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Many Persons Have
Or Catarrh of Bladdi
President Newhof and W4
Correspondent Riohards Wee
Preptly Cured By Pe-ru-ni
Mr. 0. B. Newhof, 10 Delamare street
Albany, N. Y., President Monteflor
Club, writes:
"Since my advanced age I find tha
I have been frequently troubled wit
urinary allatents. The #Iaddor seemei
irritated, and my phy aldn said th#t I
was catarrh caused by a prttwctei
coid which would be difficult to Over
come on acounat ofnyadvancedyears
I took Peruna, hardly darIng to believ
that I would be helped but I ound te
my relief that I soon began to mend
The irritition gradually subsided and
the urinarydifficulties passed away. j
ha ve enjoyed excellent health now foi
the past sevel months., I enjoy mj
meals, sleep soundly, and am as we/,
as I was twenty years ago. I give a
praise to Peruna. "--C. a. Newhof.
Suffered from Catarrh of Kidneys,
Threatened With Nervous Collapse,
Cured by Pe-ru-na.
Mr. F. D. Richards, 600 E Street, N. W.,
Washington, D. C., War Correspondent,
wiltes: "Exactly six years ago I was
ordered to Cuba as staff correspondent of
the New York Sun. I was in charge ofa
Sun Dispatch boat through the Spanish
American War. The effect of the trop
ical climate and the nervous strain
showed plainly on my return to the
states. Lassitude, depression to the
verge of melancholia, and Incessant
kidney trouble made me practically an
invalid. This undesirable condition
continued,despite the best of treatment.
Irl*nal ly a brother newspaper man,who
lik, nys~elt had served in the war, in
duced me to give a faithful trial to
Peruna. I did so. In a short time the
lassitude left me, my kidneys resumed a
healty condition, and a complet6 cure
was effected. I cannot too strongly
recommend Peruna to those suffering
with kidney trouble. To-day I am able
to Work as hard as at any time in my
life, and the examiner for a leading in
surance company pronounced me an
"A risk."
In Poor Health Over Four Years.
Pe-ru-na Only Remedy of Real Benefit.
Mr. John Nimmo, 215 Lippincott. st.,
Toronto, Can., a prominent merchant of
that city and also a member of the
Masonic order, writes:
"I have been in poor health generally
. for over four years. When I caught a
bad cold Inst winter it settled in the
bladder and kidneys, causing serious
trouble. I took two greatly advertised
flappenings of a Local and Personal Nature
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs Fred P.
Diy one day last week a son.
-Born ito Mr. and Mrs. Butler
Roper on the 81 inst. a floe girl.
--The Hagood school, District No.
88 will open Monday November, 20th
with Miss Mattie Bowen as teacher.
-Prof. J. M. Murphiree will con
duct singing exercises at Antioch
church next sunday morning at 10
o'clock. All lovers of music are in
vited to attend.
-Mr. and Mrs. D. H Woodson
and little daughter Willie, were in
Pickens last Wednesday and paid the
Sentinel-Journal office a pleasant
--The closing exercises of McD.
Weams school of vocal music at Earn.
1ey cotton mill next Thursday. night
the 9th mnst. promises a good tim'e to
all who attend. Come one and all.
Admission 10c.
Mr. Jere M. Clement says that he
has an apple tree that has never done
much good until this year, Mrs.
Clement having gathered a crop of
beans on it and now has a good
many gourds of the water gourd
style. Mr. Clement puts those odd
apple tree productions against those
in the Easley Pogress of a recent
date claiming two crops of Juno ap
ples in one year.
--Dr. W. M. Ho, ton, dentist, is in
Pickens for a few days, with -head.
qluarters at the Hiawatha l'iotel, and
will be pleased to do any work need.
ed. He comes highly reccommand
ed by people of the c >uuty you know
and' guarantees every jib. WVill
come to your hiouse if appointment
is made ahead. A good dentist Is
ne eded in this section, one is here, so
keep him busy. W~e oaai cherfully
recommend him, and his work.
--Married, at the residence of Mrs.
-H. M. Allen, 'the bride's aunt, at
Central. 8. 0., Mr. W. M. D~aniei to
Nlies Dawn Phillips, nil of Seneca,
0- tJ. '1 be bride is the eldest daugh
ter of*Mr. and Mris. J. M. Phillips,
and possesses rare accomplishments.
