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FOR 810K.
Mrs. Henrietta A. S. Marsh, 769 W.
16th St., Los Angeles, Cal., President
Woman's Benevolent Ass'n, writes:
a ofsuffered wills l grippe for seven
weeks, and nothing I could do or take
helped mje until I tried Peruna.
"I felt at once that I had at last
secured the riht medicine and I kept
o;teadily I improv Ing. Wtithin tht ee weeks
I was fully restored, and I amn lad that
J1 gave that truly great remedy a trial.
I will never be without It again."
In a letter dated August 31, 190, Mrs.
Marsh says: "1I have never yet hieard
the efficacy of Peruna. questioned. We
still use it. I traveled through Ken
tucky and Tennessee three years ago,
where I found Peruna doing Its good
work. Much of it is being used here
also."--Henrietta A. S. Marsh.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
The Sentinel-Journal Company.
THOM1PsoN & IUCHE1Y, Pnors.
-l. ) M. TMPSON, EDIron.
Suibscripitont 81.00 Per Annum.
Advertising R -tea Ileasonable
Enitered at Pickens Po0stefllce an second Olat.
i Mail Matter
Wansa. oebr 5 95
llaD~eRES OI LO~al.. . . . .P.'.. . . . . .at. .
- Th.. .. ... ...i.P.k...wil
clos, on..'..k.g.ing.d. .
-L 11..E.....and.J....G.
Mrak henrutt A.rrsp.udens, 7e9 W.
WoanBnieiolgn dayswil wie:
gerl oufferved in Pricken fby evn
weks and m nrchng. uddootk
heOenm uhnki tiegda thsta.
wi lt at on thatck h a l.
--~ie th ol rme ciol d Di epitN
29eawily openron.ayhi tovemer 20,
isws Eale reqstord atamg the atn
stgave thatirulhildreat remd abrinin
tailnver bewot Eaity agn."hed
rcin of lette daeAgs, which Mwa
to Mave saen pl ae oner th 9heardt
thas eenac pospornd utionted 18th
--Marrised. trav.eled thruhe Ke
tuecy ofd Tebrne's threneasago,
ahr ond .n.A.dWite, thit daghtod
ork. M uh offitcisabingue hr
alt."IPiet A. F.rshy . 2
Aresshir. artmoclckb Presidn o
T-MIlrtm. San. iarm isolosins
oThaleo heie-Jalr ad Comntey.l
Interyd at hie s ~tosc in Liertyd Cand
Central a ad baer otrt
Phn IaryteNover. C.:u ed n
ting EinPer~ lin no is' the time1<
paivei Unisof a mct at Persona Nati
7 ando was aressedi byc J.q .til:
-Lg B Watsn and B1. T. Earh
state orgarnizr. Tee was a sulf
bint frnnoth ewn ofodelge pre
ndw ar seion'r unin.wsogaie
Thns~gdy will hodter wetmeig I
daf in embrat. p.m
Perap ylttioug ike dyu' gr&~aty
29wllen mdNvemberl Hair
to i p I1% 'idY Ij, he. Am jn Ii .
C owk ed.
some of the young men of il
own enjoyed a fox race ono nigh
last week.
-Dr. Dolt, who has b.en sick fe
a time, left for 'Greenville Naiurda
!-to enter a sanitarium.
--Dr. I. B. Crimm, the well knowt
eye specialist, will be in Pickena
Thursday ( Pidy), Nov l6qb, at tho
Hiawatha ho'el. If you hlav, AI.%
trouble with sour eyes call on him
Examinajtion free.
-H1. EudeJ, Greouvillo's popular
c'othier is giving to every pilrobaser
of a boy's suit, at 83 50 or ov-r
a nice bton wviud wateb, guiaranteed
for one yoar. Buy clothing from him
uid uake the kid he ppy.
--\farried on the 8h instant, at
tVe residence of Win. 0 Iticie.',
fither of the bride, 5i.s Zw a Riche1,
to Mr. R L Davis of Easley. l'ho
happy young couple h'tio the con.
gratulationls of tleir many friends
ior many years of happiness.
