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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, November 30, 1904, Image 6

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Chit <*t lli'* life that was lone and unblMt,
l.' / iVice After pain, and the ?ong for the
are kind heart* and hands, anil we're
Ey/JP' loving them Wat;
Oood-ln >i? you. Lady, CJood-by!
J The fair flowers I'ade near an ice-mantled
Y But ?ome where life'a honey is sweot i' the
One. to a world that to tinsel and strange?
' * Where joy is a phantom. and hone can
but die:
Aju! one to a world where the hearts never
<Good-hy to von. Lidy, t?ood-by!
There are utorni-lurd* in life where the
wild breakers foam.
Bnt somewhere life's honey is sweet i' tlie
At the irate s of y nil- pa'ace the dead days
will throng.
Like trhooU- from the shadows of earth
and of sky:
1 :\m hidden awav in the liiies of song;
tJood-hy t<> you. Lady, liootl-by!
The rocks for the wrecks, xs all starless
, thev roam:
Hut somewhere life's honey Is sweet i' the
l.rtud of all lo\ elineA" d;?nd of all light!
Land of life's dreams, where the dreams
never die!
Cod lead you then when your soul feels
the night -
Good-by ' ? yon. I.uily. (loud-by!
. 11n1 joy <>' llic billows the ileece. o'
j* ' ' 'Hio
To i world w'ncir litVs honey in sweet i'
A 'the .-nib.
? Frank L. Stanton.
^yr* sxflsasoa iasz3Z3SSsum.
f?uy LAflMueaj 'A! i jug
ri i \ "
, JH# *i? ITilVCIliy I1I0S lUS^
w w ? otnfort oftentimes runs inO
Y'V O to t'.an^ r. -It>! 1 n llanly
^ l?rovi<il the fact when, in
' Off an effort to cscapo the buslie
of pr para (inns for liis aunt's (Mrs.
iimliiiiu's) Jiijf party, In- took a ton.ptin*;
woo.l path ami ca.su> all unawares
lipon two pretty jriris. One >tood the
moral and pattern of impatience; the
other. half hont, was oi'^eriy soarohiim
through the grass and tangle of llxl>alhsidi',
now parting its greenery
with two slim white hnnds. now letting
N V the hands fall at her side, while she
Mooped lower, peering at some small,
l>at*o spare.
"J, rani come, Betty!" tie hoard the
*>i]a.n:h*r shy, plaintively. "Yon know
llie bracelet> my mascot Aunt llel- '
<?n said ?o when she nave it to mo? |
;",<X lpighty poor mascot," Betty retort- !
?&:. "I'd throw it away rather than ;
wear it?rnhbish thing It's ten years
*tfK^yo\\ not it. and we are just the
saiuo?poor as ?Imrch mice, yet hound
ti* llvo up to tile Morris tmnn\ n-.Miirs. !
' lirtHitW ttnil Mtnk r>m?M hnn-? >'> '
A Pennsylv
roceDtlv in 1
vania trains c
as Pcnssylvai
. Methodist j
% speak of tht
Charleston, tl
just what the}
Wo haven't
\ <theii "pleRed~the bracelet <>nt of Us
\ jrrton ambush and luvl<l ir toward its
owner, say in a" easily, 'There. Miss
^ M?urjft. Now, I claim a reward. You
re trty^ive me the tirst three waltzes
lo-nignr. '
' "Why, how do you UnowV" Millicent j
r Morris began. amazed.
Hardy looked m her Willi twinkling
?*yos. "You forget there > a speaking
likeness of you over Hilly i;raliaiu\s
mantel at Vale." lie saitl. "That re
'luintis me niii.v s my eousin- 1 la .joun
flunly at your service ami '.just now
coking asylum from my natural or
k t wnnatmal protectors."
"Then come home u iiii ti<. Ask him.
Betty?Betty's head of the house." Miltf
returned promptly. Hardy looked)
?nrreaty at Bel'ty. who answered it I
. Iioapltrtfof.v enoufth. Thus, tlve min- j
ntcs later he found himself walking j
li.k f r?* Ann t I.. t ii'i. in , vlil
Harden, and on a 1 ?iwhite silent '
bouse, the very picture <>f re.stfuluess. j
"Ye*. it i* nice, r love it all every I
*tkk find stone ami blade of i$ra<s."
