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En hold the Tort
Until Baltic Fleet Arrives,
Says General Stoessel.
Notwithstanding, the Situation at Port
Arthur ! Reported Critical?Jap
Army of 30,000 Landed
at Niuchwang.
A St. Petersburg special says: Aa
a result of the dispatches -eceived
i from Lieutenant General Stoesael. the
war office exprosyos entire confidence
that Port Arthur will be able to hold
out until the arrival of the Husslan
second Pacific squadron.
Qeneral Btoeasel In his dispatches to
IOmperor Nicholas reports tho repulse
of a Japanese attack October 26, on
the north front of Port Arthur. Th?
Russian lossos were 480 killed or
wounded. All the attacks of November
3, the day of the anniversary of
the emperor's accession to the throne
was celebrated, were repulsed.
General Stoessel was slightly
wounded in the head during one of the
latest assaults on Port Arthur.
1 * General Kuropatkln reports that in
| an ambuscade November ir>, near Slnchlnpu,
thirty-two Japanese dragoons
I were killod or wounded. The text of
wwnurui ;3(.uu8Siui s aispaicn or uctoher
28 is as follows:
"Wo have the honor to report to
your majesty that the Japanese bombarded
very vigorously October 23 our
entrenchments north and northeast.
The following day they also attacked
one of the forts on the north side, but
our heavy artillery and shrapnel lire
dispersed their reserves and the assault
was repulsed. Our louses were
one officer and about, sever/y men killed
and four hundred wounded.
"Engineer Captain SakharofT. for
merly governor of Port Dalny, died
October 27 of typhus fevor.
"It is difficult to single out Individuals
for special mention among the
heroic defenders."
, In a telegram dated October 30 General
3toessel says:
"Since my dispatch of October 28
the bombardment continues with great
Under date of November 3 General
Stoessel telegraphed:
"We greet the emperor; this .1cy, a
solemn one for nil our country, we off?r
prayer* to God and send to our
emperor felicitations In the shape of
roverberating hurrars. On bended knee
wo pray to c.od to give health to your
majesty and also to the empress
and the Grand Duke Czarevitch.
Our joy is all the greater because the
assaults, which lasted nine days, have
' p,,l> ,(> Rreat day, th?
anniv\ V your accession to the
throne, t< /Aiuo that our Japanese
enemies celebrate he anniversary
of the birth of their mikado and
whereupon they had sworn to take
fortress. God is with us."
Japs Land at Nluchwang.
A Mukden dispatch, untie.* date of
November 17tn. says: It Is reported
that. 30,000 Japanese troops have been
landed at. Miwhwang and 30,000 otners
at Pitsewo nnd that. a turning movement
on the Russian rlrrht is expaeted.
CrlMcal at Port Arthur.
A Washington special says: Consul
Cenernl Fowler cabled the state department.
Thursday from Ci.efoo that
the situation at Port Arthur is extremely
critical, the outer forts having
fallen into the possession of the Japanese.
Ho also states that three Japanese
torpedo lK?at destroyers are lyintc
outside of Ohefoo haruor and fnat
tho Russian crew of the torpedo boat
destroyer destroyed Wednesday are
transferring their arms and supplies
to a Chinese cruiser which Is posted in
front of the Russian consulate.
Bomb-Throwing at Barcelona.
By the explosion of a bomb In Barcelona,
Spain. Thursday evening, six
people were Injured, one of them fatally.
{ Consumption CurablaT
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ume; oerore too much of tha luag
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ieves the cough and mak?? breath ta?
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the mucous mirface and thus stop the
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size 25 cents. Large sire SO eenta
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rial size. tf
Bivalves at Wedding Supper Polsona
Over Thirty People.
K. R. Wlmer, caahior of tlio Wellington,
Kans., national bank la dead of
typhoid fever as the result of oatin?
oyster# at his sistor\s wedding sevorit!
weoks ago. Thirty other guouta wore
mado 111 and several may not recover.
IBoth the bride and groom are dangor
ou.-ily ill.
lunt\CY uivco ?iu wnutn,
Sultan Wants Hundred New Batteries
of Artjilery.
