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fistou Sratiiiil-Juml.
_ i
Happenings o( a Local and Personal Nature.
?Christmas in coining.
?Read the conditions of uur painting
contest on another page.
--Miss Olive Gillespie entered tho
graded school Monday morning.
?liird hunters had bettor tako
care lest they tread on forbidden territory.
? I*. Eugono Alexander and Ernest
Folger spent Thanksgiving in Greon^
?This is the time when we appreciate
the subscriber who pays in ?d
?M isses Murie and Lucia Folgoi
spent Thanksgiving with relatives in
--Prof. W. Fi. Doudy and family
spent Thanksgiving with his parents
ut Kichliiml.
?If you have not hoard oi uiu
' l'ainting contest" lead tho big ad
ou another page.
? Cadets Bruco and Lelvoi Buggs,
Edgar Morris and James P. Curey
spent Thauksuriviui? ut hmm>
?Mr. Frod Day and Miss Bet tie
Miller worn married Sunday, Nov. '27.
ltev. T. E. Sea grow officiated.
?C. L. Cureton will very soon ro
move to Piokens to reside with hi?
mother, Mrs. K. L. Cureton.
?Uncle Zoke is out among the
boyu this week getting acquainted
lie is jolly company.
?Save tho coupon in this paper
You will wish yon had it to vote be
tore the eontost closes.
?Teach your girl how to cook, and
if she does not thank you, somebody's
aon will tlmnk you for her.
? The Baptist church at this place
gave a unanimous call to tho present
pastor to serve onother year.
? Wo have had some fine weather
the past weuk, and the fanners have
made good use of it sowiutr their
small grain.
--Nearly every day the SentinolJouraa)
is adding new subscribers to
its list, but we still havo room on our
l>ook for a few more.
?All local notices of u business
nature will bo run under the head of
"Business Loeaja," and will bo charged
for at the rate of 5c per line.
?An interesting communication
from Ann Freezer has been received
too lato for publication this week, but
wilt appear in our next ihbuo.
? Mra. VV. H. Hughes, of Ilichiaud,
ami Mrs. ?J. J. Sitton, of Pendleton,
apent Thankngiviug with their
winter, Mra. J. J. Lewis.
?Mra. C. II. Alexander returned
from Birmingham Monday afternoon,
where aho attended the marriage of
her aiater, Miaa Lucy Hagood.
?Thero are already a number of
coupona for our conteat in the hand*
of subscribe IB. Send tlifiir in mul I
atart your favorites in the race.
? Messrs. Julius E. Boggn, JaincH
P. Carey and T. J. Maiildiu, ol the
looil lmr, uxe attending Supreme
Court in Columbia this week.
?Saye your hist week's paper; you
will went the coupon out of it. before
long. Suve the coupons each week;
thoy are good for votes.
*-Havoyou a young lady friend
who would he pleased to take a course
in a Coiuii ercial college. Send in
your coupons with her uiiiuo and ml
? A goodly number of our auh
acribers have shown their apprecia
tion of our efforts to improvo the paper,
by coining in and paying in ad
?Contractor Henry Prince is mailing
work on T. L. Bivins' residence.
Ho will soon hi. it completed, and
it will bo a modem dwelling in every
?J. McD. Bruce, Mrs. L. C
Thoruley ami MiHs Lucia Folgor
wore among I ho vinitorB in tho city
from PicketiH thin week.? Greenville
? Gideon EIIih, who in a groat be
liover in education, spent a few days
in Greenwood tho past weok, and
while thero visited tho Williamxton
Female College.
?We expect to furnish tlio material
and paint, freo of cout, Homo
church or parsonage sotnewl'ere
within the radius of this paper's cir
? Itev. J. M. Stewart tilled tlio
pulpit of the Baptist church last Sunday,
preaching a good sermon. 'I'lio
pastor was at liasley assisting in tlio
ordination of Mr. Clirifttonher.
_ ? r
?Remember we htnrt out on the
"cash in advance" system January lut,
1905. Do not allow your name
dropped from our lint, n? wo nofd
you^now, if we ever did.
