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Port, Arthur Now Admitted to
Be Surely Doomed.
Summit of 203-Meter Hill Occupied By
Beanigerg and Town and Harbor
are at Mercy of Big
Tho official announcement was
Bent out from Toklo Thursday that the
Japanese have occupied the summit
of 203-Meter hill, at Port Arthur. This
importaut position has been the object
of severe and continuous lighting,
and cable reports, from time to
time, have indicated that many men
have been sacrificed in the eltor^ to
capture it. Tho position designate!! is
a dominating point in the range wfetch
lies to the westward of the town of
Port Arthur, and according to reports
It commands artillery range of tho
harbor and a portion of the main
town. Its approximate distance from
tho citadel or main defenses is t ireo
to four miles. Reports from both Tokio
and St. Petersburg indicate that
isolated engagements of a more or
loss severo naturo are occurring
along the front of the Manchurian armios,
but it is not apparent that th?
main forces nro engaged.
me correspondent at Chofoo of
The Ixjndon Dally Telegraph says that
the attack on 203-Meter hill resulted
In heavy losses to the first division of
the Japanese stormers. Simultaneously
with this assault, the crorespondent
says, the men of the Ninth and
Eleventh divisions advanced and menaced
the Rihlung and Kokwan forts.
It is stated, the corresnonrient nrida
that within twenty-four hours the
Japanese casualties have totalled 15,000,
and it is asserted that the attacks
have been planned to continue until
December 10. when it is hoped tho
capture of Port Arthur will be completed.
Rejoicing In Toklo.
A Tokio special says: General Nogl's
telegram announcing the storming
and capturing of 203-Meter hill
was received with cheers by the Japanese
people. It revives the hope of
an early capture of Port Arthur prop
December 1st was the date set under
the conscription act. when recruits
could join the army. Thousands of
recruits marched to the barracks and
donned uniforms for the first, time.
Following an honored custom, the relatives
of the recruits carried flags
and banners, and escorted the new
OAl/Hni?rt * '? .. 1__ r . _ #-r? *
?>/>ui?ia nj mo uarrucitii. Ill I OHIO
there were scores of little processions
escorting detachments of popular conscriptions.
The number of men who liave joined
the colors under the conscription act
\ has not been made public.
, -Commands thp Harbor.
A St. Petersburg dispatch says: The >
war office here Is not yet prepared to
accept the report that the. J ttpttnrSO
before Port Arthur have taken 203Meter
hill, b\it It Is officially confirmed
that the war office admits that It will
D6 a desperate blow ror the gallant
defenders of the fortress.
The position commands the harbor,
and If the Japanese can mount sioge
guns on Its summit they can foree out
tho Russian squadron or destroy it at
its anchorage. Those familiar with
the supporting pfans of the forts think
it is hy no means certain that oven
though the Russians are forced to retire
from 203-Meter hill the Japanese
can place in position heavy guns
against ine nre which the other forts
oan bring to bear on It. Still the war
officials reluctantly agree that such a
breach In the chain renders the position
extremely critical and though
the garrison might be able to hold out
In tho Golden Hill, Tigers Tail and
Uaotlen forts for some time, It may
mark the beginning of the end.
Taken With Cramps.
Wm. Klrmse, a member of the
bridge gang working near Littloport
was taken suddenly 111 Thursday nl??ht
with cramps and a kind of cholera
HMs case was so severe that he had
to have the members of the orew wait
upon him, and Mr. Gifford was called
and consulted. He told thorn he had
a medloine in the form of Chamberlain's
Colic, Choler?. and Dl&nrhooa
Remedy that he thought would help
him out, and accordingly several doses
were administered with tho result that
the fellow was able to be around next,
day. The Incident ipeaks quite high- !
ly of Mr. Gilford's medicines.?Elkader,
Iowa, Argus.
