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Buying t\
A. Picture c
jM^. PlLfiRi
V i
By Flossie I
UgS-:5?Tti ft? '?nK there whs
1?U ^ 'a.v *11 "lu
Bj|[ ]||JI ? jljll -hallow Mud Flat* of the
^ - )-! Wit.v. looking out across the
ocean and Waited for
..m.s Coining. When at last Iv
H vame The Itoek remained Cold and
I'mcmMlng. it knew its Own Worth.
Tin's, was in I iceeinher, 1
>en tin- Pilgrims landed and Took
Itoek and called it. Theirs. They did
not huild a fence Around it the First
Season, for they had Something Else
1o Do beside Knocking olT Pieces of it
I to k!M>]> in their Writing dot lis for patter
weights mill Curios.
ftUiere were One Hundred One IM1|B:n.
Mini the baby, I'erlglnatlon
^Ki!;-. v. ho fainc on board so late that
V didii t hs;ve to I'ay any Passage
"Massachusetts Bay is Not Virginal."
s.tiil Myles Standisii as he wiped
fiis Feet on tlie Hock. This was No
jfeke and the Itoek Felt it.
Hhen Standisii got Heady to make it
Hrrui for Jones, the Master of the
Bay (lower, for landing them There.
Win there was so nuich Snow and lee
Jliat i! wn.- too Dig a Contract: besides.
Governor Carver said lie was a man ol'
I*eaee. and there was No Proof that
tfai' Drd.-h MKl'OOd to Put tin Hoodie
V for Jours if l><* In mli'il flu' Pilgrims out
II didn't have l?'urnaoes and Modern ConI
TeoJencog enough to hum Jones, though
hi* got Into Hot niul fold Water whenever
he met Standlsli, so lie sitiled
away with the Mayflower tor Kng- *
Then the Young Win s and the little
chJldron. Kvou some Strong Men. and
gillie gentle Governor Carver Ate less
wnd less each day, Often riot at all.
itoit the Less tlie.v Ate the .More they
Irnyed. Singing weakly, "I'm a I'llgrim.
I'm a Stranger. I can Tarry, I
enn Tarry hut A Night." And One by ]
One they set off on ;i Longer Journey J
111 Tiio spring there were po ninny
widower* rtnd bneholors (lint (lie woknn-n
wpio not Templed lo waste Time
it nil money in Matrimonlrtl Agencies,
)?li( only hfld to Decide Wlioni they
wouM Condescend to Marry.
This Deciding Tilings troubled I'ris.Mollnes.
Pi'lHctlla was the French
fiid. She Laughed n (Jreat Deal, for
Hr Teeth were Mninll and evon ;is a
RiiIitcIV. She was the Best Cook in
Hpnonth Colony, and she could Shrug
i< rs rtiui I<hii< ojit of the Tail
r Kye at a Man. other girls Raid
KMuid Hod Halt'.
> day (Jofrnor Bradford took the
Br Cajdaii v tlio linttonhilc. Said
^Ld.vlrj', l'i going to talk to you
ie THanKsgivinj
if Puritan Pays, Drawn t>y L5
Irving Stok/
OLDBK! Tijaes
: e a til er b r ci i ii
liko a Dutch I'nolo. Von ouuht to
.Marry. It is your duty to the Commonwealth
to Become a Family Man." j
Standlsh wa;?Kod liis lied Hoard.
"Olj, Come off. Will Hradford," says
ho. "I'm in shape to Blow the Hoods
off of the Indians for you, but don't
say Marry to mo." But Bradford
T.'nnt !<
"V I't * 'II Su%> ins 11.
i "SHK 1-OOK 01 T <>r THK TAIL
Next day Ktandish walked out to tin*
green Wheal Field on the hill-ide.
Hoso Standish slept beneath it with
Kitty others from 1 ho Colony. Then lie
thought of Prix'illa Mnlines ami the
way she laughed at the Men. .Nfyles
Standish Croam'd. Tlion hi' Thought
( >11 i :i t Vi'l f v I Mm ii
There whs John Aldon. John was ;t
big, sofl-beartod Strawberry Blonde.
