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i^bVv^* ^; ^1 : * v'i
Second and Last Ses
Congress Convene
Flowers and Fair Women Added
Luster to the Ooca
sion?Opening Session
Very Brief.
A Washington special says: With
tne sonato in session thirteen minutes
and tho house fifty-three minutes, the
last session of tho fifty-eighth congress
was assembled Monday at noon.
Tho time of both bodies was dovoted
entirely to tho usual formalities of
opening day. There wero tho greetings
between members the great floral
display, and the hundreds of visitors,
' with beautifully gowned women prodominating,
corridors, committed
rooms wero thronged. Tho bustle ox
tended oven to the floors of tho chambers.
The gavels of Senator Frye, president
pro tern, of the senate, and Speaker
Cannon, of the house, fell exactly
at 12 o'clock. Tho' opening prayers
wore made by tho chaplains, Rev. Edward
Everoit Halo, D. D., in the sen- |
ato and Rev. II. N. Condon, in the I
house. In both house and senate com- |
mlttees were appointed to wait on the j
president to inform him that congress :
was ready to recoive any communica- i
tion he had to send. Resolutions <>f
respect to the memory of tho late '
Senator Hoar, of Massachusetts, and (
Senator Quay, of Pennsylvania were '
adopted by both houses, and the ob- !
Joctlons taken were in further tribute I
to their memory. '
Tho only business outside of tho us- :
ual flrst-day routine was tho adoption !
of a resolution in tho house extending !
until January 5, 1905, the time withu ;
which the merchant marine commls- I
slon may mako its report.
Tho opening was under the usual
interesting conditions and aiuid those
scenes that for years have made th?i
re-assembling of congress among tho
notable events of the country.
Hundreds of sightseers Ihronged tho
corridors and crowded into tho galleries
to witness the formal proceedings
From one end of the capitol building
to the other busy tread of statesmen
and the flutter of femininity distinguished
the occasion from any other
in the official or social culendar of the
?v year.
^ From the letha^j^whlch lias chpr- |
acterlze<| Wasl^^jW slnco early in :
the aprlug, * awakened to a
new era ai<rr~ -1 with apparent!
Joy the day which opens both the of- j
flcial and social seasons.
Many nowly-eloctod members were j
at the capital, although they will not
enter offlco untl.v after March 4th.
A particularly sad feature of the re- [
assembling was the absence of kindly |
faces grown old in the service of the |
Tho galleries, rather than the floor, i
proved the center of attraction, for j
rows upon rows of handsomely gown- |
ed women looked down upon the !
statesmen who grouped about tho j
chamber or strolled in and out of the
cloak rooms to exchange greetings j
with old friends or to recognize new j
Many members of both bodies were
flooded with cemlnlscences in the form
of floral pieces and the chambers prosented
an appearance which they never
know on any other occasion. Haskets
nnd clusters of bright roses,
chrysanthemums and other fall flowers
covered the desks. Though rain
and sleet fell during the entire morning,
these discomforts wero insufficient
to mar the success of the event.
For an hour or more preceding the
calling of the house to order by I
Speaker Cannon, the members slowly j
filed into the chamber and exchanged i
Former Postmaster General and National
Lawmaker Goes to Rest.
.Tamt'H Noble Tyner, of Indiana, oneo
postmaster general and at rarlons j
times member of the Indiana senate
and In congress, first and second as- J
slstant postmaster general and assists j
ant attorney general for the postofflcd j
department, died of paralysis at his !
home In Washington Monday. Ho wns
78 years old. Mr. Tynor was stricken
with paralysis In July, 1902, and was
never after that ahle to actively discharge
his official duties.
Patterson Murder Case at New York
Resumed With Renewed Interest.
For the second tloio Nan Patterson,
the former uhnw t?irl i ?
In court at New York Monday prepared
to faro a Jury which Is expected to
decide whether she is giiity or innocent
of causing the death of Caesar
Young, tiie bookmaker.
Contrary to the usual ordor of
things, it is oxpectod that tho present
trial will attract even more widespread
InfAP/wt ~ - ? ? *1- ? ?*
iuv?jiiinu uiu nn> in au
Papers 8how That His Costly Home
Mas Been Attached.
