiiI hd familial' to liiin. lie wulehoH
her bent form an hIi?* pusses down the
hill, unci noes with her scions tin- old
foot lo^, around tlio foot of the hill.
iiihi up me incline, 10 marv a iiouho.
For tlio time ho ban lived again in
tho Ncones of hiw boyhood. The rural
correspondent has touched a chord
that fails to vibrato at tho perusal of
the most brilliant editorial from the
pen of tho gifted writer on tho groat
metropolitan shoot.
Auk him if tho country ooirosponI
dent in n dru\V back. Many is the
j time I hate beon crowded from the
cnlnmnn to mako room for these jots.
nut. mere is no kink coming, Tor I
roalize that my otuflf, when road ?if
nl nil ?iH thrown asulo and forgotten,
while these little items are a lottcr to
I * - ? ...
1 ^7.
I wins
I Over all
I World At
I Enough S
i A H
(The Leaders
iDino far oil' wandoror, a balm to tho
loniuHick sml of hjtiio fibs?iiit one.
Oh y?js, Mr. Editor, nmku room for
ho rural*, for it iH whmi far away
i'dii: homo and friends whero our
i)t. in c.iiHt among strangerK, that wo
'nilv appreciate their sunny jots.
Tho hright-eyed Dairies, Violets,
iilue Eyes, and others, who form
this corps of writers, have a mighty
warm place in tho ulVtictions of your
I'nolo, and while I am now in tho
"som and yellow" ami have climbed
to the ridge pule of life, and turned
my face to the Hotting sun, [ wish
ttiHiu to know that 1 have nUo passed
the palpitating a^o, and to hear in
mind as I canvas their districts, that
the way to a man's heart is hy way of
liis stomach.
I am not on the road for fun or
u'ory, hut 1 am after the dollars of
our daddies, and aH coining up lifo's
incline has left uie a little wheezy, 1 |
4 s lv VOI1 /?ninn ?1 van .illit "" 1
-- I-" <" ?" " ? i <), (M
ncwsp ip( r talk is not nlwavn ''linked J
sweetness,'' although at UiiiO'i lout; I
drawn out. By ho doing vou will nil
receive a pleasant wort) in Mm rolumuH
lioin your I'.nci.k Zkkk.
Charleston, S. C., Nov. Zl-Zb, 1904-Vcry
Low Rates via Southern
The Southern Railway will null
vary I nv rate ticket* from all points
in South Carolina, including Augnata
(in., for the Famous Fall Festival
and Ivmg Cotton Jubilee.
'I iuket-? go ou Kale commencing
N\>v. l'.hh to tlm ,'Gl.li inc. I naive, for
trains bchndulod to arrive in Charleston
prior to no in of Nov 20th, with
limit limit f.?i' llw. ?./>?. ?.. XT.... OUil.
....... ...? ? iw& i uu louui >t iiw*. ^nivii,
Among tlio fjroiit attractions will j
11) the reproduction <>f Luna Park i
direct from Conoy Island.
The Groat Pike, direct from St. I
Louis. I
Tliw OaskiU'w Great Shows, con
lain ovor '200 distinct features, in
eluding Hageohack'tf Wonderful Au
imal Shows; lliibcock in his hair
riihin^ act of Looping the Loop and
Flying the Flume.
Great Military Parade the largest
I IiiiK kniu lii'on i? ?tw. I ... - -
. ..... id CUD lunro 11?r
Kireimiu'tj Parade, Foot Ball con
Over $500.00 to bo jiiven nway in
prized at the parade.
Thin will bo tlio grentest uliow in
the 8outh. >
For fuU information apply to any
ticket a^ont of the Southern linilwny
or 11. W. llnuj, tiudgjon PnHHongor
\gt, fchnrleatnt, $. (!, '
?There i* none of the features of
gambling, or ({>tmC8 of chnnoe in our
voting Cont<8 ; you work for us, and
we work for you, a wimple propoai
t i
The Doul
other Wagoi
the St, Loui
aid For Stuc
ar to Arrive
-*- r
1L TO 8 EE r
rrnw P
Jl A V V
In Low Prices.)
New Citizens.
in Town?Other Happenings.
Mr. \V. A. Watkins, an energblic
and prosperous citizen of Anderson
County, lias moved to hin new
residence in town.
