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Entered April 23, 1908 gPickous, . ., as asond-olams mWatr, under act of Oongres of Maroh 3, 1879.
. ((. ii. B.)
rt is hard, awfully hard to wepi
a mask day by day, and seem tc
the world what you are not, to try
to hide the private cares and wor.
ries from the eyes of the world be.
cause of it s unsympathetic feelings,
Many a man at business, on the
streets, with his friends, at the
home of his neighbor, assumes a
cheerfulness and gayety he does
not feel, for ha realizes that "feel
ing" is catching, and he cares not
to mar their pleasures and joys,
but as lie les on his couch, he lays
aside his mask and looks stern re.
ality in the face. There lie re.
views his life, there he prays to
God to remove the bitter cup, there
his soul cries out for companion
ship, for the true friend who can
advise and sympathize. Ile wants
to be able, as in the days of yore,
when lie stubbed his too or his
playmate wounded his leelings and
he went to his mother, put his
head in her lap and sobbed out his
troubles while she stroked his head
and sympathized with him, to tell
his troubles, take a good cry, be
petted and sympathized with and
he will go out from there, baving
won the aight, with a new determi
nation to win or die.
With sympathy, in its true sense
unknown, and the world money
mad, is it any wonder a man after
keeping up appearances As long as
he can, finally drowns his sorrows
in the flowing bowl, or ends it all
with a pistol ball? How many su.
icidcs and moral deaths are di.
rectly traceable to lack of, sympa.
thy? Watch your friends, study
their natures and sympathize with
them in their afflictions, and
cheer them in loneliness and. en,
courage them in their business ad.
ventures Put forth your hand
and help them over the hard
places of life. Do not let them
bear their burdens alone. Help
them that they may know and re
alize that this world is not what it
seems, that life is real, that it is
earnest and that it is worth living.
Whenever vou do this you help to
uphold a higher standard of life
and the world is bettor for your
sympathy and help to your fellow
Too many of us are prone to
laugh at man's downfall and tc
take advantage of his misfortune,
Before you do this try and put
yourself in his place and apply the
Golden Rule to his case: "Do untc
others as you would wish to be
done by."
I noted with interest an adver.
tisement in a journal recently that
"Wanted--A boy to do office
work. No cigarette smoker need
Nowv, this ad is significant; ii
speaks volumes in oDe little sen
tence. Why are cigarette snmokerf
excluded from even applying for the
position? Ah! that sentence em..
phasizes a fact that parents had
'bettnr profit by. Does your boy
smoke cigarettes? If s', he is do.
'barred from a position that mighi
prove a stoping stone to grand
and noble work. And why? Be.
cauis' he is not considered trust
wortIhy. Hel~ may be~ honest, high
t''ni.d anid honorable~ to b.egiii witi
buit if he persists in the habit the
lairge miajirity of first-clasie busi,
nloss mien (do iot 'eant him. They
are not willijg to entrust thei1
interesL in his hands. Think of it
boys unworthy of conidence 0
unfit for busi ness-a fai luiro-th
result of smoking cigarettes. Trh
,iDoctors Said lie Would niot ilye.
Ptetr Fry, Woodruff, Penn., writer
''After doctoring for two yearrs with th
b st phlysicia11 n '. #aynesburg~auid stil
getting worse, tihe dotctors advised moe I
I hiad aniy business to attend to I .ha<
l'elter attened to it at once, *An I eotil<
not possibly livo another month as ther
wats DO oure for me. Foley's Kidlne;
Cure was regommended to me1 by
friend, and I imimediately sent my so
to the store for it, and afler taking thro
bottles I began to get better and coti
4Pickens DrL Co,. n Dr, .