A Boston dispatch says: The suit
against Thomas W. Lawson for $r?GO,000,
brought hy Paul Fuller and I<\ It.
Coudort, of Now York, was ontorcd
In the Masachuaotts supremo court 1
Monday. Tho action Is said to have
been 'taken In connection with strock i
transactions. ,
ii nun ?r
ILUNb Witt I!
ssiori of Fifty-Eighth!
:d at Washing-ton.
- I
greetings. Some camo in for hearty
congratulations, while others received i
the sincero regrets of colleagues, who
on account of their misfortune at tlva
polls were meeting together for possibly
the Inst time. The republicans,
fresh from their recont victory, gathered
In groups and talked over the
late campaign, while their democratic
brethren irnvr* no itir.wnrfl uior?
ing suffered defeat. Men c* both par- !
ties freely intermingled and dlscusscd |
tho issues of the last election and Its i
results, tho democrats good naturedly j
taking tho thrusts and gibes heaped [
upon them in friendly conversation by I
their victorious opponents. Good fol- j
lowship, prevailed throughout.
Tho senate convened promptly at !
noon. The first senator in his seat |
was Mr. Piatt, of New York. Long j
before 12 o'clock tho galleries were !
fllloil hilt tho 1.1. ~r ?
~ X. V VW Kf UUU U?. V^UllfClOaUWII
ceased abruptly when President Pro 1
Tom Frye's gaven fell.
llov. Edward Everett Ilaie, D. D>, !
chaplain or the senate, offered prayer.
Two seats had been vacated by death !
?those of Senator Hour, of Massachu- |
setts, and Quuy, of Pennsylvania. |
Many eyes were turned sorrowfully to- .
ward the desks so long occupied by
these men, who had grown old In the
public service. Their successors, Senators-elect
'Crane, of Massachusetts,
and Knox, of Pennsylvania, attended
the session, but they will not occupy
the seats assigned them until they aro
luimaii/ B?oru in.
The Hcrai decorations wore equal to
those of any session in the history of
the senate. Many desks were overflowing
with the offerings, and the sen- j
ate force was occupied from 11 until
12 o'clock in arranging them so senators
could take their seats The larg- .
est single tribute was placed on tho
desk of Senator Tillman, of South Car- .
When Senator Fairbanks, the vice '
president-elect entered the chamber he !
was groeted warmly by many of his
colloagues. The visitors applauded
his entrance with cheers and handclapping.
After prayer the roll was called and
seventy-three senators responded.
Then the flowers were removed and
the routine business of the session (
opened. At 12:13 the body adjourned,
having been in session Just thirteen
This will be the short session of tho
fifty-eighth congress and a notably 'n- 1
teresting one, for with tho inaugura- '
tlon of President Roosevelt the session
will go out in a blaze, of glory. Only i
once in four years does congress havo !
an opportunity to wind up its affairs j
under the historic condtions which
wui prevail next March.
Required for Support of Government
Next Year Presented to Congress.
The estimates of appropriations required
for the support of the govern- i
ment for the fiscal year ending June ;
:><), 190U, were transmitted to congress
Monday by the secretary of the
treasury. Theso estimates aggregato
$('.19,009,852 as against $011,518,937,
amount of tho appropriations for tbo
curent fiscal year.
Following is the recapitulation c t
tlio estimates by departments:
Legislative $ 12,311.015
Executive 38...510
State 3,028,812
Treasury 170,547,000
War 109,019,3?)0 [
Navy 117,519,348
Interior 162,924,425 !
Postofllce 15,439,900
Commerce and labor 1 ri,79."?.98I>
Justice 8.248,480
Total $<>19,(>09,85?
Shelling of Shipa in Harbor at Port
Arthur Proceeds Satisfactorily.
?t la reported In Toklo tliat the Jar>
anese bombardment against the fleet j
at Port Arthur is proceeding to tho
satisfaction of the attacking forces. \
On tho evening of tho 4th instant
(Sunday) two or three Russian ships
were flred and burned in half an hour.
