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The Sentinel-Journal Company.
Thompson & Richky, Props.
j. l. o. THOMPSON, kuitoh.
Subscription 81.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Raton Reasonable.
Entered nt I'lckcus I'oBtoitioe hb Second Clans
Mall Mutter
weunesuay, aovemuer 'z.i, iuu4.
Tho State Cotton Growers' Convention
tneolB in Columbia Decomber
10. By some mistake the report
went out November 10. This convention
will no doubt be very largely
attended, and will bo decidedly helpful
to tho cotton growers of the State.
Pickens county will, of coureo, be
duly represented by wide awake dele
<?ates. At tuo *jounty uonventiou, |
held November 7, Messrs. C. L. Cureton
and W. T. O'Doll were elected
delegates to tbo Stato Convention.
Realizing what the cotton crop means
to the people of the State, the farmers
aro willing and glad to do everything
in their power to get a remunerative
price for their cotton after it is
raised. After all it is the sure money
A convention of unusuul importance
has been called to meet in
Shreveport, La. December 12-15. It
has been called in the interest of the
cotton growers of tho South, to light
the destructive boll weevil. The boll
weevil is gradually eularging its area
each year at tho rate of about 100
miles. Competent judges say that it
will bo only about ten years until tho
entire cotton growing region of the
South will bo infested. The outlook
is certainly diseourcging, and it is
hoped tbo convention will accomplish
something, but considering past
organized efforts, it is likely the 10SU
suite will bo fruitless. The State
Legislature of Texas offered $50,000
\ to any one who would suggest a suecessful
plan of extermination. Many
L plans wero submitted, but we have
never heard of the money beiug
forked over. While people in South
Carolina do not ordinarily think for a
a^ment of the destructive effects of
boll weevil, it is high time the
^^of \vX is being sounded against
H^et. Gov. Heyward lias been
ifr to appoint 100 <.lolegrtte.s to the
SaSuvention, and ho says lie will apBFint
the entiro number, and urgent
requests every delegate to attend.
^^Jeath Claims a Prominent Citizen of
HI Anderson County.
.Died in Brushy Creek Township,
Anderson county, S. C., on last Sunday
morning, 13th inst, Mr. .1. Marshall
Webb, in the G7th year of his
life. He \va? a prominent farmer,
K /vnrtil *% I f 1 '?AH <? ??/I r% 11.1?" - -.4
jjuuu uiii^cu dun lb vci y l-UUhlflLt'Lll
^Christian. Ho had boon a member
of \?t. Piagah Baptist church for the
past twenty-eight years. He leaves a
y wjfe and live daughters to weep for
him. His body was interred in tlio
Rrave yard at Mt. Pisgah Monday
^^nfternoon after funeral services couRkicted
by his pastor, liev. I). W.
Eliott, assisted by Hev. R. H. Burris,
m Piedmont.
V Memorial.
I At 4 o'clock on the 6th inst., the
Hgel came to the homo of
Hendricks and took from
Hken family the four-year-old
H Margaret.
His buried the day following
at Mt. Tabor church. Shu
IB father, mother and three
H besides a host of relatives
Kids to mourn her death,
t little darling, light of tho
Bug for somo one, beckoning
S|| a sunbeam, puro as the
k.nxiou8jy looking, mother, for you.
ica, S. C. A Friend.
C. V. Fowles.
is with a feeling of regret that
flews is compelled to surrender
services of "Uncle Zeko HardfYi
" I To Imu lwuin iwif l? no ol.
Ht a year, and bis services in
lightening out our tangled acH^Hnta
and adding names to our subsBption
list have been valuable, and
Wp ar9x highly appreciated. Jfe loaves
fr Brevartj in order to help liro. ,J. L
O. Thompson of The I'ickons-Sentinel-Journal
"reduce his circulation"
?to a cash basis and collect up the
Wr outstanding indebtedness, and wo believe
Mr. Thompson will lind him officient
and reliable.