Mr. Daniel holds cases on the IFarm
.& Factory. The ceremony was por.
formed by R1ev. C. 0. Fricks in the
presence of friends and relatives.
Tihe happy -couple have the best
wishes of their many frinds for a long
happy voyage o'er the sea of lif,
.unmarred b., storms.
lAyer's Pill
Want your mnoustache or bear-d
- - abeatitiful brown or rich black? Use
Catarrh of Kidneys,
.r and Don't Know Its
t ~
. .......
Suffered From Gatarrh of Bladder.
kidney remedies without getting the
desired results. Peruna is the only
remedy which was really of any benefit
to me. I have not had a trace of kidney
trouble nor a cold in my system.ff
Pe-ru-na Contains No Narcotics.
One reason why Peruna'h as found per
manent use in so many homes is that it
contains no narcotics of any kind. Pe
runa is perfectly harmless. it can be
used any length of time without acquir
ing a drug habit- Peruna does not pro
duce temporary results. It is per
manent in its effect.
It has no bad effect upon the system,
and gradually eliminates catarrh by re
moving the cause of catarrh. There are
a multitude of homes where Peruna has
been used off and on for twenty years.
Such a thing could not be possible if
Peruna eontained any drugs of a nar
cotic nature,
See our beautiful display cf Doll's
at pricesi from 5 cents to 50 cents.
P -kens Drug Co
-Dr. I. E. ('i'mm, the well known
0 - ullai-f, wit be in Pick.*ns
Thursday (oily), Nov. 16th, at the
Hiawatha hotel. If you have any
trouble with your~ eyes call on him.
- ''Uncle Thomas" Griflin died
Smndany, suddenly, at his home, tive
miles noith of Pickenp, agedi about
85 .,ears. is remains were~ laid to
rest Monday evening at Grjifin
church with Masonic honors. Enlo.
gist-c r. m .rks were made at the
churco l.y lb vs. D). WV. Hiott and B
Hlolder. A fel'l account of his life
and death will he pubbished next
-Died, October 29th, at her home
near Nalley's Uross Roads, in An
derson conty, 8. 0., Mrs. Sallie
Verner, the beloved wife of Mr. Jute
W atson, in the 26th year ot her lhfe.
Her body was laid to rest in the
graveyard at Fairview Methodist
church on the dlay followihg her
death, af ter funeral services'cenduct
ed by Rev. D). W. .Hitt. 'Mrs.
Watson leavea six children, her ha
band and father and many other rel
atives to weoep for her. She was a
devout Christian and exerted a fine
influence for good o;er those with
whom she came in contact. 'Twas a
sad sight to see the young father
with his 'ix motherless children
looking at the face of their beloved
dead for the last time. We extend
our sincere sympathies to the be
reaveri. May the band of our Hleav
eni, F~ather guide them to the haven
of rest.
Di'-d, saddenly, at his home in
Liberi.6, 8. O., Mr. Tyler H. Moore,
on last. Fridaj night. Mr. Moore
was about 58 years old; he was an
him< ralle, upright citizen. He
leav e a wife and six childtren 'o
mlourn for him. Mr. David 0.
M ore and Mrs James Gantt of
Pickens, Mrs. Salmon of Spartan
burg, Mrs. Carson of Liberty and
Misses Madolon and Viola of Lit)
erty. Short fineral serviices were
held at thea hou-se Sno'day mnorninl
b~y Rev, D). WV. Hiott, then the Ma
sons took cihargo of the b ady and
buried it at Ruiamah Methodist
church, near Liberty, with MIasonic
honors, in the presence. of an m.
mense congregaet ion.. Mr. MI oore
was a fine workman, a real, true
1friend, a devout Mas(on, a man of fine
inte lect and good information and( ai
good neighbor. Hie leaves manms
friends in Pickens county who si, m
patbize with the bereaved ones.
I Sugar-coated, easy to take,
Ianild in action. They cure
constipation, biliou~sness,
. sick-hadgehe, [;,&'*[ *
P 8 8~ D[ig Do.
F there is a drug or drug store article
that you cannot find anywhere else,
come to our store, and if we happen not
to have it in stock we will obtain it for
you in from one to three days' time. But
as our stock is very complete we will be
pretty sure to have it.