This remedy never fails. Keep it
in your home, it may save life. For
?*iu uy jricnens i/rug more, Karle's
I>rug Store, T. N. Hunter, Liberty, tf
Long Re*t of Russians and Japs Remains
According to reports from tho Jap
ancae headquarters in Manchuria, the
position of tt.i two armies is practically
unolianged. Thero has boen no
fighting, savo outpost Bcoutlng, sklrmlshos
and occasional Russian bombardmonts,
which aro usually unanswered.
Get Your Money't Worth.
You get your monoy's worth when
you buy Elliott's Emulsified Ofl Liniment.
A full half pint bottlo costs but
*u uvuui, nuu yuu ?;ct, your money uacH
t not B&tlafled with results. Uso It
In your family and on your stock,
ifou'll not bo dlBApoolntod. tf
Ml1 \
n -*-?
New Phase Added to 8?nsat1on?l
Financial Transactions of Mrs. Cae*
ele Chadwlck, of Cleveland.
A New York dispatch says: A definite
arrangement has been made betweon
the attorneys of Mrs. Casslo
HhflHurlnl/ rtf ?1 fr ?
.. <.?, VL vi?<?inuu, u., uuu ntnrjr
D. Newton, of Brookline, Mass., for the
settlement of the suit brought by the
latter to recover money loaned om
notes for about $ 190,000. The arrangement
Is stated to have been
agreod upon at a midnight conference
held at the Park Avenue hotel. Present
were Banker Newotn and his Bos
iuu coudboi. xne lauer announced
that they had perfcct confidence in tho
ability of Mrs. Chadwick to meet'their
claims. Attorney Carver said:
"Circumstances have arisen which
have caused us to change onr f out.
Tho conference was merely to cud iu
good shape the agreement entered
Newton arrived in New York Wed- I
nosday night from Boston especially ,
to attend tho conference. It is expect- j
ed the Newton suit will now be drop- ;
The report that one of tho largest ;
creditors of Mrs. Chadwick had agreed |
upon a settlement has given a new j
phase to^his strang5 case.
At the same time the air of mystery j
which has surrounded every turn thus j
far made is still present, and there \
is absolutely nothing beyond conjec- !
tliro t<\ l?ull/?nf n urhot f />/% ? r* i
will be. That all the logltimato
claims agRinst Mrs. Chadwick will be I
met is the statement made by her at- |
torneys, but at the same time they <le- j
ellne to say anything as to the source |
from which the necessary funds will j
be obtained.
"Mrs. Chadwick will produce the |
necessary collateral to meet all just, j
obligations at the proper time. We
do not feel called upon to inform the j
public as to the nature of this collat- |
oral or from whence It will come." i
Tills staement, in brief, covers the
attitude taken by Mrs. Chadwick's legal
advisers. Beyond that they have
absolutely nothing to say.
They would not discuss tho value
of the securities said to be in tho
possession of Irl Reynolds, treasurer
of the Wade Park Ranking Company,
of Cleveland, or, in fact, any of the in- >
dividual features of the case.
The settlement of the Newton claim !
when made will reduce Mrs. Ohadwick's
alleged obligations by $190,000.
At the same time, however, there remain
claims aggregating at least
Native African Preacher Succumbs
While at Georgia Conference.
The funeral of Itov. J. (!. Xaba, the
colored preacher from Bloom Fontein,
Africa, who died ruesday night in 1
"Warrcnton, Ga? was held Thursday
morning from Turner's tabernacle, in
The dead man was highly educ; ted,
speaking a number of different languages,
besides several African dialects.
lie came to America on a visit
three months ago and was ir attendance
upon the coference of the
African Methodist Episcopal churcli in
south Georgia when his death occurred.
M n rt w A r D AimUf Dw
r\vi v0 UV/UVJIIV u / w u i i c 111
Joseph O'Brien, of Albany, \'. Y.,
has purchased 38,500 acres of valuable
timber land In Madison county,
North Carolina, near the Tennessee (
line. The property was sold by or- ;
der of court to satisfy an involuntary
bankruptcy proceeding. A mortgage |
of $223,000 is assumed.
