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t a. TAYLOR,
Mr. 0. D. Taylor has been Clerk c
the City Board of Hoalth, Jacksonvillt
'la., for ton years, which position ha
afforded him amply opportunity to
noting the best means of proyontin
and curing disease.
he expresses his approval of the us
of Peruna as the most effective mean
of solving a problem of such vital In
terest to the community /a the follow
iag letter:
" The health of the poor of a large cit;
is always a question of vital interesi
not only to tho city officials but to ever
citizen. It has boon a source of muc]
satisfaction to me to find that so large
number of working people in modorat
circumstances have accepted Poruna a
their family med
Working Man's eine. It has cure,
Family Medicine. a large number c
oases especiall;
of catarrh of the head, lungs an
stomach and building up the geners
health it cannot fail but prove a hel
and blessing to any community wher
it is generally adopted and used.
have found it an honest, reliable reimed;
and am pleased to endorse it."-C. I
Taylor. '
Address Dr. S. B. Hartman, Presiden
of The Hartman Sanitarium, Colunbui
MLonei SIiidel-Jound
HaDDIenls .0 a Local aei Persolal Nature
-Mrs. D. W. Hiiott is on a visit t
relatives At Westminster. -
-Dr. and irs. E. B. Webb an
11ev. and Mrs. 0. M. Ahney returne,
from a visit to the Sapphire country
-Some of the farmers of this se<
tion have determined not to sell
bal, of cotton until the price reache
-Pickens Graded school ha
availed itself of the opportunity t
procure a library and now has a ver;
nice one.
si11 lecture o
- *i;,hodist churo
-Don't skip a page in the Sent
nel-Journal. Every one of themi
filled with interesting reading matte
and advertisements.
-Married, on October 1st, at th
home of Mr. Charlie P~ack, father c
the bride, Miss Della Pack to Mi
fiomer Wright, all of Pickens counts
Rev. B. (I. Atkinson officiating.
-A number of our farmers ari
harvesting a fine crop of hay and
peavine forege. Such crops requr,
little -work and pay well.
--Oountry produce is in demani
these days, chickens are worth fron
12j to 25 cents. according to size, an<
eggs are 15 to 20 ecnts a dozen.
--Frank Ferguson found a coat
short time ago between Pickens an
Easley which the owner can get b
proving property and paying for thi
-- A circulating library has bee
establisihed in Pickens. The selec
Lion of books is very por. Othe
towns had better throw it down un
loe they have a better she wing Lhai
.Pickens did at it.
--Dr. J. A. (an non oif Transylvani
cunty, North Carolina, was ini Pick
ens the first of hast week looking al
ter his property bore. lHe will mov<
to town within the next ten days.
--The Sentinel Journal has no
heard from several of itsi corresp-ind
dents recently. Wake up, friendE
arid let the public know what is go
ing on in your respective section a
the county.
-The millinery opiening of thb
Big Storj t,kea place Friday and
Saturday the 6th and 7th. Every
body is cordially invited to attend
Mr. Bruce has arranged a very enjo
able musical program for th~e ces
U .. rt ator. H
and th a 9 LaatL gueted bin
was highiv entertained. The attrac
' i that are booked for Liberty ar
*.ll right and shou'd be0 well p)atrom
.-The tine otye fdrmarnie
Is at hand.
-Keep your cotton in the ir
and hold for better prices.
--J. T. Gaines and wife of thet
Liberty side, are in Pickens today
-There is very little sickness
throughout the country now and the
dootors are having an easy time.
---Mr. J. Foster Smith, of the
Field section, is quite sick with grip.
His many friends hope he will soon
be up again.
-Don't fail to read change of a.
of TI. Snider, Jeweler, Easley, in this
itsue, and give him a call when in
.eed of anything in his line.
8 -- Charles L. Cur-ton has finished
erecting his mill and ginuory on
ToWn Creek and has all the machin.
t ery inl place and is now ready to
serve the public.
-There will bo a regular ineetiny
of Keowen Lodge, No. 79, A. & F
M , held in their ball on Saturday
night., October 7th. Work in the
,M. M. Degree. Visiting brethri
cordially invited to attend.
r -8. M. Joaes, of the Table Rock
, section, was in Pickens today. li
r has a tine farm on the Oulenoy and t
splendid home at the foot of the
a mountain, and has every convenience
as ye editor can testify.
I -The all day singing at Rocky
f Springe, three miles east of Easley,
has been changed from the second
1 to the third Sunday. Let everybodN
P govern themselves accordoigly.
Come prepared to stay all day and
r let's have a delightful song seririce.