When you think of drugs, think of
PIEHR8s Drug 0D.
Open Your Eyes and Read It.
The Dixie Bargain House
I, going to move after Christmas. This is the only one chance to get
i prefs ibefore I movo. If you want to be satisfied with your purchasr.m.
oom h1r0-e riht 0ow, for you will save several dollars A dollar f4ave4 1
m . t, Usy (..e, but, a dollar to make is pretty hard. The Dixie Ba.: in
'-..oe has three or four times as large stock of i.ew and salaile goods than I
ev.-r carried tyfore of the best goods made in the United States, aid the i
,14ock must he sold, cost or no c.>st, as I have to move, and I w 1I sell them
cheap rather thai ship them and pay the freight. When Vou buy elothing
y ii don't. want to buy a suit everv v<ek. Every piece of goods I sell is
g-naranteed. If you are not antietfied you get your money baek. Come
a Ouild and see nie before you go somewhero else. HerG you will see the
b t Clot hing, Shoes, llatA, Underwear, Gents' Furnishings, Trunks, La
dies' Sk t"I, bildren's Suit, etc , you ever saw, auct at the lowest prices.
%ou ever biught Yours truly,
Louis Copel
Proprietor the Dixie Bargain House,
FORl ALE At a bargamn. T, p
Quiestion as to Distribution of School bugvy almost as good as new tilso a
~ Funds. splendid double reed organ. Call at
Comptrolle-r General Jones w ill this ofice for informiation.
nave a conference with the attorney For Sale --Fur large mules, two
genralnex wek i reardf~othesecond-band 2-horse wvagonms and har
~ent'a net wek n rgar ~otheneas at a bargain. A. M. Morris.
<distribution of the dispensary school
mony. her ar sme eryimpr. For Sale-At my residence on
mant uesto Thaae arsenr inpre- Nov. 15, 1905, to save moving, lot of
tantquetios tht hve rise inre-farming tools, furniture, cattle, pigs,
gard to this distribution and from corn and fodder. Sale begins at 10
letters received by the comnptrol'er a. m. Robert Stewart., Alexander,
general it is evident that the pay. S- C. 2t
mtent and distribution will finally get For Sade-Pure Blue Straw Se-ed
into the courts. Wheat fi r sale at $1 50 per husbel.
Under the constitution it is neces. George A. Ellis. 4t
sary that all deficiencies be m'ade up. You bring the picture to R L
This applies to all conties whether Hender-son, the photographs'; he
they are dispensary or ntot. Trhe suir. will make the frame. Will mnk.
plus, however, under the new law, you four nice cabinet phot igraphus
was not to be given to those counties for $1.iver Cai Brotif i.tfam
voting out the dispensary. It is fr$.Oe ri rs tn.4
said that this feature of the law will Alacutntsadtotai
be tested and that the counties tbatG.WEalonte1t(yolI .
have voted out th6 dispensary willnetwlbeodatubcsi. li
demand their share of the profits for ett utb ete toc;te'i
th~ yer u tothetim th elctindte land ntie Co the. estateof, li
was held. This means that the comn Crla ftebs lu nti
ptroller wvill require an itemizedmaktOblk"ogotcosprc.
statement from the dispensary as to Cm n e oe .A ihy
when the profits materialized and if We nne fteai okel
the point is carried succesfully it will o e igyadwgt eaii.
mean that a couple of experts willwhlbidnecin.luIo
have to be employed to figure out thefistcashaeatr-oeil li
balances. jb .A an nte e iiI
Under the report last year the nx oW I smr' .~t i
counties that have since voted out etbihet ikn,-.C
the profits received the following
surplus and their share of the profits:Sh s! ho !! ho !!
Oconee..................85,66 91 Sem eoeyu * '
Piokens.'..... ............. 4,414 66 seilfrodm, - o i
Cherokee.---............... 4,49 8 Alto ~dtasi l
York.-................... 9,47 68 Lo tm haiI . c
Lanoaster.--..-........ ..... 5,661 78T.D Hars
Union.................... 5451 16
Newberry.... .............,76 24 ~ .---. .
Marion................... 7,214 24CI TON
Darlington................ 5853 48 SAE0?SUI AOl~
Ilory.............8,6 9r ounyofth biestfur nh
- - 113Come.an3getNsome.y H E A.ie Reoboy.
