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Tho SentinolJournal Company.
ruo3irsoN & RicuEY. 1tois.
.1. b. ). TlIfuPAON. Emyiom..
14ubsctript on -41.00 Per Auuum.
A dvertiing Rdes e
Fntered PA ickers Postonflce as Second Class
Mail Matter
Wednesday, November 1, 1905,
Ex Governor Jnmes S. Hogg, of
Texas, has sued the International
and Great Nortbern railroad for
$1,000,000 damages for injuriea re
ceived in Janury last. This is a
pretty big pile of money to ask as
damages for inijuries to a "hog."
The nail of two fingers never
grow with the came rapidity, that
of the middle finger growing the
fastest while that of the thumb
grows the slowest. In fifty-four
cases out of one hundred the loft
leg in shorter than the right.
Ed Durham, of Gaffney, at the
United btates court in Greenvill,
last week pleaded guilty to sollin1
whiskey and to attempting to brib
a witness. He was given thre
months in the jail att Union to
each oflense.
A Disastrous Calamity
It is a disastrous calamity, wihn you
lose yonr health becamio iidigestion and
constipation liavo sappud it aaiy.
Prompt relief can bho had in Dr. Ksig's
New Life Pills. They bnild up your di
gestivo oraum, and '-uiro hoadache, (iz
zine'ss. (oli, constip~ationj, etc. (u nrau-.
teed at Pickens .Drug Co. 25c
The Enterprise Bank of Pites
burg, Penu. was short $1,500,000.
The cashier was a leading member
of the United Presbyterian ohurch.
He killed himself by taking laud.
naum and then shooting himself
in the head.
Three lurglars arrosted in Now
York clairn to have robbed 40(
homes in two years. That's noth,
ing. Three life, insurntce compa
nies in New York cotfessed to hav
ing mulched 4.000,000 policy hold
era every year for the laIst, two 114.
cades --Washisutn Po~s
The comnmiSsoner ot int, rnal~
revenue hsas decidod that phlyslicians
are liable to special hiquor tax it
they prescribe whiskey to a pa.
tient even if it be used as rnedj
ein. only.
No Case of Pnmeumonia on Rtecord.
We do not know of a single instance
where a cough or 001ld rusuilted in pun-u
momia or consumption when Foley-a
Honey and Tar had boons used. It ourss
coughs and colds perfotly, so (10 not
take chanches with some unknown pre
paration which mayr cout-in opiates,
whlich cause constiption. a condition that,
retards recovery from a acold. Ask for
IFoley's Honey and Tar. and refuso any
suabstinto offered.
Pickens Drug Co. Dr. R F. Smith.
Easley S. C.
New Drink in Union.
It is said that a negro who was
recently arrested for intoxication
used a very unusual plea declaring
that he had keipt shy of the blind
tigers and the peripatetic booze
Porters, but that he had taken an
overdose of the new medicrne,
"Ch.eckers'' which caused bhrn to
ge't a bevy fal sff the water wag
wagon. Is was a checkered cai
WVhe~n yo.u wv it a pl- as nt phyio try
Chamb, rli.in's Stomach and Liver T[a b
lets. TIhey are eay to take anid praoduic
no0 graipn or othler uipleaxant effect
Sold by Pickens 1)rag 4 -o.
A Feat in Wireless.
Portsmouth, Vii , Oct. 20--T'he
Cape Henry naval w'ireles statlion
established1 a record lawi naighs in,
taking a: nieman' fr. in e a~ a
ship Crown Panle 450 s, I. - s m.
the cape. Thle ship wute ogt 1 Os
Islandi on the coast of Maine. whien
the message was sent. T1he opera.
tor at Fort Henry could hear dis,
tinctly every dash and dot.
Steamer Kalyuga Lost.
Cleveland, Oct. 2G.-All hope
for steamer Kalyuga has ben giv
en up by the owners. It is sup.
posed to have gone dcwn with the
crow of seventeen in the recent
(G. B. Burhans testifles after four' years,
0. BI Bnrhans, of Carlisle (Ienter, N.
Y,, writes: "About four yeiia aigo I
wrote you stating that I had( b)een entiro.
.ly cured of a severe kiduey tr-on bslo ly
taking less than two bottles of Fi."ky's
Kidney Cure. It entirely stopped the
brick dust sediment and pain and symp
to~us of kidney disease dissaappeared. I
am glad to say that I have niver had
a return of any of thoseayinptomns during
the fomur years that have elapsed and I
4 tm, veviotly.ocured to say cured, sand
il$y ( roovninend Fole 's Kidney
Cure to adly one suffering frm kidney
or bladder tronble."