During the past yoar Mr. Fowles
Bfekaa learned what a clean, neat "print
e, and lie will be apt
leanliness in whatever
>e engaged. Ilin iaHt
Jrevard weio spent in
alsounmo brunh in the
ad his Handicraft will;
rnanent (ixturo.
" is an honorable and
gentleman, a ilnont
rcasra as one of hia
3ns against wrong in
he finds it, and a bustiptiona
and buRitio o.
i<rl(/ r>/kmtYinml Yiim it\
JjWjwwJ purtkalucfr?1
Trsmf' *sv v
' r:
t: :# '
v t. -fy>
The "Dollar of Ou
We A!
Our Good Friends and Sut
It i
For ft long time we have conten;
plated a change in our method (
conducting the business of th
Sentinel-Journal. For years th
subscription department lnis bee
run on the "credit system'' till tli
books are crowdod to the covei
with a mass of unpaid and uuco
loctablo accounts. Newspap<
subscription accounts are smal
and as wo have two thousand <
those on our books, it can roatlil
bo 8oen that the cost of collectic
is a very heavy it<jm, and wo ai
forced, tor our own protection, 1
call a halt and adopt tho -'cash i
advance" system of conducting 01
business. Therefore, alter Jan'
ary 1st, 15)05, all papers sent fro
this office must be paid for in ac
| vau^u,
Wo realize that this is taking
bold stand, but "Business is bus
ness," and we beliove that tl
larger number of our readers \vi
take into consideration our poe
tion and remain on our list
To the subscriber who pays fi
his paper it simply moans that 1
pays for tho year in advance, ii
stead of paying for the year pas
To the man who does not expe
to pay for his paper it Simp
means that he don't get it.
To un it means much. The ea
injr of hundreds of dollars ai
tho use of our capital. Mom
wo miiHt have in order to make tl
improvements in contemplate
and we ask our readers in a ?pij
of fairness and justice to consul
this matter in the right light, ai
not as a reflection on anyone, b
simply as a matter ot husine
We have on our hooks a gr?;
many who are, and always ha
been, prompt in their payment
and we fully appreciate them
There aro many who from ei
cumstances over which thoy ha
no control, arc unable to pa
They have our kindly sympathie
Some have died or moved awayOur
And thon iIi?ro is anoth
class?Well, tho lea?t 8aid abo
them the bettor,
It ia our aim m the very ne
future to install new machine'
and &ive our patrons an all-hon
print, live, up-to-date paper an t
State can boast of. And we in
sk our friends to Btand by uw, ai
*? ? /I t * O f r\ t r\
lfy lliuu niij'jn'i i am ua cw ^?
them a paper of which they mi
feel proud, ami which may prove
powerful lever in tin- advaneoino
of the county's interests.
Naturally we expect a shrinka
of our list, and we have engag'
the services of "I'ncle Zeke" to,
far as possible, counteract this.
To thoroughly advertise t
Sentinel .Journal, and an an aid
increasing our list, we propose
furnish the best material moiii
can buy and paint in a workout
like manner, free of charge, soi
ono church or parsonage, with
a radius oi the papers i ?IIuc?n<
tlio conditions of which are printon
another pa^e of thin paper.
This is to he known as the Sent
i nel.Journal Painting Contest, w
i be entirely under the managonc
I ol "I nclc Zwkw^'ond as lie iniHjn
I completed a contust of this kind
our BiHtor state, we publish the fo
| lowing, from the Sylvan V;?lh
Nows, of November 4, 11)01:
Ewitoii Sylvan Va'Xky Nkws;
Ah you have now completed tl
painting of our church in pursuant
with tho terms of the Voting ('onto
which was won by our people, we <lee
it due to you to >>ay that we are entire
satitdied with the way you have fulfill*
the term* of the Contest.
We recognize that t'io finiKhinK of tl
new church and hard-oil* and varnitdn
was a more particular an I expensii
job than you would pomibly have ber
required to do on any other of the co
teHtinK churched, and we are pie tsed
nay that you have done the work in ji
etllcient find workmanlike manner, ai
liavo fully justified the confidence r
posed in you by all the people who 01
tered the Contest.
