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Promotes Dgestlon.Cheerful
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A pefecT Remedy forConstipa- C
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FacSimie Signature of
ices Sn CThirty Year s
Treasurer's Notice.
.County of Pickens.
()ffice Of Countv Ereasurer Pickens County, S. C.
Pickens, S. C-., September 15th, 1905.
The Treasurer's Office will be open frci'i MONDAY,
The Rate of State, County, School and Special Tax, includ.
ing One Dollar Poll Tax and One D liar and Fifty Cents
Comitutation Road Tax.
I. aeemr11aenCO wi'h Iu \et t" raise sii)plieC for the fIsael y ar comtimenciius
.inin ry 1, 1905, naitie iis hereby givIh t111t0 URI li-"' of Coi' y Th anir. r W
Pi-k'us ( unt.y wi] )peu for ti.. ulleotioni of t -x - for se i fi ca: year fr I
MONDAY. O TOBER 16th, until SAlURDAY, DECEMnER 30'k.. Ita
per cent. of taxationi are as follows:
Levy for Sta'n Tax.-................ .... .... 5 m
" Oidimn ry Conty'tax ................... 4
" Constitutional School tax .............. 3
" P-m Imtebtedness. ................ 2) '
" Road tax........ .....................
"Situking Fund ........................1.g a
Total levy for Stato and Oout.ty Taxes. . .. 18 maills
Levy for inter' at onl P-ch~us R. it. bonda, Pickenad C. Il. Townsh p, 31 ~
Levi for mntrest on Pickens R. iR. bonds, Hurricane To'w ship5, 21 mnalus.
L vy tor ierest on Pickens RI. Rt bonds, Eastaitoe Township, 3A "-ills.
Special Levy for School District No. 8, 2 maill1s.
44 4410, 1. "
44 4. 411, 5. "4
44 4413,06
- ''19. 2"
S23. 2 '
-4 " " 31. C(j
"' 42, 2"
" 49, 2"
A. Poll Tax of One Dollar per caipita on all male citizens betwoon the ages of 21
and 60 years, except such as -.ro exempt by law, will be collected.
A commntationa Road TaX of One Dollar and Fifty Cents will be collected at t1
same time as other taxes from all1 male citizuens between the ages of 21 and( 5(
years, except such as are exemnptedI by law. Unless said tax is paid by thme 31st 01
March, 1906, five days work upon the public highways wvill he ri quir ed uder
A caupitaution tax of 50c wvill be collected on echcl and1 every dog in the conut.
Taxes a4re payable only' in gold a d stiver coin, Uniited Stutes curre'ov, Nati
al Bank Not a and coupons of State Ronds which becomo payable during tI
year 1905.
Pairties des~iring information by a ail in regard to their taxts will pleast stat.
the location of their property atnd iniclud" postuge foar a ieply, and thaoso pa3 ini.
taxes by check must inelude the charges for collecting.
Sept. 20, 1905--td Treasurer (of Picke *s County.
N. D. TAYLOR, Photographer,
- --M AiKER O --
Tlhe kinad that are made at the best studios of the large~r cities.
Tfhe kind that will not fadei. That are natural and lifoliko,
and finished ont the latest.. and prettiost cards to b1 had1(.
Nwe. lin- ef m, uildings andl ' r'mes 'f an ize mWQ ade, to ordnr.
Wofford College Fitting School
r* - :n h-k 1 ii..:'i8. Steamn lho t und el. etri lights.
mI, I tenc(in-r8 at d Msntro live in the hmulihgs,
41 .3 'i.- WV If ii Caiml~us
a '. . ti . a regulr --o4 i i rn- in thle Cdoe (ym ti uim, and( have access te
- 5 01 .a for ho .i ui-ion, nol all feea. 4411 (f Melhi <bt m uiiste'rs d.
-N 5. o 44) b)4gil. S pt her 21).
- - a a t midress
A VASON DuPRIHE, lia*'tr S partanburg, S. c.
"lOne meat market passeth away and another meat mar
ke.t cometh, but the old meat nmarke t (Moore's) abideth for
ever.' -heclesiastes, ' st chapter.
We sell lots of things an~d buy lots of things. We paa
-cash tor all kinds of produce and hides. We want your cot
ton seed and seed cotton-in'- fact ,we want everything yoi
have got and will pay you cash for it.
