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Znt~red April 28, 190 at plokons . as .eo lot ps Wa.-I su. et of ongress of Mrh8 89
Local Passonger, No. 11 on Southern
Derailed--Fireman Hamilton In.
stantly Killed, Baggage Mae.
ter Chestnut, Flagman
Finch Badly Hurt
era Hurt.
Local passenger train No. 11 of
the Southern railway was derailed
one mile north of Central Friday
night, at 8 o'clock, the engine and
three first cars of the train leaving
the track, and as a result of the
wreck Fireman R J. Hlamilton of
Atlanta, is dead and R. G. Chest
nut, bagg.-gemon, an'd Flagman
Finch are dangerously wounded
and may die.
The train was ruuniughalf hour
* late and .carried six cars which
were heavily loaded with passen.
gore, baggage and express. The
thrve cars next to the engine which
followed the engine from the track
were the mail, express and combi
nation baggage and second clasn
Engine No. 1285, one of the new
Pacific type locomotives recently
placed on this division of the road,
in charge of engineer Will O'Noal,
was speeding along at a rate of
forty miles an hour, this 'speed
having b-en attained after leaving
Norris, , when the huge engine
swerved to the left while rounding
a-sharp curve, and betfore the en
gineor could apply the brakes ahe
had plunged forwar'd and down a
slight embankment, turning com
pletely over. Fireman Hamilton
was shoveling coal into the furnace
when the engine left the track and
was thrown beneath the inassive
locomotive where he died in ten
minutes. He was frightfully man
gled and scalded, the greater por.
tion of the skin - pealing from the
body ns it was removed from the
debris. Engineer O'Neal's escape
is little short of miraculous. He
clung to the side of the cab as the
engine rolled down the embank
ment, and his side of the engine
being turnod upward is all that
saved his life. He received many
bruises but with the exception of
a cut on th3 forehead, none were of
much ccusequenco.
Baggageman Chestnut of Atlan
ta was caught beneath tons cf bag..
gage as his car rolled over on its
side and it was with difficulty that
q There is no specific for
consumption. - Fresh air, ex..
ercise, nourishing food .an4
Scott's Emulsion will come
pretty near curing it, if there
is anything to build on. Mil
lions of people throughout the
world are living and in good
health on one lung.
q From time immemorial the
doctors prescribed cod liver
oil for consumption. Of
course the patient could not
take it in its old form, hence
it did very little good. They
can take
and tolerate it for a long
time. There is no oil, not
excepting butter, so easily
digested and absorbed by the
system as cod liver oil in the
form of Scott's Emulsion,
and that is the reason it is so
helpful in consumption where
its use must be continuous.
q We will send you a
sample free.
qBe sure that this
picture in the form of
a label Is on the wrap
per of every bottle of
Emuhion y'u buy.
Scot &Bowne
409 Pearl Street '
New York
he was extricated. He was padly
wounded having received a scalp
wound seven inches in length, from
wvhich he lost miue~h blood, it was
feated. he wouldl blsed to death be
fore the arrival of physiciwna, but
prqmpt attention saved his life.
Hi. wounds may prove fatal as it is
feared that he is imternally in
jured .
Flagmanx Finch was in the same
car with Baggageman Chestnut and
he also received wounds which may
prove fatal. H is righ t leg was bro
ken in two places and one arm Was
brosein besidxe other injuries re
ceived. He was given medical at
tention as soon as possible and car
ried to Greenville on No. 36 next
morniwg where he was. placed in
the Greenville -Banitarium, His
injuries are moat painful.
Half a dozen of the pahssengerd
were slig.htly injured, not serious
ly. Most of the passenger. were
in the tWo last coaches of the train
and these did not leave the track.
The track was badly tornu up
where .thy derailment (ocurredl
No. 97 was held for more thea six~
hoes. No.835 was also de'aye.i
a >dt No. 86 did not get by until 9
The exact cause of the dleruil
utent has not been det ermninedl. It
is thought by En'giuneer O'Nea,
that tbe track gaIve way as the
No. 1285 ia a bi'auty anid oneC of
the heaviest oentuitijv., ini uso(.
l' requires ,duch an eng:ino to raabi'e
- urms wiu h a 1. ca.l ge.:ng-uf~r. l'..i
.ngine wau 1I'SiI y to'. henv* f.r
beena in adoral~i d iIaFstrouls 3:ri on
anid hais always Iscap.e zeiousu i.
jury, Hie isi' ne of the (itest and'
mug ellicient fuwe 'in theu uO oad 4d
the derainwint is uraid to have
been no fault of his.