Will j. ?al(K when lie cxclaimcd over
tfcii1 charm of everything. "That"* the
tr??)d,?le." hIic went on. 'I want to!
* llvft liore always, and Itill.v <ays when j
are married and settled down it i
Wljl-lk* over there. He ought io have !
Betty, not inc. She like- things new
and gorgooup and well kept. If I had i
) ?iiy fortune I <> >uldn't change u. h
/' tii?re onlv nut sound nosts 11 the -.lira'
stlnl plant orchard* anil >? .- ,:u ! have
a brand now rose nifti that
Mlinnhln't put <.tir old Moa.-:-. oif) o!'
"IWl't lalk xo, Mi!iv. \tr ilard.v
Will think yon'ri' <>nt of y> ,,r i. .i?' st;;set
a little that wlipf; von
#tart bpr oil her I'dim" > ISeUv sail1,
tralf .^ovctviy. hall' al><"li^i-ii .ill\ the
/laat tvoriN, of eonr*?\ to Manly, t <>t
. |a inlniite lie did not : ! , w?s
fBtartllK mti iiily rtt ' til ,.ej<a)< <> in 'lu
. Irecovereil liraet iet. " 1 .? t .tie ool; ,'.t
; -that, jdeay." tie said !n :<1 it^ i :it ;ti>
fiaml 1'or It. ''Phi- <vi \ in.vr i> poi a(Jl;ir
xtill I serin In lilt * *< ' '
j if ore."
, ""Jfo; you ii.ivmi'i." -.ml Mills > onfi
.Wleljtly, l>lll liaiuliii- nvcr tlif bau'ule.
' Is Just one mnr like i :'.iUi
Amit Helen I ml lliiil. Mir sj|,;? wen!
4I00, Willi all <>ii Im.ii'il Ilia. - \vi;y
I haven't yoi my forf'inc. h's >01110
who in. nil in gold anil jewels, l?ut Just
where nobody know* or < m IIml out.
i'm nam oil for her daughter thai died.
/ rOiev bracelets yfeu(o ?arvcd for poor
<7oq$ln Milly. ijtade the design
herself. Hee,' it's a star, and :i now
moon, with a (lower propping down.
To tldqk of having/everything you
iw ii ii i uiui i *,v iiij? ill i ? i*iii' 0
"That j? fathoi* traffic." I lahly nrt
niMtcii. Then Tor llv<> iiiiauio.s he
_;ho onm/v<j closely, nut! iii !?si
gaw-'rt hor'k \vJtl,i a fuec j;alo and pror.:illyin:r
.'lallauHj, tin
irtlkVil ln'fcjitl.v Hmmvrh.an hour, lint
ouo*' nj^jra Itt the wocdpnilt h" sat
?lown - ??>i\ siur'jy wiv.&U** with 1.1s
rt*fn'4^'(Dnl. n<> over r.^'.n flic
^ ctay-whoa Hi ' > m hiul uail an ; :isun>
'? i. ii.-was
j " 1 v
en years back, *tter a phenomenal
storm. lie Lad rttood ut the very edge
of the hungry breakers, watching tbein
rave and roar, when it swept tumbling
In- the brass bound oaken chest, full
of gold and banknotes it ml precious
stones, unset, many uncut.. There had
been no name, no mark anywhere?
only at the very bottom of all. wrapped
ill .-tuiv. ii urm-fiiTi, :i Mi'iuicii lll>o|? ?>l
sold sot with a fanciful cameo. Ho had
half smiled over the pattern of it. even
though he knew souu' heart tragedy
lay hack of it.
He had not told of his iind -search
for owners of such treasure trove
i seemed so hopeless, lie hud meant to
ask his uncle's advice and he governed
hy it. Then that very night came the
dispatch- the good uncle was dead,
and Hardy his sole heir. Altogether
Fate seemed bent on forcing him to
keep what hi* had found. He had kept
it. accounting for his change of estate
; by a true story of Inheritance greater
than lu* had had the right to expect.
I Now, he knew where the bulk of his
j fortune belonged.