I'risoHln Booked at hhn Frequently,
but lie Never said Anything.
.lollli ami tho Captain lived together.
Mylps wasn't nnicli for Size, but
lie Didn't have liis red beard for Nothing,
and bo Bossed John. John would
do Anything 'or iiim.
.Myk's wont homo and lie said: "Jolm.
' no and fell I'riscilln Molinos that 1 am
| lCoady to Marry her."
| John nearly Foil to Pieces. Ho hud
boon trying for ii Month to get his
(ri'it up and ask her for llirrisi'lf. lie
' tfitlpod twice ,'ind said: "Yes. sir."
lie Jamined his hands into Ids Ilip
pockets and Started to tin- Kldor's
house. He Forgot liis Hat.
I'rlscilla was Spinning. She asked
1 Wore the Savages Coming? Ho said
lie did not Know, lie Hoped so. and
! that Myles Slandlsh was IJeady to
, \l ,1-i-tr ( l/.n
I??p? '"' <W^f I
and STAliTHD *(>li TUB KM>RR'h."
and Rlio sftld Something In Kronc-h.
John could not TJndcrfitanil it, ho ho
Began to Explain. The Captain was
# \,p - ; ' v.' ; ; ?
'r. J&
? XvirKey.
rnn B. Hunt.
Too busy to go Courting, so lie sent
111 1X1.
I'risdlla said she dirt not Like iittlo
.Men, and there could be too much Hod
Ilair in One Family.
John felt Hotter und told her liow
Kind and Honorable pnd Brave and
(rentle and generally Elegant the Captain
was, until Priscilla's Thread got
Tangled nj>. She took a Step Toward
John. She Tipped np One Shoulder
and looked Down at him from the Corner
of her Eye. Her lips were lied.
"Why don't you Speak for Yourself,
John?" she said. Then John Took a
few Stops and her Thread Broke and
She Ban awn.v.
1 But Mylos Standish was Mad Clear
Well, the Pilgrims Worried through
the Summer, though ttiore was Plenty
of Nothing hut Prayer and Privation.
"All Pasting and no Feasting makes
me Weary." said (Jovornor Bradford,
.-?> iiiivi' mi? imrvesv, 111 iXOVCIUOCr, UO
Ordered a Wi ck of Feasting and
Thanksgiving. Massasoit and Ninety
Kraves wen* Invited. Just to show
I ihein that the White Man Forgave the
Indians for Living.
Tne Indians < ame early and Krought
their Appetites. Most of the IMlgrinis
won in I ted. Massasoit did not King
the Doorbells. He merely gave a few
Playful Warwhoops and his braves did
the Kest. The Pilgrims <>'ot Up.
"A Dog does not Kite the Hand that
Feeds him," said the governor. "Fly
around, jrirls. and get lireakfast."
This was the Kill of Fare:
Hastv Pndctinir Tr?*iieti?
Clam Chowder.
Cold boiled Venison.
When thoCucsts Left the I:iMi ili.-ri
wasn't Anything <*1 > * left except the
Dishes, ami not having Pockets, .Massasolt
and his Hraves <li<l not Curry
Away the Spoons as Souvenirs.
Next Captain Stamlish had his Innings.
The Captain IMnyed in C.reat
Form, lie marehed his Army of Nineteen
Men down from the fort by Twos
and Throes !inil l-'mii-u Tlmr ......1..
Hollow squares and Kvory Old Tiling
he rnuld think of. Thoy Waxed away
with the Caunou nn Top of the Fort,
and the cannon on the Hill. Then
thoy All ilred together into the air. At
.. . IMF |~, A <?()!)!> \VIKE, MAItR(A(iK
ik A FAii.nt::, vnyiiov.,"
Iliis Time Massasoit decided Hint it
would lie :i (hind Plan to yn deer llUlllin.!/*
N<i lie and his Hraves Went.
