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.For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Buh
sgetable. Frepa rationforAs -
0ing -thI 1MS to machs anId BowlIs of
B . ears tho
C.a r .t 0 A
14AeI46 Sard- U
Anix na #
4k ati~A+
Aperfee lemedy for Constipa
flon, Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea .
ness and LOSS OF SLEEP. For Ovoi
FacSimile Signature or
"One meat market passeth away and another meat irar
ket cometh, but the old meat market (Moore's) abideth for
ever. "-Ecclesiastes, ist.chapter.
We sell lots of things and buy lots of things. We i
cash for all kinds of produce and hides. We want your
ton seed and seed cotton-in fact we want everything
have got and will pay you cash for it.
The Old Meat Market.
That' ouKet tsalasrtx .'
Itstetx faltesr osw prech
Yhtsour e yeIts Evey or e steU on
nt' te utt ofvelthe entmns forewhchw s ow'l toc o
houst youw'R n tinki e of orwt fre c oming ot san.nteetr
* W~te same tet lte. that end yo u Our nextt discourse will be anw Si or
.vr e iki u.AY , Ptl n )rchgonetorahereln
--:rmenn t .
* r-~-- IfTho kind u that ae made t t~ihe e so o the'l atoco
* IIDO YUThat win thate wl orth de. ht ab anal i toire
hoa olnot find on thie tet, nd reti et icrdse hal beo
t Neice tinotoflo ul~ing. n rmso n iemd oodr
g - - ..CO E ONB E DN SD Y..
Mhc Crusaderm flroulit Then From
the IIoly Lund to Europe.
During the dark igem and in early
mediaeval ties perfumes, with the ex
meptionl of ieense for eceleawstical use,
Were almost unknowijandthe rude
Saxon thanes and Normau .bhrons and
their spouses were qilitp iontent with
the sm1el1 of wood ires, and huge
masses of roast or seethed moat and
were not at all solleitous to enjoy the
pleasure of sweet odors. It seens to
hiive been the crisaders who brought
irai' the Holy Land into westorn I'u
ropj. the perfiuies for which t'he cas
has; foni tline ilumemorlial been re
nwie 1. The origitial home of per
iln'e w as o; ther Chinn or l'rnt.
dito ia-ta namett century the priesta to
the temiie of Hellopoll3 L)e:l to) oT
every day to their divinity thi-e -
)f perfumes, one iII Ihe or' or
It nloonl an.1 the o i:- at o i.d
oei ag a Sntl ('o1iJps.'(i O fxien t.
gredients, forming :IIn ensemibAa:.111.
kaphil. The univers;ahlty of perfumes 1,
ancient Greece is kvown to ever. ;)!
who remembers the (1lightfill ,- t.
(Ion';( fowh. perl":n.e i 1m:.,- of g~
Indies in ulwer's "Last Days o!' P.
pell," and from lHets i tiht' -e )r
fuimiory spread t Iomei, wh :'-. 1m
the empire, almost every o! J' Ic
Evenl the stanthirds of t -
were prfuml, -Ind thle vt.
the ( Coli im when the emli :T
prescent was duied with arom:a ie pi..
ders. 'The sutcs.il ve iuvasi:m; oft:
bail mrimris led Ito the ;shu1i'tieg up o:
perfum~n;'r Nhpsw'th whie'l thew E-.
nal1 City" had aIboundeelI an1.1 unt' Ii
tIme of the Illenaiss:nee perfun. Iry
Italy wis olily vended by a few apth
terica'I.. 1t 1ule, h1 mwever, ha1d 1.>t (: -
outt in Countantinople, aid at ih. rl;
of tht (Greok emipirel0 theBy,.anti.
Greeks f'ound that their Turkisi co-.
<uerrI*'s were as Ias;ioinately fon(d t)
perfumery as they theiseIvesi wNere.
