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Mil! kM-Joinl.
HaDDHlBM of a Local ana Personal Nature.
?Ten moro days till Christmas.
- Tho bottom rail is liable to be on
top next weelt.
?-Boo F. Parsons, who has boon
stok, i? ablo to be out a?ain.
?Louis Copel ie showing a nice
};)t line of ties.
?Newton Johusou visited his
brother, W. H. Johnson, last week.
8tark your favorite in the contest
MA'll# nrt na trt 4lK?. --
uv vr, OU an v*/ vawu vuo ituilbiu^ y?Ml',
?W.'S. Paraons, ft progressive ctizen
and merchant of Liberty, whb in
Pickens last Thursday.
?George Welborn has just pur-'
1 chased ft 100 pound boll for Mm
Eden school.
?The Ctemsnn College oudotn li -vp |
been granted a vacation from the 23 d
inst. to January 3d.
?In the guessing contost for the
dolJ at Mi*h. Ouretou's, Bon P. Par
duud who iiiiu wiunwr.
?A few coupons voted iu tho light
place will ohange the oiuplexion of
the contest next week.
?Mif>sfg Lola and Mary Garntt,
of Norrip, visited their fiiftter, Vrs. R
T. Hallow, iu Pickens laat week.
?Now is a good timo to buy your
Ohriatmta goods and avoid tho crowd
flint u/ill n.iniD on
?Who will win that iVop head
sewing raaohiue? Some one will ho
well paid for a few hours work.
?The contcBt is doing pretty well,
thank you. Keep your eye on tbo
vote; it will be interesting to watch
the changes each week.
?Dealers iu fireworks snould re- j
member tbat it ih ngomst the law in
this 8tute to sell firecrackers over
three inches in leugtb.
f ?John B. Vaugban has moved to
s Mauldin Station, in Greenvillo county.
, He is a good citizen and wc commend
him to his new neighbors.
?We are crowded for space find
orowded with good matter, ho are
compelled to leave out Home good
articles that will appear next wook.
?Don't think because your favorv
ite is not in the race, they are out of
^ ' the i^aco. A fewicoupous will pla:e
the loweet aC the'top or au cutaider
in thn lead. * '
?W. ju. Johnson will be fouud
with the Heath-Bruce-Morrow Co..
next year^ Ho is a tine saleBtuau and
will have tcbarge of ibeir hardwaro
?Married on the 7tb iust., at tho
residence of Mr. George McGhll, tho
bride's father, Mr. Nowry W. Masters
to Miss Mary McGiil; Loth of
Piobenq oounty. A. L EJeus, N P.,
?Married on the 8th insb, at the
home of A. It. Hamilton in Easley,
Miss Esther E. Holcombe to Mr.
Iliohard K. Hunt, of Scottshoro, Ala.
ltev. D. W. Iliott officiated. The
inauy friends of the happy couple
joto in wishing them much happinu?B
?The Sectlnel-Joornal force lias
no iuterest in the contest, farther
than making it a mucosa. Cast your
votes when you please; for whom you
please, and for the church of your
uhnina. lti? non? nf nnr hA'aii*
? Prof. Dondy in authority for tlie
statement that tho attendance at Ilia
Pickcne Graded School iB the 1 argent
iu the biatory of that institution
ThiH not only Bpeuks well for Pmkeus,
but is n high tribute to Prof. Dendy
as an inatruotor.
?Mr. Ellis Jennings, aged 32
years, a brother of J. 0. Jennings, of
E*iokeus. died si his home at Belton
last week, from Bright'** disease. He
'eaves a wife and two ohiidreji, seven
brothers, four sisters aud a host of
relatives and friends to mourn his
?There will be a union Christina*
tree iu the courthouse on Monday
bight December 26th, beginning at.
7 o'clock. Several committees are
already at work arranging the details
of the occasion tiiut means so
much for the happiness of the Hunilati
(i/ilwwil /ihihlrAri A *i intAfoctl ir?<r
program consisting of brief rediu
tiuYiH and music will bo rendered. A
leading feature of the literary program
of the evening will b? tb*
Chistruaa talk by lion. Juliua E.
