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T'HE 0L11F01
Are Never Without F
for Catarrh
MR.and MRS. . :
lIo. - -
Remarkable Cures .
By Pe-ru-na.
Under date of January 10, 1897, Dr.
Hartmnan received the following letter:
" My wife has been a sufferer from a
complication of diseases for the past
twenty-five years. Her case has bailled
the skill of some of the most noted phy
sicians. One of her worst troubles was
chronic constipation of several years'
standing. She was also passing through
that most critical period in the life of a
woman-change of life. -
"In June, 1895, 1 wrote to you about her
case. You advised a course of Peruna
and )danalin, which we at once coin
monced, and have to say it completely
cured her.
"About the samo time I wrote you
about my own case of catarrh, which
had been of twenty-five years' standing.
At times I was almost past going. I
commenced to use Peruna according to
your Instructions and continued its use
for about a year, and it has completely
cured me. Your remedies do all that
you claim for them, and even more."..
John 0. Atkinson.
In a letter dated January 1, 1900, Mr.
Atkinson says, after live years' exper
ience with Poruna:
III wIl ever continue to speak a good
word for Peruna. lam still cured of
catarrh. "---John 0. Atkinson, Inde
pendence, Ao., Box 272.
Dloenlas oI a Local and Personal Nature
--Don't fail to hear Luther Man.
ship t Pckens auditorium on Nov. 2.
-Mr. and1( Mrs. Henry RiLchalrdlson
of Liberty spent Monday in Pickens.
--T. J. McD.)rald lost a fine cow
Sunday from Texas fever.
- Ka p your -ye on our advertising
columjns and you will know where to
buy bargains.
--Henry Lawren~ce, col., brought
to this office the other day an egg
plant, of his own raising that weighed
2k pounds.
--Dena't fail to read t he ad of Craig
Bron. in this issue. They carry a
nice line of goods and will put thema
to you at the right prices.
-Rev. B. E G]randy will preach
at the residence of Rev. Thowmas
Looper on the tbird Sunday after
iwo'n in this month at 3 p. mn.
--T D. H-arris spent a few days at
the Georgia State Fair. lie had a
splendid trip, and, ais usual, pUt in
a good word for Piokens whenever
he could.
-One of the best delineatorB on
the American stage is Luther Man
ship. Don't fail to hear him tomor
row (TLhursda3) night in the Pickens
- The 'Supervisor of Fairfld
county' has ordered an election upon
the qnestion of the removal of the
dispens~ary out of the county to h)o
hold on December 12th.
-Dr. 'John R. Riley died in Brevard
N. 0., a few days ago. He hadl been
there all the summer for his health.
Dr. Riley was '7G years or age aind
was an eminent Presb~yterian divine
and educator. HeI supplied chIurcheIs
in Pickens county for a numibe'r of
years and wats an instructo)r in the
old Piodmon Instute; ho also ser ved
tis county as Supt. of Edu:cat ion for
one term.
---WVe dlirect your1 attentioni t~o the
'4 ~advertisemenit of the llobbs Heondor
soni Co. They handle dry gooads,
shoeF, t'lot hing and gents furnaishinagH
land carry as nice assaortment nei can
be found anyw here, and e.Eirything
is bought right aund so1(d right, antd
you nijll lose nothing by t raiding
with the~m.- Emilt Sieaborn, a Pe
ens county h iv utflGue bu 4Iness quahl
fleat i nH. is *uilh thiema and will bet
glad to serve his mant friends.
A high-class preparation for tt
asgl.ss and prevents splitting a
le-ru-na in the Home
al -Diseases.
MRend MRS.
Mrs. All& Sohwandt, Sanborn, Minn.,
f1 have been troubled with rheuma.
tismand catarrh for twenty-five years.
Could not sleep day or night. Aflter
having used Peruna I can sleep and
nothing bothers me now. If leveram
affected with any kind of sickness
Peruna will be the medicine I shall
use. My son was cured of catarrh of
the larynx by Peruna. "---Mrs. Alla
Why Old People are Especially Liable
to Systemic Catarrh.
When old age comes on, catarrhal dis
eases come also. Systemic catarrh is
almost universal in old people.
This explains why Peruna has become
so indispensable to old people. Peruna
is their safeguard. Peruna is the only
remedy yet devised that entirely meets
these cases. Nothing but an effective
systemic remedy can cure them.