Tim toal mont f srpls lisribt. Whenr't i need otrepar nork- eti
d was$276,46.55. on me. ~ahig Letnd waof rAniioi"
wheel buerlding, etc, nt bd ud
fis lla sipe ateo ibed ~int.
Notce s hrey gventha o th 2 daeb creir ith a ou M on rat rot..
Nov.tOOS atit octoc a.m.Iwillb.cA.eA. tatn i thean ,Brockt ab.
cree ner Kowe rier.Plas m~e n ex for . th Asour ' t Poet. '1I
on day of leting. luc~dstablhent, CPitenst, . , 'i
Seon to b efe ou> .f an e.y
TrspssNo~c.shocil not od me.noa ..wo .
1imernuae rads so ou fie, r lt ay A8h clot of Nobeer, 1. i lch 3-0tle
nerwhtsevr, resias onan o m lads yaLofoura iydchea de os..,
orry.........lle....me...de..... t 8,69 t88 Co nt of . Pioenn.~
Taw ... -O -............ ...6,9 41 J . B.N w eyE q ie P rob.fC
Car Loads of 'Em.
Largest S tock. Lowest Prices.
E have by far one of th- largest displays of Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Gents
Furnishings, Furniture, Hardware, Buggies and Wagons ever brought to this part of
he country. Both our stores ae packed to overflowing, and still new goods fresh from the
narkets are coming in every clay. Our prices are right for the simple reason that we bought
werything before the advance in prices and we are therefore enabled to give our custoners
:he advantage of these extremely low prices.
Dress Goods. Dress Goods.
In this line vo haiive spart'd neitlier timo nor expese to throw before the trading public one of the mist
Up t date ttl best tuef d Ituck of Dress (oods ever showi in this part of the country. Everything in
Wooll, u Dr. (saGoods, castsimev es, W-rsteds, Broadeloths, llenriet is, Skirtings and Waistings, with Laces nad
Tr.niun's tee match. O.tige, Jeans, Fianuiels, Pericats, Kmeis, Dross Ginghams and Calicoes at the (;ld
prices. In feet our entile line of dry goods will go at the old prices --cheaper than we could buy some of them
today. D)1n'1 fail tio see the ass14ortinvoit, of Emorieies we are showing, 3c to 50c per yard. Big line of Jacketos
skit ts, W aitits aitd Unidershirts J itcelts fron. $1 -50 to $7 50; Skirts fiomt $1 00 to $7.00, any style and color.
Clothing. Clothing.
Th s is 'r mi-.i -iNe tnd our pride the Hio on which wo defy competition. Seven years' experie-ice
A ld Ilg I he ie n( - ek e y as .- i' IiPae les us to place ibeforo our customers the beat goods for ti m-imey
hat lin mtrkl.- tifford-. Fit, le atid Quality are three esscutial things that go to make good clothing. Our
totiing ha al oi Iese quati is, and are right in price.
Suits for Cjildren, sizes 4d to 17s, ranging in price from 75c to $.00.
Suits for Youths' from $2 50 to 10.00.
Suits for Met, from $3.00 to $17.50.
Extra Paints for Boys, 4-1 to 17s, pr'ce 25c to t ti.
Youttis' Pant-s 75u, to $3 00.
Men's Lannts, all sizs, $1 00 to ".00.
Ovmetcat for ( Verybody, hig, liale, old and young, 2 50 to $17.50; alt colors a s tIvs.
Arnong the many different litnes of Clothing we liidle are the celebrated "H1o
Irs J111e H-opkins' Ma ke" for boys. We also represent the International Tailornv
1)og concerns in the world Se) u4 for anutiig you may need in the clothing
piarantoo satisfaction.
Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.
For the past five years our shoe sales hatve been st.adily inl~casinig 'till now we seti five times the amnoun t wo
did the first yeahr we were itt bulsiness. TIhe secr'et (of this is very' simple- -we sel11 nothing but first class shocu,
and everyhody is inding it oiut. A mong the many p~opular brands we carry are the oldi renowned
fo mnwoenand child rent; the best shoe, as everybody knows, on earth for ' -- - --..oe. rt '--- --
the Walkover Shoe for men att .1:511 an11$4 00, the Stetsoni Shoe for men at
vanced from 10e to 2(0e per pair in t he last4 t wo weks but e-very pair int the h<
in leather, and wvill go at the same ol pries.
