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-WO - 4"'
e-em e wlant te
o...t..........e .ro.
his kidneys are out ot r
Does your baok ache Hava
you Paine in the kidnyet
I v% your urin 4an0 and
hhly Colored? These are
sure signs otklny dieae.
Glet weon by taking
e sure este and reliable
case. I, it doesn't do what
wes af go your money
ae . tIa terrible ia. jML
on the
hikbte a-our dug
Sold and recommended by Pickens Drug Co.
The bet ter clha ot pe-oph- a ppr..eiae (4o l Qualily, Good Tteat
nent. and Right Met.hodh. Of thi- I ti m nior-' coniviinCd t'vo-rv (lay.
Mv Bu! 1.-." i- inn tn These iri. ciple tid is growing rapidly.
I no1i ep. cial v leasnd with ih.. gr. wih of my trade MV custom
era KNOW that. I handie oily the BESTi'
Dry Goods,
aind Shoes,
And that every transaction is on the Satislictioni G I.i1rant teed p .
Buy your Suppli's of MO m11and be con'0eed.
A Woman's Hat
hi, a 1 C
H bu Yu sh in
I) \Iel ;al it msein::o7L
Ii .\ Vi 1
Caiil alid le; 11s show
,Vt-l IlO W Well We can11
please you. oln tlese
111 S. Main St., Creenville, S. C. Mliey
- - -- ~ ___ - - - J
Clerk's Sale. f a. Datnizier on the 20th of' September,
BTATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA, t Pickens court house ihs idra
County of Pickens.
(1. R1. Hendricks, PI'ff, ON SALflDAY IN NOVE~MBER, 1005,
vs. during the legal hours of sale the fol
F. MI. McKee, et al, Def'ts. lowing dlescribedl trats of landI on the
In pursuance of a decretal order in the term se u nsi ece sflos
above stated ease by ion. Chast G. towt TlRA(rl'NO).1.
Dantzler dated Sept. 26, 1905, and oni file Situenthcotyadttear
in the Clerk's oflice, I will sell to the s uain lands cofunt. d Sithfoc
higwetbidertracts No. 2 and 3 and containing ens
ON SA LEDAY IN NOVEMRBElt, 195 hundred and sixteen (116) acres mnorei or a
during the l-gal hours for sale at Pick- TATN.2
ens Court flouse, S. C., the followmng Siutinadcutynditen
tracts (,f land to0 wit:bohidsoRiscreajiin
All that, pivCco, parcel andGlsreridMlinadsadtct
tract of land lying and be-1 d3anIyaslndndoning
ing situate in the county and state afore- oehnrdadffyfv 15 ce
said and inI Ilrricane township on wa
ters of Mile cieek, waters of Keoweemoerle.
river, adjomning lands of I. A. Durham, .l~' O
Charley Rosemuind, Mrs. Levi Rtobins, juaoiaic'utansatonot
J. A. McKee and others and cohntaining te flic it. doni rcsi
oneo hundred ('00) acres more or less and n n bna ei. n nwi~
being the same tract of land conve,. ed 'hm ee, deml salo~r
to F. M. McKee by deedz daited t( )(.).iI("I~j a o Iie..!.
tober, 1004, by J. A. Mc~Kee whieh dee.1 '-i' '''' r i~.
is recorded in deed book "'z", pange 822, ''fA. t.
Pickens County Records.Siutinsicot niiaihad
ALOS~intat ino i aondty and lte 8n.
