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Eutored April 28, 1908 at Pickens, M. C., as second class mntter. under act of Congress of March 8, 1879.
First Round In Fight Won by People.
Report of Special Referee.
Mr. A. J. Boggs, appointed
special referee to tako testimoiey
in the contested dispenga'y lec.
tion in Pickens county, -has filed
his report with the clerk of the
state supreme court. The supreme
court will convene specially to hoar
the arguments in this case and in
the Farnum case, but the date for
the special meeting has not been
The report submitted by Mr.
13oggs is accompanied by the testi..
mony taken in the case. Mr. J. P.
Cary represented the people who
voted the dispensary out of Piak
ens county. There was some talk
of the election not having been
held and of the result not having
been declared properly, and the
matter was taken before the chief
justice who ordered testimoney
taken and the entire matter re
ferred to the supreme court as a
In the Farnum case, Senators
Hay and Christensen and Mr.
Lyon will appear before the special
referee, ex Judge Jas. T. Jziar at
OiangebUrg, to-morrow and will
give their testimoney in. the case.
When this is done J. S. Farnum,
beer dispenser in Charleston will
reply, stating why he did not give
to the dispensary investigating
committee certain papers in his
possession. When the referee gets
all of this information he will
make a finding on the facts and
will submit the testimony with
his report to the supreme court.
It is supposed that as soon as
Judge Izar does this the chief jus
tice will call the supreme court
Following is the report of A. J.
noggs, special r4eree, in the case
of J. S. Wilson, relator, against J.
E. Cox, 0. 11 Hamilton, S. H. ii
Brown and T. O. Allgood, re- ki
spondents: 01
In obedience to tho order of v<
Chief Justice Pope, I held a refer- ol
ence in the above stated proceed- v,
ing on the 8th day of August, w
1905, and from the t-stimoniy then ti
taken submit the following as my p
findings of the fact:t
1. That during the year 1894 a
dispensary for the sale of liquors el
was established in Pickens, in the e
county of Puckens, by the then, p
b)aard of tonitrolt without an ee- k(
tiont under an act of the legisla. n
-2. That for the last few years ti
andl now the county board of coin- n
trol consist~s of the respondents, d
J. E. Cox, C. E. Hailanjton and S
H1. Brown, and the dispenser a' d
-the time~ of the closinmg of the dis I'
penisary was the respondent, T. 0 v
4; Allgood.
That prior to the' 25th day of e
A pril, 1905. Ihere was filed in the r
ofiee of G. M. Lynch, supervisor
of the county of Pickens, petitions r
c maimg 1,162 names, asking him -
to sord.,r ani election on the gioes-1
tioni of 'dispeinsary" or "no disJ
pensary''in Pickens county.
Thmat the qualilied number of
electors of the county of Pickens.
itt the time of the filing of these
p dtitions was 8,000 and the nium
bar of qualitied voters signing the
petitionis wasB little less than 1, 000
anid more than one-fourth of the
-qiafie-d voters of the c ,ntty.
T1hat on the 25th day of A pa, _
1905, the said supervisor ordered
an1 elf'ctionf to b-i held( in the county
of Pick ens on .the question of "die
1)enewry' or hl) dlispineary'' to
take place oln the 20th day of Maiy,
That. ini this order the managers
at.Ite dlieret precincts in the
countty were "ppointed by the "up'
Ervisor, the polls ordered opeoedl
at 9'o'etock and closed at 4 o'clock
and provided ,t hot all -duly quai I
fledi voterA woilld he entitled to
- 4 that the managers should <
'voter to the effect that
"and them-i.
& - nning
dly conduct tho election and result of the election to he aganst
ep a poll list and number and the disp.ensary and n'otilled the
iroll the name of every person governor, the state board of co
tmg, and at the close of the trol and the county board of COnl
ection to p)ublicly count the trol of said result.
tos and declare ihe result and ii p. ,lcnelen fin
ithin three days thereafter to sm o ro h oenro h
-ansmnit the-votes, polIlihsts and all tenJuei"1tiPad
geors pertainmng to the election v~ngtecint or hti a
the supervisor or Pickens, S. (3. Trdt onti h atro
7. That said order and notice of c.sn h ls~naywtotrf
ection was published in the Pick rnet h tt or fd.