I'ri-eill:i xanjr, "1 Don't < 'are if They
Never Come liaek." but they did, and
lmnitflit Deer and Turkeys and Oysters
Ji\ the Ihi-hel. I'riseillii liossod
the oilier weiucn and .lolni Aiden and
ihe\ ('nuked and ('ooked, and I he Men
Ate and iiie. jus! as thev do Xnw iv>r
Three I >ays.
When <1;11>Inin Ktaudish ssiw John
Alden bringing Wood niul Water for
I *i i-i 11;?. 3i imI Opening oyster shells
and Standing ('lose l?y Her, and heard
her Ringing, he turned and looked al
the Wheal Standing I ntouehed on
(he Hillside. 'I lien he went up into
the little Fort and Cleaned up the
<Sims, nnying lo I.Jin?elf. * \? 11. ?vlia('s
the Difference? My Sword is a Hood
Wife. Marriage is a Failure Anyhow."
Detroit Free Press.
Tlir I.I in i t.
Mr#. .Muggins "Ho your now neighbors
do much borrowing?" Mrs. Muggins?"Thc^
try to. I hnd a turkef
bringing out of tho bnek window, ami
thoy sent over yesterday to know 11' (
would lend it to them until after
New Industrtcc Ertf.blichcd.
The Chattanooga .ra it' -Man reports , ^
the following new inriumrict; in iJotuh j
Carolina ihe past week: tjw.u^ea, ba >
ket and crate factory: Columbia, JtC, i ^
i Tli
I 000 development eompuny; Sumter.
| |25,000 lumber eo:npan>\
*% j u;
Carr.c Very Near it. ,
A remarkable election bet i-; ?aid to J
have been made in t nion, wii. n one I
Jurai put up a check for $300 on a !
wager "that Roosevelt would beet b
Parker bv at least .">00 ( U ctorat vot< ."
Explosion Kili~ Two Men. gt
Calvin Mel\iell and >.'ic!i Darns e?!< , C(;
ored workmen engaged In feeding the ! ]jj
big cotton pre?s at the Dillon oil mill <if
ginnery, were instantly killed by tho
explosion of a steam cylinder. Th<i sc
negro operating the lever to open tho ,](
valve threw it wide and the rush ot ei
steam burst the cylinder. ai
! w
For Rivers and Harbore. j
The expenditures for river nnd bar- !
bor work during tile fiscal year have J
keen made. The items rolating to | ^
' South Carolina arc the following: j |,,
The Great Pedee river. $5G.0oO; Win- j
yah bay, $8F>,000; Con gar oe river, C To,- j
000: Charleston harbor, |t?0,000. i
i r<
* * tt
Locked Up for Safe Keeping.
Johnny Perry .the young white man j^<
Vho shot and killed Joe Denny Wills. I
another white man. at Saluda, on election
day, has been incarcerated in the ; j.jt
state penitentiary at Columbia for safu iKj(
i iii? ucuuii \.a? iukitti tui at- jq|
count of threat b of lynch lug. L
! IM
A Now Market for Rice. |^o
Charleston hae found a new market
for her rice on the F'aclflc coast, and ^
the firm and only shipment of the
trt&ple which ha? ever been stent there !
will leave port. In the next few weeks \
for Sattle, Wash., vln New York, ami i ,
1 ta
thence around Cape Horn for itb ties- |
tlnatlon. The shipment will consiBt or
20,000 pounds in 300 pound barrels. [
Electric Road Assured.
Hon. John R. Hosch and Professor F
M. T. Kdporton. of Hoscliton, ami
M. Eltrich. of New York, were in Commerce.
Oa.. recently, in the interest Si
of the proposed Atlanta and Carolina H
i Electric Railroad. j 11
Mr. EJltrich represents a New York j
syndicate, which, he says, hap. ample j 11
meanu and will furnteh the money to |
build and equip the proposed road if 11
th? people alon? the line will give ihe ! "
rlg-ht of way and subscribe *1,000 per I ''
mile to the construction.