Firemani Halmi~ton was a mar
ried man, his famrrily Iid. ng in At
lanta.-::.lig father and one of hi
brothys arrived at 14 be seenn < f
the ,~coident 8aturday morning~
from Atlanta onl Nou. 86 to nleOom-i
pany the remains back to Atlan ta
for burial.
Firema, Hamguilt'n~a ad'd es
waS 80a Wa.,.ao- -tr-a a. tb
Largest Stoc
Piclens county ison a rush I
made great efforts to ke-ep in fror
heivily, honowe we are in a polti,
been abe to do in the past. We
make things hum from now until
Dress Goods, Tr
Tremendous stock of woolle
you visit larger towne you will ni(
to choose from. Big stock if stal
cotton wis selling for 7jo We I
prices, but below we give you a ft
5000 yards Easley Shanting i
One lot Plaid at only 6u, woi
One lot Outing at only 5e.
Ono lot Outing only 7c, woi
One lot extra heavy Outing <
All kinds of Bleaching, T
etc.. at prices that manufacturor
Capes and
A tremendous stock, all pric
have your oize, style and collar,
name of his wife is Mrs. Hattie
Hamailton. Raggageman Chestnut
liveso at 106 Trinity avenuke.
Magnates Kept Waiting.
Nowata, I T., Oct. 26 -When
the party ot Standard Oil mag.
natev, headed by If. 11. Rogers,
who are touring the Southwestern e
oil ooun.trv, arrived here from I
Coffeyvitil. in their special train t
they stai ted in carriage-. for a forty ~
asilt' drive through this districc.
The first relay wvas to Cooloy Bluff ~
ten miles, anid then to Alluwe, 7
mule, farther, whfre the party was
booked for dunneor.
The only eating place there is i
the Standard Oil boarding house,
an1d every Heat in the (lining reum
A'as oceUnpi.d [y the emnployes
wheni the magnates arrived. Noite ~
..f the employes offered to give up
their ses to their superiuors, and ~
so the uspectacle was witnessed of ~
the executive officera of the great ~
obt Corporattiomt ini the world, wath~
empty .tmeahs, coeling tbeir ~
heels in the yard outaide waitinig for
the third table, while tool dressers
liniem'n, tank workere, anid dril
iers were depleting the sup sly o:
chickenm snd pumpkin pia. For
uorty-fivra minutes [leury Revers ~
walked upj anid down in fronut of
th hotel and fussed an't fumedi ~
whileu tI e attacks of hunger grew'
inore puignant.
U. had been p'anned for the.
ulumanaes to e'at tege.themr at a
ep a~d by themelves, but' Rogers
could not wait; and fio when, theii
hunger of one (it the~ nmployns had
heen it isfied1 U. m took hitt place.
at the table, cailld fnr a e'~Oean
plate.. atd,(l edC~ i' to the chickem
pospi with a $1 50 a-d.y lab' rer
(oni ei theralofhm
.iberty SInging Association.
The Libet ly To". nship Hinging
..'iaoriatgin wili cot .eno~ Oth laun.
iot- laptist cherch on the sn'e ude
80:,y in Nojimbelr 19t.5. Ev~ rv
todyV invited to e mt anoun stay all
:1oy. E. O)zcar sn:ith,
The PnriS ~en toieat. are hake
EtEdda aS d 'Side of fsllni rainibOWU.
It l i . eharm, t.o oovar up their
es and BiggE
id we have not been asleep as
irchandise has been advaicing an
dine at old prices-even lower in
any previons year, and to swell
Illeun's Clothing Mol
Men-and young men of taste
.y furthor than in our Clothine
f Pantsi or an Overcoat with
Delipse Clothing, as well as other
ot bx questioned as to fashion, fil
>ur $6.00, $7 50, $10.00, $15 00 at
We are proud of our Boys' C
re represent in this line are of
rgst in this section. Big line
It you iss our Shoo Departi
f the largest and most conpl<
lome of the Birmingham stock b4
If it's Furniture you want yc
urs. We buy in solid cars, SUvO I
Died in the city of New Orlean
ii the 18th of October Mr. Jame
linton Stanbeil.