G. J'. MoORR, Pan tor.
Z. W. NK'HOIjS, Ch'n of btewartd.
J. Al. KiwaTKICK, Sup't of Building
No report of our Pniritinjc Con to;
would to complete tlmt failed to ramitin
hm^cuUiml pari taken by C. \
?> ?' ri v'- '
r Daddies" lsWhat
4 W V
I Want.
>scribers Asked to Help Push |
i- Fowlea. Being u practical painter the
jf idea was his, and tho details were left
entirely to him. After tho contest was
won he lias had charge of the job from
ie Hist to last, and tho above certificate
n | from those interested shows that he has
io given t'ntie satisfaction?The News has
[Ig simply paid the bills.
^ Miner & Bhresk,
Proprietors Sylyan News.
* As "Uncle Zeke" has chaigeof
j. the Sentinel-Journal" eirculation,
ho will thoroughly canvas? the
county, and as ho hns for his motto
"A newspaper has as much nee>d of
10 friends as money,'' it will be his
J? plen-uie to say something pleasant
11 of the people he meets, thus leaving
ir a pleasant lUvor in the mouth, lie
II is enthusiastic in his work, f<>r in
III < . -
ner ueiignmw onuiate and tertile
^ hi mis, m natural advantages
and live progressive people, ho sees 1
. in giand old Pickens a county witb
I a tuturo second to nono in tlie
ll" Card of Thanks.
T desire to return my sincere thnnks
to tho citizens of Pickens and vicinity
,r for their kindneRsos during tho last
ie illness and death of my husband, Dr.
n. J. 1) Curotou. May God's richest
. blessings he theirs.
Sirs. K Ij Cureton.
ct , m
J | Summons For llelici'.
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
Court of Common Plena.
- y 15. M. McGee, Plaintiir,
in Mattio L. McCracken, alias Hattio L.
M-mldin, Defeiulent.
To tlio Dt fcndont above named:
You are hereby summoned ami reiid
quirt d to answer tiie Complaint, in this
i iiiminu, which is nied hi the ofliee of the
Clerk of the Oouit of Common Picas
ss. for siid County of Pickens in the town
it C' -untv ami .State of
1 South Cuohna, d having been lileil
ve | tin r?- on the l'i:h d;ty of November A.
[ y I). JOt'l ami to M'rvr a e.:>py of your
' j answer ti (lie said Complaint oil thesiib lM
! seribers t their oOlce in the City of
j Greenville, South Car lina, within
' twenty d lys after the service hereof, ex*
; elusive ol the day of such service; and if
ve j you tail to answer said Complaint within
I the time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this
^ ' j aeti >n will apply to the court for the re*
8. | lief demanded in sai I complaint.
_ Dated November l'HIi, A. 1). 11)01.
Kliiuniin <V Mue.keufuss,
(? ?) Plaintiff's Attorney's.
er - SJCAL - A. .7. Hmkrm, C. C. P.
- Nov. 2:t w(J.
ar Clerk's Sale.
no j ('oiinty of Picket j
ho' l?
(Jotninons Pleas ('ourt.
>w i M. K. Hi s;rr,
Ul j Ajjaiimt
VO T. C. I'OWell. et ;il
\y I Decretal Order.
ii i .
? I in |nir;-ua:MM' 01 a i N'crciiiI order n>i<I
tit; order of Foreclosure made in tlio following
stated case, ;i 11 I on Hie in inv oftice,
I will sell to the highest bidder, on
;tt Pickens court lious^, during the legal
bonis for naie, 11 if following described
Ileal Instate, to wii:
he1 KlitST:
to All tliat piece, parcel or tract of land
to ' yi!'K and being situate in I'ickensconnf.y
! ty.S, 'i'n both sidt s of Mig KaMatoc
| creek. wateisof Koowee River, niljoin"
I ing lauds of Thomas Powell, J. I'',. Ilar"!
good, ami others, containing one bun
in i drcd anil lifty aert s. more or lci-s.