The company will he organized and j Si
officers elected ns soon as $50,000 is ; 111
subscribed. This amount has practi- j 111
?Ml been subscribed, nnd the orpani- i "
r.ation will be perfected within the |
it#*t few days.
! a
Cotton Mills to Be Resold. I tH
At Charleston, Judge Brawley, in the !
United States court, signed an order i **
directing the resale of the OeKalb cotton
mills at Camden. : ar
Standing Master Oilliland Is authorIr.ed
to sell the prop<rty 011 Decern- j^
her 21 at not Icfs than $150,000.
The mills were first sold sonic j g
months ago under an order of thf !
court of $155.000. It \v:is afterwards- j g
alleged flint the bidding had been
"chilled" by pure.ha.ser and the sale j
| was set aside and the property off. - ] ,,
I e.d again October 12 with upset pri? j (.
j of $75,000. There were no bidders an.l ,,
j the property now goes to the Mock | t
1 for the third time.
I s
* % IH
Strmcn on Lawlessness. I .
At the I/it heron Church of the Re- |
<Jeemor Newberry, the piu.tor, Rev. : .
W. J,. Seabrook. delivered a forceful i
nermnii on thf "Spirit of l.pwhK.snes:;
In South Carolina Today.
Kc\. Seabroou took ay his text,
Phil. 'Only behave a> n cltistru
worthy of the i?o?p<?l <i? <'hrlst."
lie spouo of the* inerenf-e of lav- j
lessnesfc in lb<; state ; of tho cheap- I
neflfi of hitman life; of the frequency
of murders, so frequent indeed that lr j#
la Alleged that (he safest crime that ,
ran be committed in Sou;It Cnroli- i"U|
no is the crime of murder; of the I
courts as being not always faithfu! ; f1
ami Just. "We know furthermore," ',l
j continued the speaker, "that our Juries ] V
are not always true to their oaths, | 11
that bribery. fraud* and the use f ^
' Intoxicating lienors aa n potent in- ' ^
fluf-nee in our primaries is becoming .'
; more and more common; that the ma- (j(i
Jority of the homicides in our stato i
during the past 1 wo years were com- ^
mltted by men who were either under
i the influence of liquor at the time o% 'j
i whose moral sense was debauched I
hy Indulgence in liquor; that >h?' J
i Btolc for the sake of revenue fonti r i! ^
| a ayBtern which malies ii easy for men
i to become lawlewfl." ^
"The Christian gentleman inusl <1 '<
' cern hi.? relation to nl! these ihinp.
! IK..I W .1 l.lu f..|1 ,.,,.1 , Ml
I i :ire i iiv ui.i \ un 111^ ??II. "l" 1 ?* |
iivu vrifhllv nr the irti.MJi'i <>t .lesi' j K
Chrlflt." ' tli
The discourse wac one of the strong- i in
est thai has been heard from a Now- ; si
horry pulpit in several year#, the n<
speaker being heard with the closest w
attention throughout. tr
A fi Wnman nron. n*arl I
Mr# Mary H. Graham, who' was the
biatfr t>( tho late Hon. W. T. Hobo, yo
of Spartanburg county, a member of 'm<
the Htate conatltutional convention, 25
died suddenly of neuralgia of the heart t
at the homo of her Hon, Mr. H. M. in
SpnrkK, of T'nlon. ?<
Mrs. Graham tad eaten a hearty
"?akfast, and aftorwarde said she did
H feel quite well, and passed away
3foro a physician could reach her.
be was 68 year* old.
The Death Penalty.
A little thing sometimes results in i
jatli. Thus v. mere scratch, inslgni- j
jant cuts or puny bolls have paid the .
?ath penalty. It is wise to have
ncklen's Arnica Salve ever handy. |
's tho best Salve on earth and will i
eveilt fatalitV. Whnn nnma Bnma I
leers and Piles threaten. Only 26c
Pickens Drug Co. tf
deadly gas explosion.