Earthquake Felt at 'Frisco.
A severo shook of earthquake was
felt in San Francisco at 1 o'clock
Thursday morning. Three other lighter
shocks were felt a few minutes later
in quick succession.
President Selects Two to Attend Milltary
Academy at West Point.
President Theodore Itosevelt will \
appoint two Georgia boys to the Unl- j
ted States Military academy at. West ;
Point. Ono la Stonewall Jackson ]
Christian nf AMnntn ?' '
, ov,.. w. ,, . J-J . |
Christian, general pasenger agent of j
the Seaboard Air Lino railway, and j
the other 1m Harry Edwards, Jr.. son j
of Harry Stlllwell Edwards, post mas- j
ter at Macon. C!a.
President Roosovelt made the an- J
nonunceinent Thursday to Congress I
man Livingston.
Savannah, 8t?tesboro and Northern
to Build a Line.
The Savannah, Statosboro and Nothern
Railroad Company has been granted
a charter by Secretary of State
I'hllllp Cook, of Georgia.
This company proposes to build a
lino rrom statesuoro, in muioch county,
to Athens, In Clarke county, a distance
of 160 miles. The company'a
capital stock will be $3,000,000. "
Manufacturers' Association Raises .
Figures on Their Goods.
The Southorn Stovo Manufacturers'
Association met in Chattanooga Tiies- <
flay and advanced tho price of stoves
5 per cent on account of tho high price
of raw material. Delegates wero
there from Gkorgla, Florida, TonnesBoe,
Mississippi, Alabama and Kentucky.
" t
Mississippi Governor Spurns
Compliment of Roosevelt.
President Praised State'3 Exhibit and
Building at World's Fair, and
Vardanian's Makes Scathing
Quite the biggest sensation of the
year was stirred up in Jackson, Miss.,
Wednesday afternoon when tho following
telegrams were clv?n nut
the governor:
"St. Louis, November 27, 1004.?To
Hon. James K. Vardaman, Governor
of Mississippi, Jackson, Miss.?The
president's visit to the exposition yesterday
was greatly enjoyed by himself
and appreciated by the exposition
management and the noonle. who wot.
coined him in large numbers.
"Ho saw and admired the Mississippi
building and expressed great satisfaction
at the participation of your
stato. DAVID 11. FRANCIS,
Governor Vardaman replied as follows:
"lion. David R. Francis, President
of World's Fair Commission, St.
LOlliS. Mo. Ymir mnrtnrtn..
informing mo that the president 'saw
and admired the Mississippi building
and expressed treat satisfaction at
the state's participation in the fair'
has been received. I thank you for
this information. It is of course, gratifying
to the people of Mississippi to
know that they have done one thing
that the present president of the United
States approves. Doubtless tho
president's admiration of tho Mississippi
building is due to his admiration
of Jefferson Davis, of whose last
homo it is a replica. 1 want to conirrntnlntr.
vrxtt <?>? ? - '
n'??tv..utv, j\'ia \jii ctiv? nian.v^vriiU'll L UT
the greatest exposition the world haa
ever known.
Both the daily papers of Jackson,
which are democratic, condemn tho
telegram of Governor Vardaman.
Tho News snvs: "The people of
Mississippi expect more of their govAPnnr
lllflri n rlicnl'iv i\P ,.?> ?,? 11 * - I
hatred. They expect him to be a
broad-minded man, who in every relation
of life will meet courtesy by
The Clarion Ledger says: "Governor
Vardaman has made the mistake
of mixing politics, sectional feeling
and personal dislikes with state/, national
and business affairs, when ho
makes a sarcastic reply that will be ,
quoted from Maine to California, from
New Orleans to Kalamazoo, to tho injury
and discredit of the great stato
of Mississippi."