- P. C. Cartee.
t --Cotton is only bringing 91 cents
' this morning. At this price the
.farmer cannot afford to sell. Witl
the short crop he can afford to hold
and risk getting a better price; and
U it is a settled fact that the better
- price will be offered if the cotton i6
held back and not rushed on the
0 -Hon. Wyatt Aiken, M. C.. from
the 3rd district is spending a few
3 days in Pickons. He has recently
i succeeded in establisning a rural
route from Dacuaville and is now
working on an additional one from
Liberty and Central and hopes in the
near future to have another one from
Pickens. Wyatt is a hustler and
looks after the needs of his district.
~ -A good deal of liquor is being
~shipped into Newvberry now in jugs
and casks and considering the con
signees there is no doubt some of it
1i coming to be sold dgain. The
blind tigere 'are plying their trade to
some extent and are getting bolder
but the "gobble-ones will git" them
"if they don't watch out."--Newber
5 ry Observer.
-Duff Hudson, a young man
working at the ginnery of lirazeale
0 &'Youngblo::d had his band badly
hurt in the gin on Saturday of last
week. He wvas immediately brougut
to town and Dr. Bolt dressed the
wound. 11. will not lose the use of
a his hand although it was badly lacer
I ated by the sawvs and required sever
a al stitches to sow it uip.
-Mrs. WV. 0. Willard's millinery
I opening at Liberty on Tuesday was a
Sgrand success as also was the open.
I ing at Central on the 4th. The la.
dies of the county are invited to call
a and inspect these stocks; they will
3 find the latest styles shown and the
y. prices have been eut in two. So
s there is no need to wear your last
year's hat,
u -The entertainment given in the
-Graded Schmool building last Friday
r night by Prof. John H. WVilliams, of
-Greenville was well patronized and
i greatly enjoyed by all who were pros
ent. His renditioaa on the piano
were fine, while is phonograph,
which is a very large one, rendered
all the newest, selections. Should he,
come again be is assured1 a full
t -Cotton is now comning in freely
.and farmers from all over our county
,report a very short crop, estimating
.the yield at sixty to seventLy-tivolper
f cent of the last year. lIi some fiehds
handls will gather the hulkc of I1
crop at the Iirst picking, bat .
will receive a much hotter pri tilu
-they anticip ited last sprini, whit-h
will even up things an( lace the
farmer, who is the hub around which
the whole comniercial finanicial nd
business world re ves, in an eaesici
position than wv at one time looked
B fur.
-R hf VOh ne makes It new
yor afl1
A; T8
We have a full line of
gle and double- and can
Your inspec
Plenty of Candy
PiOcKeij I
-See chauge of ad of J. Thomas
Arnold & Co., on last I-age.
-Mrs. Caroy of Seneca, is on visit
to her son1, J. P. Carey in Pickens.
-Mrs. John L Valley is on a visit
to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J.
-Don't fail to read the fall an
nouncement of Folger & Thornley in
this issue.
-The Pickens Drug Co. have a
fine line of pocket cutlery suitable for
presents. This is the best line of
high grade cutlery ever shown here,
- B 0. Robinson and W. T. Bates
have gone into the stock business in
Pickens. They have a car load of I
fine mules for vale at the Richey
---J. T. Fennell & Co. have put in
a fine line of millinery and have fit
ted up a room upstairs and have
Miss Pearl lobinson in charge. Thay
invite the ladies to call and inspect
their line.
On Wednesday the 27th of Sep
temiber at 4 p. mn., Mar. HI. Middleton
Hester and Miss Esaie Griffin were
happily married, at the residence of
the bride's father, Capt. E. Smith
Girillin, at 133 Academy street,
Greenville, R1ev. D. W. IRiott offici
ating, It was a v'er y quiet home af.
fair, only the immiediate family of the
contracting parties beinag presen t.
After the ceremony the happy
yo~ung couple camne to the home of
the groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Rt. A. Heater. where a reception was
tendered themi. They are now living
in Pickens in the Martin residence.
Mr. Hester is mail carier on rural
route No. 2 from Pickensi and is a
young man of fine business ability,
and is to be congratulated on win
ning such a lovely bride.
New Cure for Cancer.
All surface cancors are now known to
be cnrable by Buck iens Arnica Salve.
Jan. Walters of D~uffield, Va., writes, '-1
had conacer on my lip for yearn, liat
seeme d incurable, till Bucklen's Arnica
Salve ho ded it, and now it is perfectly
well," Gutran teed cure for cuts and]
burns. 25c at Pickenh Drug Co.
-Somebody advertisea for a good
girl to cook. We have seen some
that looked good enough to eat raw.
How to Cure Corns and Bunions.
