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I I #' I
co \ ;
2 ) Jk Ch
i ;p
I *' ; J B
i % -"Mi
VK be(?1
H T K Wlggton
o f o oltl f?sJ
% u )? lor yoi
Morr ?s
wu< ii j >v;is a uoy?j
up the old homeste
Margin, the cook \v
a hoy, will cook for
planned?tickets hoi
?lear. wlutt do yon i
toil In'rttnil n? hni1 l>"
S !?^
k Br
"I don't Ht'oin :o
fiay," sli<? observod,
nil the preparation
"To-morrow," said
>' IE
all thoHo wiiofio
list were like our old friond it would I
not bo necessary to adopt tho "cash
in advance" plan; but a country
paper's subscription list is tuado up
of four classes. Thoso who pay in
advance. Thoso w&o pay promptly
ond of the year. Those who
pay when it suit* their convenience,
and tlioao who cover pay. A busi
nets of that kind requires tho services
jp: of a collector, which is tin oxpenso the '
paper fftn illy afford, to any nothing (
Ik of the loss from nonpayej-g. You '
. . ' ;/
1^ A \Trt1 a ^
When the streets of the city #ro whitened
with snow
And windows arc coated with rime,
When the tree is awaiting its wonderful
? fruit
And the bells are beginning to chime,
The children need listen no more in their
For the scraping of runners of steel,
And the reindeer of Santa Cluus over the
For he comes in an automobile.
The ;>oet no longer may sing of the bells
Tlir.t glitter and jingle and shake,
The 3t. Nick of this vcur ?>??? < ?
his coat
And sita with bin hand on a brake.
Half-tone and color-pago daintily drawn
In the holiday numbers reveal
A ruddy old gentleman booted and gloved.
Who ridea 111 an automobile.
?Minna Irving.
iristmas Dr<
a wanting," sa'.d | The next day, wt
, "to have, a go id the little New Eng
iinni-il Pliflofiti iu "? ??
iuu wiggion iiome
irs?a Christmas illngy colonial frnm
I used to 'aiive tlm was on hand to
and this year I am "To-morrow will 1
I'm goinp to open tlia," said Wlggton
ad up in Llillvllle. incuts of the seasoi
e had when I was nnd I want a gen
us. Everything's Christmas, sueh as
Light. Come, my upon with eueh foi
Bay?" Mrs. Wlgg- Martiia, with a gl
sband aghaRt. honest face, nodded
'.^*jJBHfe *i
The yule lojts burn to an ashen char;
The joys of the day assemble,
Like beams that cling to a Hying star,
While a wootlen hoI'Iip.- .Irn.img ?( wat 1
On u Christmas bough a-trcmblc.
have anything to "1 glicss I know
"if you hove made calling Wlggtoit by
h. When do we you'll have it if J k
Mrs. NVIggtoii sat
[ Wlggton. "Back she lind brought io
tlio city, having inn
**<,Ttf(i)i?|nMii 11. .|- bad gone away frc
temporarily out of
IBB object of curiosity.
i4^1 Qraffia "What's the mat
F^Lw h?r?cr?" said Wlgg
E/7 ancient l?cat?r wltli
1 KififtfflEiSffifffijBy man '*'s lian
i"JT?>re comes the ti
ffjlj BH Mnrthn brought 1
llpljSWffiP' ^',0 '?"ow,,<' with i
and noighborg for their kindness
and helpfulness during, the Hickne?s
and death ot my de.ir jmafoand
and pray God's blessings may refit
on them, and on his kind physician
whom he loved so much.
Jennie Field.
Pickens, H. F. D, No. 1."
?If your church does not. .noed
(minting, remember thnf. t'ae vriruier
;on dovoto lhc estimator! cost to ft?>y
>thr r church improvomep'f.
, k '' /
keys*-wiiat <?o yoO know about 'em.
uiMiiun, ?aiu oir?. w.-ggion, as so?
helped herself, "la evidently cut a
& "Sb," warned Wlggton. "She might
henr you. A waitress! Well, i should
say not. Mnftlia comes from one of
the oldest families, here. And by the
way, my dear, try and unbend, won't
jou? Martha's sensitive, and might
mtv feel It."