bt ies f aice creekn adoni n
Alltliitcerainpico ~arelandtrGt.lra and Mautyin10 lacrs and trtt
of and 3 andnByars'beand anducontaining i
state and countydaforefiidy-fdviu(155)'.cresi
ricao twnsip ind ontinig fftyTR ACT NO. 5
andthre-furts (0 l.') ares"coe o it.at in sait county and state, d-h
the 2 of ctobr, A.I) 101, djoiingdesi o ie cunred ajomin trat1,
ladsofMr LviIlbiti J A M -e and 4 aner 0 ar le d. adkona
J. . Serif ad thes ad bin t iE 'ie- i ( I 'er N . I
sametrat oflan cove~e toV. i uat in said coutty amid toat", ad
.4 3fo~o by J.ALuSKOlyde il~ joining trOat No., and (5 ail E. 8.a i
the 2thay cerai pecruarcelh, andtrac Grif'lit ld andcotalinting eonedt hun
land ing oated oeng itCr,u in thei drte' and twnysx(2) ce oo
ate salnd balanty aorni ancrdi of r -w* f~te ~~tl~ ni r~i.o
andonthreefoiha ond a-n) artagoe ror iutw eati ~ith conte ndst at, ad
puer ccor toe pretandsuey old vte jiningtrctby No.rand o the Girstrap
.slame madte byrhasr t payGarvi sho on sa andl land of e p rfin andr con
thea2 of OcoerAD101cdjiin asil hon alloed and Payallteen(i
J.uW.cherifo ad or paers and h TRAo sal N. m ob6 Crele
fam trcdfnlandecove, e wit.h. .n00hu rmsl rtehn
* ~. c ee by J~. A. Mc.e b yS (eedated wil be r ol sat then r and o af puc ar
the5thdayofleraryC19r, bes .loung e o. ay for all aerp andfr
par ofheriff'e plae. . 1o, 10.3 J. . Jn dcnaning
ad bein lOatdonl Creek, waNt tiro Fian l (oo 0 o ew
of Ceownte rfiver n etl
Trsoehltas ihi n h oba Jde-fo ..third otye our
afterIal, b alaneo Pacintf teroi
puchse oVer th rmsslwth cent ecdy m ortgag 195or ah premi
eit~aa on enp anert pa*llcs onsaadbn of the purch fAaner, Pur
Puraero a for llaer and prion Jonflday oft' daec emsed n to be opie
recordin asamuo.
' Pr.U oanerdjog frsaleInth Oot. 12 1905. J. i. JEINGR.
- - I will enpply byto. Jhar.s Newory
S. Orlar~~~~~~~~~~I'.,PaniPbaeJdefrPknsoutn
Th rep cir' of the u t-hrn Rail.
wit- ( . 1, . .'?' e ing d4c
I? I 1 4- t a Ia' I
h 3 f ,- - 1 rl.il t upa the e itp
imlie -I at Itti fie om aid stir
e *3 t. .11 aa.t, t
a. 4' i.., I I ii ,t1 I U I
1 ' 1 a r-i ii w e..mparedl
*1 e'- g the territory
hiua th. r..a;wiy sm Ies 'huits
e i-or -11. h4lteg Ihe line of tihe
S.. I (rnl H ilway ('impatny (ur
: - e .e %I.. f .v 0, 11C5,
h l-re 1?won, c' mpl~eetedl nod putL into
a i 1 4 G ex ti lo ill Ia, 34 fu rni
>e fl alirb, 38 arroi indusitriesm, 6
U111- 11 s, T0 1Ltoe (u1rr1 . and
43- fahl mile, 13 cottoi reed oil
pIants, 8 fertilizer works, and more
thii 500 senaler tindustries. Over
250 prnv.oua e xasJig pi& LA were
enlargzed duritng the yetar and 54
now ingdustries were unider con
structiotn at the close of the year.
All along the lines of only 7,000
niles of railway I What mtuist
hiave been t he growt ih along the
aggregated 200,000 milet and more
in the Uuittd States? And what
do these dull figures mean in men
and mone.)? Every mill requireI
capital and operatives. Captains of
industry translate such int terms
of immigration and inivestment
which sp3ll wealth not for the rail
way prmanurity, but for the com
mu .v11.. Nor in this the top of the
b-oini w1 th. IIIm'I oan tile Slpot.
'The rpoajrt continues: "Undrly
ing conditionas are favorable to
further incr-ase of industrial de
volopment along and adjacent to
the company's lines." This is
%hat the cotton crop is doing for
the south and its railways in a yel.
low fever year.
'The )ermaiience of growth of
this Fort is its most important
eblamevtAerol ic, AlI Iealt h cons$
Iroia Ithe Ia, but, it domi nit come
0u111alya a111 l 1 cars. In businoss
ton, ih<'! :I) - flultuatione, but
wiah I if-renco. Vhon a mill is
bil)t, when - imigrant settles, it
is sonetlhing likro imsurance of per.
manent 2dditiona to th resources of
the district, as well as the railway.
