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Entered April 28, 1903 at Piokens 8. 0., as second cla matter, under act of Cougroa o
It is about as difficult for ani
average mat) to manaige an auto
mobile as for him to handle a
When the stork visits a home it
generally leaves a howling remind
er behind.
The average church member of
this day and time acts as if there
wasno sin and not much of heaven
or hell. Some of them, though,
use the church ai a cloak and
seem, by tlheir actions, at least,
that they have got a reserve seat
ticket that will admit them to a
front seat at the (treat White
Throne, no matter how they live
or what they do here'on this earth.
We get heart-sick at the lying,
cheating, hypocrical church mem
ber. He is lying to his conscience,
cheating his soul and practicing
hypocrisy with God. They use
religion as a cloak-make a Sun
day suit of it and put it on to go to
church in, the balance of the time
it willIbe found lying behind the
bed room door, and sometimes it
can be found covering a jug of
liquor from the preacher, under
the excuse that "the old woman is
puny and I have to keep a little
for to make bitters for her." The
old hypocrite, he slips out of the
bed overy morining and takes a
swig out of the jug before the "old
Wom11an1" is awake, and when Sun
(lay comes ho hies off to get it fill
ed again, for tho "old womar's"
bitters" must be on hand.
Again, there are church mem
bers-not Christian church mem
bore, but fellows who simply have
their-names on the church book,
who talk abnut h)w good they are
and how honest, and they p)ay all
their debts, and you will find that
they have paid off the lins and
mnortgages over them while the
blacksmith, printer. -doctor ai-d
any other sucker who has been
kind enough to extend credit to
them on "their face" is done to a
turn and the poor preacher "gets
it where the chicken got the axe"
when it comes time to collect hi"
salary. Yet they are honest when
they are made to be so.
The preachor, poor man, he has
to do the best he can; be labors all
the year and at the end of the year
he accepts anot her call, poorer thai
when he began the new year's
work , and why, simply because he
has been handicapped, a muzzle
has been put on his mouth, he canl
not p~reakch as he should for fear
of offeinding some "good *member"
who helps to pay his salary, and
because of certain utterances some
One else retfuses to pay, the out
4 come generally being that the mem
bers get mad at him at the end of
the year to keep from paying. This
is regular dishwater preaching..
Hammer the truths into the peo,
ple, 0, ye preachers, and look
above, you will be fed and clothed
How mnai.y times does your Bible
4 tell you of the "faithful few" being
fed and clothed. What doas it say
about the discilples going to preach
without script in their purse or
sandals upon their feet? Have
you lost the faith of your forbeare?
Sociiety has a heap to do with
things as they are; and speaking
of this "sassiety,"~ how abougt Nani
P~ittters'il, the chorus girl, wh<
broke with her husband and took
up with another mian, alierating
his aiffect.ions from his own wife
and children andl then killed him
biecause he tried to return to his
own vine and fig tree and be true
to his own fireside. She stood
4 trial, and after a time was acquit
ted, went on tile stage, and "'sass
iety" full all over iself to get ini the
> ald haeadedc row" to see the
siglits of her on the Vaudeville
atage, and now Nan, the emlemii
cured of Lami Back After 15 years of
At "I had been1 troubled with lame back
for 15 years anid I found a aompleto re
Odvery in the uneo of Ch'amberlaiin's Pain.