habit is consuidered by those in po- GeraGanadPrtatFt
sition to know a. not only detri- SnesWo
mental to health but dangerous to SeSnil.or~ si eep
moral character.ofqioahnoepctrof"on
Ohi boys. heed the lesson in the GatadPrya ot~ues
little ad-"no cigarette smoker Wo,16. h itr a ae
need apply"-and if you havetoadonhlfmlsouhfLa
commenced the practice, stop it at rnj tto,~yo h no
once, and if it has become a fixed aiiRily. urgtbbid
evil with you stop it- if you have ooftigrarilylnenth
to apply to your physician for a 0suctoblwaenutrd
remedy to cure you from the ter- b ~sno h osatitreec
ribl effcts.of tenraiGant an artyat Fard
Faters lok ito hsmaterpary wreSatineda otaders
and ee tat yur ens ae dev or qute ao thendse pifturrfofc"Geg
Grantrandesarty intertnganoterat
uomereaon hy prminnt an hWyotto of7. The picture waotaken
of bsimss houl poitiely fue mte Statoion Wyfomaton: the theo
to eployany oy wo inulgePin ifics iwy. Din the bundmild2
thi prctce.Ift as armes dasind of1thu rto mlak ie ithe u
---i itdidnotleato ometeribl 'no much t.ouie wan Fncncore
evil- -he an o th wold ad ibth r aison the conyn interferencea
refue t evn cnsier he PPI' o th Mo.an, tan Go. ran~;toad
catefr, wook ito athig artteh vradLmie'o h no
his sieeghator soos a teie reedy.-eaeid'e oD
worfryim about hi. Therex, muralpaseneben
_omereason__whyaprominent__man iceagnOhaNb.foth
of businofs(ihnulGprsntivndypartys
ths rctce DVt a harmless~r
--if it didnot lead topomeeterribl
evi distemane of thiworld nU n Prasa hot'tdln
thildren is entrise. inoaults not oplrt o oe's[o
catonupon. wr lto av cigarte r on m~~t'nseofee o
worryingnr ouabountme.him.r
Thee diseaseo thinnean- in '~ b "nizeJ' ~ o
ness. Fat is the best means of'1'1 isi cow;kg.Akfr
overcoming them ; cod liver oil itR'si iiitiloItste
makes the best and healthiest ' ?iii(3frctgNedel''
fp n aty.wr ttoe tFr~nes
tre~ ams Fruacith arm oTeasn
E ivi I.dianite. An ~ intresi'n noerat
iste eaiestand ost;effete bo " tto of epitu re ,i'~b,~ cona
I~fttU' I oder o I lugsiftie )(it ok fite overln mlail 23a
L' shows vhy Scot's tdays and't 21t hour '.tni maket our
neyitomStiLui t Sn racico
f ofso uch~'aue n al caes f (1in thed siisO t 'n Expre'ssa' wasn
9 e ttsw.d in makiong Bt. rpfo t
Joseph, M., to Smith Fracis; toay
goorndrSansFmple.scolnta less.ha
L. omaEgnerlhpssegeran
.tcNkeYoagent, MOahNeb., fr thi
Foley & Co.,Oof Chicago. originate
-..- The Bi
Everybody invited. Don't fail to i
largest stkoks of Dresa.Ooods, Trimwir
county. The collection of Hats is 1
shown-the largest assortment, the mo
Don't forget the opening date-Friday
aud.upend the day; we will interest you
Heath- Bruct
The Leaders
Marriages at Cateechee.
Cateachee -Oct. 2.--October seem%
to have started out in a desidedly
b!usy way in the matrimonial line, an
will be - observed by the following
marriages in this pretty village Sun
Mr. A. F. Alexander and Miss
Lena Saylors were married at the
raaidence of the bride's brother,
Mr. WV. M. Saylors. Mr. S. P.
Reed and Mliss Bosa McCoy wiere
married at Mr. G. W. Reeod's homne.
MrI John T. Crow and Miss Ella
Taylor were married at the home of
the bride's mother, Mrs. Taylor.
The above are all popular young peo.
ple of this village except Mr. Alex
ander, who is a prominent young
farmer near Pendleton. Mr. J, F.
Williams. magistrate at this place,
performed all these eeremonieu. Mr.
Williams is a good, elever citizera
aod is es.tisfled with the record he
made in the matrimonial line tiun
day. * *~ *
A Judicious Inquiry.
A well known traveling man who via
its the drug trade says be has of te1
beard druggtsts inquire of a man. whei
he asked for a coug h medicine, whethe:
it was wanted for a child or aa adult,ami
if for a child they would most invariabla
recommeod Chamberlain's C9ugh Rtem
edy. The season for this -is that they
know there is no daeger fromit and thal
it always enres. There is net the leasi
danger in giving it, and for coughs,
eolds and croup it is unsarpassed. Foi
sale by Pioketns Drug Co., and T. N
Hunter, Liberty.