The Old Meat Market.
.. .........
g By
Copyright. 1903, by W,
A laugh rose and went round. It was
a favorable sign. George lowered his
revolver. "Go home, boys," he said
wearily. "I'm sorry I spoke as I (id
just now. You are all my friends; I
can see that. Good night."
They stood for an instant as if un
certain what step to take, but Buckley's
lIst words had completely disarmed
them. Slowly they disbanded and
straggled away. When they were all
lost in the darkness George closed the
door and locked it. Just then Jeff
Truitt emerged from tht? darkness In
the interior of the building and, with
hanging head and downcast eyes, drew
"Oh. George." he faltered, "I wish
they had killed me. I'm a coward. I
was afeard of 'em-afeard of 'eml"
"it wvasn't that, my boy; don't you b)9
*ieve It," said George consolingly. "You
wvere sliply stampeded. The best sol
diers are that way when they see
overwhelming nuinbers approaching.
You've got grit, but they tell ine you
have to ill up with whisky to float It."
"But you wasn't afeard of 'em," wail
ed the boy.
"Yes, I was-at firsI," snid Buckley.
"I shook all over, and then I got drunk
with rage, just like you do on whisky.
It's the same thing-just as wide as
lt's long. Don't you bother; you'll
fight, Jeff. If I'd thought you were a
coward I'd never been the friend to
-you I am. My Lord, don't I remember,
away back at the log schoolhouse, how
Press Tiffton bullied you all day, pinch
Ing you, calling you names, and finally,
when he began to bump your bead
against the wall], you turned in and
gave liln the vorst licking he ever
had? Ile had black eyes and puffy
jaws for a week. Some men are that
wvay-just don't like trouble and stay
away from it till it's shoved on them.
I-low did they happen to come here for
"They went home after me, I reckon,"
said the boy, "an' when they found out
I was here they oine oin to get liquor
an' settle with me. Ef you was me.
George, what wonid you do--go home
tonight? You know the folks will be
"No; you stay here and sleep with
me," said .eorge. "I'm not going to
risk you anywhere else tonight."
They went back to the bedroom,
Buckley carrying the light. As they
lassed the big tireproof vault in the
oile Jeff said. "Looks like it would
be resky to leave jest one man here
with a whole lot o' money i a safe
like that, George."
"It has a combination lock," Buck
ley told him. "it would take an ex
.[pert bur'glar several hours to open it,
and the noise would wake me. That's
why I sleep here. Nearly all the poor
people in the mountains and here in
towni deposit their savings with us.
It's a big r'esponsibllity, imt the safe
and vault are the best ini the state.
They aro better than those at the bank
uptown, an' that's why the people
want to deiposit with no. It's a lot of
tiouble, but Mi'. HIllyer likes to accom
modate thenm."
"And thar's always a iots o' money
in the safe, I reckon," said Jeff.
"Thousands of dollars, my boy," re
plied Buckley; "but it's fireproof, and
the r'isk is very little, as I told you. I
am in this room ever'y night. and when
I go away Kenner sleeps here."
"But thar's another thing you hain't
thought of," said .Jef. "'Robbers some
Iiaes aliy up on a main, git 'lhn well
covered an' then force '1m to open a
saf'e. W~hat wvould you do) ini a case
11kb that, George?"1
Buckley laughed. "I haven't thmoughmt
of that, I'll admit,'' lie answvered; '"but,
with lthe i'esponsibility on mec l'ke it 1s.
I believe I'd die lighting i'ather tihan
voluntarily givec ini."
"T1hat ud be f'oolishmness," said Jeff.
"WhTlat's inoney-eveni a fortune-to a
main's life?''
"It's dlffer'ent with me, my boy."
George placed the lamp on the little
table. "You could give In and many
others could and nothing would be said
about It, but if I did it they would say
It was-my father's weakness cropping
out in another generation, That would
be the general verdIct, Jleff. Folks are
that way."
"D~o you reckon so, Geor'ge?"
"Yes, that's the way of the world.
Now git In bed, Jeff."
Tr'iultt hesitated and flushed. "Jest
Ic' me lie on a pile o' sacks on the
floor-," hie said. "I[ don't want to erowd
you, George."