Bweelt.Mssences for~ $Lecur u. * e 'le
rli'st lnatle ant artle!p of tradte ill P 'an.
by one Rene or Ltinaldo, a Florelt.
who eme to Paris iII the suit of Cath
inh1e Ile Mediis, to whom the Frenel
people likew.se owe the introduction o
confectiontery and if malevolent rumo1
Is to he credited the confection of ai
least half a dozen subtle polsons.
Sluggish Live r a Foe to Ambition,
You cann1ulot accolnplish very muc110h1 1
your livor is innotivo as yon feel dull
votir eyes are heavy and slight exertioi
"xlausts you. Orinto Laxative Frut
6yrup stimulates the liver and howelf
aIld miaketi you feel bright and active
Orino L.xativo Fruit Syrup dtes not
uInueate or gripe and is mild and vor3
Jasanlt l tatke. O1 ilt3 ist ilnore efl'eetiv1
th n pills or ordinar cathartics. Rt.
fige ni)sMitittes. Pient. nDriig Co. Dr
It. F.S
When It wII lie it digrace not te
work whvlien ole Is ail e.
Wh'liei to get rich by making. other.
poore. will bite (onsidered a dlisgriace.
Whien tile same11 standaltrtd of' morality
w.'ill he dlelilanided of 111en as of womieul
W\hen1 the goldeni rule will be regard
(e1 a1s thei sontlde.st buiessQ phihoso,
founlld inl titling the right and( only thet
giood w iil e 10ound( to be real1.
When tilt buIsiness 1man1 wi'll anmd that
is betst initertests will be the best inter
t'sts of' the man11 at the othier end( of thei
When ai 11ll hatre'd, rC'eenpt anid jeal.
ouisy wvil b e r'egardtetd as boomerangs
whviich inile upon)101 tile itrower the In
ju try ilaItended(4 for ot hers.
Whe thl e " i)'best .itth'i y" will 'onIsist
and1( Lntelevementl , ratther thani those
till po)ssessioni of unea'trned~ fortune,~
Mani's Unrlieasonabieness.
is oftenl as great 1as ia woman~'s, Butt Thos.
. Austin Mgr. of thle "Re'publican,"t tf
Leaven worth Intl., wasi nt unireasonabicl)~
when lie refused to allow the doctora to
operlate on his wife for female trouble,
"Inustead,"' he says, "'wo concludled to
tatke~ Electric ltittera. My wife was then
Ito 11i(k, shet couild har'dly leave lier betd,
and1( 5 p~hysicians had1( itiktd to relieve(
her1. Aftt r taking Electric Bitters she
waIs pecrfectly cured, and can now per
form t iI her household a ui t i o o . '
(Guaraniced ity Pickeuns Drug Co. Prie
Thi$ i$ a Dollarou$ Appeal.
Tihere1 i$ ai little muattr to whichi
Thle Mt $$ennger beg3$ to call the at.
tenttion of iI$ Sub.$erib~el $. We really
bate to $paak of it, but $omo hav.
S~eminlgly allowted it to $lip their
cnind$ To n$ thi$ i$ at very imnpar
tant i$$ue; tu fact it i$ nect;$$ary ib
ur bu$ine'$$. Weo will not $peaL
urther* on thit $ubject. Perhap$
roul bany gue($od the drhift. of our re
nark$- ---Thle AliSi$ii$ipi Me$*OD
What are your friends saying
about you? That your gra y
hair makes you look old?
And yet, yt:dt are not forty.!
Postpone this looking old.
Hiair Vigor1
Use Ayer's Hair Vigor and
restore to your grey hair all
the deep, dark/rich-color of
early life. Thfen be atisfied,
seS B) YOU yClaIm for it. 1roath
-E VANDROA11, Mechanicayl. N. V
for u..I 4t1th
MM Not the mere tem
not the little he
4ric acid in t!