A dlajwUch to T! c Frau^VfMrter-Zoltung
ifeejrlln) fr-wn Constantinople
nays Tu? kor 1& ">|)i ri** a hundred new
hattorlca of aiufUry from Oermitf.
Pronch and IOngliah factories at tho
eoat of $10,000,000. Tho Krupp com
pany gets tho largest contracts.
~ = i
Booker Washington Reiterates His Advice
to the Race In an Address
at Montgomery, Alabama.
Iu an address delivered at Montgom- j
ery, Ala., on tho opening of a colored ;
club and reading room, Booker Wasli- j
lngton reltorated tho advice he has j
given to his negro hearers in all his j
public loctures, to make overy effort
to Increase the value of their service
in every department of manual toll, to
seek to own their homes and buy
small pieces of land to cultivate, to refrain
from shielding the criminal, and
to co-operato with the good white people
In preserving tho law. He declared
hla belief that the negro did j
not seek social equality with the i
whites. j
ouuiiuuu iv uuit? 01 warning |
against the extravagance and excesses ,
to which his peoplo might bo tempted !
by the unusual success and financial j
prosperity that, many of them now en; !
joy. Said he:
"Referring to tho opportunities that
are at hand, recently I have boon
studying Into the condition of the six
or eight million of our people In South
Africa, and I find that tho opportunity
aumucu i.uu iuacncvn nogroes in tno I
southern states Is far beyond those ex.
istlng In South Africa. Tho field for
development Is far beyond any that exists
fcr the Mexican peons. And, again,
If wo are Inclined to become discouraged,
let us compare our condition
with that of the Russian serfs or Rus.
sian Jews who, in industrial, educational
and professional opportunities,
are almost centuries behind the American
black man.
' More and more in our moral lifv
we must learn to draw the line between
the good and tho bad, the vicious
and the virtuous. We must set
ntf oOo I r. .. .
o~,.? U(i|iiviai uyun rigat living
and creato a pubi'c sentiment that
shall condemn wrong living. Wo
should soo to it that oy no word or
act wo shield the crimina. element of J
our ruce. We should let the world un- j
derstnnd that, we are juHt as anxious
to aoelc out and see that our criminals
aro brought to proper pjmUhment. as
a iy other rac*.
"Right here I want lo repeat what I
have often said in the past, in the di.
rection of freeing, if I can, the minds
of our friends from apprehension of
danger in two directions. It. has been
my privilege try mingle freely with the
leaders of the race' in every part of
t)tA iVMinfrr OU?l T ooxr U
>*>v V, V? M ?* V? J , cum & POJ T* IIUUIII
tion that tho negro do?s not consider
social intermingling with any other
race as ono of the essentials for his
development. Neither Is the negro
seeking In any part of this country as
a race, to control the white race in
matter* of government. In purely social
matters tho negro finds all the
satisfaction that ho wishes among the
members of his own raco, and in pro.
portion as education increases the
number of Intelligent negroes, in the
same proportion will ho And such sat. j
isfactlon increased because of the en- |
larged number ol' men and women with
whom ho can find association with satisfaction.
Doctor and Jeweler Must Go to Privon
Camps for Four Years.
Thomas Sullivan, accompanied by
one of his attorneys, ieft Americus,
Ga.. Wednesday, for Atlanta, to appear
before the prison commission for as.
signment to one of the stato c*mns to I
servo his sentence of four years. .Sullivan
was convicted at the recent session
of Sumter superior court for assault
with intent, to murder, growing
out of a criminal operation performed
upon a young woman.
Dr. George W. Harrow, a practicing
physician, was convicted of performing
the criminal operation, and likewise*
sentenced to four years in the
Three Killed; Nine Hurt.
A Detroit special says: Three pas
sengors wore killed and nine or more
passengers and trainmen were Injured
In a rear-end passenger train col.
lision Wednesday at Eimdale division
on the Pere NVirquetto railroad
Woman Arraigned In New York Court
for Murder of Caotar Young.
After more than five months in tin*
Tomb* prison awaiting trial on a
charge of murder, the caae of Nan
Patterson, tho alleged slayer of Cae*ar
Young, was brought to trial in th?
criminal branch of the supreme court
in New York Wednesday.
in anticipation of the beginning of
the trial the court room was crowded
with apootatorn. Thr>re was only n
alight delay before It was announce,!
that everything for the opening of the
trial was In readiness.
