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Pe-ru-na Used in Thousams
of Homes.
Ex-Governor Isaac Sharp.
ISAA C SI[ARP, ex-Governor of Kan
sais, in a let ter from 1227 I St., N. E.,
WNasihington, D). C., writes:
'I can earnestly recommend your
Peruna as an excellent tonic. its
reputation as a cure for catarrh is
firmly established by my frienus, who
have been benefited by Its use, and the
public should know its great curative
qualities. "--Isaac Sharp.
Mr. James Currie, a prominent mner
chant of Montreal, C(an., writes from
18t1 Notre D1ame St., as follows:
"I have used your Peruna for catarrh
anid find it an excellent remedy for
coughs antd colds."-Janes Currie.
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factory resul-ts from the use of Peruna,
write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a
full statemei t of your case and he will
be pleased to give you his valuable ad
Vice gratis.
Ad(ress Dr. Ilartnan, President of
The Iiartman Sanitarium, Columbus,O.
A ll correspondence hl confidential.
The Whole Affair is a Mystery.
Aikon Nov. 20.--Probably the
im'v't remarkable ofcurrence in Ai.
L,. n county in many years, was the
itisarictiin of the store of J. E.
Broemvn, at Whitt. Pond on Thuras
y voning, about 7:30 o'clock,
thI. details of which has just reach
,d Aiken. \r. Brown runs a
go tera I nerehai ndi * I -e busine4.
vrr in- it 4t sek -f perhaps $500,
pi :1. snir I fraime building, worth
I'otI1 $500 . The store was a one
-, lhi-ditig hwwith shed iver side
>mk fint. Mr Browni o'osed bi.
,.t 4 e ab.. it 7 -30 o'clock T1hur~aday
.ov.aing una was * gomng towards his
;home~, wheu the~C entr commrunity
was~V thrown into consterintioni by
anm explosionm that was dist inclly
heard mn Williston, sev'eral miles
distant. Upon i nv.st igation M:-.
4Brown founid his store ei ilapsed and
the dlebris burning. Thle mides and
end s ' *f thme bu1tido ng hiad boen
burst tout, thm. roof falinhg on the
floor benteath. TIhe shed over the
sidewalk was thrown across thn
street in front ' 1f the store. Tfhe
-side~s nnd ends of thme building wera
e* mtact and fell just as they were
th~ rownm by lho expilosion. The en
tire tore .nd st ock of g ,ods were
destroyed by the fire which follow.
ed thei exI'o.'ion.
MIr. Brown camnnob offer any ex
planation of the' atffair. That somie
poweVr i ful explosivye was uised to dle
stro)y tihe placo i, evident1, but
Swha his was is unknown. Tfhoro
.wa.s in thet build it'g a tank of kero
senoe and ai small powd(er canl con
cont;'inuing a smutll amount of po0W
der'. After the (1 n had subsided,
the kerosene tank and powder can
were found ia tact, althouigh their
contents were, of course, destroyd
4 b~y the fire. Mr. IBrowni was matis
fied from 1hmis, th'ut nothing he
carried1 i stock caused the de
struction. After the tire a small
brass shell about 3 inches long,
0, en) at both1 (mnds, pointed at one
end, with an enolrged middle,
smelling of hurned powder or i.on
otber explosive, wa" f..urd it.
tbe ioad near the b u i I d i n g.
The presence of thIs slell could
i ot be explained by Mr. Brown or
any of his neighbors.
Aside from the mvaterious cauap
of the ne'ident, Mr. Brewii kniowi
of no enemy who w 1ild wi-4 t do
injury to him in this way. If the
exlo)Iioni was intendsd as an 4.
taR'k upon Mr. Brewj'la lif,. it .,
aimost susce,sful, as 'e had ju-t
l-of t fir - is h 1im , After (.-- it i II
for thet iiight. MIr Brow n, so (sr
ai Ie kmis, II i t an en.-.v .
Ih.. World. 'I'he afiair cr-,iatui eo'.
Kiderab!e Wxcit.ment in r.nd Hround
tle little haSnIlOt of W%'hi'. 1.e,d
the pO 'ple If rhar communitv -0
mCIL uriealy pwrtuirbed .1ve.r Ilh,- aO
M r, Brown carri d $500 it,
11yre nd h-is nei lo i abo:, -
No Polson in hainberliiiain' r'ough
From Napier New Zealand, Herald:
Two years ago the Pharmacy Board of
South Wales, Australia, had an analysis
mande of all the congh medicines sold in
that market. Out (if iho entir,- list they
found only one that they dieclarel was
entirely free from all piotmon Ti % ex
coption was Ch imberloii's Cough Rem
edy, made by the Chambi erlain Medicine
Company of DesMoines, Iowa, U. S. A.