"You thInk I'd be above sleep~ing
with y'ou, my)3 boy." Buckley laid his
hamd on his shoulder and turned him
forciliy to him. "You've heard all
that talk out home about may being
stuck up, but it is a lie out of whole
t'lot h. Jeff, Jeff" - Buc(kley's breast
rose high and fell-"I'd give all I have
to feel as good inm the eyes of the world
as you are. There's a staIn on me that
nothing wvill mremnove. Yes, I'd freely
glive ump my life to prove that I am not
naturamlly a thief.''
Awed to silence by the strange man
nerv of his fr-end, .Jeff Triuiitt undressed
andi~ got into bed. George turined out
the light. Jeff heard hinm undressing,
and then mill was still for two or three
tm in utes, a fteir which Buckley r'ose
friom his knmees anmd got in the bed.
"Ilceen sayin' yore prayers, George'
JoeiY ask~ed in wvonder.
"Yes, Jeff; I try not to neglect It once
a day. It seems to be about the only
thing that keeps ae straight, G~ood
night, Jeff." -
"GAood night, GIeorge,''
" HIN say the old jank shop was
turned Into a reg'lar fort last
~~niht," kenner jested as he
slouched Into thme omee the
tUext morning after breakfast, a bundle
of letters In his hands.
George and Hillyer erchmanged glamices
n .amnaa .....-.
Author of
"Abner Dan.
iel." "0 T ht e
Land of the
Chang in
Sun." "The
North Walk
mystery," Etc.
"Yolfd have thought something was
wrong if you'd been here," George an
swered lightly. .
Hanks was at his desk munching a
piece of cracker and now and then
taking a sip of water from a thick,
unclenu tuubler. lie had no oninents
to make. It the building liad bweni half
demolished during the night ho would
have inspected the ruin with supreme'
indifference, for It was not bt pe,r
sonal property. Half an hour latier :
man and a woman caie i;own the
street and Cntered the warehoumv.
The woman was short and rall. wore a
black sunbonnet and a eavy ^ray
shawl. The man carried a worn Cont
federate flag In his left haui. i:n I.
right a battered-army bungle.
"Jeff's maimmy anl' daddy," Kenner
Raid. "My Lord, they got here quickt
I reckon somebody must 'a' toi 'em
the news last night." .
"Come on in, old woman," Truitt said
to his wife. "Nobody haln't a-goin' to
hurt you." le took the chair Ken
nor was proffering and placed It near
the stove. Then he leaned unsteadily
Hi the short staff of the furled flag.
rho bugle rattled on the brass buttons
'f lls long overcoat as his arn hung
"The camp meets today," 'lie said
huskily, "but I hain't blowed a note
ytt, an' I hain't stu'ck up the flag. The
boys will wait on ol' Bas this niornin'.
I wish some o' my tried comrades could
be here to listen to what I got to say.
George Buckley, 1'mi goln' to speak to
you, sir."
George had fluahed all over with em
barrassnment. Ills profile was to the
door, but out of the corner of his
eye he had caught a glimpse of a
woman's figure in the main doorway.
The thought flashed through his brain
ihat it wus Mrs. H-Iillyer or Hortemise
Snowden, and he wanted to direct Hili
yer's attention thither, but with set,
expectalit features the merchant was
staring at the speaker.
"JefO told us Jest how it lappened,"
Truitt went on, his earnest eyes half
rull of teare. "an' me an' my old wom
an felt like we wanted to see, to look
Ft, the man that saved our child. ThaRi
lie Is, Matilda; thar he Is! Thar's the
chap that stood uip in the teeth o' thait
ragin' mob an' saild ef they got our
boy it ud be over his dead body. George
Ruckley done it. IIe"-the old ma's
voice sank so low for a lmonment that
it was scarcely audible---"he done it!
I wilh God would help ime talk, but I
won't. ani' I cayn't. I had lots to say,
but I cayn't talk. I want to show
what I feel, but I cayn'l. I 'towed
"that am-a man that fit for JTackson an'
Lee ain' Dayis was good enough, but
a man blessed by a high plaice in the
world that stoops down an' offers his
life fer a pore, weak. scared boy Is hot
ter'n a solier. Hie's miore like God
-than a soldier, Hie's actuated b~y love
an' 1)ity, while the soldier Is fightin'
for spite. I-I jest wish God would
give me a chance to show what I feel.