A large number of telegrams trom j
prominent citizens of Jackson have i
been sent to President Francis, of tho i
world's fair, expressing their hearty i
disapproval of the language and the '
spirit of the Vardaman telegram, and J
thanking President Roosevelt for his
kind expressions.
Says Judges Should be Allowed to Express
Opinions From the Bench.
Judge Emerv Speer, of the United
Statos court, in charging tho grand I
juy of that body at Savannah Monday
referred at great length to what ho
characterised as lawlessness existing
in all sections of the country.
lie spoke particularly of the recent
outrages at State/horo, which is in his
jurisdiction, and suggested that tho
hotter class or whites and blacks (n t
the south should hold confc-rcnccs [
looking to the enforcement of law and ;
the punishment of the guilty.
He severely criticised the Georgia I
law which prevents the judge who
hoars a case from expressing an opin- ,
ion an to the facts brought out.
Is Consumption Curable?
Yes! If Rydale's Elixir ia used in
time; before too much of the lung
tissues is involvod. This modern,
scientific medicine removes all morbid
t rri tflHnn onrl e At
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lungs to tho surface and expols thom
from tho systom. It aids oxpectora*
tlon, heals the ulcerated surfaces. r<>ievos
the cough and makes breathing
easy. Uydale's Kllxlr dooc not dry
the mucous surface and thus stop tho
cough. Its action Is Just the opposite
?it stimulates and soothes. It kills
the germs that cause chronic throat
and lung diseaso and thus aids nature
to restore these organs to health. Trial
size 25 cents. Large b1?q 50 cents
The large 8i?ve holds 2 1-2 tlm?3 the
rial size. tt
The Death Penalty.
A little thing sonietlrhes results In
death. Thus v. mere scratch, insignl
flcant. cuts or puny boils have paid the
death penalty. It Is wise to have
Bucklon's Arnica Salvo ever handy.
It's the host Salvo on earth and will
ni>nvA?>f fnlnlU.* T? ^
i/<vtvuv 1111ci111,jt wuuii i3uiii?, rsores,
Ulcers anil Piles threaten. Only 25c
at 1 .clccns Drug Co. tt
Roosevelt i3 Requested to See That
Prohibition for Indians is Enforced.
President Roosevelt, has been re
quuHiiui ?y rno i\ationai women's
Christian Temperance Union, In convention
a(. Philadelphia, to sco 'hat
eonKrosrt observes tho existing troatlos
with tho Indians prohibiting tho
salo of Intoxicatng liquor before granting
statehood to Indian Territory.
: , . i V
United States Grand Jury at 8avannah
Failed to Learn Sourc0 of
News Items.
Tho United States grand jury at Sa- *
vannah, Ga., was involved in a determined
effort Wednesday to learn
whence had come information that appeared
in the newspapers as to their
proceedings, which were supposed to
be secret. There worn several news
paper men summoned, but their appearance
and examination failed to inform
tho grand jury of those points
upon which It desired light. The trouble
was all over an error made by one
of the court officials.
After hearing the charge made by
Judge Specr on Monday this court oflicial
had reached the conclusion that
it was the desire of the judge that proceedings
be instituted against thoso
Kuiltv of the lynchine of Cato and
Hoed at Statesboro. In this presumptiou
tho official whs in error, but ho
tUd not discover it until after tho issuanco
of subpoenas upon Bulloch
county parties, which luid been placed
in tho hands of a deputy marshal with
other authorities, when the awakening
came, tho subpoenas were called in
post haste.
The grand Jury wanted to know
where this information and other
statements as to what tho grand jury
wmilil nr would not <ln i?> tlio Stnlnc
boro matter came from. The now reaper
men showed remarkable inability j
to toll thorn whence they had secured
the news, save that it was common
There was a great searching of authorities
and decisions before it was
finally admitted that the court was
without Jurisdiction in tho Statcsboro
To Sit on Commission to Settle Trouble
Between Russia and England.