Thoir names ami tho extent of tho |
damage done ?ro not known rt i
generally believed tlmt the Kusulau i
fleet must either make nil early sortie i
or suffer Irreparable damage.
Regular Train Service Between Dir.
Mingham and Atlanta.
The Senboari! Air Line inaugurated |
a regular train service on Its now ex- ;
tension between Atlanta and Binning- |
ham Monday. The first train In Blr- 1
mlngham over the new road arrived
from Atlanta Monday afternoon, while
the first one to depart went out in tho
evening, both being freight trains.
The passenger service will begin in a
few weeks.
Fifteen Hundred In New York Cast a
Referendum Voto on Question.
Fifteen hundred oab drivers In Now
York began early Monday casting a
referendum voto on the question of
whether ihelr association should strike
Against tho IJvory Stable Keepers'
Association, which has declined to
?rnnt. $2.25 a day and one night off
in six.
'" .'/#' -jC? /.i. .[: f't * * ' /. \ ?? , vjr
! i ,pw??<iw iBiiinnwrnw-rwwiWMtnr-FW
Piatt Bill for the Reduction of
Representation Introduced.
The Bill, if Passed, Would Eliminate j
Nineteen Congressmen from
Southern States?Leading
Republicans Oppose It.
A Washington special says: Senator
Piatt's reduction in southern representation
bill wa^ Introduced in the
senate Wednesday afternoon. An unusual
amount of interest was inani- i
tested and Senator Carmack asked |
that the measure he read m its entire- j
ty, after it had been read by caption. |
This request, which is by no means a \
comon one, was followed by another !
0110 from Senator C'uioerson, of Texas,
who asked that that portion indicating
the proposed relations in tbe various
Tttates be read again.
The temper oi" the southerners toward
Piatt and his measure may be :
indicated in the question asked by |
Senator iJailey, of Texas. During the
reuuing 01 ino Dill Ho said:
"Does this bill affect tli. rcpresenta- !
tiou in the senate of those states in
whlen the governor and not the leyis- !
laturo selects the senators?'
Plait, evidently unaware of the Texan's
allusion to tne reported Odell se- j
lection cf successors to boUi himself ]
and Chauncey Depew, answered in all
seriousness: I
"No, sir, it does not," and the whole j
senate roared.
The hill was prepared under diroctiou
of the committee of the national
republican club of the city of New
York. The measure, if cnacted in its
present form, would lessen the mem
uersnip iu congress uy nineteen, according
to iho estimate that has been
made by the republican club, which
originated !t. The bill and a statement
issued by Senator IMatt were referred
to the committee on the census.
Piatt's statement iu part was as
"This bill is framed on the lowest
limitation possible and treats as ex- !
eluded from the suffrage only the inalo i
negro citizen over 21 years of ago,
classed by the twelfth census as illiterate.
uuder 1900 census table, publishad
since tl><> minnrtinnmnni '
January ltf, 1901.
"Tho aggregates actually excluded
from tho suffrage in each of the states
mentioned are in truth larger than
those used as the basis for this act.
If all negro rotables ti. e., male citizens
over 21) regardless of illiteracy,
shoul dbe deemed to be excluded, tho
reduction in representation figured
from the same tables would be nearly
twice as great as stated in this bill.
"It requires no evidence beyond the
uuiui urns iiisiuricai iact tor congress
to adjudge what cannot be denied,
that the class of ntgro illiterates to
the extent stated, is practically excluded
from the suffrage in the states
mentioned In the bill, no matter what
may bo normal provisions of their respective
constitutions or election
The bill would reduce the south'a
representation in the house ao follows:
Alabama, from 9 to 7.
Arkansas, from 7 to fi.
Florida, from 3 to 2.
Georgia, from 11 to 8.
Louisiana, frem 7 to
Mississippi, from 8 to ti.
North Carolina, from 10 to 8.
South Carolina, from 7 to o.
Tennessee, from 10 to U.
Texas, from It; to lil.
Virginia, from 10 to 8.
The real republican leaders, such a-i
Allison, Alger and even Spooner, have
assured the democrats that no such
bill as I'latt'a shall have serious consideration
at this session.
Cabinet Nominations Confirmed.