His body was brought (o Enoi
iurch in Pickens coui ty S. C o0
ounday afternoon October 23r
neral services being conducte(
Rev D. W. Hiott in the presenct
weeping friends and loved ones.
Mr. Stansoll wasn 54 years of age
e 24t h day of last A pril anwl un
arried .
Whna boy he professe~d faith
Christ and united with the
.ptist Church and proved faith
I to his profession till the cl'.se
lifti's journey. Mr. Stann.'l I
red at Liberty S. 0. for many
ars, and was well knownt and
uch loved by the people of th..t
Leaving the're about 25 se- ag,
went West and engaged in rail
ad work. Whileengaged ini rail
adl work he was crippled which
icelsi tated his reti remenut from
at service; he then engaged in
e Lif., insurance bus5fines.
AL. thi' time of his do 'th be was
,itant Supehintenldnt of the
istripolitan Life.
Hie l-aves two) sintera and tw"
othe a Mrs Archie McCord et
iberty 8. C. Mrs. Lydia .J.tt ands
r Rloht. L stanms.4l of Atlanitu
a-id Mr. J W. StanelI of St
riuts Mo.
Dearest brother t hou haat left ui
Thou hast cross--d the swellinI
Tlhon art safe with frienids and
loed es(
Thou art singing 't. the othem
By and by wit'l goanid mneut thet
Meet thee on, the other snhe
Whe ire the wicked ceano, fror.
t roub ing
IAnd sadt pairt ing's4 co .* n
D. W. 11.
Secured Heavy Verdict.
N~in York. Oct. 26.-The jur'
hat for more than three week. hal
een hearing theu testimony in th
uit brought by Frankhn Scotti
:o. egains Jeseph HI. Hloadley
o, Leottor and Ovruas Field Judeo
:k, Lowest Pric
AT -
o the front in the way of progress ai
it of the prooessi4n. All kinds of mt
,,n to eisl you all kinds of merhan
have done *more business than in
January 1.
inlnings, Etc.
a and ataple Dress G 4 . If
ot find as complete asis ments E
)les bought last sum when <
aaven't space to, quo many ]
W: -I
it only 5c, worth 6e. C
Lid be cheap at 7c.
'th 100.
Inly 10c, worth 12*0.
icking, Ducks, Dimmies, Jeans, t
I would not care to duplicate.
Jackets. C
e, from $2. 10 00. We
and at pric u cannot du
rHmsAPU CE-u
Greenville Man Dies in Nashville.
In a strange city without 6
riends J. H, Martin a traveling C
4ltsqqji, forn)erly of Easley, but
ate of this city died in Nashville cl
'enn., two weeks ago, and the IM
eath of the young man is shroud. ft
d in mystery, his young wife bi
iaving received no information un. 4f
I9 yesterday of her husbad's
leath. thi
From the meagre information mi
eceived by Mrs. Martin, her hus
land was discovered in an uncon- 1in
eious condition in Nashville and B
led tn a few hours. She was f
dv;sed as 0001n her husband was of
ideuntified by papers on his per- li
on, but the telegram sent over the y.
Vestern Uniioni Wires is said not t., sn
ave been delivered. Mrs. %Iarti;, *e
soards with friends at the Msnatg
Lan mill during her husband's he
beence,'andIpoesib.ly her remte-- rc
ess from the local office of tne re
elegraphi company accounts f >r ni
he non delivery o1 the message. thi
II. could not be learned by Mre. th
,largin whet her hesr huut.and died
remn Violence or a natural dleatih, as
ut it is supposed him death was NI
iatura&l cau4t-a, The body was
'nried in Nashville. hi
The heart broken wife is making L
very effort to secure the dIetaileut M1
nlformnation regardzasg her hu, G
and's death. M#rs. Martin was L
lies Clyde bsfore, her marvriane,
ndl the famnily I, well known. Mr.i
4artin was a member of the weal
nol('(n Marain ta' ily of thi. s'ee
iin anid was a yon'g man of pro
Calling the Dooter Quick.