Furniture, H Iardwvare, Stoves,
Buggies, Wagons and Harness.
The outire upper tloors of our ste res aire devoed~i Xt~wisively to Founit 1re. fliyinig Furiniture as wve do in
sotlid ca r l s tphlces 15 m ia pos11 i it save yoiu fr. m, 10 te 15 pe r~l cen ~ o nthing you may need iln the furni
lure line'. Seibd (Oak Suits [ire m $12 50l t, 8(',( 01). ( ) iI re- rs from .9 5 (0t) , $ 15 00O. Oak leds fromt $2.00 to I
$800O Safes '2.50) t. . $ 100. Big liue eof Ti, Is, Suicthe<. l iigs, Arit Suaiires amnl .'ilaebint.. We are sole
augenets for t he New H mue S-.wilig \l -echim-e, oe (If tihe betit n:ouul'. Jiiggies, Walgeils, atnd SLnereys8-Mvitchell
Wahgi n atad Chat-e Cit l Buggy. Thi eould retaa m lue li il i5 stital ioch of the ro)ad and1( alwaiys will be a little
hiigheri ini ptice, perhapis C, but 11o inneith bette e ini weari. J.:, iece -'ivedl a car (of BUibeid Wir'e antd Nails~ and a bie
lot of PoL trEy N-t Iinog.
P'icle-s lots It' he ep t.tionii of bein- -e uof flit- best 1 li-n omirke Is in the s'tute, so bhi
"banne r to6wn1 of the e i Iutv,' an td dlonl't. foerg.- t whd li I i- t hat Fo' lgierA t m- Thnes have the,
good goodis iat the rightI pricest. C'ia ou s rit i hi- c invinced.
CTlothing, Shioes, I fauts :uir- Gnits1 Furnisingli ( 1uods at spiecialty. Agents, for Battle A~xe
Shoes ~;, StetsonI) I lt s. t14f i-'~. it ti-o -I \7a s, ( arh art Overalls and H Iarrisoni low*
and Co( unIitry Pint.
i- . a- 3 Whlh o i leai-e .ar ,> vaur r' -t-crs ind myt flri 'nd( tiat I ami "still at the O4 d Sand,"' with ia
liI ('omapl..tc ~ji elial I' iel.-- w ich I hav- fr th--ir int-u etion and1( stale at very close figuir s.
act, att -rcs w hich Ii aini( ' <lming .ci o' er h e i >i >difar Ru tr Bar-g tins. Tell I themI that
car I l 'i litlf "nvrh - an ever-tythingi~," and am salliing ait a close profit.
t"y l- NEl'I )1 iEAV V VI NTE' R~ S il(EA, Wea have themdii; atilo, SUITS, PANTS, UNIDEU
WEAX R and IIiA a V K NITI StIlRTS; al so, a good li no of OV'EfRSHOIK8t.
Friomi niow unli ii(ti r hst ois we inivite thte lad i to stalt arid we willI make themn close pri ses o
all fony GO)S. I)IlESS COOI)S, NOTIONS, ele.
Wit miak e he 11- .aun --fr ai- thle above Itli thii-mt foltksi on Olothling, Shoes, Hatea, U~nderclothini
Truinks. Valisoi. (Olitsi' Furnishuings, "e. The nicest, line of theis goods wo l.ave eer carriedI.
Floitr, salItitand ha re-d a ru byV tth carl lad to go ait prieces that defy comnpetitioni
A comeui 1)1 o 11c of the leb- d kindt uef ftir1 it I u i an:1 i nico att ing, cairpeting anid rugs. Ag 'nt f'4:
I rrInK gst--adChtao Pow-tovrync ay thinug' in every . well regutlatodl tamily ar.
he he'sI of their kind on the market. Chiniaware, Glassware, Agateware, Tinware andl other ware that
A fui'l tune or Untdertal-ors' goads and a tico Hearse
Y -ur pa' ronaga sotieue~d antd you will be, treated right. C u y MIliC Falli
P' S.-All per-sons o-- in-i the estate of "'[T.M Mcall will pleaseo come forward and make se~tleme,
nasearly a5 niossibtO.

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