A reward of $10,000 has been deposited
in the Market Exchange lank, Colum
bus, Ohio, as a guarantee that the above
testimonials are genuine; that we hold
in our possession authentic letters cor
tifying to the same. During many
years' adva.tising we have never used,
in part or in whole, a single spurious
testimonial. Every one of our testi
monials are genuine and in the worde
of the one whose name is appended.
- Tho will he a shower of stars or
the 18th. Lookout for them.
---J. P. Care7 Jr. has accepted i
position with the 11. B. M. Co.
-Mrd. M. A. Hollingsworth of
Easley visited in Pickens this week
-Hon. and Mrs. T. J. Mauldir
attended the State Fair at Columbia.
-Plenty oIf seats if you come ear
13y to hear Luther Manship tomorron
--Cotton stays around the 10<
mark and the farmecrs continue t<
put it on the market.
---J. A. Durham of Westminster
and McI). Weams of Central, visited
in Picken~s this week.
-The Hugood School District no
37 will open Monday Nov. 13th witl
Miss Mattie Bowen, teacher.
-Come and bring the whole famn
ily to hear Luther Manship Nov. 2c
in the Pickens Auditorium.
-Mrs. Stokeley E. Fairr and tw<
little dlaughter. L'iuise anid (Orvatal
of Little Rock, Ark., are on a visit t:
Mrs. Farr's sister, Mrs. H. M. Hies
ter, in Pickens.
- Lots of Pickens county peop)I
are attendiug the Piedmont fair it
Greenville this w e&k. Great prepa
ration has been made for the pee
ple's entertainment and a fine tim,
is assured all who attend. T1he fail
closes Friday night.
-Trwo hours of enjoyable fun a
the school house tomorrow night
A re you coming?
---Miss Eva Hegood, of Marriott'
spent last week in Pickens, the' guos
of her cousin, Mrs. J. McD. Bruce.
-- Luther Manship, t o m o r r o
nighit, will not gise a lecture, hu
will give character sketchos, blendini
hiumor and pathos into, an evening 0l
ente!rtaient. Don't fail to be.
presentII. T1ic.k, t. on enlte at the 'lot
at 7 p m.; e ntetriairent b'gmu
p)romIptly at 8
- Mirs A. Ii. W ardla w, aund Misu
Gecrtrude Anstin, are on a visit to thi
formera pnrents, Capt and \l ra. J 'hrt
Ferguison of Pickens
.\l Pendleton E~ Alex ner, u
Miehen, N. C. a formeur citizoue~ of thuii
coun ty, has t'Ceen onj a visit te
relatives over onu thiis sidle antd sp)en
M.onday13 in' Pickenos with' friends.
Don't forget that Luther Maul
'ship appears in thIe scho~ol aunditor intl
( 'hnrsday ) tomin rc ow nigh~ t. If yo
waci t to h)i o ee 113 l e ateild d(il
fadl to at tendi
'Hair Renewer
ehair. Keeps the hair soft and
t the ends.C tures dandruff and
hair. res s yegae
Off -your neighbors shoul
they can buy their "SAN'
mas. We are going to
prices are going to be rig]
Plenty of Candy
Gideon Ellis Dead.
On Monday morninmr, October 301h
the remains of Gideon Ellis were laid
to reat. iij the faimilyv lot at Bethlehem
burying groand. Re diod soddenIly
S.tur.iar night Oet., or 28": For
years he had b- ei ' fil-ted b ut nit
seriouily, I inlg nolie t. an. 1111t-a1 U .a ,
w ork
Bro Ellis wia at lif. lu.g em)ier
It the Methodist church and for sev
ral .%ears an efficient otficial He
-vol bia church, her polity, 'I'ir de
trines wad her institutions which he
iiberally supported. W o r I d w i d e
eva Uelizatiou wits near to b11. haeiari,
as WI. 'alsoi (:) Clil's in edU cI.,. u II aId
f t -v gatve of his mentit t i bese calis.
Eiarly in thn year he gave a check
for $25 to the G'ranbur Collb-e in
Brazil to help educate Christian ln
tives to carry the Gospel to their
bret'hren who do not know Christ.
"Uncle Gideon," as we all called
him, was over 80 years old and had
been twice married. He was mar
ried son. 55 years ago to Mis Susai.
Adeline McWhorter. This proved to
be a union for half a century when
Sister Ellis took her departure to the
Better Lnnd.
