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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, November 22, 1905, Image 4

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Runs Wild Uutil he Crashes Into
Freight Train.
John Quinn, an insane railroad
mn~, stole a locomotive from the
Southern '.aciefi v ards at Lafayette,
La., on tho 17th tust ant and started
toward Opelousas at a high speed
The operator at Lafayette wirei
along the line amt trains got out o
tll w
At Sunset a freight train could no
avOid the runaway eugine and a icol
lision resulted in which the ongine
were snaalied hut, no lives lost. ThI
lunatic was captured I[y Ohe shr.'
who had started on a special traii
just behind the runaway.
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At teniti oi
And are( read!y te
is to bu~y. 4
of thI
L. Rt
Sole Agent for Hawr
By special orders of Comptroller
Generil Jones, I ask that all persions
holding titles to real estate ia Pick
eis couuty that have not bee record
ed and properly audited, to bring
them in at once, that I may biing
them forward on duplicate againtw
the proper persons. Please examine,
vour title'4 andu1 so that you have
proper cinta of itales to 3 our .,4t,
in Pickens county. Thi will avoid
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s Hats and Dlniches Troues
Sub st it
-. .903. by HA
C 1.
VI M'l:.r
l' l I here .
1ed1hun to bn-n l
she askedl himn.
"W y r)tIn'I) I-s I knowv' of 1." . - r
piled. "I havi 't su)e han l !::. rnwn
i l'. laIs a yt in: .: w 't
"Locks like 1 hs't t lva in:lii
iall itie." sahil thle womin i. vii
din't totch i thing on IivU' I. the leu'
Iis hand.-; smi ok aw iti. 1 , youi know,
14o nhW I believ" 1::tll -nll' hil-no
Telfare < :ure r.mII idtiia u 'VI'.'
last night. I thetouer lw :: lokii kki
.hint befoire. o. W h' lit' i thihe n iii
bedroom. I passed( thronen~ III., ;iti
Just. niow a ll' - eki.4 'it 1 s tin' a '
window loivun' out. Mr. iillyer, g( )
tuil an' sil whit'i hlle linuttIer with11 I'll.
l'I i ll l -yon li."
With his heart in liis in uh :ilyerl
we llt ti Il slairs. sliding ik h n 41 o
tO banisteri railitg.G e ulrnst hi ;g
lead tt he entered the pIen llor, 11it1
roxe quickly, Nis 11' a1h1nw1l 4 to 1w i 4-1
there withot a reasoi fri iit
" eor, l' whll's th' inti er poih '?
Ain't yott well til hi nortin '" th dhi
fen11 questioned gently.
"Not. very, .Mr. H illyr. ,
dropping Is eyes. "hilt( I'll 11e be
when I get to work. I'n gtlin i dwnvii
prtty soonl."
"ale haint it. lly boy ' thi' at. h in't
t." satid rillyer i iniympathetic 4 ' \ey:
resting onlthe troubled llia'e b r hii.
"Soe 'n'xl l' ls goni' wr in.';er . :ui'
I wih you'olld tell Ine aboiut it.i' II
It n t favor o the 1 wol. i ni
big interest ',i you. 1 don)1'1 ]MOW ;1, 1I
Coul ever, 4xplain howm hig it is. T4.ll
rnan replie slowly. " d r iiht ldisiib
You n1 little -you :t so kii hlet."
",I wnnilt to k o .G og.
l e wll. I ll te you .i r. i, lilxyer.
DO you klnw wi heat is the i'ar ist thinkg
on arth it) hear? I- tbe i ulti.
grossly insult.ed,. by ;l unn wiln Y1,u
enn't strikce." Butckley then- to l lld;1
that h d taken place hetiweeni h''in il n
Tel fa re.
