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THE groat dispe
sides has its ea
it's a "fight t~o the
From sur10nia
partment Store
*(only) bu~y her shi
outside of Greenv
they can find eves
in both dress and
This is an age of concer
birth of the Department Store,
looking after your personal ad<c
When 'tJyinpossible for you to
nje/ radius of' 100 miles. S~
Kidney Troutble Makes You Miserable.i
Almost everybody who reads the news
papers is sure to know of the wonderful
Lcures made by Dr.
Kimer's Swamp-Root,
the great kidney, liver
and bladder remedy.
'-It is the great medi
cal t riumph of the nine
teenth century; dis
covered after years of
I scientific research by
Dr. Kilmer, the emi
bles and Bright's Disease, which Is the worst
form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root Is not rec
ommended for everything but if you have kid
necy, liver or bladder trouble It will be found
lust the remedy you need, i t has been tested
in so mnwasinhospital work, In private
practice, among the helpless too poor to pur
chase relief and has proved so successful In
every case that a special arrangement has
been made by which ali readers of this paper
who have not already tried it, may have a
sample bottle sent free by mall, also a book
telling more about Swamp-Root and how to
find out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
When wrttig mention reading this generous
offer in this paper and
send your address to
Dr. Kilmer &Co.,Blng
hamton, N. Y. The '
regular fity cent and Home of swamp-Pool.
dollar sizes are sold by all good druggists.,
Don't make any mistake, but rememberi
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
N.Y., on every bottle.
T1iME~ TAliLE~ No 1
itupersedleR'Timle Table No 3i
EffectiveAug. 1t) 1904
Read Down
14o 12 No 10 STATI~ON No11 N
Mixed Mixed hiixedt Mixed
44pm10:40 am lv 1' icke,,, ar 2:r65pm, 6:30) pm
4:55 pm 10:55 am elaro~' n 5pm 6:25 i'm
1:0)0 pm 11:00 am *Arai' 2:2pm 6:15 jun
5:10 pm 11:05 am * Mauilin 2Opm 6:10 pm
5:15 pmn 11:15 am ar Easl~ey lv 2;Sn5:O jim
aFlag Stations
All tralns (tally except Stund ay
No. t0 connectH with Southern Itallway No 39
No 9 connects with Southern lllla No 12
No. 12 connects with southierni ihutiway No 11
No hi connects wvith Southerti ltallway No409
&""For any informnationi app'y to
J Tr TAY LOll. Goa MAnafter
50 YEARS''
AtVu l se ng a skth and deacio i isma
q to:0vabe, iltou opaginio trehethra
in entn flea3 patr~. oica.
'Aadasonlety Iiusrad week1 . I armst dr
e r: mon w th, $1 Bold byall newsdoalera.
Let us do ym
.ob Ihinting.
n sar L uestion is
Retail C
ding country and
store of-many de
.dy-.Made Suit.
)es, her undXV0erw .a
ille cominig hero t
:ything they need
A Si
tration-"Two blades of grass v
or the store of many departmer
tnment. Handsome 9X I 2 foot
come. They will be given pr<
.mples cheerfully sent upon req
Married to a Drunkard.
I wvill toll you another true sito
ry that happened some1 time ago:
.An old lady arose suddenly ini
the meeting and spoke as follows:
. ''Married to a drunikard ! Yes.
I was married to a drunkanrd.
Look at me! I am talking to the
girls."' All the aIudience turned
and looked at her. She was a wan
woman with dark sad eyes, and
white hair, placed smoothly over a
brow that denoted intellect.
"When I married a dIrunkard I
reached the acme of misery," she
continued, "'I was young and oh,
so happy I I married the man I
loved, and who professed to0 love
me. HeI was a drunkard and I
knew it-knew it but (lid not un
dorstand it.
"'There is not a girl in this
building that does understand it,
unless she has a drunkardl in her
family ; then, perhaps, sh knows
hi,w dely the iron enters the
soul of a woman, when she loves
and is allied to a drunkard; wheth
or father, husband, brother or son.
"Girls, believe me, when I tell
youi that to marr'y a drunkard, to
lovo a drunkard, is the crown of
all misery. I have gone through
the deep) waters and know I have
gained the fearful knowledge at
the exponas of happinoss, sanity
andI( almost lhfe itself.
''Do youi wondler my hair is
whitt? It turned white in a night
bleached by sorrow, (as Mario An
toinietto said of her hair.) I am
forty year-s old1, yet the snows of
seventy rests upon m y head; and(
upon my heart . Ah! I cannot be-.
gin to count the winters resting
there," she said with unutterable
pathos in her voice.
