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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, November 15, 1905, Image 4

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Tho Kind( You Htave Alway Don ht, asid Wich has been
In use for over 30 years* has horue the signatuire et
..and has bU61n indo Under his per6.
sonal s'Usereision since Its Intlancy.
70 4;* '110' o. one to deceive you In this.
All Counterfe~t, Imitatius; and "Just-asgood" are but
ewi w fndene m e!iRA Of'
Castda a hmicsubstitte for Castor 011, Pare.
gori, Drm MASe ig Syups 11 v:)Plemra t.6
-conzins imi u Opiunt, Morphino nor olrNarcotio
sTbshta -o. i.sae 1 Its guaatee. it, detrloy1hs Worms
AnTd IAV_ -risd W ma M r. .a ind
- Co.or or 3 - u Tron he ite on
and 0 lat a .-' :.+ , -the
bz0:ntbchnn -d . u -e hi- ep.
The Kind You Ha e is n .h
in Use r oe todcieyo hs
IT'S A F -.A
ket comot,,h1
ever. -
Re m e m
W sell lots of, ti s an d "J t ;m,.: a r I
cashi for all kinds of pr-odcc(. -mtI~ h . e.wet Iu
ton Seed anld seed comton-in f-act we. want everythbj-g ym
have got and will pay y ou cash !(or it
The Old MIat Mar k t.
That ourici~ text It'st alwm au e
Itste txtfall theSer TOw reach ~AY
cnouh Wf itl ts o al an; sn'. o y1 2 ~n';.\:~
toineed hand wee hao lohea wpre we w o, evana ylm e
have yo'g ot ad il pric to on'emih your netdeurewlb
be samOldtext-cloMhek.
* Jst.towW*'retl~di iiga ofar W rues of8 anyt ize miade 84to erI .
CV aei ta b.t iME .-t?~t*~fl, t WEiDN ESDAY ..uwMtt s'O
*hat Oe Day'. Iluautng Btought to
a lBrood of Pied Wagalul.
A close student of bird life writes:
"Qbservatlon of several species of in
s0ctivorous birds has shown that the
parent birds will, when their family is
growing up, make between them in the
neigiborhotod of 500 visits to the nest
In the course of a day, carrying on
each occasion a whole beak load of
gnats or spiders or larvae. For the
birds which feed on gnats or other
Hmall life generally take to their youu
geo.t not igle insects, but a whole
coilection at a time. On one occasion
I s4pent an hour in taking the record
of a pied wagtall whlch had its brood
di used pwat that had 'setted- down at
lmt > the tmud at the side
Ot p~in .. During the hour the male
Lt n a..ae was looking Ifter the fami
ning abolt on the bank eatchlug in
som1i. far her own contsumption and
varyinag the occupationi with long spells
of atention to her toilet. The male
bird, oil the otier hal. niever rested
W .111ng. .\s his hunting ground was
:8 a..tan :r.-face of the pond, above
, 1..: a 1Ated, he was never out of
Iii -he cu.)ur.e of the hour he made
I weiiy-e;ght trips, the shortest nbsenet
froii tiho younig histilig onIe anud a hall!
ndiaWixi and the longest naearly s$>.
m 4ni; s. On n:) oceasion did lie renmahi
at 0h- i.uut for moret. th1an.#:teen see
oul ir just )img enough to -turn ovei
th-' f.. ' e !'.wtei on the l:st trip to
I . l' ymm.4Ig .;er 1atd ho off :agailn.
: ' ..in:1t were (: Ic!Il:a ig above
I -:'. o. :t -Iih t 'ii tit bird
- - b-!I oe1 Co ll4 1 not set
S .1* .'-:.Iyd cd at hI5 uarry
\.i at as it Iis possible to
-h- :0 .yS 'Md. On his shortest
v. * h.' . e o -e- f'orty shots, ani
rf--- ''or n up to coil.