"He salid that to yotu:" rldthe Old
nman. e I kow what it wnli
nittill to a proudili spriiit like yor'x. l' it
hoy, ln' itS siniply r w wfiul aw\ vul I I'sI('
it cowardly dog. but tHaMtdon't maake
youl feel nily hetter. .\ln inl the nilthern
states dol't lerxistanld 11ow we kinl
Ti'llier sutodenly tunedfrm h
room nd'oi went. downsis. I i i e'
heard~* hilrn gtoreg xuit llith :xen
ne i to13' him41 fr'' thee d. but ld he1i
walke o' wthout h'eding her.'l 13 ti
t~xihe- street lirer h'II e ui ee his.e
the1'4l warehouse. Itie sawii iui Nenriiandlt
Hanksl'l xiin the 11111ee, bu1'i txi x pa~e
thes tais.y"c~lysreovr
Thrusteing iitoldl~u whtxi oktl of his:t.
shor co'it heli hui o~vilxux' ;th sin
'J'hns'xi'on liue . t old in intoi ixi. . i..
'lerks fio Goenor Teltare. xi I
"Itrte left r n theigi'n 1'ra ii i n xi h .4 -nx
'i'o 'rni'g .l . lii ye' . " I it' . '. 11w lrk
"Il lxil uis cal h'ix n a T.o wii IWi
" or? InaTh blan Chilrebn. -
Thel ind Yh ous Hn ave rde.s Boht
nwa s thnesy ntehl nigt
Sig?"atiler trdathf htud
no epl. " ooky h re.wha ais y n
Author of
"Abner Dan.
ie," " T h e
Land of the
Changi ng
Sun." "The
North Walk
Mystery," Etc.
roung an' hot blooded!"
Truitt slitugged his shoulders. "Then
[ - reckon it's better fer all concerned
11that Tlt' 6are went off welict lie did.
Now, look llre, old man." Truitt bent
tII toolk te revolver from 11111yer
'ind pu1t It lluto his own pocket. "Yo'ro
entirel4.y unl1ittedI to runl rounid with at
loaded gunl in yore pocket. Youi take
mny advice an)' go back to yore store.
I'll toll you w n1t. I'll do. I'll stldy
over' tihis 1an1' tr'y to coie to some Con
eluis1ion waiti et"l, then I'll come
dIowit an' set yotn. I'm interested in
IHeorge Buckley. ani1' doll't. you let. that
slide otit ' yore inda in yore excite
inetit. Jfi's beeti a friend true an'
tritd to lie an' i ine, ill' I'll stIlid to
'it ( di'. Now. youl go oin to th(
"\l1 whet will yoti he dOwn?" asked
".lest. as soon ts I van see some vay
uit o' tIh diffically," said 'iitt
vnisivly. "I tell you, you are too ex
vitb:ilil youl gto off half 'ocked. That's
whtNti gilt ytt in the tiouible that yot
sy h1.-s worrvied yo11 so 11i1tleil. \ IlIy.
s'vin II' yout hnil shot th s'ealbi wag jst
n!(w, yonall ';' lonet I t too <11nick to've
111 :1ny frim watch-1in' 'illn s(11ittir . I'd
ril se a d r 'k4.. owaird.L that's wr-olig
ptt mnf or iie hel(- fo life '1an to sVe
itu lli'. Ve III dit- Iistat's conimon as
pIi.: 1 isiks inl w't weaitlier', but only the
liry. sii'kint' cowards is aftasrd of it.
\'oIII go (t moiw; wev arv :t-loIhl' tiie.
I'll c41i' down-- I'll come down' I
aIn' , no an rhit f:vin', r-ound killin'
ei:, wi n tliir, but that feller's got
, 'iKnall to, un' I'll study lip
I-!:.' 1 .
T'll I it'i al e igo tle Iek dow t
' is oi.fli 101it thswarhousi Tr'uitt
: ti'd lito theIv holp oilite. "What
in 'iw the I.x t tain go toeAioan
LIs'. Ie .siy !'' ie askId
"Th re' ecothe' ot Stuther int
A niinuies," an1swred the Clerk.
!11-:N ;Tritt arrivedI in the great,
Ail hulstling pmsseniger depot in At
hiniti it wasio. It we elbowed
1is way thl'Oligh te ti siirn
-Ii- tuss of hina beings to the treett
thozen1 enhnienl yelled at hun11 and ges
irulatedv witl their ihps, but he paid
lo ledi to thei. Seeing a bile colited
pilliernickani on' ai corner, hie approached
"( '41111 youll 11. f1eller. ef hle'd be aipt
Lto i' siiith gov'Iernor' atI the statiehosw
this tite ' daiy?" hle isdili.