The llrst course of dishes, which had
been arranged by Martha on the table
in that same spirit that she dlsplayed
when conveying sundry pieces
& of wood from the wood pile, were now
' X removed and the second course came
"Now," exclaimed Wlggton. "we'll
nave me rem lumg. j.nai lurKey was
a slight disappointment. I'll admit."
v yy| "And don't say that I said It," willsmtCAJI&J*
pored Mrs. Wlggton, "but that chicken
"" plo was a trllle heavy, don't you
"A trifle," admitted Wlggton, "but
wait. Ilere comes the glorious pumpkin
pie. Here are the delicious crullers
and the sugar cookies I've dreamed
I about so long."
| "Hope you're enjoying yourselves?"
saui .Manna, as sue dumped the dishes
Kb /tiffih dowu in front of Wlggton.
/fji/ff "Very nice." said Mrs. Wlggton, with
W mlllS n rnCPPt'on smile.
"Fine," said Wlggton, Ills eyes gllsHpaj
iiflW tening with anticipation. "Any cofH^mMI
She brought In the old-fashioned oofSfTJ7
'**1 fee pot?the only object that Mrs.
Wlggton took any Interest iu?and sat
II \" w it down in front of him.
JLtfo-*. "And now," said Wlggton, "we're
A sllet.ee ensued. A silence broken
len thev arrived at on,y 1)y nionosyllnblc observations on
land Vlllase where thc Pnrt of oach d,nor- w,th MurUm
stead reared its ,,0^ter1"8 nc"r* , ,
le to the eky. Mar- Finally, by simultaneous Impulse,
greet them ' they both nrose and made their wny
be Christmas. Mar- ,nto iho litt,t? front l)nr,orafter
the compll- Wlggton. taking from his pocket a
ti had been passed, ,ar*e Perfeeto, put one foot on the
mine old-fashioned haircloth sofa, and ere he dtruck the
i I look backward n,atch. turned to his wife:
id recollections." "My dear." he observed, "I heve a
low of pride in her confession to make. That was the
i assent. toughest turkey, the soggiest pumpkin
nt?-- Atrca out.
The IohI little bear in the picture book B
His tale in the wood ha? spoken;
And tired eyce close on a last fond look
At the sweets and toy? in niche and nook, jjvfe '
Scattere<i and bent and broken. |
, John," Blie said, pio, the most abominable coffee, to
lii? Urst name " 'N ?ny nothing of those fierce and indlges- .
in give it to yew." tU>lo doughnuts, that 1 have tasted for
........i, .Y.i.i .i iwivi years. And now I'm going to fln<l out
rend. Being from, about tlie next train back. I want to
rrled John after he ?*
>m homo, Klie was
it, and merely an \
ler with this bnao I' ^ * ^
ton, examining the r f mfulriui' ~' i **
i Its isinglass win- J if '^ i' **'
ppin to heat tip tlie Pf MjjW ft firfc |
d the blamed thing i r^Zfj. ^r' .{
coal gas to run a 1 Iry^-r r
nd gave it a shake
right," Rho said. i^c 1
it some time, but . \/%J' vnH i\
c? way It ought to." 8/ - ^
n.Wiggton ntiri his " ' V ^' fY,VK g
vii to their ChristntlmslnHtlc
(1h In glee. v.
"we're in for it. \
irkej. Hooray!" .. A OOM) M ?
t in on n plattor. , _ ,
hloknn rtio Imilnil a i _ ... . ...
| xi'i iioiih? n* soon ;im poHKimi' aiui nave
1JIW JUJ.S# mashed , ? pood, square meal."?New York Mail
"J'lifl k?o<Ib inn and F.xprrna.
Horioualy it fleeted . .
J . , On. the merry, mi'rry belli of ( ln-i*tm.in
Col ton , nod wmlo ' Hark! Hark! Do you hear them ring;
actually beet) low And the merry, merry (Jhrixtmns carol*,
nnrtr.fu nn.l inhhn !>'> you hear tfte r hilrtren *ing?