The absence of all narcotics makes this
romedy the safest and best that can bu
had; and it is with a fooling of security
that a mother c-an give it to her little
ones. Chaimberlain's Cough Remedy is
especially reoornmei.ded by its mak,-rA
for c.ngbh, colds, oroup and who..ping
cough. This remedy is f.-r sale by
Piokens Drug Co., T. N. Hunter, Lib
for ishadresg eufe. as#* Pe eplat**
To Make Fine Table Cloths.
The Charlotte bainitik lanofa .
toring Company was oirganiz - I ilm
Cbarlotte, N. C., Nov. 17 h w.-h a
capital stock of $100,000 The m-.k
ing of tine table clot.hs will he a spe.
cialty. Applieatioi hti win nv~ mde
for a charter whieh is expected in a
few days. Ed. Carson is to be aecre
tary rind treasurer of the new enter
prise, which has the backing of the
best business men in that city nod
section. This is to bo one of the five
similar concerns in the Sith.
No Came of Pneumonia on Record.
We do not know of a siiiglo instance
where a cough or cold rusu lted in puc
mnonia er co nsumption when Foley-a
Honoy and Tar had beeo used. It eies
coughs and colds perfectly, so do not
take chauches with some unknown pro.
partition which may coittin opiAte4.
which cause cnstiplt ion, a condition t hat.
rotardls recovery from a co)ld. Ask for
Folev's Honey' and T1air and r.efuse any
talbstiute offered.
Pickens Drug Co. D)r. RA F. Smith.
E'uab-y S. 0.
Blind Tigers do Big Business.
l'enew school building is ne.-r
lng comnpleion about ready for the
roof. H-e bert Parsons has his
bhick store nearly, completed.
Martin HI unt will soon have his
storo) ready for the ro yf. Chapman
& Calaham are having a warehouse
built: weather-buiarded and cover
ed1 wilh ci et-ironi. J. 1). Smith
is building a concrete store near
the depot.
The state constab!eos pa ured out
a quantity of Various kinds of
"booze" here Saturday. Some of
it ' eing of the type "pocr dog
hard upj and last chanice '' It was
used as a 'fibtiu' by some of the to
pers. The liquor traflic has grown
to an enoirm us ex tent of late, as
shouwn by the express receipt%
Every ounce of food you eat that fai's
to digest does ai pounid of harm. It
turns the entir. meat int poiioni. T'i<
nt only (deprives (lie b)4 lo aof thie nece's
mary tissnue budlding maiteirial, btu it.
poisoui it. K~oeol D~vspesma cure is
perflect digest ii'. It ci est.4 the food
regarleu of thie coindit ion of the
stomach. It allows that organ to rest
andl get strong again. R- lievam hnloe
ing, lI(nart Burn, Sour St smaach. Iindigos
tion. P .lpitati on of thie Heart, <(to. Sold
by Piekens D)ruir Co.
U. B. Burhans testifies after four years.
G. B Barhans, of Carlisle Center, N.
Y , wri es: "About four years ago I
wrote you statiug that I had been entire
I inrod of a severe kidney tronble by
taking letss than two bottles of Foley's
Kidney Cure. It entirely stopped the
brick dust aediment and Pain and symp
tome of kidney disease dissuppeared. I
am glad to say fhat I have never had
a return of any of those symptoms duriu
the four years that have elapsed and I
am evidenit y oured to stay cured, and
ho lily reo. inuw ad Foley's Kidney
Uure. t ' o, e suffering from kiduoy
3r bladder tr.-uble."
P1itikens Drug Co. Dr. R. F. Smith
Easley S. 0.
Onions in Pneumoinc.
A l le New Jetr.oy th' little
town of Wehen.:lou, has had so
mitch ,'ll Um..i4, tmua it, L-oked
F i at .1 dic .v'red a nouitice that
the ci z la declar' cures plti.luo
i a. It t4 the board of health that.
