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Mm SrcM-hml.
'y'"' V' V ' '' 1^'
The Sentinel-Journal Company,
iuumipvo m jlw aul, x nurn,
m.i. uj-'.u-u? ..L i" ..j.." '.. .
J. L,. O. THOMPSON, Kuitob.
Subscription $1.00 Per Auuum.
Advertising Bates Reasonable.
> .? |r v t _ 1 _ " ' ?
Entered at Pickens PoBlofflce as Second Glass
Mall Matter
Wednesday, December 14,1904.
After January 1st this paper will
be au all homo print, sevon-oolumu
quarto, with plenty of news, and
space for all of our correspondents,
We hope they will help us to make
the papor interesting, and that our
readers will appreciate our efforts
enough to stand by us and will pay
in advance.
Among tlio now features wo will
put on, will be a corking good serial
story which will please both
young and old, and interesting
from beginning to end. The title
is ''Abner Daniel," und the plot is
laid in North Georgia, and depicts
"cracker" life toa"T." It is a
storj in which wit anil wisdovn play
an important part, and the quaint
philosophic sayings of "Uncle Abner
Daniel'' will bring a snnie, for
he never sees the worst side?"with
him the darkest cloud lias si silver
Through the thread of this romance
runs a good love stojy. You
should read it. Watch for the
opening chapters, and you will net
rest until you get the next.
- LgJ. 'I - 1
The other day a little girl?she
couldn't have boen more than three
or four years old?walked along the
sidewalk in front of this newspaper
office. She was alone, having walked
ahead of hor mother, who had stopped
to chat with an acquantance.
Sho was a beautiful child, with
rosy cheoks and laughing eyes, and
as she looked in at the window the
editor, out of the goodness of his
heart ana ins lovo 01 cnuuren, tnrew n
kiss. The litlle lady smiled, even
coyly, and looked as if nhio might like
to throwTss if she dared. As 'bo
" .^ftlJteAalong, slowly, she kept looking
back and smiling, and the editor
threw more kisses. Finally, as sho
was about to pass boyoud the range
of vision from the window; the little
girl threw the editor one kiss and
then ran away laughing.
Tho editor went back to his work.
A minute or two later lie chanced to
look up, and the littlo girl had come
back and was peeping in at tho window,
v%ith mischief scintillating in
every glance, waiting for another
kiss. It was given with a will. Tho
little girl laughed, and then ran away
again and did not come back any
It was a desperate llirtation, although
the editor and the little girl
had never soen each other before ko
far as the editor knows.
As the editor finally went hack to
his work, lighter in heart than before,
he moralized to himself after this
fashion: The children of today are
bat the parents of the men and women
of tomorrow. How earlv in life do
wo display the characteristics of our
after years. That littlo girl will in
the day? to come break the hearts of
men, juut for the very love of it, and
will then finally make Rome man supremely
happy. JSo mote it be.
Amen.?Anderson Daily Mail.
Everybody is expecting a deterj
iUA .1 I 11...
lumen ngui uu iuu uiajjunoui > m liiu
coming session of tho General Ah
aenobly. From nil reports tho dinpensary
will have to light for its life.
There are indications at present
that there will not be enough ofTioes.
even under tho most satisfactory conditions
of putronage, for all faithful
ltepublicans. Maybe this is a reason
for wishing to retain tho Philipineo.
An Atlanta man has petitioned the
courts to cliango his uame which is
now Smith. Evidently ho does not
intend to run for political ofliico and
therefore will not need the support of
the numerous members of thut large i
and influential family.
The United States Agricultural
Bureau report which was issued last
<J-I?J ? 11.? ,.?i
DHliUIUIljr ui|?iliu(iu cnuiunivo inn uuii'
ton crop this year at 12,152,000 beles,
which is the largest crop over made,
aod as a tesult tho tnarkot took a
[ derided slump I? this estimate
n pro^ c rirct there wil be no no e
A n cent cot(<....
i l J *
Ana watcx
Don't hold y
vote for your it
them along.
