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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, December 14, 1904, Image 8

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||P?i?*!? r *. ?r ~
Varfcua Way? In Which Waate Pcpar
Few housekwpcvs are aware of
many uses to which *vasto paper
may bo put. After a ?*ove has been
blackened it can be kept looking
very well for a long time by rubbing
it with paper every morning. Ilubbing
with paper is a much nicer
way of keeping tlio outside of a toakettle,
coffeepot and teapot bright
and clean than tlio old way of washing
them with suds. Kubbing with
paper is also the best way of polishing
knifed and tinware and spoons.
They shine like new silver. For
pushing mirrors, lamp chimneys,
etc., paper is better than a dry cloth.
nnfl L-rwrn milm)
better if brown paper instead of
cloth is tied over the jar. Canned
fmit is not bo apt to mold if a piece
dt writing paper cut to lit the can
is laid directly on the fruit. Paper
is much better to put under a carpet
than straw. It is warmer, thinner
and makes much less noise when
onb walks over it, Two thioknesscs
. of paper placed between other cov
uu ii uuu uio us wurm lis ii
quilt. If it is necessary to stop upon
ft cbair, always lay a paper cm it and
tlnis save the paint or woodwork
from damage.
/Tho Crystal Toapot.
The glass teapot is a noVelty that
. finds considerable favor among ex\
pert tea makers. These pots come
\ from England. They are of stout
tempered glass and are delicately
trimmed with bands of silver.
Inside the pot itself a hollow ball
of silver rolls about and by its
I L J- PA\ 1 J- -J*
piuuipi, uvcepuiiico 01 me neat 01
1 the boiling water prevents t'd glass
J from cracking.
Tho chann of the crystal pot lies
not wholly in its novelty or beauty,
but in tho fact that through its
transparent sides the tea maker can
eeo just what amount of brew sho
has on hand and the strength thereof.
Household Lore.
Add a few drops of rosewater to
almonds when pounding or chopping
them to prevent their oiling.
All articles dyed with aniline colors
which have faded from exposure
to the light will look as bright as
new after sponging with chloroform.
Never keep vinegar or yeast in
stone ,crocks or jugs. The acid attacks
tho glazing, which is said to bo
nniflnnrtllft ftlnun for nifhor i? lint.
Mock Duok.
Take a piece of b??f?toak ivbout
ten or twelve inches in extent and
Bpread it with a layer of sago and
nnion stuffing, roll up the flteak, tio
it in shape, put it in a deep dish
^ with half a pint of good stock or
^ ^gravy and bake for about un hour,
turning and basting it frequently.
^ * Itemovo the string, pxit the meat on
a hot dish, thicken the gravy, pour
it round the meat ^>d serve.
Household Hints.
A mixture of tablo salt and vinogar
will clean tarnished brass or copper.
Ink stains on wood are removed
by scrubbing with sand moistened
with ammonia.
.no not drop dirty, greasy dish
towels into hot soapsuds. It will
only set the grease. Waali them lirst
in lukowarm water.
Making Pickles.
I never liked the looks of the
Bcum that appeared on my cucumber
brine, hut 1 did not know what to
do about it. This season i learned
that it is caused by a gum in the cucumbers
and that they should first
be put in a weak brino till thin is extracted,
then into the strong brino
wnere tnev are to remain.?Uood
Odor of Fish and Onions.
Nothing is more unpleasant than
to find that a knife, lurk or spoon
smells and tustcs of fish or onions,
and yet it very often occurs. The
speediest method to remove the disagreeable
odor is to put tho articles
to soak in a basin of cold tea and
leaves. Let them soak for ten minutes
or eo; then wash them in tho
ordinary way.
Tho Hot Footbath.
Tho hot footbath is 0110 of tho
most effective methods of breaking
up n heavy coid, and in case of chill
or aevero hoadAche it will often bo
found beneficial, na it draws tho inflammation
from tho head. It should
r?1?ofo**flV?lv Ka f rtlr/?n IvaCaha /# ai n / #
Potato Water For 8ilv?r.