Slayer of S'nor'e at Tallulah Falls is
Allowed Liberty.
At Gainesville. Oa., Wodnesdaj
Judge J. f. Kinney granted hull in the
sum of $10,000 to W. H. I'urlfl, of (.'lav
(on. Ilabun county, who shot and kill
cd I'. T. Shor.\ of Taiiulah Fall::, k(u:u
weeks ago. it is said that l'aria will
Ik- nbk? to make tho load in a fou
days and no released from custody,
lie has boon confined in Jail in Clay
ton since tho tragedy,
Railroad Representstivc8 Meet Speoial
Committeo of Atlanta Business Men.
The conferonoo between t,ho citizens'
, nt.il t a foil i?an/l < f .a ivia
tuiiiinni^U <IIMI uir lomwjun IUI in??
purpose Of roacblnjc an uihiuruianvllng
and if possible an adjustment of the
freight rate situation fn Akianta began
at. 10:30 o'clock Tuesday morning, livery
road entering* the eltw was represented
at tno meeting. \
Resignation of Fedeial Jurist
Called For.
Crooked Work is Charged By Assistant
Attorney General Day Who
Recently Mado Investigation
w. .uurwiMI/.
A Washington special says: PresL i
dent Roosevelt has removed from of- 1
flee Frank H. Richards, United States
marshal for the Nome district in Alaska,
and has requested the resignation
of Judge Melville C. Brown, of the Ju.
nean district. This action Is the result
of the investigation of tho Alaska
Judiciary made rucontt t hv Asuiotont
Attorney General Day. The case of
Judge Alfred S. Moore in held in abeyance.
j The nature of toe charges made
against tho officials'was not made public
in detail. It being deemed advisable
not to publish at this time the report
made by Judge Day. It is known, howover,
that the charges involved selfish,
At' not corrupt, practices before
the Alaskan courts in mining claim
The charges against Judge Brown,
who was appointed from Wyoming,
were iu effect that he had personal interest
in mining cases which were before
his co:irt, and that he had appointed
his secretary a receiver of
somo properties which were in litigation.
* i
Charges from lime to time liavo
been made against nearly all the federal
officials of Alaska, Governor Brady \
not being exompt, but it is said that i
the action of the president finally ;
closes tho matter of theso charges, ]
officiate of tho administration being \
satisfied that Governor Brady, Judge <
James Wickers haw, of the Yukon district,
and other officials involved in
them, have acted in the best Interests
of tho territory. Judge Wickersham
has been reappointed.
Th? Daughter of Gen. A. P. Hill Mar. I
rled to General Macgill.
A in t.i ~ r.. .1 -? '
jxjxitu i* ^/lum.nuu m cocieucrare
flags, while the banner of A. I*. Hill '
camp rustled Its folds above their '
heads. Miss Lucy I.e.*; Hill and General '
Jam ;s Macglll were united in niifrria^o
Wednesday afternoon in St. Paul '
ItflHseopai church, Petersburg, Va. If.
was near that city that General A. P.
Hill, father of the bride, lost, his life
just before the close of the fierce civil
struggle. It. v/aa a military wedding,
with a choral service and all the ushers
wore sons of veterans and active
In that organization.
General Macglll served during the
civil war in the First Maryland cavalry.
He was with Jackson in his valley
campaign. and foutrbt sit fJettvshnrf i
and In most other famous battles of (
the war.
Thtre wero many distinguished
guests, among them Gene.ral Fitzhugh 1
Lee, General Julian Carr. of North (
Carolina; General ilcnnett Young, of ?
Kentucky, and General Kvans.
Vessel Destroyed to Prevent Its Falling
Into Hands of Japs.
A Che Foo dispatch f.aya: The Rtis- t
aians have blown up tho torpedo boat ,
?le3troycr Hestorophy. The Russians, <
with the exception of one man. left ,
tho destroyer during the afternoon. j
This last man lit fuses and blew up |
the vessel. ,
Almost simultaneously the Restore. ^
phy sunk and settled on the bottom, t
It is impossible just yet to securo j
n explanation of tho action of the t
ituHfiians, but it is believed they wero
determined not to allow it ronntilinn
of the Ryeshitelul incident.