-?Rev. R. A. Child, I'reaidmg
Elder of the Greenville District, Iiuh
been appointed financial of
Wofford Cpllege. fli* many warm
friends, not only in thin oounjf\'j but
all over the atnte, will bo gin I to
know of this appointed, but will be
sorry tliat ho is removod from active
ervice in the ministry. Wofford
College is to l>o congratulated on getting
ho good ami ablo a rnnni |
The cert-moiiy was performed by
the ltuv. Mr. Sui^le, pastor of tin* St.
Fiancin church nt this nlium in ?
most impressive manner.
The wedding music wna charmingly
und bountifully Hindered l?y Mins
Wilhelminu Tate, of Mnrganton. Ah
the bridal party entered Mihm Tutu
played the wedding march.
The bride, who entered with her
brothor, Mr. W. A. Ilnyden, who
#ftvo her uwuv, waB a clmnuiujj pic
ture uf lovliueas, being gowned in ?
brown ciot.li Huit, bat tuul gloves It)
Many friends accompanied the
happy couple to the bride's hoini',
near the Seubo ird depot, whore a
most eluboruto dinner w is served,
and after much rice hail bern used
and many congratulations und best
wishes suid, Mr. nnd Mrs.
left for their future home ut L'ick us,
H. C., where u reception was hank-rod
them by relatives.
There were ninny !>??ntifnl w<d
diiiK presents, these showing the is
teem of friends of the populur con
The bride is a most attractive and
VJUtll liiillg ll?ll>' Willi lllftUV II'IBIKIH,
whilo the groom is one of H >uth C irolhui'ti
wvll kiiowu ii'iul popular l>tini11*86
men, highly esteemed by a large
circle of friends.
Aiuoiig tho out-of-town attendants
wero Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reynolds
of Ayr, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Ah xan
der of Forest Oity, Mrs. (). Hicks,
Miss Lollio Ilicks and Miss Nettie
Beveley of Caroleen, M'ss Mnnde
Ooxe of Green lliver, Mis? Mary
Tata of Morgauton, and Mr. and
Mrs. Joe Hayden of Bhtcksbur^,
S. (J, Miss Irene Tut" of Morganton,
Miss Graoo anil Keddie MoPaniel of
Pickens, 9. C., and B F. McUaniel
of Columbia, S. (5.
The Sun joins the happy couple's
host of friends in wishing them happiness
and prosperity.?Rutherfordton
(N C.) Sun.
u: i 1.~ !- * *
laiijui) mu uirivtii 01 Mio nappy couple
in Piokeun, u very preti v littlo
romance has crept out regarding this
marriage. The fuct is it was a rekindling
of ii flame of former yt-nr*.
Far back in the liven of the two,
liko ships that puss injthe night, they
met, hey hailed nrd pawned <?', tMich
in diverge directions, not knowing
whither they wont, or whether th?y
would meet again, lint Cupid, with
i.:t i i-~- ii
la u nil i/<:i 111 ^ nHIII, UIUI UMliy 111H WOl'K
thoroughly. They drifted farther and
father apart on life's rugged sen, the
ono not knowing if the other had
been ship-wreckod and lout, or
stranded 011 sonic desert i?Io in midocean.
But tho yearn glide by, and with
their passing, Providence brines
together the liven of the lovers of
former dayn, and now they aro receiving
the congratulations of numer l
OU8 friends who wiah them a happy
and prosperous voyage o'er the sen
of life,
?All local not; con of a bittiness
nature will be run under the hea I of
"Busim sh Lot-alt*,'' and will b<? oh trgi
d for at the rate of 5c per lino.
n Ml II .r ?... I .^.w.
! Death of R. A. Beverly,
i 11. A. Beverly, treasurer of the
j Beverly Granite Company died aud,
dfcttlv early yestor<1fty morning at the
oomp my'a quarry at Beverly on the
Southern Railway in Pickens county.