\"My husbaind was8 a professional
nian. His calling took him from
home fre~luently at night, and
wheni ho returned, lie retuLrned~
dIrunk. Gradually he gave way to
temptation in the day until he was
rarelyv sober. 'I hadl two lovely ist
tle gi-rla and a boy." Here her
IDon't llorrowy Trouble.
It is a bad hatbit to borrow anything,
but tho worst thing youl can possibly
borrowv is trouble. Whien aiok, sorI
heavy,,weary and wvorn out by the paine
and poisons of dyspepsia, biliousnuess
Bright's disease, and similar intern4al
disorders, don't sit down and brood oves
your symiptomns but fly for relief to Ele.
trio Btitters. Here you will find sure
add perianent forgetotfulness of trou
ble, and your body will not be burden
ed by a load of debt, disease. Et- Pick
ce Drmr O0. Prion on, uanteeaa
-. Cl RC
agitating the fou
vhich are men of
vircles It';o
towns people visi1
partnents; a store
It is possible now
r, hosiery, tailor st
o trade will find ti
in one store. Our
ore of
iade to grow where one formerl
ts, where people can satisfy thei
Moquet, Axminister, Brussels a:
S Yo
>mpt attention. We will use o1
.iest. Make this your shopping
>mne to Gre
211 and 213
voice faltered, they sat in deep si,
lonc~o listening to her story.
"My husband had been drinking
d1eply, I had not seen him for two
days. 11( had kopt away from his
"One night I was seated beside
my sick boy; the two little girls
were ini bed in the next room,while
beyond was another room, into
which I beard mny husband go as
ho entered the house.
"The room communicated with
the one in which my little girl
were sleeping. I do not know why
but a feeling ot terror took hold
of me, and I felt that my little
girls were in danger.
"I arose and went to the roomi.
"T~he door was looked. I knock
eon it trantically. I seemed to
be endowed with superhuman
strength, and, throwing myself
with all my force against the doer,
the lock gave way anid the door
fell open.
"Ohl, the sight! the terrible
She wailed out in a voice that
haunts me; and she covered her
face with her hands, and when she
rermoved them it was whiter and
sadder thani ever.
"D)eliriumn tremens! you have
never seen it girls; God grant that
you never may. My husband stood
beside the bed, his eyes glaring
with insanity, and in his hanid a
large knife. 'Take thorn away!' he
screa med. ''The horrible things,
they are crawling all over me.
T1ake them away, I say!' And he
flourished the knife in the air'. Re
gard less of the danger, I rushed up
to the bed and~ my heart seemed
suddonly to cease beating.
"There lay my children, coversd
with their life-blood, slain by their
own father! For a mioment I could
not utter a sound. I was literally
drunk in the presence of this ter
rible sorrow, I scarcely heeded the
maniac at my side, the man who
had wroughit me 'al this woe;
Thleni I uttered a loud scream, and
my wailings filled the air. The
serVants heard me and hastened to
the room anIt whlen my husband
saw them, he suddenly drew the
kuife, across his throat.
I1 knew nothinst more. I was
borne senseless from the room that
contained the bodies of my child.
ren5an the body of my husbandi
T:he next day my hair was
while, and my mind *o shattered
ncLation of politic
brains aind acknc
; Arnold
Aing Greenville on
where women ca
for women to be
[it and hat all rig1
iat they not only
Millinery Depart
y grew" is the spirit of progres
r needs under one roof. Our I
id Smyrna.Squares; also small ]
ir best judgment in filling you
headquarters while in the city a
enville's Gi
N. Main Street, Gre
"Then eyes of all were riveted
upon her wan face, some of the
women present sobbed aloud white
there was scarcely a dry eye in
that temperance meeting. They
saw that sh was not done speak
ing, and was only waiting to- sub
due her emotion to resume her stm
"Two ysare" she continned, "1
was a mental wreck; then I recov
ered myself from the shock and ab
Horbed myself in the care or n.
boy. But the sin was visited up.
the child, and six months ago m*
boy of eighteen was placed iin
drunkard's grave ; and as I biti lo
ing mother, stood and saw the so
heaped over him, I said, 'Th-ai
Godl I'd rather see him there tb
Jive a drunkard ;' and I tur ned
my desolate home a childless W
an--ona on whom the han1d
od has rested heavily.
~."il, it is you I wish to ro ci:
frsnm the fate that overt oot in
Do. not blast your life as I bln-Ie
mia; do not be drawnz into ii.
mal1,n ssofmnarryling a drulnkar.I
You love him! so much the w ar..
for yoolI for married to him, thi
greater vyill be your misery bocan.'e
of your love. You will marry and
reform him, me you say. Ah! a w..
man sadly overrates her strengtb
when she undertanes to-do ti.
