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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, November 22, 1905, Image 1

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Iiday ruIih butw come wi'le the sto
Big Values in Clothing,.
Our Clothing trade haR l'eeni larger than usual but we
still have your size and the Prices are Right
D. n't put off buying your Overcoat, for th- me warm dayt
wont last.
Millinery Specials.
We havo sold more Hats this fall than any fall since w
have been in business, and we don't want to carry anything
over. If Those who have not bcught their fall h1 a t s
will so Niss Hughes she will make it interesting for them.
Buggies, Wagons, Surreys,
All kinds of wagon and Buggy material have advanee
Southern Products at Northern Fairs.
oplwe wish to xpress the opinion
Peole an ettr l C(iI)ilWid Oit thlr'so ap~ples are the fins-'st Ho
ot con- tions, if they are brought s Cimens exhibited at the New ren
. to touch with the material re- York State Fair, and bad they
811 ts grioing out (of them. The . Teh
1.a .d ani INdustrial Dopartment 1s a
o Soul hiern Iailway,realizing I his, r s . Of o
lasA kewn exhibitmg for several l r 11
we, ks at Fairs in the Northern and1 Ae Ndge. PK
ser St.ates a collctioJ of p f r e
ducjts from the territory traversed
by its lin-s. Tfhese exhibits have aoe tsollb on nmn
at.tractedl marked attention, andlta i' '.ii' ~r~if~igSr-h
halive been the means of inform iingcs soeo teOd~.adms
thousands of people of the oppor, i~otItape~rd~fgsc.Ol ~
Itunitips olfored by the South to the fthlnieSae.
farm ier, sto..k-raiser, mianiufacturer i'sUraobli'. th
etc. Pr1'inted matter' descriptive of asgataswmnThtTo.C
lands and business openings of' all -.Asi Ig.otio'lithcn"o
kinids along the Southern Railway we i eue oalwtecolr o'
has been dlistrlbutedl from theseoprtonis'iffofeaerol,
,exhibits among people earnestly tk lereBtes l ie~a hnR
seeking informnation concerning oskhecudarylavheli,
the repou)rces of the South and the adf hscasle uhdt eiv
advantages (offeredl. Among the wspretycrd n a l~ s-h
varions prodlucts displayed were fr I e oshl i
s'ome fine specimnisof apples, the(lirnedh'PcnsDaCoPie
supei'iority of' whicha in shmown' by -_
the following: Ntc fUinMeig
Ne~vYor Stte Ft' arried Toolve tol Bpti frAard
Syracus, N. we itowilhol axpress theinon
In icogiitionof he act that hsy ppls beirin the fin tiHo
til)~Il)CS('llbi~e b M'.,J J* 'sp eoreehbta the S Ny inL
TheStar, OchrdOo. Suat, a.SYo rla tate Fair and hamhe a
in te Sot hrrn ~ui~vnexh be n p iroperly enered, b woldihav J801
received. highesnt awr. 0.fSo 1
you a'cs re eav ad aigh exrti To apprIate ed oe ltd o1 the
cxli' its ou.Urin Laatie 1ruabove, inth huli bet hrne n1( mind. B
$yri stmultesthelivr ad lO use Sis~I onei of te o'1ldest andhii'l most h
Oi'iuo Ijixeinetheuitnitedp Stateso
nausate 1' ripetmd ismil andver ten as r etina ao wmnibuTos.- Cr'
plesatt t tae. 1114)14 1100 efeciv Autini~ Mgr . tki "Repblian, aof
t1 m pils o ordnaryeatartiN Leav nwort Ind. was htc unranabl
fmwo "Insteadi"etes.ayi.kuwe cDruguCed tr
1~.F.S~iiti ..le3 itak Eetri saythte hay wiPassten *J.
Ir stock taking tiil, and as money in
prices; thit will mnove themli. Dontil
and some of the manufactures have already advauced their
price: others are going to. We have a largo itock of Buggies
on hand at the old price. Better come in antd figure with us
while they last. We sell Buggies, complete outfite, from
$35.00 to $100.00. You abould so the out fit we put up for
Another Car of STUDE=
BAKER Wagons
'Will arrive this week. Come and let us fit you up.
Farm Implements.
Labor is getting higher and scarcer and you have got to
prepare to do moie work with less hands. We carry a Tll
nidue of
Leaders in Low Prices.
PI'rating Foley's Honey and Tar.
oley's & Co.. Chicago, originated
ov and Tar as a throat and lung The new Laxative
edy, and onaccount of the great me
mid popularity of Foley's Honey nnd that does not ripe
many imitati-tns are offered for the 9
nine. The Worthless imitations or nauseate.
e simuilar Boll ding 11nm. Bewro
hem. The genuine Foley's Honey Pleasant to take.