-Dr. W. m. Hortoni, deontist, wath
dalled to the country during his last
tay here. Hu did not return to
Pickeus, his country practice de.
manding his time. H will be at the
Hiawatahba \iinda -, Nov 20tm, foir
such time on y as einiage n, ut, hold
Wim. All mut make enugage u nt
.bat day1 if the desire his profession
al services.
-Are you reading tbe adverti.
nents in this papol? Please ini- I
titin the fact to lle werchunt who
Vo1 trade with him; it will pieaf
umn to know that hit effort to inte,
ost - u aie b urinae f init.
-The following invitationa gre be
ing sent out:
.\lr1. Shauion Morrihon
r. quests the ph a-ure of iour (ompanRi,
at the marrioge of her daugter
Aimeo Guilliard
Mr. James Toomer Richey,
- %A edneselay evo i. g, Noventer 29,
lat 1ine * 'clock
at the Fiat Pie-.h3 terian Churebh,
Coluimbia, S. ut h Cairlina
--We call youir attention to the nat
R To T, R- tz "theu ,i do-ble'
merchant of Greenville. He ban on
of the nicest stocks of goods he ha
ever carried, and invites you to oat
and inspect same. His force of
asles men, of 'vhomt Leo Hunter i
bead man, are as good, clever, ao
commiodating and painstaking as can
be found. Col. Bentz sells nothing
under cost but if you buny from him
you get your monesy's worth every
--This paper will continue its
oash-in-advance plan for 1908 and if
you want the paper come in and pay
for it, Those of you who have been
begging off and promising to pay
when you sold your cotton had bettem
come on in and see us before we be.
gin to believe you didn't have any
cotton to sell. We have to meet our
bills promptly and we expect you te
do the same. We can nee corn, fod.
der, grain, chickens, wood, etc., o12
these OLD occounts and will taki
anything to square them up.
-Don't forget the stores in Pick
ens will be closed Thanksgiving day
--Willie and Johnnie Harris, soni
rof T. D. Harris, accompanied Mlissel
Child and Paget to Glassy Mountaia
Saturday and carried their rifle
'long. While shooting at a targe
John shot Willie through the'stoni
itch with a No,. 22 cartridge. H,
was brought homie and given medi
gal att'ention and Is now getting
along as well as could be expected
it is to be hoped thait no serious re
sults wiall be the outcome of the ai
-We beg the indulgeno. of oui
friends, readers anid subscribers foi
the badly printed paper they are get
tingt the fault lies with the railroads
.and we wrill remedy it as soon as w<
can. About the 7th of Septembie:
we sent off a lot of our rollers t4
have them made uip for winter usi
and up to the 14th instant, they ha<
"ever reached their debtination, At
hants; where they ha.e goa. to wi
cannot tind out and the P'ickens rail
,road does not seem to know. W
are figuring for an entirely new me
t of rollers from the press makers anl
hspe to have them here in a few day
;and when they come in we will giw
Iyou as asn nicely printed sheet as yo
can find anywhere.
>HairI Reewp~er
hair; then keepi.Peapnoi
Renewer always restores color to
alson. e.sie *..-u ,
P1deIs Die; 00.
Our Christmas Goods
Watoh for Our Announenemnt
P1eps Dug CO.
Open, Your Eyes and Read It.
The Dixie Bargain Hous<
Is going to uove after Christmas. This is the only one chance to gi
i ow prices before I move. If you want to be satisfied with your purchasi
ionoe here right now, for you will save several dollars. A dollar eaved
imigity easy done, but a dollar to make is pretty hard. The Dixie Bargai
I -m-e has three or four times as large stock of ,ew and salable gouds thn
--ver carried be.fore of tho best goods mado in the United States, and IL
stock must be sold, cost or no cast, as I have to move, and I w i sell Ilie
cbeip rathet than ship them and pay the freight. When you buy clothin
y -u don't want to buy a suit every wcek. Every picce of goods I sell
g-aaranteed. If you are not satiefied you get your money Laek. Com
a ..und and tee tme before you go somewhere else. Here you will see th
h. t-Cl.thng, Sh 'el, HIata, Underwear, Gents' Furnishings, Trunks, L,
liem' Sk ri,* bildren's Suits, etc., you ever saw, and at the lowest pripe
vou ever bought Yuurs truly,
Louis Copel
?roprietor the Dixie Bargain House.