First soak the corn or bunion in warnm
wvater to soften it; then pare it down as
closely as possible without drawing
blood and apply Chamberlain's Pain
Balmn twice twico daily, rubbing vigor
ously for five minutes at each appliction
A co in plantel' should bo worn for a few
days~. to protct it from the shoe. As a
general liniment for sprains, bruise,
I tuneniess .td rheumatism, Pain dim
in unequah d . For saile by ',ckens
Drug (Co., and TI. N. Hunter, ILiberty.
Notice to B i, st.
Norris, Sept. (.-Doar Breth
ren, as the li of standinig cornniit
toes wats 1 it oll' ini printong the
inutite .I will send it up to the
SeI .inel.,Journal and~ ask that it
be p)ublished:
On state of religion-Elder'D. .'
II udson.
On iss~ions-Ji. E. Oillespio.
Oin orphanago-J. A . Browni.
Oo education -W. B. Allgood.
On agedI ministers-O. P'. Field.
On temnpea rnee-Samueol *Jewel.
To writo circular letter-Elder
L. M1. L.dla.
J. C.Gai rett, Clerk.
Hair RenewerI
hgain, restores the freshness. Just
aded or turning gray, for it always
p haIr- alSO.""[email protected]*SN'~J
flug Do..
Water Pad Trusses-sin
fit any size.
tion Invited
at 60 cents per pound.
Oug DO.
Millinery upstairs at J. T. Fen.
nell & Co.'s store.
For Sale-322 acres of land 3f
miles of Central. Apply to F. B.
Morgan, Central, S. 0. 4t
Land surveying, land papers writ
ten ipid probated, dowers taken;
obarges reasonable. Residence on
Jobison st, west of jail. J. P.
Attaway, Pickens, S. C. ;ow 4t*
A tract of land for sale cheap.
Call at this office.
A nice line of ladies' bats and
.bildren's caps at J. T. Fennell &
Are you looking for businoss? See
U. A. Boggs Liberty.
Send your children's shoes to the
Pickens Shoe Shop and get a pair of
hem everlasting half soles that will
wvear till the shoes are worn out.
Car load of the best flour on the
narket, "Obelisk" to go at close pricep.
Dome and get some. H. A. Richey.
We have for sale on liberal terms
L20 acres farm land situated within
me and one half. miles of Pickens.
rhis is a splendid farm and in good
state of cultivation. Two horse crop
cleared balance in original forest.
Fair buildings and two tenant houses
on the place. Will' sell for cash or
on crcdit. Apply to Heath Bruce
Morrow (Co. or Ivy M. Mauldin, At
torney, P'ickens, S. C.
WVhen in need of repair work call
on me. Buoggy and wagon repairing,
wheel building, etc., finished up in
first class shape at reasonable prices.
Let me figure with you on that next
job. A. A. Mann, in the Brook shop.
uext to WV. H. Ashmore's blacksmith
astablishment, Pickens, S. C.
Bring us your eggs, chickens and
butter. Highest prices paid for
camne. H. A. Richey.
A heap of little thihgs cheap at J.
D). Moore's.
You can get 25 lbs. rie for one
lollar at J. D. Moore's.
Come and see our nise line of shoe.
J- T. Fennells & Co.
Molasses at .J. D. Moee's 80Oc to
tOe per gallon- good.
A nice line of men's and youth
2ollars at J. T,. Fennell & Co's Store
Real good cider at J. D. Moore's.
TJhis is a reminder t hat I am stil
loing business at the >ld stand (over
?iokens Drug Store) w here I am
tlway's glad to sorve my ,ld as well
is newv friends. When yuu want a
iuick and easy shave, or an up-to-date
laii' cut, give me a call.
E. TV. Hunter The Barber.
Highest prices paid for obiekens
>ggs and Sountry produo.,
J. T. Fennell & Co.
Good apple vinegar at J. D).
kloore's,?or 25c per gallon.
Th n'icest line of lamps, glassware
min'decorated dIiBhes to go at ot,
J. TV. Feasell & Co.
Notice or Finali Settlement
I will apply to 3. B. Newbery,
Probate Judge for Piokens county, on
the 1st day of Nov., 1905, for a finnl
lettlement of the estate of Amanda E.
Kennoumore, deceased, and ask to be die.
misard as executor.
DOt. 4 1905 J. M. STEWART.
The truatees of Hagood Soheol Die
trict No. 38 wvill let to the lowest bidder
Sie repairing of Cold S pring school
bionne~ on Saturday, October 14, at 2
o'clock, at the school house. Will have
Ili right to reject any or all bkds,
-O syvnieens &O.
spes I notice, without Oh arge. In he
Scitatiilc Jimerican.
ea orrnonthasS Ssold bryall newsdealers.
InN &Co--- NewiXsk
Car Load of 'Em.
Largest Stock- Lowest Prices.
