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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, October 18, 1905, Image 1

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autored April 23, 1908 at Pickens, S. a. seond olass ,Rtter, under at of Oongre of Mar'h 3, 187.
r~( 1- B.) ""
A bird on a ladies hat is worth
several in the bush.
The * 9.
The fellow who has the least to
brag about is always boasting.
It is truly said that a womai',
glory is her hair-but not in the
Open acknowledgment may not
be good for the soul, but it is flue
for court officers.
She got herself a waist
Of monsseline do soie;
And donning it, Ehe chased
A. very handsone bole.
Are you a member of the
"Knockers' Club?" If not you
must be lonesome in Pickens.
Get a hammer and join the populal
The poet must haVe had Pickens
in mind when he said:
"Things are not al ways as they
Skimmed milk sometimes mas
querades as cream."
It is said that some of the fa=
mous doctors are now prescribing
kissing for dympepsia. Pretty soon
every woman in the land will be a
dyspeptic and all the men will be
willing to apply the "cure" to the
enticing alluring rosebud of beau=
It is told that in a nearby town
recently a local newspaper publish.
ed a paragraph stating that a cor
tain business man of the town was
in the habit of hugging his lady
typewaiter, and if ie didn't quit
his name wo(ld be published Be
fore the paper appeared the follow
ing week twonty-three business
men called and paid up their sub
scriptions, leftt orders for twenty
three columns of advertising and
told the editor not to pay any at
tention to foolish stories.
V * I
A young editor was spendingtwo
weeks in a summer resort and
wrote a letter of instruction to his
foreman in the office and one to
his best girl; got the letters all
mixed up and the girl got this: "I
don't like the padding you are
using. It's too thin. On that
Roudhand I notice that your col-,
or is spottong. Kee'p up your color
or quit usin~g red. Why in the h-I
don't you make up your form so it
will look decent? You must do
better or get out." The engage
ment is now broken so we have
been told,
The shirt-waist man and the uet
waist girl go haind in hand today,
and tho people year after year go
on throwing their clothes away.
The coat and the vest are laid to
rest, and where ie the fleecy shawl?
And the clothes get fewer and
thinner-what will be the end of it
all? Oh what will the shirt-waist
'for Y'our Protetion '
wO lacO tis label on every
package of Scott's Emnulsion,
Th le man with at fish on his back
* is our trade-mark, and it is a
guarantee that Scott's Emnul.
8101n will do all that is claimted
for it. Nothing better for lung,'
throat or bronchial t roublesiin
infant or aduilt. Scott's Emul
141on la one of the greatest flesh
Idiliders knowni to the m~iedical
We'll aend you a sample fe,
c SCTi& ONE"'.ar
Largest Stoc
Pickens county is on a rush
made great ufforts to keep in fro
heavily, hence we are in a posit
bt en able to do in the past. Wo
make things hum from now unti
Divess Goods, T
renf dous stock of woolhl
you visit larger towns you will ii
to choose from. Big stock ofsta
cotton was selling for 71c We
psrices, but. below we give you a f
5000 yards Easley Shepting
One lot Plaid at only 5u, wo
One lot, Outing at only 5c.
Ono lot Outing only 71c, WC
One lot extra heavy Outing
All kinds of Bleaching, ']
etc.. at prices that manufacture
Capes ani
A tremendous stock, all pri<
have your .ize, style and collar,
pl icate.
man take next from the things he All Day Siging at Six Mile.
has to wear? And what will the 'here will be an al day fitiging
net-waist girl throw off ker shou- atSix Mile the fifth Sunday in
ders now half bare? The shirt- November. There will be present
wais,t man asd the uct-waist girl several lodors of music. Every.