a strong an<
the blood of
ural method
TRADs MARA n19C.16'engce
The Great Blood Purifier.7C R
.A. SURE CURE OR Differeni
RHEUMATISM lates scieni
Also a Specific for all other Diseases CURED Al
arising from Impurities of the Blood. F
siciazis b)ut got no re
'Adults..one to two teaspoonfuls in a little of ever being wel
Water, after meal. and at bedtime RHEUMACIDE,
_____________________________Sample bottle and bc
If you send five cents
NOTICE OF ELECTION Sin o f Oiio. Ty iYor 1oer)s, i
- - *. 1.LUCAS COUNT Y,
Of the Southern Cotton Association 1'ann .1. Ch'enev inake.4 oatih that h
F4i - r oi ) is p 1) rier .f t. e i ri f in. .1.
i C~ivil Swb-D iviision, Militia Disi ricio f 1'okpd, ~,C(oniit imd IStAut afo' 0310(1.
and Towsluip officett for thtiisi :"" "it that id fi) will p'lY tile sii of
ii~g ylar, ineiotiit5 are cail.4' 14) be WN E 11 UNi M1 El) LfLARS for cachi
ando 'Ve uo oIf 0 itrr fu that meinot
held at each votig prev(itiiot, (ir 'be auti 1)y tho tuso of lil as C&iitr Cunre.
entral point, of the io ni d FR oftheANdK ie. C hENEY.
Sworni w 3114'3. 1 HllhscriI)O i-.1
auli'.djiisoii1 thriltigh. -ti 0 e ot Il~ pr s hI ti 6- 6th day- f 1) com
ton statesB on te frst tIMU ra% Il ber, A. 1). 1886). A. W. (TU11-SON.
IDteem l.tV 1105. 1 ia:'n C; hb~ 01- is (:ro il 3k41 Int)1ernail
T 1he oficar 1sh~iall co03) t ( 1.4 ( 1 v ii S 331O. 11 I (ill flip blood and
Su~dvjIoi Iii I 11V W 1S 1H'IeL,. of loi sti'tem St 11.1 : 10
Sub3diis)3)- Mi5." DSSampte boyttle. and be.1
V wnTip, PreFid , LEiCTiOt :I r. J. (1 er& O., To!do, 0.
'L'roasurer. Also, .ri two to Ciovu o r, , .!: I) - 75o.
'1aJo, 1 U ~~l ],111i fr-I (!) 0 Sip
represeotatives Shall ho l r tio L.
chosen , at this motf i g for 1 he " '" i-h
herl) s (f at te d ing tl i lt or r beured th e 1 Kid You is Aars ourh,
sub-iis Con thng h ..ut tiii e.. cIII m rsi n hsN t a
ton ates the nll rt halrdS-, r, .1.18.A .uisN
theirceblr pl eo905-tgo th- - arhCr stknmenl
The oecicer Saldl con ist.~ it, o i vili
Sub-ivison, Maish4lier Ditict 'h or
eonsip, Prsident, Secretaryi on tiw
aTreasurr. Ao froma twouto ('I ivei ~sts
Oh he thdayul ecin ly,~p mI a~csl, irctl an th9 lo. n
boetai~eSor dlegaes ~ themneom. b yOrac of1( hl the systmtln.
ch~en or he uro~i of. wt for' lutmen o.
at their respec>ie eaplnols .n75h.
epreseontatiell botlcil or tiou. ~ oinld lne
dpurpots o attnd the co u ,T 1 ~~iaiunt lt
arish meetings whicl wil to ta.te IALNA A
St at e ciounty Aoufrt ho'~u, -_______r_______
dtyeir reguary plceo9 metigo
The sen Saturdayoin Deceo mb niA''O
190r fort purpose of e h-g~e tuE TIEog o-iCRL
ocunt for tahe u licersg fr 'hl . B .W.r s. hht Jdo
LO fThe~ couty fer ui0 hall) ~o ni1)~n~ ieiLteao imn
clonto a,) Prello ent, Secr~ tttoi f h -weno u efctno
and Trea.urer.iAtothesdo--untyd.
glrwhhreetg, L hicnh wil ei 18 hmd it- d 1( jlult ieknie
onitOhe 9thfday sofdDecembertirepre
sippnttive, or degtes tone,h aN.'t IeQrl ht ie i n per
Cholen tor ot aoiatwfr e the purpo o Pof matinb
aTteir esee loap ivos Vigon the 2( ll fN-. 95 it uui
fonst Wdnuday one OJahar 10.ainhru, t.1 co~ki h '
Each)1countysowiclns-',eifone torytha-e
leabest atenda theaneuih -it.