Water in which potatoes have
been boiled is very effective in keeping
silver bright. It can be b*ttlo<l
for use, and if required to be kopt
a long time a tenth part of mothyInted
spirits will do this.
Invisible Coment.
"An almost invisible cement for
mending gloss is mado of isinglaaa
boiled in smrita of wiru>.
To Cure a Cough.
The coughs ho prevalent thene dny?
nminlly develop before yon roalize what
baa happened. Now tlio bout thing tp
do i? to tnko tho fnont reliablo ootigh
cure you can get. Nono better then
Mnrray'ft iforehonnd Mnllien end Tar.
It in mado of tho pnroet ingredient# and
otm be givon to infanta aa woll ah grr>wn
people. Above all else IT OURK8. You
will find it at all rtrnggista. 25o a bottle
j ?extra larg? bottle.
. ?
1 OAlBTOniA,
m . thn 4 lha Kind You Haw Always Bwg# |
1 .rrGEMmzm *
J-'JJLl. 'J J. JlgJl- .1
JL JUO %g/l O 1
, i
Bald? Scalp shiny and thin? i
Then it's probably too late. |
You neglected dandruff. If
you had only taken our advice,
you would have cured
Hair Vigor
the dandruff,saved your hair, i
and added much to it. If'
I not entirely bald, now is your \\
| opportunity. Improve it.
"I Imvo iisotl Ajov'i Ituir Vl^or f?.r oT?>r 40 kl
yosrs. I nm now 01 yours<>l<lnutl linrdtt lioiivy L
crowtli of rlnli brown Imlr. iltiu, I ililnk, on- r
tiroly to Atot'* llulr Vliror."
. MllS. SI. A. KKlTIf. llOllOvillP. 111. I
Pl.00 t\ lilittlo. J. O. AYKII CO.. :
AlldnttJL'Ibt*. I.owrll. Mum. fl
Good Hasrl
nwii wi ii i imk iiiit~innrnwi ~rnr ~
I will sell to tho high out biddor, at my
liouio four miles South of Pickenf, nt. 11
)'clook. n. m. on 2'J th ol December, rtext.
ill my personal property, consisting 01
mitles, wngons, buggies nnd Lumens, 2
tarriuges and harness, cattle, hogs hay.
tiinl shucks, a h-rgo lot of fariu tools,
harvest fog machines, mowora and rak?.. j
Use plows, and cultivators. Grain drill*, I
Ijuuuo umuiuiiiorn, uuc-jiail UlKM'Oei ill
<i(?rn shredder, 2 largo kettles, hoiding
)0 ami 70 callous, 1 Davis swing churn,
capacity HO gallons, household ami kitoh
< 11 furuitiive, ioeluding 1 parlor organ
with many othor things too numerous t<>
ni'utiou. Terms mode known on day of
sale. E. H. GRIFFIN.
Tresspass Notice.
All persons nvo hereby "nrnoil not to
hunt, (ish, kcL out lire*, cut timber, make
toads, travel over, or in aiiyw.iy trrsp?s<
ou nn.> of ouv lands, under penalty cf
the law. :}t
Mrs. N. G. Mauldin, J. S. II- Prion,
Mrs. Jauo Robins, C. R. Fiudlcy.
To The Public.
Tho lnw requiroR the feo for auditing
nil deeds to he paid for before tho deeds
are audited. You will plouso enclose
foo with deed when you wnnt them re
oordod, ctherwifte tliey will not he put. on
record Wo haven't pot room in the office
for deeds to st iy here' for years,
without feo or enllinp for.T*So govern
yourselves accordingly. E. F. K< it h,
A ,wl. I....
Pickens Shaving Parlors
E. T. HUNTER. Proprietor.
....Everything First Ci.ass...,
t i * - ?
x winy oiurc.