- t'& ,so that haif of
L -re wasted and failed to reach
th f~uniy at home, there must have
boi - >A 1.:1;W I > 2.000 gnats brought
b > the p:.it !n the course of that
. h , . I Z. 1. 1 hi day 1) th parent
r - w igsimultaneouslly.
.-l l(L~ty to the
Y: oi ir(ce milu1te
S i . t:. en :uof 1 . n ( r i sect -
.1 ~ ) Ci,2:1 t. C -Y It 1.4 limo
Sl g . 41.,:t t . an hardly
n l 2- : 14.3, 'Ii 1or 15,000
m10 \70" 1 . h y woas many."
Sil., I- h i- 1 oe I Ambh ion.
Y 1 m-.n11 t ecuiaplih' Very mn1ttoh it
y'1t1 liver. is inlalivo a" yon frel utll.
r wi4 Yes iinr winavv aid slight exerti ii
- xhn nt Y4ou. (r 1o Liaixtive Fruit
-igrip - imuvlates the liver nod howel
r ,d makes you f. el bright and aotivo
0 mo L x.tive Fruit Syrnp d .es noe
i'.et. or grip itail is mild and ver.i
t. - i it Iet . vo iti.h gsla. ureetNce
toiuche' thyste hs fro te hat ab
dressing in the skins of wild animals
froum head to foot. Tro this queer garb
wer~e added1 glass goggle eyes, and thus
the most hideous looking monsters
were readily presented to th. eye.
Show was made of themselves in the
neighborhood, to the infinite alirm of
children, old women and others.
Mllan' Unreasoniablencess.
a often ar-.gi ent an . wromaro's, But Thios.
.Austin A1gr. oif theo "'II piiIblicani,"' ' I d
Leavmuwort, hnit., wnaH niot unr11.8inah Ifel '
w''en bi et eixd to atli w thei doctors to
-'ier'at.' onl hia i' ife for female trouble ,
"Iinste-nd.' he ansry5, -we concoluded t.
t..k,- lIenstr.o liitters. "y wife wast thme'
so e k, Alh onidi unrdly leave her led.
.11nd 15 phiysonminii had f iib d to relieve
her. A fIc r taking E eore Bitters sh'
want es feeit y cure'td, andl can now per
firm ii her house~tthold d u t i e v . *
'* n an-iced I y Piokei.a Drug Co. Pridel
nriynif* iienaunea-nttoa.
It !.- amit~h ng to knowv howv small 'were
the jpecunttiary rewvards of 'Bryant's lit.
s. :iry labors. Two'dollaa ai poem was
the price that ho namied, and lhe seemed
to lie abundantly satisfied with the
terms. A gentleman met him in New
Yiork many years after and said to him,
"I have just bought the earliest edition
of your p)oems and gave $20 for it."'
"~More, by a long shot," replied the
poet, "than I received for writing the
whole work."
rjs th C Kii'dY0I la8AwahBe
I' . r ' 1 ' i ~natnble t'
it ' a t* l- rasonts inI
*Give nature three helps, and
nearly every case of con
4 sumption willrrecover. Fresh7
n~, most Important of all.
Pe ctor al
NourIshing~ food conmes next. r
Then, a medicine to conltrol3
the cough and hleal the 1ungs.
Ask any good doctor.
*' I first used A yer's Cherry P'eetoral 53 years
ago. I hauve seeni terribde car teso itir die
eases cuiredi 1,y it. I amn tieve'r winout i.'
SALtiEIa-r U. ntAuii/roN, ilariotua. ohio.
250n..500c., P1.00. .1. c. ATU ('n .
Health demands daivy nction of the
bowels.. Aid nature with Ayer's Pills.
had failed. Rheumacide
Johns Hopkins Hospital ti
of Salem, Va., and D. R. 4
remedies and the doctors
Almost a Miracle In This Case.
Dillon. S. C., Aug
Bobbitt Chemical Compan, .