Cheap Rates to Texas,
Arkansas, Louisiana, and the South,
west. Each firat and third Tuesday
you can purchase tickets at Atlanta,
Birmingham, Annistor,, Montgomrv~
and cer tain other points to The EGreaI
So'uth West and ret urn,, by Mianphi
- nd the ('otton Belt Route at gre'at~y
reduced ratee.
Tickets allow stop overs any p~ pe
West of Memphia, and are good t<
return any (lay within '21 days' aftevi
Write me to make arr ang*m, nh
and see that your tickets read b:
Memphis and the Cotton Belt Rloute
L. P. Sm.th, Tray. Pass. Agent
205 USquitable Bldg., Atlanta, Ga.
O .4. - s1 OS .4...
nIMti.the ThKindYula lssBi
g Store
a Ot.o 6 &7
ttend or you will miss seeing one of ti
Igs and Millinery over displayed in PickI
iy far superior to anything we have ev<
it exclusive styles and the lowest price
and Saturday, October 0 and 7. Com
!Morrow Co.
in Low Prices.
Why Not Build Up Your Town?
If you live in a good locality wb
not say so? If you do not talk toi
your town who will? Calhoun is it
as good county no we have in thi
state; has the finest water in this see
tion, on the best line of railroad ii
the state, one mile of the best colleg
in the state, good building sites to
dwellings and business houses. D
business at Calhbouna and Bend you
boys to college
Now the first thing we want is
public road from Ravenell's bridg
to this place, leading along the edg~
of the bottom up the river thus reacd
ing this place 1. 3-4 of a mile ?roi
the bri ige.
Tiue next tbing we wan., is anc
mill and ginnery. 0. RI. Doyle h.
the site for the plant Who will I
the first to talk oil mill? This ente
prime is badly needed and will pay I
well here as elsewhere. A we
known gin man was heard to remin
the other day that if he had four 5
eaw gins here he could gin 900 bal
of sotton here each year This is
Sgood chance to invest youir rnoney.
W. N. C.
Full of Tragic Meaninig
Are those lines from J. H. Simmons
Casey Iowa. Think what might ha
resulted from his terrible cough if I
had not u.sed the medicine he writ
about: "I had a fearful cough th~at di
Iturbed my night's rest, I tr'ied ever
thing but nothing would relive it, uia
I took Dr. Kings Now Discovery f
consumption, coughs, and colds whi<
comapletely cured mne." Instantlyr
liCee and permanently eures 2.11 tharo
and lng disance; prevenats grip) ar
pnaeumonia. At Packen~s Drug (Co.
Marriage at Dacuevill.
On Sunday the 24th nIt, at
; rk a , Mr. John Robinsonan
\hs- Liszt. Hunt were mar ried
.hie '.HtiCIence of Mr. M. V. Hun
faths' of the bride. T'ae ceremon
wats jwrfo'rmeId b~y the Rev. MI
G.nlt of Tjravellers Rest, in the pre
enee. of a htost oif relatives and frieni
who afte'r the ceremony were inlvit4
tos the~ din ing room, where they pa
tosk of a troat bountiful. supp4
which was very much enjoyead bty a
With good wishes for a long al
happy life for the happy; couple I
crowdt loft for their respective plac
The New Business Suit
a this year is the "Olymn- L~T~a
-pia 3-Button Sack.
2In this, as you see -i
a from the drawing, you
r have one of the most
Sstylish suits of the year.
r The coat is longer than
uulbut its propor
ations have been so cv
0 erly modelled that the
effect is exceedingly
[he whole garment
S hangs from the shoul
dlers in an easy, comn
>fortable fashion, leaving
r plenty of room all
It takes good design
ek ing and thorongh tail- cm r
o. oring to make these $CHILOS BROS. Co.
sstylish "loose models" Fine ClothesMakers
* look just right-that's Oa-4LI t -Yow
why we buy them from the best makers we know,
Schloss Bros. & Co., of Baltimore.
Fall and Winter Suits $12 to $25
* = g IGREENV1LLE, 8. 0
to ".s"aml . t ,*ep.im;.9
MQ A*.7.*4..tao*g i
~tLkani:e.*m'.*u .". cr.
. *G"t..ellbtA".1.
d * m. e slea
h. e sygt
beold adrcm eneWb1ces rg o
~re. Bringx.1 your thePininhr
~. ~ ~ jUtO~a1bb.

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