Matilda, 'ef you wanit to say3 anything,
say It. Yore old nuan's made a fool of
"Oh, don't, don't, Mrs. Truitt!" George
p~roteated asi the old woman pushed
back her bonnet inid biegaun to speak,
but she wenit on.
"I caiyn't say what I want to, noth
'r," she sobbed, "but I kin pray for
you, George, ain' I will. I hope the
Maister wvill showver blessings down on
vore head. I've ktnowed 'imn, genitle
nien. SceC lie was a little boy, an' lie
Ulwamys wvas one o' time best childrenm
hat ever lived. God knows lie's laud
r'ouble, b~ut it Jest seeinlg to 'mn' sanicti
".Shoto rme, Mfr. Ihucklcy,, wvherc it hap
fled 'Jun. Folks says lie huain't a happy
aman, that lie has lots to contend with
here in town an' that it looks like lie
eayni't git all he wants, but he willl,
God bless 'im, ef may pray'ers kiii do
any good. I'm a-goina' to ask thme Lord
A'mighty to give 'im peace ani' all he
wvants!" Shme drew her bonnet over
her face and fell to sobbing aloud.
Trrultt stood his flag in ai corner and
led her to the door, and, as all eyes
flak, a Ilomely Women Pretty.
No woman no matter how regular her
features may be c an be e-,lled pretty if
her comapilion i bad. Orino L~nx- tire
Pruint Syrup alts digestion ahd 'eara
aillow blotchied comph-xion, byi itimu-lt
sting the liver end howels. Or'ino LitX
tiye F~ru i yrp do'-s not n'.ussain or
ripe and in miild and pleassant to tako,
Riemem'-er the name. Grino and refuse
to ta~ke any abstitute. PieknnaR Drug
Co. ama 1r. nl F. Smit inet.
followed him, George looked and sa
Lydia Cranston and Ktty Cosby stan<
Ing a few feet from him. They ho
heard all. In Lydia's eyes great teal
stood, and III ier face- shone nt kindlhi
light upon which her very soul seenic
to breathe. Covered with embarras
unicut, Buckley went to them.
"I'm very sorry," he began, bt
Lydia put -up her gloved hiand IL
stopped him.
"Don'tdon't!" she said gently, alno;
reverently, as she looked straight ini
I his eyes. "Don't!"
I1 had not been i1troduced to i
companion, and the fact seemed t
hive escaped her. The three walked t
the door.
"I am Miss Cosby, Mr. Buckley,
Kitty said sweetly. "ILydia has coj
pletely forgotten that we don't knov
each other."
"I ami1 delighted to meet you," hI
faltered, red in the fie. "Ths is
rIather r0 gh and tumble calil) uimeet
ing receptIon to offer yout the tirst tilmc
yot honiorli the Old wNareIhouse i with yoi
IIreNenceV. MIi2S Cosby," lie ilaaiIged tW
get oit, "'but we alre an emotional p(-o
ple anid'"
"Hush !" suddenly excllimUed Lydi
Facingi !ihi with her great, wondering
eye". "Don't speak lightly of that.'
Tle' h'er voice sank Into Ineffabk
SVeOnWS4. "Show ite, Mr. Buckley,
wlire It hiappened. I tiean from
wii 'h direction did (lte inob colie, atu(
Is this the door-where tlie 1oor boy
where yott stood-this here?"
George grew redder; lie essayed a
light .haugh, but she was persistenlt.
She hlab i her hauds on Is IIIm. '"Tell
lie," she urged. "is this te Very spiot 7"
"'That's riglit, ini ss." said Truitt,
(ominiig u1). "The gang (''m rnnin'
igltt down that wvalk after .lerr. lie
ha ini't a pliil cowiadil, hbut a moh 1 '
iifly bloodthirsty miiei would rattle
anly h4oy that's been riou1le :1 piet ol' all
his Jir. They wvas all right on is
heels, filn' lie seed Gorg' Buckley's
open door .1n1' imlade a break fer it.
George let 'Jil in an' tl(i stood right
on that sill hir anll' (hired one of 'em
to Iss 'Jlln. Ile had a gun, but they
could 'a' grounid 'Jiml to salusalge ment1.