Thereafter their interests are in
dissoluble. The mill may make
more or less money ; but, liko the
railway, it cannot be removed.
Nor do settlers upon the soil amoVe
oasily. Their roots are set deeper
thani thei foresit king'.. They can
>nly prosper by finding a market
or-their products, and for that
hey are dependenit upon railway.
lut they must get a dollar before
hie railways can get a share of it
L is a maxim of railway adnmnis-u
ration that no railway can pros.
ier in the adversity of ita custom
irs, and that their prosperity must
>recede the railways. No money t(
a made upen p~assengers and
reight which are not carried, and
o railwvay traffic moves unless A
hero is profit~ in it for the shippers b
.s well as for the carrier. Yet g,
here are those in influential places
rho seek to antag'onize these hand-.
n-hand imterests. It is porten.
flue to think of damage to railway
oveostors through damage to rail- y
raye. It is calanmitous te think
f the result. to commaunities if
ailway enterprise is paralysed by i
'unflicatory or benumbing legisha. 3
ion. T1he Southern Railway and
ta trabutary region are doing so
veil together that it is prudenoe te
iat wo- .nough s lonie, lest it be J
osd y d'part-re frm ai ried j
aad par'v-d piolicies..--New York ]
Pa'ies, Oct 16;, 1905.
Insfomia lad Iidigestion Cured.
"Last yeair I hard a very severe attaok
of imdlgestioni. 1I could not dieep at
aight and sutlern d most excruciating
pan 91 for thre hou1i~ars afte'r each meal. I
waes trouledoi this way for about three
moanthsc when: I used (Ihamnbnrlaina'e
1tomn~oi and i ve r TPableta, aned re
(eived i9loml9ed) relief,'" ays y1hn
1D)ioan, TPu Ihuno re, Oa. t rio, Catnada.
For s'n b PW~ua Drug CJo. pnd T.
N. II uuter, L.iblerty.
AI Day Singing at Six Mile.
'Therea wl bIe ani alil day singingI
a t Sax M ilo the f'ir:.t Su12 day in
N'ov~eber. Th'lere wilU be present
sieerail le'aders of mjustic. Every
body come Bring song books and
dlinr and lot's have one more
good singing before we go mnto win.
tor quarters. Dooit Garrett.
Doctors Saud He Would noet Llye,
Peter Fr-y, WoodlruNt, Penn., write.:
"After dIootorig for two yeaire with the
best phyaioianas in Wayneburg,and still
getting worso, the doctora advised me If
I had any businese to attend to I had
better attend to it at onke, as I could
not possibly live another month as there
was ao caure for me. Foley's Kidney
(Oure was recommended to me by a
friend, and I imme'diately sent my on
to bte stbore for it, and after taking three
bottles I besgan to got better and contin-.
med te improve untdl I wag entirely well.
Pickens Drug Co., and Dr. R. V.
Imma. mslq.
Dver-Work Weakens
Your Kidneys.
InhealtIhy Kidneys Make Impure ,r .
All t1ie bloOd in your body passes throa.o
rour kidneys once ever three minutes.
lie kidneys are -
blood purifiers. ib1.
J ter out the waA'
impurities in the I.
If they are sick c:
of order, they fail t..
their work.
mataisrh come from ex
CCs Cf uric acid in the
blood, due to neglected
kidney trouble.
IKZidney trouble causes quick or untetad
ha:- bcats, ana;d r.uk,;e3 one fel :s though.
they had hearttrouble, because the heart is
over-working in pumping thick, ki'dncy
poisoned blood through veins and arteries.
It used to be considered that only urinary
troubles were to be traced to the 'kidneys,
but now modern science proves that nearly'
all constitutional diseases have their begin
ving in kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mistake
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy is
soon realized. lt-stands the highest .for its
wonderful cures of the most distressing cases
and Ls sold on its merits
by all druggists in fifty
cent and one-dollar siz
es. You may have a
sample bottle by mail. Nme or swamp.noos.
free, also pamphlet telling you how to find
out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Binghamton, N. Y.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root. Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
' Y.. on every bottle.
Six Mile Sketches.
Left over frou last week.
As I have not written for some
time I will senld a few dots to the
good old paper,
Everything is moving ojn nicely.