Almost he persuaded himself to hurry
hack to the city, take out the accusing
graven stone and pound it to powder.
Suddenly, somewhere hiuli above
his head a robin sang clear and gay.
The sound brought back to him
a eounirv church himself a restless
little boy. sitting at his mother's side,
and siuhlonly growing calm as together
I hoy j;ot to their feet and repented
in unison, with the rest the
laird's Prayer.
"Lend us not Into temptation, but <!e
i liver us fro II evil." It rang in his ears
i like a voice of a friend. He had flung
j himself face down upon n.o -v turf.
Instantly he was up and r.c - back
toward the, Morris house fast as his
feet could go. There he burst in upon
Mllly and Hetty, wild eyed and white
faced, but joyous, indeed, told them
everything?making no reserve even
1 over his lenintation and how he had
been saved from it. and wound up
| Willi: "Now my soul is at peace; I
can dance ami lie liajipy. Lot tilings
, staml until to-morrow, please. It would
! be cruel. alir.'?st inhttniaii, to spring a
sensation such as this, and eclipse
Aunt Harriot's party."
"Wo would never. never il<> that."
Miily said joyously. "She liatos mo j
j cnoutrh as it is because Billy lilus mo. ,
She thinks, as L do, ho is quite wasted j
on ni". Indeed, she said to him when
| ho t.>1.1 lior wo woro ont?Mm?mI: 'Oh, !
| you idiot! AVliy didn't you inUo
Hilfy asked himself that question
before tho party was ovor. Ho irot
homo an hour before tho guests assembled.
Hetty was easily far and
away tho star of thom all. All in liimy
white, with strands of dull rod coral
al her throat and twined in her irold n
hair, she was so ravishing it is i
small wonder llilly's callow heart wav
"But the trouble with 1 if?? insurance
is thai you never can got anything out
<>f it yourself. It's :i 11 ;i dead weight
for the benefit of son ebody else. Voij
merely curry the load, and when you
put It down that's tho end of the ease,
as fur as you're concerned."
"No, you're ?.tT there. .My life has
been saved l?v the insurance I'm carry
in' Say.
you don't think I m weak |
minded or anything 11 k?? that. do yon? !
ilou' could your insurance have the
leaf.t thins to do with saving your I
"The doctors were t;oinK to operate !
on mc for appendicitis, lint the inuirance
companies that are interested t
1n me rushed In and stopped them.
li'? a great tiling. Belter take olit a
po;i< > for ;i couple of hundred thousand
dollars."?(Chicago Keeord-Herald. (
Tutting In it Word for 1'iifiu.
The daughter of an uptown physio- I
nut nf credit and renown is :i bright j
little girl of seven, who lias much j
petted l?y iier admit ing friends. Perhapn
this has spoiled her a little, but
she is so sweet and entertaining that
v.sitors take to her at onee. One of
e?i 1 on tli>' child's mother, and soon
li.id (ho Utile maid in lid- lap. In tho
chillier wlileh followed tho woman
jride some allusion to the little* one's
,in( niliuotlK-r.
"Why, don't you know'.'" fried tho ;
"Know what, dour?" a?!;ed the visit.ir.
"Why." said tin* oiilld, "^laiiilnia is
load, and Aunt Siismii is dead, and
most nil pupu's pnli.-nis arc dead,
i o'." Ni'u Yorl; 1'n^sR.
IIl>Vt* \ (Ml (iol '1 11rill ?
I '<> \ .m * !<i .?ii.\i<h:> :uiti pit'nrr upii'q
vl'.i'ii kji.n 111:1.i ;;?:?* by7
I )i? yo'i .?! M'p
! < > yoi) . 1 to b I hungry 7
I !,i. < v.,;:; !. ! i?; t it I ? whon von
1 ? < - :i yli-ak V >
1 f- ilu>1V !1 .1 f' ri ..,, ill yn?p
l?n \??:: Iv niglt! iiimv*
I>.? you ?li? mental ;irillmicti>' over)
| time you contemplate the purehnsc of
j 'ooffoc-iind" ?
Have you a hunted look?
Do you walk down dark alleys when
vnii ii. ilnwnlnwn?
j I'.oAvnro! Thoso nro the symptoms.