~ The1
Pickens Methodist?Pickens
Zion Methodist
Central Baptist?Central
Pickens Baptist?Pickens
Six Mile Baptist
Gap Hill Methodist
Salem Methodist?North Picke
Oolenoy Baptist
Cross Roads Baptist
Camp Creek Baptist
Ruhamah Methodist
Concord Baptist
Griffin Baptist
Twelve Mile Methodist
Miss Lois Newton?Pickens
Miss Nannie Wyatt?Easley
Miss Kate Hester?Pickens
Miss Leila Ballentine?Central
Miss Josie E. Earle?Pickens
Miss T .nrv Manldin?('entr.il
J. H. Grant?Cateechee
Frank Farmer?Pickctis
Libraries in Pickens County.
1 am sum the people of Pic ken 8
county nre interested in education
n.ul every educational movement; and
as Pickens county is my bumo, 1 fee!
interested in any movement that will!
be for the betterment of its people, j
But there is one thing that I wish to|
call attention to, in which Pickens is
aomowhat behind. This is in regard
to libraries for public schools.
At the last session the Legislature
passed au "Act to Encourage tho Es-j
tablishment nf Libraries in tho Pub-j
lie School* of tho Rural Districts."]
This act '-vas to go into effect aa soon
as tho State Board met and adopted
regulations, rides, and a list of books
Soon aflor the adjournment of the
General Assembly, the Skate Board
met and adopted a list of 200 ! ooka
from which the selections should bo
made. This list and the State's up
propritfttiiHi ttuuu ui'uumo iiYHimmr,
and by tbe first of April the schools
began to order librarian. From April j
to December, nino months, nearlyI
100 libraries have been established io
the schools of South Carolina. Under
the provisions of the act, ouch
library cost at least $!i0, and ?stiraat i
ing an average price for the books, it
means that, about ?12,000 have boon ;
invested in 80,000 good books, wl.ich
have boon pieced in tlio coach o/
thousands, of boys and girls whose!
reading matter was very limited and
poorly adapted to thoir needs. More
libraries will bo established before
tho close of tho your.
The act provides for 12 libraries in
each county. Some counties have ul-,
ready their full quota, and have
raised their private subscription anticipating
next year's appropriation
by tho General Assembly.
I notice that .six of these libraries
httvo been established in Pickens
countj. It is allowed six more li
braries under tho act, provided they
l'u f-Htabliehed before ahe iirstof January.
It seems that Pickens county
should be iu the lend and have her
full quota by that time. We have a
number of splendid rural schools in
Pif'.kariH nnnnt.v whinli nr? in nnml of
libraries. Tlio amount necessary for
such, that is the part to bo luiueit by
private subscription, could bo mined
in (i short while, uod this would out
good reading material in thc<<6 schools
which is very much needed. It is
very evident that a workman can uot
do good work without good sharp,
tools It is tho same with our school |
children; they can not do good work
without sharpening their intellect'
with good reading, and one of I ho
ways to do this in to ^ivo them
Homo good book a to real.
1 would like Jo Miugo.st a way in
which these libraries might he raised:
As it. in only a short tmio until the
Christmas holidays, some program
might bo arranged for and invito the :
patrons in and take up a colletition, i
. . . l _ .11 . 1. :ii r . '
or cuargo a snmu aummanco lee, nna
tho ten dollars could he i uisod in >1
comparatively Abort timo. Then the
County Superintendent would add
the $10 from the school funds to that
district, and them the $10 from the i
ttfato could bo easily )iad, I hope
it.at Pickens county will be in thn
- ? . / I
m bxmh umam
i it Grow! |
our coupons, but
lyorite and help
= 79
1 75
9o j
11s charge 47
21 2
j leiul before tho close of the year.
! And wo heliove that through tlieso
! libraries much good will be occom
i plishod, which in due season will
' cry tali ze into muteriul good to the
| pcIiocjIh of L'ickeua countv.