?iit- MtMuu i" in execunvo session
Wednesday confirmed all four cabinet
nominations. Postmaster Wilcox, at
New York an.! Indiari commissioner.
Suicide Prevented.
The startling announcement that a
preventive of suicide had been discovered
will interest many. A run
down system, 01 despondency invariably
nrOCedn Slliei<1f? nnrl snmfilliU? i
been found that will prevent that con- I
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the first thought of self destruction, I
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Arrest of Mrs. Chadwick Brings Forth
a Great Sigh of Relief.
It was with a great sigh of relief
that United Stales District Attorney
Sullivan at Cleveland, O., received
news announcing Mrs. Chadwlck's arrOflf.
T [n n nnf?n?*/w1 a i? !l*
^rrvoiuu wiwi? mo waning |
newspaper men a moment later witl. ;
the news, and then calling them into i
his private oflleo gave them the particulars
of the way the easo had btvr
handled for the last week.
"Two physicians had a long and
Btuhborn fight with an abscess on niy
right lung," writes J. P. Huglieq, of '
DuPont, CJa., "and gave mo up. Dv- I
erybody thought my tlmo had como.
As a last resort I tried Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption. The ben- \
oftt I received was striking and I was
on my feet in a few days. Now I've 1
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Pickens Dreg Co. Price, 50c and $1.00.
Trial bottles froo. tf
Tuesday's Sessions of Both Houses
Taken Up in Reading of PresU
dent's Recommendations.
A Washington special says: Soon
after the house met Tuesday Mr. Burton,
of Ohio, chairman of the committee
to notify the president that the
house wa Kin session and ready for j
business, reported that the president
had informed him that ho would i
submit a message in writing.
After transaction of minor routine
business, the house, at 12:10 on motion
of Mr. Payne, of New York, took a *ecess
until 12:30.
Immediately upon reconvening Mr.
Il.'l! IIOK mmlotntit ?? - - "
U..U.UVUIH act lumry w 1110
president, appeared in the eenter aisle
an announced that he was directed by
the president to submit to the house
a message in writing. The clerk at
once began reading the president's annual
message to congress. \
Upon the conclusion of the reading
of the message, which consumed one
hour and 53 minutes, there was loud
applause from (he republican side. i
The message, on the motion of Mr. '
Payne, was referred tc the committee
of the whole house on the state of the
union and ordered to b? printed, after
which the house, at ":23 p. m., adjourned
until Wednesday.
" Immediately after the convening
of the senate Messrs. Allison and
cock roll, constituting the committee
to wait on tho president, reported that
the president had expressed his intention
'o immediately communicate with
the senate through a message in writ .
Hefore the message arrived Mr. Penroso
and Mr. Lodge presented the credentials
of Messrs. Knox and Crane,
the newly appointed senators from
Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, re
sp'jctlvely, and the oath of office was
administered to them. After signing
the senate roll to membership the new
senators were escorted to their seats
on the extreme right of the chamber.
There they held an Impromptu reception
for a few moments and until the
reading of the president's message begun.
The message was delivered to
the senate by Mr. Barnes, assistant
secretary to the president, and its
ruiuniiK immediately began. The senators
were all well supplied with copies
of the message in print and most
of them closely followed the reading
clerks as they proceeded.
At 2:17 p. m. the reading of tho
president's message was concluded
and the senate went into executive
ifvan* IO r-? a ? ? - ?. . ~?
I m IVI IVJ r?/-*. I I W IN bl A i I'j I ICS.
Less Alicrs Came Over During Past
Year But Brought More Money.
Immigration to the United States
decreased materially during the last
fiscal year, and it is a notable fact
thai the moral, intellectual and physical
qualifications of the immigrants
DilmlUnil ->?'?
? . k...r. VVIUI1U/ Will IUK ll!U
past year aro higher than ever heretofore
have been chronicl ?d. These
are two salient features of the annual
report of Frank P. Sargent, commissioner
general of imigration at Washington,
jti?;t made public.
The roport says that during the past
fi scal year S12.ST0 aliens arrived in the
country, of whom 54'.?,700 were male
iw leuiuius, an increase in
the females as compared with last
year of 10.S70, and a decrease in the
males of 01,040. As respects age.