Refuse to Aboush Gallows.
By a voto of 153 >o 8;t the Vermont
house of representatives, after a nplr- r
It oil debate, refused to pans to a third "
reading and so defeated the bill to '
abolish capital punishment in the {
state. ,,
8t. Louis Pays Uncle Sam. a
The sum of $llil,830, tho last install- rl
mont of tho federal loan of $1,600,000 a
mn/ln. ?...~_i ?? -
?-v.v kk, iuvt nurm a rail' 'several r
months ago, was paid Into the United '
States aub-troasnry Tuesday by the
Prelflht Runs Into a Oeraiilng Switch I
and Kill* Two.
A Norfolk and Western freight traia, j 1
west bound, from Roanoke, Va., raa . <
into a derailing swltc!. near Radford '
Sunday morning, and was wrecked. | (
TLo engine turned over on lCii^ln- j ,
eer Lynch, of Roanoke, and Fireman j
Klpps, of Blacksburg. kiliiiur both nf I
them. The dead men leavo famUle*.
Money In Standard Oil.
The Standard Oil Company, of Now "j
Jorsey, Tuesday declared a dlvhUV.l
of $7 a share, payable December 15. i
This makes a total dividend for this f
yoar of 30 per cent, compared with tl i
per cent In 1003. <j
? t ? t
^London Money for Japan. t
Subscriptions to th Japanose loa.i 1
were closed In I.ofnion at noon Tuos- r
uay. u is Hiaieu mat, ino Dias tor tiio a
bonds offered In London aggregated i
. vv " ; '
Mamie CeCrla, Notorious "Diamond
Queon," Liboratcd from Georgia .
Prison at Mlljedgevillo.
Manila DoCrls. thn whit ? wnmnn u/hn I
has boon serving a two-year sentence
In tlie Georgia state penitentiary tor
obtaining diamonds and jewelry under '
false pretenses in Savannah, and who
was kown as the "Diamond Queen,"
was granted a pardon Thursday by the 1
prison commission on uie eve of the
expiration of her sentence.
The pardon when recommended by
the commission was promptly granted
by Governor Terrell. The reasons
given in the order granting the pardon
are as follows: 1'
"Defendant's term will expire No- g
vfimhor 91 101VI ?-- - 1
t. uuu ca j;r?,'o?iilg a J
profound repentanco for her crime anvl j
her intention of leading a useful life
after hor discharge, it id thought thai
this clemency may bo of assistance to
The expressions from Mamie DeCris
hero referred to, of her repentance and
her Intention to lead a useful life, were
conveyed in a ltter written by her to
the commission several days ago. In
that letter she practically asked for a j t
pardon for the reasons stated. i f
Mamie DeCris was released from \
the state prison farm at Milledgovllle j '
Friday, only a couple of days before ; 1
the expiration of her sentence. j C
The commission was confronted by ! .?
the possibility that, she might make (
use of a pardon to her own advanLagos
should she return to her criminal
ways, but. after full consideration
decided to risk all this in the hope 1
that It might aid in making a better 1
woman of her. j j
milium we^ris is tne woman who j j
created such a stir in the penitentiary ,
department in the summer of r.io.'J, |
when she was whipped for a breach of i
discipline bv Warden Allagood. The I 1
legislature, which was in session when !
the matter came out. took the matter | 1
ii)) and many sensational newspaper i '
articles wore written about the case, j '
Subsequently the warden who admin- j '
istered tho whipping and other officials ! '
it the state farm were dismissed and j '
others put in their places.
Mamie DeCris obtained several hum I 1
tiretl dollars' worth <>f diamonds and
Jewelry from Savannah merchants by
using the name of a well known anil
wealthy woman of that city.
Member of Canal Commission Sends
in His Resignation.
A Washington apoclal says: Frank !