} [Give wo a call, I will Ih; sure to
pleas") you.
Mauldin 4 Proffitt,
I'ickc^l, <v\
Hiacksmithing and Woodwork,
Buggios Kcpainted and striped name
as now.
All Work Guaranteed.
DR. J. H. BURQE55,
SENECA, - S. 0.
Otlice oyer Kminions Store, Doylu
liourn 9 a in. to 1 p. m. ? 2 p. in. to
0 p.m.
// *'/ \' 9 / m
/ Y* , CUARrM
* f<ailiuati r.iro Pair).
I'HKB Courier Offer d.
UwHBaMBRHnKUH B-^ardntCojt. V/rltoQuick
u A iwv v~
ioi\.rN in.
?~ = Headquarters fc
The Same
Where lor four year:, we hnv
ol our perrons with firsi c la
and we earnestly solicit a
patronage that has always be<
31 i ii(*<? Meat, VA tile.
Fruit IV)i* your Cakes.
The best assortment
The Prettiest
For anything you want to corn]
to please the < hi
^ Every child in the country
pretty things old santa clai
Mrs. K. i
V. ?
Sum m oils For Relief.
(froroplaint Served.
I State of South Carolina, \
/ Piekcns County. J
CAurt of Common Plans.
Abo B./pi Stewart ami Joda I). K.
Stewirt, minors, by their Ouardian,
ad. Uielu, Bello Estor Stewart,
\ V '[ ' Plaintiff*,
a. it. otownrt ami Margarnt J'Jliznbeth
Jtnrtou, Dcfendontn.
To tlitf Defendant h btyove named:
Von are hereby B&uinioned and required
to answer tlio mmplniufc in thin
aotton, of which a oopy i* bore with sevv?Hl
upon 'you, and to aorvo a oopy of your
auHWor to tho ?aid complaint on the 8ubnoriber-i
at their office at Pi<"keus, S.
C., wiibin twenty davft after iho Horvico
hereof, exoluHive of thodiy of Hii<>h ?er
i :t i~- ? A.. ?i
* iu*j| um it jvu iuii w uuBwer uiu coin*
plaint within Uki time aforesaid, the i
Plaintiffs in this notion will apply t.> tho ;
Court fov tho relief demanded in tho '
Dated Nov. 28, A. 1>. 1904.
? ^) A.J. Hoggs,
j SEAL j- (J. (J. P.
Morgan, Mmldin Sc. Mauldiu,
Plaintill'.s Attorney'h.
To tho absent defendant, Margaret Elizabeth
El loader Burton, non-resident, |
'l'llkrt Notinn- Thill Mm Arimiint Sum. I
niouH of wbioh tlio foregoing is a copy
unci (lie original complaint in the ubovo
stilted notion were filed in the oftlco of
the Clerk of Court <?f Common Pleas
for Pickens County, South Carolina, on
the 28th d iy of November, 19'U, and
the vam >is now on llle ?t paid place,
i'llis tli?< '.'8th day of November, 1904.
Morgan, Manldin & Mxiddin,
Plain tdi'u Attorney's.
Nov. UO-Gt
fc;' I.?
?M.?S? ar>: .
li jttivi'ics Httf 1 I'-.f-! l?v
\\ I I I > !lti ' .i.kI )!II|)UI .1
ill ~-l i < >"in^ tin: s or mi <>! " I
till' \ ' '! ' t'^1 ? i
) I ? . .?>; ' I !" .
I OVJIII-. IIM. Hi.I . I ' li
I ... IV :I .
. ; i ..? ;> 11 1' . :
in >;i ' :nml i .i i*
|). lii-- .*t*in. r\
is i.ci.H - 1
" .< .!> > i I i;c I >
it\i'\n.i r< -Mi i :i,.i
:\'v ' .
\ I*'mi C 0 ( 'i.l I iV . i / \ "
MAN ' V :'i.P. . V
Tr raiiic 1
.ili.") ncros of land known as I ho
Ii. M. Foster place, on Saluda
river, adjoining lands of J. S. Williams.