Gentlemen.-ink September. 1899. I took
matism in a very form (Inflamator-y
month after the dlsase started I had to gr
my work and go to bed. It continued to
worse until ny arms and hands weru I
drawn, so much so that I could n't use t
Mvy legs were drawn back tilt my eet toti
my hips I was as helpless as a baby for n
12months. The muscles of my arms anc
were har d and shriveled up. I suffered <
many times over. Was treated by six diff,
physicians in McColl. Dillon and Marlon
none of themn could do ine any good, until I
P. Ewing. of Dillon. cane to see me. tH
me to try your RHIEUMACIDE. He got m
bottle of the medicine and I begah to tal
and before the first bottl was used up- I I
to get better. I used 6% bottles and was
Dietely cured. That was years aro an
ealth has been excellent ever since
had no .-ynptoms of rheumatism. Wil
further that I began to walk in about six
after I began to take RHEUMACIDE wit
id ot crutcheb: in about three months a
an to take it . could walk as good as
y. and went back to work again.
Yours truly. JAMES WILK
Remember that home beglimn w
Remember that open windows in
health epidemic.
It you must worry, tako a N:s i
The little things will knoek yot o
Keep your children, your C:,a
your troubles away from your gia
The dining roon should alway
sacred. That is the one rooim wlwi :
scraps should be allowed.
Have the same standard of mm.
for yourseif as for your children. Y.)
need It as much as they (o.
There are three standpoints t eve.
home-your own, your wife's and C
cook's. Try and forget your own.
Put over the front doof* *for eve.
member of the family to read, -I1
who enters here leaves satire behini.'
Buy everythlug on the iustaliin.
plan by payIng' for it all In-one in'i.
ment-the flrst.-T.omi Masson in a u..,.
Piraetinlr F.oley4s Honey andTv'~r.
Foley's & Co. Chioagn ar;
ioneyv and'I'ar as' as throat-- tuni.
'emedy, and on' atccount i ('I..e .
it an" p p'alarity oif 1.- f '.
I'ar maly aiitati. ii ar oth ib
genine. 'I huseo woa lii, as ,.j~
1asv Siaiilar sour.<h lip ~ num e
)f themi The p, i uhma f-o e
t 11nd( r'efnan any sub.-i-ti tl I
> st ieuaedy for "'ough-.
)ikeua Drug ( o. D)i
FSaley, 8. O
A Japauinee lRabblt Hunt.
"There Is'a Jkptunese. rabbit hau:u~a
tory," says a Japanese author'iti
'which runs as. follows:
"One Jag .meets atiother in the huu,.
og season with a gun aver hisa sliosi1
"'Ahal Been shooting?' he .says.
You look Upset -
"'I am upset,' replIed the huntamuab
and with good reason). I .starte.l ai rab.
Ait. Cherry Blossom, my dog, r'an at
ir it. I fired, and Cherry Blossorai f'eti
"'Too bad. And the raubit?'
"'The rabbit't It brought Cherr
Blossom back and laId her at my feet.'
"I '1 hauik The Lord?"
"'for tuo it .ittf I gut. it . I.
Armac~ Satlve. It oure t Vy I :
ning sorest, wheni rotlin'.; --
heal, an'd from whm . L hra. ..
5 years." It in. a marv(elt
Iouts burns and1( wounidai (i u au.
Pickenia Dlrug Co. 250o.
"'May I ask," InquIred the miehmti.
stra~nger. "what Is your puri7
"*it dlepends."~ replied Subimbu
rmt whether I'mi goIg 01' con'ng
thie 7:48 traIn In the mor'nin~r
1:12 at night."--Philadelphia I ..
A D3it of a Bull.
An Irishman, quarreling with
Englishman, told him if lhe d0%i't I
hil'tongue he would "break hIs in"~
trable head and let the bralns out
his empty skull."
Whein yout wan.t a ph asn ti
ChAmber'lain'-. Stomach a' ai L
lets. They are ewty i ltke a y
ni griping orT other nup11 Ci.
