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The Se tinol-Jourgal Company
TuompsoN & RrcHEY, Pnp
J. L.' O. THOMb'PSON, EnIT0on.
Subscriptiot) 31.00 P-,r Amm -
Advertiainyi 11 1A Ro
tA eted at Pickens lostqjee as Secoud 0 Lh
Mail Mlatter
Wdresduayl Octobtvr 2i, 19)5.
Appeal From Jordan to Farmers.
Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 20.-A con.
siderable part of the now crop
6tid its way into th. marlkPts so
cente, but me ihn or , : io
cents par pound nearly three
wieks ag' the prAdicrs ihr ,ugh
out the entir., cotton bIlt. h1s
called a halt and we now find the
spot situation absolutelv tied up
The port .recilpts have been heavy
during that time, but this has been
due to the hurrying forward of
shipneents that were purchased
prior to the rodent depression.
Very httle cotton is now biing of
fered for sale anywhere, and what
is now being sold is cotton that is
,Jargely in the hamd of niegro ten
an te Whoi pSisa but little aientionl
to the pric- .,r c..ure of th, onr
Eket. Merchatkit, b-ankers, guano
dealers and oti-rs have joined
with th' pdnr- in rosi'ti''ix a
m* r10 t t I 1ik. I i llr . t li'..
is too Jov iuiid % hu n Im h.1n 1,1
pressed by nuip ijm lion it) spiecu
hit 1sit
.1 11:
Cotton Association, througi t!.
general executive conlitlto, inl
session at Asheville, N. 0., Sep
tombe'r 6th, after a full and Ib
ough in vestigat ion of it , il n1
from e very sta nd poin t, I00:; 1 1 I
11 cents per potZund Wa a r,
able mfinlimlum pr;ceu fr 'hi. e
This pr'ice can] beC sefr.-d by : '.
farmers if they will stantd inni.
for it. The market for the ne I
two months wil bn r.'gulnted ac- -
cording to extent of the~ cot 1.on) ' ba .
is r'usled upon the buyere by I
producers. 1isi now being un'~
from many seuctio~ns that thep
pie who are able to (do s
gether in each conty an v.
tunds sufficient to bay in all tizd
sotton that ia forced to sale and
store for bigher paicoes. This is
already being done in some coiU
ties, and if it should become gen
eral it would prc.ve an important
factor in advancing iho prices.
We face another crisis, and the
rarmers must mfeent the eme-rgenqy
that confronts them. Dry gods
pre advancing in, price, while the
price of raw mnaterial is lallirig
Mill. have sold ahead from *ia to
ten months, and they have no sur
plus to fall back on,and mnustbave
the staple. The raw cotton is in
~he hands of the producers, and all
hey have to do to advanoe prices
.a to sit stiady in the boat for a
short time Expo)(rters are already
t ting u'.,-an Spinners are be
duin ii fie on the present
deti" - -'nters and wi.)
edoi. is h Ii - di @ f the btuy.
Irs fe, e C v. u of raw inatorial.
A unQ i1, ]SSL long
ta i s. -ees upw..rd
e r. n ni .- is alm'.st
th~lered (j ] ' li pe. Maniy
usare abhutri "sso''~ or t umhig
ohalf tim... Wiia ghould the
jodneers utlow a. ' sp.:cu:ators
eo are bn icei. J o miarket to
Vctory is .. au i. i t. Them
ognr~ UiJon tuil ab other
h nets - organianous~ are agreed
o 11e lients minimum. Stanid
yet a'while jonger, andI you
J-e$ it. Pay no( attekntion to
estimates. Pay mu atten
~ ~j to avice to sell. Store your
cta ~ kecep it dry, If you
~4 *~n~y.your local bank will
a ~~c~~t8 cents a pound on
7 t Ott~PStand *rtn and don't
4' until-the flwght is WOE.
(~j i) ~01 s 16pAUsei by a disor
of h1 omsob~h &'ed is
j'~~l~i~ b hsla'su SM.e
f4 jt~.Ior nake by
SN. IFgrifr
We never tire talking -,
showing for fall and win
better-we said the samne
true, but we are constantl:
learning more about it eve
g.) row to learn more about
selectedI better each seasc
Don't Forget
We give special atter
These suits are bought wi
andl the prices are very
goods they are made of a
hreswdtuo-p1i(,ce S its,
Busy Bee H-ive
The Pickensi Assciaton.l
mou on Th Un~ .'w
pla h dtetrtt* y i v
ver ecorai, shwiggansi
~eersthip anda tedygrwt
deinateonerre alkfing e
shgnowingtiorl and winseeh
ettofa er-w ai orde Broth
rueov t preald arewa conit
trleg acrnin or abloth deier.
row n the eatngr aoudt
eee p bseter ofamch saa
Dti fc o't oF porag e
Tio uhee uthare boht reir
frnm theries re vhoedy
eve bforeIa they als sh(e
Bus w y o bla i aT
whnPwe give AtociHio n
men He~~i with gIve. to' us our *k>
iand daughters. ' tP a 0(
Oneieiu tht second day Mis Marv.I)
Ty l~ra sin of the otatwo
Bord, orkging) amowng te mil
in piritnl n Greencadlhd afirh
lare congrgts on te cth aher
onfte ron erhelra omas, is
tionsmeg and wt oit somd of th
otheriean worenfl of e spoi
atgiormceatin adtbulatgoche
era o orgaieyhg woran, mBron
arrlin actors in ahe courhe d ee
tome l doa great woig fr~e ari
Inth is g twrathy need.paiet
Laongjstn paer ofa the epret
treem thurh Gare enville, sheaced
gree bdyramlted iiiotibri n
tor nfats ad bChvteidea.