109,150 were under fourteen years,
(>57,155 wore bet won fourteen and forty-live,
and 40,501 were forty-live or
over. Of the total number of admitted
immigrants could read hut
not write, 108,003 could neither read
nor write, and it is presumed the remainder,
004.01 t, could both read and ;
write. It also appears that 103.7rft of
t'.iofip aliens had already been to this
country: Of),757 brought with thorn
$.")0 or morn o?ch, and 501 .."liO brought
pach loss than $50. The total amount
of money shown to officers by those
S12.ST0 aliens was $20,S91,08:5.
No Bid Made for Railroad.
No bid was made at Mt. Marshall,
Texas. Tuesday, for the Texas South
ern railroad, offered for sale by the receiver.
One off.'r of $">00,000 was
made by Jobn Copoland. but with*
drawn oeioro a salt* was offectod.
At Wednesday's Session First Regular
Call for Bills, Etc., Was Made.
Whon the senato convened Wednesday
the regular call for business was
made for the llrst time In the session
and a large number of petitions, bills !
ana joint resolutions were introduced, j
Mr. Dillingham presented the creden- j
tials of his colleague. Mr. Proctor, |
for the term beginning March 4th, >
Among the hills introduced was one I
l>y Mr. Plntt, of New York, reducing I
the apportionment of congressional |
i u)ii uauuiuiiun.
Sold at New York for Sum of Sixteen
and a Half Plunks.
At a sale in New York Thursday r.f
Thackeray lirst editions and oilier literature
pertaining to the lit'e of tho
lOnglisli novelist, a book of poems by
Charles Tennyson, nephew of Lord
Tennyson, brought$000.
Not the least interesting, although
not the most expensive, Thackeray
item was a lock of hlr hntr
for $10.r>0.
HI* Negotiations With Panama Fully
Approved By President.
Tho report of Secretary Taft. special
envoy of tho United Stales to
l'finama, or his negotiations with that
government, was received in Washington
Saturday. After careful consideration
tho president gave his.entire approval
of the samo and has' advised
Secretary Taft by cable to this effeo* '
' ! ? " in i un m i ii wwmppfn mimammwvmtmmmmmrmmm*
tllHRII A II II TftnuaPiA i
Mrs. ChaJwick is Unable to
Secure Bail of $15,000.
<Kt Preliminary Hearing in New York
on Consnirae*/ Oharne. Jucmler
of Millions is Bound Over
for Trial.
Mrs. Cassie I... Chadwlcjt was arraigned
beYore United States Commissioner
Shields in New York Thursday
morning and hold in $16,000 bail,
which she was unable to furnish. All
day long lawyers representing her interests
had sought in every quarter
for some one own.ng real estate in
Manhattan who would .si->n her bond,
and the marshal had, out of sympathy
n>r me woman, i;op nor jti nis office
hours after she could haw been removed.
The endeavors oi the lawyers
were unsuccessful, rendering hor imprisonment
neccssai y.
To add to her cup of woo, It was
learned that a charge of forgery
would very likely h<; n::-de against the
woman in Ohio, ba-e.l on the Carnegie
notes and other paper., given as
securities for loans
Thursday nighi .\lrs. Chadwick occupied
one ol the scant:!-, fnrnishf'd
colls in the Tombs. After a iruitless
search all day for bail, her attorneys
gave up the IH'ht.
Mrs. Chadwiclt was wan, tired and
almost fainting They were it riven directly
to the Toombs. Arriving there
Mrs. Chadwk-k was half carried up
the steps into the building. Warden
Flynn met tin parly, and after the
usual preliminaries had been attended
to, the woman a she i permission to
have Iter nurse remain with her. This
was denied, the warden saying that
she should have no privileges nuL al
lowed other prisoner;'..
Already the country has been startled
by the disclosures which have followed
one another in quick succession
since Mrs. C'hadwick's affa'rs were
brought before the public .Mew, less
than two weeks ago. Since that time,
Mrs. C'hadwick's known indebtedness
has grown from less than $200,000 to
more than $1,000,000, and nrr counsel
has said that claims against her may
amount to $20,000,000. for all he knows.