John I'. Lwis.8th (311!of ., 1905 in the -130 y..
ofot'il l)uol.
I'latlig ole't loicy11141r1oa. in y byv Me . P. P.h,
Foley's &otto.. Chicg.. tri-.iatt----ar
rene~ysid 31 ccun (f 110gr*)t i Ob i 17' NII S. t I 7.
genine 'Uei4 ~Vrth.-I4 znt~ileii~i y, oil &u inet ion y I.. -u
of tem. I'li genine ob-~e Ie'e.-y 2:-"i"1 . P. *1 M3iT~ H, T. P.
Ptaon metings call. to- moet ati l ot the, A-rLt~A ioA.C u
Sateo Ct. on te fitt Wdue
day inJanuar 1906
ThestaeotingtNcssay w-l be-held
for thouturpodo ofd', e .lectig p tate
ofiefrthe i nsui ig. yea u a l ' *- - - Ca . agi.ttl.
membero the w xcutive - Cout it... . - 0 (!C~id r
Leottn or Southernis Coto A - -- io~.-------- .lE3:4351
upaon ladfollow: lFor A1a4 m 3,tni i yt-i . 4~10.'lO~.
WHtEAS M0. at'. . Hmi
Ml aidfrm vl~o I11ton'* an oir Lizziseamte. mdesi
ii ue'tro1.ime4 Pt: pat toetaiers. mi
tratio of t E-tad of ndueffcts o
A0~MnSiD. J.( I.amilton, d --eased.
Arkansas two,~~- Flrd nG-. H- R HROR 0et n d
gia- -~re oiin -hr ,Miasmnha ndauua h ide n
porary relief that the old "remedies" gave, -
lp that the doctor's prescriptions give; but
does. Rheumatism is caused by an excess of
ble blood. It is an internal disease and requires
I vigorous internal remedy that will cleanse
all its germs and yet act through such nat
s that it builds up the entire system.
/. I
t from any other remedy. The result of the
tific discoveries. At the same time It cures
Rheumatism It sweeps out
'TER 16 YEARS. of the blood the germs of
Baltimore, Dec. 10th.
iave suffered terribly with
,s treated by leading phy. and cures Indigestion, Con
lief, Long since I despaired
again. But hearg stipation, Catarrh, Kidney
decided to ve it a trial.
)ottles, and anks to this and Liver Troubles, La
3, I now feel that I have
;e on life." Every ves g r
-en driven from m system.
RA D. GARDNER ,tm lo PiosR
01. JaRes St., Baltimore. YOUR DRUGGIST SELLS IT.
okiet FREE Po',BLIOE D
ofr poetbgeod __the _germsof
MAKE oNotithe bf eselia
TH11ELi OUJTLE [ ure Lands of talvi, I. Smith, do-eased. .A
Youri raidihig, Hlome Wileil i -i(tt.of cseliealed lanidi of Cal.
sti Gi'. i ipat1ioin, of Pickny County,
phe closer you investigate our p Spring teri of 1905, of Lae 0'urt of
and on I- niethods (of doinig business, the Ojo1ituou Pkiiii for Fid county, ii't, dcer
Grp e tn by the jetliig judge, and
b0t1 o aes Btmorell YU aid inquest aving been returned to me
MAKEby liohefor, notice is her. by given
Our shoe man has grown grey study- to te heirs at law of the aid Calvin se.
iug leathers and lasts. The result is, Sinith, c)- othl', e.1ufim 'ng tilet' hint, to
we ir showing ur itie of footwear, envy eppea atl n-ake chum to taid echeated
Pair of wrhic is sold on our personal land-.