10, I - ?
All that piece. parcel or tract of land
. j lyinK '*iiti li i? Mtnate in I'icken.s coun'
I tv. S. adjoining lands of VV. K.
'11 : I'rici . 'I'Iioiikh I'osvell, Sarah (Jalloway,
lit j .lolin ('iuitrcll, and Amos Cantrell, and
j# containing sixty acres, more or l?*!-s
! 'I'l-riitH ? earth, I'urchasor to pay
i for all pa*i?'rs and recording the mime
'"| The terms of this sale must l?-com
'y J plied with with M one hour, or tin* prem.
I IH('H will hit resold on khii o <1 iv at the
risk of tli'? former purchaser.
A J. HoifKH ( - ' ? )
< lerk of Court, SKAI. "
11-l(i-:j! 1'ickuna (Jo ( . ? \
ft **
m A i\i] uni Mineral quickly relieves
ly permanently euros I ndijroHlion ai.d
all st 'in icli troubles. Huh no tqua
for diseases peculiar to women. Price
H' ' f y #
(i;i j only 50c Try it. Sold by dni'^ists.
,r, Ac'd Ii wii Mineral has limbic, power
ltl to qiiickiv heal ruts, wounds, burns
to and old sore*. Stops blood How in
in stantly Kor man or benst. Hold by
|(, drutftfifds.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Beam the . ?~\I
y I Signature of
. - - v ? 1
I !? 1
>) The' J3est value:
)) busy store. Fi
\\ kept busy waiti
# in Dry Goods, (
1 prices, which
? would call you
(( in this store is
j) they will give <
f sent them to 1
jt in quality. Tli
vv vmri' vniiirr
A J J V.4. 1. Uliv / | / | / I I i w-j
C Hot shots from our ]
^ 10 pieces Broadcloth i
anteed spotless, well?shr
n' ment of this number in t
)1 5 pieces 52-iueh I,adit
U finish, in black, brown, 1
S\ 7 pieces Knglish Chev
skirts, in brown, navy hi
J nlar 69 cents value,
dr 5 picces Rain Proof C
son. The correct tiling
H blue, garnet and brown i
V\ 36-inch Black Taffeta,
f A Bargain i<i Bleachi
got them and will sell then
ff Something Special
\\ $1.25 kind, 89 cents, ic
| 11 ol
To the Time LoverThere
is H iiiMii ui Kasley lown,
Ami SNYDKU is his ihiidc:
Ilis work is l>iiM^ir.}> liim renown,
His goods have brought him fame.
Ho tidies a watch Unit's out of si^ht,
Su far behind the (inio,
And s>ets tli?* thing to n.ruing rigiil,
An.I ticking with a ehiinc.
So bring your watches, now or old,
Youl1 watches, fast or la/.v,
Your watches made of hi ass or gold,
Your watches worn or crazy.
lit'11 rcuke I lie crazy wutch rim I rue.
Till! 1)1*1184 W ltcll Slit-Ill U J?olll OIK!,
The oM watch just us jjood ns new,
Or else this "iul" Iuih told one.
H. Snyder, Jeweler.
I'Iim lirown's stfti* five stsir kIkx's
lire tlie It niiid<>, were awarded the
double Kriind pii/.e bv the world's
fair at St Louis. K. C. Carter, Lib'
rty, Sole A^t
nor<'8 of land known as 1 !> ?
I{. M. Foster place, on Saluda
river, adjoining lands of J. S. Williams,
(i.T, Ileudiicks and othorn.
About IK) acre* in cultivation, !>")
acres tin" liver bottom, balance in
line oiiginal 1<>1 < &t, well tnnla rod,
watered, good hi)uHi>K nnd pasture
Hud convcuiHiit to church and
school. Price in cheap ami tormis j
? .,.: . .. ~ i. - * *
m nun. |miri-iiiisor. linos good.