-told by Pickents Drug C'o.
Bhiuding a it
In the book of nu'
tioned as being -handle:l
a bargain,'aend the cute:-.
In the year 1002 eertinii b
put Into p)ossession of their
celving a glove. Thlese) ma' y.-e
richly jeweled glove4, for .luch i:
parit of tihe eplsc'opal habuit. . ii .1
some abbots thot'ght fit t:) arrayr !e
solves in similar hand ca)ver'ing petr
lar only to bihops they wVere forb~i I
den their use by the counell.
i.a the T4 he Kind Youl Hav AI.-as en.''
vor. zr.
ured thousands of oases of 1
cured John F. Eline and c
te greatest hospital in the M
)lmstead, the Norfolk Va., c
had given up hope. 'Iheum
of rheumatism she hi
Hughes, of Atkins, Va.,
rhei There.is a reason why
In ca hl , and W tile
ve of the blood, it operl
adly most delicate stomach
to it,
i my
adgs A purely vegetable ren
fier1 cures by removing the cause,
any Sample bottle and booklet fr
STATh ol01Oio: rri' OF TOLDO,
- rak . h n make oath. hate bi o
.J senior ) r1er..- f the firiu of F. .
Clotuv &Co.' liin hi 1 .Inmss in tfi' City
(if Toled., Count 5 it lil stal o aflo cattid,
find thit s;ilitirin will. I-y the . 1ntn (if
ONE HUN I)REA) DOfLLA1N for eiioh
and * rv e imoe if U etriri thlar &tiot 66
cured by tin uos of Ial .'s Catarrh'(uro,
rbefor' air A'ndsubscribed in
m)y prestew. 1i0 lin- 6th day 'f Decoin
ber, A. D. ..1880. A. W. GL RAON.
(SEAL) . - NOTARY PuBric.
-f.al's ai tira h Cure is taken. intouiinl
ly, .and1 acts jr.cly , thblood and
mIIucous Hs rface9 (if the systein. Send
for testicn-misiN fren.
F. J. CHANEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
Sold by oll Diuggiws, 75c.
'Tatkd'-ijal'Al FAinily Pilla for coustipa
ion. -
e11 th- I- KindYoi aveways Bolght
Arkasas and1 .thie Southwest..
Les' than i onell,waVs re for the'
ronsdlrijp by ilIltimphi8 ands the
Cotton Belt IHntPO. Da1tesiare'
Octbe~r 17 N v'ombesr 7, and
21, Decnsb> r 5 and 19.
Plek yOuir tinitOiiand say who n1 and
whsere yon nan to111 go asnd we wvill
give you full linformsatlon, by. return
BELT Cotton Be' Route,
ROUTE 2'Equ itaible,Hu ilding
A T LA N'A , Ok.
((5onntv rf P'ekens.
Br J. B.* N. wvb ry Esq., Probate .Tudge.
W'~HEREAS, Mrs1. tifj F. Hmnsijl.
ton anid Miss Lizzie Ham silton msde suit
to mo to gluult them'ii Li~tters ni1 Adminia..
trat-ions of thei E lat*, of sand effects of
R. J. Tinms~il~lil. de as'i
HTIF.E AlSE TH5Eli Fonu. to ejtfe and ad..
inltii'isi ll oi~d Hi un31'ni Ihie k-n -red1 asnd
Ore ditos of 5th tsaid i ii .1. ~Humril'on
derounse d, that t .y ('' stad appeasr be
fore -.nse, mi thse on sst r . P.,ibas'e,. to be
held at Pock.'is (!, urt. lH .nwe. 8. 0.. on
the 22d duay of N v., 1905, saft- r publi
enion -hero--if.a' i 11. 'ch~ ii the f-ro
o'n r- to sow o.i ci- , .f anyis they-i haivs,
whho siii :\tiTonshua o
(hvive ns t<b~- mv hand'e stnd 'ze'il this
* . *1L N: whry
be *3, i'- hat. J e '", to ii. s. is
20 .. 'd '. - .' .a 1905 toi ite
111n1 othe 0?l i a t a
I i i -.1,. (Iassa wav~y,
Pa i'ln-, >. C., Nov. 1. 19053 30
All reM~ so vs 'n 'omtss, iga1Isnst th
flstie f. T. '1 . i ( w~tiy. daces'.i.d re
rll qestd to y h e,.s,, ,isgis .-m. g- 1)lllci
nds' tedl to, I "Ii estI l must' maske paty
1l(1) to Mr1 C 1. L.istsvsawy,
The newv LaaIve
that does 'not gripa
or nauseate.