gutarantee. A shoddly Shoe h)ac no place Said Catlvi" 31. Sillth (ised October
(n our me o dves. A sliongust b Iatler ss, , 1901,'asd Wis tit pirson last seied
an.1 gi od le.ather' at tlaet lu !oro woe teOf Paid loiid,, Whichit aro described as
b tillitegr to sell it. foyIou,
MAEN's' SIIOE.S.-Meu's geninile firm All thiat piece, pnr' )I' traclt of 11,11(l
(Ill '.lity split, as t107'r wilter-proof a-4 it lying at~d beinig Hittmnte ill tilie counlty of
Ou can hoe made at the pas ce. A new Pistu endy --tte of 'oulh ;nrolna it has
pi iLe they do 't wear- 1.25. N's tatoU tOWiish il ot t ast. Of T eireu Et s
gnie shangaroo Bluthors, $1.5r). ntoo orek, comprising three iadred
pai' figh BootR in Kisigoiroo idt( 1 (%voeity-five (325) ae'os more oi less
gu.& -a lfr . Ath d s ha no; p.N0 lac e d o_ I WteI rt. n
onouls es SAy shoo ms beKttigle~rrnryOI(' yDvd.ek~
an oo d latcher a soth athefr, wlo . are tis~11( eoi ste lliB
MENx 'l we OES.-vraeMen's gennineA .. IfirstiS
qualcrity lI sp ta ed w te-po'f (rf(ot:tlo' .iktsaotty
Shnine th kn or $2.99.rs "1.in.
S:3 i Caf0rh9 0 at $; w'igt$3
stounds'.h Men' Sunday Shoes, KLa-' Cut lPces
roo: -tin e r, i l sid ate r ip, aol.5.
Ou 1r "T 'ea A n ti - s"- he best '. 3 ..B ebr surPo~t
La ualf ei (i ideversily- MenNhJug
Sh1 50th 3 0kn for $1.99. is "hKing ta, .A Elsmaesi
linn,'I 'ii.a 'id eatem'cotnti ad tAtin ofin hest aate d and efs of l
is12.adcesall hantviug ben madie aitidre
(~I~1 HiO DEAWUMNT pr n i"g ttrf of othe nurt ieon
iti'g abogtarybfoetelisedeoemeeby that treyn jue andp
migudvia' i. wo, s o't' misios said inqefor having thee returne o Pie
us yu ha" th satsfacion f knwi by the f eo, otiowce if eriy given
thatyouhaie ti-' et'- lut tat l toY he whhesaitlawdofihe sadrCtin M.ul
canbm~yanmifan~ tin trniototr otaathcd amnui it
wron we re t maeitgood Our(piend n~taer culand tad seatted
your tradd.Calvin M.fiSurts with Oetvbet
give ou an~1eaf 190gene'lndu ofs th . er lha'yseze
ourl thrt piece, parcWintrrtruitsflate
$18.0. Our$18.0 suit art'ivi lyingh bateJdgeo b einsitaeinthonty of t
Maxwel.Feage.DaviPio. en t of Souetat of;artlia i.nMEas
117 11 N.Min 5', Grenvill tat 0 o wnceship an tasto disigs Eas
Rea th reksc th rad o tea-tov. 1.re9k, conpisn Ethr ounred
andle waty-five(325)tarThemerutlete.
70aresoinandnea Ma rieter Sar and
12lce e rT andsforer~ ly wesytaid, ro
johIifl laue o Mrands outhsandl kno theAph Bar--r
Watuotioldhome $1 pe om e pico
'iO tVE '~) i'Il~veyiiir'~i Octm A JJ yf~ . ILhg lOGS,
ciUkrk oftsonrtaroriPi-kenstcounty.
sty R Z N Stomach. and pw.LLdves
leni hr o u es and maatroublth pair
quaIVdrf Ops vici fot wool~j Choorontp
Iip. (Jnp1 u ai 25. .MmtEaiq

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