' ^ . Ami the winsome,blithesome, bonny lanscn,
take JiOHl ot 1'ie Do you ?ee their smiling eyes?
additional dopr^S And the vbining of their Milken raiment,
mlllH making eoarfl And tbeir ehcck.V ear nation eye,?
ticnllv tboir prod a i>rmm.
iUiircn ana many jii evrry qay were * nrmimasi
Mnvt r<> tbnrn will ^it!> i0? tl,e ??ntcne? thrill#
way; bo tuoio win T1)e offlc<,H Wfu|(l al) Btay ghl|t
of Hum china ficeu And wo needn't pay our billu.
goods have be on h<
si-i Wfcfks on a baai
cotton and nny no
/jrniah gooda at ]
B . -umi.j tVLim-w-L.?\~uLeesat.ixxam^~.-JX-J
of Gee
Boys nncl girls, niul even grown-ups,
have learned tliat there. Is fun at kite
flying from early spring until late fall.
One thing that has helped them to
learn this is the (lying qualities of the
box kite. Everybody who cares for
outdoor fuu should know how this Is
made. Here aro directions that any
one can easily follow:
The four corner posts should be
about two and one-half feet long, and
as light and slender as you can whittle
them. Four Inches from each end of
each piece Is cut a little notch for the
braces to rest In. The four braces are
whittled down the same size as the
posts, and are about twenty Inches
long. Each end of each brace Is
nntf'hod fn flf Avni* Hia nnof 'fl'" A -1.
... uiui iuc |,um. Jilt: IIUICU
in the end of n lu ace and the notch In a
post come together. Now take two
strips of thin, strong paper, five feet
long and nine Inches wide. Fold over
each edge as if ror a half-Inch hem,
POST \ /
\L i
euutu inn MIK. .>UW Willie
some one holds up the four posts, sot
the braces in place and tie light cords
around tlie whole frame right nt the
ends. There; the frame Is up. Now
draw the paper snug around it, just
inside the cords and paste the ends together.
When the paste is dry, take
off the cords. The bridle should bo
three feet long, and tied tightly at
each end to two posts, eight Inches
from their ends. In the middle of the
bridle tie the kite line.
After you learn how to make a kite
of this size, von will wilnv ?
much larger ??no. Those kites lly oven
In a light wind.?(Slobc.
The Chinese (Jovernnieut has in
Portland nil agent who has made llbernl
offers to some officers of tlie Oregon
National (Jnard to go to China as
drill Instructor*.
Hudnpast, the capital ??f Hungary,
can boast of having the largest and
finest suspension bridge on the Continent.
^ 1
m,< miiiii i i i?" li i r-r-tri
Prince Mohamed Abdul Mounclm,
eklor Hon of the Khedive and heir-apparent
of tlie Khedlval throne, was
born on the 20th of February, 1800,
and is con sequent i? a little over live
- L?
ypill's old. His mother, tlio Princess
Ikbal Ilanen, Is fumed for lior beauty,
Inherited from a long line of Caucasian
ancestors, and she is very gifted, exhibiting
the happiest in Hue nee over her
11 or Opinion of Hoy*.
A little girl wrote the following e>?sny
on boys: "Boys are men that have
not got as big as their papas, and girls
are women that will be ladies by and
by. When (Joi' looked at Adam, He j
said to himself, 'Well, I think I can j
do better If 1 try again,' and lie made
live. Hoys are a trouble.. They wear :
out everything but soap, if 1 bad my I
way the world would he girls and the j
rest dolls. My on pa Is so nice that 1 |
think he must have been a little girl ;
when lie was a little boy. Man was
made, and on the seventh dav be rest- I
cd."?Philadelphia Inquirer.
Ualng Stump* Over,
Romo Chinamen in West Java Imve >
discovered a way to use postage !
stamps over and over again. On stick- !
ing a now stamp upon on envelope I
tliey smear llio stamp on the face with !
paste or witti a layer of thin glue.
On the stamp being defaced at the
poStotliee, tli?? addressee ran easily
wash away the paste or glue, which
brings with it the postmark, and th?
- ,
stamp Is again bright anil unspotted.
Ciillivmlng; t!i? Kye.
A pianist has to cultivate the eye to
see.about l.r?00 signs in one minute, the
lingers to make about 2000 movements
ami the brain to rncelyo ???'d under
stand separately tho ir>00 signs while
It Ishuoh 2000 orders. In playing
NVeber's ".Moto Perpetuo" a pianist
has to read 4511 notes In a little uti- I
der four minutes.
| state Sews items, j
At Hand* of Unknown Partieo,
The jury of inquest m tuo hughea
uso assembled at Trenton last Monay,
and, after twp or throe hours of
jstimony and consideration, returned
verdict that tho,Hughes family camo
> death at the hands of parties or
ereons unknown.