W have by far oe of th" largest displays of Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, ats, Gents'
Furnishings, Furniture, Hardware, Buggies and Wagons ever brought to this part of
the country. Both our stores ate packed to overflowing, and still new goods fresh from the
markets are coming in every clay. Our prices are right for the simple reason that we bought
everything before the advance in prices and we are therefore enabled to give our customers
the advantage of these extremely low prices.
Dress Goods. Dress Goods.
In this line we have spared neither time nor expense to throw before the trading public one of the most
up to date and best selected stock of Dress Goods ever shown in this part of the country. Everything in
Woollen Dress Goods, Cassimeres, Worsteds, Broadeloths, Henriettas, Skirtings and Waistings, with Laces and
Trimmings to match. Outings, Jeans, Flannels, Percales, Kersoys, Dress Ginghams and Calicoos at the old
prices. In fact our entire line of dry goods will go at the old prices -cheaper than we could buy some of them
today. Don't fail to see the assortment of Embroideries we are showing, 3e to 50a per yard. Big line of Jackets,
Skiit, Waists and Underskirts. Jackets fron $1 50 to $7.50; Skirts from $100 to $7.00, any style and color.
Clothing. Clothing.
This is our main line and our pride-the line on which we defy competition. Seven years' experience
studying the line as elosely as we have enables us to place before our custoin rs the best goods for the money
that the market affords. Fit, Style and Quality are three eescntial things that go to make good clatling. Our
clothing has all of these qualities, and are right in price.
Suits for Children, sizes 4s to 17s, ranging in price from 75e to $6.00.
Suits for Youths' from $2 50 to $10.00.
Builds for Men from $3.00 to $17.50.
Extra Pants for Boys, 41 to 17s, price 25c to $1.00.
Youths' Pants 75o to $3.00.
Men's l'ants, all sizes, $1 00 to $6.00.
Oversoata for everybody, big, little, old and young, $2 50 to $17.50; all colors and styles.
Among the many different lines of Clothing we handle are the celebrated "Horse Shoe" brand for men and
"Mrs. Jane Hopkins' Make" for boys. We also represent the International Tailoring Co., one of the best tailor..
ing concerns in the world. See us for anything you may need in the clothing or gents' furnishing line. We
guarantee satisfaction.
Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.
For the past five years our shoe sales have been steadily increasing 'till now we sell five times the amount we
did the first year we wvere in business. The secret of this is very simple----we sell nothing but first class shoes,
and everybody is finding it out. Among the many popular brands we carry are the old renowned
for men, women and children; the best sh'oe, as everybody knowR, on earth for the me. -
the Walkover Shoe for men at $3:50 and $4 00, the Stetson Shoe for men at $5.00 : - ,~0. Shoes have ad
vanced from 100 to 20c per pair in the last two weeks, but every pair in the house was bought before the advance
in leather, and will go at the same old prices.
Furniture, Hardware, Stoves,
Buggies, Wagons anid Hfarness.
The entire upper floors of our stores are devoted exclusively to Furn'tituire. libiying Furniture as we do in
solid car lots places us in a position to save .''un fro~m 10 to 15 per cent. on anything you may ned in the furni
ture line. Solid Oak Suits from $12.50 to $60 00. Oak Dresse~rs from $5 00 to $15 00. Oak Beds from $2.00 to
$8.00. Safes $2.50 to $6.00. Big line of TIrunks, Sutchels, Rugs, Art Squares and Blachines. WVe are sole'
agents for the New Home Sewing Machine, one of the best made.. Boggies, Wagons, and Surreys--Mitchell
Wagon and Chase City Buggy. The old reliable Mitchell is still mouna ch of the road and always will be a little
higher in price, perhaps, but so much better in wear. Just received a car of B~arbed Wire and Nui!s and a big
lot of Poultry Netting.
Pickens has the reputation of being one of the best cotton markets in the stote, so bring your cotton to the
"banner town of the county,'' and don't forget wvhile here that, LFolgor & Thlornuley have thme reputation of selling
good goods at the right prices. Call on us and b~e canvinced.
'' - Yoursitruly,
Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Gents' Furnishing Goods a specialty. Agents for Battle Axe
Shoes, Stetson Hats, Stetson Shoes, Mitchell \Vagons, Carhart Overalls and Harrison Towvn
and Country Paint.
TE PEEPS [email protected] SOflO
offers some rare bargains
In Real Estate.
90 ACRES ON CROW CREEK-Tenant house; 8 acres of bottom ana 25 acres of upland
in cultivation, balance wvell timbered. Price $750. Will sell this for 1-3 cash and balance. in
one and two years. A.
NICE NEW HOME IN PICKENS-On half-acre lot. will rent this property at $8.so
per month.
List your property with us; we haye calls every day.

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