"NO; I ec'kIi.n he's t t :It the man.
"Wl~lstd I' lit ouhtitrthn"Tut
Y' id nie 'r- awayiti.' It was aip ~ t'n
iy ';i.nti'~ wal through ittrotheausi)s
poilo of the ceiy to the txiutiveii
ielunnsin' hon l'netreei streeit, ntr the
thl. 'eil. yoh elliii twas a niod'rn
-eill bic k.'r' ue ,adn bc rn
''istrt on a41 yo l epuhwn---da
he kiuonhit ytuntainee tntere you blacn
e nthe proitede oup the waolki heysa
t"i [inifle In-ll'c engro eratwk te
I w iint t e o eno efr,
l'reitW Sai.' "Is he abloit'"olobty
"Ye~us hj'st hl ot ttthe ape Itti
ro reloied. Iingid Tru 'itt ta to~
'lhe on't noboy "ti tmeed.
"('s'b. stha tl's i" In s t o 1te ev iet
ii iso oft theu seant, thle 111 Inouti
tr,'u wint rinvnx hsbroad briu
all "\Yel. you tell 'ini thiar's ane
It see thati wnts to 'ian'a
I know whai st yu gtold moee youlac
li' ! Yu itel ''tim whoa iot you,
t'hssin a hurr abouitt!
ith te whxiteisli f his oll itt eye
'videly stinl evidec thiiileil negrotakedo
at of ii thieshllle thumbl Isoivthin
ru'is it'yub lh ath.t ~~I~e came baci
tt' a ' Ii'nnnte. t it.'
'\ rhIw an'. inl'tl ato hme to nobody.O
i1t its j kus t litn ' dow tor buke anp
WllI youi tel 'im tel lsit' i'm oan wat
Ounts olds; 'im on mtte Pa'oiean
you called to see me about I'll see It we
can get around to it. My private see
retary usually meets visitors and ma kes
a note of what they wish, but he Is al
ways out at lunch at thlis hour."
Truitt laughed. Taking a plug of to
bacco froml his pocket. he tore ofY a
plIece and put it between his teeth.
"Lord bless yore soul," Ie said, "no
private secretary couldn't 'tend to this
job fer you."
"I don't understand you." Telfare
was waxing iiipatlent: his frown had
deepened on 1I1s dark brow.
"Well, it's jest this a-way, governor,"
Truitt replied. "It seems that as much
as you wtint to please yore consti! ti
ents you've. made one of 'eim ip ait
Darley as muad as thunder at you.
"o1' whom do you refer '" Telfare
was staring blankly.
"Why, I 'to whom' to a young feller
to George Buckley, who, it seems, you
made sorter mad t'other night over at
old 1man Craniston's house.'
"Anid lie has sent you to mIe?" sneer
ed Telfare.
"No; Ie never mentioned it to me.
But it seemls-at least It seems to me
from what I gather--that you insulted
'timl like a dog---told 'imt right out that
yon1 'a' 11hl couldn11't blreathe the same
aiir. valk Ildelr tIhe s aime sky, an' so
"What I said on that occasion was
41it1e i private' miatier." said Telfare,
"ad to b 1 lain wit i you. I don't in
"lutit. you see. governor"--Truitt was
eiwiig his iobacco slowly and eying
hiis vict1ilm like a cI Ivatehi ng a mouse
--ytsee, anothier feller uip thiar, that
hain't got a thing agih his record-a
A'eller that never' had nto kinl In jail,
nuII anly 1g, 1111 11)114- state polt
ties-a lieller that fit ot'i (it right side
aIli throumgh the wvar--- that feller hi'
sati t e ri li ite dion't eel rigitt to set
still an1' let you demeal ait pore boy
that's doin' his level best to raise his
head uip.''
Ielfare turned pale. -I looketl as if
he were about to fall.
"You camltte to 1111ig n elClege? he
"Well, I've comte it) do sotne'n'," idi
Trruitt evasively. "It looks powerfl
like you've got to take prompt action
in the ilattqr. You've illade lue
speeches all over the state about the
equality o' ien, till' it would be a big
Joke on you to have it get out that
,your blood was too rich to come 111
agin one o' thei most honorable young
men in the state o' Georgia, jest hi
ca'se his daddy went wrong."
