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H grea~t dAispen-i. Iy jgu' 4i
sides has its ad vcates, amom>
its a ''fight to the finish" aff ai.
In Retail c
From surrounding cou ntry and
partment Store---a store of many do
some Tailored Ready-Mado Suit.
(only)'buy her shoes, her underwea
outside of Greenville coning here t
they can find everything they need
in. both dress and ready-to-weair.
A A Si
This is an age -f concentration-"Two blades of grass i
birth r.,r the D-partnent Storc, or the sLorc of im'any departmer
looking after your personal adornment. Handsome 9XI 2 foot
When 'ti. om . They vill be given prc
np in a r -h't'lvrfily snt upon regq
COYIlT D 10 -~ - '.
T'li 'A ur \t Lt's always~ our text.
-1 n' 'hi a at * I all the sermnons wO preach.
Js lt .ow we're thiinking of voor wantsn for the coming season.
We taiw ;.. .d iit b..ut .cion first. requiremnent will be a now Suit or Ovi-.
coat-- perI2.). '.*b. wo hiopi 80.
Now we x - i,., I e you for a very fow momueits of your time-jous (
- enough of it 0o '"a1 a I Ii I t - so the flees F.11 SuiI e nod OvercoatO. a
Iyo gieus the few~ n Oilfnen d v .
vineyou that we havo Clothecs wot preek~ a b*i
house you'll not fidaprieo oofn you. Our on t
the same text-Clothe.
Smith & Bristow
I hare a good lno of
Among themn aro the rec' mmenidablo old styl 'ta T1
Clocks with weightis, whichi I am selling at sp~eeli arI
And a new line of SILVERWARE. Also soiid Uohl:1(
Siver WATOHES A nice line of Spectaclos; I guaramne
gsses to fit eys All kinds of repair work in the jewolry Ihn .
ii.$.IER -; Easley, S. 0.
. CIR(
ei ing the fo
j o li are. men of
ircles It
towns people vis
partm ets; a stor
It is possible no,
r, hosiery, tailor c
o trade will find 1
in one store. Ou
tore of
nade to grow where one forme
its, where people can satisfy th
Moquet, Axminister, Brussels,,
mpt attention. We will use <
test. Make this your shoppinj
)ie to Grc
211 and 21
Keep Them in Jail.
Tii p Ce-.otment filed by the
vrand( jur~y of the Uinited State.
I)istrici eourt yesterday is irunor
I n m. re re.4pnets than ono. In)
1dfr . hie the laxity with
which f-dleral prisoners have been
anarde~d ini ceortain couinties in the
ipper part of the state is referred
o and the charges continued in a
otter fromi the Department of JTus
ice to DsrcAtorney Capers
re admitted to be mole or less
rue. It has been claimed that
ien senltencedl to terms of imprison
1enit in the Pickenis and Oconee
ounty jails have been allowed en.
iraiy too much freedom for the
:ood of the govern ment and for the
ako of lawv and order.
It is pointed out that the idea of
dllowinig federal prisoners to work
ut during the day arnd come in at
tight and other particulars simi
ar to that, had been going on for
fears, and the jury recommends
hat it be stopped. In the comn
mu nicuation to the district attorney
thMec.nties of Oconee and Pick
ans are mentioned, but unfortu
tately the presenstment fails to
Jisoriminate between the two.
)n- is exonorated by the grand
ury, but which does not appear.
It seemns that When reports bb
tan to reach the department of the
sare'lessne~s with which bAdera]
>risoniers were handled in South
inrolina coun ties, detectives we:g
cot to the scene of the trouble
ndI some pretty clear cases were
de(I out against sheriff's and for
Do you like your thin, rough,
short hair? Of coutrse you
don't. Do you like thick,
heavy, smooth hair? Of
course you do. Theni why
fair' Vigor
>t bc pheased? Ayer's Hlair
h~ !. r, ihalt's the wvhole
5eud for 60 years.
t9a. . w. TA'r17, hiadil, in T.
undation of politi
brains and ackii
s . Arnold
iting Greenville or
e where women ca
v for women to be
uit and hat -all rig]
hat they not, only
x Millinery Depari
Many I
rly grew" is the spirit of progres
eir needs under one roof. Our i
and Smyrna Squares; also small I
)ur best judgment in illing you
r headquarters while in the city a
I N. Main Street, Gref
mer sherifls. In view' of the f act
that the precedent was set 8o many'
years ago that the practice had
camne to be regarded as right, the
grand jury evidently took the view
that for the presenit a wanIgog~
would be sufficient, deeming it un~
wise to puniuh officials wao had
doubtless acted in the utmost good
faith, but with a poor understa'.d
ing of the law an d the duties im
posed by the federal governnient.
It is hard to see how such a con
dition as that alleged to have ex
isted was ever brought abwout.
Men are senteneed to imprison
m.ent becanse the law demiands
that: they should he punished. It
ian outrage that Soin-e poor creat- I
ure who chauces-to get tipsy must;
work on the chain gang for ten or
perhaps twenty days, whilo anothe.r
tried in the court of the nation,
and ordered to jail for mix months,
more or less, strolls about the
community, doing little more than
sleep within the prison wall.
Greenville News.
New Cure for Cancer.
All surfaoc cancers are now known' to
be curable by Bunklens Arnica Hai ve.
Jas. Walters of Duftbeid, Va., wrtos, '-.
bad conocor on my lip for years, hat
seeme d incurable, till Buckleni's Arnica.