-Y.,u muised a trettb last Thure. -.tTusa te3ii
ii - ught by niot attemlaing the leo. Takgvu vdL .rbvt
f Hon Lui betr .Muashiir; it was tetw iv gedt hs l
a at to hear him, and all who did soe i htdy
went sway wll pleased Oii De. -Sea fLui aepor
mbel:p 11th the Ladiut Qaturtet willtrofheDi BganIus,
wiu n tna and tiey tlhonld behsise 4'i as owl e
'-eted by a ho~uuse full o.f people- Pcestefrto h as
a "full" Louse. As entertainera elhsgvoacep
, y are thae bEet going andi you
aild hwgin making preparations to BSNS OAS
ar them. JD or a uh u e
Stores Will Close Thanksgiving,. n eahm
We the tundea aignied mnerchata of
ekn ge oclose aur stores on l AL Atabri.T
anksgivinrg Thursday the 301h~ inst. slni obete ra.Cl
Laijet CopThnsg'i igand i e merchantasd
It. It. Iloark stoes ontat a. A .Mri
-Va fSe ae at Lo1i C0per, propri
h-I AI~a'ytGor o e .iie Bagi 1Hue
this ssueLtui says hegwill la;
1' 1.Fe.vi ~l& ~ Pickel the thrs ofthe Wil ca, o
.1 F l r i.yJ D.for te has i ugt pot M~
and wil ell hen a bagtin' Citfa
Aplendid oubtle nocs oran. Cotall
L,i1f at at Cop lscvr ecodundbad thore w at ard
.7 iR. oax r.me atio ieifcItt wil bargn. I A) M.t Morrs.
F.:lga &hThorniury.
neuue ia t t spthe Oseovered ad Reail~'eiiinedo eniwr
le ie r iith' 'numatism.z ndwgo eps
e'z.ad y : rs f n- e uren th ie v pcer t i . ' alhrg tc i~i.Ii
*4e hn desa fo u o hate th nly relieven.iur vil 3'' h hni
b*j utel cui'e, ofeumtis and . . kirdt.AA lbai hBaLa
ei o a ?ured. rheu natis n fo -iXfI' caused.e~ i~s'~ i
e o at. Ouf oai f hllymarvu cd nt e louod, ________________________
* CistcA iui~g~.euau, ide tou purely ouu ~AOTI
>t, .n io *wr ia tie -uh nts conel
ouitra. hes nty an fwepsiakepossn
har'u ae gers ~oun ofthr e b e.d.A the wl Equra io
y e it l Or to01e u th stomlchdnd rgr.-~ 5
-.the 'oiver a id neyd hteuut'idg*~
..n..erbl.otherfft'e euresethf dnd ase per
14, !,ebecauvegit remooet thedcausa.aIt
ors tied hospliarshaveefaned It eumd
i.a ~, : a ie i tha rnheu ntismd f o jl l n Ig lirtu iur
yeir, and is feetlwer awn up wit thoceioseftesti agrtTat
'. t bnu-ide a readyu oeform tie 'eend ht he ) ~lfpO
n an teld in we rigr miy ases ofd Rhuma-o. n. nteCutofPoato
. sctica Jub .o Iout k idn trouio, lvo oaaio.115 i
.noulnity today.od
HeasJ au a a re i l to n t her we t be. ne ry t~~J~idfPI
. 'r makteil rs. tu "lt -e oeadingaymn drg ist ea vm e,10, ite 3
thicu.ty .~V~ te~~ tad ton ano en Rhuan.yaof.ri lprl.i.
It - . Co.tut y ie, ta~uae pon yo the 25hda o
-vyt3 M4 1LE (J. PRR. 4sMITH, C
Car Loads of 'EM.