Dec. 1U, 1904. VV. T. Earle.
From Central, R. F. D. No. 2.
I have been silent quite awhile,
I. _ i. -1 ?
miu win again try to give you all
a fow 'lots if you will pardon my
seeming negligence.
Cotton picking is almost over, J
think, and moat of tlio farmers aro
I almost done sowing whoat.
Well. Christmas is almost hor'J,
and what are we nil going to do for
i fun?
Leap year is almost gone, aixl
the girls will have to let the hovn
tako the lend .is formerly.
I think the wedding bells will
pe.il forth their old familiar chime
on this route urn long. It' they do j
wo will l?t you know about it.
MecHre. It. (>. (irtiiun and O. H.
Stewart of Central, were in tl>is
community thin week.
Miss Riichuel Powers, who hfin
been very Hick, in improving under
tlio skillful treatment of Dr. \V. j
M. Long.
Mr. 8. \V. Craig, who lias been
in Atlanta the hint ton months, is
on :i visit to h?a parents.
M r Jas. II. Powers, one of Spar- j
tunhurg's moat prominent business j
men, returned to Spartanburg u
few days ago, after Sponding several
dny* with bis parents.
Well, it is mail time, and with
go< i wisnos r.o ml, i am
White Koee.
Notice to rr'itomaiiil rrctlilorfi.
All pornouM hnvintf churns n^'iitiHt
the eat-ite of Hiimuel .Jones deceased,
ure requested lu preouut tlio sumo
properly nttOBted to the undersigned
for payment hy tlio l^t dfty of Feb.
1905. Tbooe indebted to tlio said
........ ?i ?
o.iiMii) ilium in iuu jim v hi ,*111 10
II. Ii Cinytou.
Deo. 15, 1904. 3t Admr.
To The Public,
Porlmpfl you had bettor look at your
Inu(l papers and if you have oli'Mii of
title for your 1 < d<l. you way not Imvo
uny land. Tho Jrau-t me nHuuinuliitiug
ill tho ofll'^e vory fa*t ivy not lining culled
for. or paid for for recording. There
will not lie any nv?ro deeds recorded in |
Auditor'" ofMe<? nnloflfl they ure paid f??r i
before auditing, Ho govern yonrcolven j
ne^ordii arlv. F. T>' Kiiili
Co. And. 1
castoria ;
For Infants and Children,
The Kind You Have Always Bought '
Bear, the /V' ,
Signature of J&ZcXrtt ^
| Now Is
^ Read this carefully thr
yV appeal ,to the most econom
\\ Note the variety of ap
ft If you want to pay t
w only want to spend fiVe ceni
m rvi. am
^ uuronoesiviai
n Something every one nc
vv appreciate.
The very goodness o(
ff acceptable as presents,
j our certificate plan will sol1
^ Children's Shoes, in all
B lars. Ladies' Shoes, in al
9S cents to #3.50. Men
| your selection from, $1.25
v( .Very Lik
^ II hre nro some suggest i
M Men's 011 fl*8 and collars, 10 t
?T suspenders, 25 cents lo $1.00.
I( Special Sale L?
^ Big assortment of styl
imaue ui tTUSiicu icuuici, ;
Our stock of Ladies Ju
linu with tlie sertson'H newest t
Over two thousand pi?c
would make good Christmas |
I H?
Mr. Ferguson's Farm.
Mr. John Ferguson, an enterprising
farmer who I'ivoh t \v:?
miles oast nl Pickont*, will engago
in li<>g i ui-jucr and stock raising of
fine lirenJs on a large scalo. Mr.
Ferguson has a magnificent farm
of more t han 1,000 uores and em
raise largo numbers of improved
bogs and fine cattle without materially
decreasing liis acreage in cul
tivation. Mr. Furguson has already
a number of full l>loodod Yorkshire,
O. I. 0. and Berkshire*. Ho
has recently purchased of C. L.