?More wheat in being sown than
lant year, and more fertilizer i? being
used with it. Thorough preparation
is another requisite thnt is becoming
more genua), and the indications are
that Pickens county people will harvest
a larger amount of wheat, noxt
season than, usual.
?Old newupapers, suitab'o for
wrapping purpOBeu, for Halo at this
ollico at 2c tho pound.
? Our Hubgcriltern are particularly
urged to Bend the name of their nree
ent postoffico ns well us the one to
which tbey wish to be transferred.
This will savo much time and coufnsion.
?R. L. Rovis, of the Norris section,
is ft good citizen who believes in paying
in advance for his paper. H?
wus in Pickens Tuesday and paid t>
Feb'y 'OG. Needless to any he lives
at home.
?Dealers in toys and novelties have
commenced to receive their ChristI
mas gooils and the storo windows now
have on exhibition many articles that
appeal to both children and grown
?The editor is hotter sntUtiKd to
receipt for subscriptions now, as his
hotter half returned houie Saturday
from a pleasant trip to Charleston,
where sho had been to visit her Rioter,
.OlB K i'j (jOOttWlU.
Married, nt tho reaidcneij of li.
D Garvin, on Siuidnv evening, 21) h
nist., Mr. ?Joa Warde to Miss Mattic
Gilstrap, both of 1'ickeuH coutity. The
happy couplo have the con;<?utiihi
tions of their numerous friends.
?A nice sociable was greatly on
ioved bv tli*? vouui* neoole at. the
ruHiiii-ucM of J. I). Holder, ne<U' town,
last Thurnday night. A goodly c :n
tin?*e?t i?f 1'iekei.sites \v< re present
ami a Lfood tune was reported.
--Next week is the last time tli's
\ear that N I>. TujKm will be in his
gallery in I'ickons if you do not
see hi in here next Wednesday, you
will inish f>otlinj? your photo in time
to t<ivo it us u (Jlinsliuas present.
?Tho largest, stocks i?f goods owr
brought lo Pickens are iuov on the
shelves of hoi1 merchants, mid still
<!OiniiiL' in. Thuir line of (Mirist ir.ast
goods and holiday novulties are lining
received and }>sit on display. 5. yon
?vant fjood goods at the right j>. i.:, s,
Pickens is the place to hunt.
?Tho largo now barn belonging t >
Molvin M. Holder, who lives nc.tir
town, was burned last Friday together
with about -1,001-) bundles of foddei
and a lot of feed stuff. The origin
ol luo lire remaiiiH a mystery. l his
is a heavy loss on Mr. Iloliltu He
will rebuild at once.
-If. A. Price, son of NV. U j
l'lioo, of Sunny Dale, loft Sttm l?v,
for Donvor, Colorado, by wnv of !Si
L>ni?, wlioro ho will spend a f?-w
dnvs sii<ht seeing. Ho will probably
locato in Denver if ho in phm-sod with
the country. Al i.s a No. 1 good fo!
low, nnd no mutter in what liu is en
framed, I10 will ho sueeoKst'iil, and a
#..i * i : i ti t
unci 111 111>111 id ihn ?i||i|?iuv( i. \V i; |
wiwh liiin unbounded miccohh.
? Dr. T. W. Folgrr liaa tukon tho
unsigned Block of good a of 0. 11. i*il
lingaly, at Central, and is enlarging
t'uu nlock with timely selections (>t
such general mcrchanditic uh i ho
trading public desire*. He ia carrying
a nicely asso'ted stock find li is
Itllh lllA UlJfliin <1*/* ..f
|?\?W KiiU f/1 IVVH niblllll l?l*i luntill wi I
all Dr. KoliM t* is n tfood business m m '
and ii perfect gentleman, i\?k1 will
trent hit customer# right, (live hiru
n call and you will never regret Imv- j
ing dealt with him.
, " . ' >
We A re Re a
i THIi Largest and most magi
upper South Carolina can
bought these goods for CASH ;
prices on them. Below we giv
of our goods.
100?3.50 Hods, live
12&?0.00 Herts, six
50?8.00 roll ft. 0 1100?10.00
Oak Dress
150?tt.OO Oak Dressei
125?8.50 Washstmirts
The best No. ? Stove oil c
A lnrire No. S Stove. 2K ul
, _ r.