Plckenus Drug Co. Dr. B. F. Smith
Will have the largest agregoation 0:
make Fair Week a bargain week at
this store whether you go to the Fai
Fair to make tis storo eadquaterC
salesmen for any information you mE
Here is a List of Some of the
50 Cent Wool Hose, 25 Cents.
These Hose are all wool, ladies' and mei's black and grey. FAir
Week price, 25c. 1
8 1-3 Cents Outing, 5 Cents.
While other merchants are talking higher prices on cotton goode,
we're offering you ai Outing that cou:di't lbe bought in town for less
than 8 1- 3c, at per yard, 5c.
Ladies' 50 Cents Ufn(lervests, 25 Cents.
Positivelv the biggest bargain we ever offered in Ladies' Underwear.
Can't b bought in town for less than 50c, but our Fair Week price is,
the garment, 25c.
50 Cents Cotton Blankets, 25 Cents.
This is the biggest Blanket bargain ever offered in Greenville.
Good size, Fair Week price, 25c
6 1-4c Cotton Plaids, 4C.
Alamance is th-a name of this plaid, never offered bfore for less than
5c, now wort h 06 1 4c. Fair Weak price, 4c per yard.
O ZThe ladies will find our Dress Goods Se, tion and Cloak I
and Jackets ever carried by this h<
i0-112 North Main Street.
Where are They. What To Road.
.cnav the blues and
t~aillla.EI 1,41 ~ . ~ ' a - - alver lining t~o the
Ibag io hais pocket Li. In e; * a ,. a I?
-ii lm 41 < lO U .at are confstantly
\) h () wre barn~-deoor i in..ers? V , a ~al iho 27 Psalmin
h os bo t ii \\a ] k to 0f heni youri pocket book is as
Wishooha hs trosr ie i empty as an editor's, read the 8th
Wnble a d mustrLi? r h d wih Psaln.
Wulhoe a luslin ende When your neigh bor. are unkind
Whn rea loig ln dse to you and even those naar and
Who taredn ol(tcrelear to you slight you read the
bag? ri d n ol a c 5tlbh chapter of John.
bWg? graeWi ooso u. \hen you are discouraged about
day? g e ed hs b os o u . your work and nothing seems to go
dayo woeashwright, read the 126th Psalm. 1
Who wore a shwlhcodwi When you are all out of sort.
who oea fasth ordiwit and hardy know what the matter A
watch key l ston d to t? i, readl the 12th chapter of H e,
What has become of the old. brews. J
fashioned woman who kept a bed- We o r oigcniec
kin in her workbasket? imnidra h 8hcatr'
W'iho baked custardls for toa o s oit ae
when she had company? I o a' aeyu w a
Who made impressions aro~undlte iec sgodnadyuwl
the edge ot pies with a key to makegerlefy adnth3dcap
Whhemyouokreansing confidenc
~Vho ~re clico unb n maenkind reath 1lth chaterA
with stebardsatsthens filonc ia reialen anou reidl
Who wore Shaker honnelts? the paper which you now hold in
Who seasone't appl.'11 ie l ithll. y our hands. -Selected .L
pice? -- --A
Who1 used inadiga' to blue the 'IThe Exact Thiung Required for Consti.
w aer iilhen Wasnintg c'lot hb? platlon.M
" s a cnertian purgative and stomach n
Whathasbecme o t a ot imruier Chamberlain's Stomach and .7
Whathut beome h' ha01(- Liver ablets seemn to be the exact thing B
fash ioned people who pomura-d ten in requoired, strong enough for the most A
teauranbewoittmaorobaust, yet mild enough and safe for H
it sc rdlw?1 t oillk Caiiteuiand wvithiout that ternih.egipinfg Fi
it coml o onmon 10 most pauratlves, ' ays R. j
WVha. drank essafrasa tea In the .. Webster & Co., Udora, Ontaria, w
sproI . tao pur1ify thu ir btood? taaa o aby Pickens Drug Co. *
WhV ~ad vu to lea-.ru to like roa-, Cheap Rates to Charleston. i
\\'hov.-ethe ()-ll rO ton of Chuarloston's an-J
to ,. th l tin w ar p ee I Le ,C) i iau .. a W e . k a n dl C o ast. F a ir
t o t h t i i i a r e . 0 ( 1 . I a ?i o a N v 6 I I 1 9 0 5 , t h e J
What has becomea of the od.t rorn alilwa wilhi he atices
fashioned novelist who always do.-ro ll oinuutaG. withine State w
v~cribed hesroines as having dark icuigAgsa aa n is
auburn ringlete hanging dlown class fare for the round trip, plus
Ihepir alabaster necks? 25 eents . Tickets on sale Nov. 4
Of the ol-ahoe clctoito iniclumivo and for trains arriving
w o lred-Wiolied eotiapes, at Chaileston before noon Nov. 11
at enita mentdw? ~ld~ l.~f~~ wituhi finat linmd Nov. .1t8
O1 old fasi~ne *la i; tl i VirH w-h aitcrbRi a wl rvd
wore long 1ulalin p anta.dat Ia. Xeeaahsonalt.?sit
O)f the. old- fashionJed e' ol:jg w jau'I oiN..51! nlsv. b
gave (nini til)Ie-a abti taa1110hiabrnato cllOl 1
Of the Id l:tshionc a. . Iif y.i fteMtuteno dm
Whogrdxel her huex''b a coah . Wnal triu nto
oil scenited WIthi bergamna . ( harileaton, S. C. ]
Louis Post-Dispatch. --~a~waoi)(re.tletno-N
A ma lovs whre hs juge-cy is to reveal the lines of the fig.