* ' " '
" * *<
Surrenders After Killing Negro.
Will Hill, colored, who was shot
ear Newberry on November 11th, by
I. H. Amick. White, has died from
he effects of the wound.'
Immediately after the coroner's in
ueat was held Amick surrendered to
Sheriff Muford. He i? now^odgod in
tlio county jail.
Federation for Charleston.
Jameg Leonard, of New Orleans,?organlaer
of the Araorican Federation
>f Labor, Is In Charleston perfecting
the organization of the loenl branch of
hl? order. The unions are fairly well
organized in the city, but Leonard wsh
Coast Line; 1 niru
Culp, C. H. Ackcrt,
T. C. Powell, freight
of the Southern were
few days ago for cont
ing betterment of Cha
als. now' owned jo!ntl>
roads. Improvements a
to meet the Increased c
the port.
Aaron Prloleau Convlc
Aaron P. Prloleau, colored,
can candidate at the last elet
congress In the first district, w
vlcted in the United States cc
Charleston last Monday of vlo
section 3891 Revised Statues, lnti^ .
ing witn and opening decoy lers
wtlle a railway postal clerk, In ijj.
The jury, including one negro, tit
H|3od eleven to ono for conviction,jd
lifter brought In a verdict of goly ci
Wth recommendation to mercy, f ^
% 1 re
2 Q\
Big Crop on One-Horse Farm, v y
(To make seventeen bales of 0
tcli, twenty-four two-horse loads ]f ^
cjrn. forty-five bushels of peas, ti c,
t*-four hundred bundles of fodder, V y
installments, Instead of in sum total,
as done bv said bureau in previous
years, has been a serious detriment to
the cotton trade ibis season, unsettling
the market value of spot cotton
and orcatinK erroneous Impressions as
to the final outcome of the cotton gin
ned. And It is further
"Resolved, That the chief statistician
of the census bureau he respectfully
risked and requested to issue all
future reports of the cotton ginned In
n monthly form in its entirety, ns was
his manner of doing game in the pre
loiidtiui 01 Education Martin to remove?
the South Carolina Military
academy to Columbia nud consolidate 1
It with th? South Carolina college,
making a state university, has caused
a sensation and the superintendent Is
helsg crltlclBnd, n6t beoause he favors
thq removal of the institution from
Charleston, which he is conceded to
I avo a perfect right to recommend,
lu t on account of the .unkindly refor
encea which he makes to the city,
which hag stood by the institution for
He refers to thb pending of thfe L etitlon
of the board of visitors tor the
removal of the police aUitlon, fchlch la
In close proximity, to the citadel, by
the city council, and charges that by.
failure to act promptly the city shows
that the academy is not wanted.
* *
Charlaaton'n Railroad Trouble* ^
Charleston is about to have anot.,^ <>
flgbf. against a railroad on her hands,
this time the Charleston Terminal *
Company, which has practically refused
to repair cejtaln wharves and provide
the storage and beVth facilities
demanded by the best interests of. the
Importers have recently had much
trouble In securing berths for their
vesRels, being forced to pay demurrage
in some cases because of the fall
ure of tlie corporation to repair' it?
wharves and provide the automatic
appliances necessary In unloading
bulk cargoca.
The business of the port lp increasing
on account of It being the deep (
water port of the South Atlantic coasr,
end the only port where the deepest
Iraft vesnels can enter easily. The
orslness people argue that unless the
A-hnrves aro kept up and deep water
irovlded In the ellps, a deep channel
- v. . I
Ittle Girl Drops D?ad on Attempting
to Recite a Bible Verse.
Excitement and nervou8nes8 beluse
she 1b to recite ft versp flora
10 Bible at a ChrlstmnB entertalnient
of a church in Brooklyn, N. Y.,
aused tho death of May Young, 10
uura uiu. wiuiw uno nuu ninety-nino
ther little glrl3 were at the cO?ujvh<**fy
earsing for the entertal; j
hepped from the lino to ^
ergo and fell on her fac/
ttacoogo.. h|V'Ji
y bought w .
'ompany. ? '
?ml tho
V OMm n
1 rt? n M/>
[ H j .4 4
I ' V
I . ' :
Li J
Sf \y 7#

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