Largest Stock. Lowest Prices
WI VVEhave by far one of th' largest displays of Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Gents'
Fulrnishings, Furniture, Hardwaire, Btggies and Wagons ever brought to this part of
the country. Both our stores aic )acked to overflowing, and still new goods fresh from the
markets are coming in every day. Our prices are right for the simple reason that we bought
everytbing before the advance in prices and we arc therefore enabled to give our customers
the advamage of these extremely low prices.
Dress Goods. I)ress Goods.
In this line whave spared nuither time nor ( xpene to throw before the trading public one of the Inoit
up to dale and best. I-eecte d stiuck of DIriss 0oodk ever 1.1h wo in this part of the country. Everything in
Wooll:n Drit a GoouIs, (asOmies, WIr 1vItcas, BroadchIhas, H. nriot t -a, Ski rtiogs and Waistings, with *T wRas sid
Trimamitgs to analch. (..litag, .T1,1n1s, Fitnosels, Purca es, Keisms, Dress Ginghams and Calico
prices. In fsct. our (-ntio liie of dry goods will go at, tho old prices --cheaper than we could buy sor
today. Don't. falil to Pet the assort mout of lEibr- iderie wi re arehowing, 3v to 50o per vard. Big lin I
Skifts, Wnistm aud Utiderakirts 3ackets fron. $1 50 to $7 50; Skirth fhow $100 to 67 00, any style I
Clothing. Clothing.
i8 This is our main lin e and our p-ide --the lino on hi:lich we (lofy competition. Seven years'
n tudi ing the Hin n ca,osely as io have EIJi'Ics na to lae0 leforo our custom, rs the boat goods fo.
n that the markeit aifford-. Fit, Ityle and Q'ualit. are three emscntial thinga that go to make good cl,:
clothing lia, all Of these gualities, aid aro right in prico.
Suits for Cildren,-sizesi 4s to 1.7s, ranging in prico from 75c to $6.00.
suits for Youths' from $2 50 to $10.00.
a Sui.a for alei from 83.00 to $17.50.
Extra Puts for Boys, 4- to 17a, price 25c to $1 00.
Youths' Paints 75( to $3 00.
Men's 'eauts, all siz-s, $1 00 to $6.00.
s O . iec ahi- fr ,i or . h dy, big, litiih-, iii.I id young. $2 50 1. $17.5 1; all colors rind styles.
Avuong the many ddf.-renit lines .l (l1big we bah i e an- 1.e eclbandd 'llorse Shoo" brand
"M.i rs J'ne Hopkins' Mak#" for biIoys. Wo also re presen1It 11-. I-t, rat'ionrai'al Tailoring Co., one of the
it);4 coiet-rni in, the world Smo u, for anthii-g you may iet d in the clothing or gerits' furnishir
Shoes. Shioes. Shioes.
Four the pastIH five years ouri shoe rlesi have~ been at -ndhly incr? eaising 'till nlow we sel1l five times thm .
fdid(i thirat vi ~ar ws'e ue re its ilhiness. TIhes secret of ti i is ver5y '.'tle- -we 54el not htig but lirst
ar a'sai -verii-ly is~ linding it oul . Amlonag Ihe m hany pop ular b ratids wve carry are~ the old~ reno~wn md
fori men(1, women'i and' cldr. i. itm hi sh '.15, 14 5'5 rvhol, kiiiiv, IIn earth for the motney. TUbo G.
1he 'A alk.'.o r sh, f. ou:,t. at 8.:3:5 uso S1 (tO, I Ibe 8sb 1ts Shut, I .r iZ1-'4 at $5 00 anid $6 00. S
vu actid fi otiu 100~ ia 20' pe pub i: il it I,.a .sweel , bu s ev, e a rnthe huo se was bought befor.