I. Meeker has resigned as a member |
>f the Panama canal commission. Ills ;
letter of resignation follows: (
"Isthmian Commission, Washington, 1
Vovembor II 1904.?Mr. President:
\ study of fifteen weeks on tho isth? 1
31 us during the past summer has eon- J
winced me that the effect of the climate
if the canal zone is so unfavorable to
uy health that a continued residence 1
here, such as the duties of the lath- '
uian canal make doslrnhlo, if not lm- '
jerative, would he at the rls.. of a gen- I '
^ral breakdown, both physically and '
n efficiency of service. Therefore, *
with slncerest. regrets I feel coustraln- 3
[>d to tender my resignation, to take :
ffect at such date as It may please '
you to accept it. 1
"Thanking you for the honor done j (
no, in having appointed ine a member I 1
jf tlie commission to carry out. this (
?reat and important work, and aasur- f
inn you of my appreciation thereof, I '
?m respectfully, your obedient ser- 1
tant, FRANK .J. HECKER." :
The president's reply i? as follows: J
"White House, Washington, Novem- 1
>or 1 ?j. t!t04.?My Dear Colonel Hock- f
>r: I accept your resignation with exromo
reluctance: and I wish now to <
hank you for the courtesy you hav? i
ihown uie in deferring it so long as ,
^oii have. I appointed you because I
believed you wove exactly the type of
mslness man we needed on the com- 1
msslon, and the ability wlih which
ron have served has amply justified
his belief. I am sorry that you feel !
hat your health will not permit you 1
i> serve longer.
"With best wishes, believe ;ne. sincerely
Symptoms of Liver Disease.
Siok headache, constipation, biliousloss,
melancholia, dizr.tness, dullness *
md drowsiness, coated tongue, slimy i
eftth, ba<l breath, Rydaie's Liver v
rablets will reliovo any of theso ?yrn|>- | 1
oni8 in a fow hours and speedily cor- j i
act the trouble. They act upon the | j
Ivor, bile, bladder and duct, intestine*
,nd bowels as a stimulant and t(?nlc.
""hose who use these tablcta And their
ction i>erfeet and rcaulta satisfactory. j
*ift.y chocolate coated tablets in eaen
<?. Price, 25 cents. tf
Seinha Girls Will be S?nt to Their Own :
Country at Once.
A Washington dispatch says; On
In.- r >pov; of miiuisivvinn Im-iKMtor
hiPii. ai St. Mio dopartmo in of
<>rr ".KT"'' a till Isv't"". Thursday or.lorfd !
Mi (lc<nii'iii!lo:i it :<j.irto( ii
and ii-c (*?i 1 ti vhn !.a\i> t>ri n
n-ployed i? a o<sloii a! 15it? I.<>11!sf
ma Purchase rxp'.-<iUi;:i. The <aso
)?*. boon ponding for novoral wot it*. ,
Suicide Prevented.
TI10 startling announcement that a
irovontfvo of sulcido had been dls
overod will interest many. A run i
lown systom, 01 despondency invaria- j
>ly precede sulcldo and something has i
>eon found that will prevent that con*
lltlon which makos suicide like(y. At
ho first thought of self destruction,
alto Electric nittorfl. It being a great \
onlc and nervine, will strengthen the
inrwna nml hnS)/1 11 n avof^m Il'u I
ilso a great Stomae.h, Llrer and Kid- J
\ey regulator. Only 50o. Satlafac- !
Ion guaranteed by Pickens /Drug Co. 1
Marquise de Merinville Quits
the Catholic Church.
daughter of Millionaire Caldwell Returns
to Faith of Kcr Fathers After
Most Eventful Carcor in
The ASSOoblf r?rl Pmi'o ? < v?*
- . v.... .j ui. >;w x urn
ias received the following, but before
living it publicity itj authority haa
)oeii fully verified by cable from
"Rome, Nov. 14, 1904.
"Editor of the Associated Presa:
You have full permission to prlut
the enclosed and give it as wide
a publication as possible.