Aman ppoves. where is hedreare by closra.Attinig curves, and est
a widower of forty-five selects a thor o l. bbwryfrtepadrt
irl of eighteen to ha his wife and t o
hi <raise half a dozeni motherlessm
- - .tneegsaasee
)pened Tuesday, October 31 st, and
L bargains ever on exhibition in i
The Bee Hive, and we are going to
r Grounds or not. We urgently in
. Leave your belon gings in our ch;
Lay desire.
Bargains We Are Going to Offer I)
Men's 50c Negligee Shirts, 39c.
Our Mr. Henderson- bought from a shirt mnnufacturor wilA in the
narket, two hundred and fiftv dozen Negligee Shirts at. a uniform
)rico. Not a shirt in the lot worth less than 50c. Fair Week price, 39c.
25c Ladies' Belts, 10c.
Ten cents sounds mighty cheap for ladies' belts, but we're going to
ell. the god quarter belts Fair Week for 10c.
15c Cotton Flannel, 10c
These goods come in short lengths, ruuning from 5 to 20 yards to the
)iece. Not a piece worth less than 15c. FaIr Week price, 10-.
Men's 75c Leggings, 48C.
Extra heavy fleece lined, waterproof Legginigs. worth easily 75c, all
iizes. Fair Week price, 48c,
You will see the Greatest Exhibition of Clothing Bargains in Greenville
If you coin to the busy store. We make a study of tho Clothing husi
An, and we're getting it down pretty fine. Ask your neighbor whore
)epartnent a good place to make their purchases for fall and v
use. Don't forget we offer hundreds of other bargains in all
lerson Company's Bus
Colorado has a woman for chief
of police at Pueblo.
Supervisor's Report
Of claims filed and "pprovedl for quarte.
ending Sep. 30, 1905,
MI A Skelton, bridge...........063
L D) Stephens, "........ 12 .1;
r' W Stewarc, " ......20100
R A Simmons, road work. 5 00)Doyuwatt
J' P Smith, sailary etc........ .. 21 23J
EP E. Stewart, road work. .... 90)
5 D) 8tephens, blacksmith . ......4 10( hr lbri e
iL Stephens, road work.......4 75 ~ aiaviaiyi
M'lman smith " ..... 10
lam Sheriff, " ....2 50D yuwatt
V C Soab'orn, " ...... 9 00
tC Sutherland, bridge.........9 34 vre hni n
V F Simmons, road work......3 69 fgetrace f
P Smith, atilary.............. 21 00
lin Tripp, road work. ... . ... .3 o0wl0sur o
L O) Thompson, stattionery.... 7 75
B Talley, salary.... ... .. .. ...20 50D yuwatt
7 F Townes, bridge.... .......1 00grwpoftbe ro
L 0 Thompson, Stationery... 31 00
I F Townes, bridge.......... 29 00 oiepue n
" roadI work..........5 60
B Tailley, salary fr't etc.... ..54 33 bsns sgo n
S Turner, load 'work.... ..... 2 65 Te ot ai
"bridge............6 86
WV Thomas, " ..... ......5yo r 85ng
P Thiomiis, " ........ 8 78
" " ... ...... 4 20
L Thuornley, work at jail.-... 1 50a
L hmsr~dwork.... ......3...T00Chc
PToalumber.... .... ...37
" roadwork........ 17 70
BTalley, salary.... ... . .... .21 00
LYaughn, bridge........... 7 40 N r
" road work........2 50
ovey Weliorn, " .... .1 75
F Williams, " .....3 50 i h otdrc
J Wolborn, " ......11 25 attruhtan
r. E B Webb, examn. lunatic 5 00 takriwybt
B Willams,-briange..........8 20
F Williams, road work......3 00. S eia o
'0O Willard, " . ....200 58thog uthes
S Wilson, bridges. ... ... ..... 12 00
F Wyatt, "......... 10 62conitlwreo
F Wood, rond work........10 05tebradO oe
revey Woihorn, bridge........18 27tohe a
'ed Williams, 18........e18rip
S Wilson, freight.... .........37.33
H Williams, muagistrate..12 50al n proal
S Wilson, road work......... 100 00 rncso osAgl
R4 Williams, road wk.......10 35brhinaulantr
H1 Wi-liams, datmages........12 00t
B Wilsbn; road work......... 56 00
" ridge............ 3t Chi
fWood, '-......... 1 5()ao0 o
B Waldrop. " .......7...o7t1i
[ Williaims, " .......' 90
3 Wilson, road work. ... .....4 1
ilke r, Evans & CJogawell, cta. . 11I Go
Young, scrapo land ..... 9'