SFurniture, Hardware, Stoves,
tiu e bi.. 'S..hds O t, 8ii.. ts,; w : t '' 5 i ) (. 0 . Oil l eu ,' , ':i'; \5 01) I $15 00 Oalr Beds
d$8 00 S~fr N $t2.50) I $!l00. U1 i .. f Tem'J'i , uis ee-Q I.. lRu-!., A Sq1u-i-es and 'iawhines.
nISOS ts~ f,.g ib. N'ow's 11 ms "" wli. 's4 .0hin, .. . .r Itf *. t ui,. 1 ol. 1. ';--, WVagyon, saud Surr ,
W!scsail, ('d hut' (nun .i~ig Tjoo id no I.'it i .nn. Is idul' ilusa eb1 iir i b roa ndt 114 alwa~iys wvil be a littiG
Sigher mn pi ice., perhaps, bsut 3o mluch beneI, ins wea r. Ju.,t reiw~'d a cari of IBarbexd WViro and Nails and a b)ig
k lot of P'ool y Ns'iting.
1's-s has I h- nce d ..'o or in g o.r s.. .a ,*t . re k - -n h. s tte, si bringl your cotton to tihe
Iiie "banniii tow Is o' ssf thie c-.untiLs ,' unitld d un't f.,rg-l ' win' e ns e li ~a l l14g4*i & T inio 1 y3 Iav's the reputation of selling
4a good goodse at te righlt prIew'. Call o1 u as.n be conincetQ(l.
ourst' ittdy,
IO Clothing, Shoes, Hats anti G n s' Furni huig Goods a specialty. Agents for Ba tie Axe
Shoes, Stetson Hats, Stetson Shoes, Mitchel Wagons~ Carhart Overalls and Harrison 'I owu
a'and Country Paint.
~R.I E D)ITOR: Pifoniet -avs to, y sirl r 5io'm ism mii fr'i.'nd thiat Ia "still at th' Old 8tand," wintha
/ o pI te li . of' H.aa le gto , he w eh I '-ave I r th .ir awn )4otioni and sale at very 010s0 figures. tr
fct, at t e~ sa . ' w i"' I e ui'i' th, . ' a:r- Ri uro Bargaitns. Te'il thatm tha'. I
entrrv a 'r'Ie -f "'su, ihmaiti ev'tO'ri' thiis.," aln I a'n 1. -ii. 1 ILs a t 'O case iof
4i. 'IOy \'g iNEEDf)I l'AV'Y WVI N'hTER81101 ( iC, We. hi'vP thism; n'so, BUITSh, PANTrS, UN DE R.
uil WE.\R ..nd 11 J' \ VY K' '8 hi1'%3;.il., a g'ood ljiis of ()~M lIOE.
isFrom hOw tar' il ( h1sen3n u'e1 W i sv te lhe lio, to 0) d alsd wesC w ilike thom close prlices o1)
ofl 1)Iy cOOf)s. lDl1ESS GOOD)S, No O X0 , CIe.
d. W', tniks lhe -amii" ,Ilfer ai the abvet isa m in folsd k~on lothini., Shoes, Ila't4 1UndorscothinI t.
m,'reusk--. V'l-i tjsi (":1 s Ftunshiiags etc. The nlicest 1une of thres', go ,d4 wo Lnave . ver carried.
Flour, 1%all an arht d 10 i rh't beII 1 this eair hload to Igo at. pr'icca~ that ds-f'y compentition
15A e* sa-crs 'Ots'Is, of t he uma d kin I suf furns ituire nul1Ia 0 nice atitig, ca4rpnting~ and rugs. Agon t I
~ rOn K, g at I. O an. Chat an 'tga Plo~ws--t .s'o v.'ry nee'o4. sry thini g, ina s'v'ry wcell regulated lamrily airl 4
ei' - hi-sI of thIei r k ind os s, eh mrksst. Cha ''ar-.( Ghaisawa're, Aga tews are, T1inware and other ware thit '
on w5-ars wl
.A fu Ii n ii Unds'rtaW'rs' go 5(. and' a tice Hleia so.I J
i Y' Ir l a ri. n- '4seduit ,n-d y'on with be troateCd right. G u cFa i
P 5 -A: h pe'rso9s o-, itt -h1e estate of -. T. MI"'-'all will please come forward and marke settleet
na earIy na po)stibleI.

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