Also ( > roiit. (siio good two-story
dwelling, Mloru house, liii<' stand for
coin.try store, outbuildings, jutnliiro
etc., and twonty-fivo a'/res good i
l aid. For tonus find hirtlior par-i
ticulnrs apply to
C. 10. ROBINSON, Adv.,
Pickens, S. C. |
* 1 1 -1 >
A tiprvl
| aM. Q jl
to Wc know what all Kood doc- h
I tors think of Ayer's Cherry l\ j
Pectoral. Ask your own doctor
and find out. He will tell L i
Cherry \
j Pectoral j
h you how it quiets the tickling 1
| throat, heals the inflamed "
lungs, and controls the 5
hardest of coughs.
" Ayrr'a Cherry lVr.toral Is woll known In il
our family Wtt lliluk It I* til# liMt ln?iiloluo U
In the worlil for coughs imil colli*."
Katik I'KTKKtiON, retaliuna, Cal. h
is ft.,!we., f 1.00. ,?.<!. avir ?<>., i
Hard Coughsj
On? of Avar's Pills at badtlma will I
hitten ttMnaw ?i ?
* \
* vx ' ' ' J'u' ... i
I nt dust
3 wo have ever given are n
oiri early morning till Ia1
VA /"VI A 4- "1 x ^ J - ? T? ?
Clothing and Shoes. 11 is
mean for you noteworthy
r attention, but the tact th
our tniarantnp, 1 hn.1 t.hrt en
c > * "w ^
>ood service, and that they
>e. Nothing goes on our c
lis, connected with our lo
Dry Gooods section. These values wi
n all the popular colors, guar- || 36-inch Mc
link. This is our fourth ship- Sjj waist suits,
he last 30 pays. U A i.;nPl-?
n; 'tt
:s' Cloth, all wool, broadcloth they can't g<
>1 no and castor, 4S<*. jj than 75c; w<
iots, nice weight (or walking \ navy blue, bl;
in;, garnet, grey and tan, reg- j 44.inch Mc
4t)(*. i lar seller, an
!loth, a red hot seller this sea- \ brown,
lor shirt waist stii's. Navy 10 pieces 'I
nixtures. 4{)(*. i 1 tordav's exun
? I J 1
all silk, { | 'action. In n
ill ft*?l;our cases to sell this week, The mills
1 at five cents a yard.
in petticoats?loo black merccnized, nicel
^ .,1 i, .
/w ntiiiiv* tiuu \ l HI iir(i \ in wn.Mii, wu i Li i pi,'
':ill I \>3- Cliinn. (.Joupons sa 11 < 1 <
Busy Bee Hive.
We Will Conduct one o| II
I' v/ii? It iKwrn in 1 Em I I |
1 J \ V JL I \ I I \ M > II III I II* ! I i
h Sale Tint Will Linger Lonsr in The Mtcorie
PpnupmW jt isn 1 ,,nly wha? XV(: lu,v
, l\CailCIIliiJCl things advertised an; .no
, <-(1 sole!)' to enable yon to figure out iiow unit
Invi ligation on your paat will convince you t
K) tifiirs: i !' Mnii". :iii<! I ?il rs' tliooe. ?r,i,,ri I
J (|(lit 11 r v 1)1:11 foriin'i'l v s III 11OIII $ 1,.'?() to $L',00,
! your at $ I. lil .
12">(? |>;iirpj <m' Mm s and Women'x SIi >.?h f>>r
' vry ,n\ ;iii?l ,Suii;l.iv, w )iili r j^'ilnr >' 1.51!), anI"
prici', liSc.
TJib lur;??? t "t u! ' ()iId:.-I) '!-Iioi)h evur filiowii
in thm i-ointv, kiii'l now 7.V.
A splewhrl new lino ??f tlw famous at:<r f>
jdar ibat ti,ok rJio I )< > i h h <Jrriiul I'rizn ttt t i??
Wori.J s Kau-, Si. All kinds Iroin 1 .(H)
I |> to $ 1.;")(>.
5.000 \(Ih. Stiijidni'iI Chcckg, sale j>ri ? per
! v.irk, 5c.