Iq Plant in South Chicago Wrecked .
and Four People Killed.
Four persons were killed and a score J
others were Injured by a series of :
is explosions that completely destroy* j
I the plant of the Pyle Electric Head* i
eht Company in South C'hirnto Fri- I
The shook of the explosions were so ;
ivere that nil the buildings near the J
'molished plant were badly damaged
id windows- were shattered for blocks j
id persons walking in the streets !
rro thrown from their feet at a great !
stance. Over-pressure on tanks con- '
lining gs!.? ifs believed to have caused
ic accident
Many persons who were walking in
ic streri nci:r the plant were injured ;
y flying debris.
AH of ilu- dead i)odies were buried j
nder tons of miming nmncr and lint j
rick anil iron, making it impossible to (
move their bodies for hours iiff<*r ,
le accident occurred.
lid Dyspepsia a Very Common Disease.
It is indicated by sour stomach,
artburn, tongue ooated and flabby,
omach tender and bowels sometimes ;
ose, sometimes constipated. Persons j
florins from Acid Dyspepsia are u?- j
illy thin and bloodless. SomotJmes ;
e sufferer is fleshy, but tho flesh is j
ibby and unhealthy. A Radical ou?? |
this disease can be effeoted In a !
ort time by taking one or two Hy- j
,le Stomach Tablets after each mool
id whenever the stomach is out of j
dor. Tlier aro harmlees and can bo j
Ken at any time and ag often as hi
icewjary to reliove the stomach,
ial size 2Bc. Family b)ro, 60c. ti
ormer Now York Governor Offered i
Cabinet Position By Roosevelt.
The Ni w York World of Friday |
lvs that Former Governor Frank S.
lack has been tendered an offer of
io attorney penernlship in President
oosevelLV cabinet for the term begin*
inx March l 19(15.
it is the view of ex-Governor Mack's
lends, both in New York and Albany,
mt he will not accept the attorney
jncralship because it would mean j
icriflcinjj a law practice which, it is I
lid, nets him nearly ?.l 00,000 a year, j
ihl which, his friends Fay, he could :
tit retain if he should be elorted to ,
u> United States senate.
Puts an End to it All.
A grievous wail oftimes comes a? I
result of unbearable pain from over- \
xed organs. Dizziness, baekache, 1
iver Complaint and Constipation. '
lit. thanks to Dr. King's New Life
ills, they put an end to it all. They '
e gentle, but thorough. Try them. ;
nly 25c. Guaranteed by Pickens !
rug Co. tf
... j
iouth Africa Cannot Become Rival of
This Section in Growing Cotton.
Some South Atncan cotton was on
xhihiiion at the Savannah cotton cx
hanne Friday. The staple is pro |
ounccil inferior I?>' local experts, j
hou^h the cotton was prown from
eed of sea island c<itlon sent from ;
The experis ihln!- Africa will never
ocomc a i i\*:>I of Savannah in Ihe i
ulturv of sea island cotton, since j
itsl one crop shows such ureal de- ,
E'ricration. Next year (he crop would
ot he hcii so $iood ac. t^.is.
Taker. With Cramps.
Win. Klrmso, a member of the
*idge gang working near Littleport
iis taken suddenly ill Thursday night
1th cramps and a kind of cholera i
is case was so .severe that !\o had ;
have the members of the crew wait
ion him, and Mr. Gifford was called
id consulted. He told them he hnd
medicine in the form of Chamberin's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
>medy that ho thought would help
rn out, and accordingly several doses
re administered with the result that
o fellow was able to be around next
y. The incident speaks quite hiphof
Mr. Clifford's medicines. Elkar,
Iowa, Argu?.
This remedy never fails. Keep it I
your home, it may save life. For
le by Pickens Drug Store, Karle's
tl r T X* II ? ??
iiuiiiur, lyiuerry. ir
'ell Known Kc-ntuckian Seriously 111
at His Lexington Home.
Colonel \\\ C. l?. Breckinridge. forer
eouKressmun from the Ashland,
v., district for ten years, ami one of
le best known orators and lawyers
the south, was stricken with paruly.