Mr. Buverlv with his broths op
erated extensive quarries, and it was
i. * *
winiu uu whs engaged iu repairing
the damage done by tire to the plant
thefe that lie contracted the dittense
which resulted iu liin death. A wife
and three children Mir vivo. They
reside fit Winchester. V??., for which
pltico B. Beverly left yesterday
with his brother's remains.
K." A. Buverly was a man of excel
lout business ability. Ho handled
large interests oflVctively, Ho was
43 years oi ugo?Gtcenville News.
Mrs. Aneita Ambler Brazeale Dead.
un December 7th, 1904, fit lier
homo in Bolton, S. 0., Mrs. Aneita
Ambler Brazettlo fell asleop in Christ,
She \vft8 the wife of Mr. Matthew A.
Bnzealo, of Bcltou, and a daughter
of Mnlnr nnd Mra .Inmnu
j ? " "?
Ambit).'*, of I'iekeus.
I he t'un< ral service** were hold at
ihe home of her sister, Mrs. (iilreath,
in Pickeim.
A large gathering of relatives and
f-ietuls met to do honor to her memory.
The worship was conducted by
t it- pistol- of the Presbyterian church
Hi which Mr*, Bmzeale was a mem
her, assist?'M by the Uev. Mr. Abney
of tin; MolhodUt church. The fune
nil f-cmie wan om; Jo slump ilsc-lf for
ever ?:u I lie hearts of all prt s nt.
The iifjcil puicuts, (the fathtr being
about ninety years old) an aunt, Mrs.
(Jnfliu, 94 years old, the yrief stricken
sisters, brothers, and nephew, the
beroavud husband, who could testify
Ml fit. Mwill* marri/wl llf.-* " -
~ Iiiut iv?t iim; vtut) iiuvl'l
clouded by oiiu harsh word; in tlio
coffin lay the body of her, whom tho
opening days of 1904 sow a bride,
and its closing da\s shw ber a corpse;
and clasped in ber arms, in the sleep
that wakes not till tbe judgment da>,
was tbe tiny babe in whom birtli and
death bad met.
Those who saw tbem lying thus,
saw what the Saviour meant when
He said "BJcbbkI are the pure in
heart; for they shall hoo Goil."
They wore laid to rest iu tho Hagood
burial grouud, near tho plaeo of
her birth, where the sighing pines
murium their omlless requiem for tho
j dead; aud where (lie sentinel mountains
that were the guardians over
I ii- i ' 1
uci linuiu uci.'p which over ner grave.
To all tho bereaved our hearts go
out in sincerest sympathy. She needs
no culogv; uh daughter, nister, wife,
alio met God's requirements.
"She bath done what slio could."
Another Landmark. Gone.
Dr. W, T. Fielil, aged G8 years, a
rcsi lent of thiacountv, dio<l at Ins
home four miles northeast of I'ickens
on lust Sahbath morning the 11th at
8 o'clock rtftcr ti lingering illness. Mo
'vafl born on Sunday ami .iied on liis
birthday, llo was one of the most
prominent citizens of tho county and ,
\sf?a-a gallant soldior in tho Confeder j
ate war.
Dr. Field was prominent in the
po itical councils of the county and
h td hervod his county, both faithfully
a:id well, 111 the halls of tho Legislature
and in the Senate, and was a
member of tho Constitutional con-1
veutioii of 1895, and had largely con* !
trolled tho political destiny ol his
P/Uinfv f/*?? i i ii 11 v ??*? >? <> 1
Hq wuh u \ery highly educated
man ami nn interesting couversatioualist.
Ho wuh a mini of wealth
and was libera) t > a fault and the
poor well! uuver turned away empty*
Dr. F.eld won married to Miss
.Miss Jeuiiiu Ulat-seiigamo forty live
years ?go, and one hoii, their only
cliihl preceded liiin to tho grave
many yeurs n<n>
i 1 ih funeral wuh held at his lute
residence amidst an iiinu*use throug
of people, tliii services .being con
ducted by Rev. 1). W. Hi )lt and J.