This sumimer be was again married
to Mrs. Haynes Parrott who still sup.
vives him. Four childrei, still livj to
mourn their lode: John, Robert,
George and Mrs. J. M. Gillespie
wh ile several others preceded their
paremas to their long home. He was
a good provider and a man of toil.
Bro. Ellis was ai good citiza;in ad
full of patriotism. For four long
years he contended in arms for
Souternrighta and wvas never
knaown to shirk his duty. He loved
the "land of Dixie" and boasted that
lhe was a South Carolinani.
As a Christian Brmo. Ellis was a
firm believer in regenerationa and bo.
liness. WVe hope it is wveil with his
May the' Holi Spirit comfort those
that mourn. Watch, lest the Master
come suddenly for you.
0 M. Ahbny.
ieautiful Birthday Party.
The birthday parry whiach was giv
-en Tuesday evening at the home of
Miss Sallie lioroughs was of more
than renal interest. The popularity
of Mise Boroughs brought together a
large assemblage of prominent neo.
pie on this occasion. The dining
room wvas a vision of beauty being
dlecorated in white and green-sin -
pie but none the less beautiful
Promptly at 8:30 "'clock the young
peopule ent. r, d the doingi. rom 'and
supper was enjoaytd lby all. Those
present wer': Bisses Alma Ulayton,
Arntie Smith, Ada Gouldl-sek, Doaa
Uiay oan, Eva Cl.' iona, Eu,1 Parott,
Etta Mo~rgan, Gertie Boggs, Kate
Parrot t, La'na Balentine, Mayme Par.
rott, \% i-.ii,- E n'i 'an, MI rin S-nit~h,
Toe na unddeoi,W~aii'e Mi* orga~n,\lra~.
Noraon Bogg.s, Aleasa Art hur Lowv
is, Claude Ba lentine, Ed Seaborn,
Eugane, Lewvis, Fr ank Ferguson,
George Lisu, Henry Ba.ntine,
[Harrison \l organ, John tie Madden,
Oscar \lorgar , St3 lea Barron, Walla
Gr'atg, WValter Seaboria, Walter Par.
rot t, Will Clay ton, --- WVhitmire.
A Guest.
In Memorlam.
On the mat ning of October, 18th.
1905, the Angel of Death visited the
home of irs. Mensa Hughes and car
rid wy little Willie, aged eight
t mnths and flfreen days Mlourn not
- He was too~ pure for this bleak world of ours,
And (.od baa wisely cailld him home
To bloom in heaven'a unfolding bowers.
where sweetent ilowors over bloom.
Soft as the breese that summer brings
The death shades o'er hiis bosom atoic
And gently as the early due, arose
To heaven his ranmomed soul,
You stricken ones forret your grief
fbig Do.
ders by telling then where
["A CLAUS" this Christ
have the goods and the
-at 60 cents per pound.
hug CO.
-=A t
Your lovely child has fled to heaven
Where parting words are heard no uore
And loves' bright chain is never riven.
lie is a flower in Paradise
A jewel on his Saviour's brow
Your loss is heaven's gain--weep not
lie is an angel now
Cousin Isagle Ltiampk in.
4.0 9as C3 O- T4...
sur the lhe Kitnd You Have Always BougM
Personally Conducted
excursions in 1ullman Tourist sleep.
ing cars from (Ihicagi to San F ren.
Oisco, Los Angeles and Portland,
without cbeange, via the Chicago,
Union Pacific and Ne thwestort, Line.
Oonioaa-lt one. n,. tickets will bev on
Vile duriig Se-pltember and October I
at only $33 00 from Chicago, with
rorrespondingly low rates from other
points. D)'uble herth in tout ist
sleeping cars only $7 00. Booklets,
wvith maps and full information sent
n receipt of 4 cents in stamps. W.
B. Kniskern, P. T. M., C. & N. W.
By, Chicago.
For Sale --Four large mules, two
second-band 2-horse wagons and har1
ness at a bargain. A. M. Mlorris.
For Sale--At my residence on
Nov. 15, 1905, to sav'e moving, lot of
farming tools, furniture, cattle, pigs,
corn and fodder. Sale begins at 10
a. w. Robert Stewvart, Alexander,
S.C. 2L
For Sale--Pure Blue Straw .Seed
Wheat f.>r sale at $1 50 per bushel.