(Signed.) Yours truly,
i.-trai ivuuor: it may Interest somo
>r your readers to know that the Marliiiso
de Monstelros Merinville, fornerly
Miss M. G. Caldwell, who, it will
10 remembered, founded tho Roman
Catholic university r.t Washington
lomo years ago, has entirely repudiated
her former creod. In an interview
vith mo tho other ,!.'iv sl?o unM
''Yes, it is true that I have left the
toman Catholic church. Since I have
>een living in Europe my eyes have
)oen opened to what thai church real- I
y is, anil to its anything hut sanctity, i
'Hut the trouble goes much further
jack than this. lieing naturally roligous,
my imagination was early caught
>y the idea of doing something to lift
lie church from the lowly position
vhlch it occupicd in America, so I
hou&ht of a university or higher
iv iiujft, wuuro us ciergy couui Oe etlu*
:ated and If possible refined. Of course
n this I was merely . influenced by
Bishop Spalding, of Peoria, who rep esented
it to me as one of the g.*eat>
?st works of the day. Whon I was 21
[ turned over to them one-third ol' my
fortune for t h.vt purpose. But for
years I have been trying to rid myself
>f the subtle, overwhelming influence
jf a church which pretends not only
to the privilege of being the "only
;rue church," but of being aloue able
to open the gatos of heaven to a sorrowful,
sinful world. At lust my honjsl
protestant blood has asserted itself
intf I now forever repudiate and cast
iff the yoke of Rome." So saying th?
narquise politely dism.xacd me.
"It. will be remembered that the
Marquise dos Monstelrcn Merinvillo
ind her sister, the Baroness von
Zcdwitx, are tbe daughters of the lat?
William S. Caldwell, and his wife wna
\ Breckinridge, of Kentucky. Shortly j
before bis death Mr. Caldwell became i
i convert to Roman Catholicism and
eft his children to the care of Irish
[toman Catholics in New York, whom
us wire nau mot m cnuroh circle?.. The
oungest sister married some llfteen !
rears ago a German nobleman, a ]
fjiitheran. anu has since then also left
'he Roman Catholic communion. The
ildcr slater lias been i.i very had
Health for some years, from having to
iccury a position before the world as
i prominent ltor.ian Catholic church
jonefactor which wax n?A a real one,
ind into which her generosity led her
a young and inexperienced girl.
\*ow at !a>t her own mind has assert
-.it nntTii rtJtu mi? ||.1 III 1^ I CI uiu crcoa
f her ancestor.*."
Th'- Divinity College of tlm Roman
^atholie university in Washington Is
tnown as tho Mary Gwendolyn' Cald,vell
H ft! I of Divinity.
Prominent members of tho f"cithollo
lergy in Woshinston expressed their
surprise at the announcement.
One official of tho church attributed
is a possible cause, taking tho story
o be corrcci, tho notoriety which the
mi versify gained by the failure of
Thomas 10. Wagganvul, Its treasurer,
?v which the university suffered con!id??rabie
Appointmetns for Parker.
l-'oriU'T .IikIr" Alton II. Park?r has
iiUhkIci)!! to acquire dock ami wharfage
iphis tof tlu' ciiy of New York ou the
Oa^t rivtv. Thw appointment. wan
naiic liy .lnsrhv O'CJornmn. in tho su*
ii'timc court.
Big Blare in Missoi.rl Town.
Kiftht >' i h?? principal business
loupes of (hn town of DoWltt, Mo.,
voro burned Thursday wnli the eon(>tl
I ( ?'!<! nor 11 l(W>! tt?Tirrf?!!llLlni5 ?.">().
)<>0. Tho inKtiratuv partialis covpm
lie io?..s.
farmers in Warren County, N, Y., D*
cidc to Rricc Prices on Fowls.
A <lbi>n(cii from Albany, N. Y? says:
Warn <i coimtj farmer# who raised
many turkeys l'..r th? oa.---.orn markets,
r?r reported 10 have (<>itned a trust
and unanimously d'-cidod that, the j
TljunksKlvint? fowl is worth more mon- |
r>y this year than heretofore. The present
price in 2^. cento, and a rise to 30
rents a poun.i ia expected.
Machine Goes Over an Embankment
With Fatal Results.
In nr. .mnldciil ?.. t I,/* a II.
burbs of Los Angeles, Cal., Thursday,
Humphrey Praed, assistant general
manager of the Snu Jacinto I.and Company,
of Riverside, Cal., was instantly
killed, and Miss Mlna Rudolph, leading
lady of the "San Toy" opera company,
nn.i C. M. Fry, chauffeur, seriously
1 .
' ?