go rollioking down the way. Have body cole, Bring song books and
%o started a trend that is going to (lier an( let's have one inure
end in the oid fig leaf some day? good singing boforo we go into win
** *ter quarters. Docic Garrett.
A young man not a thousand
miles from here went with his is- L T 0I
ter to a dry goods store. He pur
chased a pair of glove. for .his
sweetheart. The sister bought a no Meig
pair of hose for hersejlf. Of course 3i eod(iiit fteP'
the clerk got them mixed. The iol ~i~lW ihl t l~ i
explosion cake when the sweet, o etn ih h iet ~p
heart opened the package and ts hrho audyhfr h
found a pair of long black stock,.ffhSna nOtbr t 0a
~uge. She blushed. Then she II
opened the note and 'read the fol- e.WA hitohrt rah
lowing tender lines: "I am send-thinrdcoysmoltra,
ing you a little preseat, Oh, how Rv .J bot
I wish that no other hands than Thquietobdicsdar
mine would ever be permitted to ~fdlw
touch them after you put themi on. Ifrtury Wh sul 1)
But alas, a sco~te of fellows may h tiueo atsstwr
touch them when I am nit by SaoMsinFrtsekrW
your side, and other eyes may see ~Ere
them when you are on the street m -ooi ur: htbcmso
at darties. I bought the longes'tesuso i iheu fe
p~air I could get, and if they ar~ueihutltejdiet is
too long you may let themi wrink .je~e e.F.I olnhn
down. A great ma .y girls, I kno.. tl, tir3 ~tewyi
wear them slipped down a lite wic .u rtace etig
always wear them at. parties. I are i prvd b u
want to see how they fit aha ic ? .F.Nlood
call Tuesday niigh t, Yo c e n - a \.Pliilek
them esly, dear a iiib bes zu.e, ,.~ ~ . ~
you leave themi ont till hey ''ry I lprtos I
hope they are not toon sma'l lU* intr
in them befor. you put thlemi on."'
The youTheri willibe analalluday.singing
November The wl be reen
nigh "tos~e ow h ti II 8veral le de~ 4 of ni Eve
to win hbody hcome.l Bing song books and
Doctors SadinlnerVandldlet's.havee.one more
'Aferdocorng ortwo'.a ea i~il good ~ isining b tfo r ew intin.,
1~est physicitne inugh andlheala dungi
;ettng ors, te dtetas aviel m T-'hihe seon ii ion e onh PiRiely
'i~te?~tti~a1 t itat n*. . ~ montla Union' ll hold W ,1i, lts netr lu
u'4C~plb~~iv anthe matliit ionr meetinp with01'I th ibertyi ap.lO'
~ F~eyA K na tiet hrc on Saturday beor the
frinda~m~rommn~l t ni' b ifth le:4 Sunday it Ocoer at Ioo ove
~ a, nu Dr ~. theb intr ductor smn, Atrnice,
fUssla~~~. oRev W.u J. Abb5o. guinod
CTJhe queriesHobe"dicuse r
Kids ~~~~~~.. follws: af.au'.D. pa~
:k, Lowest Prices and Bigge
to the front in the way of progress and we have not been aslee) as to
at of the procession. All kinds of merchandis4 has been advancimg aid v
ion to sell you all kind. of nerchandise at ol( priets--even loweri in n
o have done more business than in any plevious yea r, and to swell ti
I January 1.
diullnings, Etc. Meu's Clothing Mmli
m and staple Dress.Goods. If Men-and young inn or tas.e a
ot find as complete assortments any 0thte) in ou1 (lotirl I
pIes bought last sumimer when of PaiiO or in Ovorcoat with 8t
haven't space to quote many Eclipsq Clothing, wi well as other g
DAV :not bfi (1lostioIued as to fitsh ion, fit a
at only 5c, worth 63c. our $5 00, $7 50, $10.00, $15.00 and
uld be cheap at 7c.