*o-ccom o-nd(d I ht% pasto., so it ha
'h~ flavor of .ficialty is 1A#Rll a. of
)iio ., which f rmir.g a principal
lugrdient manke ther.-selves known
it. .- 0 tier health boards are
spr wdi g -te samn tidings. Hl-re
Sh.- r--m. dy ; - Tko six or ten
i i. as a. cordiag to Lize, and chop
them fiim, put in large spider, and
over a h t firo; tben add the same
aantity of rye meal aid vinegar,
1.1onig t i , n a thick pasi.e. Stir
thoruidlv Ietting it. sitmer five
:)1r 1,1 n utie(sti . Tito :i put it into
i cotton bag large enough to cover
the lungs, and apply to chest as
iot as patient can bear it. In
ibout tei minutes apply another
oM4 contione by re eating the
16oniiriceZ 1111d in a few minutes the
pai.io-tit. will be out of danger'"
This p ultice is teported to hAve
worked very succesfully in the town
of Washington.
1er the T Ths Kiid You Hav Always Boqlm
et Z
Herb W. Edwards Injured.
Ha b W. E w rds of Des Moine , I .,
get a f oil on au icy walk last winter,
wpi a' ng his wrist ind bruising his
hVeas. "Tlle next day"' lie ays, "they
ware no sore amnd a- ifT . was afraid I
would have to stay in bed, but I rubbed
them well With Oamberlains Pain BaIn
and after a few applications all soreness
had disappeared." For sale by Pickens
Drng Co.
-That's what a prominent
iruggist said of Scott's
Emulsion a s h o r t time
ago. As a rule we don't
use or refer to testimonials
in addressing the public,
but the above remark and
s i m i 1 a r expressions are
made so often in connec
tion with Scott's Emulsion
that they are worthy of
occasional n o t e . From
infancy to old age Scott's
Emulsion offers a reliable
means of remedying im
proper and -weak develop.
ment, restoring lost flesh
and vitality, and repairing
waste. The acet i on o1
Scott's Emulsion is nc
more of a secret than the
composition of the Emul
sion itself. What it does
it does through nourish,
ment--the kind of nourish.
ment that cannot be ob
tained in ordinary food.
No system is too weak or
delicate to retain Scott's
Emulsion and gather good
from it.
-. We will send 'you a
sample free.
De sure that this pic tute in th<
form of a label saon the wrappe
4 eof every bottle of Emulsion yet
49 ChemIsts
49Pearl St., N. Y.
Oc and $1. aff mAerg=be.
After scveral weeks of silence we come before the reade s
of the S:ntincl-Journal to talk about our business, as all mer
chants blow tiir own horn.
We are glad to stc.te we are still growing in volume of busi
ness, each month climbing over die same one of the past year.
We are still sticking on like a leech to the ONE-PRICE Cash
System. We are glad to see the people appreciate such a
method and show their appreciation by giving us such a liberal
Share of their trade.
We shall eontinue in the future to deal honestly with our
We wish to extend a cordial invitation to EVERY LADY
in the county desiring to purchase DRESS GOODS etc. to
give Mrs. Freeman a call. She always tries to please. She has
a nice line of
Dress Goods, Trimmings, Jackets,
Shawls and Fascinators
And many other things to numerous to mention.
We are full upon shoes most of them at the old price. Don't
forget the old reliable "S I'ONE CRUSHER" for rocks, mud,
ditch etc. only $1.25 per pair.
You can always find most anything in the line of Groceries
at right prices, plenty of COFFEE Green and parched. We
sell nothing but the best FLOUR. Have purchased large
quantity before the advance. Don't forget us.
Before we close we desire to state to the people of Pickens
Co., that our experience in the produce line, CHICKENS,
EGGS and BUTTER has been long and we know our busi
ness, no one doing justice to himself and us can afford to pay
higher prices than we can. We appreciate your business and
shall do all we can for you, paying- you the worth of your pro
duce and offering our goods at right prices. Come to see us.
Craig Bros.
One=Price Cash Store.
Discrim mating
Can be pleased inl thir siihoes if they come
to us. Our stock is lar ge-selected with care.
Selected with the idea that good value makes
and holds customers. IfI you have not been
biuying your shoes fi omf us, try us next time
you need a pair.