The validity of aorai; of tlx- claims,
however, said tho attorney, was another
The strangest feature of the mystery
ha-; been the ti.se of the nanu; of
.Mr. Carnegie. What reason was offered
?'> explain why Mr. Ca n"gk\
who has an income <>t* more than $10,000,000
a year from United States
Steel bonds alone, should be giving
notes has not been brought cut.
Probably not. in tii 1 history of the
united States has there been anything
similar in the unusual cii- umstances
and magnitude to the Chadwick borrowings.
It is known by the statement
of President lieckwith, of the failed
Citizens' national bank, of Oberlin,
Ohio, that notes for at le;u;t $1,250,000,
indorsed by Mrs. Chadwick, are
outstanding; the securities ..suid to be
hold by Iri Reynolds, of ''l.nc-land, |
fl miw. >.- . . - -
iu uif t>x(' ni o! on; Merbon
Newton, of Boston, has claims for
$100,800, in.'I Tiu::-. lay i'. was asserted
by those conversant with the
strange case that n::mber of banks
not yet ni ntiono.i in public made
large loans to Mrs. Cluniwic!.
Proposition Doer. Net Meet ths Ap- J
prova! o<" Co.'irjrcsii.
The house comr.jifon industrial '
arts and expo iiiov. . al its meeting |
Thursday, decide 1 no' to recommend i
to tlie house i!-. a;.'horizsit!!;n of an indusiriai
exposition to be held at
.)unu?to\vn. Va.. in mmnii'tnoration of
the lirsi iCiiKliah . < tt' :*:<-11 < t!i? ro or
.v, i i?uii. i?ii> ""] a;tM ?rii>ing ihi* ap-i
propriation of money for ?a Indus- .
trial exposition there. j,
Carried to Court on a Cot to Answor i
in Suit of Mrs. Marcum.
At Win Ix'st.-r. Ky.. Thursday morn- i
ing, Judgo Hargis. noted feudist lead- 1
er, was carric.l to court on a cot for 1
the trial of the case of Mrs. J. B. Marcum
against Hargis and others, in
wmcn ^lie asKs $100,000 damages.
Harris was too ill to be brought into (
court, otherwise, and there was much ,
delay while his attorneys held a con- ^
ference with him in his room at the
hotel. After the conference, Judge
Denton began empaneling the jury
for the trial of the case.
Cholerfc Infantum.
mis disease has lost Its terrors
since Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea 'Remedy came into general
use. Tho uniform success which attends
tho uso of this remedy in all
cases of bowel complaints in children
lias made it a favorito wherever Its
value has become known. For sale by
Pickons Drug Store, Earle'9 Drug
Store, T N. Hunter, Liberty. tf
He Was Asked to Stop Strike of Carnegie
Steel Company Employes.
President Itoosovelt Informed a delegation
of men representing the Amaltrnmnforl
Irnn nnrl Stool Pinto Work
er? that ho seen no way by which he |
could properly or legally interfere to
bring about a settlement of t^u- strike
of thu union employes of the Carneglo
Steel Company, of Voungstown and
Glrard, O.
< i .
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in use for over IJO years, lia
, /? ?- and lias
All Counterfeits, Imitations an
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Infants and Children?Experic
What is CI
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?ubstance. Its ago is its guan
And allays Feverishness. Ic e
Colic. It relieves Teething' Tr
and Flatulency. It assimilate
Stomach and Bowels, giving 1
The Children's Panacea?The !
^ Bears the Si
Thft Vnn Hi I Ti
In Use For Ove
? ,
Items for Georgia, Florida, Alabama j
and South Carolina as Appears
on Secretary Shaw's List.
Secretary Shaw Monday submitted !
to congress his annual budget ot est!- i
mates for the next fiscal year. Tho |
items of interest to Georgia, South !
Carolina and Florida arc as follows:
(VimnluM/in t
..?luuiiuu nuspnai auvaunab,
To complete postoffice and court
liouse At nuns, $20,000.
Continuation of extension of court
house and poslollico Macon, $50,000.