George A. Ellis. 4It
You bring the picture to RI. L
Henderson, the photographer; he
will make the frame. Will make
you four nice cabinet phot igraph~ls
and give you a beantiful gilt fiamo
for $1. Over Craig Bros. store. 4t '
All accounta. Dotes and1( inorignges
due and unpaid to the estate of Dr'.
0. W. Earle on the 1st dlay of D)ec.
next wvill be sold at nublic sale. 1'he
estate must be settled at once; this is -
the last notice. C. E~. Robinson, Ex'r.
Car 10oad of the best flour on t be
market, "Obelisk" to go at close prices.
Come and get some. HI. A. Richey.
When in need of repair work call
on me. Huggy and3( wagon repairing,
wheel boilding,, etc., finished up m
tirst class shape at reasonable prices.
Let me ligure with you on that next i
job. A. A Mann, in the Brock shop,a
next to W. H. Ashmiore's blacksmithb
establishment, Pickens, S. C,
See me before you buy. Something
special for old men and women.
A lot of bedsteads and chairs cheap
Look at my cheap dross goods.
T. D., H arris.
County of Pickens,
By J. B. Newbery, Esquire, Prob, to
Whereas, G. A. Ellis made suit
to me to grant huim letters of . adminis
tration of thle estate of and effects of
Gidon Ellin, deceased.
TRhaE AlRi THERE~roni to cite and
admobish all and singular the kindred
and cr, ditors of the said (Gide 'n
Ellis, deceased, that they be an. ap
pear before me, in the Court of Pro
bate, to be held at Packens Qourt H~onne,
8. 0,, on the 15th day of Nov., 1905,
after publication hereof, at 11 o'clock in
the forenoon, to shew cause, if 'any they
havye, why thesaid administratIon shouldl
not be granted.
Given tinder myv hand and seal, this ~
the 81st day of Oct., 1905, in the' 180th
year of our Indepe'mndence.
J. B. Newhie'y,
____J. P. P. C.
Notice or Sale.
By virtue of ain older of 3. 13. New
bery, Probate Jedge for Piokens coun
ty, wet will sell tin the late residence of
ThIosH. Gassaway, deeeed, on theo
20th day of November, 1905, to the
highest badder for cash, the following
deucribed persoual poperty: Five bead
of mules, one hog, farming tools, corn,
fo Ider, bay, wheat, cotton seed and
many other articles.
Clarissa Li. Gassaway,
Olara T. M-adden,
Piokana, . 0. Ntv. 1, 190n. O
P. 44 7 4.
Car Loads of 'Em.
Largest S tock. Lowest Prices.
E have by far one of th- largest displays of lDry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Gents'
Furnishings, Furniture, Hardware, Btiggies and Wagons ever brought to this part of
he country. Both our stores ale packed to overflowing, and still new goods fresh from the
aarkets are coming in every clay. Our prices are right for the simple reason that we bought
verything before the advance in prices and we are therefore enabled to give dur customers
lie advantage of these extremely low prices.
Dress Goods. Dress Goods.
in this Iuo ove have spareId ioither time nor expense to throw beforo the trading public one of the most
p to dnte aud best 'elect d stock of I)rpu GOods ever sho wn in this part of the country. Everything in
Voolk-n Dr-ss Goods, C(tisiti(5s, Wirsteds, Broadeloths, Hlentrivit is, Skirtogs and Waistings, with Laces and
'r:mmiings to Mat1ch. Oti1g.-, J-ans, Fhinniels, Perealq-s, Keises, Dress Ginghans and Calicoes at the old
riees. In fiet our enite line of dry gs14 wll go at the old prices -coeaper than we could buy some of them
oday. Don 'i fail to se. the assortmzuelnt of Embr. id, ics we aro showing, 3e to 50c per yard. Big lino of Jackets$
Wirts, W ists and Underskirts. JacketS fron01 $1 50 to $7 50; Skirts f ow $1 00 to $7.00, any style and color.
Clothing. Cl othing.
This is our mi- line and ;ui pride -tie lino c.n wh-h we defy competition. Seven years' experience
t ud t ing tbe line a. elusely as we have enad les us 'i place before our custon. rs the best goods fo.
hat thie inairket affords. Fit, style and ('atity re three esicutial things that go to make good el
lothing ha- all of thele qualities, and are right in price.
Suits for Childr-et, sizs 4s to 17, ralging in price from 75u to $'.00.
Suits for Youths' from $2 50 to ,;10.00.
Sui.s for Men fron $3.0) to $17.50.
Extra Pants for Boys, 41 to 171, pr;ce 253 to $1 00.