A womnii now dead these many
years. with tragtic air rushed .up.
-thirs one day and cried to her
'Cels'atO,4put my curih g tron, inf
the fire at opee James has been
bit ten by a mad dog."
"A h, brave madam,' s-aid Celes
te, "Mada.s Is going to canteriSe'
the wo'und?"
"No," said the lady. 'But I'm e
gning t-, s-uri my ta-r s-m that 1[ (
40* au for the du..tor.''
.st Business
to (he conditions. Wo have
id we looked ahead and bought
m1ayv 11mtancesti than wAe have
that increaso we are going to
[era tely Priced.
and eononmy-need not look
Dpartment for a Suit, >)air
style, quality and fit. fhe
good makes we handle, need
and wear You should soo
d $18.50 suits.
lothiig.. The manufacturers
the best, and our stock is the
ranging in price from $1.25
aont you will miss soning ono
3to assortments to be found.
,ft going at 75c on the dollar.
U can't afford to miss sooing
reightaud get a Aig diScount.
S for recovery of 65.000, which the
S firm lost in April, 1.102, following
the collapso ef the International
Power ad Stock C p, this morn..
ing brought in a y e r d i e t for
1 $60. 24J1.27.
letter Than the Toothpiek.
We are told that tho health an11d pros
perity of the teeth are grently promot.
ed b~y thel prornpt use of' the toothpick
linne'ditely after eating amnd that this
beig 8. only a "Miss P'rim" or ani
"Atutt Betty" wvould presunme to object
to It. We reply that if this is so the
pe(rsoni afflicted should at once repalem
to the dressing room~ anid, away froma
thne observation of others, should rolieve
his tee'th of their fatal burden. It 1s
ad(visiblie, however, that he should emi
ploy for the purposae the highly hygien
le dental floss. Tihlh is proniouncedl by
all good dlentists far less harmful to
the teeth than the ubhiquitous tooth
1)ick, whieh has, ats we fIrmly believe,
pushed Its waty into p)retty good so
ciety by false pretenses and a species
of blackmail.-Leslieu's Weekly.
The New B
this year is the "Olym-.
pia 3 Button Sack.
Ini this, as you sec
from the drawing, you
have one of the most
stylish su'ts of the year.4
The coat is longer thanI
usual but its propor
tions have been so cv
er-ly modelled that the
effect is exceedingly
The whole garment
hangs from the shoul
ders in an easy, coim
fortable fashion, leaving
plemuy of room all
It takes good design
ing and thorough tail-.
* oring to make these
stylhsh "loose imodels"
look just right-that's
why we buy them from
Schloss Bros. & Co,, of I3
Fall and Winte,
"I Thank The Lord!"
cried Hanuali Plant of Little Rook, Ark.
"fur the relief I got from Bucklen's
Arnica Salve. It cared my fearful run
ning "sores, when nothing elso would
bea, and from .whicb I had suffered for
IS years." It i41 a-prvelous ha'er for
oute burns and Wo4pWls. Guaranted at
Pickens Drug Co. 25c.
P'oliteneus of Children.
The politeness of children is only
skin decep. One cannot help symhpathiz
ing with the little Lorndonl girl whok
said sleepily to her hostess at a party
she had not b~eeni old enough to enjoy,
Please, will you tell meo whieh is the
lady whaat's ,gIvlmg this party, 'cause I
promised mummy to say, 'Goodby*
thank you very snpch for the nico par
ty,' and I c~ln't, g0 home till I've said
it, and-and I do 8.0 want to get away.
from this horrible place!" But one's
whole heart goes out to the littlk boy.
who, having greAtly enjoyed one small'
in8ufficient chocelate, was asked sharp
ly, "W,~ell, .Tohpmay, iwhat do you sftyY*
"More," answered Sohnny.
usiness Suit
YEnedothesMkr& %
the best'maers 1w kn
altimore. (A
uits $1.2 to $254
** G~REENVILL, # 0.

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