rieasara to tallo.
theuinatism after altt'h'ld0
thers * ofB,
lorld; had failed., Rhey?.
ontractor, a r they a a
acid e cured-Mrs:Ma" We!
kd endur'ed fr 20 rs 1
after the most famous Net
It cures: Rheumad s the
powerful enough to sweep a
ontab purely natura mth
,t anruilds up-the entire.
iedy that goes right to the at of
Your druggist selle and raoitie r
is If you .end five Cents for postage
CAL COMPANY. ProsprIetors, Bath
ili GrePenv!ile.
C:41(1%oier . ,n i villtigin our p1 ice
"ill' si if dsir'g blline-S, tho
' M 0111on b-ceS to I-el you.
)It -' 11s 1 n i1 growl grey Stutl.y
te.sherS aild lasts. The result is
tre sowing a line of footwear, -ver.i
-1r of which is sold ou our perstna
-niurantee. A shoddy sh1oe har. no pIac
n1 -1ur H elves. A shoe nust be bt athe
I I g od leatiher at that before we ar
willinig to sell it.
MEN'S SHOES-Men's gennine firs
qu-lity apiht, a ne .r watter proof as
sh-io ca1 b-e made at the price. A nev
pair if they doi 't wear-81.25. Men'i
gen inc Kangaroo BI tilcher, $1.50.
Mlei's High Boots in Kangaroo "nd
.'8 ,in Caif, wiorth $2 50 at $2; weight 8(
poundIs. Men's Sunday 'Shoes, Kaunga
rob Blttcher, -II allsoid -leather, '$1.0.
Our **Talk About Sho.s"--the best..St
lI~x C'aif we have ever seen;, Men"
Western Oil Grahued Water-Pryod
Shoei s, ihe 8 50 kind for $2.99. "King
Qsualiy"-no bet ter .shoe can l'e malde,
I 3 50 anld $4
L A DIES' 81-HOES-Co~mfort and
'tylo combn)l' d in every pair. Lad ete
gse oneI Dosngola Kid, patent tips, solid
.-as her c -sniera ansd insile, $1 the yair.
La iens' (Gennian Viei Kid, asily worth'
$1 50 for 41.25. Od Lasdies' Mhdeas
tltetca lii-ed.s5. lid leuather counte-ra an'd
nsor' s, $1.25. Lasdies' "every day
-.he,- angrn.,common sense o
sips, $1 25..
olothing -mn bought early, before the.
iLs ldvance~ ins Weol, so onr enossomera
will see 1no e1f reu ce in the price. Ib
factt, *e h e mniay thiI~a ln.-ap1er tbha
'aist year. Wi en you buly a SUit t rom
ss. y-an hasve' he sautsfaction o~f k tiowing
chatr .ion have sever.: he-t 'halt mienlev
sennt buy---and, if' an13thing. turns buti
wrong we are to make it good. Qup
.eothi sg maa1*t give u tisfactioni In' Wat
andt quanlity, or we can't lrope to-keel
i our tr de, Thes~e flaietswil serve tsj
ye .e u an idea of theo general run of
.sir prie-: Men's lWiute'r -Suits, 'oLe
'ln 8, all colors,. stronalIy made. iv.el
'ited ansd iiia-hed: $5 00, 86.5 $7.0-'
.8 50. $10 00. $12 50. $15 00, $1 '50 anl
.I8 00. Our $18.00 suis are What o.th
-s g' t $25 00 for. T1hat's atraight.