We had a good rain lost week,
doing considerable good to turnip
The writer made an enjoyable
visit to Miss Nt-ttie Kmlley of Lib
erty, R. F. D No. 8. last Saturday
and Sunday. Miss Nettio certain
ly knows how to make you eijoy
Mrs. 0. L. Willimon, who has
been qluite sick, we are glad to re
port, is much Improved.
Misses Rutha and Maggie Wii
limon visited their-sister, Mrs, M
C. Findloy of the Stew-art- section
last Friday.
Mr. I. D. Rice, moved to Norris
aide track last week, Six Mile't
lose is Norris' gain.
Mr. and Mrs. 11. B. Barrett vis
ted in Catoochees last Saturdav
md Sunday.
Walter Willimun has a bad sore
'oot which has kept him from his
york a few day.
There wore several from this vi
tnity attended the association at
folden Creek last week anid report
good time. .t
What bas become of Ann Frees..
e and all the other oorrespond.
its? Send in the new. and let
* hear from your section,
Born unto Mr. -and Mrs. Jack
erck, a flne boy.
Mr. Charles Dalton of the Dal
n section was in. our little burg u
St Bunday..
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Norris of
nidet son were In our co'nmnunity
bet week. It seems like old times
see them again.
Miss Mary Trotter, a charming
sung lady of West Union was on a
Isit to our community last week,
Miss Carrie Durhama, who haa
een sick for some time with fever,
up again.
Mrs. W. A. Hlendricks of WVest
Inion visited Mr. and Mrs. R~ W.
Villimon Sunday.
Old Ridd'e.
Plans to Get Rich
LTe often frutrated1 by sudden braking
own, due to dyadepsia or co'nstipation,
irace upI andl( take Dr. .K.ing'a New .Life'
'ills. They take out the mtiiiriiials t-.nt
ro clogging your energies, and give yon
new start, Curef headache and dizzi
eOss too. At Pickons Drug (Jo. 25o
We will pay a reward of ef50.00 for
he captur.' anid delivery at tis Ofico of
~MANUEL STRUMN (colored), who
iscaped from theo Piokens conty chain
rang Oat. 10, 1905.
was tried andc convicted of m ,nralauglor
t the Sept. term of court, ini Or ao
murg county nnd sonteced to the Pei
entiary for 12 yours.
He. is 215 yours old, 5 feet 76 inchoe~
ugh; black hiait ; brown oyea mnd 'omn
>iexionl. He hias socar on left knee, hoe!k
>f right thigh, and right side of fnco.;
>ne upper front todoth ont.
D). 3. GR1FFI'nH
Bup. 8. 0. Penitentiary
Oolumbia, 8. (.., Oct. 11th, 1905.
Supersedes Time Table No 8
Effe iveAur;. i0 19104
lead DownRadU
No 12 No t0 STATIOWS No ii No 9
Mixed Mixed Mixed Mlixed
4:40 pm 10:40 am iv Pickens ar 2:55pSmi 6:80 mn
4:46 pm 10:45 am Ferg'.sona 2:45pm 6:25 pm
4:55 pm 10:55 sam *Parson's 2:30pm 6:15p
1:00 pm 11:00 am *A riail's 2:25ipmn :10m
5:10 pm 11:05 am *Mauldin 2:20pm 6:05pm
5:15 pm 11:15 am Sr Essley lv :;5p m 6:00 pm t
*Flag Stations.r
All trains datly except Snday
No.9 c~onneeta with Southern Railway No Se
No 9 connects with Southern Railway No 1
No. lachet ihSuhr Railway No i"
1"' or anynformation ap'y toiw7
.1 N TArLORa q. .~S~
Pailnul Periods
Life often seems too long to the woman who suf
fers from painful periods. The eternal bearing
down, headache, backache, leucorrhea, nervousness,
dizziness, griping, cramps and similar tortures are
dreadful. To make life worth living, take
% eCd
It Eases Women's Pains
It quickly relieves inflammation, purifies and enriches the blood,
strengthens the constitution and permanently cures all diseased con
ditions from which weak worm ea suffer.
It is matchless, marvelous, reliable.