You're Itiislctl Sail, rnineisco flul*
lot ill.
\ Nlglit I.ife-.Siivlnq; I'uoy,
A u6vi'l Inc-saving dovioo h;is lioon
| iitiuni m nit- i'i|iii)>111<-11i in suMiiici s oil
I Lake Michigan in tli" ulglit buoy,
designed lo prevent 1ho drowning of
' persons falling fvojn a vessel In she
| darkness. The buoy, above which v. ill
burn a brilliant .:a? ^c!. is !,\ means
of eltoinieals lighted a soon ns it
strikes the water. 'J'lie devices are being
titled aboard ill"' sUMmera t 'olnmb"us
and vfrginla.'uf the C.oothich llfuy
! Thft Milif.nw Tlim
TTff1'""-" "' , L" "|
If ouo were to harrow the country
with a tine-tooth comb ho would llnd
no man more fitted for the hero of a
so dior-of-fortuno novel-Hian Sherman
Hell, sometimo trooper in Kooscveit's
llougli HUlcrs. now Adjutant-tieneral
of tlio State of Colorado. Nor would
the author long remain-iu doubt nbour
the title of his novel, lie would natu?!
ally call it "The Dictator." Because
j (lovernor Pea body's hammer is vain.
| icanoss, oustmato, iiioatrleal, and anniitraininelcd
loader of inon l).v unu-p
of natural Illness, .Mr. Itlcliard Ilard!
in>; Davis should put him into inunedi:
nte requisition.
Garments Secur.ly Locked When Hung:
Upui the Rack
Am- vv.ucu-.vour-iiai-Hiiu-ruui >11511*
which arc an inseparable feature of
lunch rooms aiul public assembly
rooms iu this country, indicate that the
potty theft cautioned against is often
practiced. 1'nele Sum recently issued
a patent for a hat and coat protecting
hook, the invention of a Mihjeot of
tll?* Ivim* III* Kil vnnv ro<lil i liir ill I nih.
ziK-Stotteritz. indicating that thin
country is not the exclusive homo of
the sneak thief. The device consists
of two arms, pivoted together after
the manner of scissors, forming two
sets of hooks, an upper and a lower
pair. The upper hooks are intended
^o clamp ovei ?ae of the hooks usually
found in public places for holding
hats and coats or outer wraps. The
lower hooks are turned inwardly toward
each other, one being adapted
to receive the slisoension limit tin ! Iu? .
coat collar, ami the other having a
Hat surface against which the bent !
round rim of the hat may he clamped !
by the other hook, so that the hat cannot
be taken from the hook, <but will
not be damaged by the clamping action
of the two hooks, owing to the
tlat surface against >vhich it is pressed.
When the coat has been suspended,
and the hat vim clamped in position,
The World's Gret
"?** 'III I j'I 11
* . .v
ltnllt 1 ?.v tho Hcltuckorl Company, of
i 000,000 en ml la-power; Jnis a dlnmettu* oi
I visible eighty tulips distant.
I ' 1
'M- .X^% r v. it ,
bator of Colorado.
Tho outcropping stratum of (ion- j
oral Boll's mental make-up which (list !
catches tho observer's attention Is his^
cocksurodno.ss. Ho novor shy?vc^(i ,
doubt in his gusty lifetime^* That j
quick. lop-sidril brain of hi;*'sums up
tho mat tor, largely roga unless of the !
evidence, and comes ty> an immediate
decision, lie is oncAif tho most un- ,
fettered of men. Ai. is a safe guess j
Dial down (loop irf-1 lis heart lie does not !
care one jaelyinrnw for abstract law.
He decides Avliat course Is best to follow
aiy.1-' the legality of it does not" j
tmnii^o him nt nil. ? Wiliimn MacLeod
Uai ne, in Leslie's Monthly.
tin* two arms arc lock ml in the closed '
position by a screw operated by means
of a key through a key hole. When ;
clamped tightly the key is withdrawn. 1
As the device Is quite small and of !
very li^lit construction it can readily j
be carried in the pocket. Of course. I
tlip device is equally adapted for j
equipment of public coat rucks, and ]
mi^lit be handed to the patrons on on- I
t??rinjr the place, and I'oturuod on do- J
par tore.