A Washington special says: The
president announced Wednesday that
Rear Admiral Charles H. Davis will bo
offered the appointment on the Dogger
bank court of inquiry, and Rear
Admiral Davig has accepted.
Count Casslni, the Russian ambassador,
and Sir Mortimer Durand, the
British ambassador, who were at the
state dopartment during the day, were
informed of the selection.
Roar Admiral Davis was promoted
lvj cuir &ic&uu ui ri?tir uuiiurui AUgUSl
24, 1904, and was selected recently by
Secretary Morton to command a division
of tho battleship squadron of tho
North Atlantic fleet. Ho has Just
comploted 43 years' service in the
navy, having been appointed (o the
Naval academy from Massachusetts in
He commanded tho converted cruiser
Dixlo in the war with Spain, and
was engaged in blockading duty off
the coast of Cuba. For a number of
years ho was superintendent, of the naval
observatory at. Washington.
Admiral Cavif, speaks French fluently,
and this, with his knowledge of
international and maritime law, commended
him to Secretary Morton, on
whose recommendation the selection
was made.
Tie is a brother in law of Senator
of \Tn??nr?lut?oi f a
Seventeen-Year-Old Boy Gets Severe
Penalty for Common Crime.
Corlin Cox. 17 years old, son of
respectable parents of Kensington,
suburb of Chicago, has been sentenced
to life imprisonment in Judge Chef
? ! o vuuit c4 unai^u ai nnjiM'ry.
The severe penalty was inflicted because
Cox, when committing the
crime, was armed with a heavy revolver.
Cox ami two companions entered a
Chicago restaurant. Revolvers were
displayed and the customers robbed
under threats of death.
Tennesseean, Dismissed from Office,
May Run for Congress.
A Knoxvillt! dispatch says: The recent
dismissal of Colonel John Bell
Brownlow from tho postal service,
upon order of Presldont Roosevelt,
may eventually result in Colonel
Brownlow being tho republican candidate
for congress from the second
Tennessee district two years hence.
The boom in cordially received. He
is a son of Tennessee's famous "Parson"
Brown low, loyalist. governor, foderal
senator, editor ami preacher.
New York Man Leaps to Death from
Hotel Arcade in London.
Klvor?n Chapman, aged 2;i, whose
home Is in New York city, committed
suicide Tuesday night at the Carl
ton Hotel, in London, i?> mruwius
himself from tlio third floor landing to
tlio vest 1 l)ii 1 o, whoro ho was shockingly
mangled on tlio marble floor.
Ill health in supposed to bo the
eauso of suicide.
Bloody Tragedy is Reported to Havaj
Occurred in Kentucky County.
Tho murder of a whole family by
tho drunken husband and father Is
reported from near Shelby, Plko county,
Kentucky. Enoch Sloan, a farmer,
went, home from Shelby In a drunken
condition and shot and killed his
wife and four small children end then
shot himself dead.
Annual Document From the
Agricultural Bureau.
Boll Weevil Topic Most Important
Feature of the Report?Much
Information for tho
A Washington special says: Secretary
of Agriculture Wilson has transmitted
his eighth annual report to th?
At the beginiii.ua the secretary enu
mcrates some of the more important
figures of tlio year's work. Among
tliem are extensive co-operation with
agricultural stations; the taking of
preliminary steps to conduct feeding
and breeding experiments; the war
waged against the cotton boll weevil
and against cattlo mange; plans for
education of engineers in road build
iug; the production of a hardy orange,
a hybrid of the Florida orange and
the Japanese trifollata; valuable research
in successful shipping of fruit
abroad; the value of nitrogcn-llxlng
bacteria; successful introduction of
j plants suited to 1 it rainfall areas;
I establishment of pure food standards;
the extension of agricultural education
in primary and secondary schools;
the extension of instruction to our
| island possessions to enable them to
supply the country with $200,000,000
! worth of domestic products, now irn|
ported from abroad.
| Tho most important work of the bu|
rean of entomology during tho yetfr
I has been its combat with tho Mexican
i cotton boll weevil. Under tho provlaI
< - -
; urn-) >?i 11m* s|jui:i<ti uppropnauoii ol
I $250,000, ma<1c available last January,
this work was greatly enlargod.