M. Stewart. Eulogistic t ?ilk? wore
also made by liov. .13. Holder and
Capt. S T. I'rior.
He wan buried ro\r bis homo
whore lie had spent so many pleasant
boms, in a k,,,ivo tlint was marked I
oil' by himst If, and in a walnut eofliu,
the plunk of which be ha 1 had prepared
for that purpose.
I >r: Fold leav?H a widow, nwiny
relrtives and a host, of friends to
weep for him, Truly a good- man
liuH gone to Iiih reward and his place
cannot bo filled.
Peace to his oehefl.
Captain Hudgens Passes Away.
Capt. A. \V. lludgeuH, one of tho
most prominent and universally beloved
citizens of E>ialov. nansod nouco
fully awftv at liiH homo Friday night
?t D o'clock.
Cupt. Hudson* wan 63 years of age
and a native of Lauren a county.
About 27 yen is ngo ho removed to
EuHlev, and Iiuh for a number of
years hem a commission merchant at
thut place.
He wa? a gallant (Joofederata soldier,
entering the anny as a private
in ('apt. James' battalion, MoLaw'a
brigade, and Lougstreet's corps and
was promoted to first lieutenant for
gallantry on the field of battle. He
was in tho thickest of the fight at the
bloody battles of Manassas, Petals
burR and JJnll lbin. lie. was severe
lv wounded iri the battles around
llichmon I and South Mountain. He
had a \ivid recollection of the great
Htrngi/ie, nnd was never happier in
latcr'ycaib than when ho asm mhlod
with hie comrades in in arms around
peaceful ctmp iirea and .elieareed the
Stories of daring aud adventurj of
former days.
W i ilo ha ?an gallant and hia^e in
war, he fought hi* greatest hot tie* on
the peaceful field* of overy day life.
< r noarly 27 yrnrw he waaa deacon
fcUiV' . . '"i.1''"f
vy .r? . ! ,
'm, Si __ It
| Holiday
V We Have a I
Gent's Milila
jj Come?W? will Pl<
in the Baptist church and superintendent
of the Sunday school.
He had frequently presided over the
deliberations of tho Twelve Mile
Iliver associations, composed of
church workers from several counties.
He was ft devout Mason, and at
j tho time of his death was worshipful
| master of tho Bates lodge at Easley.
no was ourieci Sunday afternoon
with Masonic honors l>y tlio fraternity
that he loved so uiuch and served
so faithfully. Keowee lodge of Pickens
attended in a body.
i Capt. Hud<*ens leaves a wife and
I three sous. T. K. lludgens of Lau;
rone, V. E. Iiud^ens, of Greenville,
! trainmaster on the southern railroad;
A W. HudgenR.Jr., a^< tit Sou
thorn railroad at BUcksburg; and
a 1.1 ?? * ?
i vi <? umiguiiTh, MIX. II. i\. lUettS,
Leesville, and Miiss Dora Hiulgous of
Straight Facts.
A whole lot of fancy phrases can
he written about remedies, hut it
takes facts to prove any thing ? good
straight facts. And the strongest
facts you ever beard is tbat Tanuopilino
is the beet cure tor piles on tho
mar net. it. cures absolutely, llus n
healing, soothing effect from the
All druggists have it at $1.00 u
jar. Ask for Tunuopiliuo ami don't
dure to take a substitute.
Notice is hereoy given that the
health of the people of this county
is in iraiuent dimmer and must he
taken caro of. It has been decided
that every precaution lie tukon to
prevent prolonged cases of pneutnoniti,
grippe, etc. The best thing to
do i? to give u good cough mixture
its hood as <he cough starts. Get.
Murray's Horehouud, Mullen and
Tar. Only 25c. a buttle.
At all druggists.
Say "Murray's"
When .you've got a bad cough just
s iy "Murray's." If a druggist (,'iv<s
you anything but "Murray's Ilorehaund,
Mullen and Tar" you're not!
gutting the best find R'.nest cough
romeJy. Make him give you Mnr
ray's. Ads quicker and you got a
50ct.fi bottle for 25cta.