. Iii fact we have nearly every
iVietts & Je
(\ The Waterproo
)) lOc. WITH DAUBEfi
A I so ()1 her Pol
// Buy your Med
{( 1"*
%i 111*^1 v. mail
y) not conic, write
pp \\ri 11 be opened in a few chi
J Pickens Dru
"If we Please You, Tell (
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought j
Siyuaturo of
m .? i ? j .iwmtim 11 MWT?< HI i ?11
(( rnR riF.r ia
(1(91 W I V W JL_l V_^ . J
I^KCAUSK wc hayc hac
/ 1) ^ w'^ way al
C\ coming, and plenty <
CC prepare lor it. We. are. fixe
v ff
' r/ liicr Int <?( tiirnifni*<> \
Vk There are id I kinds of wagons, I
Talk about "thin w tgon" or "tlmt w
X\ Kolki" the Mtchell dowus "e.ri all
J? thoy rn:. ho 1 iff lit that you think it V
coming . A little liiglior in priee, po
Jj So no big bargain* to offer in, (
O-mt'H Furuiahing goods between no
(hot it tni/. ViluiAa. 1S t>t h . iwnl Kn
For Hietdun Mliood, St of not
i, ' :r< v 1 . ?
" > ' * *~T"
dy For You!
lilicent stock of Furniture in
be found on our floors and we
inrl hnw n.it N OP W.O ITT:
e the quality and price of some
loot high, for $3.00.
" ? 475.
2 foot high, for 5.75.
ors, largo glass, 8.50.
s. medium fflftss. 7.00.
for - - - - 2.75.
U1T FOR $14.50.
artli for $10.50. 2<S pieccs.
lores, $15.00.
thing that goes into the house.
8 S f 1C55, so. Car.
linola, |
f Shoe Polish,
I AND BRUSH, 25c. (fj
is lies in Stock. //!
_?.? i
icine From us! //
ever before. II you can- <
us. Our Vj
lys. Wait and see them. //
g Company, 2)
Others; if Not, Tell us."
Fresh nuts, raisins, citron, currents
nn<l tigs at Mrs. K. L. Curet n's.
?For tlio month of Dec. wo oll'or
u Snt of our men's liao shoos at a
greatly reduced price. Craig Bros.
?Fine cranheiry sauce, apple butter,
en 11 nod pine ipploand pineapple |
preserves at .Urn. lv. Ij. Uureton's.
? We want 1000 pounds of butter
during December, also nil tlio chickens.
t^g?, turkeys, ami beeswax wo
can (jot. Craig liros.
?All persons owing us for guano
or Btoro iteeount will plense come up
and settle at once. I can use the
money now. H. A. lliclipy.
Willi $2 00 Inuio at our storo wo
will sell vii a handsome picture and
irvmc for 80c that generally moIIh for
$1.50 to $2.00. Craig Bros.
Competitive Examination.
(>nn clurUKhip in tlm ftngrossing
IV|>nitin<;nL for the 8th circuit will
ho uuimloil by c iinpctitivo exutmua
sion to ho liehl at Helton, S. (' , on
I'Yidny, Dec. Kith, beginning at 1)
o'clock. Itcspectfullv,
.In!ms 10.
Attention. Knights!
Members of tlie order of Knights
of Pythiua aro requested to imot ill
their Castle Hull promptly next .Won
ilny evening at 8 o'clock. Them will
lie something doiu^ in tlm If ink of
E-(pi ire.
i ib iiai?w win ! i?mwm i i ?i iu? -ii??w hi?n?hi
OUT! |
iN. AND TLB... |
1 a pretty 1 rall is no reason
I, winter. Cold weather is \\
I' it. Now is the time to y)
(1 for you. Big shipments of y)
?oats. jackets, ?
:ts and shoes.
? ((
DkEJJ Q00D5, \\
'imqj, -1" ((;
juggies, carriages, wagons, rr '
l?ut nono liko tho MITOIIEL. V\ (
ugon," or your "Grand Prize Wu fr (
Host mad'*, lighl<wt running - .