Pride & Pat-ton,
Notice the Insurance Features
of the Liberty Bank
I Burglar Insurance Cashier Under Bond
Fire Insurance Depositors' Insurance
It a burglar blows the af'e, and' fire dlestroys t he building, and theO oshier
skips out with what hie enni gel --nodie the reut
hIe Buiirg laiIi1r uanc C' o. re ic s *' iar ihe buitirgl ar got: the Fire Insuramee
e.,, I,. butiiiling and' lix)'-i : 'hi lBond' ( replaces) what the cashier
7 tS 'I epe-I I rs' ( u a ,rafnt le s?, '. l' s I h '' de positors---and the bank would
resumol4 bu-iine t8t hI le oNi ,Mal.
y- Your deposiit is insur' i ni the I .eri l Bank and(it a s Syou nlothing. A
word to the wise is suaflicienit. 1. *speuI (n'.
II. V. MIIIIlLRY, aier.
A yers
You can depend on Ayer's
Hair Vigor to restore color to
your gray hair, every time.
Follow directions and it never
fails to do this work. It stops
fallingofthe hair,also. There's
great satisfaction in knowing
you are not going to be disap
pointed. Isn't that so?
,M arfdd tittIl It was about white. It
took a i :, dtt of A r's Uar Vgor to
restore It to Its foriner da . riCh 1,)or. Y or
HaIr Vigor certainly dos rb t you clai for
It." -A. . BOUGAN. 2ockinghain. N. C.
01.00 a bottle. J. C. ATBI Co..
_All driirists. f Lowell. Mass..
Fading Hair
A Disastrous Calamity
It is a disastrous calamity, when you
lose your health bocamte indigestion ant
eonstipatiou have apped it away.
Prompt relief can be had in Dr. Kiug'm
Now Life Pills. They build up your di
gestive organs, and cure headache, diz.
ziness. colic, constipation, etc. Guaran
teed at Pickens Drug Co. 25c.
Stores Will Close Thanksgiving.
We the undersigned merchaats o
Pickens agree to close our stores o
Thanksgiving Thursday the 30th inst
Heath iruce Morrow Co.
Crag Bros.
Loais Copel.
R. R. Roark.
T. ). fiarris.
H. A. Richey.
Guy McFall.
Folger & ''hornley.
T. J. Fennell & Co.
J. F. Hariis.
But few people are entirely free fron
indigestion at this season of the year.
Kodol Dyspepsia 4 'ure is not only tht
best retedy to ume because it digest
what you eat but beenuse it also euable.
the digestive apparatus assimilate
and tranform all foods to tissue build
ing blood. Kodol releives s o u r
R'omach, heart burn, belching, and al
forms of indigestion. Sold by Picken
Drug Co.
Calhoun Chat.
Miss Mary Lou Lawrence, Mir
Mrs. J. H. Lawrence and littlI
daugbters Gussie, Elizabeth an(
Jo of Tuccoa, Ga., have returned
home after a two weeks visit witl
relatives near here.
Miss Mary Philpet, who ha
been visiting relat %ee at Dacus
Ville and Greenville. ha3 returned
Miss Leila Doyle spent severa
days last week in Sensca.
Miss Lullie Boroughs oif Praters
is visiting har sisters Mrs. S. C
Boggs and Mrs. Norman Bogg
this week.
Mr, Sam Lawrence of' Andersoi
spent last Saturday and Sunda
wit~h his father Mr. E. H. Lawretnci
M r. and Mrs. S. C. lbggs sp..
one day last week in Andersti
The wedding bells are soon I
ring in our midst. 0.
When You Have a Bad Cold
You want a remedy that will not on
give quick relief but effect a permane
You want a remedy that will relie
the lungs and make expectora tion eas.3
You want a remedy that will count<
act any tendency toward pnenmonia.
You want a remedy that is pleasant ni
safe to tako.
Cbamberlain's Cough Remedy met
all these requirements andi for thelest
and permanent cure of bad colds at ,n
without a peer. For sale by Picke
Drug Co., T. N. Hnter, Librty.
Wornen's and Child
irens brand new stock of tbhoes
first cost until sold. Also eve
yard of Cloth and every piece of olot
ing at cost. This is no fake sale.
am going out of these line.
Hotice to Debtors and Greditors.
All person, having claims again~ til
estate of Thomas Griffin, deceased, a
requested to pre sent the asme proper,
aittestedi to the iudersigned for p~ayme:
by the 1st day of Jan. 1906. Thosei
debted to said estate must maske pa
meet to E. B. Richardson,
Nov. 22 1905t8 W. T. Griffin.

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