Mr. Horry Smith, an energetic
citizen of Anderson county, bns
purchased a house and lot, in
ortv and is now moving 111.
Wo heartily welcome thene und
all other good citizens to our thriving
little city. Our school t'ucilitio*
are a great inducement * ti many
I Those desiring good educatianal
advantages can certainly find theiu
j here.
Wo are glad to note that ''l inle
ZHki?" has "arriv1' and will have
charge <>f tlio circulation department
of the Sentinel-Journal. Wc
are proud Editor Thompson is making
an earnoBt effort to give Pick
ciih county one of the leading papers
in the Btato and Hincerely
hope that Undo Zoke may l?e ol
material aBHiatance to him along
thf-ao lines. Ho lot us all join
hau ls and holp l?y our aupport
This is the only way wo can expect
to have a good county I>ap? r.
Major Warren Boyd ia quite ill;
has been confined to his bed for
Bom*) time.
Dr. \V. A. Sheldon- *.vhr. hm
boon quite Hick, is convalcKcing.
MisHea Loifl and Pearl Smith
met tm accident in town Saturday.
Thoy lioruo thoy woro driving be
came frightened and ran away,
overturning and wrecking the
buggy and throwing them out.
They wore not hurt, and the horno
c*meoat without anyjbad fcrntche^
Kov. Attoway preached bin last
Sermon for this year at the chapel
/v.? I Ml .
wii l'iiuiory mil yenteraay.
There will be Thanksgiving services
hold in the Presbyterian
church on Thursday morning al
11 o'coek.
Tho farmers arouud here art
rushing early and late to get theii
wheat sown.
Liberty, Nov. 21.
HrtVft VOll rflRfl Hia aar??l!l !r?n? /\(
I our voting contest?
t>le Grand
11 Manufactur
s Exposition,
lebaker Wago
This Week.
f HEM!
A XT I ^ TT A n\Tr-i
.11^ L J XT A 1\.1NJ Vu,i
E ridel,
Outfitter to Particular People.
Young Mens Clothincr
^ s
is u distinctive feature with ub
We sell tho
-1 A
i u 11 <i miioreu oy ,
Scui.OHs Biton. St Co., Thdtimore I
Young men of dincri'minn*
tive taHto are familiar with this
They know that then" famous
ciollicH have all the latent touches
that murk the well groomed
They Bet the puco in proper
ip parol.
They have completely rovolutiouize
l the Halo of ready to
wear clothing and the man .vho
hu? "the im reliant tailor habit"
i | doesn't know
- " urn im IK III) (*(
| ing in tip-to ilnlo n'yle, oxijuiKite
workmanship, superior
(piulily of materials, fault! *???
i til, pvnelioul economy, if ho lnm
never investigator Sc u Loan
Th? unit shown in the pictni
with young men who derive Hutinfacl
Such a suit wouiil cost probnbly
bo as good. Wo have your exact lit
from 3
Drop in ami let
1 "I-" 11,11 ,"iT n-wii '
Dry Good
And when you coine,
A. K.
WK have the largest stoi
evtr shown. These gc
RIGHT and will he sol
want big profits. We ha
i want in fine or cheap Di
i wool or cotton, Cassimer
and Capes, Blankets,
i Island, Men's, Women's n
wear from d<c a carmnn
Men's and Boy's shirts, dr
Don't forget that we carry a bi
' What we tell you must bo as we
ers in tlfe* j
9 )$
^ L
Firte Clothes MoJkefc
?? in n particularly popular tw wifo ww
.ion from Hwuggor npparei. ians call#
ero q\J' O
$50 at u niordmnt tuiior'n an/ $.
here nt ff'*?ra* v
Jg? great j <
:ic -( i
\ M fl
us iiiik it over.
^ 1#? S- M A1N thel 1
7 5 fiRKEN vir.r.i:, the MM
t? wm
co vi aSCp^
s j Shoes
be sure to come to .. ottoXjjfa'
t's Stor^
ck of goods we have
.oils were BOUGH
cl right. We do not JB |^^H|
ve anything you wil) <v^ H
ress Goods, Flannels, ? - >
es and Jeans, CIop ;,
Quilts, Sheeting, Sea -J
nd Children's Under*
i to $1.50 a to I
awurs, collars, c 9
g ancl good stock of $
tell you, or yourS^Mr

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