M'awell-Fehle*David- Co.'
117119 N. -Minji B ., Oraitsjlle-S 84.
it. ado the rocihN on thie r. ad to Gd
I. me( ' 11 teo The Ontlet.
* t * n: 'lim- $15 e'r
sm.I.lli Lr.act (f ha r d, 20 teoa0
5 ii ve. 80 so me very dfIiral)I I
o n n the r line--$60 eabbi
Stors''" ' "all other means .
!a.- specialists of.
de o atin Percelle,
0"4t ms on other
Point N. C.
toi a Curoe W. R.
W Yor ecalists failed
ltest discovery of medi.
ligsrM a-d ois-ons out
6ds, def tiot i ntjure the
Rheumatlo Gout.
t . IMOOD. iVer Teoubl.,
th di"e6ss and kkrteey Trotibe,
ids Rhumaorde. La Grippe.
to - All blood
gre. Oisees
Ntl0e f Esghieat.
La d of -'Cdivin M. Smith, deceaed.
Antitqoetof cacheated hiand. of Cid
Vili M. Smith, late of Pickens countf.,
dce .t d, Iaving lwee) mN-ad" at the
Spri g term of 1905, of t' o Cofuri (.
othiou PI. as for vaid count v, a. ceri -
tifled to me by the preieiling judge, and
satitd Inqneqt having been rettirneil to met
by 'he, Poheator, notie in lier- )y giv'n
to the heirs at law of the t-aid Culivina hl.
Snith, or ot.ih a'limtu ng mwer him, to
*ippoar anial inako claim to vaid oiclit ated
8Haid Calvin M. Smith dsed October 4
16, 1001, aned vas the personi last seized
of said la nds, wicl are0 dlesclth d as
All that piece, parcel or tract of L.iund
lying nid beinp mittato in the county of
Pickens state of South-(anrolinat i has
tatoe township on east. sielo of Big Eas.
tatoe creek, comprising lre-- bundred
ad Iwenty-five (325) acres m- re or lena
joiin lnd o(Hstern Si. w%'ere anudo
ad fomerl ownCEeI by David Parker
ad 6there anid knaown .es tie Alpha lBar-Y
ton llemne p'aeo.
eli4hn6 -. A J. POGGS,
(herk of Oonr t for Pickensu e'onit..
No appetite, loss of strength, nervous
iiiheadache, constipation, bad breath,
goa. debility, sour risings, and catsrrh
of'bstomach are all due to indigestion.
-~~ cures indigestion. This new discov
ery rpresents the natural juices of diges
4ien asthey exist in a healihy, stomach,
tned with thei greatest known tonio
"it'constructive properties. Kodol Dys
pha Cure does not only cure indigestion
and *dyspepsia, but this famous remedy
daWe$ all stomach troubles by cleansing,
purifging, setnn n teghnn
th uos membranes lining the stomach.
Mr .S. Bail, of Ravenswood. W. Va.. says:
I w a troubled with sour stomach for twenty years.
Koo cured me and we are now using it in milk
Soo Digests What You Eat.
1dmtti a only. $1.00 Size holdin5 2%4 times the trial
size..which sells for 50 cents.
P~at|4ts byE.LO. DeWIT1'& 004 OHI0AGO.
Sold by Pickens IDru, ti'.
relli apply to J. B. N wv ,ey Pu,o
btt Judge of Pwklcec tmy Call ti 51.6
nyf D). euber 1905 m, r a finial tile
'o0* ~f the e tale- u'f Mae tha 8. Mat, a.
son e 4Ag a"nd'e nak to be di~usun I lef
i F% .O. Mac-i o,
tereb. *
Lge4S timits. Thuf~u'lots Cerf
dN'& SON
4tomeich and Liver
fretble and

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