alm~ says John 0. Blaber, Gilliam,
Ind. This liniment is also without a'
eqa .m'*apina and bruises. It ie for
of innocence and purity (?) hasoryfraigsm utd'twt
remarried her former husband and'tgien tr Oijuthn
they will begin life over again in dei-sn ue om n
a Western town, and move in thewilel"da-dwhnsm
best 'society, until a sap-headed foolfelwotrsotrd wihtm
with more money than brains, hysnphmuadcrete
comes along and is ogled by herAgny aitsnoodadhS
'-beautiful smile and bewitching evradasl.Thyont
eyes." Ah, sassiety is enougb t 'ldeththyhaekpth
puke a dog.Agnyfodonbunestyg
Speaking of society, Pickens has b reytetevs
a fine society of knockers and do
nothings. Are yoi acquainted Seth 'Frco ytm"o
with them? They do nothing but Rirashsafn adshm
kick all the time. Wont mlake a omrilaetce aete
move to build up the town, no en
terprise can come here unless they hg n ~o~ h aedn
can boss the thing and you foot K ikn hudptenb
the bills. Simply knock every termtos orcut a
improvement in the head. Have frspro datgsoe h
you made their acquaintance yet,Conrthyaeonigp.f
Mr. Editer?Piksdinthnelente
See Pickens has a land agency. wyo addaso mrv.
WVish it success and hope it will mns h ol mk e ak
do well, and guess it cau if it iswihtustoel.Seyuav
working for glory. I have beenmaeagatfh.MrEdorfr
there and the majority of the land htl;hp o ilsceda
owners want you to sell the prop. ullietcoevranspdI
Throat Cough
A tickling in the throat; mawihteorstiladte
hoarseness attimies; adeep olvnhofeacuksote
breath irritates it;--these Poea onothinge
are features of a throat thuhththefurhasoe
cough. They're very de- 'igbte nsoefryu
ceptive and a cough mix
ture won't cure them. iiyr e oa.z tat
You want something that . 'rlo ri~ a~ 1.r.s
will heal the inflamed CLiOyuh. e h ~~R
membranes, enrich the ddI iY~ o, .i
blood and tone up the hapbrotvi h. rgi;
system .. .- .- ,-.n..3~t~ a. ~.,
is just such a remedy. tui iik
It has wonderful healing Ia atri~.di or~tw
and niourishing power. Iwt a'i .j'v;ir'tgh
Ren:o ies the cause of r.r~ i ;I ';y.;hv
the cough and the whole d I..~. a. ul
sy stem is given new i ~ t~ ~a~1i.b
&ndorfeismpl terto ael big u fit bunt iat
SCOT & OWN, Chmijtougildn't doptiam o it, jspohan
409-15 ~ar~trt, ~w or dleut-"nd ru r wol he ndo
%O. ad $,.o. Al drfelloawIp a offe tor trae withe the
Agettn, ay t is wougod tak hlan
nevermade sale Theydo no
~-oThe Big
Friday & Salfr
E'vrybody invited. Don't fail to at
largest stocks of Drass Goods, Trimming
county. The collection of Hats is by
shown-the largest assortment, the most
Don't forget the opening date-Friday a
and spendt the day; we vill interest you.
The Leaders I
to that set of "aristocratic numb.
sculls" called citizens of Pickens
3ounty, and then I'd have to run
but they ought to stand by you
and appreciate your efforts. Sup
pose you were to move ycur plant
'o some other point and leave them
vithout a paper, what would they
lo then. I am satisfied the day is
mot far off when some other town
in the county will want the court
iouse anid if Pickenis doesn't get a
austle on what will be the out
:oms? It's a goner, and 5o 1s the
own of Pickenms at the same Limo
Figures niay not lie but the cor
rect ones seldom stand for a wo
nan's age.
It ought to make a man feel
very happy not to have any money
and be able to think how many fool
investments he didn't go into.
After landing a man a girl str-n
nouuly denies that she fished for
A man never amounts to much
until some nice girl takes pity on
him and leads him to the matri
monial altar .
The ancients believed that kiss
ing a pretty girl was a cure for
headache. After all, there's
Uothinig like th1e old-fashioned
reind ies.