Youths' Pants 75e to 83 00.
len's tVants, all sizes, $1 00 to $6.00.
Overecats for everybody, big, little, old and young, 42 50 to $17.50; all colors and styles.
Among the many different lines of Clolhing we handle tro the celebrated "Horse Shoo" brand
'Mrs. Jane Hopkins' Make" for boys. We also represent tho Inttrnatiomd Tailloinmg Co., one of th
og concerns in the world. Se us for anything you may need in the clothing or gents' furnisbi
unaranteo satisfaction.
Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.
For the past hv years our shSales10 halve been1 Bs-adily inc reasinig 'till now we sell five times a
lid the first year we were in b~usiness. VTe secret (If this is very simple- -we .sell nothing but first
ud everylbody is tinidinag it ouil. A mong t.bo many~l ptopuir branllds weJ carry are the old rentowneod
r men, womfen) and1 chtildrenu; thie best sho'e, as4 everyboidyVI kilows, or. er~rth for the mney. The G4
be Walkover Shoe for men01 at $3:50) ann $400f, t he Stt Shoe for men1 att $ 00 aind $6 00. 5.
anee~d fronm 10c to 20c per pair ~in the last two weeks, but e:very pa.ir in thle hbouse was bought befor
a leather, and will go at the. samtei old pice(s.
Furniture, Haurdware, Stoves,
Buggies, Wagons and Hiar
The entire upper flors of ou1r stores are diev1ted e (xcli vely (o Furni iture1. I iying Furniture
olid1 carI lots places 1us ill a posit i' m to saIve youin 10 to ( 15 per* cent. OnlII antinfrg you ma'ry neoed
lire line. Solid Oak Suits frem s12 50 to 860 00. Ouak D ressers from $5 00 to $15 00. Oak Beds
8.00. Safes $2.50 to $6.00. Bi..; line of Trunks, Sutchels, Rulge, Art Squares and !tlachines. C
gents for the New Home SewVing Machinet, one11 of (lie buest miadi. Botggies4, Wagons, and Surrn
wagon and Chase City Buggy. The old reliable Mlitcell1 is still mnonmrch of the road and always - 4
iigher in price, perhaps, but so much better in wear. Jusi~t received a car of Barbed Wire and N .
>t of Poultry Netting.
Pickens has thme reputation of being one of the best cotton jmarka-to in the ustote, so bring your cotton to the
banner town of the county,' and on'it forget while (tote t hat Folger & '1Tihrnle have the reputation Of Belling
ood goods at the righlt prlices. (Call on na antd be~ co1nned.
Your tru i Lly,
Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Gents' Furnishing G.oods a specialty. Agents for Battle Axe
Thoes, Stetson Hats, Stetson Shoes, Mitchell WVagons, Carhart Overalls and Harrison Town
mdi Country Paint.
IR. EDIT1OR: P.lea'se say toi your r'oa'lers and~ myW friends that i am "'still at the o:dl Stand," with a
Complo( t (Ie f Reliable goods which I have for their inspection andl sale at very close figuros. In
fact, at te prices which I amt quoting I e )Isider tho goods ar R-iro Bargains. 'roil themi that JI
arr alitle of"aythiing and everything," and am Relling at a close profit.
MEAR end H EA VY KNIT SHIRTS; also, a good line of OVERSHOES.
From niow until Christmas we invite theo ladies to call and we~ ilmk hr ls rcso
ll DRY GOODS. DRESS OOODS, NOTIONS, etc.wew maetmcls prcso
Will make I he sanmo offer as the above to the men folks on Clothing, Shoes, Hate, U.ndor'clothing,
P'runks, Vabises, Gents' Furnishings, etc. The nicest line of thes., goods, we h.ave ever carried.
Flour, bait and barbed wirs'.by the car load( to go at prices that defy compotition
A complete line of the good kind of furniture and nice matting, carpeting anid rugs. Agent for'
[ron Kin~g stoves an d Chatlanooga Plows-two very necessary things in every well regulated iamilly and
the host of their kind on the market. Chinaware, Glassware, Agateware, TJ.inware and other ware that
nears well.
A full lhne of Ulndortaklers' goods and a 1ico Hearse. M ~ I
Your patronage solieited antd you will be treated right. G uy Mcal
P. 8.--All persons owing the estate of W.. T. Mc Fall will please come forwar4 dj ake .ettlemient
na early as pomsible. ~

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