" ....... 3 00
L. Youngblood, read wk ...... 11 75AN MILTTODY
0. M. Lynch, Sut ir.
lasley Progress please copy, comf
ricing ~vlwhesreelabo1rtisinev
varied than ins cn "y onnhy51c
nt of theof greaof Maathaesaff
DontoyoF. .antli to
~o.1 95w. Ena, ah orpLivepre and a
businesse avigiclimoodaliandh
Theeno ~sn'ti a. pj-l -...~ got-ai
sstd~o hetT heslgeChoipymca
is the most direct mst aaks
fasto through Ontrainy
190 *. Eeo~r~cs . Spial gow a
&reenville. W e have prepared to
make it worth your whvile to visit
vite everybody who is visiting the
irge and call on any of our twenty
aring the Great Fair Week:
is the b at place to buy Clothing. If he bought hero, and very likely
he has, 6e will say HLobb-Henderson Co. We don't offer shop worn,
half made Clothing at any price. Wa giva you the best tailoring to
be had. Our suits arc made to our order and bear our name, which is
a guaranteo a3 to style, quality and fit.
The Greatest Bargains in Greenville are our Overcoats.
Over one hundred different styles and qualities to selact from, rang.
ing in price from $2 50 to $20.00. Every coat a bargain at the price
wo ask.
Did you ever have any of our Shoes to go wrong? If so, didn't we
mak- you satisfied nith a new pair or whatever you thought right and
just? Our Shoes arq sold under a guarantee of a new pair if they do
not give absolute satisfaction. Then the prices are always lower on
good shots than the other fellow's inferior ones.
Men's first quality Deans H. Brogans, sold elsewhere at $1 50, Fair
Week price, $1.25. Wromen's all solid Kangaroo Shoes, plain toes,
worth $1 25, at $1.00. Women's all solid leather Kangaroo polish,
plain or cap toes, $1.25.
Ovier ten thousand pairs of Shoes to select from.
vinter. We are showing the biggest line of Ladies' Cloaks
departments during Fair Week.
Bee H iVl
Greenville's Cheapest Store.
iewhere the climate is mild the year round
roppressed by stress of weather, and where
vrlost by mere conflict with cold?
liein a region where the resources are more
ther equal area in the world, where the division
)rds a fine opportunity to get a small farm that
mpetence ?
ive where, with a minimum of labor, you can
>s of grapes and small fruit, oranges, lemons,
Imonds, alfalfa and grain, where crops are sure,
capital easily finds profitable investment ?
'ornia, where both health and opportunity await
go, Union Pacific and
h-Western Line
oute to the Pacific Coast, and there are two
daily via this line, over the famous double
een Chicago and the Missouri River.
'oun d-t rip rat es are id effect via this line
miner to various Pacific Coast points, and
neaway tickets will be on sale during Sep
r, which give an unusual chance for settlers
a minimum of expense.
:onducted excursions are operated through to San
;, and Portland without change, on which a double
ist sleeping car from Chicago costs only $7.0o, via the
tb-Western, Union Pacific and
irn Paific Railways.
P. T. M. C. & N.-W. R y., Chicago, ill.
Please mal feto my address alifornia bookletS, maps and full
Cleanses the system.
RIND thoroughly and clears
sallow complexions of
xatie Fuit yru pimpe and blotches.
SIt isguara.nteed
'u Company knd Dr. R P. Smith, Easlay.
e Sentiniel-Journal. Keep posted
Son in your county. $1 a year

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