;5,00() v:m<1h St 'jiila.id SliOxting.ut
L'50 yrl.s Staniliir<l (,'aliooat 5c.
I?1 * 1? 11 Tal?!< i >.uimsk,
(|ii>iIit v f>(? inch wide, .'>")c.
I> 1? :?? hii??/ 11''>111 5c up. II yon want u l>.?r!".'? ?i11
in iliinwc havn it \V?> ar<* overtook'd on ^
j?II kinda ol Oloachjog, lowiiKdalo cambric, unn
lon^ <i<>| h.
l{t mo in l?i- r wu hi >11 Coat's Thread tix spools
f ur ?
A largo lino of buggic
ld.d ] os, win" ps and lap rol
oy and staple groceries al
that 1 h i.w sale is (or li 11 eon
! V / V / i V r ? f T r I i V AT V ? y V / . , V . V
n 'M i l \ I'j I j ) ) (i()()
AT Tl I ! >
A*.'.* C
? j J COUPONS. % l\
iow being o lib rod in this 1 1
be at night our iorce is | \
some in to till their wants' J?
I n / ^ 4* A \ V? 1*7" A-v 1 -1 ? ? TV 1 M-> 1 -? "
? XJ \j u Ulll y UUl [J \JLL'CXJL
Y savings, to which we 2
at with every sale made J
ocls are dependable, that m
are just what wre repre- f
ounters that is not right J
w prices, ought to make
on't stay here long at these, nrices: ((
)h; \ir, in brown and navy blue, for shirt 1
50c. U
)rm scr^e. Our customers tell us that Jj
it this number matched fn town for less (f
don't know. In brown, tan, royal and V\
ick and red, 50(% if
Irose Cloth. 1 his has been a very popu(1
must be a t>ood value. In black and ff
40c. \v
[ \vn 1 I nHct.'l met 1 / Tf 1 v/i/l K\r II
c.ss. I he heavy quality that gives satis- f
.11 shades at 75c. %
ask six cents for the same goods, but we've 1/
y trimmed heavy llamiel] skirts, the regular n
50, at $1.19. V\
China U
si Go's. I
' ' 111 1 " mttmmmmmmmmm?i *c %
.22, FOB 15 DATO
lie Lamest lIAJitiAIN SAIJffi
story of Pickens County.
s of Iks wio Arc Sottunaie Enough to Attend it!
ertise that you will iincl at low prices here. The
rely an index to the entire stock, and are inteiul:h
you can save. l>y bu yinjj your merchandise here,
OI Jackets, Capes, Skirts.
3 Wo !);??.' a lar</c stock ?>l Jackets, Capos and
* Skills at pricoH unl?i?1 of.
i (:<,(><i Iloav.v (!'?1 ton Blankets. full 11-4 size,
m I with colon (I horde r8; inst? :? I of $1.50 per piir,
\ wo Hiiy i?ho
^ < Clocks, Watches, Etc.
c/>i l-.itrnt-?lsiy (Moc>[s, half hour strikes, Salo
ft) | pricN*
0 Aliiirri Cock* at <?(?? .
A. (iood Wat'-ii for $ I <>0.
j On" Solid Car lioul ol' Hai l) Wire and Nails.
J Wire lit. V I <'i'i11h |???! pound and nails at $2.60
ii 111ini | per kir.< huso.
I Loaded Shells, 2 boxes for 7w.
| All kinds of plown mnl plow goods, and
^ | e erything yon nond in Hardware.
*3 | Stoves and Ranges.
m j Wo havo a latgo lot of V'iry best grade of
taa* ! Cooking Stoves, ennplot) with w.iro, from |(8.f)()
' up. Wo have the kind that makes cooking a
C/) j nloasuro.
f~ i
is, surreys, wagons, harness,
)os. A com plete line of fanways
on hand. Remember
i days only, and that
l)S WI I A, Hlfl 01IA UGEJJ
\\<] 1 ? I i 1013 S.
Mk HB|P? ipm pHfe
Alt I tn.
If, s. c.
, - <

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