. down lull both wujr; going nnd n //
ilmps, but mo muoa Imttor m worn'. CC
jlothing, hIiopo, lmt?, overcoat* and Of '
>w and .J?in. 1. Youth truly, yV
rxlOtlnir n Mp#vl?lty. Ajf nt? ))
i tlnt?, Mitdlii-ll W^irnu. \\
1 tie r><
The managers
( illation anion^ the j]
best material iiiomi'v
% J
in?r sninn ( Minivli m
rsuigo of its influence
Any church may enter
6-month subscriptions, and shoi
painting same will be donates
committee from the winner ma;
What Church or Parson
r * \ - i *i ?
voies 01 me suoscriucrs men
May i, 1905, will win.
In addition to the above
of the leading Commereial Coll
the highest number of votes.
1 lie yonnjr lad/ or gi:
subscribers. The one receivinj
TCvtsry new <?r renewd subscriber t<
pr to 3'2 votes; a ?ix months Hubscrilier,
months. All present .subscribers wIiohu I
Jnto as "renewnl" subscribers.
Til luMition to this "Subscri!crs' (
l)ou which entitles the liohler to 0110 vote.
The standing of each entry in this
keeping?-to bo opened by a disintoividet
and will em' the content.
lno lioiHinei Jouri)-1 will lultill us
can be uriHiigod willi lli<' winner, colors .
contc8tant ns soon us winnt>r is il,'ciilo(l
Without a Dollar <>
No Coupons (oxcept sincjlcs) accepted
unless subscription is paid in advance.
To the person sending us
the largest list of sub
scribers accompanied by
the cash, before May 1st,
1905, we will tfive a first
To tho Time Lover.
There is >i inun in Kasley town,
Ami SNYIMdt is ins naim :
His work is l>rin?^ii??jf liim renown,
Hu; goods have brought him fame.
Ho takes a willed that's out of sight,
So far behind the time,
Am! nets tlin 111i 11?f to running ri^id,
An.I ticking with a chime.
Si hring your watches, new oi ol.l,
Your watches, fast ?.r ln/v,
lour wiucnes iii'idt) Dt bins;, oi jjoid,
Your watches worn or crazy.
He'll muUu tlio ern/.y watch run true.
The brass w itch stfciu it j^oM one,
Th i- dlil watch j'l^t iis good its new,
Or el o this "ad" has told otic.
H. Snyder, Jeweler.
I he Brown's at a live star .d ncs
uru bl 10 iH'Ht made, wore uwaiuid tn<
double ;?riuiil 1>\ tin- world'*
fair lit St. Tjiuirt. II. (\ Carter, Lil>
I'ty, Sole Agt.
Sheriff's Sale.
County <?t I'icknis.
In ('iinuiidi I'lo:i.s <' >i1rt.
UiU'lrtiri l<\ J< lies, ot ul.
NV.N, 11 ii t ol al
I )c-f(Mi(lnnts.
Pursuant to nn order of sale and par
tition made in tlio above staled cr.se en
tho OctoberftfU 151(14, by lion, .1. Y, Culbreath,
presiding judg.*, I will sell to
it... i. i.;. ii... ... i>...i..... / .1
LIU 111^ I M'.II 'I'I'UI ill I 1 ?*r||Mf ' ,11 (Ml
llio tract of lind described in tin- ?ui?plaint
in tlu> above statcl action as follows:
AM that piece parcel or tract <>f land
lying and boitiK situate in the ('unity
ind state aforesaid,2 <?n Saluda Ifivi r
kdjoiniug Ian Is of J. T. licndricks, \V,
I I 1>. . I l>,.. i L' I ,i
ii. ivem, I nil in i i rii i-iiitiii < i hi I Ulilt'l ,
ami conlainH 0110 hundred and lliiiiy
<pvcn (!:]?) acres more or lcf-s."
Also one lot of land adjoininj; tin?bove
ilesorihed tract of land containing
>ne and one-fourth (I 1-1) acres more or
Terms, citbli, purchaRor to pay for
titles. .J. II. (J. McDANlKL,
Nov. 10 1901 S. P. ('.
fcc; aaa bank deposit
^vjavi'vrvr Railroad Fare Paid. 600
' F UK K Courses Offered.