as5 Sentinel-.Jouirnal, a newspaperreornte1thdyf*Je
ublished weekly at Peckens S. C., 10.tec~tybado oto
ir four consecutive weeks begin-frPoen onycn~dtedg
ing with April 26, 1905 . Ile~r tPc~adi a e
8. That the election was hold on nidclsdorsnetnith
1e 20th day of May, 1905, at lqir nhn eesipdfo
'hich 240 Votes were cast for thetecoty
ispenisary and 735 "gainst it. 1.Ta h uevsro h
9. That on Monday and Tlues. cnltyi o~ at ce ne
ay following the election the -.oll~~u.h ei~ed10lehsdt
st, returns, boxes and t icketsadpwr i odrn h lc
ore forwarded to the ccunty ii) sup. ,apinmno uagr
rvisor by the mnanagors of thead(letngtelcintob
lection who certified to the cor *~ a ~nile nhs re n
setness thereof,
10. That on tihe counting of th ertdeo lcin
sun h epri~r(sdie h 13c 'Ion fr the govaero of the
tae o e in 16th P1ck5, count
via-inga e hecontly bievd that it was
y1h eiryt atrt ndo the t ro
Butter ch ing rili the ordensritot rep
rioen t the( Staer botrd tof ei..
rakn ol aet eto, uin~l tel 9thrly ofd cue
for il.i~ikI a Piel ns coh unty cilose the dric
urmaemlsoneuted clse evrsnefn h
12. Thashapehforupgevisor of the
rhatehey hoveitohings dut
andasptoebe emulsiieding''the elec
)frwecndgs tionappcroitmntwa omnagicer
and iretin oth elcion to be'ii
sc t m li n 1toc1 o; elcin
vitrn the vuabvo ele th- ,l )eI
,hos1hitestsohthatnigers ofithe
~ayt ietadd eslion cosiste o rpreena
i1akne ould. havetlr ~ii 1* ethtn~~e ~
uraes Scottson-butter pn h oer e u i
reel ourishingo bute I
>eoew a ietit. r flcinw~0llhihdI
obendesr the estoi.
SOTT th valuae Chmypo- oie feetinoou ek
easy to digestkand doe
0'-ar morloo Stre an NowYoke
0i. ane O Aold. Thaglt aet kentnies hi
Don't Forget
The largest stock and lowest
to the trading public. Wat<
nouncement and millinery ope
right to act before or on the day
of election.
17. That with the exception of
40 or 50, those who votod in the
e'ection were duly qualified voters
of the county and whose names ap
pear on the registration books and
men whio have- paid their taxs.
18. No one was allowed to vote
at the election excepjt those who
took the oath that they were quali,
fied electors and hati not before
voted, which was administered by
the managers of the election.
19. That the county board of
oanvansers did not appoint the
manageis or have anything to do
with ordering, di clarong or conduct.
ing the election and took no steps
with regard to the election after
it was hold.
'20 . That the managers did not
haye at the polls on the day of
election the registration books or
list of the qualified voters of the
coun ty.
21. Trhat no0 protest of the eloc
tion was ever tiled with the mana
gers of the election or county sup
22. That the voters at the said
election wore not required to pre
sent their registration certificates
but in all cases they would be re-.
quired to make oath as prescribed
in the order for the election and
many of them did present their
23. Tlha' tho~ voter's Votes were
cast ini boxes, some tin, some
wood and( somb p)Isteb)oard and
s.-annsd up until ,-livered to the
counlty supervisor ai~d none o'f
them were an:.pered or interfered
n ith.
24 :t at rn. vo .s we a counted
a e mnanagers, who c- rtified the
*4uil- t~o lhs Aiup'rvisor in writing,
Sgia d b)y t hem, a'd the supervis
.. r li Ctue t .e vot'e. nd declar
--d the result.
25,. T~hat the siupel visor notified
in w riting the result ot alcoti,
the governor, the s ate board of
conattrol anid the counaty board of
control, but n't~ the secre.tary el
I26 That the voters partioipating
in the election voted at the pre
cIicta where they were tegistered
prices that we have ever offered
-h this space for our fall an
nMorrow Co.
27 That the vLotes used in eoec.
tion were white pape(r 2 3.4 inches
long and two inches wide and
those voted by the advocates of the
dispensary had printed theron the
word "dispensary'' and nothi)g
else and those against the dispen
sary had printed thereon, thn
words "no dispensary" and noth
ig else. That tho testimnony
taken by me-"was filed with this re
port. Respe'ctfully Mubmitted,
(Signed) A. J. Bloogs.
Special Referee.
Sept. 11, 1905.
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Tho petition for a dispensary
election in CJheatortiold was refused
the sup-rIvisor claiming that suffic
ot signatures had not been socur
ed. The prohibitionists dispute
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F,,r soveral days past the Coun
tv Comnmissionerd have) beeni very
busily engaged ini revising the reg
im'ration boo0kB preparatory to or.
deruing anc election on the dispen
aryI* quIstionl. A suflicienit num
e of quahlfied voters have signed
ihe petitioni asking for an olecton,
and on Tl'w-sday, thce 24th (day of
October-, next, the people will say
by their votesA wheth~er they want
the~ dispensaaries to remain in
Oconee county or not.
'Te fail term of the< ireuit courl
foer Oconee county will cony no oia
\Monday, October, 9th Judge C. G
Dantzier, of Orangel urg, p resid.
ing.--Oconee News.
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