Every druggist lias it.
Mullet! Mullet! Mullet!
and all kinds of Fresh and Salt Water
fish and oysters. If you are dealing in
L? ?. LV .1. * 1 J ?
iinn i-imi <>r ifiu'iui 10 ueni hi tnem
write for prices and Bond your ordcrn to
TERRY FISH CO., ('harleHton. 8. or
hin, S. 3. We febip ordy frwdi caught
flsh ann our pricfu are bs? low oh they
can ba sold at.
Write us. Try uh and be convinced.
School. Sr.hrnl firhr?rd
The Brevard Industrial School
furninhen bedding, towoln, snap, liont,
light, excellent hoard, and well fnrnmhed
room at $1.50 per week. Laundry
coata no money, and tuition l>ut 8*2. (M) or
leas per month. Other schools may of
for rates as low as oura, but few schools
give iir many advantages for those rates
an wo do.
Our largo uow building contains flftytlvo
rroms, ami is equipped with hot and
cold water, fnrnaoo neat, and bhower
bath. Tho purpose of till mftnaanmftt.t
(the Woman's Mission Society) is
lint' to tnako nmnoy, but to offer it first
oIbhh common mix! high rohool oduoation
to worthy girls at Leas Than Coat
(Winter session of 5 mouths, opens Jan.
8,190"). Write today.) For application
blauk and further iufornmtlou address
E. E. BISHOP, Prin.
Brevard, N. C,
i-; [" " ,
frV&ViiW?:1*1 W. ' : X V i; -r '-- lt
tr' t -J?4- ' ;V* * Y * / -,y '>Y ' \m-.- ?v
1 "t
Goods I
A nc wcnn ?
rviVU ULulVl^* ({
lovely Lot of '
^ i '.A rum ts,
,'Y If OR
sase you if we can. v\
See tho lino of jackets Fulger ?V
Tbornlcy have just received.
--Read R. C. Carter's ad about (ho
special oitsh sale that is now going on
at bin store.
A 15 --- ?
riouu.l uniujj US H)V guano ;
or store account will please coino up
and Hettlo at ouco. I cun use tho
uiouey now. H. A. Iiichpy.
?If you intend to buy nuv barb
wire don't fail to get K. 0. Carter'fc
Just received a big lot of overcjfita
and jackets. Folger & L'iioruley.
l-v? i
?viiuiiii-. i iniivumsii; i oy ualIoodh,
crackers, torpedoes, anything
and everything i * the lino of fireworks
(iet your Christinas goods from Mrs.
K. Ij. Cureton.
Lost?Friday between l'ickens anil
Liberty, one lady'8 oxodized mounted
pocket book contu'.uing about!
$1 88 and a bank book number with
the name of Mrs. (J. Iv Molbmiel.
Return to E. R Richardson, Liberty,
and get reward
\Ve have n fow infnnts hair brushes
and toilet sets. If you posses*} a
baby you need one.
l'iekona Di n# Co.
Lost?On Iho si reefs of Pickoivt
Monday morning one K. o ' l\ had#-' j
which t lie finder .*ill h nv? at the
Sentinel offico and ivwird.
W. E. Boggs.
\\r^ \ i? .... -
??u inivn me nicest lino <>r UhriHt- '<
nins candioH ever aeon in tho western
part of tho state.
Picktns Drug Co.
? Old newHpapors, suitah'o fori
wrapping purpoHos, for sn'e at this
ollido t.t 2c tho pound.
lillV fl lin* nf nlir nidonj f/w
$1.00 or 82.00 ei*j??rs as a prnBent
and make your father, husband or
biother happy. Pickons Drug Co.
All persona indebted to mo l>v note
neo Mint or otherwise will please seitie
the same by the first day of Jiinn !
ary 1005. After tluit dav they will
he placed in the hands of nn atlorjiy '
fnr /? kllonlint) '
/..wow... i u)iui:iit twill lit? IIJlllIU
to me or J. I<\ Banister, Liberty,
td T. N. Hunter.