Thr re muovij med -- jv p -
inappy by kn.wiu-g that . *..
ng io easch we-k wa-. c ri m, I
he r hu9. -ii., sm - i,
-le'i.ar.t ..w l,.g
A man m y be e i. ii t.
nagnmificence: butt there Iv no pos
ension which any one can o:,I! my
mn i whieb' "an. compare wi t
>rice esa of all pre--io)4 'ossessi
nmy mo hpr"
The highest need of numan so
~iety today is a bold and fearless
ipirit of individuality. A thous,
rod years ago one could be con
servative and not fall behinAd the
, O. 6 & 79
end or you will misa seeing one of the
I and Millinery ever displayed in Pick, us
far superior to anything we have ever
exclusive styles and the lowest pr'ces.
nd Baturday, October 6 and 7. Como
sMorrow Co.
n Low Prices.
ace. But now, while humanity
'ides on steam and lightning one
an't afford to imitate the clumsy
raitof those whowent through life
>n foot.
"Wonder what makes the baby
,ry so?"
"It was present when it wasborn
'nd heard what folks said about~
ta resemblance to its family."
L Clear Comaplexien and BrIght Eyes.
In most cases sallow, blotched complex
on and dull heavy eyes are due to poor
hg'-stioJn and sin inactive liver. Orino
Uaxative Fruit Sytup aids digestion and
ttimulates the liver and bowels and
nakes the complexion smooth and clear.
)rino L <xat.ivo Fruit Syrup doesM not
riuseate or gripe and is mild and pleas
mt to take. Refuse substitutes. Pick
mns Drug Co.
Six Mile Sketches.
Mr. Editor :-As so many of the
writers are being silent I will give
vou a few sketches from this vicin
Mr. Perry Durham started on the
18th inst. for Orangebuirg where
he enters college.
Mr. Ernest Woodson) has return
ed heme from Union.
The many frionds of Mrs. Ida
Rise are glad to see her able to be~
out again after a serious illness of
typhoid fever.
The little son of Mr. Jake MIerck
has baan very lick with the fevor
the past fow ivneks.
-I i' sh .01 is progrissing
' a-n Six --: ilo with .
I ,t .4s*' supoi. htondent.
tMi i opening fast, and if the'
re~ - ta~ gen.d we will soon)
. u h ilek ing .
Sclose wit h much success to1
-- o d 8entin)el- iourn I.
A. Firien..
Mi-n Past Sixty In D~anger.
r -t han hai of m-nkind over sixty
Pentn of uage suffer from kiulney and
biduder disorders, usually enlargement
'prosHtrate glinr.-I. This Is bIf* painful
wi ei .i.r-ronn, nd Foleys KiJlie Cure
bi d -aken -. e first s'eriof dan
- . ( .rte3I iregularities and has
IIur-. rasy a'i t en of this diaense,
dir. Rodney Burnett, Rock Port, Mo.,
writes. "I suffered with enlarged pros.
late gland and kindney tronbio for years
and after taking two hottles of Poley's
Kidney Cure I feel better than I have
Iot twenty years, although I am now 91
yaaa old." Piekan Ding Oc,
The New Business Suit
this year is the "Olyrn
pia 3-Button Sack. Loom ts.Am
In this, as vou see
from the drawing, you
have one of the most
stylish suits of the year.
The coat is longer than
usual butt its propor
tions have been so cv
crly modelled that the
effect is exceedingly
The whole garment
hangs from the shouil
ders in an easy, com-f
fortable fashion, leaving
plenlty of room all -
aroun d.
It takes good desin
ing and thoroug.h tail
oring to make theseCOYIFb
stylhsh "loose molO(Cs"SiIO RS o
loo just right-that's s ieate~kr
wvhy we buy them frm h bs makers we knw
Schloss Bros. & Co., of Bahimore.
Fall and Winter Suits $12 to$2
ELHEN 10 S. Main Stree
the urine; pain In the
id, tr hot s. de you- ;..:
have any or all of those -~~
chnc of recovry on ---
remedy"..doesa no"e,-ou man "ue""rro
Sold and recommended by Pickens Drug Co.
Bi'ng your .Toh Printing hr.

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