Salve he.~led it, and now it is perfectly
well," Guntranteed. eure for cuts andl
burns. 25o-at Pickeno Drug Co.
The Free Piano.
The Everett Grand Piano, to be
gisen free by the mercbatosof Green-"
vdle to the one who holds the luch
ticket on December 25th is on e'xhi
bition at the Wilkiams Music House,
and during the past week hundreds
h ave called to see it. Man y sai ing
it is the finest piano ever brcug bt to
the city.
Interest is growing in. the prop
sitionl, and thousands of tickets have
been distributed by merchants who~
are giving out, tickets. -Groenville
The proposition is thoroughly ex.
plained in a page advertisement in
this paper,
A Judicious Iuquiry.
.A well known traveling manif who vis
its the drug trade sis lo lias often
heard druggtatR inquire of a manu wh1en
lhe asked for a couga medicine, wvhetier!
it was wanted for a child or anadtan
* i for a child they would most iovarinh
recommer d Ohamberlaina's 09' gh Rom'u
edy. Thu aeason for this is aat ther
know there is no danger fromit anad th.t
it always Curea.. There is not thea leaot
danger in giving It, and for coughi,
cold. and croup it is unsurpassed.. For.
saule by Piekene Drug 0o., and T. N.
Hnter, Liberty,
e mountains to the scaboard. Both
Consequently at I he present time
the Field I
idition make for A rnold,'s N ew De
ds from a paper o pins to a hand
Ls. men; a woman can in. this store
aving to run all oyer town... People
oney, by coming direct here where
of all the newest ideas in millinery
ds of merchandising are being rapidly relegated. Hence the
ins, etc., makes it possible for you to touch up the home while
we pay express or freight charges on all purchases from $5.00
r any information or favor.
Big Ad Next Week.
Craig Bros.
The Chickeni RaIser's Friend. /
70 acres of land near Marietta, S.0.,
on Pumpkintown road. *10 por' acro.
1'20 acres near Travelers Rest, -
joining lands of Mr. Thos. Cunningham. Part of the~ Butler
Watson old home. $15 per acre.
Aliso small bracts of land, 20 to 50 acres.
We have also some very desirabin lots near e y limits. Theso lot~ar
along the car line--$60 each.3ar
Greenvilles S. e
Bridge to Let. IBridge~ to L et.
will let to the lowest bidder on the tst day b ' willt to th lowest respionsiblo bIddler
of N~ovember next, the building of the covered dai Power Compaun 't~ bride hrom au.
wooden bridge, with tubular piera, across day, c.1 to Cx bing o
Twelve Mile river, at the GassaWay old bridge Ars
1tight reserved te reject any and all bid.. lhkns sid saobi nnt. (; stoI iI
ealy Prgreha copy. CO - JIu. . (o.
Jatl circles from th
awl g l tenth,
L a shopping expS
n secure-their ne(
as independent e
it he-re without h
save time, but m
ment is brim full
;. Old-time, hum-drum metho
andsome stock of Rugs, Curtc
tugs to match.
r mail orders. On mail order!
nd do not hesitate to ask us fo
-eatest Sto
iiville, S. C.
MIleN Are Too Insigninenant to le
Used Ira JIt Computation.
Whiile it is interesting to know the
distance of some of the stars in miles,
when statel1 In that way the numbers
are so large that they frequently con
vey very indistinct conceptions to the
mind. For this reason it is customary
to estimate stars' distances In "light
years." A light year is the distance
that light, moving at the rate of 180,800
miles per second, travels in one year.
This amounts in round numbers to
5,880.000,000,000 miles. The distance
f Alpha C'entauri Is 4.35 light years,
that o1' Sirius, the dog star, is almost.
exactly twice as great, or 8.0 lIght
rears. In other words, light reqluires
3.G years to come to us from Sirius.
andI these are among the very nearest
f the stars. Sonie whose parallaxes
inve becen rather estimated thani meas
Iredl appearedl to lbe situated at a dis
anice which light couldl not traverse
pi less than one or two centuries. The
treat star Arcturus, for instance, has,
ccording to Dr. Elkin, a parallax of
nly eighteen-thosandths of a second.
:ts distance must in that case b~e about
81 lIght years, or more than a thou
and million -million miles. And if its
listance is so great, then, siunce light
rarles inversely as the square of the
listance from its source, it can be
4hown that Arcturus must actually
live forth 5,000 or 6,000 tImes as much
Light as the sun yields.
Yet Arcturus is evidently much near
er than the vast majority of the stars
are. Not one In a million is knowni to
have a parallax large enough even to
lbe intelligently guessed at. There may
be stars whose light requires thousands
Instead of hundreds of years to cross
the space separating them from us.
We thus see that only a few noints
on the nearer shores of the starry uni
verse lie within reach of our measure
ments-here andI there a jutting head
land, while b~ehindI stretches the vast
expanse over which the hundreds of
millions of stars known to exist are
A prat( tical joker is ono who pos
mesots the aubility to turn his jokes
a I o ensh.
I teo oif a 'vilin workor he may
Arkuas and the. Souithmwest.
Less than on" way fare for theP
rond( tipl by Ma'upi and the
Cotton lIelt Route. D)atesn are
Oct 'er 17 N' vonmbar 7, and
21, Deo., bar 5 andu 19.
ick yoiu r dte and say wvho n and
where youn oent to go anod .we will
iv you lu:! lnforinntiotn by returni
Iu il.
IEiLT I 'Olttn lleit Rote ,
ROUTE -303 Ejult able, lid ing
A''IN. (1.1. rt

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