You are no match for the gianut
dlemon 'drink,' when he possesse a
a mani soul and body. You are n<'
match for hinm I say. 'What it
your puny strength beside his g:
gan tic for ce? He will crush y ot
boo. It is to save you girls, fromi
bho sorrow that wrecked my happi
ss that I have unfolded my hi..
Bea th. Ihs Kind Youfn lwas Bas
To the Trad
(ou wvill find my stock of goods voi
Dry Goods 4
atflost, all kinds. Great bargain
Youths' Suits, Men's Odd Coats an
Men, Ladies''Jackets and -Skir ts, Me
Underwear, -ive me a oall and be
as 'oheap hereras anywhere.
al circles from th<
wledged strenti.
a shopping expe
3 secure their nee
as independent a
it here without hE
save time, but m(
aent is brim full
s. Old-time, hum-drum metho
iandsome stock of Rugs, Curta
ugs to match.
r mail orders. On mail orders
nd do not hesitate to ask us for
'eatest Stot
enville, S. C.
tory to you. I am a stranger jn
this city. I ami merely passing
through it; and I have a message to
bear to evey girl inl America
"Never marry a daunkaird!" I
can almost sOee her noEw, ju-t as h.
stood1 therM amid( the hushed audi
ence, her dark -es ge'" ing a'
her frame quiverin g with- emnoti n,
's she utterd her impassi.nate
'.ppeal, 'Theni she hurried out and1
they n'ever saw her agait.
H-Ir "words fitly -poke-n,'' were
-t withbout effec', however, and
'au~e of them ther' 15 One girl
eegle now . Macide Est es,
(Chesterfield, Ala.
Sonme Seasonanle Advic.
I' mafy be a piece of ftn1prfluous ad
ee to urge people at this season of the
ear to lay mn a supply of Chamberlain 's
otugh Remedy. It is almost sure to be
Ie'ded before the winter is over, and
uieh more prompt and( satisfactory re
Ils are obtained when tukon as soon as
o cold is contractedi and before it has
"come settled ini the Ryarom), wvhich can
iily be8 (done4 by keeping the remedy at
acnd. This remeaiy is so uidely known
udso altogethe~r good that no oue
10on1(d besitaite about buying it in pre
-rence to any other. It is for sale by
Piakens D)rug Co., aind T1. N. Huutor,
Gins, Feeds., Condenseri, Etc.
Columbia, .1. C.
ing Public.
y complete this fall, (o--sisting of
nd Notions
* in Clothi ng atnd Shes, B -.vs' and
di Pants, Overe';utQte fr B n.' andl(
n's anid Bos' Kit Oversins <nd(
conviIneld that you can buy g-d
4, .Six Mile. S. C.
3 mountains to the seaboard. Both
Consequently at the present time
the Field I
lition make for Arnold's New De
ds from a paper ol pins to a hand
,s men; a woman can in this store
iving to run all over town. People
>ney, by coming direct here where
of all the newest ideas in millinery
Is of merchandising are being rapidly relegated. Hence the
ins, etc., makes' it possible for you to touch up the home while
we pay express or freight charges on all purchases from $5.00
any information or favor.
~Discrim mating
Can be pleased in their shoes if they come
to us. Our stock is large-selected with care.
Selected with the idea that good value makes
and holds customers. If you have not been
buying your shoes from us, try us next time
you need a pair.
Pride & Patton,
70 acres of land near Marietta, S. C.,
on Pumnpkintown road. $10 por acro.
120 acres near Travelers Best,
joinling lande of Mr. Thos. Cunningham. Part of thA Butler
Watson 0old home. $15 per acro.
AlIso small tracts of land, 20 to 60 acre.
We have also some very desirablo lots near e r liht. These b' 'e a
along the car line-$60 eadh.
Greenville. 'S
HENRY N. SNYD)ER, LL. D., President;
Two degrees, A. B3. and A. M. Four courses leaiding to thce A. V'j 8 rce.
Nina profoesrs. . -
Departmnent EFtics "nd Astronomy', Mathemnatics, Phiysies. -an~d Geology
Uiology, and Cl mistry, Latin1, Greek, English, Germicn, andi Fi enen(, llntor
and Economic.,I Library and Librarian. The W. E. Burnett nyi.a:z0mnx unldor
a compu-tent dik'eotor, J. 1B. Cleveland Science Hall. Athletic groundH. Coursec
of lectre by the ablest meni on the platform. Rare mneical opportunities. Noxt
Board from $8 to $16 a month. For Catalogue or other information, nadre~ss
.1. A. G AM WELL, Se. parta.nb..., ......

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