Curoton a IWkshiry boar that was
on exhibition at the last State f'tir
;trid carried v>fV two first priz?H,
Mr. Cureton obtained this fine hog
from Indiana, and at tin* age of i'()
' > ' * -! -I - 1 .1 ..
inouinn 11 weignei iuu [hjuiiom.
There is not a finer specimen in
tile State today. Mr. Ferguson
has a large herd of JersoyB and
Ho re ford s, which he in disseminating
throughout the county, and
which he will now mine for a more
remote and general market. His
venture will bo watched with interest.
All old Time Remedy.
Murray's Ilorohound Mullein and Tar
lias in it tho purest of drugs, ?U \>i
which wore used by our parents niul
grand-paroutfl. It in u combination ho
put togotlur tliut it cures it eough right
oil'. Nothing is better for babies. It is
u most reliable euro for all eases of
coughs. Ask your druggist for it. They
all liuve it ready. Costs only 2" a bott'o?extra
large bottle.*?regular BOn size.
) loin ember to iisk for "Murray's" and
MtlkU 1HI lllfr.
Trespass Notice.
/\ 11 persons aro hereby warned not
to bunt, fiali, cut timber or in any
wny tieapaHH on miy of our luiuU.
Any violation of thin notice will l?c
p.'ohecuted to tho full extant of the
law. Jno. A l>urh un,
M. B. Roe,
lsniic Durham,
Hubert Sto vurt,
O, W. Durhuir,
A. I) Duncnu,
W. C. Miller,
8. I'. Mnrrhlinnktt
J T. Iioo,
N. B. ltoo,
8fc W. II. Duncan.
Dniiirt'r of a ('outfit.
Pnehmonin, ?rip, broncliitiH and
nearly ovory other daugeronn sloku^tw <>i
tliiH kind in uminily tlm dovnlopmout of
n slight uougli. Too mauy poople nro
IaM i L i; ?' ?
mm <i|> jiiki uhj niui.y um irtmi <iik?,uf<>h
wlinro they could no onuily knock thnt
IIrut cough in tho head. Murray'h Hor?lionud
Mullein mid Tar on j ob coUIh. It
just dropa the bottom out of ft cough.
Kvory drugqiHt luta it for 25c a bottl".
Remember "MumiyV and tak?. uG Otll - I
r. Hegulflr ttOo size.
B??n th? x* W You Have Always RoitgM 1
rr<2C*$gs? 1
L-lf^UJ !iJU L-i ga
.. I--.- ^
the Time to
^Here is the Plac
oughout list of appropriate Ch
propriatc presents and the scop
vventy-hve dollars tor a present
ts, we will take pleasure in show
<e Good Presents.
:eds; something every one will
tlif* q1"?\*rr? cr?11 tli/Mii
If you're not sure of the size
vc the problem.
leathers, 48 cents to two dol11
the new shapes and leathers,
's shoes, twenty lines to make
to $5.00.
;ely You Haven't hi
ionr in mon's good8: Men's Cuff Bi
.0 25 cents. Men's Haiidkorclnafd,
I... ir 1..... ir. 1 . r. rv ..
iu.?i) n i.iiiuy mux nvn1 i) IU <>\J CH
niies' Hand Bags.
es in black, tan and brown,
>5, 4S, 74, 98 cents up to $2.00.
2s Jackets Hake Q<
okota is completo. Lust 'veek we
leeigus. Prices as follows: $2.1)8
es of pieces of Chin aware received 1
Busy B
;; K3
Bain Ilnvorn 1
oig pain u
When You Wear
%& <3tftVtfV?
Star - Five - Star
|' $2^.50 Shoe |
| I
You Will 1-lnd tnc fit, finish nn<
weaving q::ailtleo U!)equ/il<(
for the price.