To Provide Warm Water Immediately !
From Spigot.
Water lieu tors are over in demand, |
mul the simpler ami more effective, !
with due regard for (lie saving of j
time, the more tliey are soujrht. For
this nil son a newly patented elee- !
trical heater will doubtless tlnd favor.
Near the faucet is introduced, in
lieu of the usual plain pipe, a specially
constructed seetion of pipe
mr 1
l'UK KI.r.CTKICAf. W ATKlt-ll K AT Kit.
adapted to I?t? heated by an electric
current coiiveyed to it hy insulated
wires. When warm water is desired
it is hut necessary to turn on the current
anil (lie water al the same time,
when the water, rushing through the
electrically heated pipe, is wanned,
fold water is obtained by simply
throwing the electrical switch out of
Owing to restrictive legislation, the
(iroutii mui irnuo noprosRion, u<n cmnose
left Australia last year, and only
sixty arrived from China.
itest Searchlight.
**?tSG**rr j !
Nurcinhurg, (Jerainny. It is of 31(5,slx
foot six Inches, and gives a light
' 1 in- ...i.
>3.v ?. *m< ... :.c}
^ & ' SCIENCE > (p
A Swiss watchmaker has Indented
an electric watch which will run for
11 float! rears without ln>lii<' wound.
That eggs decrease iu weight during
incubation 1ms boon proven by careful
weighings by Mr. Ii. S. Gladstone. The
average loss of a pheasant's egg from
the tlrxt to the twenty-tlrst day was
found to be two drains twelve grains,
and one egg which weighed seventeen
drains nineteen grains when laid had
become reduced to thirteen drams ten
grains on the twenty-third day.
i in 11 m t' D.-n'ii-riu m nu uacierm. nr.
Charrin, a French physiologist, has
been experimenting upon rabbits with
various vegetables sterilized by tlie
most approved processes, and he iias
shown that it is erroneous to declare
that tlie less bacteria there are In our
dally food the better. What is re
quired is to wood out tlio harmful or*
nanisms from the beneficent kinds.
The ral?hits fed on sterilized food soon
died from maladies sot up b,v nonassimilatiou
of tlio vegetables, but
other rabbits flourished on similar
sterilized vegetables that had boon
afterward treated with suitable bac*
I'or two years an exhaustive monograph
on a typieal lake of Italy has
t>o"!i iu course of nrenaration by the
Italian (Jeoyraphieal Sociot.v. The piclurpstftu*
lake ri liolsena. within easy
rvtfaoh from 1'o;r.c. wns selected for riio
purpose. and tin* studios include the
SeoirraphiOal and ecological features,
Hit* rainfall and temperature and seasonaidt*
variations, tin* changes of level,
the seiches or rhythnlcal pulsations of
tin* si:r;':itM> an 1 the life tonus. The
seiches constitute one of the most interesting
of tl.e phenomena. These
have a roirulsir reriod <> ' twelve or
tl f teen miiir.tes-. the riss* i>f 1 lio -water
on occasions rcachim; :t foot, ami tin*
oscillations are often so marked that
the natives speak of the lake as paniSnj;.
Tlie.v are more conspicuous at
MartU than on the opposite side of tho
lake at Holsena. a rise ??f seven inches
at the former being correlated with
one of four inches at (lie laltc'r.
It In Voliml That tlm Day of (lie Kuyonct
llim Not 1>9?>.<I.
Aiikhik the surprises of the war in
the East is tlu> frequency with which
tlu? opposing forces coine to close conii>nt
an-! kill citch other with cold steel,
it was generally thought hy the uiilitary
experts, we helieve, that the enormously
increase.I r.injre anil accuracy
]> ?:
( 0:
' ii
into .iciion.
So it sctMns probable that tho day
of tin- bayonet is not .so near its oiul
as was supposed, and that for some
rime to comic there will be hand-tohand
encounters as well as those in
which the contestants use telescopes
in aim inn high power nuns at each
other.? New York Times.
M unIc u? a Ntlmiiliuil.