I Tar is in a yellow p)cktge. Ank for
ud refnso any tubstit iitc It is thn
t remedy for cotighs aind colds.
kens Drug Co. Dr. R. F. Smith
~.. - . n rtsloryWS.. No
ml Death untito ife n'lesslO he'arnetecasadsn
brotherly love for all the mer-m- nio.olwdlyW ~
-s of' h is church ?--Opened b-y i'dRgrsa MI)Wr
", .111 bn TP. Le wis. n inte ac.'h e
ird. Is ti:eir any Scripture f0 or hngv nntris
iaching funer als and Euilogicing oehu o inr
dead? Is not. "Christ and1( H~im rga o teeeig
ucifh-d" the) only iisue to bring ..Fotrrrgdth(li
ners to repeitancec.-Opened byBngitemiuerl~(
illiamu Sefiborn,. A.EOwuWE.Si,
Sunday.---Missionary sermoni by (ate .X.Nri n
v. William S.'aborn at 11 a. m . eldth lefien
We hiopi thelf chuLres wvill be it ah
Il re-presen ted so that we may TeascainIinaj
ve profitalel dliscussions). too ihzo e
D. A. Parrott, cuc 1 h isStd
Hloke Galloway, Arl 96 .0 mt
W. WV. Aiken .
Committee. Sce
& Cough Syrup which drives a ~k cold n hnt ee iebwl
of the system by acting as5 a cathar'tulvratie n h yl
on the bowels is offered in Ken nedy'sfrmileach.Cntpto
kative Honey an~d Trar. ('lears E fth aio~ itepil Pn
oat, strengthiens the lungs "1nd brou-~peeei nE'l~ m efc
al tubes. The muothuer's friend and to.''lynvrgieo ik
children's fav'orito. Beet for Croup tn ndsrnte h ie t
)ooping-Congh, etc. Sold by Pick- eR odb PoeaDu o
Drug Co.
Singing Association. Al~?ifa&r andntt ut
l'he Libertyv townsuhip Ringing t~brineoeeoufr ri
socit~ion mt with Rieu, iOornauacutoldb oudrpni
pt ist churi ich onI the socondI Sun). lI'xriLI
y in N vember, 1905.
P~resident P. 0. Carten being tiEBigetoL .
~sont alIpon ted a comlmittee to ~ eeygvt hto h t
rang' a program for the dav, eenereocrir.lnsnoe
o atter deovo nnal exorcise a by fih oevdt eetayadali
M. luckorth hadfdollowe ing prgrm o th rM
pfit . ' 0 ca ii go-4d
OlLIVl It & SYI A(IlS,
I'llN P1 .lWS
And our Prices are Hight.
WY ~ Dubl acfnd1 single batrrel, I2 t o 164 gauge', 20;1,
9 d.9 3-h barrell. Big lot of Single harrel shot
3'uis, easily worth ,5.00 or *1.00-While- they 1ast only
9 50.
~~~ ~ Yuiir Cook sto,- soti 411Ild I li the 1. t ii og
STOVES9 in the house. The "STAR LEA D,31
dtands the teot; your money back it' they don't please you.
w Co.
S. FOR $1.00.
ER M Cures
Stomach and Liver
trouble and
Laxative Fruit Syrup Chronic Constipation.
Pickens Drug Company and Dr. R. F. Smh, EaHlIy.
Sfir. Of Styih uait
question (cf Ispending ai lot0 on.
ey it's a (luestioni of going to t1w
Prof. righit store.x Mosct :oty s.tore hasi
!8 and fanirly god muik 14i s i hi 1-1
)wens, and (cloth are 0t iccnd-giethng
P. C. dix tinct ivo style2 11ud a ic ai liti
McD. another matter
1ni- Bt that'c whaiut .s on ge t he
at a piric~e you cani aii 1ly al tar . . Ini
urnedi fact you can't uiit'ord not toIc wear
bodist the kind of (clothes Wc we elI. The
y i more ri'w in youri owi esct inuit ion
(and ot her'xj that cii 8C iI A ISM
clotheso' give youi---t hat propi'innsi
r Risecr kind of a ca'aihc aset lio any maini.
clean, Tihec phiicreilhows onie S( 'ilA )aSS
fr et~yle. Many cotheri4 cos*4 "? '! inni
-1 10. to $25.
ilih cut >
latic Our in / *,c k oef W icter ,. M
y of the Overcoatsc jusct in. )
H.ENDE LbI 120 $oitt i~n street
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