R. C. Ci
m vf. i ~
Buy Christma
e to Buy Them!^
ristmas gifts, which will please
e of prices which are in reach c
we can show you some very ap
ing you what you want, or help
How About a S
For your husband, father
know what size he wears, t
want and leave it to us. Per
ment; if not, we'll get it, alrig
Men's suits in Black Thibit;
breasted or single, $3.98 to $
steds, tweeds -and cheviots,
regulars, slims, or stouts, $3,5
IAn overcoat would make ;
Our stock is complete in boy<
coats, $2.48 to $4.98; youth's
coats, $3.98 to $20.00.
it' on a Gift For "I
uttons, 25 cents to $2.50. Men's slif
5 to 130 conts. Men'* MiiHlere. 25,
nts, Hundreds of Qtber things in tr
Snf?r.ial salt* I arl
i 20 pairs kid gloves, our
andblack, all sizes, 79c. Ladie
jod Christmas Pre
received hv ex;>re*< Home very tfOod
, $3.50, *8.98, $4.1)8, *0.50, *8 60 ai
ast week to be ^ivon awap. Bring i
lerson C<
>ee Hive.
;;ri:r rr.r-i?;: -r.:- ? 'TWiSiiamn
Our Guarantee in behind
. .???-. llio First National Bnnk o
ji . .'-illSWHW, ntrcct'a Axency, or any
- t * l\l\ 1 1/ (1' County if this Guarantee It
m ! IV M i I/ $! you U:> '?"owa P*ckagea coi
V V 11 Arey's N. C. Opon-furnacc
vAU Jl si Snlwt PrluoU
^ % "Pride of n7C/'"3 Year's?
'! 4 Full Quart* Pri?loofN.(
y'fljlt5 "Monte Carlo" 5 Year OKI
bwv^vMRRr' ^ 4 Full CJuarta "MonteCarle
ifer vi Ar?y'?8 Year Old Apple E
*'j if) ^xtrtt Chartfo lor Ji
i Wo tako back all kckxIh I
I There aro 2fi trainn cach
'attttlf/ ./r*4 . enabling us to ttot Roods to
; ' ' yourb'
. &? 1 ' t m c p* . a o ?%i
* *-' L/. L. /Vl^l^T
The Largest
L\r/kii Al
I J V I "I 1M Ull^lll IU III
A mv '1^ I (! .
\k1KK, I
"j coupons.
is Gifts!| ' B-iM
; the most fastidious and jr
>f everyone. m
propriate things, or if you K
you in making the selection 9
uit of Clothes M
or brother? If you don't
ell us the kind of suit you ?
haps we have his measure5,
black worsteds, in double H. V
>20.00. Men's fancy wor- If
single or double breasted, \i
18 to $22.so C
a very appropriate present.
i and men's coats. Boys' Tl
coats, #2.98 to $8.59; mens ll
lim" Yet.. (T
>perg, 98 cents, $1.25 and $1.60. M
50, 75 cents and $1.00. Men's M
ion's guOdn. ff
ies' kid Gloves. jj
regular 1.00 quality, brown
s &<jii yiuvcs an colors, 25c \\ .
sents. j
values which etrougthoned oar \x
id $10.00 11
in your ovpoiiB. Lots of pieces ?
1UL ^,WI??MBTi
-<> 11/1 * ???
rBKATEON. ?..?
evrry shipment made. Ask
f Sulishury. Dunn'H?nd nrmlHualnemi
Conccrn *n Kowan
i worth anything. We quote
lluiniiitf 1 to -I 1-2 gallons:
> Corn Whiskey. 11.66 per sal.
1.86 ' "
:k ' " 2.00 "
it Corn Whihkey. 2.25
J," I.n?w>i?d, 8.00 " case
Rye Whiskey. 2.76 " Hal.
I.iiIk led, 8.26 " cave
K.25 " case
Irnndy. 2.60 " gal.
3.00 " "
tr or Packing.
i to accompany Ordor.
I.aluro found unsatisfactory.
?'ny in and out of Salisbury
you on very short notice,
o Command.
' msril l IVM rr\
' 'V
Shipment of
'8 SHOES *
is County, and have
=?y LINE
' ' ' ' i ' '.vv^'!
s. ct

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