Lild e chap a 7c.We are p)roud of Our Boys, C101
rth 10oc. we reI)rcsoot il this lino are of th
only 10c, worth 121c. arg'HL in this tion. Big loe
icking, Ducks, Dinnies, Jeans. to $6.00.
m w ould not care to dup licate. I Y IflI.9 s O S1100 D eP RIii1
I Jackets. or tho lrge4 and most complet(
)es, from $2.00 to $10 00. We Some of the irmingha stock left
an)d at prices you canlnot (In- If i~Pt'SiriMnnd you want yo
oars. We buy in solid Cars, sav. re
TheNew Busnessoa Suictwiht
this year is the w Olym-as othe
pia 3-Button Sack. Lo -h . Is
no bh e quBs i es ti e aSu it of s on fi
In this, as you see
from the drawing, you
have one of theymost
Th rcoasn in th islsge than
usualstbuttiitsepron.org lino r
1tiyou naveoubeeno Dopartm
ofrthelaogetlled thatcmplht
angs pre the shno u- I tsFriuayuwn o
ders.Weiny insolasyr, caorn
fTe siN eavinneg ui
arouna idt. Olm
It thiss ou esgn
haveing tof make thesetSHO ns o
stylish "looss ofelear
look jut iogt-than A~Q~J~y~
usuall aut Winteopr.. is 1 t 2
tions0haveMbeen so clev
. efecIisexEN ednL dIEVLI .C
Theeasl woleg arment
ans fthrom ane shoul
loins ian eay, h i c om-~..~
otbe faseion , theavn
hpveny oralof roome al
around. o
Itaesood esign
oringo to akeiki thes - 3 0
se211tkss "loosre, omoels
anohe dast rigttat ur' Clotal esaker
Sold and burtemfrmde bys makens Dru kno
Bcls ros.g y or ob Balir ng he
t Business
tLbe conditions. We havo
re looked ahead and bought
iny i nstances than wo o have
at iicreuso we are going to
rnately priced.
Ad econoney-need not look .
)epartmont for a Suit, pair
yle, quality and fit. The
>od makes we handle, need
.id wear. You should see
$18.50 suits.
Ahing. The manufacturers
a best, and our stock is ihe
nging in price from $1.25
Lit you will miss seeing one
assortments to be found.
going at 75c on tbe dollar.
can't aflord to miss seeing
ight and got -a big discount.
I wvill be at Oakway, Oconee county, S. C., on October
"5th to 2811h inst. inclusive, for the purpose of closing out all
mnds optionedl to me, as well as the lands I have bought in
at section.
Th ese, la nds are wvell i mplroved farms, comnparatively level,
nd thle most of them have new houses, barns, etc.
I will pa~y all expenses wvhile I am there of bona-fide
homeseekers who purchase lands of me, including all railroad
fare from all points in Greenville, Pickens and Oconee coun.
ties, providedl you notify me in time to provide proper accom..
mlodations for you.
I expect to have 20 to 40 desirable tracts of land to offer,
-ll of wvhich arc to be closed out at private sale, and at the right
kind of prices.
Partics who want me to offer their lands at this sale must
send me full descriptions of same at once, so I can have them
examined, and know that the prices are right, before offering
them to buyers.
I shall reject all lands in this sale that are optioned to me
at a price above that prevalinifg for like quality of lands in the
location where they are offered.
Tlerms--One-third Cash. Balance, in three equal annual
installments, wvith interest at 8 per cent, per annum, with
mortgage on promises to secure balance of purchase rlny
Now if you mean business this is your chancetoscr
a home in the b~est country on earth.
Address me at Anderson, S. C.
Brige o Lt.. . INotice of Final ettfemnt
I WInL let to the lowest tbidder on the itat day bteJ~~e o * NeWery,
of Noeme noxt, the buinding of the covered Prbteh Jt gay fNo. P190en cou'anty
Woodenu bridge, with tuhn~lar picra, across i-set18mo daof Nov. e 1905, ofo mna
'rwlvMIo river, at the GaM.saway old1 bridge Ksermnof teested, of Amanda b
iht reserved to reject anly and( anl bids. K nnemores eeutor. nk obedi

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