I'lo t? V I 11 ?l* I I 11 ? ?11 t VJ Iif ( ifuit < ><! ( '<1111
tiff were conducted with a view to det
iTiii i ii i iTlc (he effect of music upon
breathing and upon the action of the
heart, writes titistav Kobbe in <!ood
Housekeeping. It was found that live,
l.v major chords, without relation to
melody, quickened breathing. Melodies,
grave or gay, caused rapid
breathing, the respiration approximating
it.? time lo that of the music. Hal*
! utando and diminuendo i fFects made
the breath come more slowly. Single
notes without time accelerated the
heart's action, but melodies quickened
i! still more, oneratic nieces rcstiltiiiir
iii *li" quIf'ktMt ion. Those expel'l*
inents would seein In show conelusivily
I la- st i inilIn t i ve effect of music.
A MoHUI!-I'lOOf lloimi',
V<>n w ill have to <atisl'y yourself
that y> ur house N I >ti 111 mouse prool;
i.o n.ii 11 will ever ilo ii of his own no*
Si - j oui'self. with your own eyes,
Hi;: i e\ t ry ho.-ml of Hie Itoor noes ex
iieiiy to tlie outer wall. Then have n
iliia coating of cement spread over
(Ik* narrow snip of Horn* between the
\\ ii!Iv. This is I lie only certain way.
After .several terrifying experiences I
have come to the conclusion that a
mouse <an squeeze himself through a
crack too small <o so"! You will also
have to use cement to satisfy yourself
that no possible places are. left
where the plumbing is brought into
the house. - Elizabeth Knight Tompl.
'is, in (iood Housekeeping.
"mil /? mi'iiiii m 1YIII<<II<<M.
A European inventor lias converted
I lie spokes of an automobile into whistles,
which ate operated by the air action.
The whlntles are controlled by a
series of ainall rubber balls In connection
With tho seat, their releasfl
opening a valve in the spoken and producing
a peculiar wlUstllng noise ca$?*
ily H-ard above tho uo\ind of traffic, i
Women who work, 1
store, office or factorv
I . . J
ability to stand the
Miss Frankie Orser,
interesting to all wor
proof that woman's gi
X T11 |H
ig th?rtr national aim?cu.n-uuai,?
ia nVi volmi/v d-\t tK/% r> n H <r /.? ? a r 11?
V VI l-iio Jianveo UI lIKliil
111 not compare with an Englishman's
uougrh they possess a llthenetis of
irm and qulcknoas of eye that wo
ok and that make them among the
lent gy-mnaata and jugglers In the
orld. Such pterf&ot balancing pew's
have they that, even supposing
i?m fcereft of the tenacious grasp of
?ot possessed by all barefooted races,
lero would b* still left muoh to ad.Ire
In their skill. No nontorilnn
>ema too difficult tor them, no bar
>o Alight or smooth to be negotiated;
no height can try their nerves, and no
t&ndlng ground appears too small.
Even a nilp Is of littlo connequencn to
amtt a eamu/ ran (or ooo?tlpatlon.
Tagging Vlihtt.
The United 8tnt??? fcMah rv*r??r., 1-.1?
tins contracted the small boys' habit
of tagging flvVcs. Metal tugs tr? fas- I
tcned to inline flshes, which are let
loose la the ocean with the idea of
identifying them in case they, are
caught at any future time.
woulp's n?Aift t<oxn&
LonlirllU and NuhvtQ* lUllrotl
If 70a aro going to th* World's Vote1 jtm
want th* bMl rout*. TU L.4I. Ii Uu
nbortMt, qolokMt mUI bNt Um. Thr*?
train* dally. Through PuUaaa MUiplng
Oars aad Dining flan. Low Rat* Tlokoti
old dally, cut rates from jron* looal Agent
and aak for tlokcta rim L. Jt N. Stofotm
ali.owid at MAMMOTH CAVB.
All kind* of Information furnished on application
Pill. Pass. Agont, Atlanta, Oa.
v " IV t\
.Af iv^^B hY W WSriiiBlifiy"
* . y" /? ^?||_M V QmM|CTMbi>|w
Is \ ^BBHI
strain. 1 he case of
C "H . n r
oi Boston, Mass., is
ncn, and adds further
reat friend in need is
Vegetable Compound*
misery for several yoars. Mv back
1 frequent hcadache3. I would often
I misery that it woxild bo houra before
i the loug nights aiul weary days. I
physicians hoping to get relief, b\it,
s me, i tried 13. I'iiikhniu's
7 rccomcndcd to mc. I nm glad that
s medicine for my case. Very soon I
;d to perfect health. I feel splendid,
reight a lot." ? Miss Frankik Orser,
lin woalt, sick and disco urn god,
k. Somo derangement of the
bliis exhaustion, following any
inkham's Vegetable Compound
idw of other women.