8 at his law office in I."::infclon Wed'Relay,
and is seriously ill. Soma
eeks of?o, while at Marquette. Mich.,
yiriK ii law oa: t\ i;oi?nci Hrcchiuridge
mtracted a sovoro cold.
Get Your Money's Worth.
You get your money'*! worth when
u huy Elliott's Bmulslftcd Oft Ltol>
^nt. A full half pint bottle *oatu but I
ccnlB, an<l you got your monoy hnok
not Bfttiafied with result#. Uso It
your family and on your ft took.
>u'll not be disa?spelnted. ti
Such is Fraternal Expression
From President Roosevelt
| M A DETDCOMAi i r--rT r r*
Chief Executive Writes Colonel John
Mosby Wherein He States That
Attacks From This Section
Saddens Him.
A Washington liispatch Hays: Colonel
John S. Mosby received a few
months ago a let tor from Judge Koulhac,
of Bimingham, Alalhama. com
iin-MiiHg tm inw iuiiusue 01 mo southern
people toward the president per*
fonally. Colonel Jaosbj sent the letler
to Oyster Hay, as ho thought the
sentiment expressed in it. by a conlederate
veteran would be gratifying
to the pjesident. He received a reply,
which h did not publish durltifc the
:-amp:;ign. as he ell thai the presddwit's (
motives in writing the lottej* would be :
misconstrued, 'the letter is as tjb <
White Holier, Waahlngtou, j
lows: * o i
Oyster Hay. N. V.. Sept. in. 1004.
(Personal.) 1
My Dear Colonel .wesbv: '1'lr.ii is a\'
fine letter <>f Roulhac's, ami I appre<
iai?; it. 1 have always hceu sadden- '
ed vat her than angered l?y the attacks |
npon me in the south. I am half a j
southerner ir.ytHf, and 1 can su> with j
ail possible sincerity that the interests
of tiio south are exactly as dear to
me as the Interests of the north.
(Singned.) Sincerely yours,
Colonel John S. Mosby, Department l(
of .Instico Washincrton n f
Death Reveals Dual Life Lead By Phy. I
cician in Illinois.
Death has revealed an extraordinary !
case of double life led by Dr. T. C. 1
Conklin, a prominent pliyaician of
Karmington, 111., who died Nov. 8th.
Thursday the wife with whom he
wan living at the lime of his dea'.h
wt*iiL m LfwiBion, runon rounty, to
have herself appointed administratrix
of his estate. Sh?? was horrified to
find that the records showed that
many years ago her husband had been
married to a Miss Steel and that the
first w ife of I he doctor with four
children, the result of the union, were
still alive.
The wife lives in Peoria. Their
sons, Frank and Hert C'cnklin, live
lu Peoria, and onu daughter, Mrs.
Emma Rurhrldge, and one son, Edward
Coiiklin live.! ai llnoliiA \\ric i
The children of the first wife will
make u liKht for the estate.
A peculiar feature of the case is
tlint all the time ho was living in Farrnington
Dr. Conklin afforded pecuniary
assistance to his children and
first wife in Peoria. The revelation
has produced a sensation as Dr. Conklin
.vas well known.
Strenuous Nevada Town Orders Col- \
ored Citizens to Decamp.
The chief of the police at Hen;),
Nov., has issued an order that all no- j
groes nnisl leave town within twentyJour
hours. Already over a dozen !
negroes have obeyed the commnnd j
and more are leavinjr l>v everv train. I
. ,
T!iis order is t he re'nil of a number j
of depredations committed by negroes t
in Reno during the la.si few weeks.
Meorge Hums was the first offi nder.
He attempted to assault a white j
jrirl am) narrowly escaped lynching, j
lie was sentenced to fifteen years in j
thc> penitentiary, other minor events ;
followed, hut the eulniination came i
when a netjro att< mpted to assassinate ;
Officer MefJeo. j
Can Hold Out Several Months.