I iu.:p.i.. n.i.ii -inr^t.,.i :iv :,n |)*)| *
/Vegetable Prcparntionfor As- M
slmilaling iheFoodaiulRegula.
ling the Stomachs and Bowels of $ jj
Promotes Digcalion.CheerPul- ?
iicss and Rest.Contains neitlier 2?
Opium, Morphine nor Mineral.
Not Narcotic.
ya*Y/r af(>M DrSAMUEL HTC/Xti
Pumpkin Seat* " V
jf/x.Smrut * I jjK|
tierktli* SrJU - J
AnUtStrd. * 1 .;] Mk
iteska*. 1 p F
js3fe I 1
Aperfccl Remedy forConslipn- Ml
lion, Sour Stouiach,Diarrhoea M
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish- I
ness and Loss of Sleep. ^
Facsimile Stgnnlure of
Japancso Prince is Exceedingly Joyful f
to Meet American People.
Prince Kuahlma, his party and hia
escorts left Washington Friday Tor ;
St. Louis. Before leaviiiB 011 behalf of i
the prince, Mr. A. Sato, grand master
of the household of his imperial highuess,
Prince Fushinia, mad? thisj <
statement: I *
"Since iiis arrival in this country, his j '
imperial highness has been deeply
impressed with the good will and com- ! u
teous attention universally shovrn him 1 ,
by the people of the United States. 1
Genuine sympathy for Japan entertained
by them in her present StrugI
gle is a source of profound satisfaction
to his highness and he hopes ear,
neatly that his mission of friendship
and good will may in some measure be
conducive of strengthening that tie of
amity and good correspondence which i
happily exist between the two conn- j
| tries. jj
I "His imperial highness especially ?
fools grateful to the president of the g
United States who, representing as he fl
does the sentiments of the people of
this grat republic:, has extended to him
a most cordial welcome and his imperial
highness does not hesitate to say
that the unalloyed pleasure he has already
derived and will hereafter derive
from his visit to this country would
far outweigh that of hi smilitary
achievements In the battlellelds of (
l.iiu ur oil I kK FIGHT.
"Two physicians had a long and
stubborn fight with an abscoss on my
right lung," writes J. F. Hughes, of
DuPont, Ga., "and garo mo up. Kverybody
thought my time had come.
As a last resort I tried Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption. The benefit
I recoived was striking and I was
on my feot in a fow days. Now I'vo
entirely regained my health." It con
quera all Coughs, Cohls and Throat
and I,unj? troubles. Guaranteed by
Pickens Drug Co. Price, 50c and $1.00.
Trial Lotties free. tf
For the Regular Inspection of All
Aliens Entering the Port.
James A. McGregor arrived in
Brunswick, Ga? Thursday from Now
York, ha.-'ns been ordered to the port t
by the commissioner goneral at Wash- s
ington, and ho has established In tho t
foil oral building an immigration inspec* t
tor's office. ij
Heretofore Brunswick ha? not had i
an immigration insuector. thta branch ' i
of work fnlliUK to tho collector of eus- (
toms, ,1
Mr. McGregor will look into the ar- i
rival of all aliens in port huroafter, i
anrl will keep a close watcli for th? I
arrival of illegitimate aliens. ?
Want your moustache or beard [
a beautiful brown nr rirh 9 fie
? w- - ? vauvu U JW. ? I
I Cm! tM? rut an ) return to u-. (o?!?Jo u\ fJurty -fjy* ?rwl niroe y
nJ Vl W.Uvh ! ftiiittome'.y mauvrJ. The t^ft ^ jre rr.4<Jc ol 14k*
guarantee jifKj will wr ?r.? ii.'ettmt The movement 15 ofle nf the be
Clock Af.'air, tut ?psL\?<1 ult|<0< ,\?re with iny #15 00 watch. Th
whether ycu detfre the Just proof or l.ndiei* or t.tnfs' Hunting T
(Hckcn* Club). Ons lnU|llo Clmrm. On* PjIt > ev er Sleeve 4?utte
Petri (Mck C'JUr PuUoni One Totii| Diamond Muil (all ffytei!