Annual Meeting.
Notice ih hereby given that the An
iimil uikouuk <>i inn uoani 01 uounty
Commissioners of Pickens County will
be hold fit Pickens S. C. 011 tho first
Thursday after tlie first Monday in Jannary,
1905. All persons holding claims
against the County will resent them to
ine iiiuicruignod on or before tlio lnt di?y |
of January noxt or bo burred.
C. 13. Robiuson, Clork.
Ensloy Prog teas Plenso copy. lw.
Bears the Tha Kind You Have Always Bought
m'T' I
No Coupons (except singles) acceptcri
unless subscription is paid in advance.
To the person sending us
the largest list of subscribers
accompanied by
the cash. bf!fnr<? MavlaK
1905, we will give a first
' " Hl'f 'I' 111 I X- 8~ II. 1 gg
// IJfcUAUSE we haye had a
1^1) it will be this way all4 vy
coming, and plenty of i
prepare for it. We are fixed f<
>s ^ s A .mnrrrniK
, m ? LI U U J U *1 U LI I
(( liig lot of furniture, stoves, bug
v. Tliero nro nil kinds of wugons, but
i) Talk about "this w. rod" or "Mint wngo
y\ K(m." but tho Mtchcll downs "oa? all. 1
// tliov rnn so bylit tliat yon think it's do
(C coming. A liillo higher in price, porlmi
/) Some big bargains to ofl'or in, olotl
// Gout's Fnrninliing foods between now a
// Clothing. Sluipn. limit. hihI (i?nt'i< Fnriile
V\ For SIoIhoii Sliocs, StetHon > .a
i n mm
i iv mi i
I did not come he
going to l eave here,
for all these things,
ber the old meat m;
J. D
We have a lot of Men's fini
offer the people at a Bargain, duri
We 'find we have too many of
method to dispose of them. T
goods, but are good, fresh stock,
ALINE 1110
11 a
Sii: Beas
^ during th
S- r;.1:. "'
f > |
S/ / / / ' * 'r ' ' if / / y /"/ / ' ' / //////'(/,
look at this impel' and
1 N. D- TAIV
r^ Yhc ph
^ Will be in town and bring y,
KV10KV wi:i
5J5J g? iJ? ^SS 5g? ^//y<./////y^_
pretty Fall is no.reason vC
'inter. Cold weather is
t. Now is the time to //
)r you. Big shipments of 7)
AX/ mm g
)REJJ Q00&5, %
I^|J9 ' * * ?
.5 '*55 JEflNJ. <<
;'gies, carriages, wagons, ?
nnufi like the MIT OH EL. C\ '
u," or your "Grand Prissu Wa nf
kvst mad'*, lightest running? 'A
wu hill both wiijh; going and a /f
>s, but ho much hettoi iu wear. \C
ling, shore, IihIr, overcoats ?ud CC
ml Jan. 1. Yours truly, \\
_ _
10RNLEY. \
It 1 iiK tSoiuld a Sp<>clnlty? A|(eiita )/
Ip, M it diell Whkoii. \\
HH your hides.
81 y??r 'IHH8 wax.
I your tallow.
your chickens.
I your f s^gs.
to ReII you your beef.
wmm Mu_y ?|11il noil IU you.
n'o and I am not
I pay you cash
and yon rememarket.
. Moore.
' L.UL.IVI iJLl I 1
Li shoes that we are g^ing to
ng the month of December,
certain kinds, and use this
liesc; are no old out of date
Jefferson Shoe
i everywhere for $3.00, but
has been $2,50, but during
ve make them $2.10.
ley's Matchless
hat is a value at $2.00, but
is sale we ofler them at .55.
x! values 2.25 shoes for $1.65
? ( *nll cf>f fr?r* \roiif.
5 One'Price Cash Store
rs;v,- , rs.ss sssy
sec wliat days fej
OR, 1
otographer |
our folks ancl have sonic q'i
RAPHS made.
>\ENDAY. |

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