Over a thousand acres, divided among
thirteen experimental farms, wore dovoted
to experimental work, and It I*
blieved that the cultural system those
were designed to illustrate has so far
proved to be the only practicable
means of controlling the weevil. This
is the outgrowth of several years of experimentation.
The discovery of the Guatemalan
ant aaa its colonization In Toxas la a
feature of distinct encouragement.
The eminent danger of the spread of
the weevil, however, to other states
Indicates the necessity of continued
active and energetic worl: on tho
part of tho general government.
Tho possibility of keeping injurious
I insects in check by the introduction
' of their natural insect enemies Is a
1 popular subject with fruit growers and
j farmers, and notable success has been
I achieved in this direction.
Special work has been done on cot
| ton, with a view to bringing home to
j farmers of Texas and Louisiana, espeI
oially in the boll weevil districts, the
] advantages of better methods of cultl*
: vation and the value of early maturing
The bureau of plant industry haa
had the advantage of closest cooperation
with the Texas agricultural
college, and also with the Louisiana
I authorities. As a feature of the work
! in the south diversification farms
V.M..I/U.MU U ut > iii iwm
with a view to showing the value and
importance nf diversified agriculture.
The business interests in the respective
communities nladlv eo-operate in
this matter with the bureau, so that
they involve hut a trifling expense to
the government. Thirty-two of these
rnrm.q tiavo boon (r ar<> about to be
Home for Chorus Girls.
A semi-club and hoarding house
for young women of the stage Is to fta
started In thr> down town district of
Chif-arro hv no Inr-i' flimvh nlllnnf-n
New York Firemen Do Good Work In
Blazing Tenement House.
With children held under their arrni,
clinging around their necks or hanging
to their shouders, firemen in New
York, early Tuesday morning, carried
forty screaming youngsters from a
burning tenement at Nos. 231 and 236
inlnt ii avenue.
At the same time thirty adults followed
the rescuers down the fire escapes.
Among them was a woman
who for two weeks had been help
}? from a paralytic stroke.
Suicide Prevented.
The startling announcement that a
preventive of suicide had been discovered
will interest many. A run
jjown nystem, o? despondency invariably
prccede suicido and something ha?
been found that will prevent that condition
which makes suicido likely. At
the first thought of solf doetruction,
take ICIectrlc Ilittors. It V*>in* n i
tonic and norvlno, will strengthen the
nerves and build up the system. It's
also a groat Stomach, liver and Kidney
rognlator. Only 50#. SaMsfaclon
guaranteed ky Pickens Drug Co.
TRAINMEN lose lives.
Three Firemen Mangled in Collision
ueiwecn r-rcignis.
Threo men killed, several others had '
remarkably narrow esenpes from j
death and property valued at fully
$40,000 was destroyed In a collision
between two freight, trains on llio Susquehanna
division of the Delaware and
Hudson railroad near Oneoqta, N. Y?
r , | |
ting the Stomachs andBowels off w
I'romotcs Digeslion.Cheerful- F||
ness and Rest.Contains neither
Opium,Morphine nor Mineral, y
Not UJakc otic .
f^tmpkui Seal" v
Mx.Smna ? I 'if
/tocAtlU SaUt ? 4
yinitr Srvrl t- I ^ .
snxsu/ i
C/ftrifird .toigar I Si a
HfttojniM rtawr. / ]S A
Aperfccl Remedy forConslipa- ? I
Hon, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea :% I
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish- ? 1
ness ami Loss of Sleep. | \
facsuuilc signature ot >j|
xew^tohk. $
IfSfiSHBRISHfl s *
jjl III
-*Jw y ^
Desperate Attempt Made to Recapture
203-Metre Hill.