Teaspoons. All the -itvove rent I'rre provided you allov t to s%y*i
*4?X We ure willing to thlp the rtrtir* outfit at de<tcrU>f : < ^ ' >
Is not thr Mggetl ttrfun you evr? received Irom any firm, ihr /ood
cent K you will remit #4 05 with order wo wi'l forward : I'u- Ro<
Present <on:lttlhfc d Oi>? Itollow Around Pitr* l int j J SO K?? C1
a<i offer to IntroJu^e their Cl;jjrj, ?r>4 remember If yoti are nat pteaIncorpc-Vud
CipiU'. 126,000.00. CI.ICIt-WKHS
" '
or Infants and Children,
ie Kind You Have
Always Bought
lears the I ?
ignature /%W
v JA% In
* For Over
Thirty Years
in>>. ilwavc rclliiblf. I.??dlr?, a.ik Drr.ssnRt ftv*.
1?>I?1 .iH'tallic hnjfj, wain I with blue ritwMu..
I'nlic no oilier. Kefinv dunRrroiin
utiou?nml Imitation*. lluy'>l')(iutl)iiiijtiM.
ir 4?-. in ^t:un|)H fur Pa^lriilurts 'JT<r>-iM
iiouisil* dll<l " llrllef for l.iullr?," ?
>> relurii Hall. in.ooo Tustiuioiilala. Kaitl
ill l/NIKKMlft.
H00 Jlftrtison Nqimre, lMIH.A . 1T*A
Mantlou tklr ,-jwf r.
Cl SH6<;S md {hi ?Uklr.
' wfl| i/ over0 3F?i 1 a "tof K r U > r ? <>r*y
jfflH HMr to itB Youthful <X*J?c.
-Jp^||^CiiiX? *calp ^
" * /
i kullthe couch%\
few Discovery L
/^ONSUPflPTiON Pries %
FOR ? OUGHC and OGc&$?.OQ *
W0L0S Kroa "rial, j
Surost and Quickest Curo for alii
I . T?v??twB
li tho one to U9?. "Tho MurhUiery
J will t><- Klnil Co send umalnRU* amijbrC ^
I '?n ?ir.ilkmMfin. i ,
I' 11/ U / I n T1 r- r ? ?
II. II. v." I L> 1J 1^3 KJ.
COLUMBIA, ii. O. \ Wl
Engines, Roller:*, S*w M11U. Cotton V^fcb
nlng Machinery. Kic.
Ttic Olbbcs Portable Jhinfile Murlii/ii
Sick h- <nche.
"For aovoral yt. my wife wfc
roublod with what tibyaiciana calif
liek hoad&che of a very severe cJ>'?
or. She doctored with several r
lout pL oiclans aud at a Krent
i?un?, uuiy 10 grow worse until t
ru unable to do any kind of wi M 9
Ibout a year ago .she began ta>
Thajmberlalu's Stomach and '
1'ableta and today weighs morf It H
ha or or did before and 1h real ibe H
ays Mr. Oeorgo E. Wright, oi the H
jondon. Now York. For sale by tjtre fl|
u* Drug Go. mot ||j
Vegetable,liver pijls. Thal|
' is wnat tney are. They curcl
S constipation, biliousness,
sick-headache. ,
fit cm. op !>fti;o<tirix4 or ft. t. hall % CO.. na*r<;a. h. -
'our .-xpi'-i i omc? Hi J wi wUl t r*' /^u \ ne *jv? St#ir< W.m-I
(id; ; - ..ri I' cil >
it ; |cwfit4Qul.'k Yriln-levm ma!(ia ika. it * n? p*.
he O l:rM Arfu it'v.; OIUO <*'?M Pli.w4 Gffi
i0|, One (mil Top Coltae Hidieo. One n?cvlk Itol-.'fr lv,-> jCM
t 14K Gold I'lalcO) Al oOne 5?l ol 6 YrlpJt .'live/ f*.U*l W
y<X> In M?*t .*.k Jo^r, $o Hmt Gfa )H I
v? ioy c<p?e V/ r ', e 1' ?1 tllow fill) f a* r.t . *1 . It vft'ri* TO
;'tV (i At Mir > - Mil ttEB
i? iM I
mine Raw ItdMhi/1 finnan - ??vi?l ev<? m*dt wv.H, gJF
ipd, ira r:j?i ready t > (cfundyou 1 money ^ ^
oh compahy, nikc7ou-nr.lcxi, w. n
(?! Si

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