Oeneral Stoessci telegraphed Kmperor
Nicholas lVtdas that Pori Arthur
can ' hold out .- vera! months. 1
Jap S'ic'le Do Heavy Damage inside ;j
P"o:tr, ?l Port Arthur. j'
\ trlegrtffni ii ci'.vt'd in ToWio Friday |l
reports tin- <l< M n:? t ion <if another
Russian ars< n.il ami inaKU/.in? at Fori
Ar' hnr.
The .lapnne-e tlisi overoti. it is said.
i >.? I,.,... . i r . -
i.i' i<>> in him in i xi< in Hill illlll (CIMOr<
<1 thoi, ai tillcr\ fin- isj.^!i H. Aflor
dropping, 2n" .-iH'Ur. in (he lornliiy (he?
Mic eedo.l in Ijicwii);* il up
The Jnpnnexc aif v.irit'niug their
ya|.s and aii- nsitis' Hum 10 mov< 'heir
K'.'in forward.
General Huertas Resigns His Com
mission and the Same is Accepted.
A special from Panama xiytf: (!< ?
eral liuertas, ili?* war minister, resigned
Kridaj morning, ami President
Amador, by n de< roe, accepted his resignation.
leaving llmrtas the rank of
gonoisrt nnaUnehod. Iiiit with a salary
which if ?<iuiva!? ni to a pension. The
army will not he dishan.led just now.
Mohawk Takes Fire in Long Island
Sound and is Destroyed. <
While hound down lx>ng Island '
; ihui.i on one of her regular passages 1
from New York and New London,
Conn., ihe freight steamer Mohawk, of
frluut-ttiulrul Vermont railroad, took (Vro
off florton'R Point, L. T? and waa burned
to ihe water's edge early Friday.
Her erew, exenpt <ne watchman, wa?
rescued by a posing rteamflhlp. None
of lb" i'.r?n *v??- oavnil,
Over-Work Weakens a
Your Kidneys. X
Unhealthy Kidneys Make impure Blood.
All the blood In your body passes through I
your kidneys oncc overv three min?t?
"gvjr A 'fho kidneys are your I
blood purifiers, they fll- I
tCF OUt V/8LSt? ?r
V^erflBP 'mPurl,le3 'n the blood.
LxAJJIf they are sick or out
V? ?* or<^eif? they fall to do
yflrjr ? A/ ty \ i their work. 4^
iT~iC^Cufn \ Pains, achosandrheu- 1:,
11 j} \ matism come from ?x- 1)
JsP* "~_V| CC33 of uric acid In the j'
?..~vo blood, due to negle9ied '
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble causcs quick or unsteady I
heart beats, atid makes one feci- as though I
they had heart trouble, because the heart la I
over-working in pumping thick, kidney- 1 (
poisoned blood through veins and arteries. } |
It tA "* *1
wuv.iuc.icu max only urinary
troubles were to be traced to the kidneys, 1
but now modern scienco proves that nearly 1
all constitutional diseases have their begin- I
nlng in kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mistake 9
by first doctoring your klaneys. The mild
and the extraordinary cffect of Dr. Kilmer's <
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy is . I
soon realized. It stands the highest for its '^|
wonderful cures of the most distressing cases I
and is sold on Its merits fKVV7*"
cent and one-dollar siz- I
ss. You may have af
sample bottle by maii itom? of fiwam^Root " jl
tree, also pamphlet telling you how to find || I
Dut if you have kidnev or blarfrf^i' ?r?nM?
Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer JJ|
So Co., Binghamtcn, N. Y.
Don't make any mistake, but renjember
he name, Swamp-Root. Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the adorcs3. Einghamton,
0 f., on every bottle.
\iolont Attack of Diarrhoea Cured by v
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
diarrhoea Remedy and Perhaps a V
tjfe Saved.