,S~t? AL'
ui.il luiiuws, piovea tins.
:xn Mm. Pinkha.ii : ? Last winter I
own suddenly and had to seek the
f a doctor. I felt sore all over, with
ing in my head, and a dizziness which
iever experienced before. I Viad a
lo appetite, nothing tasted Rood, end
lymy health broke down completely,
tor said I had female weakness, but,
h I took hia medioine faithfully, I
o relief.
fter two months I decided to try what
c would do for me, and as Lydla E.
ftm's Vegetable Compound waa
y recommended to mo I decided to
Within three dayn 1 felt better, my
> returned, and I oould sleep. In
week I waa able to sit up part of
, and in ten days moru I wan well,
ngth had returned,,1 gained fourteon
and felt better and stronger than
fje its merita. Very sincerely youra,
ixon, 111."
produce the original letters and ilgnatnrea o|
heir absolute cenulneneta.
xtl* K. Flakhtm Med. Co.. Ljrnn. Mmi.
A Game of Chesa.
He was an old farmer on a visit to
own, and ho aaw two young follows
playing chess.
Tho game was long, and he ventured
at length to Interrupt It.
"Excuse me," said he, "but the object
of both of you Is to git th?jn
wooden objecta from where they are
over to wnere tney am it
"That partly expresses It," replied
one of th>e players.
"And you have to be contlnuaUy on
the lookout for ourprlaes and dllllculties?'
"And if you ain't mighty careful
you're going to lose some on 'om?"
"An' there's that other game that 1
' some of you dress up odd for, and
ay with lonjr atlcks an' a little bail?"
"You mean coif?"
"That's what I mean. Is that game
"It's Interesting, and the exerolae !
"Well, I reckon tt^e a mighty good
"To what do you refer?"
"The way !'re been harln* fua with
t knowing anything about It. ir
u young gentleman want to really
Joy yonraelTes you corns oyer to
f farm, and' git me to bet yon
ire plgt. You'll g%t all the walkln'
u want, an' the way you have to
itch for aurprlsee, an' slip about ao'a
t to toee 'em, would tickle you
arly to death."
A Ki ur DAT I'j ! I .
"Don't you feel a little nervous In
ur new automobile?"
"No," answered tho man whose
sthea smell of gasoline, "when I am
that machine a sense of perfect
curlty comes orer me. 1 know I
.n't be run over."?Washington Star,
But for th* neod of horrible exam
,,.bs many a man's usefulness would
naver be properly listed.?The Philadelphia
FITS permanently otired. No fttaornervouv
neaaafter tlrat day'a um of Dr. Klluo'a Oreat
NerreReatorer.iatrUl bottloand treatise free
Dr. R. H. KLtKS.Ltd., 931 ArohHt^ I'hlln., Pa.
Three hat* for Liverpool coachmen cost
?8 8a. each.
H. II, Qbiin'o floKu, of Atlanta. Or., are
the only auooeaaful Dropsy Kpeolallata Inthe
world. Bet their liberal offer la adverllaa*
nient la another ooluma o(thla prper. I
Ij&at year Japan Imported foodaiuffa ax*
eroding over 103,000,000. ,
] amaur* Plao'aOure forOonauraptl on saved
my U/o three year* ago.?Mae. Thonus Hoemm,
Maple Bt., Norwlob, N.V., Feb. 17,1M0
Steam navigation en the Yukon XUrer U
praotioally eloaed. , ,
Itch cured In 30 minute* by Woolford'a
Fanitarv Lotion; never fail*. Sold by Drug*
pUt*. Mail order* promptly filled by Dr.
10. Detchon, Oawfordeville. Ind. tl.
I.aboror* in India receive four ccnt* for
ixtcjn hour*' work.
i . .^V ;

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