Telfare sank into his leather cushion
ed chair. lie was very nervous, and
his pallor had extended even to his
white hands.
"Who is the-tle' 111111 that Is dis
satistled?" he faltered.
".Me,' salid Truitt simmply.
"You?'g" The gov-erno could only
stare in bewilderment.
"Yes, ime, Bas Truitt of the Forty
second Georgia, untler Colonel IH. F.
Pierson. My record's all right. At least
ef it hain't, yol klu show why it
hain't. Yes, I've come here fer some
sort o' settlement. anll' I'm goin' to
have it, or I'll turn the governor o'
Georgia across my knee an' spank 'im
black an' blue. No dern, fluted shiirted
skunk kIn Insult a brave, pure hearted
frIend o' mine an' leave 'im wvrithin'
undier it, an' go off an1' chuckle, jest
becn'se of a filmsy eXCuse like you put
uim to him. No, aimree; you've got to git
a move on you. What I would advise
is a gentlemanly apology.''
"Apology? You must be out of your'
mind, sir'," saidi Telfare angrily. "I
enna't send an apology' to that muan."
"You say you enlyn't, you Pull," thtun
dleed Truitt. "Stan~d up! Wh'lat you
settin' dowvn fer'?" And TIrulitt actual
13' took thme gover'nor' by the eari and14
twisted it as lhe raised im, squir'ming
lIke an cel, to his feet. "How~ do you
like that, curse you"
'TelfCare, besidle himnselfC with fear. anid
exielement, tor'e Trutt's hanu~d fromi his
sma:1rtinig ear' and furiously rang the
silve'r bell onl his desk. The' servanat ini
the hall uiielkly3 appeareCtl.
"('all a polileeman! "''Telfare p~anted.
"'Thlere's one on tile corner."'
"ly gumi I hadn't calculated on thlat
m~ove4 0' yore'nl," sahll Tlruuitt coolly. "'I
rckoni thle copm 'Il ship me1 ini jail, but
I've ahvayst3' heard they fee'd purty13 wvell
thar, an' i'm1 as5 hunlgry' as a bear'."'
Trelfare made 110 reply. Tr'uitt wvas
between him andt thle doom' or he wouldh
undltoubted(ly have lumide hiis esenp11e. As
it was, lhe only stood at Is dlesk, whlito
as death antd quivering from headi to
I'Tere was a clatter of feet ini the hall,
andt a polcemlan, rather' ilighlt of biJsti
antd a head shorter than the mount.
tainleer, entered hastily.
"Wh~at's the trouble, gover'nor ?" he'
T1elfare' swallowed and was about to
speak whenm T1ruitt broke In. "Oh. it
hainll't nothiin', young feller. but a lit.
tle 'leectioni dIspute me 'n' '1Telfarie had.
Hie fell agini thlat bel1l accidentally jest
nowv, anl' that flat nose(d A-rabiib 'lowed
hei wasi. bein1' assassmiatedt aln' ruin for'
y'ou. D~o you reckon yo'r'e bIg enough
to keel) anyblody In yore'L he1at from
beinl' lujumredt?
The1 ofllcer looked ill at the giaunt
moiuntaineebr towering over il and1144
thlen at Te'lfare, who seemed unable to
'"That--that nlgger sald Gover'nor TEel
fare wanlted mae," the policemnan stall
"We'll, he's got dern bad judgmlent of
he'd want you in at timne o' need. Are
y'oun niIlarried manill?"
[To b)e continuled,]
TIhe Exact Thing Rtequlired for' Consti
" As a certain purlgattivo andt stomach
urdie11tr Chbamber'lai n'st Stomach anmd
Liver Tabuhlets seem to be t~he exact ting,
ri'ired, strong enough for the mosi
robust, 30t mild onlouigh and safe fol
chii ldrenm antd without thait tori ih' ga pm
so comm4TonI 10 muost puirgatives," sa'ys R
S. Weobster k. Co., Udorai, Onutaril,
(ti ntnm atd. osa by Pekea Dngn Cto.