(?. T. Ilondi icks and others
i in ?>
I ?" ill \ 11 I L 1 \ Ul IIJII, Of >
acres fini! river bottom, hnlnnco in
(inn original ton at, well timbered,
watered, good housea ?nd pasture
and convenient to church and
scho >1. Pride is cheap and terma
to suit purchnsor. Tilloe good.
Aho to rent i.no good two-storv
.1.. ii - i-. i " > *
u v. c111 uu, mi.) iimmi!, line niaiKl tor
( ;it.try stniv, outbui Llm^n, pantum
to\. ami twonty-flvo acres good
lan>l. For tonne ami further part
iiuilnrs a j>t>ly to
C. 10. ROBINSON, Atty.,
Pickens,. S. C.
iv mo oisoio an 01 Gsssstid
o s 'viawmco
'tehuo;) Ajouupi?^ soqqiij
evowaiwo TVIOb3IA?lAIOO
30WV1 V MO
indBSn onv snosoNVH v
B Iio' 11OUI ||IW OAA pUO '||C)0 U |
B-, . -w ..wo AH JNIHOVM B
J<- pop) J'JM'A bii|jeje t?r> U)|I1
506i ONiynn
}[ h:-hi sworjo 3ri?N ?no -javh 01 I
N1 CI 3 i.0 3 k! 3-i. fj I T)V INVM 3AA j
/- . i -vr - l "w~ ~w -?^ ^
>r SQ04 will he at
Old Stand,
'c lal or< el to supply the wants
ss goods ;ii reasonable prices,
compliance of the generous
l;d given us. Our stock is full.
| Fruits of all kinds,
I < andics of all kinds.
.TOYS!!! TOYS!!!!
^ 'T brought to Pickens.
ever seen here.
plete your Christmas Dinner or
iklren, call on us.
' is invited to see the many
is has left with us for thcni.
. Cureton.
'$ ' ' <{ f ' '
- * . ' _ _
^ ;!faLL Q
^ QUR Entire stock of Gi^NEP
m has been replenished, and (
^ is now on our shelves ready foi
prices are so low and the qu;
s can't resist buying. : : : :
?Everything fresh, and the be
n Now is a good time to bin
^ fnt4 i* f ' r\ f A
ru tv. i rv kj i uuv^^d. l \ i i \ Li
'f) the $i.oobrogan to the $4
/tf every shoe guaranteed.
?iifw - '^r' ,crr
Good Real Estafe==~i>
if You Want to B
io5 acres known as Anthonj
of l'ickens. $600.
acres within 1 mile of Pi
and orchard. $500.
4S acrcs within 1 mile oT Picl
20 acres within 1 mile of Pick
Old school house with one ac
Surrounded by the best people. $
')flleu lit Depot.
\\ \ \ \ \ \ V'\ \ \ N \
'' From Nov. 15, 1904, to Jan. 1
to bear in mind that at my s
: 1~> _ IA a
par?atn traces Ar
1000 pair menu, womens, bojs, girls
' go at. a bargain.
/ A Mg lot of iucuk overcoat-* lit .1 bar,'*
A fmv nn'iiH nuil boys suits loll. to go
A big Kit of mriiH pants to go at a ha
/ A big lot of menu uiul bovn lints* anil
. A lot of drnminor'* Kniiipl?*lmts at
A bargain in minis dross shirta ami 11
/ A bargain in lailii'8 nmlorwuar, tlo i-o
In the house or on the farm
; J. F. HARRIS, Cs
/ Pickens, i.
Have You Bought ?
r i rN i
Winter Nioc*
in liplit niicl h< uvy men'a, wonu-m'* nn<l chi'i
I linvu a Hpccial pnco on oik; lot of mc.