Il.W befrd, and Bth Alai .C~h'.t
te dutr .
~ be
CM "11$2
.m -, bla
n's Suits.
,bout the line of Men's Suits we
Ler-1 905-1906. We say they
thing in the Spring-which
looking for the better end of
-ry day; the consequences are,
it, and our line of Men's Suits
Our Boys' Department.
tion to fitting up the little felc
th the same care as the large o1
low considering the quality of
nd the workmanship. Boys' dot
sIIe pants, ages six to sixteen,
) to $6.50.
8aturday afternoon and thiereby
closed oner of the most profitable
and enj'yabo meu'dings it~ haa ever
held. T be Qpiri'. of pr ,gress, lib
,rG~ su i h ve were Lhbo loading
hi, rattlet istres of thu e Ssi on.
Tr. 0 u' ~ rches unitmd wit~h the
. *d e .t' .lhis seMnom, Seoenia, Mit.
i aB ' Coru-r wvte there. IHe
Ia ro .y va by I ihe p -ople of
Thue hospitality of the Peters
a Crook peiople ab' undetd and miany
awer.. the regrets when. the parting
hour caime. Observer.
Te$100 R EWA RD $100.
Tereaders of this paoper will be
please'd to leatra that there Is at least one
, dreaded disease LI at science has been
able to cure ia all its stages and that um
cat.arrb. Halls Catarrh (lure is the on.
* ly positive cure now known to the med.
ical fraternity. Catarrh being a consti.
-Wtional disease, require. a 4onalitation
at treatment. Hails Catarrh (Cure ii
' tken imternally, acting directly upon
- th blood and maucous surfaces of the
ea stem, thereby destroylng the founda
tion of the disease, and giving the pa.
I tient stiength by building up the con.
stitut on and assisting ntatste in doing
"ihe work. The proprietors have et
much faith in its curative powers, that
they offer One Hundred Dollars for at~y
any case that it fails to eure. Send for
a list of teustimonials.
Address. F. J. Cheney & Ce.,
Sold by all Diruggists. Ball's ?amily
Pils are the beat.
Cheap Rates to Charleston.
e 0., accounit of Charlestoin's an
r nual Gala Week and Coast Fair
SA..sociationi, Nov. 6 11 1905, the
Southerni Railsaa. will se I tickets
from all points within the State
ineiuding Augusta, Ga., at one first
class fare ror the round trip, plus
25 cunts . Tickets on male Nov. 4-.
10 incinauve and for trains arriving
at (charlestuon berore noon Nov, 11
'aith final limt N..v. 18.
S.1utbern Rau w ay will provide
extra coaches on all trains into
Charleston No,. 5-12, inclusive.
F r further informnati, n call on
a. y eug nt of the *4outi ern or ad
dre.s. R1. W. Ilunt,
. (bharleston, S. C.
Don't Borrow Trouble.'
It is a bad haabil to borrow anything,
but the w. rat I~I.Ig you can possiibly
sorrow is trouble. When pick, sore,
heavy, weary ard worn out by the paine
andt poisons of dyspepsia, bilioneness,
Hnrglit's disease, and similar itra
diat rde, don't sit down and brood over
your ay mptoms but, fly for relief to Elo.
trio Bttte~ri. Here son will find sure
and permanent forgetetfulness of tro)U
bl)O, and your body will not be butdon
eby a udof debt, disease. At Pick
as .Drug Co. Price 600. guaranteed,
And Make Your Purchat
oults, Overcc
Last week was a busy one at
d never bought Clothing or Sho
re, and expressed themselves as
autiful lines that we are showing
Our Line of Men,
Never befor e have we had A line (f i
-ubing new ard up to daIte is bere, ii
i line from ono end Lo the other Ifien
ors in the business, hea;v padde(d ioij
$15=-A beti
Take the town from the Cour
re that sells rain-coats, and if yo
>.oo to $25.00 it will be our set 1
:k, heavy padded shoulders, sil<
i t)
ible rN( icC
l10-li2 North Main St
All the Money in California
Is not from its gold field. For
tunies are mada from its wheat)
fields and fruit farms. Why not!
investigate the chances thera ?