Thousands flave Kidney -rouble
and Don't Know it.
Uow To Find Out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with yoUr
water and let it stand twenty-four hours; a
sediment or set
Iling Indicates an
unhealthy condi
tion of the kid
neys; if it stains
your linen it is
evidence of kid
ney trouble; too
frequent desire to
pass it or pain in
the back is also
convincing proof that the kidneys and blad
der are out of order.
What to Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every
wish in curing rheumatism, pain in the
back, kidneys, liver. bladder and every part
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it, or bad effects following use of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to go often
during the day, and to get up many times
during the night. The mild and the extra
ordinary efiect of Swamp-Root is soon
realized. It stands the highest for its won
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
If you need a medicine you should have the
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You may have a sample bottle of this
wonderful discovery
and a book that tells
more about it. both sent
absolutely free by mail.
Address Dr. Kilmer & inome of swanp-Rool.
Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing men
tion reading this generous offer in this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
N.Y.. on every bottle.
Clerk's Sale.
Conety of '.>ietkeu4.
W. M. Hu1good, et :11.. Pliietiff,
Jane W meo- mm . .
In pu11suali ce CI Cf i taieitl otier il
the ablove statted eas y Hlon. Chas. G.
Dantzler ditied Nov. 8. 1905 and on filo
in the Clerk' ollihen. will Poll to the
highest hidder on S-ledaly in Deciber,
1905 during the b-gal hours for salo at
l'iceens C(ou-t1 lliue, S. C. the foilow
In-! describedl (ini-ls I f .,l I :
1-1, All thl t pto-- r e
8S11to aiforesaid oh n h- . Cro x "Is t-is 46
adjoilling hns1115 of Titinaus Johnitson, W.
J. Crensimw a11l14 others conutining fifty
(50) aceremt mor0e) or less and known Is the
mi ill trict and itmprovemein< theloreon.
2d, All tlit piece ort* ptreel of land in
P nketns eonty or watles *f (Crow Cre' k
j i io h .d' - f .l. V. 'I al ,w . .; ..
dhin R.C. . M. C. \\ lixchevsif I and olltem
contiiimng two illldred IOer4es more or
loss and known as the Siou Riggins
tr iet.
Terms ontr half cnsh, eatsh portion to l
ho paid witiin one hou r after sile, the
) lane. on a tcrilit of t\ elvfIe monthilip
cTedit .Ilor i h s(t en - .ii l i holIl
(if the pl u a : ! or 1 .- -I s .lt
mlortgIge of th aiona v. %\bill t.. u t
from day of srale with lanve to the pur
ch-i5ser to pay ell cash.
Pmtiehater to pity for all papers aind
for recordi g the -amv.
Nov. 10, 1905 A. .1 Boggs,
STATE OF SOUl'l'li-1. h:.IN.\
y ,J. 11. Newvhera . Esqu~tr', P'ro ci
Whereasi, I). G .lnoa-re te
to met to grouat hutim ' lei-r--- ulri i
trationt of tire estatie r I i I ~ ei
'T. H1. Moore, dlecease I.
iLE.9E AnE TniE;1.;lir:I cteame
admtiot ish tall iami stogi htIie ide
indten dqtittols ogf I' e'.i' I * et
Mrtfe, )lll d to .edht '1 t 1t',i.
lir. q~'egr. it ic ulp'i1 ofi , dmI i ' isI
itol methgeakindrnd
(l~' i i c'' in i t i t i ~iT.l tlj
SheMfPLES.., S :-Ow GEST, BEST b
h Ginwy, heodaid ouiisc's tc .nh
Columbiaan. C,
(hv. e ofd' Fiil Med wel. thi
t!t- 14t ay of -ce'in 190,I. ra
ioinSwoMPLES, Se'tsONET, Bu E Toh
( fin s FeodrsiiCondens r s. Ec
iColu mih,S.C
Notice Fina (ettlemen
WA wll eappor olyto Jc1.y Neberv
te 4tdanyN v2t itf Deemt r 11905, fl r a
Hllingor f ith, decas, and askhof to ho
All teacher of the couty aro ro

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