One 1111111 voked a revolver. aull' (George
heard I an1' yelled out11 an' dared 'Ic
to shoot 'Jiml while le stood iin the
light, inl' he.lennled 'Jiml for a eoward
an' all lie coulid (think of. His pure
grit, ti' thie respiet. Ihey had for 'til,
81111sed the ganig., anl' tihey left. Uit
thar'ts it hero. iiiss. You young lalies
study about. leiders of great hattles
hat are this anii' tha1, hut I'm it old
soldier, an' wliat Ge-orge uickley done
last nIght was he i bravest 1hing I ever
seed or heard tell of."
"We thought - .ajor Crallstol wis
here," MISS Cosby explauIIed whlenl Trul
lit had gonie. "We hive beein looking
-ill over town for ht.
George ancoipanliled them to the car
lnge and helped them In. ie was still
ilushied and mlembrrassed. Lydia was
liulet and thoughtful.
''You muiiist collie uip andln see u1s very
soon," she( said. "1 wanit youi to kniow
ltuckley turined back to the ofice., an
gry wvIth limaself, the Truitts and erv
ery'thing pertaining to the recenOit hap1
"'Oh, whatt ani ass I madtne of mays(elf.'
lie thought-"what a. dleplorablle. helplh
less a s!"
He' had1( just seated himuselft at i
desk when JTeff Tri'tit t camre ii
"'George,'' hi'. said, "'Keniner has oiffe'r''
meL a jobl at. the compr~tess, and"i
"Wel'"-G eor'ge looked up f'romi li
work, with a frown-''that's all rIght
I guess."
'Their eye(2s mieL andim Tr'uitt's fell Ii
the gr'oundu. ie turneitd out of in
door', tmeeting Keunner onm the sidewalk
"I mladle George mad1( jest niow," ho
it tert the worhli, but"
"You didn't miake me snd, ohd boy,'
.said GLerge, coing up), with a smile.
"I was worrh'd about a calcuilation I
wats imaking. I haridly knew who wa~s
5saking to mie."
"WVelI, I'mx glad," said JTef', wvith a
smuile of rolhhef. "I woldnli't b)other
y'~ou for thle wor'kl."'
"'I'll het lie waIs mad1(," sa1Id Kenne;('.
to himiself' a8 1h( moved oni. "'Geor ,
liuekley's as huard( to uinder'stand Home.
timhes as1 al womianl. lie din't hike th,
young hidi's. L.ordt, he doni't knov
wh'lihl side his bread's buittered os'
lof I live a hundred years I'll nieve;
foriget Lydia Cr'anstonu's face whille old
ruitt 'was at-talkin', an' G4eorge Is a
blind as1 t a halt-kickini' himself right
I~e wvent Into the offlee a few miunutes
-Iater. Gieor'ge was at h1s (desk, a dry
pein ini his haniid, the 111ush still oni hisu
face. "I miet Bob Ilsankms uptown
ow hil' ago," Kenner0I obser'ved.
Gieorgeg (did not sceem to hlearI.
"ie's punt onl a newv two horse delly'.
er'y wagoni, pahiited( up) with lis sign
on It, jest like ''ity wagons.''
JHul(kley wias still iniattentive.
''By the way, thme little devil tolid 1m1e
lie wats goinu' to let iup Onl thatt 8(1hoo1
girl raucket 0' his. le told moe of his
ownI lnecord(. 8o 1 reckoni my talk did
someW good t'otheri nighit.
"'I suppose it did,'' sauid Bu'khfey, with
a start, and hue wentit to work. Kenn('r
stoodi walt'hing him for' severial tmn
utes. Tlhe flush remnaled on Buckley's
face sall that mor'ninig, and( lie se'ld~om
anisweredl when stpoken to. IEvenu 11111
yer remarked uploni his struange ((on
"ie's a (quar1 boy," ,wil the old1 man1.
"I dlon't pretend~ to olr~stland 'Jhn, but
1 ban11k (on 'im Jest the' samit."'
Kenri 11. "'I k in 4 Ir thr'oughm aI plar .
wh'len thla r's a~ knot hliq ini it.'' B
that waus as fari as thm~et oton bulyer
[TN o coOiIIOed.
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is to buy. Come in and be one
of thc lucky ones.
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