I can suit .yon. .fust, rnceivril, a i?i^ ; .t, <
("onie in ami prion tlic-so, a bij? Hiirpnsc t >r
i.ot mixed, but Red Rust IPs
A few 8-ilny clocks jn'it rccoivctl, ;? I
I cxpect to have some of yoi.r Mr ? t!i
t. p. mi
I shoes oivjf fl q
we sell. i lllilj va .
km; south 31 a in st. <
\\JE wish to inform the
VV ens that when they
will find us headquarters fc
is very complete. It cml
ery purpose. For the fa a
have the latest lasts ant
business man or woman,
tions for wear and com
ren, we have "STEEL '
other kinds that will st;
Iii TllilE IN >' I
*?" ^unP Rr
Look Woll ill 11 a E I tl
I II I .1) B.I i " ' *?' l l??l !?
pKETTY - ' 1>X>I\
THAT'S Til K K 1
-I LJ I I -_U BSsJsm
i I
)ur stock of Fall Goods fL
' your inspection. The |
ility so high that you jB
:st the market affords? &
/ your fall and win- I
liing you want from JP
.00 dress shoe, and jm {
JCE WAN T E 1). | I
auv susj l
ivn a House Here!
ecome Rich.
; Lewis place, within 6 miles
ckens. Good tenant house
;en ;. In hi^h state of culti
:ens. Good land and a fine
re of land. Splendid view.
BR & CO.
l'ir.kcns, S. CJ.
\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \/
, 1905, 1 wish the trade ^
tore is the place to buy
e What I Mean J
i'ul cliildi(> iH h ioi'H, all kind*. In ^ I
/ I
Min. /
:>t u 1) ir^niii.
igiiin. f
(i ipi II1.11 lllirft/
s I hill) COPt.
n ils miiliM'Wrt.n*. . i
liM il aiul b,i!hi if>^au. /
is to <ro at a barirain.
" /
*, n j i
isn ivtercnant,; i
C. / j
s s \ \ , \ \ \ \ \ v\
\ ?:d Clothing
.-rru.-rj'.-jc tjaaj^'trrrLiAi?
hvn's nIiim'n.j f (11iiiI: I ("jiii pleis. yfiil
' i In aw ?.lio >. In o\lien v\ hIh os
,f men's mill bo.y'n rxtr,i heavy )' nts.
ion here.
002 Oats
1 I 'I it p: i* ex :iml 'puiiity will ;.'<>{ it.
W3UT7X'?1. rrnvi- ,'t.t "f: unm
.iSTCSL *yh&ii?3!S 'S&0ZK&* J
rinfffftifi J SS! 0KS [
1/ i THAT # |
L uUlill | Wear Well
:!?i. rv vn i ^ u
rood people of Pick- 0 g
visit Greenville they 8 1
>r Shoes. Our stock I g
>races Shoes for evtididus
dresser, we
I leathers, For the I w
we have comhina- I
foi l. For tho child- |
SHOD," and many | J
ind wear and tear. J
[ lsl <VZn>*
innnml niioes
, 111 JjjjPIT WELL.
awnMai :innim ?11J
? I I
1.1 IN It ,.!.()PLE
W ' , ' President
^ ' m Airr>kn
tL By Careful and constant
w Bank largely increases eye
jr We solicit your businesi
(L every reasonable accomoq
( Strongest
y In The World
I /jE)\
\ / /S's-tY \ ?>f ?\ Hniij: Hum of ril
) I \ \ ?'ust wlion you wniti
S i I Ufc \ssii.mn < is tli
Si I " '"""'"''"V
\ : |i""1,1?'
V/3*- Tlii'ti why not tnko i
The liquital)
Offsce ai Picfc
\\ ill nlso insure your House. II
' 1" * - II
? ..... ,
Kead it Ami
f| - Dixie t
You Hunt?You find it at the:
You Have to -You will savci
Dixie Bargain Mouse.