At all druggest's in $1.00 bottles.
freely and frankly, in strictest confid- writes Mrs. L. H. Clevenger, of Belle
once, telling us all your symptoms and view, N. C., "at monthly periods,
troubles. We will send free advice all my life, but the Irst bottle of Car
(in plain sealed envelope), how to dui gave me wonderful relief, and now
cure them. Address: Ladies' Advisory I am in better health than I have been
Dept., The Chattanooga Medicine Co., foralongtime. I thinkCardui thegreat
Chattanooga, Tenn. est /omar.'b medicine In the woar!."
Our stock of Dry Goods, Shoes and Carpets is now com
piete. \Ve want all of our friends and everybody in Pickens
County to call and see us. We guarantee you a square deal
the best goods possible at the smallest living price. We nev
er say that we sell goods below cost, for that is impossible, but
we do say that we sell you goods as cheaply as any house can
and keep in business.
A good Outing at 5c; a better at 64, 8 and loc.
Flanneletts for waists and dresses, very pretty at loc.
Ginghams for dresses and aprons at all prices.
Black and colored Dress Goods in endless variety.
36 inch Flannels, all wool lor Dress 39c
All colors and Black 52 inch Broad Cloth at 75c and $i.
Mohairs in black and colors from Soc to 9oc and up.
Black and colored silks, anything you want.
Big line Ready-to-wear Skirts and Cloaks reasonably
Blankets from Soc to $1o00, all reasonably priced.
Uinde; vests and paits for the whole family.
Big lhne of Embroideries from 5c yard and better quaili
We make special prices for churches. We make any size
Vindow Shade you want.
When in Greenville, come to see us and we'll take pleas.
re in showing you OUR STOCK whether you care to buy
r not.
Remember the Place.
Cor. Main & Coffee Sts.'Th OdReab "
To the Trading Public.
fou will find my stockc of goods very complete this fall, consisting of
Dry Goods and Notions'
f most all kiunds. Grmat bargainis In Olothing aind Shoes, Boys' anrd
uh' 8ruits, XMen;, Odd (1oats anid Pantsq, Overenats for B'oys' and
oI~r, Ladijos .bi;ckeCtA auct Sk ir is, M en's and Boys.' Kn it Overshirts and
[Jnderwer (live mo aL "nll and be convinreed that you cani buy gesods
MArs. Ln Z 'ANN, Six Mile, S. C.
Notice the Insurance Features
of the Liberty Bank
Buirghir Insurance Cashier Under Bond
Fire lasuirance Depositors' Insurance
Ifa burglar blowvs the sarfe, and fire destroya the building, and' dhe eashier
LIps out with what, he can get-notice the reault:
VTe Blurgiar Inisurance Co. replaces wrhat the burglar got; the Fire Insurano.
0. rays 1 or the hauiiding,. and fixturr a; the Bond Co replaces what the cashier
>ok thieIDposirs' Guaranteo Fund p.13s the- depositors--and the bank would
-surno1~ buinessa at the old stand.
Your deposit, is insured in the Libe'rty Bank and it costs you nothing. A
ordi to the wise is aufficient. R~erpectfully,
H. C. SUIRtLEY, Cashier.
Pn4nr f Columbia.
I t I f
Ft- I ii..
The Soto roisa a,
to the regu:ar p.' .. ..
niug (in coin V.n. Iiot C
Columbiib. %ill tow'rstt -p e
October 25 a' 26 h1eum I.
lowing points:
Between Br(achill.-, ( . i. a.,
Sumter and Columnbin; S1.11, '1 1i W
and Colurnbit and intiiw, ii
points; And. rson, Boltoni , an it e
mediato point.s to Colunbui.
For further ini'ortmat iln, a , ,
any ticket avent or write
R. W. Hunt, ) P A
Chal..st n1, S. 0
The Outlet
Your Trading Home When
in Greenville.
The loser yon investigate our prices
and our inetbods of doing business, the
better our chances to i'ell you.
to-14 t14,
Our shoe man has grown grey study
ing leithers and lasts. The result is,
we are showing a line of footwear, eveiry
pair of which is sold on our personal
guarantee. A shoddy shoe hais, no place
'u our s-elves. A shoe nut be b tither
an 1 g--d leather at tihat before we are
willing to sell it.
MEN'6 SHOES-A1en's genuine first
qu lit) split, as neir wtorpioof as a
sho' can be made at the price. A new
pair if they do 't wear-$1.25. Mes's
genuin' Kangaroo Blutchers, $1.50.