Beacon lights in the inside passage
from Savannah to Fcrnandina, $1,200.
Building for keepers oI Gockspur
and Oyster beds range lights, $4,000.
Lisht VL'SSGl i'or Rninoivlcli I-"
Btructlug and equipping with steam
log signal, $90,000.
Land for enlargement military post
Fort Screven, G:i., for Uie purchas of
about fourteen acres of land for
which negotiations have been in progress
for several years, adjacent to Fort
Screven, cJa., military reservation, required
for the reconstruction and enlargement
of the post, and to round
out and complete the reservation
boundaries, $38,800.
Improving Cumberland sound, $40,
Complete postofllce and custom
house, Georgetown, S. C., $20,000.
Completion of postofllce Rock Hill,
Charleston navy yard, $$07,000.
Establish range\light station on St.
Phihlllps island entrance to Port Royal
harbor, $18,000.
Improving Charleston harbor. 225.
NVlnyah hay, $75,00i>.
Marino hospital. Key West, improving
breakwater and building surgeon's
Quarters, $13,000.
Quarantine station Bocka Grande,
huipineiH of station, $15,000.
Naval station, Key West, $49,000.
Navy yard ronsacola, $293,000.
.... .?I uuniii.iti, I (.USilLUlU, }3K,WV.
Symptoms of Liver Disease.
Sick headache, constipation, biliousness,
melancholia, dizziness, dullness
and drowsiness, coated tongue, slimy
teeth, bad breath. Rydale's Liver .
Tablets will relieve any of these symptoms
in a few hours and speedily correct
the trouble. They act upon the (
iiver, duo, bladder and duct, intestines r
and bowels as a stimulant and tonic ! t
Those who use these tablets lind their
net ion perfect and results satisfactory, j
Fifty chocolate coated tablets in eacu 1
box. Price, 25 cents. tf
I find nothing better for liver do- '1
rangement and constipation than s
Chamberlain's Stomach a?d Liver s
T m A 1-. ^ *' ' 1 *
inuKiB, u. r. AIlurtJWH, ues JMOlIM!S, jl
[own. For sale by Pickens Drug Co.
A high-class preparation for the
glossy and prevents splitting at I
always restores color to gray hi
agr SiSv r
Ijjfc ytmsmii |
BwwwwwwiM ! Jl
Cut thi* out anJ return \r> ut Inside ft? th'Mydays and name
and Stt Watch handsomely e '. ived. The case* arc made o! 14!
niriAlN and will wtit ? lifetime rnr movement is >"< oi lh* 1
Clock Affair, hut in\l?.v! will ift-rpire with ."<y ?.*?: OO wjf. ?> I
Whether you desire th.? ? uM proof o? I.nl.cs' or (tents' Hunting.
Okken* Clialn, One Intaglio Cftnrm. Ore I'nlr l^vrr Sle?v? Hut
Ptarl Back C??!lar fliittoni On? Tcpai Ol.i>nonJ 5t.id. (ail the l<
Teaipeoftt. AH the above sent Vrt* provided you j!!ow cn to ?cr
#4 q> We .ir" wiring to 4hl? Ihe entur ouffit a* dr*? ribed <..<).
(1 not the bluett bargain you ever r? *e;vfd from any firm, the k?<
cent II you will remit $4 94 with order wr will forward all t'.w f
l*re>ent confuting of One Hollow a found I- ?tra H? $1 Ml Keen
an offer to Introduce thelf*Cl?ars, and remember U you are noif !<
HE inc?rpo'lt?d C?plUI, 928,000.00. OLIUX HIEi!
light, and which has been. ,
s borne tho Big-nature of
been made under bis perpervision
since its iniHncy.
> 0110 to deceive yon in this,
d " Just-as-good" are but
ltd endanger tho health o
/m;u iiguiunii mj[IUriUlUlh
tutc for Castor Oil, Parerups.