"a 3liort timo ago I wan taken with
n. vi(lr>n? -?l ' -
? - -yv?it avvuv/rv \JL Ultll rilUt7U HQQ |j
Uevel would have died If I had not *
Kitten relief/' says Jolin J. Patton, a
leading citizen of Patton, Ala. **A
friend recommended Chamberlain's
Colic, (Jiolera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
1 bough a twenty-Ave cent bottle and ,j
after Utlng throe doses of It was entirely
Cred. I consider It the best
remedy n tho world for bowel com- (
plaints. For salo by Pickens Drug >
Store, Brio's Drug Store. T. N. Hun
ter, L.lb*ty.
Well Koji South Georgia Saw Mill
Mari|n Financial Trouble.
A petl!U of A. Erlleh & Bro., Smith
Bros. andy. I,. Grrynon Ai Co., of Sfcvannr.h.
aiinj< that 15. !,. Moore, of
Valdostn, L.. r prominent sawmill
man, who tui mills at Pearson and
Poulan. lic\idjud|jtd bankrupt. The
case is i-etijr a hearing; on ihe 29th
of Novernba
.Mr. Moorivecently lort a splendid
milt v.\ I'oul and had no insurance,
his loss something like $30,000.
lr is salu t'\ his liabilities will a?
pruxiiixuic. ^ ilUOU.
noted oiJlaw goes hence.
Taylor Deik, ytfr'O^Shoriff
Drops ^ad in
Taylor Delk.ko. with liis i Tom,
shot and kill| Sheriff l?Yni, of
Piko county. < ritfht yeri apo,
dropped dead the (IfoiKiiprit-oii
farm at Milled^iiic. Thur.sd\ He
was 62 yours ol)ilis death olurred
while the prlso.-ommisHion w 111
session at the <u?l in Atlau engaged
iu hearing petition fu his
pardon. \
Tom l)ell< wa^ngiul, wliiMthe
old man was Rlv^ Hf<. K0ntcn<'\
-\ \ , | |
All Indictments A1Et Alabama
Probate Judge at0||e prosGeri. \
Six more indiotis against < v
JudKt' !' Hando\0f ni(. probate
court, were nolle pr<| }it Montgomery,
Ala.. Friday. > indicimentH
charged embezzieimyom tj,t> 1kt?
and eounty of aboif^ooO. Seven
other indlotnieutK about $i?l,*
000 were diHposod of ,raj days aj.:o
in tiu> samo way.
Cholera lnfalt
i iiik (liBoase lias 1 itK terrors
^ince Chamberlain's Co'holora unx!
Diarrhoea Remedy eartto general
us(?. The uniform fluc> which attends
tho use of this ,{^y jn
[ anort of bowel complaifl children
Has made it a favorite >revor Jt?
i-alue has become knownT Hnle ljy
IMclcens Drug Store, n <?
Store, T N. Hun tor, l,lbt ^
Noill Sellers and Dave .nt Cfj)
ored, Hanged st Elizabwn
'Nelll Sellers and Dave ? nt>.
groes, convieteil in i'-laih n^? jn
October, of the inurdei of Meorf:ft
Parker, near f'lakton, earl, gt.p,
torabcr, were banged on d. J
Iowa In the jail yard ; -( !'!!'/.>mvri
Wednesday. Ilotli protested
Discharged Po&tai Clerk Says (
Not Refuse to Furnish Figu
.John 13. Brownlow, of Ten,
who was dismissed from the pofiV.
viee hy order of the president, r
that he refused to furnish the d
ment with a detailed ntatemont <
reeipts and difchnrsuments while u
;u- disbursing officer of the depart,
at the St. Louis exposition.
I find nothing bettor for liver
rariffomanf nnd i>Annf*v?uH/\? *
Chamberlain's Stomach s?d IJi
rablcfta.??Jj. V. Ajrulrewa, Dog Molm
Iowa. For Bale by Plokenn Drug <i
A now use for coeds: At Nortl
western University the four prettied
and <moat popular glrla gave first aid
to Injured players at a rocent football
game. Wbat an Incentive to valor!
It 1? a wonder that nobody thought o#
th*<? before.

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