Meu's Hig!. Boots in Kangaroo and
8.tin Calf, worth $2 50 at $2, weight 3k
ponda1i. Men's Sunday 1S3hoes. Kiaiga
ro" Bintcher, all solid lepther, $1.50.
Our "Talk Albout Sho.s"-1ho best $2
Box Calf we havit ever seen-. Mlel'N
Western Oil Grained Witer-Proof
Shovs, the $3.50 kind for $2.99. "King
Quality"-no better shoe can e made,
$3.50 and $4.
LADIES' SHOES-Comfort and
style coibmt d in every pitlr. Lad-es'
ge-uino Do'ngolt Kid, patent tips, solid
leather c mnters and ims'e., $1 tile pair.
La-lies' Genuine Viei Kid, easilN we rth
$1 50 for $1.25 O Laidies' shoes,
quilted or feit tops, vici firnt wl'1 or
fleece lied, solhid leather cmmut- rs a d
majoli's, $1.25. Ladies' "'every diay
sho'e,"' K~anl~1. r. commil nI si'n C or
tips, $1.25.
clothtig mau bought early, before lhe
big advance in wool, so o'er eoismers
will see no dliff, reice in tihe price. In
fact, we have many tings chi. ayert tli n
last year. Wh'en you,b'uy ia suit Br. m
115 you have the satisfaation oif kn oning
that you have the very hiiat Itat money~
can buy-andi, if an. thing turns omnt.
wrong we are to make it good. Our
clothing must give s, tisfactionl ill wear
and quality, or we can't lope to keep
your tra'de. These figures will serve,to
give you an idea of the generual run of
our prices: Men's W~inter Suits, late
cuts, all colors, str'ongly made, weolt
lined and finished: $5.00, $0.50, $7.60;
$8.50, $10.00, $12.50, $15 00, $16 50 amid
$18.00. Our $18.00 .suits are what oth
ers get $25 .00 for. That's straight.
Maxwell-Feagle-David Co.
117-119 N. Main St., Greentvilie 8. 0.
Read the roeks on the read to Green
ville and oome to The Outlet.
- Clerk's Sale.
County of Pickenis.
Ivy M.i Mauldin et, al, Ad m's, Pl'ffs
J. F. Brock anid Carrie Brook, Deft's.
in pursuance of a Decretal order' in
the-atsove stated case by Hion Chias (1.
Danitzler, datted Sept. 27, 1905ad on file
in the Clerk's office, I will sell to the
highest bidder
during the legal hours for sale at Pick
ents Court House, S. C., the following lot
of land to w'it:
All that certaip piece, parcel or lot of
land l~ymg and being situate inl the stato
of Nouthi Unrolhna, county of Picens~t
andmt in the town of Picken's, cotaining
'ne-half tacro more or less adl.joining lots
.,f TI. D. Harris, f0. B. Freeman, the es.
taite of Minnie L. Boggs and fronting on
briflis street, It, being tihe snane lot of
lam'nd convey. dI to Carrie Bhock by Min
nie L,. Bloggs and1 whereon there is a
T1ermas, cash.
Purchtaser to pay for papers and re..
cording the same.
Or t. 9. 1i05. A. J. BIOGGS&, [Seal)
C. (I P.C.
By J1. B. Noeuber1 Esquire', Prlob) to
Whe~reas, Lulai L. I~ivis mn de sit
to me to, gro i'I eoth-ri C 'iL i is
tration of the .stato f enil ,.ii
John WV Daive, devew 141d
admnoiish all anou smigua b h. l..
and creditors of tine sn .lo i W.
Davis, dleceased, that thtey -- o em
p~ear boforo me, in the (J'ona 'f Pt'
bato, to b)e held at Pekens ou n ',s -
S. O,, on1 thle 25tn: d y' of O't. 19(15
after publienitio' her'of, et 11 s'e: 1
the feronov'n, to show~I cansi , if ny -6
liave, why thesaid1 adminuist ra Ii n .,101
not be grante'd,
Give n under my i'anud andt senl, t h
the 11tha day of Oct., '1905, in th 130.b.
year of our Jndepenidence.
J. B. N- wh'ery,
Je P. P.r

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