I lmve just rctnruoil from market
ClcVnir.fr, Cent's Fursisiim Unt
w' 6 '
1 tin evnr boforo. TNIy room is too hint
or, I will sell thorn at ami below cost. 1
yon ii< oil tlio f?oo(l? or not. Tlioso good)
pri(\i l>o right. Your money h ick if y
.mil i:very Rale. ( - win (o tlio Dixie lid
yon can hivm youv <loll:u:>. iv nv inh(
goods must l>< s-oIu by 1st of January, n
i-nul. ,.tv ' v
. ... .. ?. V/ll. J <1111
ween the Post Office ai
- ;ra>M:r.r n
.... .. ..... _
h And we invito, all to c
^ our \ariod stock. Yc
J5 predated. and we thii
44 |> lies 10 offer. Every t
35 litis season, ami wc
j| giving you EVER^
Clolliii^r. Drv fin.wls. firm
( "l\ ck?-i y, III). (;!:hh rt i < I ngi
:? )(! niMx'is. Finn I'lour,
?\ll kind(i ol' i[ou>'? k(.' )hi.jt!
:ir.d building material. SuJ
u>id Leather.
SJcst lj\m> ol' Lai) Kohi.'s i
Please pa^ us promptly th
accounts. We appreciate
Wit don't forget it.
W. T. Ml
% You've Heard Aboui
(( Wei! I4\s No I Too
|New Fi
| Smith &
V\ Grcenvil
J. Melh 11KUCK, ?
5 BANK, (
S, S. C. 1
$ 20,500.00 M
11,000.00 J
- 1O5,OOO.00 J
Wnrlv lmcmneo r\f tKin ?
.. V. IK vuv, v ?\^00 V>1 lino V
ry year. g
? and will extena to you ^
A DPI!0 A linn nnrtmmir ^
ftoaunmujCi dUlilM'I. >
Surplus C
$73,000,000 /
> ^ on Like to bo Sure C
?tdy cash twenty years from now? V
to IiukIii to take things cany and onjoy life? Q
e lie t provision for nn Independent old a?e J
caprovfsiou for business nnd fiunlly Inter- \
>nt 1 policy in ^
Ic Life Assurance Society? i
ylSOW, Agent, ^
^ ^
LOias Drug Co. f
Uirn unil Oln Hyuw HgHin.it lire. ^
See What
bargain House
rr-s n ? -? - ?<?
kViTfV*l| ,)
til to hold them, and n? they must be
This ought to cauRo you to buy whotL
* wi re bought right, and I gunrni^.'.fl'!,;
)ii nro not Biitistied, for J gunrnul ,.,m;
irg-du Houho before you go ciIho* tiitlo
ar n dollar saved in i 1 " lc. x'ht-so
nd I linvfi out the pi i as to
8 for ii trade,
- - PRnPRiF'i'nR
M. JL V \_/ A 1V1U 1 U1V.
id Pickens Drug Co's Store.
)S KtNf)S- ome
and look through jjj
)\ir trade is always ap- jj
lk we have good val- J
hint* is cheap enough |
will take j)lcasure in j
4.-. t ? JH?MW I I 1????>^1
series, Furniture, & Stoves.
il.- ware. Hats, cups, shoes
Syrups, Ci?n?.'08 nnd fcni<jar.
su; pii'"?, farmimr imph-iucntH
dies, harness, collars, bridles,
ind Leggins Ever Offered.
is fall, on notes as well as
"a promjTi. *inrJ
c F A L L .
t the "Early Bird?" I
Early to Buy Your (?
all Suit. |
1:? ~c m
? \_/ui nue 01?
e now on display, and a
mdsomer lot of goods has A ^
:vcr been shown by any- M
Bi'.twn in "tlio tiling" tlii? fionflon V
solid colors, or with over plaid A
lirowu Hats mid Brown Ties to K
tclt your unit. M
ICvorjthing gnamntood a? ropre- a
itfd, or your money buck if you //
not natisllcd. Striotly one prieo,
m m a ? "

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