HHHHHMH Board ? Cosl. Wrlto Quick
; of 1liis })ciper, in or<l
U'St r?I ; f no
>"1 i"
can !>i!v uihI paini in
Piirsoniiliui'din"1 s
it-; buikling in this contest 1 ?y
ilcl the winning house not :iec I ]
I by The Sentinel-Journal to a
> select.
;u;e slum receive tin- benefit of I
lselves. I he one: recei\iiii.; the
we will lmvc, absolutely free, i
ej^es ol the country, to the youn
nt to benefit by this offer slut 11 1
y the largest number of votes be
) 'L'uc Si iitincl .rnuvnal I'T out! jwir will iv
to ! "> votes in tliii i* iiti' .f V.i i .Miliu m
time expires prior to January 1, will lie ci
??>:iI??>i>, ' tin ro will l?o published in fi,u:a i:
Nd coup ms will bo counted which read
eon!est will he published weekly, and fix
I committee after clone of contest, The a v
put of tin', con!raot?tlin painting? just i
?'l?clel, material .secured, etc . and certilic
f ICxpenso to the Su
-r?"r ~ , JU
cV r>?r> ji
! |c ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
i ' \_ f- '?3ka>aa^:SK?:FS?i!ik?C'SiLK ,'Z?S*S
V fl 1 nays to take care ci
chickens, e<^'s, l)c< 1
\* to try to avoul maki. <4' < ?:
way than to look al r tii
~ a specialty <>! haiui'mo <
PI -.1.1 t 1
;\t iiuic, ii) our Kino' <'\!>rner
\&> such tilings.
We want .ill the tin
!/,,] (llicks, ^cosc. i h'cs \ n
l Iwj (:an ^(t* Our stoj
i^l i^'ootls, and our price;
! l/w \\'e have hut oik
I I , i pleasure. ol knowing tli ti
^ ri^ht, and as cheap a-, ;ii
/ your trade and will nlw
'^i money's worth. Rcspc
f rRAia'M
Pickens Be
The Pickens Heel Market h
room between the "hi" k\ov< a
come our customers. We ban
understand how to butcher bee
meats to suit you. We pay hig
tic and nnrk nnd kIwimi YW v
- - I "-I
low. Conic to see us. Yours
Crane ?
or to increase its ciropio,
will furnish the
i\ worlvjuanliko manoiih?yvImt<!
within the
forwarding two ycariy or four
ll'linl I llrf till* l^finnta/l
ny other improvement which a
his oiler will be decided by the
largest number of votes before
paid in full scholarship in one
ip" ladv or gentleman receiving
*-> ' o
>e decided by the yotes of the
lore May i, 1905, will win.
i' v.* :v C ) i|? >i\ w lie 1 on iiI.?K th? holdwill
bo given for n l**ss time Hutu nix
unsiiloivtl us "new," mid those after timt
hsuo of tlie paper until A|?iil 30. u Coui
tliis ofti'-o a ft or midnight of April 80.
i ballots will thou bo deposited for ?nft?
raid of this cotumiitco will be published
is koo'i uftor the award ns preliminaries
ate of si-hol.! i sliip sent to the suocessful
( erssfui Contestant.!
-*^rru_ ruv- . .. . /,'
. *
P^'-Qb ra : % cyRji - ;
the. little things, such as ?J
wax. butter, etc.. It pays ^
bis, and there is no better V
e little things. We make j
ountry produce, and are ^
ice to pay a <jood price for ?jf
"keys. ckens, e^s^s,
ix, l)uin -tc., that we
is lull nice new J
> will do l ? rely upon. A
rice, so you can have the A
you ap' buyino- your i>ootl |^f
iy hotly. \\f appreciate ^
ays ti\ to ^ive you your \
ct fully, ^
\Sil .STOI^Iv J
ief Market!
as just opened up in the store
lid 1 )ock Pace's where we wc4dle
nothing but the best. We
if and do it nicely, and can cut
K *- i ^ ?
iu:si marKtji: price: lor Deel catiill
also buy you hides and talfor

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