It is reported In Tokio that tho Russians
have attempted to retake 203Metor
Hill. They assembled a strong
force and assaulted tho position, but
I WAr? ronillcn/l v
.. ~ ?v|#m?ouu n ?H1 l.OttT) IUB?,
The Japanese finding sailors among
the Ruslan dead, believe that if men
from the fleet are being employed in
making sorties, th<? complement of the
force must be falling short.
The fact that the Rusians are fortifying
the positions available between
IJaoti and Nantal mountains, increases
the belief that they will make thoir
last stand there. ,
Violent Attack of Diarrhoea Cured by
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and Perhaps a
Life Saved.
"A short time ago I was take? with
a violent attack of diarrhoea and believe
I would hare died if I had not
Kitten relief," aaya John J. Patton, a
leading citizen of Patton, Ala. "A
inuuu recooimeDQen unamuerlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
] bought a twenty-five cent bottle and
aftor taking three doses of it was entirely
cured. I consider it the best
remedy in tho world for bowel complaints.
For aalo by Pickens Drug
Storo, Earle's Drug Store, T. N. Hunter,
Russians Make Move Against Japs,
But May Fall Into Trap.
A special dispatch received in St.
Petersburg from Mukden says: "It
Is reported that General Rennenkampff
has captured several Japanese
guns and a convoy of 600 rifles, but
that a, force of 40,000, consisting of
Chinese bandits and a reserve of 8,000
Japanese had started to turn Rennen*
kampff's flank."
Symptoms of Liver Disease.
Sick headache, constipation, biliousness,
melancholia, dizsriness, dullness
and drowsiness, coated tongue, slimy
toeth, bad breath. Itydalo's I.iver
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in a few hours and speedily correct
the trouble. Thnw fin> tinnn
, .. w.v, |
llvor, bile, bladder and duct, teatines
and bowels as a stimulant ar 1 toule.
Tbose who use these tablets flntl thoir
action porfect. and results satisfactory. J
Fifty chocolate coated tablets in oaeh
))ox. Price, 25 cents. tf J
For Sanitation of Cuban Towns. j
A Havana dispatch says: The ape- (
rial pnmmUtoo Kovin^ ~'
- 111*7 911 11J tfl"1 111
chfirgo, has submitted to tho house of i
representatives a bill appropriating; *
$190,000 for the sanitation of Santiago, I
Clenfuegos. Cardenas and Matanzaa. <
| A A -4
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a ucauuiui Drown or ricn niacKV use i
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B and Set Watch hind<?.me; v en, < ?ve I !"'?< nw. ire made of 14!
guarantee aod wtll vmi i lifetime l*he mov meftt is one of the J
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For Infants and Children.
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91110 JluUiiton Square, FIIIJLA^ PA?
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BSurest and Quickest Care for alls
fl L.E3, or MONEY BACK. I
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Get Particulars fro-n
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^ Ploas<! nonllon this paper. B
Sick Headache.
"For several years my wife vm
trouble h what f)hyaiciau3 otUl?
3ick li'vi. i of a very p* voro charaft*
ter. SI. <tored with neveral csaf>
nent pbys ins and at a great expense,
only 10 grow worse until Bhe
rvas unable to do any kind of wort.
\bout a yo*vr ago she began taking
Chamberlain's Stomach anil IJva.*
rablota and today weighs moro than
ibe ever did before and le real wail '*
lays Mr. Goorgo K. Wright, of N?w
.on don, New York. For by Ptahhr
Drug Co. tf
Ayer's Pills. AyeFs Pills.l
rj Ayer's Pills. Keep saying
^ this over and over again.
The best laxative.
nrr era. OF dkuuuistj or k. p. uali. ? co., naauua. *. a.
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