It is Pleasant. It
[>liine nor other Nurcotic
mtee. It destroys Worms
ures Diarrhoea antl "Wind
oubles, cures Constipation
:s the Food, regulates tho
liealthy and natural sleep*
Mother's Friend.
oria always
gnature of _
b Alwajs Bought
^ an
GOV>' I e* fcf *?.
aiV. \!'.vavs r.'liublf. l-.-cilon. nsk for
i kuniKvn irs ?a auxt
Uoltl .ijrtr.llir hox**s, * .?: UmI with hluo ntoon.
raJie iiooffior. itofuNc Uun^oroiiN
Mil tons an ii lsnilalloii?. Kiivolyour I>rtijj?iHC,
r mtxI \v. in s!'.ih|>> lor <*Ak'tli iilurn, Ve*Mh
niODinls aiul " iCollcf for IjSmIie*." in
by return l^ah, *<>,<M><> T<\-utnoui;iLs. Sold by
til I^ni^ists.
7100 .Hudif*on M?jnare? VllIU ,
Af.ontlon thl: nrvcr.
7fvLpitiyC"^ illMClfomi'< ami beautifit:3 the bfltr.
Ir/flPSMS?"' a luxuriant pt<i?lh.
P?5?VVV" -?J!W3itfever Fnllo t<i Rcetoro Gray
I? i1) i'A . "?iWmS Jlnlc to lis Youthful Color.
JSBtb Cur< ' ?<*olp ti hftir lulling.
~"?J & )<. m?l $1
! ?c5llthe couch 1
" ti* ~*a "J 1
j a,mur. lungs
New Discovsty i
Iron /Consumption - pncn 1}
UVl\ { OUGHSand 63c&$1.00B
%^0LDS Free Trial. 3
SSurest and Quickest Curo for'aTTii
q L.E5, or MONEY BACK.
_ ~ i Mranm y ULT aOUKFTm
is t ho one to use. "Th<> Machinery People*"
will he R!a<l to send raialofrui* and Damn
price on application.
W. H. GibBES OX CO.,
Knirlne*, Holler#, Rnw Hills, Cotton O'niiitiu
Mftfliincry, Eto. ?
The Glhhcs Portable Shlnnls Machine
5ick Headaciic.
"For several years my *\ was
.roubleil with what physic- died
lick headache pf a very severe < i tracer.
She doctored with several eml- .
tent physicians and at a great extense,
only to grow worse unrl sho
vas unablo to do any kind of work.
Ibout a year ago sho began taking
'haniberlain's Stomach and
['ablets and today weighs more than
he ever did before and is roal well,"*
ays Mr. George E. Wright, of New
,ondon, New York. For sale by Pickns
Drug Co. tf
Hair Renewer
hair. Keeps the hair soft and
wU 1 - ^
me ciius. v^ures dandruff and I
n If rw dfurjlit nn*X niprjy yoa, #e?'l $1.00 to B
a ? r? R. IIAI.L t CO Nnhm, W. If.
ymir expfo!* Dff "v. ? onr Stem Wind M
. Go!.! on the if.J I I J# .Kv H'll |?> J JO VWf R?
' - I 7 " I 0?>i? t? Tmi: 1 ma .At .? ? It** it*
1*0 < .C Ml*S Open J- l ire . ftf.v ??* nrvl <1 ,t ? r V f. St It/. Iju i
1 h? oxh'.'t > Vrtt ar:i frt .< One I'. ll-.d IDW PU'eJ Hp,
lon?. One Hull lop Collar i'uh"?, One Ne.ktio iloJd.T. Tv<d
t 14K OoWPIal.- '! o?ne' I ' 6 Tr1rlc..f liver >1?ted H
I you In an,- p.* i .^r, sOli.M .f, j<x. I, v. v?ti ?e?| *t BED
O. lo.my 1 preuoff.e mi* . f., e\> >4it.?n. II Attw
be feturnril wt . Mf c*' >' i not he rut |n? &n
[wil menSK-ffiJ In tt.h A V i-r?* .1 k, imJ f;xtf ly
Cutting I??/or Na thci 171. 1 1i V,t . e .r : ,*df ?oih. K
ln^d, vt. ( stan/* re&ly I ri f > ;? 1 ..r M ?>j
SON COMk^AY, M ' M, W. C.* H A
wmmmemmm* mmta ' 1

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