Through train serview Cieago to*
California, v'ia Chicano Milwaukee
& St. Paul Railway, Union Pa:ue h
and Southern Pacific Lmne. R.t
for double berth! $7, (Chicago to
San F'rancoisco, Los Angeles, Sata
Barb)ara or Saibramenite. Tlouri b
folder, with complete information,
ment free on request, F A. Miller,
Genr'ral Passenger Agent, Chica
go, or W. 8 How ell, 381, Broad.
way, N. Y.
Sure. Oods. Preveuta Pmemsonla
Union Meeting.
The second dIvisijon of the Pii-d
mont Union will hold its next Un
ion meetmng with the Liberty Bap
tist church on Saturday before the
fifth Sunday in October, at 10 a.
Rev W. A. Obristopher to pra aeh
the introductory sermon, alternate,
Rev. W. J. Abbott.
Tihe queries to be discussed are
as follows:
First query: What should be
the attitude of Baptists toward
State Missions? First speaker WV.
T. Earte.
8.econd query: What becomes of
the souls of the righteous after
death until the indgme~nt? First
speaker Rev. F1. RI. McClanahan
Third query: Is the way ina
which our protracted me'etings are
carried on app'roved by our
churches? T. F. Nelson, Mod.
W. T. Earle, Clerk.
3e as The Klnd You listeAlwa Beught
Fight Starts in Abbeville.
The~i MciCo. miek \J ele er -a,.
A 1eit ion,* aankii g ho~pevr r
Nickijis to order an~ electi in o, I lhe
question of "Dispeonsary'' or. "No
Dispensar y'" in A bbovi llo couityv,
WaIs circulated in McCormick last
Monday, and all to whom, it was
pre~senlted signed it, with thin ex..
onption of tour or fivo who declhned
for yarlous reas. ns Similar p~a
~ionis will be gotten up at other
iaces, and if the temnperouc3 son.
~Imti is-as stronig throughout t he0
ounty as it is at this place hi)
ileetion will be ordered, and we;
selieve the dispensary will be % o
ad nnt
es in Men's Boys' and Youths'
>ats and Shoes.
the Busy Store. Scores of people that
es here before made their fall purchases
being well pleased and surprised at the
this fall at popular prices.
m- - p o .. l - , -.1 --h- g to E qual thesO
bi h e itdo i fr .. i to ) neon , ut a brand
a IMack R1a V ) -> ' it . hv t h- hest
'-, - *iiii M, 52 * W -- > 0 ot ,11 $20,
:er oe for $18.
t House to the Monument, go to every
u can get this coat equalled for less than ORM flFY-IVE
.P- 52-inches long, colors grey, tan and
:, half-lined, a beauty at $8.00.
Must Have New Shoes. Let Us Shoe You.
Our line of Men's, Boys' and Youths' Shoes is complete in
every respect. We are agents in Greenville for the following
well known lines of men's fine shoes:
Lewis A. Crossett............$3o, $3.50 and $4.00
Keith's Konqueror ,....-. 3-50 and 4.00
Tulane ....... ........ ............ ............... 3-50 and 4.00
Gee. N. Snow ..-.......------------- 3.00 and 3.50
And the popular Dunlap ..- 5.00
A_ _*// The above Shoes are carried in all leathers and all lasts.
Another Big Job Lot of Pants.
Our buyer attended another manufacturer's sale of trousers
last Friday, and we will have on display and sale about the
middle of this week the biggest pants bargains ever offered at
this or any other Greenville house.
., Greenvile, S. C. Call Ear!y and Get Bargains
OppotuniiesIn California
'The trade in the Orient is opening up.
Ou'ihr e':ports to Japan and China multiplied
durimg the last year.
*There will soon be a tremendous increase in
the trade of the Pacific Coast cities with the Far
Big opportunities for the man who lives there.
Why not look the field over?
Only $62.50, Chicago to San Francisco or Los
Angeles and return, May 1, 2, 3, 9, 1o, i1, 12, 13,
29, 30, 31, June i, August 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, II, 1 2, 13,
and 14, 1905. Tlickets good for return for 90 days.
Rate for a double berth in a comfortable tour
ist sleeper from Chicago to San Francisco, Los
Angles, Santa Barbara, and many other points
in California, only $7. Through train service from
Union Passenger Station, Chicago, via the
Chicago, Milwaukee 8 St. Paul,
Union Pacific and Southern Pacific Line
This is the 1:oute of The Overland Limited, leaving Union
Passenger Station, Chicago, 6.o5 p. mn., and The California
Expr ess at 1o. 25 p. mn. The Calilornia Express carries tourist
hrouin ars dto Clfria every day. Both trains carry
Complete inforrnation sent free
onereceipt of coupon witht blank
Gen'! Eastern Agent, 38i IBroadiway Stetades______________________________
General Passenger Agent, Probable destination
Cesdacheiourns~ Sic -ly y Cleanses the system
Haach eori Livr atm ULL 1 Uthoroughly and clears
Ch ' -sallow complexions of
Plesat o ~i~e Laxatlive fruit Syr~p It "isuato.ed
'N [Y Coll-lhe fb1- The Sentinel-Journal. Keep postedc

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